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Ounce quotes by Adele Abbott
#1. According to her, I didn't have an ounce of tact. That simply wasn't true. It wasn't my fault that they were all incompetent asshats. "Are #Quote by Adele Abbott
Ounce quotes by Paulo Coelho
#2. He said something like that:
"In all languages in the world, there is the same proverb: 'What the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.' Well, I say that there isn't any ounce of truth in it. The further off they are, the closer to the heart are all those feelings that we try to repress and forget. If we're far from exile, we want to store away every tiny memory of our roots. If we're far from the person we love, everyone we pass in the street reminds us of them.
At the end of the service, I went up to him and thanked him: I said I was a stranger in a strange land, and I thanked him for reminding me that what the eyes don't see, the heart does grieve over. And my heart has grieved so much, that today I'm leaving. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Ounce quotes by Charlie Munger
#3. Berkshire's whole record has been achieved without paying one ounce of attention to the efficient market theory in its hard form. And not one ounce of attention to the descendants of that idea, which came out of academic economics and went into corporate finance and morphed into such obscenities as the capital asset pricing model, which we also paid no attention to. I think you'd have to believe in the tooth fairy to believe that you could easily outperform the market by seven-percentage points per annum just by investing in high volatility stocks. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Ounce quotes by Gideon Haigh
#4. [I]f Modi is toast, it will in one sense be a tremendous pity. In his way, he represents a third generation in cricket's governance. For a hundred years and more, cricket was run by administrators, who essentially maintained the game without going out of their way to develop it. More recently it has been run by managers, with just an ounce or two of strategic thought. Modi was neither; he was instead a genuine entrepreneur. He has as much feeling for cricket as Madonna has for madrigals, but perhaps, because he came from outside cricket's traditional bureaucratic circles, he brought a vision and a common touch unexampled since Kerry Packer. #Quote by Gideon Haigh
Ounce quotes by John Wesley
#5. Beware you be not swallowed up in books! An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge. #Quote by John Wesley
Ounce quotes by J.M. Darhower
#6. The war had been started, the spark already ignited when he'd appeared on that battlefield in Israel. Michael stood there, leading the warrior angels against the uprising. "Stop this, Luce." "You know I can't." "This is your last chance, brother," Michael warned. "End this right now." Luce shook his head. "No." It was then that it changed, the air shifting as the blood of his extended family splattered his clothing, matching red seeping into the sky above. Michael's expression hardened, every ounce of love and respect melting away to resentment. They #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Ounce quotes by Russell L. Ackoff
#7. Traditional education focuses on teaching, not learning. It incorrectly assumes that for every ounce of teaching there is an ounce of learning by those who are taught. However, most of what we learn before, during, and after attending schools is learned without its being taught to us. A child learns such fundamental things as how to walk, talk, eat, dress, and so on without being taught these things. Adults learn most of what they use at work or at leisure while at work or leisure. Most of what is taught in classroom settings is forgotten, and much or what is remembered is irrelevant. #Quote by Russell L. Ackoff
Ounce quotes by Chila Woychik
#8. Let's face it: suffering discredits goodness. I'm agnostic in practice though faith-based in theory. I used to pray but now know he'll do what he darn well pleases when he darn well pleases. Will he listen? Maybe. We have a book that says so, but how much happens beyond that book, I can't say. That's agnosticism in its bleakest and most honest form. Don't judge me, yet believe me when I tell you that years of abuse tend to wring out every ounce of one's ability to understand and adhere to faith in standard form. #Quote by Chila Woychik
Ounce quotes by Carl Wilhelm Scheele
#9. I took a glass retort, capable of containing eight ounces of water, and distilled fuming spirit of nitre according to the usual method. In the beginning the acid passed over red, then it became colourless, and lastly again all red: no sooner did this happen, then I took away the receiver; and tied to the mouth of the retort a bladder emptied of air, which I had moistened in its inside with milk of lime lac calcis, (i.e. lime-water, containing more quicklime than water can dissolve) to prevent its being corroded by the acid. Then I continued the distillation, and the bladder gradually expanded. Here-upon I left every thing to cool, tied up the bladder, and took it off from the mouth of the retort. - I filled a ten-ounce glass with this air and put a small burning candle into it; when immediately the candle burnt with a large flame, of so vivid a light that it dazzled the eyes. I mixed one part of this air with three parts of air, wherein fire would not burn; and this mixture afforded air, in every respect familiar to the common sort. Since this air is absolutely necessary for the generation of fire, and makes about one-third of our common air, I shall henceforth, for shortness sake call it empyreal air, [literally fire-air] the air which is unserviceable for the fiery phenomenon, and which makes abut two-thirds of common air, I shall for the future call foul air [literally corrupted air]. #Quote by Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Ounce quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#10. Success goes thus invariably with a certain plus or positive power: an ounce of power must balance an ounce of weight. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ounce quotes by JohnA Passaro
#11. It is 2:06 am, one of 1488 nights that I lie awake trying to make sense of it all, trying to find an ounce of inspiration so I can convert it to a pound of energy - Energy so needed to just win the next day. #Quote by JohnA Passaro
Ounce quotes by Emmeline Pankhurst
#12. It is obvious to you that the struggle will be an unequal one, but I shall make it - I shall make it as long as I have an ounce of strength left in me, or any life left in me. #Quote by Emmeline Pankhurst
Ounce quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
#13. The Stoics define wisdom to be conducted by reason, and folly nothing else but the being hurried by passion, lest our life should otherwise have been too dull and inactive, that creator, who out of clay first tempered and made us up, put into the composition of our humanity more than a pound of passions to an ounce of reason; and reason he confined within the narrow cells of the brain, whereas he left passions the whole body to
range in.
Farther, he set up two sturdy champions to stand
perpetually on guard, that reason might make no assault,
surprise, nor inroad ; anger, which keeps its station in
the fortress of the heart ; and lust, which like the signs
Virgo and Scorpio, rules the appetites and passions. #Quote by Desiderius Erasmus
Ounce quotes by Warren Buffett
#14. The major asset in this category is gold, currently a huge favorite of investors who fear almost all other assets, especially paper money (of whose value, as noted, they are right to be fearful). Gold, however, has two significant shortcomings, being neither of much use nor procreative. True, gold has some industrial and decorative utility, but the demand for these purposes is both limited and incapable of soaking up new production. Meanwhile, if you own one ounce of gold for an eternity, you will still own one ounce at its end. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Ounce quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#15. One ounce of practice is worth a thousand pounds of theory. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Ounce quotes by Robert Mundell
#16. The price of gold was fixed at $35 an ounce in 1934, but by the time the U.S. got through the Korean War, the Vietnam war, with all the associated secular inflation, the price level had gone up nearly three times. #Quote by Robert Mundell
Ounce quotes by Chauncey L. Canfield
#17. I would like to have enough capital so that I would not have to slave from sunrise till dark as I did on dad's farm. I don't know as the work was any harder than what we do here, but there is a difference. There all we got was just about a bare living, at the best a few hundred dollars put away for a year's work, but here one don't know what the next stroke of the pick, or the next rocker full of dirt, may bring forth - an ounce or twenty ounces it may be. That is the excitement and fascination that makes one endure the hardships, working up to one's knees in cold water, breaking one's back in gouging and crevicing, the chance that the next panful will indicate the finding of a big deposit. #Quote by Chauncey L. Canfield
Ounce quotes by Celestine Matoive
#18. But in that one moment, I died a thousand deaths only to be resurrected as a creature who would only live for you. To do your will. To sit at your feet, if it be your command. I didn't even know you. But I loved you with every atom, iota and ounce of my being. You could do or say anything and I would love you for it. Because it was you. #Quote by Celestine Matoive
Ounce quotes by Cari Kamm
#19. To keep the ugly cry-face on lock down, I directed my attention to my polished gold Krugerrand coin, which hung against my chest by a thin, twisted gold chain and flashed against my black blouse. It was my Batman signal, alerting the universe that I was in crisis and in desperate need of being rescued immediately, if not sooner. The coin's weight was also a reminder of the reason I'd moved to Gotham City. After all, it was a result of my great-aunt and her one-ounce gold-coin collection that afforded me the opportunity of the life I was leading. #Quote by Cari Kamm
Ounce quotes by Emma Chase
#20. I've played bingo with these senior citizens. They take that shit seriously. They might be old, but if you get I-22 when they were waiting for B-6? They'll bust your fucking kneecaps as quick as any backstreet bookie, without an ounce of remorse. #Quote by Emma Chase
Ounce quotes by Ilona Andrews
#21. The intruder hesitated, turned, and anchored itself in the corner, where the ceiling met the wall. It sat there, fastened to the paneling by enormous yellow talons, still and silent like a gargoyle in full sunlight. I took a swig from the bottle and set it so I could still see the creatures reflection. Nude and hairless, it didn't carry a single ounce of fat on its lean frame. Its skin stretched so tight over the cords of muscle, it threatened to snap. Like a thin layer of wax melted over an anatomy model.
Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Ounce quotes by Leigh Hershkovich
#22. As I go off into the big black abyss of my future, I have to admit that I am terrified and also a bit insecure in my decisions. But, I also realize that anyone who has ever gone off into uncharted waters must have felt similar to the way I feel now, which gives me a small ounce of comfort. I don't know how to do what I am doing, I have no way of knowing if this is the right way or not. But I guess I'll never know until I get there. So, this is me, being a pioneer. #Quote by Leigh Hershkovich
Ounce quotes by Mary E. Martin
#23. Introducing a great artist, Alexander Wainwright in THe Fate of Pryde.

In his landscapes, Alex expresses the totality of everything in the universe. At the same time, within each leaf, each drop of water or human hair, he conveys a light or glow, which seems to come - how shall I put this - from another dimension. And each brushstroke contains every ounce of his own life and vitality.

From The Fate of Pryde, the second in The Trilogy of Remembrance.

Enter the giveaway to win one of ten personalized, autographed copies of this novel starting July 31st to August 31st. You can sample the first fifty pages of it at my page. #Quote by Mary E. Martin
Ounce quotes by Peter Vollmer
#24. I had access to excerpts to the original version of Per Fine Ounce which were provided to us by David Jenkins, the son of Geoffrey Jenkins, with his consent to write another South Africa thriller using Commander Geoffrey Peace as the main character, and using the same title Per Fine Ounce. David kindly gave us permission to include previously unpublished extracts from the original Bond novel as a front piece for my novel. #Quote by Peter Vollmer
Ounce quotes by H.M. Ward
#25. I love him with every ounce of my being, and I know that I always will. #Quote by H.M. Ward
Ounce quotes by Frank E. Peretti
#26. God does not waste an ounce of our pain or a drop of our tears; suffering doesn't come our way for no reason, and He seems efficient at using what we endure to mold character. If we are malleable, He takes our bumps and bruises and shapes them into something beautiful. #Quote by Frank E. Peretti
Ounce quotes by Joe Darion
#27. It is the mission of each true knight...
His duty... nay, his privilege!
To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go;
To right the unrightable wrong.

To love, pure and chaste, from afar,
To try, when your arms are too weary,
To reach the unreachable star!

This is my Quest to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
To fight for the right
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause!

And I know, if I'll only be true
To this glorious Quest,
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
To reach the unreachable stars! #Quote by Joe Darion
Ounce quotes by Jill Shalvis
#28. You know what you are, Sam Brody?" she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck. "A big, fat tease." They both knew there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. They also both knew exactly what she meant. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Ounce quotes by Beth Moore
#29. The only excuse for even a single ounce of victory in my life is the supernatural delivering power of Jesus Christ. I was in the clutches of a real, live devil, living in a perpetual cycle of defeat. Only a miracle-working God could have set me free, then dared to use me. You may remark, "That's not a real miracle!" but Scripture suggests that no greater work exists. The most profound miracles of God will always be those within the hearts and souls of people. Moving a mountain is nothing compared to changing a selfish, destructive human heart into something He can use. #Quote by Beth Moore
Ounce quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#30. An ounce of hope shields you from a ton of despair. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Ounce quotes by Savielly Tartakower
#31. It is said that an ounce of common sense can outweigh a ton of 'variations'. #Quote by Savielly Tartakower
Ounce quotes by Ernest Cline
#32. His paternal tone irked me no end, and that helped to steel my resolve. I couldn't sell out the the Sixers. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Ounce quotes by Elizabeth SaFleur
#33. Jonathan took her hand. "Christiana."
"Yes?" Her rosebud lips parted on an involuntary sigh, and his imagination got the better of his intellect. It took every ounce of control to not crush her . . . take her right then and there.
"I shouldn't have . . . ." He had no right to her. She had not given herself to him. He had yet to even ask, and he shouldn't. Washington was unforgiving in many matters and getting involved with a nineteen year-old would prove fatal. He already tested the boundaries with his sexual proclivities.
"No, please. Do it again. #Quote by Elizabeth SaFleur
Ounce quotes by Charlie Munger
#34. I bet Richard Fuld doesn't have an ounce of contrition. It's just megalomania. When it's like that, you need rules to prevent catastrophe. When banks are borrowing the government's credit rating, you need rules to prevent stupid things. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Ounce quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#35. Complexity looks at simplicity and laughs at it for being too simple. But this is stupidity. Which is more valuable? The drop of pure rose oil or the cologne that mixes that one drop with many other things in order to make it affordable enough? It takes 60,000 roses to make a single ounce of rose oil. In simplicity there is value, there is meaning. Complexity is what happens when value and meaning are watered down. Don't play games with pure-hearted people; they don't need your rubbish. And don't try to water them down so you can afford them. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Ounce quotes by J.L. Thomas
#36. Singular Touch.
With that singular touch of his precious warm hand,
His finger slowly skimmed her porcelain cheek.
As her eyes fell upon his delicate soul,
It was then he knew,
He had captured every single ounce of her being. #Quote by J.L. Thomas
Ounce quotes by Brad Alan Lewis
#37. A man goes through many changes in 2000 meters. Some are not very pretty. Some make you hate yourself. Some make you wonder if you've been rowing for only three or four days. To avoid that fate, we prepared for all possibilities. If a meteor landed 10 feet off our stern, we would not blink. [We] Would be aware, yet impassive, to the outside world. Every ounce of energy would be funneled into the water, and not wasted by looking around, worrying about opponents, wondering about things that didn't concern our primary goal-to be the first across the finish line. #Quote by Brad Alan Lewis
Ounce quotes by Eazy-E
#38. Police on my drawers
I had to pause
40 ounce in my lap
And it's freezing my balls #Quote by Eazy-E
Ounce quotes by Larry A. Berglas
#39. On the scales of justice, an ounce of words weighs no more than an ounce of feathers. #Quote by Larry A. Berglas
Ounce quotes by Richelle Mead
#40. When he finished, he drank from the cup. Everyone else did too, so I followed suit.
And nearly choked to death.
It was like fire in liquid form. It took every ounce of strength I had to swallow it and not spray it on those around me.
"Wh ... what is this?" I asked, coughing.
Viktoria grinned. "Vodka."
I peered at the glass. "No, it isn't. I've had vodka before."
"Not Russian vodka."
Apparently not. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Ounce quotes by Erin M. Straza
#41. Scarcity mentality measures out life by the ounce; it always concludes that the needs outweigh the resources. #Quote by Erin M. Straza
Ounce quotes by Monica McCarty
#42. He was right to fear.
Patrick stood in the shadows, possessed by a rage so intense that it took every ounce of his control not to kill the bastard.
He'd kissed his woman. Touched her. Held her in his arms.
Patrick's fists clenched at his sides. Rage seethed inside him, filling his veins. Building and building until his muscles flexed and burned with the pressure to contain it.
He wanted to be discovered. Wanted the excuse to vent his rage.
Damn the consequences. After what he'd just witnessed, he'd probably lost what chance he had with her anyway. #Quote by Monica McCarty
Ounce quotes by Jeanette LeBlanc
#43. You own your body. You own your body. You own your body. Your center and your edges are yours and yours alone. In this world – this world of rape culture of ingrained misogyny and violence done against girls and women – you will encounter and absorb messages your entire life that place you on trial for the crime of existing as female in this world. That will question your right to wear or speak or move through the world in the way that you do. That will seek to harm you in ways large and small. As a woman, you will hold stories that sometimes feel too painful to hold. As your mother, that brings me to my knees. I grant you the strength to know that this too, you will survive. I promise you I will protect you with every ounce of life in my body. And where I cannot protect you from this world, I will love you inside of it – fierce and holy and precious beyond all knowing. #Quote by Jeanette LeBlanc
Ounce quotes by M.  Robinson
#44. I want to lick your pussy." He kissed my right cheek. "I want to suck on your clit." He kissed the tip of my nose. "And I want to push my tongue so far into your cunt–" he taunted a few centimeters from my mouth "– and make you come, until every ounce of you is dripping down my face," he groaned. #Quote by M. Robinson
Ounce quotes by Keira D. Skye
#45. Nico then leaned into Katty, and kissed her. He kissed her with every ounce of Vampire strength, pressing his lips forward into hers, feeling her slight breath and her soft lips touch against his with the heat of a hot fire. He kissed her while holding her face close to his, his fingers spreading against the width of her delicate cheeks. Katty closed her eyes and took the kiss all in, feeling such a kiss make her feel so dizzy, so weak. So lightheaded. It was as if she was being kissed for the very first time. It was a kiss that took all her resistance away, all her fear, but gave her an existence that she never possibly knew. Within a few moments, Nico pulled away, unleashing the kiss from its endurance. #Quote by Keira D. Skye
Ounce quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#46. There always comes, I think, a sort of peak in suffering at which either you win over your pain or your pain wins over you, according as to whether you can, or cannot, call up that extra ounce of endurance that helps you to break through the circle of yourself and do the hitherto impossible. That extra ounce carries you through 'le dernier quart d' heure.' Psychologist have a name for it, I believe. Christians call it the Grace of God. #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Ounce quotes by Mandy Stadtmiller
#47. The main problem is just that people think that other people care about them way more than they do. Anything that you do, that requires anyone to do an ounce of work that's about you, is a mistake. Because unless you are Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or David Letterman, or just a really, really giant celebrity, or you're maybe at the center of a media storm where everyone is trying to get in touch with you, people don't want to have to do any work to remember who you are, what you're selling, or what your website is. #Quote by Mandy Stadtmiller
Ounce quotes by Genna Rulon
#48. There is no man more perfect for me, no one I'd rather spend my life with, no one I will ever want more. But I need someone who wants me equally in return. I love you with every ounce that I am, down to the smallest molecule of my being, but that isn't enough if you won't reciprocate. #Quote by Genna Rulon
Ounce quotes by Marcus Luttrell
#49. I will never quit. My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies. If knocked down i will get back up, every time. I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my enemies and to accomplish our mission. I am never out of the fight. #Quote by Marcus Luttrell
Ounce quotes by Method Man
#50. The most I've smoked in a day was over an ounce, in Germany. #Quote by Method Man
Ounce quotes by J.G. Ballard
#51. A ton of Proust isn't worth an ounce of Ray Bradbury. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Ounce quotes by David Eddings
#52. The jeers that had risen as Barak's and Greldik's ships had been manoeuvred onto their wheeled carriages turned rather quickly into angry mutterings as the carriages, pulled by teams of Algar horses, rolled effortlessly toward the escarpment past men straining with every ounce of strength to move their ships a few inches at a time. To leave it all to artistry, Barak and Greldik ordered their men to lounge indolently on the decks of their ships, drinking ale and playing dice.
King Anheg stared very hard at his impudently grinning cousin as the big ship rolled past. His expression was profoundly offended. "That's going too far!" he exploded, jerking off his dented crown and throwing it down on the ground. #Quote by David Eddings
Ounce quotes by Muhammad Ibn Bashir
#53. The Hip-Hop generation is a fraud. A farce. It's a generation of multi-million dollar stars with little to no positive impact on the "hood" that carries their jocks. It's a generation of images that make you fiend for the flavor, but also attacks your core of values. It's a generation of brilliance, with no one having a sense or an ounce of education. It's a generation of computers and videos and no sense of history and context. #Quote by Muhammad Ibn Bashir
Ounce quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#54. A folded triangle of paper landed in the center of his notebook.

Normally he'd unfold it discreetly, but Beamis was so clueless that the note could have hit him in the head and he wouldn't notice.

Loopy script in purple pen. The paper smelled like her.

What's your #?


Hunter clicked his pen and wrote below her words.

I have a theory about girls who ask for your number before asking for your name.

Then he folded it up and flicked it back.

It took every ounce of self-control to not watch her unfold it.

The paper landed back on his desk in record time.

I have a theory about boys who prefer writing to texting.

He put his pen against the paper.

I have a theory about girls with theories.

Then he waited, not looking, fighting the small smile that wanted to play on his lips.

The paper didn't reappear.

After a minute, he sighed and went back to his French essay.

When the folded triangle smacked him in the temple, he jumped a mile. His chair scraped the floor, and Beamis paused in his lecture, turning from the board. "Is there a problem?"

"No." Hunter coughed, covering the note with his hand. "Sorry."

When the coast was clear, he unfolded the triangle.

It was a new piece of paper.

My name is Kate.

Kate. Hunter almost said the name out loud.

Wha #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Ounce quotes by Brene Brown
#55. We do that by numbing the pain with whatever provides the quickest relief. We can take the edge off emotional pain with a whole bunch of stuff, including alcohol, drugs, food, sex, relationships, money, work, caretaking, gambling, affairs, religion, chaos, shopping, planning, perfectionism, constant change, and the Internet. And just so we don't miss it in this long list of all the ways we can numb ourselves, there's always staying busy: living so hard and fast that the truths of our lives can't catch up with us. We fill every ounce of white space with something so there's no room or time for emotion to make itself known. #Quote by Brene Brown
Ounce quotes by Marilyn Vos Savant
#56. An ounce of sequins can be worth a pound of home cooking. #Quote by Marilyn Vos Savant
Ounce quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#57. Spade-"If you'd refrain from slamming my face any more into this dirty rock floor, I'll do whatever you like," was his even reply. "Fancy
letting my head go?"
Cat-"Sure," I said with an unpleasant snicker, not relinquishing an ounce of pressure. "How about I let you floss with my jugular as
well? I don't think so. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Ounce quotes by Dave Preston
#58. The average page of a book weighs about 0.035 of an ounce, but getting people to keep turning them takes enormous effort. #Quote by Dave Preston
Ounce quotes by Robert Menzies
#59. A manager may be tough and practical, squeezing out, while the going is good, the last ounce of profit and dividend ... #Quote by Robert Menzies
Ounce quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#60. New Scientist magazine reported that in the future, cars could be powered by hazelnuts. That's encouraging, considering an eight-ounce jar of hazelnuts costs about nine dollars. Yeah, I've got an idea for a car that runs on bald eagle heads and Faberge eggs. #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Ounce quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#61. An ounce of naivety can earn you many days of shame. An ounce of stupidity can earn you a hundred days of shame. An ounce of insensibility can earn you a thousand days of shame. An ounce of folly can earn you countless days of shame. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Ounce quotes by Janna Sproul
#62. It took every ounce of self-control I could muster to keep my eyes focused on my work and not on you the entire time. All I could see was the way your nose would shrivel slightly when you laughed... The longing in your eyes for a love like that of the bride and groom. #Quote by Janna Sproul
Ounce quotes by J.B. Jenn
#63. I don't see a gray area when it comes to writers. You either are, or you are not. You give it every ounce of your being, or you end up with blank pages and 'What ifs'. #Quote by J.B. Jenn
Ounce quotes by Robert J. Braathe
#64. An announcement may be just an ounce of what it takes to succeed at something, but it sends a message to the world that you are on a mission. #Quote by Robert J. Braathe
Ounce quotes by John Junor
#65. An ounce of emotion is equal to a ton of facts. #Quote by John Junor
Ounce quotes by Edward Kennedy
#66. We were taught never to give up, never to passively accept fate, but to exhaust every last ounce of will and hope in the face of any challenge. #Quote by Edward Kennedy
Ounce quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#67. Nope," she managed. "No other questions."
Eleven centuries of captivity. Hung on his hated enemy's study wall. Eleven centuries of not touching. Not eating. Not loving. Had he had anyone to talk
Her face must have betrayed her thoughts, for he startled her by saying softly, " 'Tis no longer of
consequence, lass, but thank you for the compassion. 'Tis nigh over. Seventeen more days, Jessica. That's all."
For some reason his words brought a sudden hot burn of tears to the backs of her eyes. Not only hadn't eleven centuries turned him into a monster, he was trying to soothe her, to make her feel better about his imprisonment.
"You weep for me, woman?"
She turned away. "It's been a long day. Hell, it's been a long week."
"Jessica." Her name was a soft command.
She disobeyed it, staring out the window at the rolling hills.
"Jessica, look at me."
Eyes bright with unshed tears, she whipped her head around and glared at him. "I weep for you, okay?" she snapped. "For eleven centuries stuck in there. Can I start driving again or do you need something else?"
He smiled faintly, raised his hand, and splayed his palm against the inside of the silvery glass. Without an ounce of conscious thought, her hand rose to
meet his, aligning on the cool silver,
palm to palm, finger to finger, thumb to thumb. And though she felt only a cold hardness beneath her palm, the gesture made something go all warm and soft in her heart.< #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Ounce quotes by Karl Urban
#68. I'll need every ounce that I have to drive it through. Film and TV require that energy. Sometimes fight scenes can be pretty intense. When I was shooting 'Heaven' it was truly guerrilla film-making. #Quote by Karl Urban
Ounce quotes by Wilson Rawls
#69. I found her lying on her stomach, her hind legs stretched out straight, and her front feet folded back under her chest. She had laid her head on his grave. I saw the trail where she had dragged herself through the leaves. The way she lay there, I thought she was alive. I called her name. She made no movement. With the last ounce of strength in her body, she had dragged herself to the grave of Old Dan. #Quote by Wilson Rawls
Ounce quotes by Steve Volk
#70. The Fiddle Creek Steakhouse [in Stephenville, TX] started selling what they called an 'Alien Secretion' shot: ¾ shot of Malibu rum, ¾ shot of melon or Midori liqueur, ½ ounce of sweet and sour mix, ½ ounce of pineapple juice. #Quote by Steve Volk
Ounce quotes by Jermaine Dupri
#71. Before I was not in the television cameras every 5 minutes, I wasn't as visible, but this year I plan on being more visible to ensure that Virgin Rap Division does not lose. Although I am a very low key person, I am competitive, and with every ounce of my spirit, I will ensure that this label is taken seriously. #Quote by Jermaine Dupri
Ounce quotes by Chuck Schumer
#72. Giving up even an ounce of precious freedom is a very serious thing to do. #Quote by Chuck Schumer
Ounce quotes by Lundy Bancroft
#73. The abusive man's high entitlement leads him to have unfair and unreasonable expectations, so that the relationship revolves around his demands. His attitude is: "You owe me." For each ounce he gives, he wants a pound in return. He wants his partner to devote herself fully to catering to him, even if it means that her own needs - or her children's - get neglected. You can pour all your energy into keeping your partner content, but if he has this mind-set, he'll never be satisfied for long. And he will keep feeling that you are controlling him, because he doesn't believe that you should set any limits on his conduct or insist that he meet his responsibilities. #Quote by Lundy Bancroft
Ounce quotes by Ree Drummond
#74. I kept driving for a while, then stopped on the side of the road. Shining my brights on the road in front of me, I watched out for Leatherface while dialing Marlboro Man on my car phone. My pulse was rapid out of sheer terror and embarrassment; my face was hot. Lost and helpless on a county road the same night I'd emotionally decompensated in his kitchen--this was not exactly the image I was dying to project to this new man in my life. But I had no other option, short of continuing to drive aimlessly down one generic road after another or parking on the side of the road and going to sleep, which really wasn't an option at all, considering Norman Bates was likely wandering around the area. With Ted Bundy. And Charles Manson. And Grendel.
Marlboro Man answered, "Hello?" He must have been almost asleep.
"Um…um…hi," I said, squinting in shame.
"Hey there," he replied.
"This is Ree," I said. I just wanted to make sure he knew.
"Yeah…I know," he said.
"Um, funniest thing happened," I continued, my hands in a death grip on the steering wheel. "Seems I got a little turned around and I'm kinda sorta maybe perhaps a little tiny bit lost."
He chuckled. "Where are you?"
"Um, well, that's just it," I replied, looking around the utter darkness for any ounce of remaining pride. "I don't really know."
Marlboro Man assumed control, telling me to drive until I found an intersection, then read him the numbers on the small green county road sign, numb #Quote by Ree Drummond
Ounce quotes by Melvynn Bragg
#75. Yet it seemed to Bega that if she could continue to read, which had come so easily to her... then that would be a life which take every ounce of her strength. She wanted no less. She loved to see the shapes and strokes of line and turn them into words: she loved the idea of battling against enemies external and internal and all her will being consumed in that battle. #Quote by Melvynn Bragg
Ounce quotes by Charlaine Harris
#76. But the last few years had taught me that one of my grandmother's favorite sayings was true. An ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Ounce quotes by Katie Ganshert
#77. Not all things are worth saving, you know. But some are worth every ounce of fight you can throw at them. #Quote by Katie Ganshert
Ounce quotes by Patricia Mauceri
#78. I feel like God has moved me into a different way of doing things. I teach basic on-camera acting class called Acting 101 ... In my classroom, the students get every ounce of encouragement and craft and anything I'm able to give them.We have some rules. We don't take the name of The Lord in vain. We don't use foul language when we mess up on camera ... There's a climate of safety ... They feel very protected. #Quote by Patricia Mauceri
Ounce quotes by Robert A. Wascher
#79. An ounce of cancer prevention is worth a ton of cancer cure. #Quote by Robert A. Wascher
Ounce quotes by Booker T. Washington
#80. An ounce of application is worth a ton of abstraction. #Quote by Booker T. Washington
Ounce quotes by Piper Vaughn
#81. No one else should see him like that, ever. Not my Rue. And he was mine, as much as I was his. I knew that now, just from the way he looked at me after I kissed him. Everything I felt for him, every ounce of yearning and desire and need, had shone out of his eyes as he stared up at me. And I knew right then, I knew ... he belonged to me. #Quote by Piper Vaughn
Ounce quotes by Bear Grylls
#82. I've eaten sheep's eyes, the still hot meat from a zebra killed by a lion, and maggots which give you 70 calories to the ounce. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Ounce quotes by Katie Reus
#83. You strip away every ounce of civility in me, Selene" - Levi #Quote by Katie Reus
Ounce quotes by Ethel Mumford
#84. An ounce of convention is worth a pound of explanation. #Quote by Ethel Mumford
Ounce quotes by Ryan Holiday
#85. Focusing exclusively on what is in our power magnifies and enhances our power. But every ounce of energy directed at things we can't actually influence is wasted - self-indulgent and self-destructive. So much power - ours, and other people's - is frittered away in this manner. To see an obstacle as a challenge, to make the best of it anyway, that is also a choice - a choice that is up to us. #Quote by Ryan Holiday
Ounce quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#86. I told you I didn't have a heart. I do have one. I just didn't know it until I met you. You are my light. My soul craves you, and I love you with every ounce of the heart you've awakened in me. I ... I could live without you but I wouldn't want to. Will you marry me, Evelyn Marie? #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Ounce quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#87. We hardly know an instance of the strength and weakness of human nature so striking and so grotesque as the character of this haughty, vigilant, resolute, sagacious blue-stocking, half Mithridates and half Trissotin, bearing up against a world in arms, with an ounce of poison in one pocket and a quire of bad verses in the other. #Quote by Thomas B. Macaulay
Ounce quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#88. An ounce of joy conquers a tone of sorrow. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Ounce quotes by David Agus
#89. We may never understand illnesses such as cancer. In fact, we may never cure it. But an ounce of prevention is worth more than a million pounds of cure. #Quote by David Agus
Ounce quotes by Faraaz Kazi
#90. He decided that for an ounce of that laughter, he could sacrifice an entire lifetime of happiness. #Quote by Faraaz Kazi
Ounce quotes by Timothy Pina
#91. An Ounce of kindness always goes a lot further than an ounce of bitterness. So sprinkle it every time you can.You always can! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Ounce quotes by Duane Hewitt
#92. There is a journey that all must take regardless of its direction or apparent meaning. An artist plucks out their heart, holds it forth, and be it through agony or ecstasy, is prepared to be measured for the gift that is the highest honor, to create, and therein be judged on those merits alone. And, somewhere in the skein of all creation is that which demands of those whom would aspire to create beauty and wonder, no matter the cost, because creation, all of it, is worth every ounce the pain of its birth.

From the novel, Diminished Fifth #Quote by Duane Hewitt
Ounce quotes by Kevin Hearne
#93. Awesome! I'd just bullied Jesus into doing a shot with me. Nobody would ever believe it, but I didn't care. We ordered the insanely expensive stuff, seventy-five dollars for a 1.75-ounce pour of premium Irish whiskey, because if you're doing a shot with Jesus, you don't buy him scotch. #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Ounce quotes by Melanie Dickerson
#94. How he had wanted to forget who he was for one moment, forget his duty and everything else, to pull her into his arms and kiss her with every ounce of his passion. #Quote by Melanie Dickerson
Ounce quotes by David Murrow
#95. But a Christ who is all grace cannot stir the masculine soul. Deep down, men long for a harsh affection - the love of a coach who yells at his players to get every ounce of effort; the love of a drill sergeant who pushes his recruits to the limits of human endurance; the love of a teacher who demands the impossible from his students. As Western society feminizes, it's getting harder for men to find this kind of love. The Lion of Judah offers harsh father-love in abundance - yet he's becoming an endangered species in the modern church. #Quote by David Murrow
Ounce quotes by Tom Colicchio
#96. If you're dining with someone who wants the same cut, it's always better to get a 16-ounce steak and split it than to order two eight-ounce steaks. The longer something cooks, the more flavor it develops, so you'll get a better taste with a bigger piece of meat. #Quote by Tom Colicchio
Ounce quotes by A.D. McCammon
#97. I was afraid that letting their love in my heart would replace some of the pain I was feeling. I didn't want to let go of my pain - I wanted to own every single ounce of it - but I've worn my pain like a badge of honor for far too long. It's time for me to let the love in and the pain out. #Quote by A.D. McCammon
Ounce quotes by Tom Robbins
#98. Suppose neutral angels were able to talk, Yahweh and Lucifer – God and Satan, to use their popular titles – into settling out of court. What would be the terms of the compromise? Specifically, how would they divide the assets of their early kingdom?

Would God be satisfied the loaves and fishes and itty-bitty thimbles of Communion wine, while Satan to have the red-eye gravy, eighteen-ounce New York Stakes, and buckets of chilled champagne? Would God really accept twice-a-month lovemaking for procreative purposes and give Satan the all night, no-holds-barred, nasty "can't-get-enough-of-you" hot-as-hell-fucks?

Think about it. Would Satan get New Orleans, Bangkok, and the French Riviera and God get Salt Lake City? Satan get ice hockey, God get horseshoes? God get bingo, Satan get stud poker? Satan get LSD; God, Prozac? God get Neil Simon; Satan Oscar Wilde? #Quote by Tom Robbins
Ounce quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#99. You will never again threaten Magdelegna, or any other Demon, with your ignorance and avarice. Your death is too easy a punishment, necromancer. Be grateful for that.
A last breath rattled out of the necromancer, and Gideon released him with an absent shaking of his hand, as if flinging off some vile contaminant as the body fell to the floor. He turned his back on it without the slightest regret.
His mercury gaze sought out Legna, settling on her just as she rose from her position over the female necromancer. She threw back her head and shoulders, taking the deep, cleansing breath of a female predator satisfied with her kill. She'd always been the most beautiful female he'd ever seen, but now, in this victorious moment, she was utterly stunning. Gideon felt a savage response within himself, an urge so vital that it took nearly every ounce of his formidable control to tamp it down and lock it out of his thoughts so she wouldn't become aware of it. #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Ounce quotes by ASAP Rocky
#100. Cristal go by the cases, wait hold up that was racist
I would prefer the Aces, ain't no different when you taste it.
A 40 ounce to chase it, that's just an understatement. #Quote by ASAP Rocky
Ounce quotes by Kristen Simmons
#101. I wondered what he'd done that had been so terrible that he wouldn't accept even an ounce of kindness from another person. It seemed impossible just then that I could ever hate him more than he hated himself. #Quote by Kristen Simmons
Ounce quotes by Doug Casey
#102. The way I see it, gold is headed over $1000 an ounce, probably much higher. At anywhere near current prices, it's the lowest risk, highest potential investment I can think of. #Quote by Doug Casey
Ounce quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#103. An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Ounce quotes by Stefan Waydenfeld
#104. The most important thing I gained from my travels was the knowledge that one could achieve anything with determination and an ounce of luck. #Quote by Stefan Waydenfeld
Ounce quotes by Edmund Vance Cooke
#105. Did you tackle that trouble that came your way
With a resolute heart and cheerful?
Or hide your face from the light of day
With a craven soul and fearful?
Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,
Or a trouble is what you make it.
And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,
But only how did you take it?

(Excerpt from "How Did You Die?") #Quote by Edmund Vance Cooke
Ounce quotes by Graham Elliot
#106. Chicago's always been known as this meat and potatoes place, and a lot of restaurants play that up. They try to outdo each other by adding another 10 ounces, so their 80 ounce steak becomes a 90 ounce steak with 10 pounds of mashed potatoes on the side. #Quote by Graham Elliot
Ounce quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#107. Squeezing yourself to ooze out the last ounce of sex allure is terribly hard. I'd like to do roles like Julie in Bury the Dead, Gretchen in Faust and Teresa in Cradle Song. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Ounce quotes by Twyla François
#108. For me, the most disturbing realization has been that, if you happen to be a female farmed animal, your quality of life drops to near zero. A sow will not know one ounce of human kindness during her entire life. In my experience, these are the most abused of all farmed animals. At breeding operations they are treated as 'bacon-makers.' They live in crates, row upon row, as far as their eyes can see, throughout their adult lives. They cannot even turn around between these bars. They live in filth, with rats (who sometimes eat the bodies of their dead piglets). Their world is one of such complete, unending hell; deprived of all comforts and stimulation, that they are driven mad. These intelligent, sensitive farmed animals return what they sense from us; even the boars--intact males--have been gentle with me. Their babies, the ones who are slightly too small or slightly too weak, are 'PACed'--an industry term meaning 'Pounded Against Concrete.' These piglets are swung by their rear legs, smashing their heads into a wall or concrete floor in order to kill them--all in front of their helpless mothers. #Quote by Twyla François
Ounce quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#109. I mean, was there really a difference between death and losing every ounce of who you are? #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
Ounce quotes by Edmund Vance Cooke
#110. Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce Or a trouble is what you make it, And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts, But only how did you take it. #Quote by Edmund Vance Cooke
Ounce quotes by Sara Gruen
#111. I cling to my anger with every ounce of humanity left in my ruined body, but it's no use. It slips away, like a wave from shore. I am pondering this sad fact when I realize the blackness of sleep is circling my head. It's been there awhile, biding its time and growing closer with each revolution. I give up on rage, which at this point has become a formality, and make a mental note to get angry again in the morning. Then I let myself drift, because there's really no fighting it. #Quote by Sara Gruen
Ounce quotes by Luis Alberto Urrea
#112. Big Angel could not reconcile himself to this dirty deal they had all been dealt. Death. What a ridiculous practical joke. Every old person gets the punch line that the kids are too blind to see. All the striving, lusting, dreaming, suffering, working, hoping, yearning, mourning, suddenly revealed itself to be an accelerating countdown to nightfall.
....This is the prize: to realize, at the end, that every minute was worth fighting for with every ounce of blood and fire. #Quote by Luis Alberto Urrea
Ounce quotes by David Levithan
#113. Every ounce of his soul tells him this will make a good story to tell his friends - an anecdote in the biography, an incident in the life. But part of the sorrow he feels - and it is that - comes from the distance he sees between himself and the storytelling, the hole that has ripped open between the here and the there. #Quote by David Levithan
Ounce quotes by Fred Brooks
#114. The critical thing about the design process is to identify your scarcest resource. Despite what you may think, that very often is not money. For example, in a NASA moon shot, money is abundant but lightness is scarce; every ounce of weight requires tons of material below. On the design of a beach vacation home, the limitation may be your ocean-front footage. You have to make sure your whole team understands what scarce resource you're optimizing. #Quote by Fred Brooks
Ounce quotes by Josh Lanyon
#115. It was hard to speak, what with my heart trying to climb out of my mouth. For every gay man this question comes at some point, in just such a tone, if not in those actual words. I don't know if real courage lies in storming barricades or in simply not denying the truth. I know it took every ounce of strength I had to say, I'm gay, if that's what you're asking. #Quote by Josh Lanyon
Ounce quotes by Louise Jordan Miln
#116. An ounce of help is worth more than a pound of pity any day ... #Quote by Louise Jordan Miln
Ounce quotes by Aviva Romm
#117. 1 ounce dried comfrey leaf 1 ounce yarrow blossoms 1 ounce dried sage leaf 1 ounce dried rosemary leaf 1 large fresh bulb of garlic ½ cup of sea salt #Quote by Aviva Romm
Ounce quotes by Nidhi M. Jhaveri
#118. She is in love with herself and every ounce of it. #Quote by Nidhi M. Jhaveri
Ounce quotes by Liz Reinhardt
#119. It takes every fucking ounce of my self-control to say the next three words. 'Lead the way. #Quote by Liz Reinhardt
Ounce quotes by Mimi Spencer
#120. Masala paste 2 teaspoons garam masala or curry powder 2 teaspoons red pepper flakes 2 teaspoons smoked paprika 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, toasted and ground 1 teaspoon coriander seed, toasted and ground 3/4-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated 1 tablespoon peanut oil 2 tablespoons tomato paste Salt and pepper A handful of fresh cilantro Curry 11/2 tablespoons peanut oil 1 red onion, diced 1 clove garlic, minced 2 tablespoons masala paste (from above) One 14-ounce/400g can diced tomatoes 1 cup/250ml vegetable stock 7 ounces/200g red lentils, rinsed 7 ounces/200g baby spinach leaves 2 tablespoons unflavored low-fat yogurt Rye Barley Roti (recipe follows), for serving Pulse the masala paste ingredients in a mini food processor till well combined and fairly smooth. #Quote by Mimi Spencer
Ounce quotes by Iggy Pop
#121. Well, it wasn't like I was going to run out and score heroin and score an ounce of coke - but incidentally, on the road, I would usually get tanked up and as stoned as I possibly could to go on stage. And offstage, it would be a demon that would come up about twice a week. #Quote by Iggy Pop
Ounce quotes by Ann Napolitano
#122. Eddie was leaning against his father's chest, and the sensation of that weight -- the complete trust and lack of inhibition with which the boy relaxed every ounce of his body into his father's -- was one of the things that made parenthood unmissable. #Quote by Ann Napolitano
Ounce quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#123. Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Ounce quotes by Sebastian Cole
#124. I wasn't perfect, and I made mistakes; but I learned from them and became a better person for it. I always followed my heart. And most of all, I loved - with every ounce of my being. I guess you could say the greatest love story ever written isn't confined to the pages of a book. It's in our lives; and we're the ones who write it. So that's what life's all about, isn't it? Why we're here. It has nothing to do with dollars. In fact, it's totally free. Life's greatest gift. And the best part is, the best part, this gift we give to others ... we get it back. It's what makes the journey so worthwhile ... it's LOVE. #Quote by Sebastian Cole
Ounce quotes by Frances E. Willard
#125. If women patronize the wheel the number of buyers will be twice as large. If women ride they must, when riding, dress more rationally than they have been wont to do. If they do this many prejudices as to what they may be allowed to wear will melt away. Reason will gain upon precedent and ere long the comfortable, sensible, and artistic wardrobe of the rider will make the conventional style of woman's dress absurd to the eye and unenduring to the understanding. A reform often advances most rapidly by indirection. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory; and the graceful and becoming costume of woman on the bicycle will convince the world that has brushed aside the theories, no matter how well constructed, and the arguments, no matter how logical, of dress-reformers. #Quote by Frances E. Willard
Ounce quotes by Ron Baratono
#126. Dear God, please take the stains off my heart. If there's even an ounce of pain I feel that someone caused me in the past, I ask that you wash it away. Give me strength, show me forgiveness is the healthiest option for me, and set me free. I pray you give me peace today and every day, allowing me to totally leave my past behind. In Jesus's name, I pray, amen. #Quote by Ron Baratono
Ounce quotes by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
#127. When a person is down in the world, an ounce of help is better than a pound of preaching. #Quote by Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
Ounce quotes by Michael Korda
#128. An ounce of hypocrisy is worth a pound of ambition. #Quote by Michael Korda
Ounce quotes by Eve Langlais
#129. Where are your glasses?"
She shrugged. "Lost. How did you know I wore some?"
"You squint, Pima."
"Pima? My name is Vicky."
"I know what your name is. But I choose to call you Pima. Pain in my ass."
"Well excuse me, Nobody," she sassed back with the first ounce of fire he'd seen in her. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Ounce quotes by Annie E. Clark
#130. I have the weirdest job. It's not every day that you get to stand up onstage and unload every ounce of your misanthropic bile onto a crowd of people, and they're like, "Cool! Hit us again!" #Quote by Annie E. Clark
Ounce quotes by Terry Pratchett
#131. Children's parties were obviously places where any angel with an ounce of common sense should fear to tread. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Ounce quotes by B.C. Forbes
#132. Now, ideas are the raw material of progress. Everything first takes shape in the form of an idea. But an idea itself is worth nothing. An idea, like a machine, must have power applied to it before it can accomplish anything. The men who have won fame and fortune through having an idea are those who devoted every ounce of their strength and every dollar they could muster to putting it into operation. Ford had a big idea, but he had to sweat and suffer and sacrifice to make it work. #Quote by B.C. Forbes
Ounce quotes by Taylor Hirsch
#133. Broths last in the fridge for three to no more than five days. Keeping it in your freezer, however, stores it for up to a year. One of the best ways to store broths in the freezer is to pour them into large glass mason jars. In doing so, be sure to leave space for the broth to expand over time to prevent the glass from cracking. Another way is to fill extra ice cube trays you have laying around with broth. Each cube holds roughly an ounce, which is perfect for homemade broth cubes you can drop into your other dishes to spice things up a little. #Quote by Taylor Hirsch
Ounce quotes by Julian Castro
#134. And because he knows that we don't have an ounce of talent to waste, the president took action to lift the shadow of deportation from a generation of young, law-abiding immigrants called dreamers. #Quote by Julian Castro
Ounce quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#135. In the end we beat them with Levi 501 jeans. Seventy-two years of Communist indoctrination and propaganda was drowned out by a three-ounce Sony Walkman. A huge totalitarian system has been brought to its knees because nobody wants to wear Bulgarian shoes. Now they're lunch, and we're number one on the planet. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Ounce quotes by Alfa Holden
#136. I know my worth.
I've paid dearly
for every ounce of it. #Quote by Alfa Holden
Ounce quotes by Mark Martin
#137. I try not to have expectations because they can tend to tear you apart. I expect to work as hard as I can possibly work and I expect to give every ounce of a hundred percent. #Quote by Mark Martin
Ounce quotes by Charles Schumer
#138. Unfortunately, the administration's plan is an ounce of cure for a pound of problems. #Quote by Charles Schumer
Ounce quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#139. She was standing by the barometer, which, if it had had an ounce of sense in its head, would have been pointing to 'Stormy' instead of 'Set Fair #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Ounce quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
#140. He didn't move, didn't blink. He didn't seem like a man who heard no too often. Too bad. But he must have found something he liked, because he slowly undid his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt.

She would not drool.

He didn't have an ounce of fat on him. Austin had said Morgan was forty years old, but he didn't look it. Nor did he have the body of a twenty-year-old man. Callie didn't want that anyway. His body had aged beautifully and was clearly well cared for. He had some hair on his chest, but not much. The hair on his belly trailed down to beneath his dress pants and Callie did her best not to swallow her tongue.

She persevered.

Barely. #Quote by Carrie Ann Ryan
Ounce quotes by Paul Auster
#141. MR. BONES KNEW THAT WILLY WASN'T LONG FOR THIS WORLD. The cough had been inside him for over six months, and by now there wasn't a chance in hell that he would ever get rid of it. Slowly and inexorably, without once taking a turn for the better, the thing had assumed a life of its own, advancing from a faint, phlegm-filled rattle in the lungs on February third to the wheezy sputum-jigs and gobby convulsions of high summer. All that was bad enough, but in the past two weeks a new tonality had crept into the bronchial music - something tight and flinty and percussive - and the attacks came now so often as to be almost constant. Every time one of them started, Mr. Bones half expected Willy's body to explode from the rockets of pressure bursting agaisnt his rib cage. He figured that blood would be the next step and when that fatal moment finally occurred on Saturday afternoon, it was as if all the angels in heaven had opened their mouths and started to sing. Mr. Bones saw it happen with his own eyes, standing by the edge of the road between Washington and Baltimore as Willy hawked up a few miserable clots of red matter into his handkerchief, and right then and there he knew that every ounce of hope was gone. The smell of death had settled upon Willy G. Christmas, and as surely as the sun was a lamp in the clouds that went off and on everyday, the end was drawing near.

What was a poor dog to do? Mr. Bones had been with Willy since his earliest days as a pup, and by now #Quote by Paul Auster
Ounce quotes by Haylie Baker
#142. when you look up to the stars and there's that little shred of hope, that little ounce of desire, that your special someone is looking up the same time you are. #Quote by Haylie Baker
Ounce quotes by Angela B. Wade
#143. Nicholas wanted to scream until his throat bled. Or tear apart a wall of concrete with his bare hands. Anything – anything – to get the woman off his mind. The temptation she offered. The peace, the hope. They were killing him, taking away the need for revenge and replacing it with the need for her. As though she alone could collect the torn pieces of his life, stitch them back together, and help make him whole again.

He couldn't take it, feeling again. Needing again after so many years spent in disconnect. It was too much, and if he hadn't run from her like a total coward, he would have succumbed – lost himself inside the woman and given up to oblivion without a single ounce of remorse. #Quote by Angela B. Wade
Ounce quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#144. Many people who experienced love their whole lives, in childhood and all throughout, do not know the worth of being loved as adults. People fed love on silver spoons don't feel the weight of love anymore. They don't feel the value of it because they always had it anyway. They are insatiable, they don't trust it, they always ask you for more! Fucking shits! It's the people who had to pull love out of cracks in the wall and out of holes in trees, who know the value of love, who feel the weight of love, even the smallest ounce of it! Love people who weren't loved. They're worth their weight in gold. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Ounce quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#145. If put to the pinch, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.
(Get Out or Get in Line, 1928) #Quote by Elbert Hubbard
Ounce quotes by Paul Karl Feyerabend
#146. Teachers' using grades and the fear of failure mould the brains of the young until they have lost every ounce of imagination they might once have possessed. #Quote by Paul Karl Feyerabend
Ounce quotes by Nikita Khrushchev
#147. You do not know, you cannot know, the difficulty of the life of a politician. It means every minute of the day or night, every ounce of your energy. There is no rest, no relaxation. Enjoyment? A politician does not know the meaning of the word. #Quote by Nikita Khrushchev
Ounce quotes by Walter Payton
#148. If you ask me how I want to be remembered, it is as a winner. You know what a winner is? A winner is somebody who has given his best effort, who has tried the hardest they possibly can, who has utilized every ounce of energy and strength within them to accomplish something. It doesn't mean that they accomplished it or failed, it means that they've given it their best. That's a winner. #Quote by Walter Payton
Ounce quotes by J.M. Darhower
#149. He opened his eyes and scanned her face, trying to find any sign of distress, but he there was none. Excitement, he realized as she opened her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip, as if she were fighting to contain it all inside of her.
The blood furiously pumping through his system cleansed away every ounce of hesitation. Despite what he'd said to her, despite his warnings about what type of man he truly was, she offered herself to him. She was giving herself to him, all of her, and it was a gift he was more than happy to receive.
'Everything,' he'd said. He wanted everything.
And now he would take it. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Ounce quotes by Joyce Meyer
#150. God Will Change You Many plans are in a man's mind, but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand. PROVERBS 19:21 Even though you may still be operating in old habits, you still have hope of change, but you can't change yourself. God will change you, if you seek Him with your whole heart. Don't be in a hurry for God to finish working in your life. We want everything to be done instantly, but God is not interested in our schedule. The enemy may thwart your plans, but God's plans don't get thwarted, and He has a unique plan for you. Seek God's plan for your life. Stay on fire, red hot, zealous. Pursue His purpose for you with every ounce of energy you have. There is nothing in this world that is worth seeking more. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Ounce quotes by Shadowstorm Norwicca
#151. Now with her eyes closed and fist clenched at her side. She was as off balanced as he was. Lilith took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She looked at Ian and did what took every ounce of will power she had; she walked away and out the doors. Ian watched as Lilith left the study and was shocked. He wanted her and she walked away from him. Then anger stormed his emotions and now he was royally pissed off. He was getting fucking tired of the cold and hot treatment she was giving him. Why the hell was she running? #Quote by Shadowstorm Norwicca
Ounce quotes by Sarah Mayberry
#152. Sadly, however, the sight of her generous D cups no longer sparked an ounce of interest from Little Sam, the man in charge of social activities. #Quote by Sarah Mayberry
Ounce quotes by Sylvia Plath
#153. Pretty soon, the only doubt in my mind was the precise time and method of committing suicide. The only alternative I could see was an eternity of hell for the rest of my life in a mental hospital, and I was going to use my last ounce of free choice and choose a quick clean ending. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Ounce quotes by Jake Yaniak
#154. No one, by swearing, makes themselves an ounce more honest; any more than a man makes himself wealthy by counting his gold. Oaths may make a liar a liar yet again, having lied about the oath as well. But it cannot alter the worth of an honest man's word. #Quote by Jake Yaniak
Ounce quotes by Taylor Patton
#155. And there you sit.
My eyes burning a hole on the side of your face while the stars are being captured in your eyes from the prolonged, there's-plenty-of-time, full attention you're giving each one.
And there you sit.
And I'm wishing I could give you every ounce of what you give the stars. #Quote by Taylor Patton
Ounce quotes by Ray Bradbury
#156. Facts quite often, I fear to confess, like lawyers, put me to sleep at noon. Not theories, however. Theories are invigorating and tonic. Give me an ounce of fact and I will produce you a ton of theory by tea this afternoon. That is, after all, my job. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Ounce quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#157. I squinted at the western sky behind Thaddeus, a blood-red smear melting into blackness. Twisting my neck, I glanced the opposite direction. My teeth clenched at a magnified, round moon nearly as scarlet as the portending sunset, its luminous face half masked by hazy cloud cover. Hatred, vengeance, anger ... ... such emotions coursed through my veins in a poisonous concoction that muddied my mind, impelling me to grip my sword tighter and fight with every ounce of strength I possessed against those who threatened my family - my kind. Currently, Thaddeus was behaving as such a threat, using his powers of persuasion to condone human sacrifice for some outrageously perceived good. He wanted an offering for the monsters; a desperate, futile offering of human flesh that would in no way protect the other villagers from being mauled as he promised. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Ounce quotes by Virginia Woolf
#158. A whole lifetime was too short to bring out, the full flavour; to extract every ounce of pleasure, every shade of meaning. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Ounce quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#159. In the art of squeezing the last ounce of labor out of a two-legged animal, those primitive ancients were pretentious incompetents! Did they ever think of calling their slave "Monsieur" or letting him vote now and then, or giving him his newspaper? And especially had they thought of sending him to war to work off his passions? After twenty centuries of Christianity (as I personally can bear witness) your modern man simply can't control himself when a regiment passes before his eyes. It puts too many ideas into his head. #Quote by Louis Ferdinand Celine
Ounce quotes by Willie Pep
#160. They call Ray Robinson the best fighter, pound for pound. I'm the best fighter, ounce for ounce. #Quote by Willie Pep
Ounce quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#161. An ounce of heart knowledge is worth more than a ton of head learning. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Ounce quotes by Christopher Moore
#162. It was watching Madeline Alby eat cheese with every ounce of her being, like it was the first and best time, that made him realize that he had never really tasted cheese, or crackers, or life. And he didn't want his daughter to live that way. He'd moved her into her own room the night before ... He hadn't slept well, and had gotten up five times during the night to check on her, only to find her sleeping peacefully, but he could lose a little sleep if Sophie could go through life without his fears and limitations. He wanted her to experience all the glorious cheese of life. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Ounce quotes by William Shakespeare
#163. Ay, every inch a king:
When I do stare, see how the subject quakes.
I pardon that man's life. What was thy cause? Adultery?
Thou shalt not die: die for adultery! No:
The wren goes to 't, and the small gilded fly
Does lecher in my sight.
Let copulation thrive; for Gloucester's bastard son
Was kinder to his father than my daughters
Got 'tween the lawful sheets.
To 't, luxury, pell-mell! for I lack soldiers.
Behold yond simpering dame,
Whose face between her forks presages snow;
That minces virtue, and does shake the head
To hear of pleasure's name;
The fitchew, nor the soiled horse, goes to 't
With a more riotous appetite.
Down from the waist they are Centaurs,
Though women all above:
But to the girdle do the gods inherit,
Beneath is all the fiends';
There's hell, there's darkness, there's the
sulphurous pit,
Burning, scalding, stench, consumption; fie,
fie, fie! pah, pah! Give me an ounce of civet,
good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination:
there's money for thee. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Ounce quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#164. I think of going back to the sports field again, and let's take a baseball game. Well, you have cracked out a grounder and you put in your last ounce of energy and you just happen to make first base. But you don't stop there. First base is the beginning. Now you call on all your alertness, your skill, your energy - and you count on your teammates, you count on the people that are working with you. And the purpose of that getting on first base was to get you around to count a run. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ounce quotes by George Monbiot
#165. In motivating people to love and defend the natural world, an ounce of hope is worth a ton of despair #Quote by George Monbiot
Ounce quotes by Eve Langlais
#166. What man leaves a girl he just dragged to a strip joint to get interrogated by my dad?" "A smart and still living one." There wasn't an ounce of repentance in his reply or grin. "You are a bad cat." "The baddest, honey. Feel free to punish me anytime. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Ounce quotes by David McCullough
#167. The morning bourbon - an ounce of Old Grandad or Wild Turkey taken after the two-mile walk and a few setting-up exercises and the rubdown that usually followed the morning walk - had also become routine. Whether the bourbon was on doctor's orders, or a bit of old-fashioned home medicine of the kind many of his generation thought beneficial to the circulation past age sixty ("to get the engine going"), is not known. But it seemed to agree with him. #Quote by David McCullough
Ounce quotes by Tim Horvath
#168. Was it possible that perhaps the most plausible explanation was being offered by someone who anyone with an ounce of sanity would have long ago consigned to the realm of the insane? #Quote by Tim Horvath
Ounce quotes by Evie East
#169. His kiss is a broken promise on borrowed time. His touch is faulty fuse struck with the hottest match. We possess all the potential in the world without an ounce of fulfillment. We are a lost cause, doomed before our inception. #Quote by Evie East
Ounce quotes by Karch Kiraly
#170. My dad was a really intense competitor and that rubbed off on me. He was loud and vocal on the court, so I let him do all the talking. But I developed a kind of quiet intensity that I knew I had to have to improve and compete with grown men. It took every ounce of focus. #Quote by Karch Kiraly
Ounce quotes by Virginia Woolf
#171. Purposely, perhaps, Mary did not agree with Ralph; she loved to feel her mind in conflict with his, and to be certain that he spared her female judgement no ounce of his male muscularity. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Ounce quotes by Nora Roberts
#172. [She] knew there were women who worked successfully out of the home. They ran businesses, created empires and managed to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children who went on to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard or became world-renowned concert pianists. Possibly both.
These women accomplished all this while cooking gourmet meals, furnishing their homes with Italian antiques, giving clever, intelligent interviews with Money magazine and People, and maintaining a brilliant marriage with an active enviable sex life and never tipping the scale at an ounce over their ideal weight ...
She knew those women were out there. If she'd had a gun, she'd have hunted every last one of them down and shot them like rabid dogs for the good of womankind. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Ounce quotes by St. Francis De Sales
#173. The everlasting God has in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you as a gift from His inmost heart. This cross He now sends you He has considered with His all-knowing eyes, understood with His divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one inch too large and not one ounce too heavy for you. He has blessed it with His holy Name, anointed it with His consolation, taken one last glance at you and your courage, and then sent it to you from heaven, a special greeting from God to you, an alms of the all-merciful love of God. #Quote by St. Francis De Sales
Ounce quotes by Destin Bays
#174. I want a man that will do what he needs to do to take care of his family. I will give that man every ounce of love and support I have to give. I will never measure him against another man. I will never want what other people have. I will simply enjoy every minute we have together. #Quote by Destin Bays
Ounce quotes by Kresley Cole
#175. A concierge in a lavish hotel like this could make your life very easy - if he thought you were a rich, but occasionally confused, eccentric. Who'd had his luggage stolen. Though initially, there had been some hesitation on the man's part. He'd asked if "Mr. Troy" could provide any identification whatsoever.
Lachlain had inched forward in his seat, staring him down for long moments, his expression balanced between anger at the question and embarrassment for the man for asking. "No." The answer was casually threatening, succinct, subject-ending.
The man had jumped at the word as he might at an unexpected gun report. Then he'd swallowed and hesitated no more, even at the most bizarre demands. He hadn't even raised an eyebrow when Lachlain wanted sunset and sunrise charts - or when he wanted to study them as he devoured a twenty-ounce steak. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Ounce quotes by Bryant H. McGill
#176. It will feel impossible; like you are dying inside this is your soul crying out for life. It may take everything you have; every ounce of will and strength. You will lose a part of yourself trying to save something essential and innocent. And when you have given everything, you will recover and you will be set free, and you will discover there was even more in you than you ever knew. #Quote by Bryant H. McGill
Ounce quotes by Ingmar Bergman
#177. I haven't put an ounce of effort into my families. I never have. #Quote by Ingmar Bergman
Ounce quotes by Lenora Bell
#178. Some contend that one ounce of cocoa contains as much nourishment as one pound of beef. man could subsist on chocolate alone if he had to. #Quote by Lenora Bell
Ounce quotes by Shrestha Sapan
#179. Every single ounce of pain focused on the left part of the head. Feels like whole body except left part of head is in fucking numb state. #Quote by Shrestha Sapan
Ounce quotes by Forrest Griffin
#180. Beer: All real men drink a specific brand of cheap beer. While I was growing up, my stepfather, who was the manliness man on the planet, drank Schlitz tall boys. There
was no room in the fridge, so he just left them on the counter and drank them warm. One day I asked him why he drank Schlitz, and he said, "It's only 3.1 cents per
ounce. Beer is an acquired taste, so you might as well acquire a taste for cheap beer." That's some manly shit. #Quote by Forrest Griffin
Ounce quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#181. Lucy, I'm a malevolent skull, without an ounce of compassion. You've got to be worried if I'm feeling sorry for you. #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Ounce quotes by George Eliot
#182. I began to see as all this weighing and sifting what this text means and that text means, and whether folks are saved all by God's grace, or whether there goes an ounce o' their own will to't, was no part o' real religion at all. You may talk o' these things for hours on end, and you'll only be all the more coxy and conceited for't. #Quote by George Eliot
Ounce quotes by Brittany Davis
#183. teaspoon and a half of chili powder; -A teaspoon and a half of pumpkin pie spice; -A teaspoon of minced garlic; -Butter, 2 tablespoons; -Chicken bouillon cubes, 2 pieces; -Ground ginger, 2 teaspoons; -Orange juice, 2 tablespoons; -Pumpkin puree, 2 14-ounce cans; and -Water, 2 cups. #Quote by Brittany Davis
Ounce quotes by Madelyn Alt
#184. Time.

For some it was a great healer, the ultimate fixer of bad break-ups, shake-ups, and heartache…

For others, Time was an insidious stealer of all things they want most in life, stripping it away from them by sneakily changing the rules of obtaining it… For all the joyful wishes and hopeful desires held near and dear to our hearts, Time was the one element most likely to keep it from our reach.

To me, Time was all of these, and none. Time simply is. It's the framework in which we play out the games of our lives, but the secret is not to control it. It is not to master it. It is simply to learn to exist fully within the moment, to be aware of every facet of our being, and to wring every ounce of joy from it. Perhaps we were our own thieves, lamenting the absence of even a spare moment to enjoy life, when all it really takes is to stop the complaints, take the moment firmly in hand, and make it our own. Because the secret is that Time passes, and if you let it, it will leave you in its wake, aching with every beat of your heart and in every fiber of your being for what you have missed. #Quote by Madelyn Alt
Ounce quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#185. What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn't think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know. #Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ounce quotes by Ava Jae
#186. Emptiness felt like a living thing. A parasite growing in the center of your chest, somewhere behind your heart, taking every ounce of warmth and light and happiness and consuming it until there's nothing left. Emptiness feels like exhaustion, like there's no reason to fight, no reason to take another breath, no reason to try to survive. But emptiness also feels like freedom. Because it doesn't just take the good, it takes the bad, too--the anger, the bitterness, the pain--and when it's done, it leaves you with just you. A cold, shell-like echo of yourself, but still you. #Quote by Ava Jae
Ounce quotes by Chris Colfer
#187. The tragic story made Brystal so angry her eyes welled.
"They just wanted to be together," she said. "Why did humankind have to tear them apart? I'll never understand why the world hates a community that just wants to be loved and accepted. I'll never understand why people are so cruel to us."
It's not about the prey, it's about the hunt," Madame Weatherberry said. "Humankind has always needed something to hate and fear to unite them. After all, if they had nothing to conquer and triumph over, they'd have nothing to fuel their sense of superiority. And some men would destroy the world for an ounce of self-worth. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Ounce quotes by Vanessa North
#188. He truly wouldn't have been surprised if they'd heard him all the way at the main Haus because Edouard pulled every ounce of feeling out of Lincoln's body and then poured it back in, all fresh and new, and how could he hold back when he was feeling everything all at once? #Quote by Vanessa North
Ounce quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#189. An ounce of love is worth more than a tonne of gold. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Ounce quotes by Ella Henderson
#190. If I feel like I've completely drained every ounce of energy out of me for this song, and I can't go any further with it, then I stop, even if the song is unfinished. Most of the time, when it's finished, it's because I've used every ounce of me to write it. #Quote by Ella Henderson
Ounce quotes by Karl Wiggins
#191. Let's imagine that many years ago, way way back in history, someone observed a particular characteristic or oddity – maybe soldiers who claimed that their whole life passed before their eyes in times of extreme danger, or perhaps people who simply walked out on work they hated, or those who when they loved someone it was with every ounce of their being, and who never apologised for who they were. People who were different. People who the fairies and goblins recognised. And just imagine that the person observing these Scamps decided to do something about it, such as start a cult with a weird set of beliefs and practices that aimed at improving the genetic quality of the human race, breeding people with the desirable heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations.

Just suppose this eugenically based cult was based on those with a childlike curiosity, on those who loved to be around people who lit them up, and only those with the most powerful experiences were chosen. Over a number of generations this careful and choosy breeding may have created a community who were without question so free that their very survival on earth was an act of insurgency.

Think about it! What if you and I are simply a subdivision, if you like, of that groove of humanity? #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Ounce quotes by Ed Parker
#192. An ounce of logic can be worth more than a ton of tradition that has become obsolete through the weathering of time. #Quote by Ed Parker
Ounce quotes by Daniel Woodrell
#193. It was at this moment, chided by his old and present rival, that Shade decided it was time to revert to the shitkicker verities. Brazen dash, rough talk, and an ounce or two of mean were clearly required. #Quote by Daniel Woodrell
Ounce quotes by Jase Robertson
#194. Mia has already persevered through so much. One of our biggest fears when she was born was that she wouldn't be able to talk or sing. My wife loves to sing, and she's a world-class singer. Through speech therapy, Mia talks well and can hold a normal conversation with anyone. There isn't an ounce of shyness in her bones! When Mia was four years old, she sang "God Bless America" on one of our Duckmen hunting DVDs. I'm sure most people who watched it thought, Hey, isn't that cute? They've got a little girl singing on the DVD. But when she did it, there wasn't a dry eye in my family. We knew that Mia was born without the ability to sing, and we realized the pain and suffering she endured to be able to sing. It was a huge moment for our family. #Quote by Jase Robertson
Ounce quotes by Ted Lindsay
#195. Through the years, I have so many wonderful memories of playing with the Red Wings: winning four Stanley Cups, scoring big goals, going into battle every night side by side with my teammates, playing with every ounce of effort I could muster. #Quote by Ted Lindsay
Ounce quotes by David Graeber
#196. ON AUGUST 15, 1971, United States President Richard Nixon announced that foreign-held U.S. dollars would no longer be convertible into gold - thus stripping away the last vestige of the international gold standard.1 This was the end of a policy that had been effective since 1931, and confirmed by the Bretton Woods accords at the end of World War II: that while United States citizens might no longer be allowed to cash in their dollars for gold, all U.S. currency held outside the country was to be redeemable at the rate of $35 an ounce. By doing so, Nixon initiated the regime of free-floating currencies that continues to this day. #Quote by David Graeber
Ounce quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#197. He had not an ounce of superfluous flesh on his bones, and leanness goes a great way towards gentility. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Ounce quotes by Sarvesh Jain
#198. May not now, may not today' may not tomorrow either. But one day your every ounce of effort will be recognised and rewarded #Quote by Sarvesh Jain
Ounce quotes by Adrienne Shelly
#199. I hope that someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight, and that's all they do. They don't pull away. They don't look at your face. They don't try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms, without an ounce of selfishness in it. #Quote by Adrienne Shelly
Ounce quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#200. No prize , however great can justify an ounce of self deception or a small departure of the ugly facts. ( Notes from Underground) #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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