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Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Dennis Kucinich
#1. In 2001, the oil companies, the war contractors and the Neo-Con-Artists seized the economy and added $4 trillion of unproductive spending to the national debt. We now pay four times more for defence, three times more for gasoline and home-heating oil and twice what we payed for health-care. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their homes, their health-care, their pensions; trillions of dollars for an unnecessary war payed for with borrowed money. Tens of billions of dollars in cash and weapons disappeared into thin air at the cost of the lives of our troops and innocent Iraqis, while all the President's oil men are maneuvering on Iraq's oil. Borrowed money to bomb bridges in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No money to rebuild bridges in America. Borrowed money to start a hot war with Iran, now we have another cold war with Russia and the American economy has become a game of Russian roulette. #Quote by Dennis Kucinich
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by William Watson
#2. He saw wan Woman toil with famished eyes; He saw her bound, and strove to sing her free. He saw her fall'n; and wrote "The Bridge of Sighs"; And on it crossed to immortality. #Quote by William Watson
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Rob Lowe
#3. David Blum burned a lot of bridges. He burned people early in their careers. He took on the wrong people, though. He's not Hunter Thompson or Tom Wolfe, he's David Blum living in a cheap flat. #Quote by Rob Lowe
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Beau Bridges
#4. Steve and I saw eye to eye on the story and I got the part, but I think in the beginning it was due to my brother's instigation. So I owe him for that. #Quote by Beau Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Lloyd Bridges
#5. Carrying those double tanks around all the time got to be a little rough on me. I had to put that damn wetsuit on and take it off, sometimes three or four times a day. #Quote by Lloyd Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Marta Mrotek
#6. You really don't have to burn any bridges to let go... You don't have to destroy anything. You can just decide to cross over and move on. #Quote by Marta Mrotek
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jerry Bridges
#7. There is a familiar play on the word "justification" that it means "just as if I'd never sinned." But there is another way of saying this that is even better
justification means "just as if I'd always obeyed." That's the way we stand before God: clothed in the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. And that's the way we can live with the discomfort of the justified life. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by David Keirsey
#8. You want to be the first to do something. You want to create something. You want to innovate something...I often think of Edison inventing the light bulb. That's what I want to do. I want to drive over the bridge coming out of New York there and look down on that sea of lights that is New Jersey and say, `Hey, I did that!' #Quote by David Keirsey
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jerry Bridges
#9. Our goal in the pursuit of godliness should be to grow more in our conscious awareness that every moment of our lives is lived in the presence of God; that we are responsible to Him and dependent on Him. This goal would include a growing desire to please Him and glorify Him in the most ordinary activities of life. Of #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Kristin Harmel
#10. I look to the right as I cross the bridge and smile to see the tip of the Eiffel Tower soaring over rooftops in the distance on the other side of the river. I've seen it in photographs a thousand times, but seeing it in person for the first time that reminds me that I'm really, truly here, thousands of miles away, across an ocean from home. #Quote by Kristin Harmel
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Neil Gaiman
#11. There was no moon but the night sky was a riot of crisp and glittering autumn stars. There were streetlights too and lights on buildings and on bridges which looked like earthbound stars and they glimmered repeated as they were reflected with the city in the night water of the Thames. It's fairyland thought Richard. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by M.N. O’Brien
#12. If a person cannot swim across the river, he must take the bridge. He is not afraid of the water or worried that he may drown. But he takes the bridge out of necessity. It is a fact. To fear or worry over necessities (over facts), stills the mind. The stagnant mind only focuses and refocuses on a single point, without peripheral vision - it ponders danger, but it does not prepare for it. The brave man is not bound immobile with caution or lost scouting the fog of hazard calculating insurmountable variables. His sight and sense is not hindered and he may confront danger upon its arrival. To be brave is not to be careless or headstrong, but to act without expectation. #Quote by M.N. O’Brien
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Neil Irwin
#13. [Hyun Song Shin] most accurately portrayed the state of the global economy.
'I'd like to tell you about the Millennium Bridge in London,' he began…'The bridge was opened by the queen on a sunny day in June,' Shin continued. 'The press was there in force, and many thousands of people turned up to savor the occasion. However, within moments of the bridge's opening, it began to shake violently.' The day it opened, the Millennium Bridge was closed. The engineers were initially mystified about what had gone wrong. Of course it would be a problem if a platoon of soldiers marched in lockstep across the bridge, creating sufficiently powerful vertical vibration to produce a swaying effect. The nearby Albert Bridge, built more than a century earlier, even features a sign directing marching soldiers to break step rather than stay together when crossing. But that's not what happened at the Millennium Bridge. 'What is the probability that a thousand people walking at random will end up walking exactly in step, and remain in lockstep thereafter?' Shin asked. 'It is tempting to say, 'Close to Zero' '
But that's exactly what happened. The bridge's designers had failed to account for how people react to their environment. When the bridge moved slightly under the feet of those opening-day pedestrians, each individual naturally adjusted his or her stance for balance, just a little bit - but at the same time and in the same direction as every other individual. That created enough later #Quote by Neil Irwin
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Tommy Barnett
#14. If you want to be a bridge of hope to the world, you've got to allow yourself to be walked on #Quote by Tommy Barnett
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Joseph Pulitzer
#15. A journalist is the lookout on the bridge of the ship of state. He notes the passing sail, the little things of interest that dot the horizon in fine weather. He reports the drifting castaway whom the ship can save. He peers through fog and storm to give warning of dangers ahead. He is not thinking of his wages or of the profits of his owners. He is there to watch over the safety and the welfare of the people who trust him. #Quote by Joseph Pulitzer
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Frank Iero
#16. Normally you'll have a structure to a song. You'll have an intro to a verse to a pre-chorus to a chorus, kinda repeat that, maybe there's a bridge, then you'll go out on a chorus - that's the quintessential song structure - sometimes you might do a fake-out, re-do a pre-chorus but the chorus doesn't come until later, but for the most part you follow these tried and true structures. #Quote by Frank Iero
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Rudy Francisco
#17. Some say, don't burn your bridges.

I say, if necessary,
let the kerosene
kiss it on the lips,

and watch it
turn to ash.

There's always more than one way
to cross the water. #Quote by Rudy Francisco
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jerry Bridges
#18. The gospel invitation is wide-open to all: "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13). "Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take of the free gift of the water of life" (Revelation 22:17). And yet when we come, we discover that we were chosen in Christ before the creation of the world (Ephesians 1:4). That is grace. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Han Kang, The Vegetarian
#19. The innumerable trees she's seen over the course of all her life, the undulating forests that blanket the continents like a heartless sea, envelop her exhausted body and lift her up. Only fragments of cities, small towns and roads are visible, floating on the roof of the forest like islands or bridges, slowly being swept away somewhere, borne on those warm waves. There's no way for In-hye to know what on earth those waves are saying. Or what those trees she'd seen at the end of the narrow mountain path, clustered together like green flames in the early-morning half-light, had been saying. Whatever it was, there had been no warmth in it. Whatever the words were, they hadn't been words of comfort, words that would help her pick herself up. Instead they were merciless, and the trees that had spoken them were a frighteningly chill form of life. Even when she turned about on the spot and searched in all directions, In-hye hadn't been able to find a tree that would take her life from her. Some of the trees had refused to accept her. They'd just stood there, stubborn and solemn yet alive as animals, bearing up the weight of their own massive bodies. #Quote by Han Kang, The Vegetarian
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jerry Bridges
#20. Worship from the heart in times of adversity implies an attitude of humble acceptance on our part of God's right to do as He pleases in our lives. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by J.R. Ward
#21. Some bridges you crossed on your own, no matter who drove you to the edge #Quote by J.R. Ward
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Michael Bennett
#22. We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet. In my view we have nothing to show for it. We haven't invested in our roads, our bridges, our waste-water systems, our sewer systems. We haven't even maintained the assets that our parents and grandparents built for us. #Quote by Michael Bennett
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Colin Higgins
#23. I heard a story once in the Orient about two architects who went to see the Buddha. They had run out of money on their projects and hoped the Buddha could do something about it. 'Well, I'll do what I can,' said the Buddha, and he went off to see their work. The first architect was building a bridge, and the Buddha was very impressed. 'That's a very good bridge,' he said, and he began to pray. Suddenly a great white bull appeared, carrying on its back enough gold to finish construction. 'Take it,' said the Buddha, 'and build even more bridges.' And so the first architect went away very happy. The second architect was building a wall, and when the Buddha saw it he was equally impressed. 'That's a very good wall,' he said solemnly, and began to pray. Suddenly the sacred bull appeared, walked over to the second architect, and sat on him. #Quote by Colin Higgins
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Laura Riding
#24. Learning can be a bridge between doing and thinking. But then there is a danger that the person who uses learning as a bridge between doing and thinking may get stuck in learning and never get on to thinking ... #Quote by Laura Riding
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Steven Erikson
#25. When you've burned the bridges behind you, don't go starting a fire on the one in front of you. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by George Clarke
#26. Our houses are at least 12 feet under water. All you can see on TV are rooftops. And the bridge we came across, the I-10 twin span, is now split. #Quote by George Clarke
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jeff Bridges
#27. That's one of the cool things about fame. You have an affect on society and where it goes. #Quote by Jeff Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Samiha Totanji
#28. But darling, when you get to finally realize your worth and sit standards to everything you allow or accept in your circle,
It will be much easier for you to burn bridges, turn pages and fight only for what's worthy of your time and energy … #Quote by Samiha Totanji
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jack Kerouac
#29. Here's a guy and everybody's there, right? Up to him to put down what's on everybody's mind. He starts the first chorus, then lines up his ideas, people, yeah, yeah, but get it, and then he rises to his fate and has to blow equal to it. All of a sudden somewhere in the middle of the chorus he gets it - everybody looks up and knows; they listen; he picks it up and carries. Time stops. He's filling empty space with the substance of our lives, confessions of his bellybottom strain, remembrance of ideas, rehashes of old blowing. He has to blow across bridges and come back and do it with such infinite feeling soul-exploratory for the tune of the moment that everybody knows it's not the tune that counts but IT. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by George W. S. Trow
#30. Wonder was the grace of the country. Any action could be justified by that: the wonder it was rooted in. Period followed period, and finally the wonder was that things could be built so big. Bridges, skyscrapers, fortunes, all having a life first in the marketplace, still drew on the force of wonder. #Quote by George W. S. Trow
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Lauren Gilley
#31. It was hesitant at first, gentle. His fingers held tight at the base of her skull and she could feel the restraint in him, the leashed energy vibrating in the space between their bodies. He needed to shave and the stubble on his chin was prickly against hers. He smelled like he always had – aftershave, Calvin Klein cologne he bought at the grocery store, and something wild and frightening, like smoke; something that was unmistakably Ben to her – and it assaulted her brain, turning keys in padlocks and laying bare her self-control. #Quote by Lauren Gilley
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#32. Things look different depending on your perspective. As I see it, fighting to bridge those gaps isn't what really matters. The most important thing is to know them inside and out, as differences, and to understand why certain people are the way they are. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Jerry Bridges
#33. Our situation was so desperate that only the death of His own Son on a cruel and shameful cross was sufficient to resolve the problem. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Shantideva
#34. May I be like a guard for those who are protectorless,
A guide for those who journey on the road.
For those who wish to go across the water,
May I be a boat, a raft, a bridge. #Quote by Shantideva
Padlocks On Bridges quotes by Cameron Jace
#35. A textbook on how to create a terrorist or criminal. Crush him with society's cruelness, take his poor soul to a madman like me, and infest his brain with revengeful thoughts so powerful that he only sees humans as bridges to his cause. Then you've got yourself a first-class nuthead killing for reasons that make no sense. #Quote by Cameron Jace

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