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Non Attached Mantle quotes by Peter Merry
#1. Non-attachment is about not being attached to anything - including non-attachment itself. #Quote by Peter Merry
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Aldous Huxley
#2. Some kind of deliberate planning is necessary. But which kind and how much? We cannot answer these questions, cannot pass judgment on any given scheme, except by constantly referring back to our ideal postulates. In considering any plan we must ask whether it will help to transform the society to which it is applied into a just, peaceable, morally and intellectually progressive community of non-attached and responsible men and women. If so, we can say that the plan is a good one. If not, we must pronounce it to be bad. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Rajneesh
#3. One day you will disappear on a funeral pyre - just into nothingness, as smoke. Don't get attached to anything. This attachment takes you away from your real being; you become focused on the thing to which you are attached. Your awareness gets lost in things, in money, in people, in power. And there are a thousand and one things, the whole thick jungle around you, to be lost in. Remember, non-attachment is the secret of finding yourself, then awareness can turn inwards because you don't have anything outside to catch hold of. It is free, and in this freedom you can know your self-nature. #Quote by Rajneesh
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#4. The Friend of Your Youth is the only friend you will ever have, for he does not really see you. He sees in his mind a face which does not exist anymore, speaks a name…which belongs to that non-existent face but which by some inane and doddering confusion of the universe is for the moment attached to a not too happily met and boring stranger. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Rajneesh
#5. To remain attached to the temporal, to the changing is to remain within the world of misery because the temporal will be taken away. You have invested so much in it but one day everything is taken away. Then it is natural to feel miserable. Misery is rooted in attachment to the body and bliss is rooted in non-attachment to the body; hence all the great masters have been teaching methods and means of non-attachment, of getting disidentified with the body, with the mind, with everything surrounds you, and of just remaining a pure witness. That's what we are: pure witnessing, pure awareness. #Quote by Rajneesh
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Rajneesh
#6. To be unattached is not to renounce the world. If you renounce the world you are attached to the world; otherwise why should you renounce it? What is the point in renouncing it if you are not attached to it? Only attachment renounces. If you are really non-attached there is no question of any renunciation. #Quote by Rajneesh
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#7. Sometimes people fast for days. ... When the worst man has fasted for twenty days, he becomes quite gentle. Fasting and torturing themselves have been practiced by people all over the world. Krishna's idea is that this is all nonsense. He says that the senses will for the moment recede from the man who tortures himself, but will emerge again with twenty times more [power]. ... What should you do? The idea is to be natural - no asceticism. Go on, work, only mind that you are not attached. The will can never be fixed strongly in the man who has not learnt and practiced the secret of non-attachment. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Henry Miller
#8. Living in the midst of a world where there was a plethora of the new I attached myself to the old. In every object there was a minute particle which particularly claimed my attention. I had a microscopic eye for the blemish, for the grain of ugliness which to me constituted the sole beauty of the object. Whatever set the object apart, or made it unserviceable, or gave it a date, attracted and endeared it to me. If this was perverse it was also healthy, considering that I was not destined to belong to this world which was springing up about me. Soon I too would become like these objects which I venerated, a thing apart, a non-useful member of society. I was definitely dated, that was certain. And yet I was able to amuse, to instruct, to nourish. But never to be accepted, in a genuine way. When I wished to, when I had the itch, I could single out any man, in any stratum of society, and make him listen to me. I could hold him spellbound, if I chose, but, like a magician, or a sorcerer, only as long as the spirit was in me. At bottom I sensed in others a distrust, an uneasiness, an antagonism which, because it was instinctive, was irremediable. I should have been a clown; it would have afforded me the widest range of expression. But I underestimated the profession. Had I become a clown, or even a vaudeville entertainer, I would have been famous. People would have appreciated me precisely because they would not have understood; but they would have understood that I was not to be u #Quote by Henry Miller
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#9. To remember non-attachment is to remember what freedom is all about. If we get attached, even to a beautiful state of being, we are caught, and ultimately we will suffer. We work to observe anything that comes our way, experience it while it is here, and be able to let go of it. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Alexei Maxim Russell
#10. If your spirit is persistently harmless or if it has shown itself to you, in a non-threatening way, then you most definitely have a ghost. The ghost can be frightening, by its very nature. But the ghost will never intentionally frighten you. They will be there for three reasons: 1. They used to live there and are attached to the location 2. They are trying to communicate something to the living or 3. They are protective of somebody who lives in the house and so they are "standing guard" so to speak, over the loved one. #Quote by Alexei Maxim Russell
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#11. My home is attached to a study - in fact, my home is my study, and I have a little room to sleep in. I need to write looking onto the street or a landscape. Looking at reality from some distance gives me romantic visions. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Wendy Williams
#12. The squid has even evolved a special place to house the bacteria - a structure scientists call a 'light organ' located inside the mantle. But the bacteria don't just set up house and begin to party. When the first batch of bacteria arrive in their new digs, they have work to do.The light organ has been partially prepared for the bacteria's arrival, but the final touches won't occur until the newly arrived bacteria get things started. It's as though they've arrived in a new house but only the frame is up. The bacteria themselves have to do the finish work. #Quote by Wendy Williams
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Helena Bonham Carter
#13. It was a challenge to be able to create a character without being able to use one's normal set of expressions. All the rubber and makeup attached to your face left you with only a modest range of facial movements. #Quote by Helena Bonham Carter
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Frithjof Schuon
#14. That is sacred which in the first place is attached to the transcendent order, secondly, possesses the character of absolute certainty and, thirdly, eludes the comprehension and power of investigation of the ordinary human mind ... The sacred is the presence of the centre in the periphery, of the motionless in the moving; dignity is essentially an expression of it, for in dignity too the centre manifests at the exterior; the heart is revealed in gestures. The sacred introduces a quality of the absolute into relativities and confers on perishable things a texture of eternity. #Quote by Frithjof Schuon
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Robin M. King
#15. We had been two sides of the same coin, attached by a force stronger than family or friends. We had been one. #Quote by Robin M. King
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Samantha King
#16. Dear . . .
You're the poem I couldn't finish
The journey I should have never started
I saw tragedy in our ending
My pen bled its heart out trying to change it
But you were the fight I didn't want to lose
The addiction I didn't want to quit
Yet there was only one of us holding on
I wasn't attached to the man you are
But the one you could be
I tried to build where there was no foundation
Create a fairy tale on blank pages
But some stories need not be told, let alone written
You'll read my words and won't be moved
Your arrogance will not soften
You won't be changed
Your heart, if you should have one,
will not bend or break
The worst part of it all
Is this poem is about you
and you'll never even know it #Quote by Samantha King
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Robert D. Kaplan
#17. Beyond it is the incalculable. In other words, numbers cannot exceed the number of things there are: so that for the teller and the audience of this tale, numbers still are attached to objects. #Quote by Robert D. Kaplan
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Jack Kornfield
#18. Once we see that everything is impermanent and ungraspable and that we create a huge amount of suffering if we are attached to things staying the same, we realize that relaxing and letting go is a wiser way to live. Letting go does not mean not caring about things. It means caring about them in a flexible and wise way. #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Gary Zukav
#19. Caretaking is different from care giving. Care giving has no second agendas or hidden motives. The care is given from love for the joy of giving without expectation, no strings attached. It cannot be manipulated or discouraged because love cannot be manipulated or discouraged. #Quote by Gary Zukav
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#20. One of them was a young fellow of about twenty-seven, not tall, with black curling hair, and small, grey, fiery eyes. His nose was broad and flat, and he had high cheek bones; his thin lips were constantly compressed into an impudent, ironical - it might almost be called a malicious - smile; but his forehead was high and well formed, and atoned for a good deal of the ugliness of the lower part of his face. A special feature of this physiognomy was its death-like pallor, which gave to the whole man an indescribably emaciated appearance in spite of his hard look, and at the same time a sort of passionate and suffering expression which did not harmonize with his impudent, sarcastic smile and keen, self-satisfied bearing. He wore a large fur - or rather astrachan - overcoat, which had kept him warm all night, while his neighbour had been obliged to bear the full severity of a Russian November night entirely unprepared. His wide sleeveless mantle with a large cape to it - the sort of cloak one sees upon travellers during the winter months in Switzerland or North Italy - was by no means adapted to the long cold journey through Russia, from Eydkuhnen to St. Petersburg. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Non Attached Mantle quotes by George Hodgman
#21. old people who are failing get the angriest with those they are most attached to, the people who make them realize they are no longer themselves. #Quote by George Hodgman
Non Attached Mantle quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#22. Sturgis had now become involved in a long story of his early manhood, and even had Soapy been less distrait he might have found it difficult to enjoy it to the full. It was about an acquaintance of his who had kept rabbits, and it suffered in lucidity from his unfortunate habit of pronouncing rabbits 'roberts', combined with the fact that by a singular coincidence the acquaintance had been a Mr. Roberts. Roberts, it seemed, had been deeply attached to roberts. In fact, his practice of keeping roberts in his bedroom had led to trouble with Mrs. Roberts, and in the end Mrs. Roberts had drowned the roberts in the pond and Roberts, who thought the world of his roberts and not quite so highly of Mrs. Roberts, had never forgiven her. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Judith Martin
#23. If written directions alone would suffice, libraries wouldn't need to have the rest of the universities attached. #Quote by Judith Martin
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Bijou Hunter
#24. Maddy's going to pop soon," Cooper said, finishing his beer and getting ready to head out. "Tucker is attached to her. It's pretty fucking adorable. The guy about wets his pants every time she makes any noise that might be labor pain."
"You'll be an uncle soon."
"I'm already an uncle," Cooper mumbled, sliding on his jacket. "I just can't hold the kid yet."
"You and Farah still planning on trying?"
"No planning. We're just trying now. She's off the pill. Whenever it happens, it'll be cool. Farah worries she'll suck at being a mom. Can you believe that shit?" Cooper asked as his dark eyes warmed at the thought of his wife. "The way she takes care of Sawyer and me and everyone else and she thinks she'll be a bad mom. These girls with their shit families get all fucked up in the head and no logic is going to fix it. They just need to face their fears and see how amazing they are when their idiot parents aren't around to fuck things up."
"Should I fix things for Lark?"
"I don't know. If it was me, I'd go smack her stupid brother and father around. I don't know if that'd be a good idea though. Those fucks aren't low life drifters like Farah's parents. That Larry asshole is a respectable member of the community. If you want to smack him around, you'll need to do it in a more subtle way. Of course, if he ever fucks with you, we can just remind Mister Upstanding how his kind doesn't run Ellsberg. It's us dirty biker types who keep his house from bur #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
#25. I swam across the rocks and compared myself favorably with the sars. To swim fishlike, horizontally, was the logical method in a medium eight hundred times denser than air. To halt and hang attached to nothing, no lines or air pipe to the surface, was a dream. At night I had often had visions of flying by extending my arms as wings. Now I flew without wings. (Since that first aqualung flight, I have never had a dream of flying.) #Quote by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Swati Kumar
#26. How difficult it must be to leave a place called home, along with all the bitter sweet memories attached, for someone special and later on visit the same place as a guest. #Quote by Swati Kumar
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Henry Cavill
#27. Playing an icon [superman], you don't try to be an icon because that defeats the purpose. The responsibility attached is enormous, and the realization that it actually really, really matters meant that I wanted to put the most amount of work into representing the character properly. #Quote by Henry Cavill
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Shana Norris
#28. I stepped back, wrenching my hands from his. I was a boyfriend thief, I reminded myself. A boyfriend thief couldn't get personally attached to her work. It was a business agreement and nothing more. I wasn't thaf girl who fell for a guy that was absolutely, completely wrong for her and who had come along at exactly the absolute wrong time. I couldn't afford distractions at this point in my life. And Zac Greeley had distraction written all over him. #Quote by Shana Norris
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#29. At the southwest corner Malvern joined its fields to that of his nearest neighbor, John MacBain. Pierce held his horse just short of the border and looked across a meadow. Part of the MacBain house had been burned down. He had heard of it, but he had not seen it. Now it was plain. The east wing was grey and gaunt, a skeleton attached to the main house. Strange how crippled the house looked - like a man with his right arm withered! No, he was not going to let himself think about crippled men. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Non Attached Mantle quotes by Veronica Webb
#30. When my Azzedine jacket from 1987 died, I wrapped it up in a box, attached a note saying where it came from and took it to the Salvation Army. It was a big loss. #Quote by Veronica Webb
Non Attached Mantle quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#31. The leaves were long, the grass was green,
The hemlock-umbels tall and fair,
And in the glade a light was seen
Of stars in shadow shimmering.
Tinuviel was dancing there
To music of a pipe unseen,
And light of stars was in her hair,
And in her raiment glimmering.

There Beren came from mountains cold,
And lost he wandered under leaves,
And where the Elven-river rolled.
He walked along and sorrowing.
He peered between the hemlock-leaves
And saw in wonder flowers of gold
Upon her mantle and her sleeves,
And her hair like shadow following.

Enchantment healed his weary feet
That over hills were doomed to roam;
And forth he hastened, strong and fleet,
And grasped at moonbeams glistening.
Through woven woods in Elvenhome
She lightly fled on dancing feet,
And left him lonely still to roam
In the silent forest listening.

He heard there oft the flying sound
Of feet as light as linden-leaves,
Or music welling underground,
In hidden hollows quavering.
Now withered lay the hemlock-sheaves,
And one by one with sighing sound
Whispering fell the beechen leaves
In the wintry woodland wavering.

He sought her ever, wandering far
Where leaves of years were thickly strewn,
By light of moon and ray of star
In frosty heavens shivering.
Her mantle glinted in the moon,
As on a hill-top high and f #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien

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