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Nosker Hall quotes by Bridget Hall
#1. Opening a family-style restaurant with comfort food like mac 'n' cheese, ribs and burgers has always been my dream. #Quote by Bridget Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Jerry Lawler
#2. Go back to your bingo hall. #Quote by Jerry Lawler
Nosker Hall quotes by Brooklyn Skye
#3. Why do you do that?" Torrin's voice echoes in the empty hall. His hand is holding my arm gently, not at all like Derek does. I can't have this. I can't. I shouldn't have ever come here with him.
I draw in a shaky breath and pull my arm away.
"Do what?"
"Walk away every time I ask you something personal?"
I stare hard at him. "Why do you do that?
He blinks. "Huh?"
"Ask so many questions."
His mouth drops open and closes and five long seconds pass before he says, "It's what people do, Quinn. When they're getting to know each other."
I shake my head and spin toward the door.
"You don't want to get to know me. #Quote by Brooklyn Skye
Nosker Hall quotes by Elliott Bisnow
#4. Believe it or not, the first spark for everything I've done today came down to me meeting one person in college who changed my life. A student named Anthony Adams who lived across the hall from me in our freshman dorm showed me what it meant to be an 'entrepreneur' when I saw him launch his own start-up company. #Quote by Elliott Bisnow
Nosker Hall quotes by Alexis  Hall
#5. I knew how to make him angry and how to make him laugh, and I hoped I could make him happy. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Aldous Huxley
#6. In the visitor's book at Crome Ivor had left, according to his invariable custom in these cases, a poem. He had improvised it magisterially in the ten minutes preceding his departure. Denis and Mr. Scogan strolled back together from the gates of the courtyard, whence they had bidden their last farewells; on the writing-table in the hall they found the visitor's book, open, and Ivor's composition scarcely dry. Mr. Scogan read it aloud: #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Nosker Hall quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#7. Sirens blasted, breaking the silence and spinning me around. The shrill sound was all too familiar, and I snapped into action. Vicious excitement replaced the restlessness, and I knew just how screwed up that was, but right then? Oh yeah, I could use a fight. Yesterday in the quad had been child's play.

Grabbing the Glock loaded with titanium bullets, I hooked it into the holster and fit it around my thigh. I snatched the daggers off the dresser and headed out the door, not even bothering with grabbing a shirt.

I came to a complete stop as Josie's door swung open.

What in the holy fuck were Alex and Josie doing together? For just a few seconds, the three of us were literally frozen, staring at each other as the sirens blared overhead.

And then Alex broke the silence.

"Really?" she said dryly, eyeing me with a smirk. "You're going to fight with the awesomeness of your six-pack as a weapon?"

I arched a brow. "Yeah, you know, I was going to test out the whole abs of steel theory thing. The gun attached to my thigh and the daggers in my hands are just props. Mainly for show. Don't want to take away from the gloriousness that is my body, though."

Her smirk flipped into a grin. "Whatever." She started forward. Up ahead, a tall figure stepped out in the hall, and light glinted off the titanium daggers in his hands. Aiden. Of course their room had to be close to mine.

Of. Course. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Nosker Hall quotes by Jeremy Piven
#8. Well, here's all you need to know. Classes, nothing before 11. Beer, its your best friend, you drink a lot of it. Women, you're a freshman, so its pretty much out of the question. Will you have a car? ... Someone on your hall will, find them and make friends with them on the first day. #Quote by Jeremy Piven
Nosker Hall quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#9. Everything ends. Summer ends. Happiness ends. Days of joy are followed by days of sorrow. Even the gods will meet their end in the last battle of Ragnarok when all the evil of the world brings chaos and the sun will turn dark, the waters will drown the homes of men, and the great beamed hall of Valhalla will burn to ashes. Everything ends.
I drew Serpent Breath and walked towards the scouts. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Nosker Hall quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#10. Okay, Shane," Agnes said as Brenda's clock gonged midnight. "I got Joey in the kitchen, a cop in the front hall, a dead body in the basement, and you in my bedroom. Where do you want to start? #Quote by Jennifer Crusie
Nosker Hall quotes by Jamie Cullum
#11. I can't get enough of this guy called Baths. He's a total L.A. dude and really young as well. It's super-electronic, but with almost Hall & Oates-style songwriting. Without the context of the production, it could be super-cheesy, but it has amazing harmonies. #Quote by Jamie Cullum
Nosker Hall quotes by Margaret Atwood
#12. There remains a mirror, on the hall wall. If I turn my head so that the white wings framing my face direct my vision towards it, I can see it as I go down the stairs, round, convex, a pier-glass, like the eye of a fish, and myself in it like a distorted shadow, a parody of something, some fairytale figure in a red cloak, descending towards a moment of carelessness that is the same as danger. A Sister, dipped in blood. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Nosker Hall quotes by Anthony Michael Hall
#13. You want to do work that is remembered, you want to be a part of something that's remembered. #Quote by Anthony Michael Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Scott Hall
#14. Survey says: one more for the bad guys. #Quote by Scott Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#15. I thought as I rode in the cold pleasant light of Sunday morning how silent & passive nature offers, every morn, her wealth to man; she is immensely rich, he is welcome to her entire goods, which he speaks no word, only leaves over doors ajar, hall, store room, & cellar. He may do as he will: if he takes her hint & uses her goods, she speaks no word; if he blunders & starves, she says nothing. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nosker Hall quotes by Terry Pratchett
#16. Oh God, I could be bounded in a nutshell - ' He continued, 'And count myself a king of infinite space - ' 'Were it not that I have bad dreams,' she whispered. He knew how she felt. It was the way he felt himself, sometimes, if he woke in the small hours, at three a.m., a time when the world seemed empty and stripped of comforting illusion. A time when you knew you were a mote, transient and fragile in a vast universe, a candle flame in an empty hall. Luckily the sun always came up, people stirred, and you got on with stuff that distracted you from the reality. The #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Nosker Hall quotes by Michelle Cook-Hall
#17. Speak it till you reach it! #Quote by Michelle Cook-Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Andy Rourke
#18. I remember, my mom, she's lived in Spain for about thirty years, and we were playing the Royal Albert Hall, and she was with some friends from New York. Morrissey came out with the sign 'The Queen is Dead,' and my mom's friends are like, 'Oh my God.' They took it literally. #Quote by Andy Rourke
Nosker Hall quotes by Ben Sharpton
#19. exploded behind them as they sprinted from the burning building. Paul's quick decision to destroy the rifle shack and all of the artillery inside turned out to be a great idea. It evened the territory, or at least prevented it from getting worse. With only one handgun, the convicts were limited in their scope and threat. Colin was out of the picture, at least for a while, locked away in his ditch jail until someone came along to roll the tractor off Charlie's homemade trap. That meant two of the cons would be searching for them since Dewey would probably stay in the dining hall to oversee the other counselors. Ritch knew Dewey would not #Quote by Ben Sharpton
Nosker Hall quotes by Edward T. Hall
#20. When Western people train the mind, the focus is generally on the left hemisphere of the cortex, which is the portion of the brainthat is concerned with words and numbers. We enhance the logical, bounded, linear functions of the mind. In the East, exercises of this sort are for the purpose of getting in tune with the unconscious
to get rid of boundaries, not to create them. #Quote by Edward T. Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Katori Hall
#21. I've had frank conversations with theaters who say, 'We love your play, but we've already done a play by another black person this year,' or 'I don't think the kind of people you write about are the ones our audience wants to see' ... Up and coming young black female writers are still struggling to have their voices heard and have their plays produced. #Quote by Katori Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Alexis Hall
#22. Alfie sighed. "Let me guess, it's a bad thing now. Because of Tumblr or something. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Alexis Hall
#23. I slam into him like a really short, skinny juggernaut showing serious commitment to getting into some guy's arse. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Rebecca Hall
#24. If you act scared, your body produces adrenaline. #Quote by Rebecca Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Holly Black
#25. Every kid had to do a different project for that class. Tana had made a diorama, with a shoe box and a lot of red poster paint, to represent a news article that she'd cut out of the paper - one about three vampires on the run from Corpus Christi who'd break into a house, kill everyone, and then rest among the corpses until night fell again.
Which made her wonder if there could still be a vampire in this house, the vampire who had slaughtered all these people. Who'd somehow overlooked her, who'd been too intent on blood and butchery to open every door to every hall closet or bathroom, who hadn't swept aside a shower curtain. It would murder her now, though, if it heard her moving. #Quote by Holly Black
Nosker Hall quotes by Radclyffe Hall
#26. As things turned out her choice had been happy, for seldom had two people loved more than they did; they loved with an ardour undiminished by time; as they ripened, so their love ripened with them. #Quote by Radclyffe Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Samantha Young
#27. As soon as I got back to the apartment, through the pain of throwing away Braden came the fear. I stared down the hall at Ellie's bedroom door, and I had to stop myself from going back on my promise not to run from her.
So I did the opposite.
I kicked off my boots, shrugged out of my coat and crept silently into her darkened room. In the moonlight shining through her window, I saw Ellie curled up in a protective ball on her side. I made a move toward her and the floor creaked under my foot, and Ellie's eyes flew open immediately.
She gazed up at me, wide-eyed but wary.
That hurt.
I started to cry harder and at the sight of my tears, a tear slid down Ellie's cheek. Without a word, I crawled onto her bed and right up beside her as she turned onto her back. We lay side by side, my head on her shoulder, and I grabbed her hand and held it in both of mine.
"I'm sorry," I whispered.
"It's okay," Ellie's voice was hoarse with emotion. "You came back."
And because life was too short... "I love you, Ellie Carmichael. You're going to get through this."
I heard her hitch on a sob. "I love you too, Joss. #Quote by Samantha Young
Nosker Hall quotes by S.E. Hall
#28. We've graduated to group messages, and boy oh boy, they've included me. #Quote by S.E. Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Rayne Hall
#29. Research is a wonderful word for writers. It serves as excuse for EVERYTHING #Quote by Rayne Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Donald Hall
#30. If work is no antidote to death, nor a denial of it, death is a powerful stimulus to work. Get done what you can. #Quote by Donald Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#31. In the hall stood Richard Campbell Gansey III in his school uniform and overcoat and scarf and gloves, looking like someone from another world. Behind him was Ronan Lynch, his damn tie knotted right for once and his shirt tucked in.
Humiliation and joy warred furiously inside Adam.
Gansey strode between the pews as Adam's father stared at him. He went directly to the bench, straight up to the judge. Now that he stood directly beside Adam, not looking at him, Adam could see that he was a little out of breath. Ronan, behind him, was as well. they had run.
For him. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Nosker Hall quotes by Tessa Emily Hall
#32. This world can't be all that bad. Sure, bad stuff happens - but there's good hidden in every bad situation. You just have to find it. #Quote by Tessa Emily Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Deidre Hall
#33. I guess I strike people as very serious, or very intense. #Quote by Deidre Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Radclyffe Hall
#34. The grey of a bitter, starved-looking morning. The town like a mortally wounded creature, torn by shells, gashed open by bombs. Dead streets - streets of death - death in streets and their houses; yet people still able to sleep and still sleeping. #Quote by Radclyffe Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#35. Sadly as some old mediaeval knight
Gazed at the arms he could no longer wield,
The sword two-handed and the shining shield
Suspended in the hall, and full in sight,
While secret longings for the lost delight
Of tourney or adventure in the field
Came over him, and tears but half concealed
Trembled and fell upon his beard of white,
So I behold these books upon their shelf,
My ornaments and arms of other days;
Not wholly useless, though no longer used,
For they remind me of my other self,
Younger and stronger, and the pleasant ways
In which I walked, now clouded and confused. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Nosker Hall quotes by Tom T. Hall
#36. My theory is if you have a religion, it's a good one. Because some people don't have any at all. #Quote by Tom T. Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#37. Wow," was all she could manage. Beside her, she felt Dageus stiffen. For a moment, it seemed the hall grew markedly cooler. "The lasses have oft said I am more handsome," he said icily. "And a better lover." Chloe blinked up at him. "So doona be ogling him. He's married, lass." "I wasn't ogling," she protested, knowing full well she'd been ogling. "And if I was, it's only because you didn't warn me that you were twins." He gave her a dark look. "Besides, he only had a towel on," she justified. "I doona care if he had naught but his skin on. 'Tisn't polite to ogle another woman's husband. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Nosker Hall quotes by Oscar Levant
#38. An epigram is only a wisecrack that's played at Carnegie Hall. #Quote by Oscar Levant
Nosker Hall quotes by Laura Moriarty
#39. Eileen says what they should really do, if they want to be fair about it, is offer a Bible study class for credit, and let us take that instead of sitting an extra hour in study hall, twiddling our so-called opposable thumbs. #Quote by Laura Moriarty
Nosker Hall quotes by Sarah Hall
#40. People went through life like well handled jugs, collecting chips and scrapes and stains from wear and tear, from holding and pouring life. #Quote by Sarah Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Frank Herbert
#41. All around the Lady Jessica - piled in corners of the Arrakeen great hall, mounded in the open spaces - stood the packaged freight of their lives: boxes, trunks, cartons, cases - some partly unpacked. #Quote by Frank Herbert
Nosker Hall quotes by Hilary Mantel
#42. By the hairy balls of Jesus #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Nosker Hall quotes by James Patterson
#43. SHUT UP!" I yelled all the way down the hall. "FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, JUST SHUT YOUR STUPID NOSY MOUTH! #Quote by James Patterson
Nosker Hall quotes by Carla Hall
#44. What I love about 'The Chew' is that we have these celebrities come on, and you get to see them in a different light, cooking or enjoying food, when we usually don't see them in that setting. So it's a lot of fun for their fans to see them be normal people and having that commonality of food. #Quote by Carla Hall
Nosker Hall quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#45. We were in a long hall of some sort, very old-looking. High, high ceilings. Gothic in the very definition of the word.
Vlad smiled. Enter freely and of your own will, isn't that what I'm supposed to say? #Quote by Jeaniene Frost

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