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Oil In Scripture quotes by Laura Allen
#1. Massage therapists, and others in the holistic arts ... seem to be a particularly gullible bunch. And there are a lot of people who have seized upon that, and marketed their products, their classes, their modalities, and their wild claims to us ... and many of us have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker ... and unfortunately, gone on to convince our clients to buy into it, as well ... Our profession has turned into the snake oil medicine show. #Quote by Laura Allen
Oil In Scripture quotes by Anthony Carmona
#2. As much as with increased exploration new gas reserves can be found, what must be obvious to all is that our oil and gas reserves are not renewable and they are diminishing, and to protect the generations to come, we must engage in nothing short of a radical shift in the diversification of the economy. #Quote by Anthony Carmona
Oil In Scripture quotes by Yotam Ottolenghi
#3. My father always cooks more polenta than he needs for a meal. The excess he spreads on an oiled surface and chills. Next day, he cuts out chunks, fries them in olive oil and serves with salad. #Quote by Yotam Ottolenghi
Oil In Scripture quotes by N. T. Wright
#4. There are many things which are pastorally helpful in the short or medium term which are not in fact grounded on the deepest possible reading of Scripture. That is simply a testimony to the grace of God: we don't have to get everything right before anything can work! But if the church is to be built up and nurtured in Scripture it must be semper reformanda, submitting all its traditions to the Word of God. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Oil In Scripture quotes by Al Gore
#5. If you want your energy bills to go up, you should support an ever greater dependence on foreign oil, because the rate of new discoveries is declining as demand in China and India is growing, and the price of oil and thus the price of coal will go sky high. #Quote by Al Gore
Oil In Scripture quotes by Stephen Harper
#6. We want to see oil and gas regulations on a continental basis given the integrated nature of this industry, with the current conditions in the oil and gas sector, this government will not consider unilateral regulation. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Oil In Scripture quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#7. I think a lot of education has to be involved. If they would have alternative items, so that, say, for a dollar more, you can get breakfast tacos stuffed with egg whites, and olive oil, and avocado; not guacamole, because they put the salt in it. Just ask for fresh avocado slices, and you could have that. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Oil In Scripture quotes by Ann Spangler
#8. God's use of the ordinary to bring about the extraordinary is as much in evidence here in the early events of Exodus as anywhere in Scripture. His tendency to bring about his will through ordinary items, ordinary people, and ordinary events is no less at work today than it was in Jochebed's. #Quote by Ann Spangler
Oil In Scripture quotes by Stephen J. Binz
#9. There is a value in repetition. When we repeat certain phrases and even actions, like fingering prayer beads, we create a quiet rhythm within our spirits. The beating of our heart is a repetition as is the rhythm of our breathing. All of life has its rhythms, and the repetition of familiar prayers can bring our interior spirits into harmony with the Divine Heartbeat and the breathing of the Divine Christ. #Quote by Stephen J. Binz
Oil In Scripture quotes by Coleman Barks
#10. The work of the dervish community was to open the heart, to explore the mystery of union, to fiercely search for and try to say truth, and to celebrate the glory and difficulty of being in a human incarnation. To these ends, they used silence and song, poetry, meditation, stories, discourse, and jokes. They fasted and feasted. They walked together and watched the animals. Animal behavior was a kind of scripture they studied. They cooked, and they worked in the garden. They tended orchards and vineyards. #Quote by Coleman Barks
Oil In Scripture quotes by Gautama Buddha
#11. I consider the positions of kings and rulers as that of dust motes. I observe treasure of gold and gems as so many bricks
and pebbles. I look upon the finest silken robes as tattered rags. I see myriad worlds of the universe as small seeds of
fruit, and the greatest lake in India as a drop of oil on my foot. I perceive the teachings of the world to be the illusion of,
magicians. I discern the highest conception of emancipation as golden brocade in a dream, and view the holy path of the
illuminated one as flowers appearing in one's eyes. I see meditation as a pillar of a mountain, Nirvana as a nightmare of
daytime. I look upon the judgment of right and wrong as the serpentine dance of a dragon, and the rise and fall of beliefs
as but traces left by the four seasons. #Quote by Gautama Buddha
Oil In Scripture quotes by Sebastian Barry
#12. What he must have suffered, in his lovely English privacy. #Quote by Sebastian Barry
Oil In Scripture quotes by Eric Metaxas
#13. Another version of the "Prosperity Gospel" or "Name It and Claim It" teaching has to do with finding a verse in the Bible and then "claiming" that verse. Proponents of this thinking believe that God must fulfill his promise to us in whatever verse we are "claiming" because what God says in his Word, the Bible, is true, and we can trust it to be true.

So someone might pray: God, your Word says in Isaiah that by your stripes we are healed and I know you are not a liar and that your Word is true and I claim that Scripture in Jesus's name and therefore I will be healed of this stomachache!

We need to have faith in what the Bible says, but we have to be careful that we aren't trying to force God to do what we want. That is arrogance rather than humility.God loves us, but we cannot demand things of him as though our faith is in charge rather than God.

If someone believes it is our faith that heals us and forgets that it is God who does it, we should ask that person how much faith Lazarus had.

Remember, he was decomposing in a tomb when Jesus raised him from death. His faith obviously didn't matter. It was all God. It is God and God's grace that heals, not our prayers and not our "faith." Though we are exhorted by God to pray to him, we cannot compel him to do what we wish. #Quote by Eric Metaxas
Oil In Scripture quotes by Diana Palmer
#14. Pierce Hutton gave him a highly amused smile as they went over updated security information from the oil rig in the Caspian Sea.
"So you've finally decided to do something about Cecily," Peirce murmured. "It's about time. I was beginning to get used to that permanent scowl."
Tate glanced at him wryly. "I thought I was doing a great job of keeping her at arm's length. She's pregnant, now, of course," he volunteered.
The older man chuckled helplessly. "So much for keeping her at arm's length. When's the wedding?"
Tate's smile faded. "That's premature. She ran. I finally tracked her down, but now I have to convince her that I want to get married without having her think it's only because of the baby."
"I don't envy you the job," Pierce replied, his black eyes twinkling. "I had my own rocky road to marriage, if you recall."
"How's the baby these days?" he asked.
Pierce laughed with wholehearted delight. "We watch him instead of television. I never expected fatherhood to make such changes in me, in my life." He shook his head, with a faraway look claiming his eyes. "Sometimes I'm afraid it's all a dream and I'll wake up alone." He shifted, embarrassed. "You can have the time off. But who's going to handle your job while you're gone?"
"I thought I'd get you to put Colby Lane on the payroll." He held up his hand when Pierce looked thunderous. "He's stopped drinking," he hold him. "Cecily got him into therapy. He's not the man he was."
"Yo #Quote by Diana Palmer
Oil In Scripture quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#15. There's no free lunch. If you want an industrial economy, you need energy. If you want energy, it will produce pollution. You can have it in two forms. You can have it dissipated in the atmosphere - like carbon dioxide - which then you cannot recover, or you can have the waste concentrated in one small space like nuclear. That is far easier to deal with. The idea that you can be able to create renewable energy at a price anywhere near the current price for oil or gas or coal is a fantasy. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Oil In Scripture quotes by Harold B. Lee
#16. There are many who profess to be religious and speak of themselves as Christians, and, according to one such, "as accepting the scriptures only as sources of inspiration and moral truth," and then ask in their smugness: "Do the revelations of God give us a handrail to the kingdom of God, as the Lord's messenger told Lehi, or merely a compass?" #Quote by Harold B. Lee
Oil In Scripture quotes by Tom McDonough
#17. We are leading as thorough a study of 'alienation's positive pole' as of its negative pole. As a consequence of our diagnosis of the poverty of wealth, we are able to establish the world map of the extreme wealth of poverty. These speaking maps of a new topography will be in fact the first realization of 'human geography.' On them we will replace oil-deposits with the contours of layers of untapped pedestrian consciousness. #Quote by Tom McDonough
Oil In Scripture quotes by Frances Beinecke
#18. Shell Oil's decision to pull the plug on drilling for oil in the Chukchi Sea is a major victory for the Arctic. #Quote by Frances Beinecke
Oil In Scripture quotes by Bill Gates
#19. American dependence on oil has only gone up as we've gone through various crises and not invested in R&D. #Quote by Bill Gates
Oil In Scripture quotes by Francis Turretin
#20. The word "freewill" (as also "self-determining power" [autexousiou] used by the Greek Fathers) does not occur in Scripture ... I Cor 7:37 does not mean freedom of the will. #Quote by Francis Turretin
Oil In Scripture quotes by Viet Thanh Nguyen
#21. But I guess oil was to be found in every part of the world, just like anger and sorrow. #Quote by Viet Thanh Nguyen
Oil In Scripture quotes by Benjamin Rush
#22. By withholding the knowledge of [the Scriptures] from children, we deprive ourselves of the best means of awakening moral sensibility in their minds. #Quote by Benjamin Rush
Oil In Scripture quotes by Trick Daddy
#23. If I was in office, I'd get together all the chiefs and all the heads and chiefs of staffs of all the countries and explain to them like, 'This is how it's going to be. We need y'all oil and water. Y'all need our money and technology. Now, what y'all gon' do?' #Quote by Trick Daddy
Oil In Scripture quotes by David Letterman
#24. How about that oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. And you know, the oil slick is going everywhere. So the next time somebody lands on the Hudson, it won't be that big a deal. #Quote by David Letterman
Oil In Scripture quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#25. The voice of the Spirit is described in the scriptures as being neither loud nor harsh, not a voice of thunder, neither a voice of great tumultuous noise, but rather as still and small, of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper, and it can pierce even the very soul and cause the heart to burn. The Spirit does not get our attention by shouting. #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Oil In Scripture quotes by Kent Hovind
#26. Evolutionism is a religious world view that is not supported by science, Scripture, popular opinion, or common sense. The exclusive teaching of this dangerous, mind-altering philosophy in tax supported schools, parks, museums, etc. is a clear violation of the First Amendment. #Quote by Kent Hovind
Oil In Scripture quotes by Henry Flynt
#27. In classical oil painting, there seemed to be a radical turn to seeing things as the camera sees them, with that technological modification. I began to have a tremendous problem with all of this. #Quote by Henry Flynt
Oil In Scripture quotes by Les Dawson
#28. The mother-in-law had an accident at work. A hot rivet dropped down her drawers and she fell off the oil rig. #Quote by Les Dawson
Oil In Scripture quotes by Maurice Levy
#29. We all say data is the next white oil. [Owning the oil field is not as important as owning the refinery because what will make the big money is in refining the oil. Same goes with data, and making sure you extract the real value out of the data.] #Quote by Maurice Levy
Oil In Scripture quotes by Cynthia Bourgeault
#30. The Jesus Trajectory Love is recklessness, not reason. Reason seeks a profit. Loves comes on strong, consuming herself, unabashed. Yet in the midst of suffering, Love proceeds like a millstone, hard-surfaced and straight forward. Having died to self-interest, she risks everything and asks for nothing. Love gambles away every gift God bestows. The words above were written by the great Sufi mystic Jalalludin Rumi.6 But better than almost anything in Christian scripture, they closely describe the trajectory that Jesus himself followed in life. #Quote by Cynthia Bourgeault
Oil In Scripture quotes by Bobby Seale
#31. When we use the term pig, for example, we are referring to the people who systematically violate the peoples' constitutional rights- whether they be monopoly capitalists or police. The term is now being adopted by radicals, hippies, and minority peoples. Even the workers, when the pigs supported strike-breakers like they did as Union Oil where 100 local police came in a cracked strikers' heads, began to call them by their true name. #Quote by Bobby Seale
Oil In Scripture quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#32. If we got an educational program going, we could tell people, "Instead of butter, use avocado." That's something we eat, it has the good fat, and it has a good texture, and it tastes better. Just imagine if you substituted that. Or if we switched to olive oil, the extra virgin olive oil, we could still have our taquitos, but put a little oil on them and put them in the oven and bake them. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Oil In Scripture quotes by John Bunyan
#33. The preeminent job of the church is to equip Christian for life's challenges. This requires the emphasis on being fitted with tested armor. He is tutored in the Word of God. He is encouraged to rely on the Lord alone through faith in His promises and providence. He is drilled in the doctrines of salvation and is encouraged to allow these truths to work themselves deep into his soul. He is encouraged to live righteously by having within him a righteous mind soaked in Scripture and demonstrated in right living. He is taught how to pray. He is encouraged to share his faith with those who do not have peace with God.
Chapter #Quote by John Bunyan
Oil In Scripture quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#34. The task of liturgy is to order the life of the holy community following the text of Holy Scripture. It consists of two movements. First it gets us into the sanctuary, the place of adoration and attention, listening and receiving and believing before God. There is a lot involved, all the parts of our lives ordered to all aspects of the revelation of God in Jesus.

Then it gets us out of the sanctuary into the world into places of obeying and loving ordering our lives as living sacrifices in the world to the glory of God. There is a lot involved, all the parts of our lives out on the street participating in the work of salvation. #Quote by Eugene H. Peterson
Oil In Scripture quotes by Albert Mackey
#35. The Cabala may be defined to be a system of philosophy which embraces certain mystical interpretations of Scripture, and metaphysical and spiritual beings ... Much use is made of it in the advanced degrees, and entire Rites have been constructed on its principles. #Quote by Albert Mackey
Oil In Scripture quotes by Jen Pollock Michel
#36. Part of the practice of modest faith, in times of suffering, is relinquishing our right to answers. God has never promised to explain himself, but he has promised to stay near. I will never leave, he says; I will never forsake. I am the friend that sticks closer than your brother. Do not think me unmoved by your grief. These are the faithful assurances of God as we have them in Scripture, and here is even more hope available to those willing to search it out. But let's not be fooled to think that God has promised things like: it will get better, you'll soon see the purpose behind this pain, there's never more than you can handle. Often it does get better; often we do see purpose; always there is sufficient grace. But lament must practice the modest faith of finding sufficient that which God provides, even if, in seasons of great sorrow, it may not seem like enough." … #Quote by Jen Pollock Michel
Oil In Scripture quotes by Bruce Fife
#37. Coconut oil contains the most concentrated natural source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) available. Substituting coconut oil for other vegetable oils in your diet will help promote weight loss. #Quote by Bruce Fife

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