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Famous Quotes About Nosology

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Nosology quotes by Charles Simic
#1. It is the desire for irreverence as much as anything else that brought me first to poetry. The need to make fun of authority, break taboos, celebrate the body and its functions, claim that one has seen angels in the same breath as one says that there is no god. #Quote by Charles Simic
Nosology quotes by Carl Elliott
#2. The very use of the term "mental illness" (rather than, say, "neurosis", "insanity", "nervous breakdown", or other euphemisms) can be seen as an effort to move certain kinds of psychological distress into the biomedical realm. #Quote by Carl Elliott
Nosology quotes by George Graham
#3. No conceptually regimented and normatively informed theory of mental disorder can be devised without taking philosophy of mind seriously and knowing something about this subject area of philosophy and of such topics as consciousness, Intentionality, personal identity, the mind/body problem and rationality. #Quote by George Graham

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