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Oeste In English quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#1. Most English-speaking people, for instance, will admit that cellar door is 'beautiful', especially if dissociated from its sense (and its spelling). More beautiful than, say, sky, and far more beautiful than beautiful. Well then, in Welsh for me cellar doors are extraordinarily frequent. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Oeste In English quotes by Kiley Reid
#2. There were moments like this that Alix tried to breeze over, but they got stuck somewhere between her heart and ears. She knew Emira had gone to college. She knew Emira had majored in English. But sometimes, after seeing her paused songs with titles like "Dope Bitch" and "Y'all Already Know," then hearing her use words like connoisseur, Alix was filled with feelings that went from confused and highly impressed to low and guilty in response to the first reaction. There was no reason for Emira to be unfamiliar with this word. And there was no reason for Alix to be impressed. #Quote by Kiley Reid
Oeste In English quotes by Taylor Swift
#3. I would read the Shel Silverstein poems, Dr. Seuss, and I noticed early on that poetry was something that just stuck in my head and I was replaying those rhymes and try to think of my own. In English, the only thing I wanted to do was poetry and all the other kids were like, "Oh, man. We have to write poems again?" and I would have a three-page long poem. I won a national poetry contest when I was in fourth grade for a poem called "Monster In My Closet. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Oeste In English quotes by Alyson Stoner
#4. What's great is we actually have friends who belong or have previously belonged to the Amish community, so we got first hand stories and I was able to talk with them about visitors and visiting the Amish country. It was very enlightening to think this is very much going on as we speak. What was really interesting was that the upcoming Amish generation is actually closer to average American teenager in their use of the English language because of the use of technology. #Quote by Alyson Stoner
Oeste In English quotes by Erin McKean
#5. What I'm interested in is how people are reading and writing English. #Quote by Erin McKean
Oeste In English quotes by James Russell Lowell
#6. These pearls of thought in Persian gulfs were bred, Each softly lucent as a rounded moon; The diver Omar plucked them from their bed, Fitzgerald strung them on an English thread. #Quote by James Russell Lowell
Oeste In English quotes by Kate Winslet
#7. After Titanic it would have been completely foolish for me to go and try and top that. I'm an English girl, I've always loved England, I've never felt the desire to leave it for any particular reason. And whilst I'm ambitious and care very much about what I do, I'm not competitive. I also don't want to act every day of my life. () So it was important to me after Titanic to just remind myself of why it was that I was acting in the first place, which is of course because I love it. #Quote by Kate Winslet
Oeste In English quotes by Tony Kornheiser
#8. Where is it written in the Constitution that because a guy played football, he has the automatic right to sit in that booth? How hard is football? If I've spent thirty-five years as a sportswriter, you think I don't know you get six for a touchdown? You think I don't know that? You think I don't know you get three for a field goal? C'mon, c'mon. And I can actually speak English okay, so that would be a difference between me and a guy who spent his whole life playing football. Now, not all of them are like that, but it's that thinking that says, "We have divine right of booth." No, you don't. No you don't. #Quote by Tony Kornheiser
Oeste In English quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#9. By the time they reached Calais he was in tearing spirits. Once on board he had a small Scotch and pacing the deck watched with satisfaction the waves that Britannia traditionally rules. It was grand to see the white cliffs of Dover. He gave a sigh of relief when he stepped on the stubborn English soil. He felt as though he had been away for ages. It was a treat to hear the voices of the English porters, and he laughed at the threatening uncouthness of the English customs officials who treated you as though you were a confirmed criminal. In another two hours he would be home again. That's what his father always said: "There's only one thing I like better than getting out of England, and that's getting back to it." Already #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Oeste In English quotes by Calvin Trillin
#10. I'm in favor of liberalizing immigration because of the effect it would have on restaurants. I'd let just about everybody in except the English. #Quote by Calvin Trillin
Oeste In English quotes by J. Sidlow Baxter
#11. Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the age."

Note the "I Am." In the Greek it is the strongest possible form of expression – Ego Eimi. Both ego and eimi mean "I am" but the former puts the emphasis on the "I" while the latter puts it on the "am." Taken together they are the strongest Greek form to express the name of God as the great "I AM." That is how the risen Christ here refers to Himself. "Lo, I AM with you!" But there is a lovely feature in the Greek construction here which does not reveal itself in our English translation. It reads like this:

"And lo, I with you AM…"

You and I dear fellow believer, are in between the "I" and the "AM." He is not only with us, He is all around us. Not only now and then, but "always" which literally translated is, "all the days" … this day, this hour, this moment. Why, when we reflect on it, were not our Lord's sudden appearings & disappearings during the 40 days between His resurrection and His ascension meant to teach those early disciples (and ourselves) this very thing, that even when He is invisible He is none the less present, hearing, watching, knowing, sympathizing, overruling? Let us never forget that the special promise of His presence is given in connection with our going forth as winners of others to Him. #Quote by J. Sidlow Baxter
Oeste In English quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#12. Asian children can perform basic functions, such as addition, far more easily. Ask an English-speaking seven-year-old to add thirty-seven plus twenty-two in her head, and she has to convert the words to numbers (37 + 22). Only then can she do the math: 2 plus 7 is 9 and 30 and 20 is 50, which makes 59. Ask an Asian child to add three-tens-seven and two-tens-two, and then the necessary equation is right there, embedded in the sentence. No number translation is necessary: It's five-tens-nine. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Oeste In English quotes by Zoltan Istvan
#13. Their management and regulation of our lives spans the total spectrum of American experience, from their obtuse Imperial Measurement System, to their irregularity-strangled English language. From their lobbyist-ruled government bureaucracy, to their consumer-oriented religious holidays like Christmas. From their brainless professional sports jocks cast as heroes, to their anorexic supermodels warping the concept of beauty. These are the people who made sugary colas more important that water; fast food more important than health; television sitcoms more important than reading literature. They made smoking a joint in your home a crime; going out in public without your hair tinted an embarrassment; and accidentally carrying a half-filled bottle of baby formula on an airplane a terrorist act. Do you realize 85 percent of Americans still say 'God bless you' after someone sneezes? And that 'In God We Trust' is on every single dollar in circulation? Or that 'One nation under God' is recited everyday in the Pledge of Allegiance by millions of impressionable kids? #Quote by Zoltan Istvan
Oeste In English quotes by Natasha Pulley
#14. What's that?' Thaniel said, curious. The postmarks and stamps weren't English or Japanese.

'A painting. There's a depressed Dutchman who does countryside scenes and flowers and things. It's ugly, but I have to maintain the estates in Japan and modern art is a good investment. #Quote by Natasha Pulley
Oeste In English quotes by Jules Verne
#15. Instigated by princes equally ambitious and less sagacious and more unscrupulous than he was, the people of India were persuaded that they might successfully rise against their English rulers, who had brought them out of a state of anarchy and constant warfare and misery, and had established peace and prosperity in their country. Their ignorance and gross superstition made them the facile tools of their designing chiefs. #Quote by Jules Verne
Oeste In English quotes by Yiyun Li
#16. I would never describe a cloud as 'fluffy' - in Chinese or in English. #Quote by Yiyun Li
Oeste In English quotes by Shelley Hennig
#17. I was the happiest in English class, and algebra was where I cried. #Quote by Shelley Hennig
Oeste In English quotes by Elizabeth Letts
#18. When English author Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty, in the late nineteenth century, she said that her aim was to "induce kindness, sympathy, and an understanding treatment of horses." Though now considered a children's classic, the book was originally intended for an adult audience. Narrated from the horse's point of view, the novel describes Black Beauty's life, from his earliest memory, of "a large pleasant meadow with a pond of clear water in it" to his wretched existence pulling a heavy load for a cruel peddler. The sentimental and emotionally wrenching book was wildly popular, quickly becoming a bestseller first in England and then in the United States, where it became a favorite of the progressive movement. Sewell's book was the first to popularize interest in the plight of the horse and to generate widespread concern about the beast of burden's treatment. #Quote by Elizabeth Letts
Oeste In English quotes by Taylor R. Marshall
#19. J.R.R. Tolkien was also opposed to the Novus Ordo Mass. Simon Tolkien recalls his grandfather's protest to the Novus Ordo:
"I vividly remember going to church with him in Bour-nemouth. He was a devout Roman Catholic and it was soon after the Church had changed the liturgy from Latin to English. My grandfather obviously didn't agree with this and made all the responses very loudly in Latin while the rest of the congregation answered in English. I found the whole experience quite excruciating, but my grandfather was oblivious. He simply had to do what he believed to be right. #Quote by Taylor R. Marshall
Oeste In English quotes by Joan Didion
#20. We closed the deal and moved to New York.
Where in fact I had lived before, from the time I was twenty-one and just out of the English Department at Berkeley and starting work at Vogue (a segue so profoundly unnatural that when I was asked by the Condé Nast personnel department to name the languages in which I was fluent I could think only of Middle English) until I was twenty-nine and just married. #Quote by Joan Didion
Oeste In English quotes by William Hazlitt
#21. To write a genuine familiar or truly English style, is to write as any one would speak in common conversation who had a thorough command and choice of words, or who could discourse with ease, force, and perspicuity, setting aside all pedantic and oratorical flourishes. #Quote by William Hazlitt
Oeste In English quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#22. I am opposed to writing about the private lives of living authors and psychoanalyzing them while they are alive. Criticism is getting all mixed up with a combination of the Junior FBI-men, discards from Freud and Jung and a sort of Columnist peep-hole and missing laundry list school ... Every young English professor sees gold in them dirty sheets now. Imagine what they can do with the soiled sheets of four legal beds by the same writer and you can see why their tongues are slavering. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Oeste In English quotes by Andrew Elfenbein
#23. Likewise, Oscar Wilde asked an English journalist to look over 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' before publication: "Will you also look after my 'wills' and 'shalls' in proof. I am Celtic in my use of these words, not English." Wilde's novel upset virtually every code of late Victorian respectability, but he had to get his modal auxiliaries just right. #Quote by Andrew Elfenbein
Oeste In English quotes by Azar Nafisi
#24. I finally returned to Iran in 1979, when I got my degree in English and American literature, and stayed for 18 years in the Islamic republic. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Oeste In English quotes by Wendy Holden
#25. Along with every other male of his acquaintance he loathed the Naked Chef with messianic passion and prayed for the day he suffered a fatal accident on his scooter or burst into flames with the friction of sliding down that nauseating banister. Mark hated to think how rich he must be. And the fact that a mere bloody cook was taking up space in The Times that could be filled by a train journalist. Like himself, for example. Bastard. #Quote by Wendy Holden
Oeste In English quotes by W.C. Sellar
#26. Memorable among the Saxon warriors were Hengist and his wife (? or horse), Horsa. Hengist made himself King in the South. Thus Hengist was the first English King and his wife (or horse), Horsa, the first English Queen (or horse). #Quote by W.C. Sellar
Oeste In English quotes by Alan Moore
#27. People have asked me why I made the first chapter of my first novel so long, and in an invented English. The only answer I can come up with that satisfies me is, 'To keep out the scum.' #Quote by Alan Moore
Oeste In English quotes by Ellen Glasgow
#28. In the nineteen-thirties ... the most casual reader of murder mysteries could infallibly detect the villain, as soon as there entered a character who had recently washed his neck and did not commit mayhem on the English language. #Quote by Ellen Glasgow
Oeste In English quotes by Andrew Barger
#29. Yes, it would nice for this fifty year period, this cradle of all vampire short stories in the English language, to include a vampire tale by Edgar Allan Poe. But the sad answer is that Poe never penned a vampire story. #Quote by Andrew Barger
Oeste In English quotes by Elena Roger
#30. In Buenos Aires, I have a very close friend who speaks very good English, and she taught me. It was quite difficult because the muscles of your mouth are used to your language, and then when you want to speak another language, they don't go to the place they need to go to make the sound. #Quote by Elena Roger
Oeste In English quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#31. The English make bonny speeches, but they run to an awful wee man. And the Kerrs . . . there's something unchancy about a left-handed race.'

'I'm right-handed,' offered Will Scott.


'And six foot three in my hose.'

'Uh-huh. I didna say I wanted to run up a beanpole. Nor have I heard hide nor hair of a speech, bonny or otherwise.'

'I'm saving it,' he said austerely, 'till I've the theme for it.'

'Oh!' said Grizel Beaton (Younger) of Buccleuch, with a squeal of delight. 'Will Scott! Are we having our first married set-to? #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Oeste In English quotes by Eva Green
#32. I love the musicality of English. French sounds flat. In English, you can play with pitch. #Quote by Eva Green
Oeste In English quotes by John Steinbeck
#33. Our Father who art in nature, who has given the gift of survival to the coyote, the common brown rat, the English sparrow, the house fly and the moth, must have a great and overwhelming love for no-goods and blots-on-the-town and bums, and Mack and the boys. Virtues and graces and laziness and zest. Our Father who art in nature. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Oeste In English quotes by Norman Jewison
#34. When you deal with a film that takes place in Europe, and you're going to work in English, you'd better work with European actors. #Quote by Norman Jewison
Oeste In English quotes by Elise Boulding
#35. Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things. #Quote by Elise Boulding
Oeste In English quotes by Orson Welles
#36. That doesn't make any sense. Sorry. There's no known way of saying an English sentence in which you begin a sentence with "in" and emphasize it. Get me a jury and show me how you can say
"In July" and I'll go down on you. That's just idiotic, if you'll forgive me for saying so. It's just stupid ... "In July"; I'd love to know how you emphasize "In" in "In July". Impossible!
Meaningless! #Quote by Orson Welles
Oeste In English quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#37. The fact of the matter is that fewer people in Tokyo are able to do business in English than in many other big Asian cities, like Shanghai, Seoul or Bangkok. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Oeste In English quotes by Natsuo Kirino
#38. 'Out' was my real breakthrough, the novel that became a hit in Japan and sold a lot of books, so it was sort of an obvious choice for being the first book to be translated into English. #Quote by Natsuo Kirino

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