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Ozell Williams quotes by Kelly Williams Brown
#1. You are already way more of an adult than you think you are. Truly. Be good, be decent, be responsible, be kind. And don't forget to send thank-you notes. #Quote by Kelly Williams Brown
Ozell Williams quotes by John Edward Williams
#2. When he returned, Edith was in bed with the covers pulled to her chin, her face turned upward, her eyes closed, a thin frown creasing her forehead. Silently, as if she were asleep, Stoner undressed and got into bed beside her. For several moments he lay with his desire, which had become an impersonal thing, belonging to himself alone. He spoke to Edith, as if to find a haven for what he felt; she did not answer. He punt his hand upon her and felt beneath the thin cloth of her nightgown the flesh he had longed for. He moved his hand upon her; she did not stir; her frown deepened. Again he spoke, saying her name to silence; then he moved his hand upon her, gentle in his clumsiness. When he touched the softness of her thighs she turned her head sharply away and lifted her arm to cover her eyes. She made no sound. #Quote by John Edward Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Kerry Weber
#3. The prisoners stand on the other side, three of whom require their own cages. He hands out the Eucharist through a sort of mail slot in the grate. They have slots in each cage, he tells me, and when they do the sign of peace, they can reach out to each other. One time an inmate held up his fingertip to a tiny hole in the grate. Fr. Williams placed his hand against the grate as well. "It really sums up the whole thing. You have this human being reaching through a cage to touch another human being within a bigger cage, within a prison. #Quote by Kerry Weber
Ozell Williams quotes by Charles Williams
#4. I will not seek it," the other replied. "It has been opened once and it is enough. And you
are you sure that man can conquer until he has been wholly defeated? Are you sure that he can find plenitude till he has known utter despair? You will not let him despair of himself, but it may be that only in such a complete despair he finds that which cannot despair and is something other than man. #Quote by Charles Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Andy Williams
#5. There's no doubt in my mind that people on the West Coast - L.A. particularly - and the East Coast have no clue at all about what's happening outside their own little bailiwick. And they think everybody is stupid because they are not sophisticated. #Quote by Andy Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Maisie Williams
#6. 'Game of Thrones' focuses on what's real. #Quote by Maisie Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Jane Austen
#7. That Lady Russell of steady age and character, and extrememly well provided for,should have no thought of a second marriage needs no apology to the public, which is rather apt to be unreasonalbly discontented when a woman 'does' marry again,than when she does not, but Sir William's continuing in singleness requires explanation. #Quote by Jane Austen
Ozell Williams quotes by Walter E. Williams
#8. I learned that you have to evaluate the effects of public policy as opposed to intentions. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Jay Williams
#9. Just like our forefathers in Boston Harbor, who boarded a British ship to let the king know they would have none of his tyrannical rule, this man boarded the pirate ship called the IRS, and let the repressive government, the unfeeling government that is embodied by the man who inhabits the building over there," Hamilton said, pausing and pointing to the White House, a few blocks away. "This courageous man let that evil government know he would no longer suffer under its indifference. Would no longer tolerate taxation without representation. Would no longer accept the injustice and indignity met out by that government organization."
From TAX BREAK, written in 1991, but sounding like today's politics. #Quote by Jay Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Avery Williams
#10. Two years away. To an Incarnate, it's nothing. But when you have people who care about you, who you're excited about, each day becomes significant. #Quote by Avery Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Dee Williams
#11. When I mentioned my early morning waking to the old witch down the street, she explained that this is the time the "ceiling is the thinnest," the moment that the earth's creatures have the greatest access to the heavens... It is a magical time, or so she said. #Quote by Dee Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Pat Williams
#12. As a leader you have to recognize that it all starts with you: your attitude, your commitment, your caring, your passion. #Quote by Pat Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Lena Williams
#13. Blacks are supposed to rejoice whenever our way of life becomes more mainstream. We seldom do. For we see in it a sanctioning that can only be granted by white society. In other words: If you're white, it's all right. If you're black, step back. #Quote by Lena Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Anthony Douglas Williams
#14. What you can become depends upon what you can overcome. #Quote by Anthony Douglas Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Stanley Williams
#15. In choosing not to be a beast, I discovered my humanity. I became autodidactic, self-educated - a critical thinker. #Quote by Stanley Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Robin Williams
#16. Life is fleeting. And if you're ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day ... make a wish and think of me. #Quote by Robin Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#17. Han was thinking he was just as likely to shoot flames from his rear end. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Ozell Williams quotes by Nicole Williams
#18. Better make it a good one. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Montel Williams
#19. I take apart restaurant menus everywhere I go. I kind of tick off a lot of chefs in restaurants because I'll say, 'You can keep all of the sauce, keep all of that garbage - just give me that piece of fish. Forget the salad dressing, I don't need all of that extra stuff. Just give it to me straight up, and I'll eat it.' #Quote by Montel Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Niall Williams
#20. Somehow the river is louder when you cover your ears. #Quote by Niall Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Bett Williams
#21. I get needy I need more than any person should need anything #Quote by Bett Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by E. Lockhart
#22. We're not friends, Ms. Williams. You're lying to me half the time, and I'm lying to you all the time. #Quote by E. Lockhart
Ozell Williams quotes by Michael K. Williams
#23. It's weird, sometimes I still see myself as just starting out. I tend to forget how much I've been doing, but in the beginning it is about the hustle, being out there and doing the work. Nothing is going to come to you, you have to get out there and do the work, and I've been doing that. But sometimes it's good to take a break and let these things air out. Reflect and take it in. #Quote by Michael K. Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Joe Williams
#24. People pump gas and then they go in the store and pick up some things and pay for them, and they forget to mention the gas. #Quote by Joe Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Mychal Thompson
#25. We told Stanley Roberts to go on a water diet, and Lake Superior disappeared. Pat Williams When Xavier McDaniel plays against Orlando Wooldridge, it's a coach's dream - X vs O. #Quote by Mychal Thompson
Ozell Williams quotes by Roger Ross Williams
#26. The first lady of Uganda is a devoted evangelical and beloved by the faith community. At an evangelical conference in Argentina, one minister said, "Mama Janet has given us the keys to Africa." She has done that by creating a nation that has embraced a Dominionist form of Christianity that believes that Christians have a God-given right to rule the world. #Quote by Roger Ross Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by George A. Romero
#27. Tony Williams: You've often mentioned that Tales of Hoffmann (1951) has been a major influence on you.

George Romero: It was the first film I got completely involved with. An aunt and uncle took me to see it in downtown Manhattan when it first played. And that was an event for me since I was about eleven at the time. The imagery just blew me away completely. I wanted to go and see a Tarzan movie but my aunt and uncle said, "No! Come and see a bit of culture here." So I thought I was missing out. But I really fell in love with the film. There used to be a television show in New York called Million Dollar Movie. They would show the same film twice a day on weekdays, three times on Saturday, and three-to-four times on Sunday. Tales of Hoffmann appeared on it one week. I missed the first couple of days because I wasn't aware that it was on. But the moment I found it was on, I watched virtually every telecast. This was before the days of video so, naturally, I couldn't tape it. Those were the days you had to rent 16mm prints of any film. Most cities of any size had rental services and you could rent a surprising number of films. So once I started to look at Tales of Hoffmann I realized how much stuff Michael Powell did in the camera. Powell was so innovative in his technique. But it was also transparent so I could see how he achieved certain effects such as his use of an overprint in the scene of the ballet dancer on the lily ponds. I was beginning to understand how ade #Quote by George A. Romero
Ozell Williams quotes by Hank Williams, Jr.
#28. Why don't we all just get a long-neck? #Quote by Hank Williams, Jr.
Ozell Williams quotes by Maisie Williams
#29. People really want to see what I'm up to, and that's crazy. It's a really lovely feeling. It's kind of scary, but a good scary. It's a lovely position to be in. #Quote by Maisie Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Junius Williams
#30. We were still confined to that corner. More and more people joined us, some black and some white. On the second day, we awoke to learn that somebody must have told Martin Luther King that things were getting out of hand in Montgomery, because rumor had it that he left the line of march from Selma to join us in the hood. Despite myself, I was thrilled at the prospect of marching with King. I knew this was SNCC turf, and I was now with SNCC, but how can you not be thrilled with the prospect of being so close to the big man himself? #Quote by Junius Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by John Williams
#31. So much of what we do is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so it's gratifying to have something you have done linger in people's memories. #Quote by John Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Mario Williams
#32. I don't have an ego; I'm not egotistical or anything like that. #Quote by Mario Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by John Edward Williams
#33. Busying herself with inconsequential tasks. #Quote by John Edward Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Robbie Williams
#34. My dad sent Frank Sinatra a dollar bill to autograph, and when it came back, signed, he had it framed: it was always up on the wall in whatever flat we were in. #Quote by Robbie Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Neil Gaiman
#35. Where's Rory? I want him, right now,' demanded Amy as the TARDIS lurched away into space and time. The Doctor had only briefly met her fiancé, Rory Williams, once before. She didn't think the Doctor understood what she saw in Rory. Some days, she was not entirely sure what she saw in Rory. But she was certain of this: nobody took her fiancé away from her.
'Good question. Where's Rory? Also, where's seven billion other people?' he asked.
'I want my Rory. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Ozell Williams quotes by Hayley Williams
#36. Stay as strong as you can and during the times you can't, let other people be strong for you. #Quote by Hayley Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Robin Williams
#37. I just want to do movies, and I want to sell them. I don't want to link up with some product. #Quote by Robin Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Lucinda Williams
#38. In so many interviews, they bring up the sexual aspect of the record. I've had some journalists say it sounds like I'm lying down in bed singing with a microphone. It gets so old! #Quote by Lucinda Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Brett Alan Williams
#39. It's more than money now, Candice. It's a memory maker…Hold this penny tight, close your eyes, and no matter where you are or when, you'll find yourself back here with me in this very spot. #Quote by Brett Alan Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by J. Mark G. Williams
#40. Our reactions to unhappiness can transform what might otherwise be a brief, passing sadness into persistent dissatisfaction and unhappiness. #Quote by J. Mark G. Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#41. This is wilderness, to walk in silence.
This is wilderness, to calm the mind.
This is wilderness, my return to composure. #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Esther Williams
#42. Even though I had a lucrative contract with MGM, I had a husband who was drinking and gambling our money away faster than I could make it. #Quote by Esther Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by Beatriz Williams
#43. I can't bring myself to open my eyes. I am an ember, glowing from the inside out. The dark and silent room keeps everything else at bay, every sensation, except the two of us, Nick and Lily, who have just made love. #Quote by Beatriz Williams
Ozell Williams quotes by J.P.R. Williams
#44. No leadership, no ideas. Not even enough imagination to thump someone in the line-up when the ref wasn't looking. #Quote by J.P.R. Williams

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