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Noodles quotes by Wataru Watari
#1. Who the hell was this guy, barging in to deny me my ramen? #Quote by Wataru Watari
Noodles quotes by James Joyce
#2. What is the age of the soul of man? As she hath the virtue of the chameleon to change her hue at every new approach, to be gay with the merry and mournful with the downcast, so too is her age changeable as her mood. No longer is Leopold, as he sits there, ruminating, chewing the cud of reminiscence, that staid agent of publicity and holder of a modest substance in the funds. He is young Leopold, as in a retrospective arrangement, a mirror within a mirror (hey, presto!), he beholdeth himself. That young figure of then is seen, precociously manly, walking on a nipping morning from the old house in Clambrassil street to the high school, his booksatchel on him bandolierwise, and in it a goodly hunk of wheaten loaf, a mother's thought. Or it is the same figure, a year or so gone over, in his first hard hat (ah, that was a day!), already on the road, a fullfledged traveller for the family firm, equipped with an orderbook, a scented handkerchief (not for show only), his case of bright trinketware (alas, a thing now of the past!), and a quiverful of compliant smiles for this or that halfwon housewife reckoning it out upon her fingertips or for a budding virgin shyly acknowledging (but the heart? tell me!) his studied baisemoins. The scent, the smile but more than these, the dark eyes and oleaginous address brought home at duskfall many a commission to the head of the firm seated with Jacob's pipe after like labours in the paternal ingle (a meal of noodles, you may be sure, is aheatin #Quote by James Joyce
Noodles quotes by Lemony Snicket
#3. I know we have to hurry!" Klaus cried. "I'm moving these noodles as quickly as I can! #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Noodles quotes by Yotam Ottolenghi
#4. There is a unique freshness when eating buckwheat noodles cold with plenty of herbs and citrus acidity. I can't think of any better use of chopsticks on a hot and sweaty evening. #Quote by Yotam Ottolenghi
Noodles quotes by Ruth Reichl
#5. I was not prepared for the feel of the noodles in my mouth, or the purity of the taste. I had been in Japan for almost a month, but I had never experiences anything like this. The noodles quivered as if they were alive, and leapt into my mouth where they vibrated as if playing inaudible music. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Noodles quotes by Cindy Pon
#6. A plate of roast duck, steamed dumplings, spicy noodles with beef gravy, pickled cucumbers, stewed tongue and eggs if you have them, cold please, and sticky rice pearls, too,' Ai Ling said, before the server girl could open her mouth. "I don't know what he wants." Ai Ling nodded toward Chen Yong.
'I'm not sure I have enough coins to order anything more,' he said, laughing. #Quote by Cindy Pon
Noodles quotes by Dr. Seuss
#7. When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles
and the bottle's on a poodle and the poodle's eating noodles ...
... they call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle
bottle paddle battle. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Noodles quotes by Ted Allen
#8. I cook everything. I love Mediterranean cooking, I love Asian cooking. I do lots of Japanese noodles. #Quote by Ted Allen
Noodles quotes by Anonymous
#9. somewhere
there is a women in China holding a black umbrella so she
won't taste the salt of the rain when the sky begins to weep,

there is a 17 year old girl who smells like pomegranates and has summer air tight on her naked skin, wrapping around her scars
like veins in a bloody garden, who won't make it past tomorrow,

there is a young man, who buys yellow flowers for the woman
in apartment 84B, who learned braille when he realized she
couldn't read his poetry about her white neck and mint eyes

there are people watching films,
making love for the first time, opening mail with the
heading of 'i miss you', cooking noodles with
organic spices and red sauces, buying lemon detergent,
ignoring 'do not smoke' signs, painting murals
of his lips in abandoned warehouses, chewing
the words 'i love you' over and over again, swallowing
phone numbers and forgotten birthdays, eating
strawberry pies, drinking white wine off of each
others open mouths, ignoring the telephone,
reading this poem

someone is thinking
i'm alone
someone finally understands
they never really
were #Quote by Anonymous
Noodles quotes by Matt Goulding
#10. But beyond the extravagance of Rome's wealthiest citizens and flamboyant gourmands, a more restrained cuisine emerged for the masses: breads baked with emmer wheat; polenta made from ground barley; cheese, fresh and aged, made from the milk of cows and sheep; pork sausages and cured meats; vegetables grown in the fertile soil along the Tiber. In these staples, more than the spice-rubbed game and wine-soaked feasts of Apicius and his ilk, we see the earliest signs of Italian cuisine taking shape.
The pillars of Italian cuisine, like the pillars of the Pantheon, are indeed old and sturdy. The arrival of pasta to Italy is a subject of deep, rancorous debate, but despite the legend that Marco Polo returned from his trip to Asia with ramen noodles in his satchel, historians believe that pasta has been eaten on the Italian peninsula since at least the Etruscan time. Pizza as we know it didn't hit the streets of Naples until the seventeenth century, when Old World tomato and, eventually, cheese, but the foundations were forged in the fires of Pompeii, where archaeologists have discovered 2,000-year-old ovens of the same size and shape as the modern wood-burning oven. Sheep's- and cow's-milk cheeses sold in the daily markets of ancient Rome were crude precursors of pecorino and Parmesan, cheeses that literally and figuratively hold vast swaths of Italian cuisine together. Olives and wine were fundamental for rich and poor alike. #Quote by Matt Goulding
Noodles quotes by Stephen Colbert
#11. If you think you can lead your flock of sheeple and peeps to some glorified noodle fest on the mall, you got another thing coming, mister. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Noodles quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#12. Since I've been on my own, I've been eating a lot of popcorn, cereal, instant noodles, and snack bars. I have a hot plate in my bedroom, a microwave, and a small fridge. That's the kind of kitchen I know how to get around in. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Noodles quotes by Scarlett Brukett
#13. Right now I'll just be happy if you let me know what would you like to have in breakfast ." She swiftly moved from the platform to the fridge and took some bell peppers out of it. I spotted a bowl of boiled noodles. Perhaps, I would be fine with some change in my menu.
"some noodles will just be fine,a glass of orange juice." I put my glass in the sink and stepped back to have a better view of her amazing body. "and a bed full of you." I added.
Oops, I think that was pretty shameless.
-Abstruse. #Quote by Scarlett Brukett
Noodles quotes by Madeleine Thien
#14. I've got nothing to offer you kids but these noodles. They're good noodles but they won't change the world. #Quote by Madeleine Thien
Noodles quotes by David S. Atkinson
#15. Anyway, a bunch of penguins were living in a ceramic bowl of cold spaghetti noodles. There was no tomato sauce because it didn't exist yet, but that was okay. As the spaghetti was cold, moisture condensed upon it. This kept the spaghetti from sticking, or from sticking to the penguins, or the bowl. It also kept the penguins from sticking to the bowl, and from sticking to each other.
As I mentioned, tomato sauce did not exist yet. You should realize since this was a beginning, the moisture didn't either. Neither did the bowl. I think you can guess about the penguins. How could there be penguins if nothing existed yet? #Quote by David S. Atkinson
Noodles quotes by Meghan Quinn
#16. Hey beautiful," Trey answers, sounding exhausted.

"Hey you." My heart clenches in my chest from the sound of his voice.

He breathes heavily. "I'm sitting here, shirt off, beer in hand, TV on, and I feel so fucking empty." The image of him lying on the couch we bought together, his beautiful body stretched out across the cushions, makes me ache in places I haven't ached in a long time. I want him so bad. "I'm missing my girl tucked against my chest."

"I would give anything to be there right now," I answer honestly.

Sighing, he asks, "Remember that piece of spaghetti I threw on the ceiling the night before you left?"

"Yeah." I smile to myself, thinking about that night. Trey insisted upon making spaghetti and meatballs for me. He came home with a grocery bag full of pasta, spaghetti sauce, and pre-made meatballs. When cooking the noodles, he told me an "old wives' tale." He said if you throw the noodles to the ceiling and it sticks, then the pasta is done. What he didn't realize is if that pasta never comes down, you overcooked it.

"It fell this morning. Scared the shit out of me. I thought it was a spider trying to bury itself in my hair while I was making eggs."

A laugh bursts out of me as I think about Trey bouncing around the apartment, spaghetti in hair thinking it was a spider. "Oh no. Miss Pasta-relli finally fell?"

"She did and that squirrely bitch knew exactly what she was doing, to #Quote by Meghan Quinn
Noodles quotes by Ivanka Trump
#17. Thanks to my Czech-German heritage, I can't get enough of savory foods like stews, sausage, noodles, and anything that involves melted cheese. Not great choices from a dietary perspective, but at the end of a long day, I feel like I'm entitled. #Quote by Ivanka Trump
Noodles quotes by Thanhha Lai
#18. Do not waste ... Don't waste the vegetable-washing water, splash it on the grapefruit tree instead ... Don't waste anything made of glass or plastic because glass and plastic can be reused ad nauseam ... Don't waste ... a string for retying, a rubber band for conquering dry noodles or hair, rice bags for dishcloths, fish bones for fertilizer ... Anything that comes out of the earth must be returned to the earth ... "If everyone uses more than their share, how can the earth support us?" #Quote by Thanhha Lai
Noodles quotes by Amy Waldman
#19. She ate ramen noodles from the vending machine, their texture just a few molecular recombinations from the Styrofoam cup containing them. #Quote by Amy Waldman
Noodles quotes by Jack Kevorkian
#20. I'm not the kind of guy who has best friends. #Quote by Jack Kevorkian
Noodles quotes by Berkeley Breathed
#21. Oodles of noodles help blue poodles mit der strudel. #Quote by Berkeley Breathed
Noodles quotes by Ana Ortiz
#22. I have a rescue dog named Fideo, which means 'noodle' in Spanish, and a cat named Hutch. #Quote by Ana Ortiz
Noodles quotes by Tracy Anne Warren
#23. The chef outdid himself, as one delectable dish after another was brought up from the kitchens. For Gabriel, there was a succulent roast goose with figs and a tender glazed ham, while (Esme) dined on a pair of clever cheese dishes, one made with cream and potatoes and another from Italy that combined cheese-filled flat noodles smothered with a wonderful rosemary butter sauce.
Accompanying all of that was a plentiful array of vegetables, spiced and stewed fruits and freshly baked breads with creamy butter. And for dessert, there was a flaming plum pudding with a cognac whipped cream so strong it threatened to leave her tipsy. #Quote by Tracy Anne Warren
Noodles quotes by Jeremy Camp
#24. I ate so many Ramen noodles that I wouldn't even touch a package of them now. #Quote by Jeremy Camp
Noodles quotes by Callum Horncastle
#25. I prefer noodles when they're raw, they taste just as good, but reward you with a satisfying crunch... #Quote by Callum Horncastle
Noodles quotes by Jandy Nelson
#26. I'm layering away: sauce, noodles, I belong to you, cheese, sauce, my heart is yours, noodles, cheese, I hear your soul in your music, cheese, cheese, CHEESE ... #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Noodles quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#27. OH KYO KUN! Isn't it said that eating pink noodles turns you into a horny pervert?! #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Noodles quotes by Edie Adams
#28. All the dreamers in all the world are dizzy in the noodle. #Quote by Edie Adams
Noodles quotes by Rockridge Press
#29. 2 chicken breasts ½ cup chunky peanut butter ½ cup fish sauce ¼ cup freshly squeezed lime juice 2 tablespoons palm sugar 2 tablespoons Sriracha 2 cups water 1 package pad thai noodles ½ pound medium shrimp, peeled and deveined ¼ cup bean sprouts ¼ cup sliced scallions Crushed peanuts, for garnish #Quote by Rockridge Press
Noodles quotes by Jenny Downham
#30. Instructions for Adam
Look after no one except yourself. Go to university and make lots of friends and get drunk. Forget your door keyes. Laugh. Eat pot-noodles for breakfast. Miss lectures. Be irresponsible. #Quote by Jenny Downham
Noodles quotes by A.R. Von
#31. He takes my mouth with such fervor, my heart pounds harder than after I've just run for miles. My legs now feel like over cooked noodles. #Quote by A.R. Von
Noodles quotes by Chloe Neill
#32. That took all of three minutes," he pointed out, sprinkling red pepper across his noodles.

"And was kind of anticlimactic," Mal said, "since you just stared at the microwave the entire time. I figured you'd at least give some kind of invocation, maybe some gnawing the plastic. Growling." She ate another forkful of spaghetti, then offered, "Clawing the ground. Barking."

"I'm a vampire, not a corgie. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Noodles quotes by Stefanie Weisman
#33. High school and college students like to torture their bodies. They pull countless all-nighters, continually skip breakfast, eat nothing but ramen noodles for dinner, find creative new ways to guzzle alcohol, transform into couch potatoes, and gain 15 pounds at the freshman dinner buffet. At least, that's the stereotype. #Quote by Stefanie Weisman
Noodles quotes by J.M. Darhower
#34. The check is over twelve hundred dollars. No fucking way. I gape at him as he pulls out a wad of cash, paying in strictly hundred dollar bills, not even seeming bothered by the cost. "That's nuts," I hiss. "I could eat for like a year off of that much money." "Three years if you just eat your noodles, #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Noodles quotes by Eddie Huang
#35. Every few months or so at home, Pops had to have Taiwanese 'Mian. Not the Dan-Dan Mian you get at Szechuan restaurants or in Fuchsia Dunlop's book, but Taiwanese Dan-Dan. The trademark of ours is the use of clear pork bone stock, sesame paste, and crushed peanuts on top. You can add chili oil if you want, but I take it clean because when done right, you taste the essence of pork and the bitterness of sesame paste; the texture is somewhere between soup and ragout. Creamy, smooth, and still soupy. A little za cai (pickled radish) on top, chopped scallions, and you're done. I realized that day, it's the simple things in life. It's not about a twelve-course tasting of unfamiliar ingredients or mass-produced water-added rib-chicken genetically modified monstrosity of meat that makes me feel alive. It's getting a bowl of food that doesn't have an agenda. The ingredients are the ingredients because they work and nothing more. These noodles were transcendent not because he used the best produce or protein or because it was locally sourced, but because he worked his dish. You can't buy a championship.
Did this old man invent Dan-Dan Mian? No. But did he perfect it with techniques and standards never before seen? Absolutely. He took a dish people were making in homes, made it better than anyone else, put it on front street, and established a standard. That's professional cooking. To take something that already speaks to us, do it at the highest level, and force everyone else to st #Quote by Eddie Huang
Noodles quotes by Regina Griffin
#36. Ish #1 It's not your mama's macaroni and cheese if you used spaghetti noodles. #Quote by Regina Griffin
Noodles quotes by Hollis Gillespie
#37. That's the detail of the dead woman I always remember: her bare left foot, along with packets of Top Ramen and a torn box of cat food strewn about as plastic bags danced in the wind of passing cars. I always think how, when she left the house that day, the last thing on that woman's mind must have been the possibility of dying on the pavement with dried noodles crowning her head. Maybe if she had paid more attention to detail, like the oncoming car, she would have made it home to feed her cat. #Quote by Hollis Gillespie
Noodles quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#38. No, everything will not be all right if we just talk it over, face facts, use our noodles. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Noodles quotes by Himmilicious
#39. Sometimes.. You love a bowl of noodles more than your partner at midnight. #Quote by Himmilicious
Noodles quotes by Jarod Kintz
#40. She had blonde hair like spaghetti noodles, and then she went and dyed it marinara. But I loved her like I enjoy all-you-can-eat pasta buffets. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Noodles quotes by Nigel Slater
#41. My energy and curiosity may be renewed but the larder isn't. There is probably less food in the house than there has ever been. I trudge out to buy a few chicken pieces and a bag of winter greens to make a soup with the spices and noodles I have in the cupboard. What ends up as dinner is clear, bright and life-enhancing. It has vitality (that's the greens), warmth (ginger, cinnamon) and it is economical and sustaining too. I suddenly feel ready for anything the New Year might throw at me. #Quote by Nigel Slater
Noodles quotes by Elizabeth Lim
#42. This garden was peaceful and calm. Pink cherry blossoms and violet plum blossoms graced the sweeping trees. The petals fell like snowflakes, dancing and swirling until they touched the soft, verdant grass.
There was something familiar about this place.
Her eyes traveled down the flat stone steps. She knew this path, knew those stones. The third one from the bottom had a crack in the middle- from when she was five and the neighbor's boy convinced her there were worms on the other side of the stones. She'd hammered the stone in half, eager to catch a few worms to play with.
There weren't any, of course, but her mother had helped her find some dragonflies by the pond instead, and they'd spent an afternoon counting them in the garden.
Mulan smiled wistfully at the memory. This can't be the same garden. I'm in Diyu.
Yet no painter could have re-created what she saw more convincingly. Every detail was as she remembered. At the bottom of the stone-cobbled path was a pond with rose-flushed lilies, and a marble bench under the cherry tree. She used to play by the pond when she was a little girl, catching frogs and fireflies in wine jugs and feeding the fish leftover rice husks and sesame seeds until her mother scolded her.
And beyond the moon gate was-
Mulan's hand jumped to her mouth.
That smell of home- of Baba's incense from the family temple, sharp with amber and cedar; of noodles in Grandmother Fa's special pork broth; of jasmine #Quote by Elizabeth Lim
Noodles quotes by Red Grange
#43. A professional player is smarter than a college man. He uses his noodle. He knows what to do and when to do it. He rarely goes up in the air as is the case with most of our college players when they get in a tight place. #Quote by Red Grange
Noodles quotes by Urooj Bukhari
#44. They says he was not good for you.i saidwhenever i suffer from stomach ache i eat noodles.when i have toothache i eat chocolates.when i have throat pain,i drink pretty cold icy is also not good for me,but i am alive #Quote by Urooj Bukhari
Noodles quotes by Jarod Kintz
#45. The moonlight filtered through the trees like water from a strainer. Agatha's hair was the color and consistency of wet noodles. I said she might look sexy as a redhead, and she asserted she'd be staying a creamy alfredo. I touched her tight skin they way a drummer might strum a guitar. She called me Mozart, and I didn't know how to reply so I simply belched. Before I had finished, her open mouth was on mine, and she was huffing my essence like David Hasselhoff hoofing it to the liquor store. I remember what color panties she wore. They were transparent with the texture of flesh. I rubbed her back while she purred. Her skin was as soft as a fur coat. We made love for what seemed like days, but was in fact 3:58.95 - a personal best for me. I felt like Roger Bannister, and she felt like a cheetah. Literally. I told her she'd look good on my rug, as a rug, and she playfully pinched the folds on my stomach. She explored my naval cavity with her pinky, and what started out as foreplay turned into a scavenger hunt. While she might have expected to find lint, nobody could have ever suspected she'd find the lost Templar treasure. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Noodles quotes by Jenni Ferrari-Adler
#46. The instant noodles that I ate alone in Ithaca might have been identical to the instant noodles of my childhood, but the taste, so to speak, was entirely different. The reasons for this, of course, were obvious. My mother was not there. My sister was not there.

Instant Noodles, Rattawut Lapcharoensap [from the book Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone] #Quote by Jenni Ferrari-Adler
Noodles quotes by Anonymous
#47. Colt thought there was nothing worse than shaking hands with a man whose palm put him in mind of wet noodles. #Quote by Anonymous
Noodles quotes by Arundhati Roy
#48. (1) Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. (2) Wild geese that flew with the moon on their wings. (3) Bright copper kettles. (4) Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Noodles quotes by Julia Child
#49. Noodles are not only amusing but delicious ... #Quote by Julia Child
Noodles quotes by Adam Johnson
#50. But the Americans ruin everything with cheese. They make it out of animal milk. Americans put it on everything - on their eggs at breakfast, on their noodles, they melt it on ground meat. They say Americans smell like butter, but no, it is cheese. With heat, it becomes an orange liquid. #Quote by Adam Johnson
Noodles quotes by Joey Fatone
#51. I'm Italian. I love to cook Italian food, so I learned from my dad how to make sauce and meatballs and all that stuff. With my wife and kids, I started making homemade pasta. The very first time, I didn't have a pasta maker, so I had to cut it with a knife, the old-school way! The noodles were all jacked up, but it was fun. #Quote by Joey Fatone
Noodles quotes by Dirk Nowitzki
#52. I'm not the kind of guy who just goes up to women. #Quote by Dirk Nowitzki
Noodles quotes by Shilpa Shetty
#53. I love Chinese food, like steamed dim sum, and I can have noodles morning, noon and night, hot or cold. I like food that's very simple on the digestive system - I tend to keep it light. I love Japanese food too - sushi, sashimi and miso soup. #Quote by Shilpa Shetty
Noodles quotes by Marisha Pessl
#54. The days shuffled by like bland schoolgirls. I didn't notice their individual faces, only their basic uniform: day and night, day and night.
I had no patience for showers or balanced meals. I did a lot of lying on floors - childish certainly, but when one can lie on floors without anyone seeing one, trust me, one will lie on a floor. I discovered, too, the fleeting yet discernible joy of biting into a Whitman's chocolate and throwing the remaining half behind the sofa in the library. I could read, read, read until my eyes burned and the words floating like noodles in soup. #Quote by Marisha Pessl
Noodles quotes by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
#55. Reinforced concrete buildings are by nature skeletal buildings. No noodles nor armoured turrets. A construction of girders that carry the weight, and walls that carry no weight. That is to say, buildings consisting of skin and bones. #Quote by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe
Noodles quotes by Kim Young-kwang
#56. When I would feel down ... I'd have some noodles father prepared, and all the worries I had that day ... Poof! They would all disappear. #Quote by Kim Young-kwang
Noodles quotes by Paula Poundstone
#57. I can make things, but I don't cook them, exactly. Like salmon, I can stick that in a pan. Or the other day I made noodles, but they were hard. It never occurred to me to check them; I just stopped cooking them when I felt they were ready. Really, I'm too absentminded. #Quote by Paula Poundstone
Noodles quotes by Richard H. Thaler
#58. 14. Procrastinator's Clock. For those who are chronically late to meetings, there's the Procrastinator's Clock, a downloadable program for your computer, that displays a digital clock that is guaranteed to be up to fifteen minutes fast. How fast? Well, that's the nudge. You are never exactly sure because the clock unpredictably speeds up and slows down. That assures that users can't game the system. We think that this device might help the lawyer of this team (who shall remain nameless) get to Noodles on time for lunch. A physical version of this clock has already been patented by a company called Emergent Technologies. #Quote by Richard H. Thaler
Noodles quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#59. Lobster tomalley fish innards! The richness of all the ingredients have melded into one powerful whole! What a robust, almost wild flavor!
Next, let's try the broth together with the noodles... here I go!
Ye gods! I have to hold myself together or I'll black out! As it is, that was nearly a knockout punch! Who knew umami flavor could be this powerfully violent!
How about the toppings? I see three varieties of shredded cheese. Rouille... *Rouille is a type of aioli, usually consisting of olive oil, breadcrumbs and various spices like garlic and chili flakes. It, along with croutons and cheese, is a standard garnish to Soupe de Poisson.* And are those tempura flakes? Aha! He must have added those as a crouton analogue!
And finally the rusk! It looks like it's been spread with Échiré butter and well toasted. Perhaps it was added as a palate cleanser for after that strong, rich broth.
WHAT?! What an intense, aromatic flavor! But where is all of this coming from?!
Hm? What are these pink flakes in the butter? Wait, now I see! Those shells he crushed! He had them dried to increase their umami flavor!"
"It's about time you noticed. I added those powdered shells to everything in this dish, from the soup stock to the butter on the rusk."
"See, the umami flavor in lobsters and shrimp comes from three elements: glycine, arginine and proline. Of all seafood, crustaceans carry the highest concentration of umami components, y'know.
Since Ryo to #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Noodles quotes by Stephanie Danler
#60. You know, you the worst kind, you want to marry the artist and live like squalor, but you wait, in five years you be like, Baby Jake why we eat ramen noodles every night? You a hustler, don't blind me, I see. #Quote by Stephanie Danler
Noodles quotes by Freeman Patterson
#61. There's only one rule in photography - never develop colour film in chicken noodle soup. #Quote by Freeman Patterson
Noodles quotes by Grant Naylor
#62. Just a pot noodle. Oh - and I found a tin of dog food on the tool shelf.'
Misery hissed through Lister's gritted teeth. 'Well,' he said finally. 'Pretty obvious what gets eaten last. I can't stand pot noodles. #Quote by Grant Naylor
Noodles quotes by Mike Ditka
#63. Can't make chicken salad out of chicken noodle #Quote by Mike Ditka
Noodles quotes by Alex Tizon
#64. [...] So large was the universe of things called Oriental: roots, rugs, religions, noodles, hairstyles, hordes, healing arts, herbs and spices, fabrics, medicines, modes of war, types of astronomy, spheres of the globe, schools of philosophical thought, and salads. It applied to me, women, gum, dances, eyes, body types, chicken dishes, societies, civilizations, styles of diplomacy, codes of behaviour, fighting arts, sexual proclivities, and a particular kind of mind.
Apparently, the Orient produced people with a singular way of thinking. There was no way, wrote Jack London, for a Westerner to plumb the Oriental mind - it was cut from different cloth, functioned in an alien way. #Quote by Alex Tizon
Noodles quotes by Billy Joel
#65. I'm not the kind of guy who wants to be on a pedestal. #Quote by Billy Joel
Noodles quotes by Ree Drummond
#66. I worked and worked, and before I knew it, my collage was finished. Still damp from Elmer's glue, the masterpiece included images of horses--courtesy, coincidentally, of Marlboro cigarette ads--and footballs. There were pictures of Ford pickups and green grass--anything I could find in my old magazines that even remotely hinted at country life. There was a rattlesnake: Marlboro Man hated snakes. And a photo of a dark, starry night: Marlboro Man was afraid of the dark as a child. There were Dr Pepper cans, a chocolate cake, and John Wayne, whose likeness did me a great favor by appearing in some ad in Golf Digest in the early 1980s.
My collage would have to do, even though it was missing any images depicting the less tangible things--the real things--I knew about Marlboro Man. That he missed his brother Todd every day of his life. That he was shy in social settings. That he knew off-the-beaten-path Bible stories--not the typical Samson-and-Delilah and David-and-Goliath tales, but obscure, lesser-known stories that I, in a lifetime of skimming, would never have hoped to read. That he hid in an empty trash barrel during a game of hide-and-seek at the Fairgrounds when he was seven…and that he'd gotten stuck and had to be extricated by firefighters. That he hated long pasta noodles because they were too difficult to eat. That he was sweet. Caring. Serious. Strong. The collage was incomplete--sorely lacking vital information. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Noodles quotes by Karen Russell
#67. There's something pitiable and terrifying about the unconscious bully. His crumpled nose and hat.
... This is the first true thing that Brauser and I have ever shared, this fear, besides dog-eared songbooks and cafeteria noodles.
I wonder, briefly, if I could eat Brauser if it came to that.
At this point, we have been alone on the glacier for fourteen minutes. #Quote by Karen Russell
Noodles quotes by Wells Tower
#68. Over the years, I've made good money in real estate, and for some reason, this hurts Stephen's feelings. He's not a churchman, but he's extremely big on piety and sacrifice and letting you know what fine values he's got. As far as I can tell, these values consist of little more than eating ramen noodles by the case, getting laid once every fifteen years or so, and arching his back at the sight of people like me
that is, people who have amounted to something and don't smell heavily of thrift stores. #Quote by Wells Tower
Noodles quotes by Colin Egglesfield
#69. I've been struggling so long with my career that I haven't been in a position to invite a woman into my life. It would have been like, 'Hey, come live with me and my two roommates, and let's make ramen noodles tonight.' #Quote by Colin Egglesfield
Noodles quotes by Nobu Matsuhisa
#70. I eat soup noodles for comfort. In fact, noodles of any kind. It's a food that is very easy to eat; it's very soothing and comfortable, too. If I could choose any, I'd say buckwheat was my favourite: it has a very good flavour and is healthy, too. #Quote by Nobu Matsuhisa
Noodles quotes by Adrien Broner
#71. He's smaller than me, did you see him? He looked like a noodle next to me. #Quote by Adrien Broner
Noodles quotes by Momofuku Ando
#72. Peace will come to the world when the people have enough noodles to eat. #Quote by Momofuku Ando
Noodles quotes by Camilla Gibb
#73. The history of Vietnam lies in this bowl, for it is in Hanoi, the Vietnamese heart, that phở was born, a combination of the rice noodles that predominated after a thousand years of Chinese occupation and the taste for beef the Vietnamese acquired under the French, who turned their cows away from ploughs and into bifteck and pot-au-feu. The name of their national soup is pronounced like this French word for fire... #Quote by Camilla Gibb
Noodles quotes by Matt Goulding
#74. All of this could fall flat, feel too much like a caricature of a Sicilian trattoria, if the food itself weren't so damn good: arancini, saffron-scented rice fried into crunchy, greaseless golf balls; polpette di pesce spada, swordfish meatballs with a taste so deep and savory they might as well be made of dry-aged beef; and a superlative version of caponata di melanzane, that ubiquitous Sicilian starter of eggplant, capers, and various other vegetation, stewed into a sweet and savory jam that you will want to smear on everything. Everything around you screams Italy, but those flavors on the end of the fork? The sweet-and-sour tandem, the stain of saffron, the grains of rice: pure Africa.
The pasta: even better. Chewy noodles tinted jet black with squid ink and tossed with sautéed rings and crispy legs of calamari- a sort of nose-to-tail homage to the island's cherished cephalopod. And Palermo's most famous dish, pasta con le sarde, a bulge of thick spaghetti strewn with wild fennel, capers, raisins, and, most critically, a half dozen plump sardines slow cooked until they melt into a briny ocean ragù. Sweet, salty, fatty, funky- Palermo in a single bite. #Quote by Matt Goulding
Noodles quotes by Jack Nicholson
#75. Once you've started a film you don't become a wet noodle. You must have that conflictual interface because you don't know, and they don't know. It's through conflict that you come out with something that might be different, better than either of you thought to begin with. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
Noodles quotes by Penny Reid
#76. Three years is a long time." His voice was achingly seductive.
I frowned because I was confused, but I managed to whisper, "Yes. And fettuccini noodles are too thick."
He frowned, but his attention didn't waver from my lips. "What does that have to do with anything?"
"I don't know. You said three years is a long time. I thought we were sharing random opinions. #Quote by Penny Reid
Noodles quotes by E.B. White
#77. It was a delicious meal
skim milk, wheat middlings, leftover pancakes, half a doughnut, the rind of a summer squash, two pieces of stale toast, a third of a gingersnap, a fish tail, one orange peel, several noodles from a noodle soup, the scum off a cup of cocoa, an ancient jelly roll, a strip of paper from the lining of the garbage pail, and a spoonful of raspberry jello. #Quote by E.B. White
Noodles quotes by Chris Black
#78. You can't be wishy-washy. That's the most boring thing in the world, to be a middle-of-the-road wet noodle. That's my greatest fear, to be like, "Oh, whatever." That's just not who I am. #Quote by Chris Black
Noodles quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#79. I'm not as good as a man as you are, Sundown. I find it hard to give an enemy my back under any circumstance." – Ren
"Oh, I didn't say I was giving her my back. I'm not lacking all my noodle sense. But I'm not holding a grudge neither. Sometimes you just got to let the rattlesnake lay in the sun." – Sundown
"Men? You do know I'm standing in this little box with you and can hear every word?" – Abigail
"We know. I merely don't care." – Ren #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Noodles quotes by Tracy Anne Warren
#80. My lady, would you care to inspect the menu for dinner? Cook is doing her best to accommodate on such short notice. I believe she plans to serve chicken this evening."
"Oh, actually, chicken will do very well for his lordship, but I shall require a dish without meat."
"Without meat?" the woman repeated, looking even more pinched. "Such as, may I inquire?"
"Vegetables, bread, noodles, soup made without meat stock, cheese, milk, fruit. Anything, really, so long as it is not made from killed meat. #Quote by Tracy Anne Warren
Noodles quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#81. Sometimes Tally felt she could almost accept brain damage if it meant a life without reconstituted noodles. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Noodles quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#82. „Hmm." Daemon's gaze flicked up, and a second later, Blake's glass tipped over.
I gasped. Water sloshed over the table, spilling into Blake's lap. He jumped up, letting out a curse. The movement shook the table again. His plate of spicy noodles slid – well, flew – onto the front of Blake's sweater.
My jaw dropped. Holy mountain mama, Daemon had taken my date hostage.
"Jesus," Blake muttered, hands at his sides.
Grabbing napkins, I turned do Daemon. My look promised a vengeful death as I handed Blake the napkins.
"That was really strange," Daemon said, smirking. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Noodles quotes by Tom Wolfe
#83. How very American it was to assume that these unsmiling Chinese would be pleased if one showed a preference for their native implements ... How very American it was to feel somehow guilty unless one struggled over rice noodles and lumps of meat with things that looked like enlarged knitting needles. #Quote by Tom Wolfe
Noodles quotes by Kristen Ashley
#84. Sweet Pea, the way you eat means you got tits and ass. This is good because I like tits and ass. This is bad because Tack and Lawson like 'em just as much as me. Then he shoved his noodles and veg into his mouth and said with his mouth full, Tack maybe more. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Noodles quotes by Rick Ross
#85. I remember when I couldn't afford to eat like this. It was ramen noodles and the San Francisco Treat [Rice-A-Roni]. Dessert? Get you a honey bun and put a slice of cheese on it. Put it in the microwave for 45 seconds and you had the gift of a lifetime. #Quote by Rick Ross
Noodles quotes by Julie Johnson
#86. Easy as pie. Actually, come to think of it, not easy as pie. Easy as something else. Like ramen noodles. Or microwave popcorn. Because, what exactly about pie is easy? #Quote by Julie Johnson
Noodles quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
#87. If a book has anything to say, it burns with a quiet laugh, because any book worth its salt points up and out of itself. #Quote by Bohumil Hrabal
Noodles quotes by Martin Cizmar
#88. Fatness is a byproduct of the leisurely life your hard-working ancestors and the greatest minds of the Western world have been working to create for millennia They wanted you to have a life of plenty, a life without backbreaking work. Your great-great-great-grandfather would weep with joy at the sight of you half-conscious on a couch, having just shoveled a pile of fried noodles straight out of the takeout carton into your mouth after a busy day organizing the office's fantasy football league Surely my descendant has become a king! #Quote by Martin Cizmar

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