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On Music quotes by Jimi Hendrix
#1. Definitely, and it's getting more spiritual. Pretty soon I believe people will have to rely on music to get some kind of peace of mind, or satisfaction, or direction, actually. More so than politics, the big ego scene. You know it's an art of words ... Meaning nothing. Therefore you will have to get an earthier substance, like music or the arts. #Quote by Jimi Hendrix
On Music quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#2. They sat in the little diningroom and ate. She'd put on music, a violin concerto. The phone didnt ring.
Did you take it off the hook?
No, she said.
Wires must be down.
She smiled. I think it's just the snow. I think it makes people stop and think.
Bell nodded. I hope it comes a blizzard then.
Do you remember the last time it snowed here?
No, I cant say as I do. Do you?
Yes I do.
When was it.
It'll come to you.
She smiled. They ate. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
On Music quotes by DJ Shadow
#3. I'm trying to satirize what it's like to be a recording artist in 2011. I realize that standing on a soap box and ranting and raving about my opinions on the digital age and its effect on music is only going to get you so far. #Quote by DJ Shadow
On Music quotes by Nathan East
#4. I'll be forever grateful to this instrument for being the surfboard that I rode the wave of life on #Quote by Nathan East
On Music quotes by David Guetta
#5. I am trying to walk a tightrope; trying to keep the DJ community happy while trying to spread the message about dance music to more people. That is the mission that I am on. #Quote by David Guetta
On Music quotes by Tara Strong
#6. We all sit in front of our mics and our scripts lay on music stands. Then the silliness begins! #Quote by Tara Strong
On Music quotes by Brad Delson
#7. The biggest misconception about us is that we're just a rock band. We think our music is a cross-section of many genres; a hybrid of what the six of us have grown up on. #Quote by Brad Delson
On Music quotes by Chris Isaak
#8. I put on music and I'm washing my car. And I put on music if you have somebody and you're trying to make love. You put that on in the background and you go, maybe this will be romantic. #Quote by Chris Isaak
On Music quotes by Iron & Wine
#9. I'm one of those people who sort of feeds on music. #Quote by Iron & Wine
On Music quotes by Alex Kapranos
#10. I didn't grasp the basic principle of being a promoter, which was: Put on music but also generate an income. I was on the dole most of the time. #Quote by Alex Kapranos
On Music quotes by Hans-Peter Lindstrom
#11. Sometimes it's a struggle to make everything work. I usually work on music from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon. Then there are the family activities. Then I work again at night - from nine to as late as two. #Quote by Hans-Peter Lindstrom
On Music quotes by Mick Hucknall
#12. Maybe Simon Cowell for his effect on music. I call him Slimy Cowpat. #Quote by Mick Hucknall
On Music quotes by Tori Amos
#13. Girls you've gotta know when it's time to turn the page. #Quote by Tori Amos
On Music quotes by Bill Orcutt
#14. I definitely have a different perspective on music in general. But once I actually have a guitar in my hands, I think I disappear into the same black hole that I was disappearing into when I was 15. #Quote by Bill Orcutt
On Music quotes by Tessa Dare
#15. You're not beneath me. I'd never think that."

Yes, you are beneath her, he reminded himself, bracing against the forbidden bliss coursing through his veins. And don't dare imagine you'll ever be atop her. Or curled behind her. Or buried deep inside her while she -

Bloody hell. The fact that he could even think such a thing. He was crude, disgusting. So undeserving of even this slight caress. Her gesture was made out of guilt, offered in apology. If he took advantage, he would be a devil.

He knew all this.

But he flexed his arms anyway, drawing her close.

"You're worried you've hurt my feelings," he murmured.

She nodded, just a little.

"I don't have those."

"I forgot."

Amazing. He marveled at her foolishness. After all he'd said to her, she would worry about him? Within this small, slight woman lived so much untapped affection, she couldn't help but squander it on music pupils and mongrel dogs and undeserving brutes. What was it like, he wondered, to live with that bright, glowing star in her chest? How did she survive it?

If he kissed her deeply enough and held her tight - would some of its warmth transfer to him? #Quote by Tessa Dare
On Music quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
#16. We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on. #Quote by Jon Bon Jovi
On Music quotes by Robert Palmer
#17. My access to music when I was growing up was through pirate radio, you know, transistor radio under the pillow, listening to one more and then 'just one more' until your favourite track comes on. #Quote by Robert Palmer
On Music quotes by Anton Yelchin
#18. My playing music is strictly for fun. When I was in a band, I was really excited to talk about it since I had never really played music to that extent. It was never meant as something I would consider as anything more than having fun with my friends. But I think I would enjoy writing music for the movies that I'm working on. #Quote by Anton Yelchin
On Music quotes by Isao Tomita
#19. I began seriously concentrating on music study after I entered senior high school. I went to a class in the arts section at the YMCA and learned music theory and composition. Today, there are many classes like this available, but this was not so much the case in those days. #Quote by Isao Tomita
On Music quotes by Joaquin Phoenix
#20. I've worked with a lot of people on music and often times those things don't work out. #Quote by Joaquin Phoenix
On Music quotes by Hoodie Allen
#21. I get to focus on something I love to do 24-hours a day rather than trying to squeeze it in between midterms, or even during my normal workday. When I was at Google it was like you wake up at 7 and then you get home by 7 and you start your second job of music. So now I get to focus all my efforts on music, travel and play shows and do all of this stuff. That's the difference - That's all my life is, all day. #Quote by Hoodie Allen
On Music quotes by Jamie Foxx
#22. If I'm in the studio, I'm completely on music. I try to go to that place and that's the toughest thing for me to do. When I'm with other musicians, sometimes I go back to, almost like, childhood, because that's what I always wanted to be. #Quote by Jamie Foxx
On Music quotes by Snoop Dogg
#23. I just change with the times. I really don't have a say in what's going on. Music was here before me. #Quote by Snoop Dogg
On Music quotes by Kanye West
#24. I spent 80% of my time working on this, and 20% of my time working on music. Why do you think the song 'Niggas in Paris' is called 'Niggas in Paris?' 'Cause niggas was in Paris! #Quote by Kanye West
On Music quotes by Marie-Helene Bertino
#25. If there were a race among all artists to the human heart, my money would be on music to win. It knows a shortcut. #Quote by Marie-Helene Bertino
On Music quotes by Pat Metheny
#26. I love playing and working on music. It is something that I feel really lucky to be able to spend my life doing. And I don't sleep much! #Quote by Pat Metheny
On Music quotes by Moby
#27. How do I transform pain. I guess the number one way in which I do that is by working on music, but also it can be anything from just talking about it with other people or doing kickboxing or meditating or running around with dogs. Or just simply trying to sit with it and be mindful and be aware of it. #Quote by Moby
On Music quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#28. Hey, I heard this great song," he said. Gansey tried to tune out the sound of a raven horking down a hot dog. "Want a listen?"

Gansey and Ronan rarely agreed on music, but Gansey shrugged an agreement.

Removing his headphones from his neck, Ronan placed them on Gansey´s ears - they smelled a little dusty and birdy from proximity to Chainsaw.

Sound came through the headphones: "Squash one, squash tw -"

Gansey tore them off as Ronan dissolved into manic laughter, which Chainsaw echoed, flapping her wings, both of them terrible and amused.

"You bastard," Gansey said savagely. "You bastard. You betrayed my trust. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
On Music quotes by Cecile McLorin Salvant
#29. I just became obsessed with looking for new singers, unknown singers, people that maybe have been forgotten, and really checking them out and analyzing what they do - and obsessive listening. I think that's the core of my work on music - has been just listening to things and listening to singers. #Quote by Cecile McLorin Salvant
On Music quotes by Moby
#30. When I do have time to work on music, I'm kind of selfish, and would rather work on my own stuff than someone else's. #Quote by Moby
On Music quotes by Vanilla Ice
#31. Not everyone agrees on music. Some people like rap, some like country - it's all an opinion. F the critics. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
On Music quotes by Ziggy Marley
#32. I don't care if it hurts, I'm tired of lies and all these games, I've reached a point in life, and no longer can I be this way, don't come crying to me, I too have shed my share of tears. I'm moving on, yes I'm grooving on. #Quote by Ziggy Marley
On Music quotes by Candice Accola
#33. I love spin classes. I'm also very big on music, so I make a mix on my iPod that's 45 minutes to an hour long of music that pumps me up so I know how much time I've been at the gym without looking at the clock. Put your favorite songs towards the end of the mix, so this way you keep going until you hear your favorite song. #Quote by Candice Accola
On Music quotes by Eric Lewis
#34. People are used to seeing kids jump around. You know, the target audience, the audience that's spending money on music, like rock and hip-hop - they're used to seeing people get really physically involved in their music. #Quote by Eric Lewis
On Music quotes by Keiynan Lonsdale
#35. I've had down periods in the past few years where I haven't been writing or working on music, and during that time something always felt like it was missing, but when I bring it back into the equation, everything in my life makes sense again. As corny as that sounds. #Quote by Keiynan Lonsdale
On Music quotes by Ariel Rechtshaid
#36. I was never in the business of trying to put my name out there - I was really focused on music and records and being in the studio. #Quote by Ariel Rechtshaid
On Music quotes by Will Oldham
#37. If I give a little hint or clue as to where my voice could be going, that would [be] read. Because people can listen closely, you know, you can sit with headphones or you just concentrate on music, you can just hear, sometimes, the desires of the voice itself. #Quote by Will Oldham
On Music quotes by Vanilla Ice
#38. What makes critics dictate what is cool and what is not. What gives them the pass to say that their opinion on music or movies or anything is what should be cool and what shouldn't. I don't think it should be up to one person. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
On Music quotes by Jarod Kintz
#39. Some people read books on musicians, while I read music books. Not books on music, but literally books full of sheet music. Fascinating reading. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
On Music quotes by Kim Dickens
#40. I'm a country girl; I like country music. That's what my car radio is on. #Quote by Kim Dickens
On Music quotes by John Lydon
#41. You need the past as a guideline. The history of music is a good basis, but to escape that stuff, that tortuous rulebook, you have to learn it first. It's kind of like religion - once you've written the Bible, that's it, move on. #Quote by John Lydon
On Music quotes by Enya
#42. I always felt that the music sells by itself. The music has always been the successful aspect on my career, and that means that, to me, I can always still stay very focused on music. #Quote by Enya
On Music quotes by Nauman Khan
#43. they say every living thing requires proper nutrition to survive, they also say music is food for the soul, if that was true i would hav been long dead, hence proved that the soul which survive on music is not a soul but a desire and desires don't die until killed, we should be concerned about the soul which will be held accountable after our deaths, we should make sure our soul is not on dieting now a days #Quote by Nauman Khan
On Music quotes by Andrea Bocelli
#44. Music is an art that goes well beyond science. Proof can be found in the huge amount of studies that have been carried out throughout the world based on music-therapy and the important results achieved. #Quote by Andrea Bocelli
On Music quotes by Jack Tatum
#45. I was just working on music and reading. It was relaxing. I would just stay up so late for no reason because I was bored. #Quote by Jack Tatum
On Music quotes by Malcolm McLaren
#46. Punk's influence on music, movies, art, design and fashion is no longer in doubt. It is used as the measurement for what is cool. #Quote by Malcolm McLaren
On Music quotes by Sandra Bullock
#47. I rely on music heavily, just in life and in my work. #Quote by Sandra Bullock
On Music quotes by Gary Numan
#48. I would never take part in one of those Eighties nostalgia tours, although I've been asked many times, because it's like admitting you have nothing new to offer. As long as I can keep making music I'm happy with, and people want to come to my gigs to hear it, I'll carry on. #Quote by Gary Numan
On Music quotes by Andre Gedalge
#49. Critics make pipi on music and think they help it grow. #Quote by Andre Gedalge
On Music quotes by James Richardson
#50. On Writing: Aphorisms and Ten-Second Essays

1. A beginning ends what an end begins.

2. The despair of the blank page: it is so full.

3. In the head Art's not democratic. I wait a long time to be a writer good enough even for myself.

4. The best time is stolen time.

5. All work is the avoidance of harder work.

6. When I am trying to write I turn on music so I can hear what is keeping me from hearing.

7. I envy music for being beyond words. But then, every word is beyond music.

8. Why would we write if we'd already heard what we wanted to hear?

9. The poem in the quarterly is sure to fail within two lines: flaccid, rhythmless, hopelessly dutiful. But I read poets from strange languages with freedom and pleasure because I can believe in all that has been lost in translation. Though all works, all acts, all languages are already translation.

10. Writer: how books read each other.

11. Idolaters of the great need to believe that what they love cannot fail them, adorers of camp, kitsch, trash that they cannot fail what they love.

12. If I didn't spend so much time writing, I'd know a lot more. But I wouldn't know anything.

13. If you're Larkin or Bishop, one book a decade is enough. If you're not? More than enough.

14. Writing is like washing windows in the sun. With every attempt to perfect clarity you make a new smear.
#Quote by James Richardson
On Music quotes by George Harrison
#51. I'll give up this sort of touring madness certainly, but music-everything is based on music. No, I'll never stop my music. #Quote by George Harrison
On Music quotes by Rebecca Donovan
#52. Emma and I exchanged a glance, very aware that they were not going to sleep. And just to make it obvious, Sara leaned over the railing at the top of the stairs and said, You may want to put on music, or the TV, and turn it up. #Quote by Rebecca Donovan
On Music quotes by Claire Messud
#53. But the shadow settled on them, obliquely, and was shuffled off only when Danielle rose to put on music, a Spanish soprano singing Cantaloube, her pure, agonized strains floating, their minor harmonies wavering in the small room, as if to remind them both that beauty and loss were inseparably entwined. #Quote by Claire Messud
On Music quotes by Austin Carlile
#54. I think that the people who put caps and the people who put genres on music are the people who are killing our music industry. #Quote by Austin Carlile
On Music quotes by Britt Daniel
#55. Usually, whenever my mom would come over I would try and put on music that I thought she would like just to make her feel more at ease. #Quote by Britt Daniel
On Music quotes by Steve Winwood
#56. Punk was more based on social change than on music, so it didn't bother me too much. It wasn't really a musical threat. #Quote by Steve Winwood
On Music quotes by IO Tillett Wright
#57. We are neurologically hardwired to seek out people like ourselves. We start forming cliques as soon as we're old enough to know what acceptance feels like. We bond together based on anything that we can - music preference, race, gender, the block that we grew up on. #Quote by IO Tillett Wright
On Music quotes by Theophilus London
#58. I always tell myself, 'When I'm working on my record, I won't cut my hair.' I get so focused on the music that I'm not really going to the hair shop and getting cut up. I just have one thing to focus on. #Quote by Theophilus London
On Music quotes by Tom Morello
#59. We offer a stark contrast to the bland escapism that chokes the charts, #Quote by Tom Morello
On Music quotes by Nik A. Ramli
#60. Donna Summer... Is a singing sensation who brings joy to all music lovers, a gifted individual and major figure in the entertainment world whose colourful melodies and tales stay eternally in every fan's heart. #Quote by Nik A. Ramli
On Music quotes by Daniel Levitin
#61. Americans spend more money on music than on sex or prescription drugs #Quote by Daniel Levitin
On Music quotes by Rufus Wainwright
#62. I'd be hanging out in my bathrobe all day, stinky, just writing, and my mom allowed me to do this-as long as I was writing songs. She said, 'As long as you're seriously working on music, I'll support you. Don't get a job, because if you work, it will crush you. #Quote by Rufus Wainwright
On Music quotes by Bobby Womack
#63. I never gave up on music, and I feel like music never gave up on me. #Quote by Bobby Womack
On Music quotes by Vusi Mahlasela
#64. I want my music to be accessible to every listener because I know that I really have something to say in terms of really, you know, removing thorns from people, thorns that really makes us unaware that we are bleeding with these thorns, like pain, grief, jealousy and so on. #Quote by Vusi Mahlasela
On Music quotes by Michael Kiwanuka
#65. It's annoying when you've got a guitar and you're working on music and then you have to go and do the shopping or someone calls your mobile and you get distracted or you have to go out and do something. #Quote by Michael Kiwanuka
On Music quotes by David Levithan
#66. Taciturn, adj.
There are days you come home silent. You say words, but you're still silent. I used to bombard you with conversational crowbars, but now I simply let the apartment fall mute. I hear you in the room
turning on music, typing on the keys, getting up for a drink, shifting in your chair. I try to have my conversation with those sounds. #Quote by David Levithan
On Music quotes by Charley Pride
#67. Until MTV, television had not been a huge influence on music. To compete with MTV, the country music moguls felt they had to appeal to the same young audience and do it the way MTV did. #Quote by Charley Pride
On Music quotes by Anthony Burgess
#68. What's all this about sin, eh?'
'That,' I said, very sick. 'Using Ludwig van like that. He did no harm to anyone. Beethoven just wrote music.' And then I was really sick and they had to bring a bowl that was in the shape of like a kidney.
'Music,' said Dr. Brodsky, like musing. 'So you're keen on music. I know nothing about it myself. It's a useful emotional heightener, that's all I know. Well, well. What do you think about that, eh, Branom?'
'It can't be helped,' said Dr. Branom. 'Each man kills the thing he loves ... #Quote by Anthony Burgess
On Music quotes by Jenni Rivera
#69. My inspiration is always what I think my fans want to listen to. I often write about social problems. If I'm not going through it or I haven't gone through it, I want to make sure it touches someone. That's what I base my music on. #Quote by Jenni Rivera
On Music quotes by Volker Bertelmann
#70. I like the influence of pictures on music and the other way around. #Quote by Volker Bertelmann
On Music quotes by Hunter Hayes
#71. I've always been shy, but I see that as a good thing because it kept me focused on music. When I was in seventh grade, I asked my parents for a mobile recording system for Christmas, and I got it. I didn't come out of my room for years after that. I'd get invited to the movies and I'd say, 'I'm gonna finish a couple of demos.' #Quote by Hunter Hayes
On Music quotes by Brian Michael Bendis
#72. In the history of comics and movies and music too, it's always when things are at their bottomed-out, either creatively or financially, there's more chance-taking going on. #Quote by Brian Michael Bendis
On Music quotes by John Legend
#73. Music was my life ... It was everything to me, even though I was in school majoring in English. I was still very focused on music and always finding ways to perform, so that was what set me up to want to become a recording artist. #Quote by John Legend
On Music quotes by Girl Talk
#74. I like to give stuff away for free and play shows for cheap and not rely on music as a job. #Quote by Girl Talk
On Music quotes by Ashley Greene
#75. I think that music is a very, very powerful thing, especially when you have a movement like this [CBGB club] to shed new light on music and the power of it. #Quote by Ashley Greene
On Music quotes by Bow Wow
#76. I'm not turning my back on music anytime soon, but it's just a blessing to have options open. A lot of artists just have rap, and that's it. But once rap stops, it's hard to get into that Hollywood circle; it really is. It's a whole 'nother beast that people think they're ready for, but they're really not. #Quote by Bow Wow
On Music quotes by Jason Mraz
#77. If i were to lose my memories, I would rely on music. There is so much of my story embedded in each. #Quote by Jason Mraz
On Music quotes by Brad Paisley
#78. It's a very smart, progressive bunch, these people that make country music. They're not country hicks sitting behind a desk with a big cigar giving out record deals and driving round in Cadillacs with cattle horns on the front grille: it's a bunch of really wonderful, open-minded, great people down on Music Row that make this music. #Quote by Brad Paisley
On Music quotes by John Steinbeck
#79. When the radio was on, music has stimulated memory of times and places, complete with characters and stage sets, memories so exact that every word of dialogue is recreated. And I have projected future scenes, just as complete and convincing
scenes that will never take place. I've written short stories in my mind, chuckling at my own humor, saddened or stimulated by structure or content. #Quote by John Steinbeck
On Music quotes by Moby
#80. I honestly just love being in my studio working on music. That's all the inspiration I need. And I don't write with an end result in mind, I just write for the simple love of writing. #Quote by Moby
On Music quotes by Graham Parker
#81. My dad isn't sure how I make a living because I'm not in the newspapers or on music shows any more. The world is bigger than England, however, but for the large part, yes, people don't know who I am. What are you gonna do? Unless you're a superstar act that attracts young people because it might be their last chance to see you before you die, then it's fairly typical. I'm astonished that I have any audience at all, to be honest. #Quote by Graham Parker
On Music quotes by Alton Brown
#82. The thing that helped me get into the film business was that I went to school in Athens, Georgia and managed to get on, um, working on music videos for a band called R.E.M. and that kind of opened up a lot of doors for me. #Quote by Alton Brown
On Music quotes by Bow Wow
#83. The whole point of the game is not to stick with one thing, because when that one thing ends, then what are you going to do? For me, I have movies, '106 & Park,' music, and other things to fall back on. #Quote by Bow Wow
On Music quotes by Albert Hammond, Jr.
#84. When you put on music, just feel it; it's a different sense. I walk around with music in, and it can just change my world in seconds. #Quote by Albert Hammond, Jr.
On Music quotes by Eric Whitacre
#85. When you look back on music history, it falls into these neat periods, but of course, the period you yourself are living through seems totally scattered and chaotic. #Quote by Eric Whitacre
On Music quotes by Andrea Bocelli
#86. Losing my sight had nothing to do with my focus on music. My passion for music was already there, so it would be a mistake to give too much significance to my blindness. #Quote by Andrea Bocelli
On Music quotes by Jarod Kintz
#87. The world may be running out of water, but it isn't running low on music. Let the dancing flow! #Quote by Jarod Kintz
On Music quotes by Chaz Bundick
#88. I don't put categories on music, myself. So either people go with it or they don't, and sometimes the names sound a little silly. #Quote by Chaz Bundick
On Music quotes by John Tesh
#89. I took the ET job because I wanted to stop traveling and they said I would only work half a day. Then I could work on music the rest of the day. They put in my contract that I wouldn't work after 1 P.M. #Quote by John Tesh
On Music quotes by Moby
#90. The way I work on music is that I go into my studio, and I start playing music, and I see what happens, and ... I never think about it. #Quote by Moby
On Music quotes by Steve Reich
#91. I've learned over the years that geography is not that important, except that I seem to work better in the country than the city. I get more done. There's just less happening around me, and I have more time and concentration to work on music. #Quote by Steve Reich
On Music quotes by Robert Fripp
#92. I couldn't concentrate on music. So I made the choice to give up my career as a musician in the frontline to deal with the business. #Quote by Robert Fripp
On Music quotes by Joshua Bell
#93. I was lucky enough to have parents who started me on music very early, but most kids don't get that kind of exposure. #Quote by Joshua Bell
On Music quotes by Summer Glau
#94. Sometimes when I get home after a long day, I'll turn on music - I love Latin, disco, and pop - and do my own workout, even if it's a short one. Know a good song to work out to? 'I Will Survive.' #Quote by Summer Glau
On Music quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#95. My soul travels on the smell of perfume like the souls of other men on music. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
On Music quotes by Tove Lo
#96. I knew when I went to a very hippie high school that focused on music that I wanted to do something in the industry. #Quote by Tove Lo
On Music quotes by Ayshay
#97. When I work on music, I never think about vocalists. They're the last person I'm making music for. #Quote by Ayshay
On Music quotes by Ricky Skaggs
#98. When I came here it wasn't that I was anti-Music Row, but it was like I was going against the grain of what everybody on Music Row was doing, and that's what has made me successful. #Quote by Ricky Skaggs
On Music quotes by Caitlin Rose
#99. Growing up in Nashville, especially in a music business family, means growing up with knowledge that seems like common sense until later in life when you realize people spend thousands of dollars a semester trying to learn or pretending to learn while looking for some intern job on music row. #Quote by Caitlin Rose
On Music quotes by Moby
#100. In 1992 I was doing one of my first ever tours and I was in Heathrow airport and I saw these middle-aged musicians who had clearly been on tour for decades, and they all looked haggard and unhappy and unhealthy. I vowed to myself that I would never be that person. Flash forward 20 years and I found myself in Heathrow looking haggard and unhappy and unhealthy. I decided I would rather spend my time staying home working on music and making dinner with friends, instead of spending six months in a hotel in a state of depressing suspended adolescence. #Quote by Moby
On Music quotes by Dan Rather
#101. Music is important. It says things you heart can't say any other way, and in a language everyone speaks. Music crosses borders, turns smiles into frowns, and vice versa. These observations are shared with a hope: that, when schools cut back on music classes, they really think about what they're doing - and don't take music for granted. #Quote by Dan Rather
On Music quotes by Colson Whitehead
#102. Rap was a natural resource, might as well pay for sunlight or the very breeze or an early-morning car alarm going off. No, I spent my money on music for moping. Perfect for drifting off on the divan with a damp towel on your forehead, a minor-chord soundtrack as you moaned into reflecting pools about your elaborate miserableness. The singers were faint, androgynous ghosts, dragging their too-heavy chains across the plains of misery, the gloomy moors of discontent, in search of relief. Let's just put it out there: I liked the Smiths. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
On Music quotes by Billy Corgan
#103. The ideology of the Smashing Pumpkins was ultimately more valuable than the music of the Smashing Pumpkins. That's what critics can't put their finger on. #Quote by Billy Corgan
On Music quotes by Lou Reed
#104. Me, I've concentrated on music pretty much to the exclusion of other things. #Quote by Lou Reed
On Music quotes by Robert Fripp
#105. If the audience doesn't hear what is going on, is it going on? #Quote by Robert Fripp
On Music quotes by Jhene Aiko
#106. I had my baby around 20 and I was always working on music, but I was always working on music, but I was doing other stuff as well. #Quote by Jhene Aiko
On Music quotes by Daniel Levitin
#107. Although I don't know Paul McCartney, a mutual friend told me that Paul was reading my book, This Is Your Brain on Music, and stopped after chapter two. McCartney said he was concerned that if he learned more about how he does what he does (as far as composing music), he may not be able to do it anymore! #Quote by Daniel Levitin
On Music quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#108. I do focus my energy on music, but it's just the way that the industry works. I kind of have to take what I can get when it comes to acting and show up so they'll hire me. And music I get to do when I have time. It's not that I focus less, it's just the way it works. #Quote by Zoe Kravitz
On Music quotes by Julian Casablancas
#109. Working on music is the funnest thing for me, and I love it, and I could do it all day, all night. #Quote by Julian Casablancas
On Music quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#110. If we had had jazz, would we have survived differently? If we had known our story was a blues with a refrain running through it, would we have lifted our heads, said to each other, This is memory again and again until the living made sense? Where would we be now if we had known there was a melody to our madness? Because even though Sylvia, Angela, Gigi, and I came together like a jazz improv - half notes tentatively moving toward one another until the ensemble found its footing and the music felt like it had always been playing - we didn't have jazz to know this was who we were. We had the Top 40 music of the 1970s trying to tell our story. It never quite figured us out. #Quote by Jacqueline Woodson
On Music quotes by Sarah Grimm
#111. I don't know you, not because I didn't ask the right questions, but because you never trusted me enough to let me in. You're right about me, I want more. I want all of you. #Quote by Sarah Grimm
On Music quotes by Odilon Redon
#112. Like music my drawings transport us to the ambiguous world of the indeterminate. #Quote by Odilon Redon
On Music quotes by Gustav Holst
#113. The enormity of the universe revealed by science cannot readily be grasped by the human brain, but the music of The Planets enables the mind to acquire some comprehension of the vastness of space where rational understanding fails. #Quote by Gustav Holst
On Music quotes by Pat Conroy
#114. I loved county fairs in the South. It was hard to believe that anything could be so consistently cheap and showy and vulgar year after year. each year I thought that at least one class act would force its way into a booth or sideshow, but I was always mistaken. The lure of the fair was the perfect harmony of its joyous decadence, its burned-out dishonored vulgarity, its riot of colors and smells, its jangling, tawdry music, and its wicked glimpse into the outlaw life of hucksters, tattoo parlors, monstrous freaks, and strippers. #Quote by Pat Conroy
On Music quotes by Claude Debussy
#115. Anyone who calls my music "impressionist" is an imbecile. #Quote by Claude Debussy
On Music quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#116. We had our moment [with Marc Anthony] in the third or fourth year that we were married, when we did everything together: We did "El Cantante," we did the tour, we made all the music together, he produced my album [2007's Spanish-language "Como Ama una Mujer"]. That was a really beautiful time for us. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
On Music quotes by Michael Jackson
#117. How many victims must that be? Slaughtered in vain across the land,
And how many strugles must that be?
Before we choose to live the profits plan
Everybody sing-
Every day create your History,
Every path you take you're leaving your legacy
Every soldier dies in his glory
Every legend tells of conquest and liberty. #Quote by Michael Jackson
On Music quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#118. It swept him forward, and though the crowd grew denser with every step - his advance was checked several yards short of the stage by a wall of spike-studded leather jackets - he was now closer than he had ever been to live music, save for at his bar mitzvah. The sheer monophonic power of this sound blew away any impression those tuxed fucks had left. It was an avalanche, hurtling downhill, snapping trees and houses like tinkertoys, taking up every sound in its path and obliterating it in a white roar. As Charlie felt himself being taken up into it, totally, unable to decide whether it was good or bad - unable, even, to care. #Quote by Garth Risk Hallberg
On Music quotes by Ben Harper
#119. I grew up listening to spiritual music, Blind Willie Johnson and folk. #Quote by Ben Harper
On Music quotes by James Vincent McMorrow
#120. I didn't start playing music really until I was 18/19, so it was a relatively new thing. I didn't play much music in school. #Quote by James Vincent McMorrow
On Music quotes by Amanda Palmer
#121. Maybe we should stop asking how do we get people to pay for music, and start asking how do we let them pay for music? from Ted Talk #Quote by Amanda Palmer
On Music quotes by Jeff Tweedy
#122. Anybody who'd expend energy preventing people from hearing music seems not to understand the basic principal of making music in the first place. It's so antithetical to being a musician. #Quote by Jeff Tweedy
On Music quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#123. Dancing is my daily exercise. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
On Music quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#124. We need more math classes, we need more science. It's the art of math and the art of science that creates all the innovation, and we have a tradition of great arts, great music. #Quote by Wynton Marsalis
On Music quotes by Lewis Carroll
#125. I love the stillness of the wood;
I love the music of the rill:
I love the couch in pensive mod
Upon some silent hill.

Scarce heard, beneath yon arching trees,
The silver-crested ripples pass;
and, like a mimic brook, the breeze
Whispers among the grass.

Here from the world I win release,
Nor scorn of men, nor footstep rude,
Break into mar the holy peace
Of this great solitude.

Here may the silent tears I weep
Lull the vested spirit into rest,
As infants sob themselves to sleep
Upon a mothers breast.

But when the bitter hour is gone,
And the keen throbbing pangs are still,
Oh, sweetest then to couch alone
Upon some silent hill!

To live in joys that once have been,
To put the cold world out of sight,
And deck life's drear and barren scene
With hues of rainbow-light.

For what to man the gift of breath,
If sorrow be his lot below;
If all the day that ends in death
Be dark with clouds of woe?

Shall the poor transport of an hour
Repay long years of sore distress-
The fragrance of a lonely flower
Make glad the wilderness?

Ye golden house of life's young spring,
Of innocence, of love and truth!
Bright, beyond all imagining,
Thou fairy-dream of youth!

I'd give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life's decay, < #Quote by Lewis Carroll
On Music quotes by Hermann Hesse
#126. A melody occurs to you; you sing it silently, inwardly ... ; you steep your being in it; it takes possession of all your strength and emotions, and during the time it lives in you, it effaces all that is fortuitous, evil, coarse and sad in you; it brings the world into harmony with you, it makes burdens light and gives wings to the benumbed. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
On Music quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#127. Music. Numbers. Equations. They're not like words. They … they don't get mixed up. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
On Music quotes by You Jin
#128. The four of us got back into the car. In an instant, I distinctly heard a "soundless music". It was the melody of friendship, the sound of a perfectly tuned quartet who got together by chance, four hearts playing in harmony. #Quote by You Jin
On Music quotes by Julie Johnson
#129. There's a song for every feeling, Bee. Every tear, every smile, every heartbreak and every victory. Music ignites the soul and strips us bare. It's our very essence. Even if you have no one else to turn to and you feel all alone, remember that you can always find comfort in ballads and melodies, serenades and love songs. #Quote by Julie Johnson
On Music quotes by Brian Eno
#130. I think the idea that people walk around to music is very interesting. They are actually creating the soundtrack to their lives as they walk around to it. #Quote by Brian Eno
On Music quotes by Synyster Gates
#131. Music is a beautiful thing to listen to. It is not a thing to preach to others about, it's not a cause. It is what it is-and that's a beautiful artform. #Quote by Synyster Gates
On Music quotes by Osho
#132. To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it. #Quote by Osho
On Music quotes by Carson McCullers
#133. This was her, Mick Kelly, walking in the daytime and by herself at night. In the hot sun and in the dark with all the plans and feelings. This music was her - the real plain her ... This music did not take a long time or a short time. It did not have anything to do with time going by at all. She sat with her arms around her legs, biting her salty knee very hard. The whole world was this symphony, and there was not enough of her to listen ... Now that it was over there was only her heart beating like a rabbit and this terrible hurt. #Quote by Carson McCullers
On Music quotes by Annie Lennox
#134. If people like your music, you can't guarantee they're going to love you. #Quote by Annie Lennox
On Music quotes by Isaac Marion
#135. Music? Music is life! It's physical emotion - you can touch it! It's neon ecto-energy sucked out of spirits and switched into sound waves for your ears to swallow. Are you telling me, what, that it's boring? You don't have time for it? #Quote by Isaac Marion
On Music quotes by Ani DiFranco
#136. I don't like my language watered down, I don't like my edges rounded off. #Quote by Ani DiFranco
On Music quotes by Roald Dahl
#137. I am the maker of music, the dreamer of dreams! #Quote by Roald Dahl
On Music quotes by E. M. Forster
#138. The present flowed by them like a stream. The tree rustled. It had made music before they were born, and would continue after their deaths, but its song was of the moment. The moment had passed. The tree rustled again. Their senses were sharpened, and they seemed to apprehend life. Life passed. The tree rustled again. #Quote by E. M. Forster
On Music quotes by Girl Talk
#139. The whole basis of the music is that people have these emotional attachments to these songs - whether they love it or hate it. Being able to manipulate that is a really easy way to connect with people. #Quote by Girl Talk
On Music quotes by Martin Scorsese
#140. Popular music formed the soundtrack of my life. #Quote by Martin Scorsese
On Music quotes by Marguerite Yourcenar
#141. In the evenings the art of building gave way to that of music, which is architecture, too, though invisible. #Quote by Marguerite Yourcenar
On Music quotes by Pico Iyer
#142. If we do away with semi-colons, parentheses and much else, we will lose all music, nuance and subtlety in communication - and end up shouting at one another in block capitals. #Quote by Pico Iyer
On Music quotes by James Elroy Flecker
#143. But have you wine and music still,And statues and a bright-eyed love,And foolish thoughts of good and ill,And prayers to them who sit above? #Quote by James Elroy Flecker
On Music quotes by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
#144. I'm sure there are people who think I only do music, people who think I only do theater, and people who think I only do dramatic stuff. I do things that interest me. #Quote by Michael Lindsay-Hogg
On Music quotes by Chris Black
#145. I like keeping music in front of people. I try to sell at shows as much as I can - setting up a distro table and bringing out crates of vinyl and some CDs. That's my favorite way to sell because you're actually face-to-face with the customer. #Quote by Chris Black
On Music quotes by Igor Stravinsky
#146. Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end. #Quote by Igor Stravinsky
On Music quotes by Eve Barlow
#147. A million love songs later, we still adore the sound of nostalgia. #Quote by Eve Barlow
On Music quotes by Katey Sagal
#148. For me it's also - the music is equally as important. I mean I think as somebody who writes music, there just has to sort of be the marriage between both. #Quote by Katey Sagal
On Music quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#149. I was walking down the street with my friend and he said 'I hear music,' as though there's any other way to take it in. 'You're not special. That's how I receive it too ... I tried to taste it, but it did not work.' #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
On Music quotes by Keith Urban
#150. I'm grateful when anybody can start to have his or her limited perception of the genre open up a little bit, ... There's a lot of great music in the country genre that doesn't get heard because people say, 'Well, I don't like country. #Quote by Keith Urban
On Music quotes by Pink
#151. My favorite books, art pieces, films, and music, always have something jarring about them. #Quote by Pink
On Music quotes by Michael Torke
#152. The idea that rhythm is intrinsically human - not just primitive - that we all have hearts that beat at a steady rate and don't stop ... reminds me of life itself. In that sense my music is like certain popular music where the rhythm drives from beginning to end. #Quote by Michael Torke
On Music quotes by Greg Egan
#153. How do you know which parts of the world are you, in the polises?' 'Are there citizens in Konishi who eat music?' 'Is not having a body like falling all the time, without moving? #Quote by Greg Egan

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