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Panama Papers quotes by Chris Kubecka
#1. So many African leaders in the Panama Papers. I should have responded to those Nigerian emails. #Quote by Chris Kubecka
Panama Papers quotes by John Doe
#2. The collective impact of these failures has been a complete erosion of ethical standards, ultimately leading to a novel system we still call Capitalism, but which is tantamount to economic slavery. In this system - our system - the slaves are unaware both of their status and of their masters, who exist in a world apart where the intangible shackles are carefully hidden amongst reams of unreachable legalese. #Quote by John Doe
Panama Papers quotes by Cat Deeley
#3. I wouldn't say pop stars hit on me - that's just stuff the papers make up. #Quote by Cat Deeley
Panama Papers quotes by Vinny Guadagnino
#4. I made my drama teacher cry. I only took drama to get out of writing papers in English and the teacher was this thespian Broadway geek and here I was this Italian guy from Staten Island and I would put her in tears. #Quote by Vinny Guadagnino
Panama Papers quotes by Anil Gupta
#5. Anil Gupta is a best handwriting expert provider in All India Handwriting is considered as the direct projection of a person's inner thoughts and feelings. Our services are highly acclaimed by the clients for their reliability . We have an experienced team of hand writing experts, who have in-depth knowledge about the associated studies that helps them to serve the requisite demands of our valued clients. Our clients can avail these services for proof reading of legal documents and many other papers. #Quote by Anil Gupta
Panama Papers quotes by Liesbeth Heenk
#6. Van Gogh on his brother's upcoming marriage: "It's because he's in Holland, where he's getting married one of these days. Now, while not denying the advantages of a marriage in the very least, once it has been done and one is quietly set up in one's home, the funereal pomp of the reception &c., the lamentable congratulations of two families (even civilized) at the same time, not to mention the fortuitous appearances in those pharmacist's jars where antediluvian civil or religious magistrates sit – my word – isn't there good reason to pity the poor unfortunate obliged to present himself armed with the requisite papers in the places where, with a ferocity unequalled by the cruellest cannibals, you're married alive on the low heat of the aforementioned funereal receptions. #Quote by Liesbeth Heenk
Panama Papers quotes by Paul Dini
#7. Clean this place out. I want hard drives, gadgets, papers, circuit boards, everything. Grab the pencil sharpener if it looks interesting. #Quote by Paul Dini
Panama Papers quotes by David Foster Wallace
#8. Headers from the last few great daily papers, #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Panama Papers quotes by Walter Isaacson
#9. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" Now let's look at how Einstein articulated all of this in the famous paper that the Annalen der Physik received on June 30, 1905. For all its momentous import, it may be one of the most spunky and enjoyable papers in all of science. Most of its insights are conveyed in words and vivid thought experiments, rather than in complex equations. There is some math involved, but it is mainly what a good high school senior could comprehend. "The whole paper is a testament to the power of simple language to convey deep and powerfully disturbing ideas," says the science writer Dennis Overbye. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Panama Papers quotes by Craig Kilborn
#10. Declassified papers report that John Kennedy was taking eight different medications a day. He was so wasted, his Secret Service code name was Ted Kennedy. #Quote by Craig Kilborn
Panama Papers quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#11. Every author really wants to have letters printed in the papers. Unable to make the grade, he drops down a rung of the ladder and writes novels. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Panama Papers quotes by Norman MacCaig
#12. When I was a teacher, teachers would come into my classroom and admire my desk on which lay nothing whatever, whereas theirs were heaped with papers and books. #Quote by Norman MacCaig
Panama Papers quotes by Mark Twain
#13. Between 1870 and 1905 Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) tried repeatedly, and at long intervals, to write (or dictate) his autobiography, always shelving the manuscript before he had made much progress. By 1905 he had accumulated some thirty or forty of these false starts - manuscripts that were essentially experiments, drafts of episodes and chapters; many of these have survived in the Mark Twain Papers and two other libraries. To some of these manuscripts he went so far as to assign chapter numbers that placed them early or late in a narrative which he never filled in, let alone completed. None dealt with more than brief snatches of his life story. #Quote by Mark Twain
Panama Papers quotes by Joshua Ferris
#14. We loved killing time and had perfected several ways of doing so. We wandered the hallways carrying papers that indicated some mission of business when in reality we were in search of free candy. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Panama Papers quotes by Kristin Cashore
#15. Bitterblue took this information straight to the library. "Death?" she said. "Do we have birth records for the seven kingdoms for the year Leck would have been born? Will you review them for someone with a name that sounds like Eemkerr?"
"A name that sounds like Eemkerr," Death repeated, peering up at her from his new desk, which was covered with smelly, scorched papers.
"Lady Fire says that Leck told her that before his name was Leck, it was Eemkerr."
"Which is a name she remembers from almost fifty years ago," Death said sarcastically, "spoken to her, not spelled, presumably not a name from her own language, and conveyed to you mentally fifty years later. And I'm to recall every instance of a name of that nature in all the birth records available to me from the relevant year for all seven kingdoms, on the extremely slim chance that we have the name right and a record exists?"
"I know you're just as happy as I am," said Bitterblue.
Death's mouth twitched. Then he said, "Give me some time to remember, Lady Queen. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Panama Papers quotes by Milton Berle
#16. I just read about a schoolteacher who got hurt. She was grading papers on a curve! #Quote by Milton Berle
Panama Papers quotes by Casey Affleck
#17. The way people appear in the gossip papers, as they're depicted as celebrities, it's not often much like who they are. The more people I meet, the more that's true. Sometimes, they're worse. #Quote by Casey Affleck
Panama Papers quotes by David Grann
#18. But by 1925 Fawcett had filled his papers with reams of delirious writings about the end of the world and about a mystical Atlantean kingdom, which resembled the Garden of Eden. Z was transformed into "the cradle of all civilizations" and the center of one of Blavatsky's "White Lodges," where a group of higher spiritual beings helped to direct the fate of the universe. #Quote by David Grann
Panama Papers quotes by Herman Gorter
#19. To judge from all Communist papers, magazines and brochures, and from all public assemblies, one might even surmise that a revolt of the poor peasants in Western Europe might break out at any moment! #Quote by Herman Gorter
Panama Papers quotes by Charles Stross
#20. Most people think spies are afraid of guns, or KGB guards, or barbed wire, but in point of fact the most dangerous thing they face is paper. Papers carry secrets. Papers can carry death warrants. Papers like this one, this folio with its blurry eighteen year old faked missile photographs and estimates of time/survivor curves and pervasive psychosis ratios, can give you nightmares, dragging you awake screaming in the middle of the night. #Quote by Charles Stross
Panama Papers quotes by David McCullough
#21. In a day and age when, unfortunately, so few write letters or keep a diary any longer, the Wright Papers stand as a striking reminder of a time when that was not the way and of the immense value such writings can have in bringing history to life. #Quote by David McCullough
Panama Papers quotes by Ron Paul
#22. The Fourth Amendment is clear; we should be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects, and all warrants must have probable cause. Today the government operates largely in secret, while seeking to know everything about our private lives - without probable cause and without a warrant. #Quote by Ron Paul
Panama Papers quotes by Betty Smith
#23. She wasn't satisfied by the play she saw the following Saturday either. All right. The long lost lover came home just in time t pay the mortgage. What if he had been held up and couldn't make it? The landlord would have to give them thirty days to get out - at least that's how it was in Brooklyn. In that month something might turn up. If it didn't and they had to get out, well, they'd have to make the best of it. The pretty heroine would have to go out peddling papers. The mother would have to do cleaning by the day. But they'd live. You betcha they'd live, thought Francie grimly. It takes a lot of doing to die. #Quote by Betty Smith
Panama Papers quotes by David Mitchell
#24. Exposition: the workings of the actual past + the virtual past may be illustrated by an event well known to collective history, such as the sinking of the Titanic. The disaster as it actually occurred descends into obscurity as its eyewitnesses die off, documents perish + the wreck of the ship dissolves in its Atlantic grave. Yet a virtual sinking of the Titanic, created from reworked memories, papers, hearsay, fiction--in short, belief--grows ever "truer." The actual past is brittle, ever-dimming + ever more problematic to access + reconstruct: in contrast, the virtual past is malleable, ever-brightening + ever more difficult to circumvent/expose as fraudulent.

The present presses the virtual past into its own service, to lend credence to its mythologies + legitimacy to the imposition of will. Power seeks + is the right to "landscape" the virtual past. (He who pays the historian calls the tune.)

Symmetry demands an actual + virtual future too. We imagine how next week, next year, or 2225 will shape up--a virtual future, constructed by wishes, prophecies + daydreams. This virtual future may influence the actual future, as in a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the actual future will eclipse our virtual one as surely as tomorrow eclipses today. Like Utopia, the actual future + the actual past exist only in the hazy distance, where they are no good to anyone.

Q: Is there a meaningful distinction between one simulacrum of smoke, mirrors + shadows--t #Quote by David Mitchell
Panama Papers quotes by Tomas Transtromer
#25. Solitary Swedish Houses"

A mix-max of black spruce
and smoking moonbeams.
Here's the croft lying low
and not a sign of life.

Till the morning dew murmurs
and an old man opens
– with a shaky hand – his window
and lets out an owl.

Further off, the new building
stands steaming
with the laundry butterfly
fluttering at the corner

in the middle of a dying wood
where the mouldering reads
through spectacles of sap
the proceedings of the bark-drillers.

Summer with flaxen-haired rain
or one solitary thunder-cloud
above a barking dog.
The seed is kicking inside the earth.

Agitated voices, faces
fly in the telephone wires
on stunted rapid wings
across the moorland miles.

The house on an island in the river
brooding on its stony foundations.
Perpetual smoke – they're burning
the forest's secret papers.

The rain wheels in the sky.
The light coils in the river.
Houses on the slope supervise
the waterfall's white oxen.

Autumn with a gang of starlings
holding dawn in check.
The people move stiffly
in the lamplight's theatre.

Let them feel without alarm
the camouflaged wings
and God's energy
coiled up in the dark. #Quote by Tomas Transtromer
Panama Papers quotes by Don DeLillo
#26. Is he one of them now? Frustrated, stuck, self-watching, looking for a means of connection, a way to break out. After Oswald, men in America are no longer required to lead lives of quiet desperation. You apply for a credit card, buy a handgun, travel through cities, suburbs and shopping malls, anonymous, anonymous, looking for a chance to take a shot at the first puffy empty famous face, just to let people know there is someone out there who reads the papers. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Panama Papers quotes by William Donaldson
#27. I was sorry to read in yesterday's evening papers that your house was recently burglarised while you were elsewhere propounding the moral virtues of private enterprise.
I'm sure you'll be able to see the funny side of it!
I expect your mistake was to inform the robbery squad at your local police station that your house would be empty. That's always asking for trouble. #Quote by William Donaldson
Panama Papers quotes by Flora Thompson
#28. Manner and morals have improved, improved wages and world travel during the war have had effect, and the farm labourer now is an intelligent, self respecting workman, on a level at least with the town artisan. The village rustic of the past no longer exists outside of the comic papers. #Quote by Flora Thompson
Panama Papers quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#29. As a rule, capitalism is blamed for the undesired effects of a policy directed
at its elimination. The man who sips his morning coffee does not say, "Capitalism has brought this beverage to my breakfast table." But when he reads in the papers that the government of Brazil has ordered part of the coffee crop destroyed, he does not say, "That is government for you"; he exclaims, "That is capitalism for you. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Panama Papers quotes by Donna Tartt
#30. I was behind in school, there were papers to write and exams were coming up but still I was young; the grass was green and the air was heavy with the sound of bees and I had just come back from the brink of Death itself, back to the sun and air. Now I was free; and my life, which I had thought was lost, stretched out indescribably precious and sweet before me. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Panama Papers quotes by Graham Taylor
#31. We shouldn't blame the Panama programme for the World Cup bid failing #Quote by Graham Taylor
Panama Papers quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#32. Are there any books of that sort nowadays? The only ones I ever see mentioned in the papers are about married couples who find life grey, and can't stick each other at any price. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Panama Papers quotes by Roy Basler
#33. {When Abraham Lincoln was 26 years old in 1835, he wrote a defense of Thomas Paine's deism; a political associate, Samuel Hill, burned it to save Lincoln's political career. Historian Roy Basler, the editor of Lincoln's papers, said Paine had a strong influence on Lincoln's style:}

No other writer of the eighteenth century, with the exception of Jefferson, parallels more closely the temper or gist of Lincoln's later thought. In style, Paine above all others affords the variety of eloquence which, chastened and adapted to Lincoln's own mood, is revealed in Lincoln's formal writings. #Quote by Roy Basler
Panama Papers quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
#34. Still, slander against the president and first lady continued to fill the columns of opposition papers. #Quote by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Panama Papers quotes by James Delingpole
#35. I am an interpreter of interpretations #Quote by James Delingpole
Panama Papers quotes by George R R Martin
#36. Tormund Thunderfist had better things to do than learn to make papers talk at him. #Quote by George R R Martin
Panama Papers quotes by J.M. Carlisle
#37. The distinctive crimes of this generation are crimes of subtlety and finesse.
- ALEXANDER S. BACON 1908 #Quote by J.M. Carlisle
Panama Papers quotes by Christine Keeler
#38. Bill Astor knew these papers were missing. Stephen showed his hand in October. #Quote by Christine Keeler

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