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P89 Grips quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#1. Hard Times

Music is silenced, the dark descending slowly
Has stripped unending skies of all companions.
Weariness grips your limbs and within the locked horizons
Dumbly ring the bells of hugely gathering fears.
Still, O bird, O sightless bird,
Not yet, not yet the time to furl your wings.

It's not melodious woodlands but the leaps and falls
Of an ocean's drowsy booming,
Not a grove bedecked with flowers but a tumult flecked with foam.
Where is the shore that stored your buds and leaves?
Where the nest and the branch's hold?
Still, O bird, my sightless bird,
Not yet, not yet the time to furl your wings.

Stretching in front of you the night's immensity
Hides the western hill where sleeps the distant sun;
Still with bated breath the world is counting time and swimming
Across the shoreless dark a crescent moon
Has thinly just appeared upon the dim horizon.
-But O my bird, O sightless bird,
Not yet, not yet the time to furl your wings.

From upper skies the stars with pointing fingers
Intently watch your course and death's impatience
Lashes at you from the deeps in swirling waves;
And sad entreaties line the farthest shore
With hands outstretched and crooning 'Come, O come!'
Still, O bird, O sightless bird,
Not yet, not yet the time to furl your wings.

All that is past: your fears and loves and ho #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
P89 Grips quotes by Cody McFadyen
#2. Most people can't truly conceive of being in a place where death might be preferable to life. Life is strong. It grips you in many ways, from the beating of your heart, to the sun on your face, to the feel of the ground beneath your feet. It grasps you. #Quote by Cody McFadyen
P89 Grips quotes by Laura Wasser
#3. There's something about sitting face-to-face with an attorney in an office that enables people to come to grips with the very idea of divorce - or to reconsider the idea. Like a number of my colleagues - not all - I offer that preliminary consultation for free. #Quote by Laura Wasser
P89 Grips quotes by Ken Hollings
#4. Rocket Fever Grips Nation's Teenagers' cheers on enthusiastic newsreel, reflecting the nation's sudden reversal in attitude following the successful launch of Explorer-I into Earth orbit. Rather than being strange and threatening, outer space looks set to become the next big distraction after Elvis Presley and Davy Crockett hats. 'More and more teenagers are passing up rock and roll for a rocket role,' commentator Michael Fitzmaurice blithely remarks before very probably wishing he hadn't. #Quote by Ken Hollings
P89 Grips quotes by Sarah Miller
#5. Maria cries unashamedly on my shoulder while I whisper and pet her cheek, but Anastasia grips my other hand and stares fiercely back at our Alexander Palace with her wet blue eyes until it is no more than a lemon-colored speck against the sunrise. #Quote by Sarah Miller
P89 Grips quotes by Mary Szybist
#6. In Tennessee I Found a Firefly"

Flashing in the grass; the mouth of a spider clung
to the dark of it: the legs of the spider
held the tucked wings close,
held the abdomen still in the midst of calling
with thrusts of phosphorescent light -

When I am tired of being human, I try to remember
the two stuck together like burrs. I try to place them
central in my mind where everything else must
surround them, must see the burr and the barb of them.
There is courtship, and there is hunger. I suppose
there are grips from which even angels cannot fly.
Even imagined ones. Luciferin, luciferase.
When I am tired of only touching,
I have my mouth to try to tell you
what, in your arms, is not erased. #Quote by Mary Szybist
P89 Grips quotes by Stephen Fry
#7. If you think you're going to have an eternity in which you can talk to Mozart and Chopin and Schopenhauer on a cloud and learn stuff and you know really get to grips with knowledge and understanding and so you won't bother now, I think it's a terrible, a terrible mistake. #Quote by Stephen Fry
P89 Grips quotes by Joy McCullough
#8. The Holy Mother
cradles her son's lifeless body.
Greedy Tarquin
grips the terrified Lucretia.
Hands on bodies
have no in-between.

or possession. #Quote by Joy McCullough
P89 Grips quotes by David Suzuki
#9. If we continue to set human borders and the economy as our highest priorities, we will never come to grips with the destructiveness of our activities and institutions. #Quote by David Suzuki
P89 Grips quotes by Donald T. Phillips
#10. But the plain fact of the matter is that, for any person to successfully lead others, he or she must deal with reality and be ready to accept the fact that leadership , at times, can bring out the worst in us. And understanding, as well as coming to grips with the darker side of your personality, is key to dealing with real-life situations. #Quote by Donald T. Phillips
P89 Grips quotes by Brian Leiter
#11. Even though there is neither much altruism nor equality in the world, there is almost universal endorsement of the values of altruism and equality - even, notoriously (and as Nietzsche seemed well aware), by those who are is worst enemies in practice. So Nietzsche's critique is that a culture in the grips of MPS [Morality in the Pejorative Sense], even without acting on MPS, poses the real obstacle to flourishing, because it teaches potential higher types to disvalue what would be most conductive to their creativity and value what is irrelevant or perhaps even hostile to it. #Quote by Brian Leiter
P89 Grips quotes by John Perkins
#12. In response to my question about how we might rein in the empire, he said, That's why I'm meeting with you. Only you in the United States can change it. Your government created this problem and your people must solve it. You've got to insist that Washington honor its commitment to democracy, even when deomcratically elected leaders nationalize your corrupting corporations. You must take control of your corporations and your government. The people of the United States have a great deal of power. You need to come to grips with this. There's no alternative. We in Brazil have our hands tied. So do the Venezeulans. And the Nigerians. It's up to you. #Quote by John Perkins
P89 Grips quotes by Hannah Richell
#13. Who was it who said, 'the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and lilies, for instance'?"
"I think that was Ruskin," says Jack.
"Ha!" laughs Charles. "There's truth in that. Could have included women, too." Charles laughs loudly at his own joke.
"Only if you're to assume a woman's sole purpose in life is to look good," counters Lillian.
"Well of course... there's looking good... and there's child-bearing," adds Charles, still looking ahead at the bird.
Lillian grips the bag in her lap a little more tightly.
If the artist seated behind them is aware of the tension, he deflects artfully. "I think Ruskin misses the point," he says. "Beauty is never useless. It has purpose. Look at us, sitting here. We've ceased all other activity just to pause for a moment and wonder at the sight of this bird. The extraordinary jolts us from the mundane and makes us feel something. It reminds us we're alive."
"Rather like art," says Lillian, after a moment.
Jack meets her gaze in the wing-mirror and nods. "Yes. Art. Music. Love."
Lillian drops her gaze, unexpected heat flooding her cheeks. #Quote by Hannah Richell
P89 Grips quotes by Johnny Miller
#14. Only one golfer in a thousand grips the club lightly enough. #Quote by Johnny Miller
P89 Grips quotes by John Batdorff
#15. The aforementioned rules are the basic building blocks for an aesthetically pleasing image, but over the years I've come to grips with the fact that a good image is less about meeting the standards of what is "right" and more about what is intentional: What is the photographer trying to tell me? What mood or feeling is she trying to convey? #Quote by John Batdorff
P89 Grips quotes by Ilona Andrews
#16. They really kicked me out?"
"Refunded the tuition and everything."
Julie blinked a couple of times coming to grips with this tidbit. "So what happens now?"
"I expect you'll be a bum. Homeless and jobless begging on the street for a crust of bread ... "
"Oh, alright, I suppose if you come by the office once in a while I'll give you a sandwich. You can squat in the office on the floor when it gets too cold outside. We can even get you a little blanket to lie on ... #Quote by Ilona Andrews
P89 Grips quotes by Tony Dungy
#17. I hired top-notch people, trusted them to do their jobs, and then came to grips with the fact that I wouldn't be coaching as much. #Quote by Tony Dungy
P89 Grips quotes by David Slade
#18. With a DVD, you want something you can own, you can watch, you can come to grips with and you can explore. It's something larger than the film, when it's going out to a fan base. #Quote by David Slade
P89 Grips quotes by Ross Kemp
#19. I read a lot of research notes about the countries I visit, and my mum and dad bought me a Kindle, but I'm still getting to grips with it. I prefer paper books. #Quote by Ross Kemp
P89 Grips quotes by Gustav Stresemann
#20. Here we encounter two conflicting concepts with which we must come to grips in our time: the idea of national solidarity and the idea of international cooperation. #Quote by Gustav Stresemann
P89 Grips quotes by James Ellroy
#21. I want to see these bad, bad, bad, bad men come to grips with their humanity. #Quote by James Ellroy
P89 Grips quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#22. Sunlight's warmth on my face awoke me in the morning. I didn't remember falling asleep or how I came to be in my own bed. But I did recall nightmares. Awful nightmares featuring Gwen.

I turned my head to stare out an open window where the sun shone in full splendor, bleaching a clear sky enough to tell it was going to be a beautiful spring day. The air smelled of rain from overnight showers, mixed with a strong floral scent. A large lilac bush outside was responsible for the perfume. I breathed in the clean and fragrant air.

My eyelids fluttered, blinking at a stunning reflection of daylight off the glass. The blue beyond gave an exquisite glow to my room. All of it was an invitation to bask in a new day - an invitation I declined because none of that mattered to me. The world might as well come to a dark and ugly end. I saw no reason for beauty or life to go on so long as Gwen was lost.

Rolling over in bed, I felt the vice grips wrench at my heart again as I cried myself back to sleep.

from Phantom's Veil #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
P89 Grips quotes by Katie McGarry
#23. Isaiah runs his hand through my hair, and every cell in my body vibrates with the gentle pull. "Rachel."
"Yes." It's hard to breathe.
"Kiss me."
Isaiah doesn't wait for my answer. Instead his lips meet mine and his arms wrap around my body. All the hesitancy I felt the first night we kissed evaporates like mist on the heels of a summer storm. Within seconds, our mouths open, and Isaiah slips his tongue against mine. I get lost, liking the way my body curves around his, liking the way my hands explore as if they have a mind of their own, and loving how Isaiah grips my hair while tracing my spine.
Tingles and shock waves and earthquakes and hurricanes. All of it takes place at the same time as our mouths move not nearly fast enough. Nothing seems fast enough. The closer I become, the closer Isaiah presses, and the more he presses, the more I want to crawl inside and live in this delicious world of warmth and fantastic hunger.
Isaiah hooks an arm around my waist, and I suck in a breath when he turns us and shifts me up against the door to his Mustang. My eyes widen and I stare up at him as he stares down at me. Our chests move in unison, as do our breaths. My fingers curl into the muscles of his arms, and I briefly close my eyes, loving how his body fits into mine. #Quote by Katie McGarry
P89 Grips quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#24. The cold hand of the past emerges from the grave of our ancestors, grips us by the neck and directs our gaze towards a single future. We #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
P89 Grips quotes by Kerra Pridgen
#25. Mia wants no trouble, so she stands up from off the stool. One of the guys hit her on her booty. The beer bottle still in hand, she drags it across the bar top towards her; when it reaches the edge it drops, sliding down. Mia grips a hold of the neck of the bottle and her arm swings backwards, busting it over the freckled face boy head. Taking the bar stool and smashing it over the other guy's head. She leaves out leaving those guys passed out on the floor. #Quote by Kerra Pridgen
P89 Grips quotes by Ian C. Esslemont
#26. You've all heard stories about how these Seguleh have never been beaten. How they've slaughtered everyone who's ever faced them. Well look around... We're still here! And now - now they're offering you a choice! All you've to do is drop your weapons and surrender. That's all. But if you do that I can promise you one thing ... you ain't gonna have another shot at the bastards! So what's going to be? Hey? What's your answer?
Silence. Aragan glared right and left, his heart hammering, gulping breaths. Then at the far end of the line a hulking Dal Honese trooper drew his blade, held it out saluting, and bashed it to his shield twice. Hands went to sword-grips all up and down the lines. Swords hissed, drawing to clash in a great thunderous roar agains shields, once, twice, then extending in the formal salute.
There's your Malazan answer #Quote by Ian C. Esslemont
P89 Grips quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#27. Hey there," the steely abomination said with infinite, Buddha-like compassion, "it looks like you're trying to come to grips with the existence of events and entities far beyond your experience and, as a result, are currently undergoing a small, entirely understandable, psychological break. Would you like help? #Quote by Catherynne M. Valente
P89 Grips quotes by Steve Wynn
#28. If you run a business, if you are responsible for a lot of people, you come to grips with the reality that you have to have discipline. You have to protect the enterprise in order to take care of the employees. So, therefore, you can't be wasteful. You can't squander things, or you jeopardize other people. #Quote by Steve Wynn
P89 Grips quotes by Anonymous
#29. Words ... You are warm and wet, and your body grips me like it doesn't want me to leave. #Quote by Anonymous
P89 Grips quotes by John C. Maxwell
#30. Talent grips us. We are overtaken by the beauty of Michelangelo's sculpture, riveted by Mariah Carey's angelic voice, doubled over in laughter by the comedy of Robin Williams, and captivated by the on screen performances of Denzel Washington. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
P89 Grips quotes by Boris Pasternak
#31. And then, amidst the joy that grips everyone, I meet your mysteriously mirthless gaze, wandering no one knows where, in some far-off kingdom, in some far-off land. What wouldn't I give for it not to be there, for it to be written on your face that you are pleased with your fate and need nothing from anyone #Quote by Boris Pasternak

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