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Paints And Colors quotes by Talia Carner
#1. As the room filled with tart, pleasant fumes Esther had never smelled before, her head became light with joy. These paints and and brushes and canvases were the tools real artists used. In the short hour left, inspired by Van Gogh, she chose a corner of the room as her subject and began to paint in tiny, furious brush strokes. To her amazement, yellow and blue combined into a vibrant green, red and blue turned a pulsating purple, and yellow and red mixed into a glowing orange. But beyond the colors, some new magic took over. Esther's eyes, clear as if the cumin had never blinded her, captured shapes and shadows and threw them on the canvas without effort, without thought. The urge to paint was a fountain that coursed through her, her fingers only a conduit to something so big it was hard to imagine her little heart contained it. Surely, this was the work of God. He must be guiding her hand. #Quote by Talia Carner
Paints And Colors quotes by Homer
#2. She spoke and loosened from her bosom the embroidered girdle of many colors into which all her allurements were fashioned. In it was love and int desire which steals the mind even of the wise. #Quote by Homer
Paints And Colors quotes by Justin Woolley
#3. The sandy soil beneath him was similar to that of his Uncle's farm. When you looked at it up close, you noticed how what seemed to be a vast unending blanket of red was really made up of many millions and millions of grains of different colors, red, orange, brown, gold, all blending together. There was a lesson in that, he was sure, something he should remember : that no matter how different people were, when enough of them got together, they all seemed the same, or maybe they were made to be the same... #Quote by Justin Woolley
Paints And Colors quotes by Ben E. King
#4. I think that the song, the song "Stand By Me" is one of those songs that ... and someone asked me, what was you thinking about or what was you feeling about? It's something that, songwriters just write songs. It's like an artist that paints. They paint what they feel. It's not, it's not about how many of these painting I'll sell it's just how they feel at the moment. And that's how I wrote "Stand By Me". #Quote by Ben E. King
Paints And Colors quotes by Jonas Mekas
#5. In a meadow full of flowers, you cannot walk through and breathe those smells and see all those colors and remain angry. We have to support the beauty, the poetry, of life. #Quote by Jonas Mekas
Paints And Colors quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#6. We felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind active and dreamy, and how you ended up knowing which colors went together. We knew that the girls were our twins, that we all existed in space like animals with identical skins, and that they knew everything about us though we couldn't fathom them at all. We knew, finally, that the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Paints And Colors quotes by Rick Bass
#7. The crops, however, I examine closely, to see what each bird has been feeding upon. Clover. Kinnickkinnick. Snowberries. Wheat. Barley. Crickets. Grasshoppers. Fir needles. Huckleberries. Rose hips. The crops filled with snowberries are breathtaking, looking like a clump of pearls, and nearly as rare; it's always a thrill to open a crop and see nothing but beautiful white berries. Usually in these woods, though, in the autumn, the crops are bulging with bright red kinnickkinnick berries, and the bright green leaves from the same bush. Tom and Nancy save the crop from each bird they kill and set it on the windowsill to dry translucent in the sunlight - a globe, a ball, filled with Christmas colors, perfect red and green; and then in December they hang these as ornaments on their tree. For #Quote by Rick Bass
Paints And Colors quotes by Robert Fisher
#8. The knight stood on the mountaintop breathing deeply, and an overwhelming sense of well-being swept through him. He grew dizzy from the enchantment of seeing, hearing, and feeling the universe all around him. Before, fear of the unknown had dulled his senses, but now he was able to experience everything with breathtaking clarity. The warmth of the afternoon sun, the melody of the gentle mountain breeze, and the beauty of nature's shapes and colors that painted the landscape as far as his eyes could see filled the knight with indescribable pleasure. His heart brimmed with love - for himself, for [his friends], for life, and for the entire wondrous world.

(...) The knight cried out with joy. No more would he don his armor and ride off in all directions. No more would people see the shining reflection of steel and think that the sun was rising in the north or setting in the east.

He smiled through his tears, unaware that a radiant, new light now shone from him - a light far brighter and more beautiful than his armor at its polished best - sparkling like a brook, shining like the moon, dazzling like the sun.

For, indeed, the knight was the brook. He was the moon. He was the sun. He could be all these things at once now, and more, because he was one with the universe.

He was love. #Quote by Robert Fisher
Paints And Colors quotes by Edmund Morris
#9. In the tired hand of a dying man, Theodore Senior had written: The 'Machine politicians' have shown their colors ... I feel sorry for the country however as it shows the power of partisan politicians who think of nothing higher than their own interests, and I feel for your future. We cannot stand so corrupt a government for any great length of time. #Quote by Edmund Morris
Paints And Colors quotes by Betsy Cornwell
#10. It's the colors that will make you stray. They sing to you, the not-blue and the searing light, and no matter how tightly you tie yourself to the inbetween, eventually you will break free.
No one swims only in the shallow water. #Quote by Betsy Cornwell
Paints And Colors quotes by Michelle Alexander
#11. If we want to do more than just end mass incarceration - if we want to put an end to the history of racial caste in America - we must lay down our racial bribes, join hands with people of all colors who are not content to wait for change to trickle down, and say to those who would stand in our way: Accept all of us or none. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Paints And Colors quotes by John Ruskin
#12. The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. #Quote by John Ruskin
Paints And Colors quotes by Marquis De Lafayette
#13. I gave my heart to the Americans and thought of nothing else but raising my banner and adding my colors to theirs. #Quote by Marquis De Lafayette
Paints And Colors quotes by Donna Tartt
#14. THINGS WOULD HAVE TURNED out better if she had lived. As it was, she died when I was a kid; and though everything that's happened to me since then is thoroughly my own fault, still when I lost her I lost sight of any landmark that might have led me someplace happier, to some more populated or congenial life. Her death the dividing mark: Before and After. And though it's a bleak thing to admit all these years later, still I've never met anyone who made me feel loved the way she did. Everything came alive in her company; she cast a charmed theatrical light about her so that to see anything through her eyes was to see it in brighter colors than ordinary #Quote by Donna Tartt
Paints And Colors quotes by Alice Munro
#15. One thing in the school was captivating, lovely. Pictures of birds. Rose didn't know if the teacher had climbed up and nailed them above the blackboard, too high for easy desecration, if they were her first and last hopeful effort, or if they dated from some earlier, easier time in the school's history. Where had they come from, how had they arrived there, when nothing else did, in the way of decoration, illustration?

A red-headed woodpecker; an oriole; a blue jay; a Canada goose. The colors clear and long-lasting. Backgrounds of pure snow, of blossoming branches, of heady summer sky. In an ordinary classroom they would not have seemed so extraordinary. Here they were bright and eloquent, so much at variance with everything else that what they seemed to represent was not the birds themselves, not those skies and snows, but some other world of hardy innocence, bounteous information, privileged lightheartedness. No stealing from lunch pails there; no slashing coats; no pulling down pants and probing with painful sticks; no fucking; no Franny. #Quote by Alice Munro
Paints And Colors quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#16. Painting is something that takes place among the colors, and one has to leave them alone completely, so that they can settle the matter among themselves. Their intercourse: this is the whole of painting. Whoever meddles, arranges, injects his human deliberation, his wit, his advocacy, his intellectual agility in any way, is already disturbing and clouding their activity. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Paints And Colors quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#17. The stadium went black. A colorful array of fireworks--green, yellow, white--burst into the air. A couple of seconds later, a boom sounded.
Everyone oohed and ahhed.
Even me. I'm a sucker for fireworks.
Jason pulled me closer, and everything I felt for him just seem to swell like those fireworks. It was glorious. Brighter than I'd expected it to be. Bursting forth with all sorts of emotions. Joy because he was mine. Sadness because he would be leaving. A scariness because I didn't know exactly what the future would hold for us.
Red, white, and blue streamers exploded against the black sky. The air popped.
I'd hoped for a summer boyfriend. Pick a boy. Any boy. How dumb was that?
But somehow I'd lucked out. When it came to boyfriends, I'd somehow managed to hit a home run. I was crazy about Jason. And he was crazy about me. And somehow, we'd make it work.
Another explosion of fireworks filled the sky. The colors faded away and then…a burst of red, bang, a burst of white, bang, a burst of blue, bang.
I was sure more followed, because I could hear the distant booms but I was no longer watching the fireworks.
Jason was kissing me, and we were creating our own. #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Paints And Colors quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#18. It perplexes me how many people write books where everyone comes from the same basic set of backgrounds - middle class, white, straight, etc. It's like writing a book set in a world without coincidences, accidents, and colors. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? It reduces drama and conflicts and narrows the possible variety of points of view. And really, the whole magic of books is to show us the world through someone else's eyes. Experiencing the Other is what novels are for. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Paints And Colors quotes by Gary Jennings
#19. I let no chance go by untaken. I never hesitated to follow where my curiosity beckoned. I willingly went where there was danger in beauty and beauty in danger. I had experiences in plenty. Many were enjoyable, some were instructive, a few I would rather have missed. But I had them, and I have them still in memory. If, as soon as tomorrow, I go to my grave, it will be no black and silent hole. I can paint the darkness with vivid colors, and fill it with music both martial and languorous, with the flicker of swords and the flutter of kisses, with flavors and excitements and sensations, with the fragrance of a field of clover that has been warmed in the sun and then washed by a gentle rain, the sweetest-scented thing God ever put on this earth. Yes, I can enliven eternity. Others may have to endure it; I can enjoy it. #Quote by Gary Jennings
Paints And Colors quotes by Stewart Rahr
#20. Purple and yellow are my colors. #Quote by Stewart Rahr
Paints And Colors quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#21. Kali is the goddess of destruction, the Clawed Hands, the Blood Drinker ... And that's one side of her, as it is for any god. If you knew her for thousands of years you'd know she could be all colors. The sky is black at night, but if your eyes were good enough, they could see the different lights of a million stars. Death is part of her because death is part of life. #Quote by Martin Cruz Smith
Paints And Colors quotes by Jan Jansen
#22. We can make self the Colors in Our Life and it's so Sorry if we Meet People that Show us the Dark Side. #Quote by Jan Jansen
Paints And Colors quotes by Maya Angelou
#23. Sounds came to me dully, as if people were speaking through their handkerchiefs or with their hands over their mouths. Colors weren't true either, but rather a vague assortment of shaded pastels that indicated not so much color as faded familiarities. People's names escaped me and I began to worry over my sanity. After all, we had been away less than a year, and customers whose accounts I had formerly remembered without consulting the ledger were now complete strangers. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Paints And Colors quotes by John Geddes
#24. Did you know that in your eyes there are bright flecks of green and orange - and that they are lovely? ... #Quote by John Geddes
Paints And Colors quotes by Maria Dermout
#25. Felicia had never seen such beads before, neither of glass nor of metal, not of jade either, she thought; of stone or baked clay, rather, opaque, in mysteriously tender and quenched colors: orange ocher, golden brown, some touched with black; so subdued of hue - melancholy almost, as if there was something of autumn in that little box woven from leaves, something of passing and dying. #Quote by Maria Dermout
Paints And Colors quotes by Henry Kuttner
#26. It wasn't gloom at all, really. There were lights and colors. If it hadn't been for the feel of the water gliding by against his skin he might have imagined himself up in the sky, with meteors and comets blazing past. But these were sea-things, shining in the dark, the luminous life that blazes beneath the southern sea.

First he'd see a tiny twinkling speck, like a star, and it might have been next to his face or a mile away, in that immense, featureless void, with its faint hint of green. It would grow larger. It would turn into a radiant sun of purple or crimson or orange and come rushing at him, and swerve aside at the last moment. There were sinuous ribbons of fire that coiled into bright patterns, and there were schools of tiny fish that flashed by like sparks. Down below, in the deeper abyss, the colors were paler, and once an enormous shape blundered past down there, like the sea-bottom itself moving heavily. Pete watched awhile and then swam up.

("Before I Wake...") #Quote by Henry Kuttner
Paints And Colors quotes by Markus Zusak
#27. It's the leftover humans. The survivors. They're the ones I can't stand to look at, although on many occasions I still fail. I deliberately seek out the colors to keep my mind off them, but now and then, I witness the ones who are left behind, crumbling among the jigsaw puzzle of realization, despair, and surprises. They have punctured hearts. They have beaten lungs. Which in turn brings me to the subject I am telling you about tonight, or today, or whatever the hour and color. It's the story of one of those perpetual survivors –an expert at being left behind. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Paints And Colors quotes by Nick Flynn
#28. Some mornings you wake up fully in your body, and you know this is all there is
the air, the shape your body makes in the air, your hand, the skin that covers your hand, the air that covers your skin, the light that fills the air, a few colors in the light, this one thought, this dream dissolving
it is a dream that, in your half-awake state, embarrasses you. You don't tell it to the woman waking up beside you, the woman you love, because it is about another woman, whom you might also love. This is the dream you need to hold onto, this is your shadow speaking, attempting to bewilder you again. Sometimes, if you lay still, you can feel the air entering each cell, sometimes you can feel the blood in your lips. Sometimes, if you lay very still, you can feel the whole web tremble. #Quote by Nick Flynn
Paints And Colors quotes by Leylah Attar
#29. Black was One. There were no shades to black. Black was absolute, impenetrable. Black absorbed all the colors. If you fell into black, it swallowed you whole. Yet here was a different kind of black. It was black ice and burning coal. It was well-water and desert night. It was dark tempest and glassy calm. It was Black battling Black, opposite and polar, and yet still . . . all black. #Quote by Leylah Attar
Paints And Colors quotes by Katie McGarry
#30. Last night meant as much to me as it did to her and she painted it, capturing it in a way unique to Echo. [ ... ] Up close all those colors would look like chaos, but when viewed as a whole it creates this beautiful picture. In the end, that's the best way to describe me and Echo, our relationship. Our love. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Paints And Colors quotes by Sigbjorn Obstfelder
#31. Munch writes poetry with color. He has taught himself to see the full potential of color in art His use of color is above all lyrical. He feels color and he reveals his feelings through colors; he does not see them in isolation. He does not just see yellow, red and blue and violet; he sees sorrow and screaming and melancholy and decay. #Quote by Sigbjorn Obstfelder
Paints And Colors quotes by Neon Hitch
#32. I love to experiment with fashion. A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom. She is fearless with fashion! I love colors and anything daring. #Quote by Neon Hitch
Paints And Colors quotes by David Bromstad
#33. We've been in a war and a recession. That's why acccent colors with yellow and purple are popular. They're optimistic and flirty and happy colors. #Quote by David Bromstad
Paints And Colors quotes by Rajneesh
#34. One should marry only when one is wise enough. Marriage is not for young people. For young people is to fool around. Marriage is for those who have experienced life in many ways, who have seen all the colors, the whole spectrum of it, and are now ready to settle. #Quote by Rajneesh
Paints And Colors quotes by Les Paul
#35. Paint pictures with sound. First, find your white-the deepest, roundest sound you can play on the guitar. Then, find your black-which is the most extreme tonal difference from white you can play. Now, just pick the note where you've got white, pick it where you've got black, and then find all those colors in between. Get those colors down, and you'll be able to express almost any emotion on the guitar.? #Quote by Les Paul
Paints And Colors quotes by Holly Hall
#36. Autumn is the best time of year. Maybe the worst for being a single girl of twenty-six, but in every other way, it's perfect. The best things come out of hiding this time of year: the rich colors of fall leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, dark lipstick, sweaters and boots, fires, and . . . Landon Farrar, apparently. #Quote by Holly Hall
Paints And Colors quotes by Ikechukwu Joseph
#37. They tore Joseph coat of many colors as evidence of his death and dreams but God brought together his life for his People, to prepare them posterity #Quote by Ikechukwu Joseph
Paints And Colors quotes by Lisa Renee Jones
#38. All I know is he's letting me see it, and him, and he is exactly what he preaches. Raw and honest, and intense and I believe in this moment that we are a rainbow of the same colors, none of them bright or beautiful. We are the many shades of gray and black, hoping to find a glimmer of light in each other, not more darkness. #Quote by Lisa Renee Jones
Paints And Colors quotes by Richelle Mead
#39. Please be careful," he repeated. "Come back safe."
"I will." On impulse I took off my cross necklace and pressed it into his hand. "This time, keep it for real. Hold onto it until I return. If you get too worried, look at it and know that I'll have to come back for it. It goes really well with khakis and neutral colors. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Paints And Colors quotes by Laren Grey Umphlett
#40. Human, you are a machine, an organism, an animal, a primate, an artist, an athlete, a thinker, a sponge, a spirit, a comedian, a connoisseur, a cycle of breath in and breath out, an inventor, an expressor, an orator, a lover, an explorer, a creator, evolved. Your mind paints the flowers and the sky using the mind's eye as a paintbrush and light as paint. Splashing life across the blank canvas of reality. That's what you do. Every moment of every day. #Quote by Laren Grey Umphlett
Paints And Colors quotes by James Rollins
#41. Judas paused at the edge of the Venetian ballroom, letting the colors swirl in front of him. Crimson reds, deepest golds, indigos that matched the evening sea, blacks that ate the light, and the pearly radiance of bare shoulders. Nowhere did the women dress as brightly, and display #Quote by James Rollins

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