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Outfitted Threadz quotes by Marquis De Sade
#1. This monster was outfitted with faculties so gigantic that even the broadest thoroughfares would still have appeared too narrow for him. #Quote by Marquis De Sade
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Anonymous
#2. Not cheap-not on his salary. So outfitted, he crossed the parking #Quote by Anonymous
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Alice Munro
#3. The stinging nettles that we must have got into are more insignificant plants, with a paler purple flower, and stalks wickedly outfitted with fine, fierce, skin-piercing and inflaming spines. Those would be present too, unnoticed, in all the flourishing of the waste meadow. #Quote by Alice Munro
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Daniel Gottlieb
#4. Last month, on a very windy day, I was returning from a lecture I had given to a group in Fort Washington. I was beginning to feel unwell. I was feeling increasing spasms in my legs and back and became anxious as I anticipated a difficult ride back to my office. Making matters worse, I knew I had to travel two of the most treacherous high-speed roads near Philadelphia – the four-lane Schuylkill Expressway and the six-lane Blue Route.

You've been in my van, so you know how it's been outfitted with everything I need to drive. But you probably don't realize that I often drive more slowly than other people. That's because I have difficulty with body control. I'm especially careful on windy days when the van can be buffeted by sudden gusts. And if I'm having problems with spasms or high blood pressure, I stay way over in the right hand lane and drive well below the speed limit.

When I'm driving slowly, people behind me tend to get impatient. They speed up to my car, blow their horns, drive by, stare at me angrily, and show me how long their fingers can get. (I don't understand why some people are so proud of the length of their fingers, but there are many things I don't understand.) Those angry drivers add stress to what already is a stressful experience of driving.

On this particular day, I was driving by myself. At first, I drove slowly along back roads. Whenever someone approached, I pulled over and let them pass. But as I neared the Blue Route, #Quote by Daniel Gottlieb
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Will Eisner
#5. Superheroes are mostly aimed at young teen-age males concerned with their manhood. The medium will have to address itself more to content ... I see 22 year olds draw massive Schwarzenegger types, outfitted with metal studs, pressing a mostly naked woman to their breastplates. And I think Poor girl, thats got to be cold. #Quote by Will Eisner
Outfitted Threadz quotes by David Foster Wallace
#6. The 46-year-old recipient of the Jarvik IX Exterior Artificial Heart was actively window shopping in Cambridge, Massachusetts' fashionable Har­vard Square when a transvestite purse snatcher, a drug addict with a crimi­nal record all too well known to public officials, bizarrely outfitted in a strapless cocktail dress, spike heels, tattered feather boa, and auburn wig, brutally tore the life sustaining purse from the woman's unwitting grasp.
The active, alert woman gave chase to the purse snatching 'woman' for as long as she could, plaintively shouting to passers by the words 'Stop her! She stole my heart!' on the fashionable sidewalk crowded with shop­pers, reportedly shouting repeatedly, 'She stole my heart, stop her!' In response to her plaintive calls, tragically, misunderstanding shoppers and passers by merely shook their heads at one another, smiling knowingly at what they ignorantly presumed to be yet another alternative lifestyle's re­lationship gone sour. A duo of Cambridge, Massachusetts, patrolmen, whose names are being withheld from Moment's dogged queries, were publicly heard to passively quip, 'Happens all the time,' as the victimized woman staggered frantically past in the wake of the fleet transvestite, shouting for help for her stolen heart. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#7. They filled her with the most astonishing sensation of synthesis-as though all the most disparate elements of her biography were at last knitting together. All the things that she had ever known or loved in the world were stitching themselves up and becoming one thing. Realizing this made her feel both unburdened and triumphant. She had that feeling again
of being most spectacularly alive. Not merely alive but outfitted with a mind that was functioning at the uppermost limits of its capacity
a mind that was seeing everything, and understanding everything, as though watching it all from the highest imaginable ridge. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Mary Norris
#8. Back in the twentieth century, we thought that robots would have taken over by this time, and, in a way, they have. But robots as a race have proved disappointing. Instead of getting to boss around underlings made of steel and plastic with circuitry and blinking lights and tank treads, like Rosie the maid on The Jetsons, we humans have outfitted ourselves with robotic external organs. Our iPods dictate what we listen to next, gadgets in our cars tell us which way to go, and smartphones finish our sentences for us. We have become our own robots. #Quote by Mary Norris
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Lorraine Hansberry
#9. Of love and my parents, there is little to be written; their relationship to their children was utilitarian. We were fed and housed and dressed and outfitted with more cash than our associates and that was all. We were also vaguely taught certain vague absolutes: that we were better than no one but infinitely superior to everyone... #Quote by Lorraine Hansberry
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Terry Pratchett
#10. It was a large room, heavily outfitted with the usual badly ventilated furnaces, rows of bubbling crucibles, and one stuffed alligator. Things floated in jars. The air smelled of a limited life expectancy. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Bob Shacochis
#11. --perhaps a soul is what you have spent your life making, not a piece of metaphysical equipment shipped ready-made from the factory, another myth like original sin, which you were outfitted with at birth and could somehow lose, like men high and low sometimes lost their humanity-- #Quote by Bob Shacochis
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#12. She had been proud of his decision to serve his country, her heart bursting with love and admiration the first time she saw him outfitted in his dress blues. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Margaret Weis
#13. He was outfitted for the occasion with his broadsword, long knife, several throwing knives tucked in his boots, the dragon pistol, and a pocket pistol in his waistcoat.
"You are a walking armory," Father Jacob observed.
"Because you are a walking target," said Sir Ander. #Quote by Margaret Weis
Outfitted Threadz quotes by Bobby Akart
#14. It's a good weapon, bolt actioned. It's really just a modern-day version of the basic Remington 700," said Steven. "Let's pay attention to see if it's outfitted with a suppressor or a muzzle brake. Both of those attachments reduce recoil by about half, which will affect our second shot if we miss on the first go-around. There #Quote by Bobby Akart

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