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Ogp Coin quotes by Sturgill Simpson
#1. I someday hope to find the time and coin to invest more of my creative energy towards the visual media side of releasing music. I'd love to make short film videos pushing the conventional standards of what a country music video can be. #Quote by Sturgill Simpson
Ogp Coin quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#2. Money doesn't spend in hell, Wilkes. The devil deals in a different coin. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Ogp Coin quotes by Shannon McKenna
#3. Hope and fear are two sides of the same coin ...
She didn't want to give up hope, so she was just going to have to live with the fear. #Quote by Shannon McKenna
Ogp Coin quotes by Kirsty Logan
#4. That August, Elodie Selkirk became the latest lady in Paris to order a coin-operated boy. #Quote by Kirsty Logan
Ogp Coin quotes by Gijs De Vries
#5. If you exchange information internationally, you must strengthen data protection. Those are two sides of the same coin. #Quote by Gijs De Vries
Ogp Coin quotes by Anne Bishop
#6. You hold a coin, make a wish, toss the coin in the well as a tribute to the Guides. And then if you're meant to have it, your wish will come true." Nadia sighed. "Yes, I suppose that's how most people think it works. This is how it does work. You make a wish and toss a coin in the well as a declaration of your intention to have something in your life. Then what do you do?" Lynnea shook her head to indicate that she didn't know. Nadia's voice took on the tartness of impatience. "You roll up your sleeves and you work to make it happen." "But #Quote by Anne Bishop
Ogp Coin quotes by Bernie Sanders
#7. What the Des Moines Register said - you know, there were coin - I think there were half a dozen coin flips - a fairly chaotic type situation. At the end of the day, no matter how it's recounted, it will break roughly even. I love and respect the caucus process in Iowa. See, and I don't have to say it, because they voted already. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Ogp Coin quotes by Philippa Gregory
#8. To assure someone that if enough nuns sing enough Masses then her dead child will go to heaven is trickery as low as passing a false coin as good. To buy a pardon from the pope, to force the pope to annul a marriage, to make him set aside kinship laws, to watch as he fleeces his cardinals, who charge the bishops, who rent to the priests, who seek their tithes from the poor – all these abuses would have to fall away if we agreed that a soul can come to God without any intervention. The crucifixion is the work of God. The church is the work of man. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Ogp Coin quotes by Mingmei Yip
#9. So you do healing?" "Of course. What do you think witches do? As I said, we heal, cast spells, tell fortunes, connect with nature. We celebrate life . . . and of course death as well, the other side of the coin." She downed more wine, then added, "We're women of power and we'll make you one too." Women #Quote by Mingmei Yip
Ogp Coin quotes by Charles Yu
#10. Who do you imagine you are? Imagine there's a version of you that sees all of it. A version that knows when versions are messing with the other ones, trying to get things off track, trying to erase things. A record of all the versions, partial and deleted and written over. All the changes. All truths about all parts of our self. We break ourselves up into parts. To lie to ourselves, to hide things from ourselves. You are not you. You are not what you think you are. You are bigger than you think. More complicated than you think. You are the only version of you that is you. There are less of you than you think, and more. There are a million versions of you, half a trillion. One for every particle, every quantum coin flip. Imagine this uncountable number of yous. You don't always have your own best interests at heart. It's true. You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy. . . . Only you know what you need to do. Imagine there is a perfect version of you. Out of all the oceans of oceans of you, there is exactly one who is perfectly you. And that's me. And I'm telling you that you are the only you. #Quote by Charles Yu
Ogp Coin quotes by George R R Martin
#11. You can match the queen coin for coin, I have no doubt, but she has a second purse that is quite inexhaustible. #Quote by George R R Martin
Ogp Coin quotes by Asa Don Brown
#12. I flip a cognitive coin while reading Dr. Briggs' take on life, theology, science, and the conception of human life. #Quote by Asa Don Brown
Ogp Coin quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#13. The young activist who recycles Robert F. Kennedy's line "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" has no idea he's a walking, talking cliché, a non-conformist in theory while a predictable conformist in fact. But he also has no idea he's tapping into his inner utopian....

RFK didn't coin the phrase (JFK didn't either, but he did use it first). The line actually comes from one of the worst people of the 20th century, George Bernard Shaw (admittedly he's on the B-list of worst people since he never killed anybody; he just celebrated people who did).

That much a lot of people know. But the funny part is the line comes from Shaw's play Back to Methuselah. Specifically, it's what the Serpent says to Eve in order to sell her on eating the apple and gaining a kind of immortality through sex (or something like that). Of course, Shaw's Serpent differs from the biblical serpent, because Shaw - a great rationalizer of evil - is naturally sympathetic to the serpent. Still, it's kind of hilarious that legions of Kennedy worshippers invoke this line as a pithy summation of the idealistic impulse, putting it nearly on par with Kennedy's nationalistic "Ask Not" riff, without realizing they're stealing lines from . . . the Devil.

​I don't think this means you can march into the local high school, kick open the door to the student government offices with a crucifix extende #Quote by Jonah Goldberg
Ogp Coin quotes by Collier Nogues
#14. Then I grew
into my ugly,
said plenty,

dropping quarters
at the coin laundry.
The sound of water

turning over water
was a comfort,
the sound of someone

else's things. #Quote by Collier Nogues
Ogp Coin quotes by George R R Martin
#15. A man who fights for coin is loyal only to his purse. #Quote by George R R Martin
Ogp Coin quotes by Alex Rocco
#16. I had to get out of the Boston area, so I flipped a coin and said, 'Heads - Miami, tails - California. I was in my mid-20s and came out here with no training. Acting wasn't even in my mind. #Quote by Alex Rocco
Ogp Coin quotes by Zeyn Joukhadar
#17. She had thought the open sea would be flat, like a mirror or a coin. But it had colors and shapes, turning green or black under approaching storm. Sometimes it was red and purple and silver and white gold. It had sharp hedges. It had its tempers, its blue spells, its fits of laughter #Quote by Zeyn Joukhadar
Ogp Coin quotes by Frank Herbert
#18. The Fremen! They're paying the Guild for privacy, paying in a coin that's freely available to anyone with desert power - spice. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Ogp Coin quotes by Steve Jobs
#19. Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there's another side to the coin, and you can't remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important - creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Ogp Coin quotes by Suzanne Collins
#20. They'll probably punish you," I say. "Already have." He holds up his wrist. I stare at it uncomprehendingly. "Coin took back my communicuff." I bite my lip, trying to remain serious. But it seems so ridiculous. "I'm sorry, Soldier Gale Hawthorne." "Don't be, Soldier Katniss Everdeen." He grins. "I felt like a jerk walking around with it anyway." We both start laughing. "I think it was quite a demotion." This #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Ogp Coin quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#21. Every one ought to study the Bible with two ends in view: his own growth in knowledge and grace, and passing it on to others. We ought to have four ears,- two for ourselves, and two for other people. My Bible is worth a good deal to me because I have so many passages marked that, if I am called upon to speak at any time, I am ready. We ought to be prepared to pass around heavenly thoughts and truths, just as we do the coin of the realm. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
Ogp Coin quotes by Nicky Singer
#22. You can change things by looking," Papa said.

He showed me this with a coin.

"Look at it this way," Papa said, showing me the round, flat side of the coin, the one with the king's head on. "Easy to see immediately what this thing is. It's a coin! No doubt about it. But look at it this way," and he moved the coin end-on, so it seemed a thin strip of grooved silver. "Not so easy now, is it? Remember, Mhairi, things don't always come with labels on. #Quote by Nicky Singer
Ogp Coin quotes by Paul Isaacs
#23. In the context of the autism world (and my outlook in general) this is were I stand equality is for everyone, everybody in the world - I look at both sides of the the coin and take into account peoples realities (that makes me neutral/moderate/in the middle).
That means that you look in a more three dimensional perspective of peoples diverse realities you cannot speak for all but one can learn from EACH OTHER through listening and experiencing.
I also try my best to live with the good cards I was given not over-investing in my autism being the defining factor of my being (but having a healthy acknowledgement of it) that it's there but also thinking about other qualities I have such as being a writer, poet and artist.
I do have disability, I do have autism and I have a "mild" learning disability that is true but I a human being first and foremost. And for someone to be seen as person equal to everyone else is a basic human right. #Quote by Paul Isaacs
Ogp Coin quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#24. I have seen people paralyze their entire existence around that greatest of mysteries, shaping their every movement, their every word, in a desperate attempt to find the answers to the unanswerable. They fool themselves, either through their interpretations of ancient texts or through some obscure sign from a natural event, into believing that they have found the ultimate truth, and thus, if they behave accordingly concerning that truth, they will surely be rewarded in the afterlife. This must be the greatest manifestation of that fear of death, the errant belief that we can somehow shape and decorate eternity itself, that we can curtain its windows and place its furniture in accordance with our own desperate desires.

Perhaps the greatest evil I see in this existence is when supposedly holy men prey upon the basic fears of death of the common folk to take from them. 'Give to the church!' they cry. 'Only then will you find salvation!'. Even more subtle are the many religions that do not directly ask for a person's coin, but insist that anyone of goodly and godly heart who is destined for their particular description of heaven, would willingly give that coin over.

And of course, the world is ripe with 'Doomsdayers'. people who claim that the end of the world is at hand, and cry for repentance and for almost slavish dedication.

I can only look on it all and sigh, for as death is the greatest mystery, so it is the most personal of revelations. W #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
Ogp Coin quotes by Seth Godin
#25. The combination of fear and ignorance (two sides of the same coin) can be paralyzing. #Quote by Seth Godin
Ogp Coin quotes by Angelo Tsanatelis
#26. -Cheap? I could have bought a whole pig
with that coin jester.
-Exactly my Lord. And while some may eat a mule, no one can ride a pig. #Quote by Angelo Tsanatelis
Ogp Coin quotes by Angelo Tsanatelis
#27. Mister if you want more to join,' She said half-choked 'you'll have to put in the coin. #Quote by Angelo Tsanatelis
Ogp Coin quotes by Ferdinand Marcos
#28. Leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone. #Quote by Ferdinand Marcos
Ogp Coin quotes by Jill Shalvis
#29. Let me Guess-you lost the coin toss with Dell, which left you stuck with me. Only you don't know how to tell me this because you're a penis-carrying human and can't figure out how to communicate with a mere vagina. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Ogp Coin quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#30. The available supply of gold and silver being wholly inadequate to permit the issuance of coins of intrinsic value or paper currency convertible into coin of intrinsic value or paper currency convertible into coin in the volume required to serve the needs of the People, some other basis for the issue of currency must be developed, and some means other than that of convertibility into coin must be developed to prevent undue fluctuation in the value of paper currency or any other substitute for money intrinsic value that may come into use. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Ogp Coin quotes by Alice Hoffman
#31. The Essenes forbade idols, as we did, but they were far stricter in their practices and would not even touch a coin with an imprint upon it. They believed no man should be king. Still they would not lift up arms or fight their oppressors. We were in the hands of Adonai, they insisted, therefore arrows and spears were meaningless. There were children of darkness and children of light and the true battle on earth was to remain in the light and praise the one who knows all, Elohim. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Ogp Coin quotes by Ivan Goncharov
#32. All at once he found his mind drawing a parallel between that destiny and his own existence; all at once questions of life arose before his vision, like owls in an ancient ruin flushed from sleep by a stray ray of sunlight. Somehow he felt pained and grieved at his arrested development, at the check which had taken place in his moral growth, at the weight which appeared to be pressing upon his every faculty. Also gnawing at his heart there was a sense of envy that others should be living a life so full and free, while all the time the narrow, pitiful little pathway of his own existence was being blocked by a great boulder. And in his hesitating soul there arose a torturing consciousness that many sides of his nature had never yet been stirred, that others had never even been touched, and that not one of them had attained complete formation. Yet with this there went an aching suspicion that, buried in his being, as in a tomb, there still remained a moribund element of sweetness and light, and that it was an element which, though hidden in his personality, as a nugget lies lurking in the bowels of the earth, might once have become minted into sterling coin. But the treasure was now overlaid with rubbish--was now thickly littered over with dust. 'Twas as though some one had stolen from him, and besmirched, the store of gifts with which life and the world had dowered him; so that always he would be prevented from entering life's field and sailing across it with the aid of intelle #Quote by Ivan Goncharov
Ogp Coin quotes by Diana Palmer
#33. We come from seed," he told his son, smiling. "We grow up, blossom, and produce fruit. Then the fruit dries and goes into the ground to make the next crop. The old plant doesn't die so much as it gives itself to the soil to nurture the new plant. Since energy is neither created nor destroyed, only altered, dying is the other face on the coin of life. Nothing to be afraid of, really. After all, my boy, we all pass from this plane into another. It's inevitable, like the rainbow after the storm. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Ogp Coin quotes by Thea Harrison
#34. Liam couldn't stand it any longer. He wriggled to get out of Mommy's arms. As she bent to let him go, he scrambled over to the suitcase as fast as he could and dove into the gold coins. Picking up one coin after the other, he stared at them in complete fascination. Feeling giddy, he rolled around him. These were the best toys ever. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Ogp Coin quotes by Hafsah Faizal
#35. When I think of war, I see blood. Pain and suffering. Nothing good comes from war.
But there is good. There will be an outcome. One side will find peace, solace. While the other will end in bitter loss.
There are two sides to the coin of war. #Quote by Hafsah Faizal
Ogp Coin quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#36. By seeing the multitude of people around it, by being busied with all sorts of worldly affairs, by being wise to the ways of the world, such a person forgets himself, in a divine sense forgets his own name, dares not believe in himself, finds being himself too risky, finds it much easier and safer to be like the others, to become a copy, a number, along with the crowd.
Now this form of despair goes practically unnoticed in the world. Precisely by losing oneself in this way, such a person gains all that is required for a flawless performance in everyday life, yes, for making a great success out of life. Here there is no dragging of the feet, no difficulty with his self and its infinitizing, he is ground smooth as a pebble, as exchangeable as a coin of the realm. Far from anyone thinking him to be in despair, he is just what a human being ought to be. Naturally, the world has generally no understanding of what is truly horrifying. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Ogp Coin quotes by George Sand
#37. Faith is an excitement and an enthusiasm: it is a condition of intellectual magnificence to which we must cling as to a treasure, and not squander on our way through life in the small coin of empty words, or in exact and priggish argument. #Quote by George Sand
Ogp Coin quotes by Two-Face
#38. Shall we flip a coin?
Shall we? #Quote by Two-Face
Ogp Coin quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#39. Julius rose to his feet. The towel dropped, showering cut brown hair over Monna Alessandra's elegant tiles. His hair, finely tailored, clung to a thick-boned face with slanting eyes and a blunt profile which would have looked well on a coin. Tobie, who had almost no hair, gazed at him sadly. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Ogp Coin quotes by David Lodge
#40. Any language is necessarily a finite system applied with different degrees of creativity to an infinite variety of situations, and most of the words and phrases we use are "prefabricated" in the sense that we don't coin new ones every time we speak. #Quote by David Lodge
Ogp Coin quotes by Ernst Junger
#41. How can one explain this trend towards a more colorless and shallow life? Well, the work was easier, if less healthy, and it brought in more money, more leisure, and perhaps more entertainment. A day in the country is long and hard. And yet the fruits of their present life were worthless compared to a single coin of their former life: a rest in the evening and a rural festivity. That they no longer knew the old kind of happiness was obvious from the discontentment which spread over their features. Soon dissatisfaction, prevailing over all their other moods, became their religion. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Ogp Coin quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#42. The notion that the mind and body are actually different sides of the same coin goes all the way back to the origins of medicine. For most of its history, the practice was not separated from other aspects of human activity. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Ogp Coin quotes by Ashwin Sanghi
#43. Vish, the creator; and Shiv, the destroyer, are simply two faces of the very same coin. #Quote by Ashwin Sanghi
Ogp Coin quotes by Jay Griffiths
#44. My brothers and I spent weeks with our grandparents by the sea where we learned so much more than it may have seemed. Not because we saw an actual shipwreck but because we saw the potential for it. Not because we actually found treasure but because we could feel the immanence of treasure at every seashore... We fished for wishes and caught them; we swam to find mermaids and became them; and we dived for pearls and returned with a stick, a bit of litter, a coin or the makings of a joke. Pearls, in other words. We learned about tides and chance, storms and sun, the vicissitudes of what is lost and found, flotsam and jetsam, castaway luck, islands, sea-songs, rings, riddles and pledges. (page 47) #Quote by Jay Griffiths
Ogp Coin quotes by Leah Wilson
#45. Suzanne Collins could have chosen to give us Coin as president, an example of a continuous pattern, mistakes just waiting to be made again. Instead she gives us a song. And children. And though "they play on a graveyard" (Mockingjay), the important thing is that they are free to play. #Quote by Leah Wilson
Ogp Coin quotes by William Morris Davis
#46. It is the relationship between the physical environment and the environed organism, between physiography and ontography (to coin a term), that constitutes the essential principles of geography today. #Quote by William Morris Davis

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