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Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#1. What if I told you that you were a hundred percent wrong?'
'Wow,' she said. 'You are good. Talk about not being the bad guy in your own movie. 'You are a hundred percent wrong,' she repeated, with a horrendous, over-the-top-Yankee-fied imitation of his barely-there drawl. #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by John Gardner
#2. The chief offense in bad fiction: we sense that characters are being manipulated, forced to do things they would not really do. #Quote by John Gardner
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Kenneth Fisher
#3. I'm sometimes accused of being hostile to mutual funds. That's not fair, really. There is a place for them. Still, I am hostile to one thing, which is trying to use funds to time your way in and out of the market. That's a recipe for very bad results. #Quote by Kenneth Fisher
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Osho
#4. People have been taught to hide. They have been taught not to trust. They have been taught that man is naturally bad, that life is naturally dangerous, that unless you keep very alert you are going to be cheated and deceived. If you don't protect yourself you will be lost. These things have been put into the unconscious from the very childhood. They have become part of our foundation and because of them we go on hiding.
The reality is just the opposite: man is not naturally bad, man is naturally good. Nobody really wants to do bad, and if somebody is doing bad it simply means that he has been a victim of circumstances and situations so he has been forced to do that. No thief is happy to be a thief and no murderer is happy to be a murderer. They have been forced. In fact they are Victims; they have been compelled by the logic of situations. They have been brought up in such a way that their whole being has been poisoned. #Quote by Osho
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Chris Rock
#5. There's some downsides to being famous, which are not even worth mentioning. But to combat the bad sides of being famous, you really should take advantage of the good sides. The good sides are, you can use that fame to get projects you might not normally get. #Quote by Chris Rock
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Sam Harris
#6. have never come across a coherent notion of bad or good, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable that did not depend upon some change in the experience of conscious creatures. It is not always easy to nail down what we mean by "good" and "bad" - and their definitions may remain perpetually open to revision - but such judgments seem to require, in every instance, that some difference register at the level of experience. Why would it be wrong to murder a billion human beings? Because so much pain and suffering would result. Why would it be wrong to painlessly kill every man, woman, and child in their sleep? Because of all the possibilities for future happiness that would be foreclosed. If you think such actions are wrong primarily because they would anger God or would lead to your punishment after death, you are still worried about perturbations of consciousness - albeit ones that stand a good chance of being wholly imaginary. #Quote by Sam Harris
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Will Self
#7. For the rest, silence or good music, not much food, a lot of solitude, walks on the Heath, the time to think while others ... well, often fall apart. Not so bad, not so bad at all. Being queer and self-sufficient is the best present at this season. #Quote by Will Self
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Laura Amy Schlitz
#8. You realize you are not alone when you write, and you start to write for the person who will read your words. I think that's a bad thing, but I'm not sure, because I do think of being an author someday, and authors have to commune with their readers. #Quote by Laura Amy Schlitz
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Jessica Valenti
#9. Women are raising children, picking up socks, and making sure you feel like a man by supporting you when you need it and looking sexy (but not trying too hard, because that would be pathetic). We're being independent and bad bitches while wearing fucking lipstick and heels so as not to offend your delicate aesthetic sensibility, yet even just the word "feminist" pisses you off. How dare we. #Quote by Jessica Valenti
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Stella Rhys
#10. You haven't fucked anyone in three years, Lia, and your plan is to fuck someone else so you don't give into your temptation to fuck me. And if we're being blunt here, that kind of fucking pisses me off."
… "So what?" she huffed. "I still reserve the right to sleep with whoever else I want."
"No." I stepped forward. "That's not how it's going to work"
"Shut up! Are you really going to be that person who's known me a week and tries to tell me who I'm allowed to fuck?"
"No, I'm going to be that person who fucks you and gives you want you need because you know you don't actually want anyone else," I muttered, walking into her despite her hands pushing my chest. "You're attracted to me, aren't you? You haven't been this attracted to anyone in a while. I woke up your need to fuck, so if you're planning on fucking someone, why isn't it the person you actually want?" I removed her hands from my chest and held them at her sides. "Why go for your second choice when your first wants you just as bad? #Quote by Stella Rhys
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Laura Moriarty
#11. I know that sometimes when you are really worried about something, it ends up not being nearly as bad as you think it will be, and you get to be relieved that you were just being silly, worrying so much over nothing. But sometimes it is just the opposite. It can happen that whatever you are worried about will be even worse than you could have possibly imagined, and you find that you were right to be worried, and even that, maybe, you weren't worried enough. #Quote by Laura Moriarty
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Robert Browning
#12. White shall not neutralize the black, nor good compensate bad in man, absolve him so: life's business being just the terrible choice. #Quote by Robert Browning
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by JohnA Passaro
#13. Today is not the real Father's Day.
It is the man made version.
The real Father's Day are the other 364 other days of the year that I get to see my boys grow into men and my girls grow into ladies and feel I had a slight part of the people that they turned out to be.
Not a better feeling in the world.
With every life lesson taught, half of which are understood at the time, and the other half that are understood after I am told to stop being ridiculous - EVERYDAY is Father's Day.
And I wouldn't trade it for the world. Good and bad.
I can honestly say there is no feeling on earth, like being a father and a dad. #Quote by JohnA Passaro
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Rachel Cohn
#14. Goodwill to all.' I know it's techinically 'goodwill to all men,' but in my mind, I drop the 'men' because that feels segregationist/elitist/sexist/generally bad ist. Goodwill shouldn't be just for men. It should also apply to women and children, and all animals, even the yucky ones like subway rats. I'd even extend the goodwill not just to living creatures but to the dearly departed, and if we include them, we might as well include the undead, those supposedly mythic beings like vampires, and if they're in, then so are elves, fairies, and gnomes. Heck, since we're already being so generous in our big group hug, why not also embrace those supposedly inanimate objects like dolls and stuffed animals. I'm sure Santa would agree. 'Goodwill to all. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Kaal Kaczmarek
#15. Sensing that this stranger was not the dangerous kind, and being the caring, big-hearted dog that he had built his reputation on, Lucky decided that a good dose of tongue licking would put matters right. However, in a twist of bad timing, unluckily for Lucky, he landed his lick just as Felicity rolled over onto her back. So, instead of a friendly lick across the ears as he intended, Lucky's long slobbery, pink tongue made a trail from Felicity's chin to her cherry red lips and up to her forehead.
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Marcus Buckingham
#16. Have you ever suffered through a bad relationship, the kind of relationship where the pressures of each day sapped your energy and made you a stranger to yourself? If you can stand to, think back to how you felt during that relationship and remember: A bad relationship is rarely one where your partner didn't know you very well. Most often, a bad relationship is one where your partner came to know you very well indeed ... and wished you weren't that way. Perhaps your partner wanted to perfect you. Perhaps you were simply incompatible and your weaknesses grated on each other. Perhaps your partner was a person who simply enjoyed pointing out other people's failings. Whatever the cause, you ended up feeling as though you were being defined by those things you did not do rather than those things you did. And that felt awful. #Quote by Marcus Buckingham
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Bill Moyers
#17. Theology asserts propositions that cannot be proven true; ideologues hold stoutly to a worldview despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality. When ideology and theology couple, their offspring are not always bad but they are always blind. And there is the danger: voters and politicians alike, oblivious to the facts. #Quote by Bill Moyers
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by George Eliot
#18. whatever has been or is to be narrated by me about low people, may be ennobled by being considered a parable; so that if any bad habits and ugly consequences are brought into view, the reader may have the relief of regarding them as not more than figuratively ungenteel, and may feel himself virtually in company with persons of some style. Thus while I tell the truth about loobies, my reader's imagination need not be entirely excluded from an occupation with lords; and the petty sums which any bankrupt of high standing would be sorry to retire upon, may be lifted to the level of high commercial transactions by the inexpensive addition of proportional ciphers. #Quote by George Eliot
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Anthony Trollope
#19. Dr Grantly is by no means a bad man; he is exactly the man which such an education as his was most likely to form; his intellect being sufficient for such a place in the world, but not sufficient to put him in advance of it. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Mary Balogh
#20. Love is wanting to be with someone all the time.It is accepting the other person with all good qualities and bad and not wanting to change any of them. It is wanting to give affection and approval and comfort and everything that is oneself,demanding nothing in return. It is - love is very difficult, Julia. It is an ideal, rarely achieved in reality because we are all selfish and imperfect beings. It is a dream, a goal, something to be aimed for. #Quote by Mary Balogh
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Ester Dean
#21. I had so many beliefs against being a singer or what it takes. There was a lot of pain associated with that. The rejection of it all. I lived in a rejection state of mind. Not because of my voice; the mike never rejected me. It was harboring all those bad memories of being broke. It teaches you your worth. Nothing good comes from that. #Quote by Ester Dean
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Ejump Schiffler
#22. Well you know, bad luck is a kind of 1st in the job description for human being, 2nd its not all bad, at least there is a little thing of that 'bad luck' is a 'good luck' to others, we should consider it as helping people, its just us know how to be thankful, we will lose some today, hopefully we earn more tomorrow..always positive is the key...(Ejump, 2016) #Quote by Ejump Schiffler
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by C.S. Lewis
#23. I believe in political equality. But there are two opposite reasons for being a democrat. You may think all men so good that they deserve a share in the government of the commonwealth, and so wise that the commonwealth needs their advice. That is, in my opinion, the false, romantic doctrine of democracy. On the other hand, you may believe fallen men to be so wicked that not one of them can be trusted with any irresponsible power over his fellows.
That I believe to be the true ground of democracy. I do not believe that God created an egalitarian world. I believe the authority of parent over child, husband over wife, learned over simple to have been as much a part of the original plan as the authority of man over beast. I believe that if we had not fallen...patriarchal monarchy would be the sole lawful government. But since we have learned sin, we have found, as Lord Acton says, that 'all power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' The only remedy has been to take away the powers and substitute a legal fiction of equality. The authority of father and husband has been rightly abolished on the legal plane, not because this authority is in itself bad (on the contrary, it is, I hold, divine in origin), but because fathers and husbands are bad. Theocracy has been rightly abolished not because it is bad that learned priests should govern ignorant laymen, but because priests are wicked men like the rest of us. Even the authority of man over beast has had to be interf #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Stephen Fry
#24. We all know that drugs, alcohol and tobacco are Bad, but work, we are brought up to believe, is Good. As a result the world is full of families who are angry at being abandoned and breadwinners who are even more angry because their hours of labour are not sufficiently appreciated. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Alyssa Mastromonaco
#25. I have learned a lot about myself over the years, mostly because I was open to hearing feedback. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I usually dislike someone before I like them. I'm sensitive - especially when I'm tired or feel I'm being misunderstood. This may sound like the "About Me" section on a bad online dating profile, but knowing this stuff has allowed me to keep my contacts, my reputation, and my sanity throughout a long and often stressful career. Being self-aware means knowing when you're about to act bad - and then not acting bad. #Quote by Alyssa Mastromonaco
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Anthony Kiedis
#26. There's a peculiar thing that happens every time you get clean. You go through this sensation of rebirth. There's something intoxicating about the process of the comeback, and that becomes an element in the whole cycle of addiction. Once you've beaten yourself down with cocaine and heroin, and you manage to stop and walk out of the muck you begin to get your mind and body strong and reconnect with your spirit. The oppressive feeling of being a slave to the drugs is still in your mind, so by comparison, you feel phenomenal. You're happy to be alive, smelling the air and seeing the beauty around you...You have a choice of what to do. So you experience this jolt of joy that you're not where you came from and that in and of itself is a tricky thing to stop doing. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that every time you get clean, you'll have this great new feeling.

Cut to: a year later, when you've forgotten how bad it was and you don't have that pink-cloud sensation of being newly sober. When I look back, I see why these vicious cycles can develop in someone who's been sober for a long time and then relapses and doesn't want to stay out there using, doesn't want to die, but isn't taking the full measure to get well again. There's a concept in recovery that says 'Half-measures avail us nothing.' When you have a disease, you can't take half the process of getting well and think you're going to get half well; you do half the process of getting well, you're not go #Quote by Anthony Kiedis
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Tessa Gratton
#27. My prince was not the worst, by all I've gathered, but he was bad enough. He was beautiful like stars are beautiful, like angels are suppose to be. Cold, alien, pristine. Being with him was like drinking the most delicate champange all the time, until I didn't care that when he laughed there were teeth all the long way down his throat. #Quote by Tessa Gratton
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by James Balwin
#28. And the summer came, the New York summer, which is like no summer anywhere. The heat and the noise began their destruction of nerves and sanity and private lives and love affairs. The air was full of baseball scores and bad news and people, made more hostile by the heat. It was not possible in this city, as it had been for Eric in Paris, to take a long and peaceful walk at any hour of the day or night, dropping in for a drink at a bistro or flopping oneself down at a sidewalk cafe- the half-dozen grim parodies of sidewalk cafes to be found in New York were not made for flopping. It was a city without an oasis, run entirely, insofar, at least as human perception could tell, for money; and its citizens seemed to have lost any sense of their right to renew themselves. Whoever, in New York, attempted to cling to this right, lived in New York in exile- in exile from the life around him; and this, paradoxically, had the effect of placing him in perpetual danger of being forever banished from any sense of himself. #Quote by James Balwin
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Osho
#29. Whenever you feel that someone is angry or someone has collided with you, you always think that he is responsible. This is how ignorance concludes, interprets. Ignorance always says, "The other is responsible." Wisdom always says, "If somebody is responsible, then I am responsible, and the only way not to collide is not to be."
"I am responsible" doesn't mean, "I am doing something, that is why they are angry." That is not the question. You may not be doing anything, but just your being there is enough for people to get angry. The question is not whether you are doing good or bad. The question is that you are there. #Quote by Osho
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#30. Dr. Armonson stitched up her wrist wounds. Within five minutes of the transfusion he declared her out of danger. Chucking her under the chin, he said, "What are you doing here, honey? You're not even old enough to know how bad life gets."
And it was then Cecilia gave orally what was to be her only form of suicide note, and a useless one at that, because she was going to live: "Obviously, Doctor," she said, "you've never been a thirteen-year-old girl. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Stefanie Weisman
#31. Memorization has gotten a bad rap recently. Lots of students, and even some educators, say that being able to reason is more important than knowing facts; and besides, why bother committing things to memory when you've got Google? My response to this - after I've finished inwardly groaning - is that of course reasoning is important, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't know facts as well. It's not like you have to choose between one or the other. Besides, facts give you a foundation on which to reason about things. #Quote by Stefanie Weisman
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#32. It all comes back to curiosity. We live in a society that objectifies us as sexual objects and status symbols. We learn to flatten ourselves and others into little words: good and bad, ugly and pretty, right and wrong, lovable and unlovable. Then, we try to discover who we are through these labels. It doesn't work. Because a human being is more than a signpost onto which we can plaster our judgments. A person is more than a sack of flesh to lose, keep, or throw away. A human being cannot be packaged into a stale idea. A person must be experienced to be known, and this knowledge ends the moment you stop looking. Each one of us is a mystery. And the more aware you become, the more mysterious it gets. The reward for seeking truth is not the truth itself. The gift is wonder. The gift is love. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Phil 'Philosofree' Cheney
#33. Lord, I intend to be aware today of the presence of your divine being in every other living being that I encounter.

I intend to center my spirit in alignment with the spirit of Love before I commence my day.

I intend to ground my being in your source, Universal Intentional Love Energy, recognizing my role as a cell in the body of the universe.

I intend to be loving and compassionate with every person I encounter today, observing their activities in the context of their growth, and not judging their decisions as good or bad. I intend not to attempt to blame or shame other people, but rather to encourage and support.

I intend to be creative today, emulating the divine creative essence in my life.
I intend to be joyful today, aware of what good things I have, picking up the scent of wonder, and breathing in the good things with thanks and appreciation.

I intend to reject any opinion of other people offered which negatively affects my ability to achieve the above goals.

I am blessed and will be grateful for the presence of love in my life.
I will grow today, learning more and applying love to the best of my ability. #Quote by Phil 'Philosofree' Cheney
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#34. He felt that he could not turn aside from himself the hatred of men, because that hatred did not come from his being bad (in that case he could have tried to be better), but from his being shamefully and repulsively unhappy. He knew that for this, for the very fact that his heart was torn with grief, they would be merciless to him. He felt that men would crush him as dogs strangle a torn dog yelping with pain. He knew that his sole means of security against people was to hide his wounds from them #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Mike Romano
#35. With psych it's all about how raw and stripped down and stupid it gets. Not stupid in a bad way, but more of the fact that you can get to that point where it doesn't matter and you're not thinking about it too much. It's just you being you. #Quote by Mike Romano
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#36. These days its not just that the line between right and wrong has been made unclear, today Christians are being asked by our culture today to erase the lines and move the fences, and if that were not bad enough, we are being asked to join in the celebration cry by those who have thrown off the restraints religion had imposed upon them. It is not just that they ask we accept, but they now demand of us to celebrate it too. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
Not Being The Bad Guy quotes by Sara Maitland
#37. This about it for a moment. It is truly very odd.
We apparently believe that we own our own bodies as possessions and should be allowed to do with them more or less anything we choose, from euthanasia to a boob job, but we do not want to be on our own with these precise possessions.
We live in a society which sees high self-esteem as a proof of well-being, but we do not want to be intimate with this admirable and desirable person.
We see moral and social conventions as inhibitions on our personal freedoms, and yet we are frightened of anyone who goes away from the crowd and develops 'eccentric' habits.
We believe that everyone has a singular personal 'voice' and is, moreover, unquestionably creative, but we treat with dark suspicion (at best) anyone who uses one of the most clearly established methods of developing that creativity - solitude.
We think we are unique, special and deserving of happiness, but we are terrified of being alone.
We declare that personal freedom and autonomy is both a right and good, but we think anyone who exercises that freedom autonomously is 'sad, mad or bad'. Or all three at once. #Quote by Sara Maitland

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