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Othello Inferiority quotes by Kenneth Keniston
#1. Today's parents have little authority over those others with whom they share the task of raising their children. On the contrary,most parents deal with those others from a position of inferiority or helplessness. Teacher, doctors, social workers, or television producers possess more status than most parents ... As a result, the parent today isa maestro trying to conduct an orchestra of players who have never met and who play from a multitude of different scores, each in a notation the conductor cannot read. #Quote by Kenneth Keniston
Othello Inferiority quotes by Alison Stewart
#2. In the Deep South, the unequal distribution of school funds based on Negroes' "mental inferiority" was one way the caste system maintained itself through the generations. "Inferior" students got inferior schools, but truly, it was the inferior schools that created the inferior students. The two years of study resulted in the book Deep South, a seminal book in modern anthropology. #Quote by Alison Stewart
Othello Inferiority quotes by Terry Pratchett
#3. Dogs are not like cats, who amusingly tolerate humans only until someone comes up with a tin opener that can be operated with a paw. Men made dogs, they took wolves and gave them human things
unnecessary intelligence, names, a desire to belong, and a twitching inferiority complex. All dogs dream wolf dreams, and know they're dreaming of biting their Maker. Every dog knows, deep in his heart, that he is a Bad Dog ... #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Othello Inferiority quotes by Barry Gibb
#4. I have a huge ego and a huge inferiority complex at the same time. #Quote by Barry Gibb
Othello Inferiority quotes by Sara Levine
#5. And found there one of those huge comprehensive anthologies of literature, the sort of thing which, on a bad day, can induce an inferiority complex ... #Quote by Sara Levine
Othello Inferiority quotes by Maxwell Maltz
#6. It is common knowledge among psychologists that most of us underrate ourselves, short-change ourselves, sell ourselves short. Actually, there is no such thing as a superiority complex. People who seem to have one are actually suffering from feelings of inferiority; their "superior" self is a fiction, a coverup, to hide from themselves and others their deep-down feelings of inferiority and insecurity. #Quote by Maxwell Maltz
Othello Inferiority quotes by Shahida Arabi
#7. Covert manipulators are quite gifted at provocation. As they learn more about you, they are investigating your weak spots and catering their comments towards what they know will hurt you the most. Knowing you're triggered by their comments gives them a sadistic sense of satisfaction that alleviates their secret sense of inferiority and strokes their delusions of grandeur, control and aptitude. Having control over your emotions also gives them the power to effectively manipulate you and convince you that you don't deserve any better. #Quote by Shahida Arabi
Othello Inferiority quotes by Yong Kang Chan
#8. Nothingness is the most peaceful state of mind. There's no unworthiness or inferiority. There's only pure love. #Quote by Yong Kang Chan
Othello Inferiority quotes by Emily Dickinson
#9. Why should we censure Othello when the Criterion Lover says, "Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me"? #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Othello Inferiority quotes by Michelle Dockery
#10. 'Othello' was my first Shakespearean discovery. I was obsessed with drama at school, and I studied the play for my English GCSE. Desdemona is the part that everyone wants, but Iago's wife Emilia is the one I've always been drawn to. #Quote by Michelle Dockery
Othello Inferiority quotes by Earl Warren
#11. To separate children from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone. #Quote by Earl Warren
Othello Inferiority quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#12. Note the significant fact that we always hear of the "fall of man," not the fall of woman, showing that the consensus of human thought has been more unerring than masculine interpretation. Reading this narrative carefully, it is amazing that any set of men ever claimed that the dogma of the inferiority of woman is here set forth. The conduct of Eve from the beginning to the end is so superior to that of Adam. The command not to eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge was given to the man alone before woman was formed. Genesis ii, 17. Therefore the injunction was not brought to Eve with the impressive solemnity of a Divine Voice, but whispered to her by her husband and equal. It was a serpent supernaturally endowed, a seraphim as Scott and other commentators have claimed, who talked with Eve, and whose words might reasonably seem superior to the second-hand story of her #Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Othello Inferiority quotes by Rory Kinnear
#13. Both Othello and Iago seem a bit cracked. If you spend 15 years being responsible for death and destruction, that sense of suppressed horror is strong. #Quote by Rory Kinnear
Othello Inferiority quotes by Gloria Steinem
#14. For much of the female half of the world, food is the first signal of our inferiority. It lets us know that our own families may consider female bodies to be less deserving, less needy, less valuable. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Othello Inferiority quotes by Emile Zola
#15. Hortense and Berthe nodded, as though profoundly impressed by the wisdom of their mother's pronouncements. She had long since convinced them of the absolute inferiority of men, whose sole function was to marry and to pay. #Quote by Emile Zola
Othello Inferiority quotes by Osho
#16. In existence there is no inferiority complex anywhere, and as a corollary there is no superiority complex either. #Quote by Osho
Othello Inferiority quotes by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
#17. The plant and animal kingdoms (excluding humans) offered some pleasant surprises. Organisms from these realms are much simpler to figure out. Their behaviours are not muddied by personality factors or flawed belief systems. If an insect smells like a fart, you can be sure that the stench has a genetic basis. It is neither trying to make a lofty point, nor is it suffering from an inferiority complex. #Quote by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
Othello Inferiority quotes by Cory Duchesne
#18. A douchebag has an image to maintain. He is not real. He is the kind of guy who will change his last name into something cooler and more impressive. #Quote by Cory Duchesne
Othello Inferiority quotes by W.H. Auden
#19. As for Iago's jealousy, one cannot believe that a seriously jealous man could behave towards his wife as Iago behaves towards Emilia, for the wife of a jealous husband is the first person to suffer. Not only is the relation of Iago and Emilia, as we see it on stage, without emotional tension, but also Emilia openly refers to a rumor of her infidelity as something already disposed of.

Some such squire it was
That turned your wit, the seamy side without
And made you to suspect me with the Moor.

At one point Iago states that, in order to revenge himself on Othello, he will not rest till he is even with him, wife for wife, but, in the play, no attempt at Desdemona's seduction is made. Iago does not encourage Cassio to make one, and he even prevents Roderigo from getting anywhere near her.

Finally, one who seriously desires personal revenge desires to reveal himself. The revenger's greatest satisfaction is to be able to tell his victim to his face – "You thought you were all-powerful and untouchable and could injure me with impunity. Now you see that you were wrong. Perhaps you have forgotten what you did; let me have the pleasure of reminding you."

When at the end of the play, Othello asks Iago in bewilderment why he has thus ensnared his soul and body, if his real motive were revenge for having been cuckolded or unjustly denied promotion, he could have said so, instead of refusing to explain. #Quote by W.H. Auden
Othello Inferiority quotes by William Shakespeare
#20. Tis like she comes to speak of Cassio's death,
The noise was high. Ha! No more moving?
Still as the grave. Shall she come in? Were 't good?
I think she stirs again - No. What's best to do?
If she come in, she'll sure speak to my wife -
My wife! my wife! what wife? I have no wife.
Oh, insupportable! Oh, heavy hour!
Methinks it should be now a huge eclipse
Of sun and moon, and that th' affrighted globe
Should yawn at alteration. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Othello Inferiority quotes by Murray Bookchin
#21. If the ecological community is ever achieved in practice, social life will yield a sensitive development of human and natural diversity, falling together into a well balanced, harmonious whole. Ranging from community through region to entire continents, we will see a colorful differentiation of human groups and ecosystems, each developing its unique potentialities and exposing members of the community to a wide spectrum of economic, cultural and behavioral stimuli. Falling within our purview will be an exciting, often dramatic, variety of communal forms - here marked by architectural and industrial adaptations to semi-arid ecosystems, there to grasslands, elsewhere by adaptation to forested areas. We will witness a creative interplay between individual and group , community and environment, humanity and nature. The cast of mind that today organizes differences among humans and other lifeforms along hierarchical lines, defining the external in terms of its "superiority" or "inferiority," will give way to an outlook that deals with diversity in an ecological manner. Differences among people will be respected, indeed fostered, as elements that enrich the unity of experience and phenomena. The traditional relationship which pits subject against object will be altered qualitatively; the "external," the "different," the "other" will be conceived of as individual parts of a whole all the richer because of its complexity. This sense of unity will reflect the harmonization of interest #Quote by Murray Bookchin
Othello Inferiority quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#22. People hate those who make them feel their own inferiority. #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Othello Inferiority quotes by Elaine Morgan
#23. holy scripture was believed to justify her subordination and explain her inferiority; for even as a copy she was not a very good copy. There were differences. She was not one of His best efforts. There is a line in an old folk song that runs: 'I called my donkey a #Quote by Elaine Morgan
Othello Inferiority quotes by MK Asante
#24. There's a war between two wolves inside everybody. One is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other's good. It's love, peace, beauty, happiness, truth, hope, joy, humility, kindness, and empathy.

"Who wins...?"

"The one you feed". #Quote by MK Asante
Othello Inferiority quotes by Sally Rooney
#25. All Connell's classmates have identical accents and carry the same size MacBook under their arms. In seminars they express their opinions passionately and conduct impromptu debates. Unable to form such straightforward views or express them with any force, Connell initially felt a sense of crushing inferiority to his fellow students, as if he had upgraded himself accidentally to an intellectual level far above his own, where he had to strain to make sense of the most basic premises. He did gradually start to wonder why all their classroom discussions were so abstract and lacking in textual detail, and eventually he realized that most people were not actually doing the reading. They were coming into college every day to have heated debate about books they had no read. He understand now that his classmates are not like him. It's easy for them to have opinions, and to express them with confidence. They don't worry about appearing ignorant or conceited. They are not stupid people, but they're not so much smarter than him either. They just move through the world in a different way, and he'll probably never really understand them, and he knows they will never understand him, or even try. #Quote by Sally Rooney
Othello Inferiority quotes by Maya Angelou
#26. The humorless puzzle of inequality and hate. His experience raised the question of worth and values, of aggressive inferiority and aggressive arrogance. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Othello Inferiority quotes by Anne-Therese De Marguenat De Courcelles
#27. We like to know the weakness of eminent persons; it consoles us for our inferiority. #Quote by Anne-Therese De Marguenat De Courcelles
Othello Inferiority quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#28. The first principle is that nobody should be ashamed of thinking a thing funny because it is foreign; the second is that he should be ashamed of thinking it wrong because it is funny. The reaction of his senses and superficial habits of mind against something new, and to him abnormal, is a perfectly healthy reaction. But the mind which imagines that mere unfamiliarity can possibly prove anything about inferiority is a very inadequate mind. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Othello Inferiority quotes by Herman Melville
#29. In man or fish, wriggling is a sign of inferiority. #Quote by Herman Melville
Othello Inferiority quotes by Maya Angelou
#30. Some entertainers have tried to make art of coarseness, but in their public crudeness they have merely revealed their own vast senses of personal inferiority. When they heap mud upon themselves and allow their tongues to wag with vulgarity, they expose their belief that they are not worth loving and in fact are unlovable. When we as an audience indulge then in their profanity, we are like the audience at the Roman Colosseum being thrilled as the raging lions kill the unarmed Christians. We not only participate in the humiliation of the entertainers, but we are brought low by sharing in the obscenity. We need to have the courage to say obesity is not funny and vulgarity is not amusing. Insolent children and submissive parents are not the characters we want to admire and emulate. Flippancy and sarcasm are not qualities which we need to include in our daily conversations. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Othello Inferiority quotes by Alcoholics Anonymous
#31. Definition of an alcoholic is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex #Quote by Alcoholics Anonymous
Othello Inferiority quotes by James Hillman
#32. We are human less by virtue of our ideal goals than by the vice of our inferiority. #Quote by James Hillman

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