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Padres Malos quotes by Willa Cather
#1. The Bishop observed later that Trinidad was treated very much like a poor relation or a servant. He was sent on errands, was told without ceremony to fetch the Padre's boots, to bring wood for the fire, to saddle his horse. Father Latour disliked his personality so much that he could scarcely look at him. His fat face was irritatingly stupid, and had the grey, oily look of soft cheeses. The corners of his mouth
were deep folds in plumpness, like the creases in a baby's legs, and the steel rim of his spectacles, where it crossed his nose, was embedded in soft flesh. He said not one word during supper, but
ate as if he were afraid of never seeing food again. When his attention left his plate for a moment, it was fixed in the same greedy way upon the girl who served the table - and who seemed to regard him with careless contempt. The student gave the impression of being always stupefied by one form of sensual disturbance or another. #Quote by Willa Cather
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#2. Trailing 5-1, the Padres added an insurance run in the eighth inning. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Padres Malos quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#3. Say 'Dodgers' and people know you're talking about baseball. Say 'Braves' and they ask, 'What reservation?' Say 'Reds' and they think of communism. Say 'Padres' and they look around for a priest. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#4. It's a cold night out tonight. The Padres better warm up real good because it's stiff out there. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#5. The Padres are really swinging some hot hats tonight! #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Padres Malos quotes by Ovid
#6. I would that you were either less beautiful, or less corrupt. Such perfect beauty does not suit such imperfect morals.
[Lat., Aut formosa fores minus, aut minus improba vellem.
Non facit ad mores tam bona forma malos.] #Quote by Ovid
Padres Malos quotes by Stephen Rodrick
#7. I've seen few things more depressing than the end-of-season Giants-Padres series in 2001 in which Barry Bonds hit his 68th homer of the year while a .227-hitting, rapidly fossilizing Rickey Henderson staggered like a delirious marathoner toward 3,000 hits. #Quote by Stephen Rodrick
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#8. With one out in the first, Dave Roberts looks a lot better than the last time he pitched against the Padres! #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#9. Mike Caldwell, the Padres' right-handed southpaw, will pitch tonight. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Padres Malos quotes by Drake Bell
#10. I used to go to San Diego all the time to hang out. My cousin played for the San Diego Padres, and my brother lives down there. I love going to the zoo and walking around Old Town. #Quote by Drake Bell
Padres Malos quotes by Ernst Junger
#11. The padres set great store by addressing prayer to personal gods: 'Genuine prayer exists only in religions in which there is a God as a person and a shape and endowed with a will.'
That was stated by a famous Protestant. The anarch does not want to have anything to do with that conception. As for the One God: while he may be able to shape persons, he is not a person himself, and the he is already a patriarchal prejudice.
A neuter One is beyond our grasp, while man converses ten with the Many Gods on equal terms, whether as their inventor or as their discoverer. In any case, it is man who named the gods. This is not to be confused with a high level soliloquy. Divinity must, without a doubt, be inside us and recognized as being inside us; otherwise we would have no concept of gods. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Padres Malos quotes by James Siegel
#12. Are there rules about betting on baseball games? Yeah
you have to stay away from the Padres. #Quote by James Siegel
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#13. The last time Pena faced the Padres, the Dodgers scratched for a run to tie the game and then went on to win 4-0. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Padres Malos quotes by Garth Brooks
#14. Because of the changes in the Padres team I played with last year, I felt like a veteran recently when I worked out with Jason Kendall and he told me he's liked listening to my records since he was a kid! #Quote by Garth Brooks
Padres Malos quotes by Jerry Coleman
#15. The Padres, after winning the first game of the doubleheader, are ahead here in the top of the fifth and hoping for a split. #Quote by Jerry Coleman

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