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Nordeman Davis quotes by Karen Davis
#1. More laying hens are slaughtered in the United States than cattle or pigs. Commercial laying hens are not bred for their flesh, but when their economic utility is over the still-young birds are trucked to the slaughterhouse and turned into meat products. In the process they are treated even more brutally than meat-type chickens because of their low market value. Their bones are very fragile from lack of exercise and from calcium depletion for heavy egg production, causing fragments to stick to the flesh during processing. The starvation practice known as forced molting results in beaded ribs that break easily at the slaughterhouse. Removal of food for several days before the hens are loaded onto the truck weakens their bones even more.

Currently, the U.S. egg industry and the American Veterinary Medical Association oppose humane slaughter legislation for laying hens on the basis that their low economic value does not justify the cost of 'humane slaughter' technology. The industry created the inhumane conditions that are invoked to rationalize further unaccountability and cruelty. #Quote by Karen Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Ellen F. Davis
#2. The great question that God's speech out of the whirlwind poses for Job and every other person of integrity is this: Can you love what you do not control? #Quote by Ellen F. Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Ann B. Davis
#3. I basically don't do that well with children, although my sister says I'm a great aunt. #Quote by Ann B. Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Jim Davis
#4. There's only one thing to do in crisis like this - SLEEP ON IT!

Garfield, the cat. #Quote by Jim Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Eleanor Davis
#5. I like going further than we tell ourselves is possible. #Quote by Eleanor Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Katie J. Davis
#6. Because "Mommy" is forever. It's such a powerful name. Mommy means "I trust you." Mommy means "you will protect me." Mommy is for shouting when you need someone dependable and for laughing with when you are excited. Mommy is for crying on and cuddling with when you are sad, or giggling and hiding behind when you are embarrassed. Mommy is the fixer of boo-boos and the mender of broken hearts. Mommy is a comfort place - a safe place. Mommy means "you are mine and I am yours and we are family. #Quote by Katie J. Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Jefferson Davis
#7. Not mine, oh, Lord, but thine. #Quote by Jefferson Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Red Buttons
#8. Joseph Cotten, who said, You know how I got my name? Sammy Davis picked it for me. Never got a dinner! #Quote by Red Buttons
Nordeman Davis quotes by Siobhan Davis
#9. Answer me one thing," she says in a rigidly controlled voice. "Do you love Logan?"
Perhaps I should lie, but in that moment, after what I've just witnessed, I'm incapable of expressing anything but the truth of what's in my heart. "With all my heart," I sob. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Patricia V. Davis
#10. Two things I try to remember:

My cultural, social, and financial environments formulate my view of the world. My age, sex, race, where I was born, who raised me, and who my inner circle is formulate my view of the world. My education, my exposure to new and different things, or lack thereof, formulate my view of the world. My view of the world formulates my opinions. But, if there's a missing piece from my world view, I can't have an informed, intelligent opinion on it. So, for example, if I've never experienced the color purple, my only informed opinions can be on the other colors. Not purple. I can say, "I don't like purple," or "I like purple," but in either case, my opinion has no significance.

The second thing I try to remember is that just because someone has a different opinion than I do, and he tells me so, it doesn't mean I'm being persecuted. In actual fact, it might mean that I'm about to learn something big. #Quote by Patricia V. Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Seth Grahame-Smith
#11. There was one vampire, however, who refused to leave ... who believed that the dream of a nation of immortals was still within reach - so long as Abraham Lincoln was dead. His name was John Wilkes Booth. FIG.3E - JOHN WILKES BOOTH (SEATED) POSES FOR A PORTRAIT WITH CONFEDERATE PRESIDENT JEFFERSON DAVIS IN RICHMOND, CIRCA 1863. #Quote by Seth Grahame-Smith
Nordeman Davis quotes by Bette Davis
#12. Sex is God's joke on human beings. #Quote by Bette Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Sheila Kitzinger
#13. Empty Cradle, Broken Heart is written with great awareness and sensitivity. Deborah Davis gets it just right. #Quote by Sheila Kitzinger
Nordeman Davis quotes by Karen Davis
#14. The idea that human beings cannot logically recognize suffering in a chicken, or draw meaningful conclusions about how a human would react to the conditions under which a caged hen lives, is ridiculous. There is a basis for empathy and understanding in the fact of human evolutionary continuity with other creatures that enables us to recognize and infer, in those creatures, experiences similar to our own. The fact that animals are forcibly confined in environments that reflect human nature, not theirs, means that they are suffering much more than we know in ways that we cannot fathom. If they preferred to be packed together without contact with the world outside, then we would not need intensive physical confinement facilities, and mutilations such as debeaking, since they would voluntarily cram together, live cordially, and save us money. The egg industry thinks nothing of claiming that a mutilated bird in a cage is 'happy,' 'content,' and 'singing,' yet will turn around and try to intimidate you with accusations of 'anthropomorphism' if you logically insist that the bird is miserable. #Quote by Karen Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Jim Davis
#15. There are so many opportunities in life, that the loss of two or three capabilities is not necessarily debilitating. A handicap can give you the opportunity to focus more on art, writing, or music. #Quote by Jim Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Lydia Davis
#16. The fact that he does not tell me the truth all the time makes me not sure of his truth at certain times, and then I work to figure out for myself if what he is telling me is the truth or not, and sometimes I can figure out that it's not the truth and sometimes I don't know and never know, and sometimes just because he says it to me over and over again I am convinced it is the truth because I don't believe he would repeat a lie so often. Maybe the truth does not matter, but I want to know it if only so that I can come to some conclusions about such questions as: whether he is angry at me or not; if he is, then how angry; whether he still loves her or not; if he does, then how much; whether he loves me or not; how much; how capable he is of deceiving me in the act and after the act in the telling. #Quote by Lydia Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Dermot Davis
#17. The big trinity of publishing: mystery, thrillers and romance. If you can combine all three, then it's a winner's trifecta and you'll be rich beyond your dreams. #Quote by Dermot Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Kyra Davis
#18. I don't want to respond to him but my body won't cooperate. #Quote by Kyra Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Jefferson Davis
#19. The troops of other states have their reputation to gain, the sons of the Alamo have theirs to maintain. #Quote by Jefferson Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Siobhan Davis
#20. Does one mistake, no matter how horrific it is, override years of love and support? Replace the myriad of ways he protected me and eliminate how far he was prepared to go to keep me safe? When I told him I loved him in that previous lifetime, was it so flimsy that I'd turn my back on him when he needs me the most? I don't need anyone else to answer those questions for me.
I know it doesn't.
I may not love him in the same way, but I will not abandon him.
I will not give up on him. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Hope Davis
#21. You know how a lot of people say they could go crazy? Well, I feel I live very close to that line. #Quote by Hope Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Jeff Davis
#22. Because I love you. #Quote by Jeff Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Patti Davis
#23. The memories that I have are mostly at our old ranch, out in Agoura. We used to go out there every Saturday. I can smell the oak trees. I can see it so clearly. #Quote by Patti Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Olena Kalytiak Davis
#24. You should bury more than the dead.
You should try harder.
You should give up. #Quote by Olena Kalytiak Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Colleen Hoover
#25. You fell asleep right when she was about to find out her mother's secret. How dare you. I'll be back tomorrow night so you can finish reading it to me. And by the way, you have really bad breath and you snore way too loud. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Nordeman Davis quotes by Amanda Davis
#26. And I knew it was true, that my words were made of stones, that they would last and I would climb them. #Quote by Amanda Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Vonnie Davis
#27. His head lowered and his breath feathered over her face. "Ye belong to me, Kenzie Denune - every passionate, stunning part of ye. Me, Colleen, and our entire family, we all need ye." His lips moved against hers as he spoke. "But mainly, me, for ye fit against me, every delectable inch, outside and in." Then his lips covered hers and took control. #Quote by Vonnie Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Patti Davis
#28. I'm not the angry, rebellious child that I was. You can remain a child for a long time. I certainly did. I was a slow learner. #Quote by Patti Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Colleen Hoover
#29. {...} Is he always this angry? Is he always so charming when he isn't busy being angry? I hate that he is either one way or the other and never in between. It would be nice to see a laid-back, calm side to him. I wonder if he even has an in between. I wonder...because that's all i can do Silently wonder about the hopeless boy who somehow burrowed himself into the forefront of my thoughts and go the hell away. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Nordeman Davis quotes by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
#30. I remember when I was growing up and there would be sick people in the church. I was always so sensitive to them sitting in the pews alone, and I would not pass by without saying hello. But even at those tender ages of 5 through 14, I felt like they carried the plague, and after seeing them I would turn around praying really hard to never experience sickness like that, ever. I'd pray that I wouldn't make God angry enough to curse me like that with really awful things, but I didn't think about grace. I did not understand that it does not work that way, that God's grace is so much bigger than our sin because of Jesus - but I do get it now. We go through what we do so that we can fulfill God's glory in our lives. #Quote by Jacquelyn Nicole Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Alicen Grey
#31. No, I'm the human here. I'm the life at stake. I'm the one with fingernails, who feels pain.

Me. #Quote by Alicen Grey
Nordeman Davis quotes by Elizabeth Gould Davis
#32. The most wasteful "brain drain" in America today is the drain in the kitchen sink. #Quote by Elizabeth Gould Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Ossie Davis
#33. We can't float through life. We can't be incidental or accidental. We must fix our gaze on a guiding star as soon as one comes upon the horizon and once we have attached ourselves to that star we must keep our eyes on it and our hands upon the plow. It is the consistency of the pursuit of the highest possible vision that you can find in front of you that gives you the constancy, that gives you the encouragement, that gives you the way to understand where you are and why it's important for you to do what you can do. #Quote by Ossie Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Andy Roddick
#34. I got to play in a crowd, play in Wimbledon finals, be the guy on a Davis Cup team for a while. Those are opportunities not a lot of people get. #Quote by Andy Roddick
Nordeman Davis quotes by Dan Epstein
#35. In the two weeks following the All-Star Game, baseball was largely upstaged by the events of the XXI Olympiad in Montreal, including Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci's seven perfect 10.0 scores, Bruce Jenner's record-setting decathlon triumph, and the five gold medals won by U.S. boxers Howard Davis Jr., Sugar Ray Leonard, Leo Randolph, and brothers Leon and Michael Spinks - the mightiest performance of any American boxing team in Olympic history. #Quote by Dan Epstein
Nordeman Davis quotes by Will Davis Jr.
#36. For a group of people supposedly saved by grace, loved unconditionally, and secure in our relationship with Christ, we certainly carry a lot of guilt and baggage in our relationship with God. #Quote by Will Davis Jr.
Nordeman Davis quotes by Evan Davis
#37. Interest rate cuts have an effect in stimulating an economy by directly or indirectly making someone, somewhere, spend more than they otherwise would. That extra spending increases demand and ensures that we all carry on with work to do, without us having to slash our prices or our wrists. #Quote by Evan Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Lydia Davis
#38. Do what you want to do, and don't worry if it's a little odd or doesn't fit the market. #Quote by Lydia Davis
Nordeman Davis quotes by Vonnie Davis
#39. If ye place yer hand in mine, ye're saying yes to all I plan to do to ye" - he jerked his chin to the Oriental rug ---" here on the floor in front of the hearth. I will love ye like no man in yer past ever has and like no man in yer future would ever dare to try. For ye are mine, beloved, and from this moment until our last, a part of us will belong to the other. #Quote by Vonnie Davis

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