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Nocturnal quotes by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
#1. Reading was the stable backdrop against which my life was played. It was what I used to do through long evenings. Never mornings even to one so self-indulgent, it seems slightly sinful to wake up and immediately sit down with a book and afternoons only now and then. In daylight I would pay what I owed the world. Reading was the reward, a solitary, obscure, nocturnal reward. It was what I got everything else (living) out of the way in order to do. Now the lack was taking its toll. I was having withdrawal symptoms. #Quote by Lynne Sharon Schwartz
Nocturnal quotes by Jessica Khoury
#2. Homo ferus: wild human. An unpredictable, nocturnal creature usually found in trees. Caution: may cause bewilderment and disorientation. Also, prone to teasing. #Quote by Jessica Khoury
Nocturnal quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#3. Moths and other nocturnal insects navigate by the moon and stars. Those heavenly bodies are useful for them to find their way, even though they never get far from the surface of the earth. But lightbulbs and candles send them astray; they fly into the heat or the flame and die. For these creatures, to arrive is a calamity. When activists mistake heaven for some goal at which they must arrive, rather than an idea to navigate Earth by, they burn themselves out, or they set up a totalitarian utopia in which others are burned in the flames. Don't mistake a lightbulb for the moon, and don't believe that the moon is useless unless we land on it. After all those millennia of poetry about the moon, nothing was more prosaic than the guys in space suits stomping around on the moon with their flags and golf clubs thirty-something years ago. The moon is profound except when we land on it. Paradise #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Nocturnal quotes by Artie Lange
#4. I'm a comic, so I like to stay nocturnal. I work 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. #Quote by Artie Lange
Nocturnal quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#5. I have the legacy of my father and his nocturnal automatic waking up. But I like those periods. I immediately have a different vision of humanity and my life. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Nocturnal quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#6. Nocturnal with a love for night, I'd stay up to see sunlight ... #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Nocturnal quotes by Michael Chabon
#7. It was in this man's class that I first began to wonder if people who wrote fiction were not suffering from some kind of disorder--from what I've since come to think of, remembering the wild nocturnal rocking of Albert Vetch, as the midnight disease. The midnight disease is a kind of emotional insomnia; at every conscious moment its victim--even if he or she writes at dawn, or in the middle of the afternoon--feels like a person lying in a sweltering bedroom, with the window thrown open, looking up at a sky filled with stars and airplanes, listening to the narrative of a rattling blind, an ambulance, a fly trapped in a Coke bottle, while all around him the neighbors soundly sleep. this is in my opinion why writers--like insomniacs--are so accident-prone, so obsessed with the calculus of bad luck and missed opportunities, so liable to rumination and a concomitant inability to let go of a subject, even when urged repeatedly to do so. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Nocturnal quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#8. The strange things of the past which I learnt during those nocturnal meetings with the dead he dismisses as the fruits of my lifelong and omnivorous browsing amongst the ancient volumes of the family library. Had it not been for my old servant Hiram, I should have by this time become quite convinced of my madness. But #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Nocturnal quotes by Tarjei Vesaas
#9. The pine needles stretch their tongues and sing an unfamiliar nocturnal song. Each tongue is so small that it cannot be heard; together the sound is so deep and powerful that it could level the hills if it wished. #Quote by Tarjei Vesaas
Nocturnal quotes by T. S. Eliot
#10. The lamp hummed:
'Regard the moon,
La lune ne garde aucune rancune,
She winks a feeble eye,
She smiles into corners.
She smoothes the hair of the grass.
The moon has lost her memory.
A washed-out smallpox cracks her face,
Her hand twists a paper rose,
That smells of dust and old Cologne,
She is alone
With all the old nocturnal smells
That cross and cross across her brain.
The reminiscence comes
Of sunless dry geraniums
And dust in crevices,
Smells of chestnuts in the streets,
And female smells in shuttered rooms,
And cigarettes in corridors
And cocktail smells in bars. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Nocturnal quotes by Dallas Louis
#11. I'm also discovering that while they seem to believe that I do not require sleep, my husband (who also doubles as their father) has the ability to morph into an invisible and supremely evasive nocturnal being, with powers so stealthy as to evade capture by the aliens [children] that had invaded our once peaceful and quiet habitat [bedroom at night]. #Quote by Dallas Louis
Nocturnal quotes by B. D. Wong
#12. I'm basically nocturnal. #Quote by B. D. Wong
Nocturnal quotes by Milan Kundera
#13. Tomas turned the key and switched on the ceiling light. Teraza saw two beds pushed together, one of them flanked by a bedside table and a lamp. Up out of the lampshade, startled by the overhead light, flew a large nocturnal butterfly that began circling the room. The strains of the piano and violin rose up weakly from below. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Nocturnal quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#14. On Monday, however, when he returned to his house on the Street of Windows, he discovered a letter floating in a puddle inside the entrance, and on the wet envelope he recognized at once the imperious handwriting that so many changes in life had not changed, and he even thought he could detect the nocturnal perfume of withered gardenias, because after the initial shock, his heart told him everything: it was the letter he had been waiting for, without a moment's respite, for over half a century. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Nocturnal quotes by Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
#15. How deep congenital sex-inversion roots may be gathered from the fact that the pleasure-dream of the male Urning has to do with male persons, and of the female with females. #Quote by Richard Von Krafft-Ebing
Nocturnal quotes by Charles Lamb
#16. We love to chew the cud of a foregone vision; to collect the scattered rays of a brighter phantasm, or act over again, with firmer nerves, the sadder nocturnal tragedies. #Quote by Charles Lamb
Nocturnal quotes by Gloria Steinem
#17. As novelist Margaret Atwood wrote to explain women's absence from quest-for-identity novels, "there's probably a simple reason for this: send a woman out alone on a rambling nocturnal quest and she's likely to end up a lot deader a lot sooner than a man would."3 The irony here is that thanks to molecular archaeology - which includes the study of ancient DNA to trace human movement over time - we now know that men have been the stay-at-homes, and women have been the travelers. The rate of intercontinental migration for women is about eight times that for men.4 #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Nocturnal quotes by Georges Bataille
#18. Love then screams in my own throat; I am the Jesuve, the filthy parody of the torrid and blinding sun.
I want to have my throat slashed while violating the girl to whom I will have been able to say: you are the night.
The Sun exclusively loves the Night and directs its luminous violence, its ignoble shaft, toward the earth, but finds itself incapable of reaching the gaze or the night, even though the nocturnal terrestrial expanses head continuously toward the indecency of the solar ray.
The solar annulus is the intact anus of her body at eighteen years to which nothing sufficiently blinding can be compared except the sun, even though the anus is night. #Quote by Georges Bataille
Nocturnal quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#19. The nocturnal glory of being great without being
anything! The sombre majesty of splendours no one
knows ... And I suddenly experience the sublime feeling
of a monk in the wilderness or of a hermit in his retreat,
acquainted with the substance of Christ in the sands and
in the caves of withdrawal from the world. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Nocturnal quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#20. I have the courage, I believe, to doubt everything; I have the courage, I believe, to fight with everything; but I have not the courage to know anything; not the courage to possess, to own anything. Most people complain that the world is so prosaic, that life is not like romance, where opportunities are always so favorable. I complain that life is not like romance, where one had hard-hearted parents and nixies and trolls to fight, and enchanted princesses to free. What are all such enemies taken together, compared with the pale, bloodless, tenacious, nocturnal shapes with which I fight, and to whom I give life and substance? #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Nocturnal quotes by Terry Pratchett
#21. Inspirations sleet through the universe continuously. Their destination, as if they cared, is the right mind in the right place at the right time. They hit the right neuron, there's a chain reaction, and a little while later someone is blinking furiously in the TV lights and wondering how the hell he came up with the idea of pre-sliced bread in the first place.
Leonard of Quirm knew about inspirations. One of his earliest inventions was an earthed metal nightcap, worn in the hope that the damned things would stop leaving their white-hot trails across his tortured imagination. It seldom worked. He knew the shame of waking up to find the sheets covered with nocturnal sketches of seige engines for apple-peeling machines. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Nocturnal quotes by Katy Perry
#22. I live a rock-star kind of life where I don't go to bed until 4 A.M. I'm very nocturnal. #Quote by Katy Perry
Nocturnal quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#23. The multicolored leaves were softly glowing against the black sky, creating an untimely nocturnal rainbow which scattered its spectral tints everywhere and dyed the night with a harvest of hues: peach gold and pumpkin orange, honey yellow and winy amber, apple red and plum violet. Luminous within their leafy shapes, the colors cast themselves across the darkness and were splattered upon our streets and our fields and our faces. Everything was resplendent with the pyrotechnics of a new autumn. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Nocturnal quotes by Janet Little
#24. At Halloween, when fairy sprites
Perform their mystic gambols,
When ilka witch her neebour greets,
On their nocturnal rambles;
When elves at midnight-hour are seen,
Near hollow caverns sportin,
Then lads an' lasses aft convene,
In hopes to ken their fortune,
By freets that night. #Quote by Janet Little
Nocturnal quotes by Kate Morton
#25. Apart from such visits, for the first time in her life Eliza was truly alone. In the beginning, unfamiliar sounds, nocturnal sounds, disturbed her, but as the days passed she came to know them: soft-pawed animals under the eaves, the ticking of the warming range, floorboards shivering in the cooling nights. And their were unexpected benefits to her solitary life: alone in the cottage, Eliza discovered that the characters from her fairy tales became bolder. She found fairies playing in the spiders' webs, insects whispering incantations on the windowsills, fire sprites spitting and hissing in the range. Sometimes in the afternoons, Eliza would sit on the rocking chair listening to them. And late at night, when they were all asleep, she would spin their stories into her own tales. #Quote by Kate Morton
Nocturnal quotes by Sophie McManus
#26. The discordant principals' duet is like the nocturnal emission of a cancerous horse tethered in its dolorous slumber to a barbed aluminum fence during an electrical storm. #Quote by Sophie McManus
Nocturnal quotes by Ray Bradbury
#27. We've had a nice time, haven't we? It has been very special here, talking every day. It was that much-overburdened and worn phrase referred to as a 'meeting of the minds. ' "She turned the blue envelope in her hands. "I've always known that the quality of love was the mind, even though the body sometimes refuses this knowledge. The body lives for itself. It lives only to feed and wait for the night. It's essentially nocturnal. But what of the mind which is born of the sun, William, and must spend thousands of hours of a lifetime awake and aware? Can you balance off the body, that pitiful, selfish thing of night against a whole lifetime of sun and intellect? I don't know. I only know there has been your mind here and my mind here, and the afternoons have been like none I can remember. There is still so much to talk about, but we must save it for another time. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Nocturnal quotes by Ned Hayes
#28. I cannot see in the dark like the Northern flying squirrel - Glaucomys sabrinus - who lives in the trees of the Pacific Northwest and is strictly nocturnal. So I take a flashlight. #Quote by Ned Hayes
Nocturnal quotes by Colleen Hoover
#29. It seems to be getting worse at night, nocturnal and intense. I'm sure it's mostly in my head, but that doesn't put me at ease, because the things lurking around inside the mind can be just as dangerous as tangible threats. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Nocturnal quotes by Ernst Junger
#30. These moments of nocturnal prowling leave an indelible impression. Eyes and ears are tensed to the maximum, the rustling approach of strange feet in the tall grass in an unutterably menacing thing. Your breath comes in shallow bursts; you have to force yourself to stifle any panting or wheezing. There is a little mechanical click as the safety-catch of your pistol is taken off; the sound cuts straight through your nerves. Your teeth are grinding on the fuse-pin of the hand-grenade. The encounter will be short and murderous. You tremble with two contradictory impulses: the heightened awareness of the huntsmen, and the terror of the quarry. You are a world to yourself, saturated with the appalling aura of the savage landscape.
p. 71 #Quote by Ernst Junger
Nocturnal quotes by Glenn Cooper
#31. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is located within the Christian Quarter of the Old City adjacent to the maze of streets of the ancient Muristan district. Erected over the site many believed to be the true biblical Golgotha, the church in modern times is administered jointly by the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Armenian Apostolic Churches, and Neti had been able to secure nocturnal visitation rights for scientific study from the triumvirate. #Quote by Glenn Cooper
Nocturnal quotes by Benson Bruno
#32. I don't have any regrets," a famous movie actor said in an interview I recently witnessed. "I'd live everything over exactly the same way."
"That's really pathetic," the talk show host said. "Are you seeking help?"
"Yeah. My shrink says we're making progress. Before, I wouldn't even admit that I would live it all over," the actor said, starting to choke up. "I thought one life was satisfying enough."
"My God," the host said, cupping his hand to his mouth.
"The first breakthrough was when I said I would live it over, but only in my dreams. Nocturnal recurrence."
"You're like the character in that one movie of yours. What's it called? You know, the one where you eat yourself."
"The Silence of Sam."
"That's it. Can you do the scene?"
The actor lifts up his foot to stick it in his mouth. I reach over from my seat and help him to fit it into his bulging cheeks. The audience goes wild. #Quote by Benson Bruno
Nocturnal quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#33. It was a meditation on life, love, old age, death: ideas that had often fluttered around her head like nocturnal birds but dissolved into a trickle of feathers when she tried to catch hold of them. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Nocturnal quotes by Thomas Hardy
#34. The poetry of motion is a phrase much in use, and to enjoy the epic form of that gratification it is necessary to stand on a hill at a small hour of the night, and, having first expanded with a sense of difference from the mass of civilized mankind, who are dreamwrapt and disregardful of all such proceedings at this time, long and quietly watch your stately progress through the stars. After such a nocturnal reconnoitre it is hard to get back to earth, and to believe that the consciousness of such a majestic speeding is derived from a tiny human frame. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Nocturnal quotes by C.D. Wright
#35. We come from a country that has made a fetish if not a virtue out of proving it can live without art: high, low, old, new, fat, lean, and particularly the rarely visible nocturnal art of poetry.
We must do something with our time on this small aleatory sphere for motives other than money. Power is not an acceptable surrogate. #Quote by C.D. Wright
Nocturnal quotes by Tarjei Vesaas
#36. They were floating, almost at one with the darkness, reflecting no light. Their footsteps could not be heard. But their breathing could, and perhaps the heart. They mingled with other almost inaudible nocturnal stirrings, like a small vibration in long wires. #Quote by Tarjei Vesaas
Nocturnal quotes by Brooklyn Ann
#37. A man of God is seeking a situation to exterminate nocturnal vermin. The fee is fifty pounds, half of which will be due in advance. #Quote by Brooklyn Ann
Nocturnal quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#38. As they proceeded; still Franz and the count were compelled to advance in a stooping posture, and were scarcely able to proceed abreast of one another. They went on a hundred and fifty paces in this way, and then were stopped by, "Who comes there?" At the same time they saw the reflection of a torch on a carbine barrel. "A friend!" responded Peppino; and, advancing alone towards the sentry, he said a few words to him in a low tone; and then he, like the first, saluted the nocturnal visitors, making a sign that they might proceed. Behind the sentinel was a staircase with twenty steps. Franz and #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Nocturnal quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#39. The Italians are called "Children of the Sun". They might better be called "Children of the Shadow". Their souls are dark and nocturnal. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Nocturnal quotes by Paul Eluard
#40. The curve of your eyes goes around my heart,
A round of dance and sweetness,
Halo of time, nocturnal and safe cradle,
And if I don't know any more all that I've lived through
It's because I haven't always been seen by you. #Quote by Paul Eluard
Nocturnal quotes by Kevin Focke
#41. Naught but leaves brushed in the wind, stemming from the forest behind my house. Oh, and of course, the wildlife seized every chance to tell the stars who they were; they hooted, howled, and growled. And deep under the roots of trees in little holes lived rabbits, cuddling next to their young. All the while Mr. Ant and his colony were dragging a once boisterous Nocturnal Cicada to the nest; a feast for days! I suppose my daydreaming occasionally did extend into the night. I've spent countless hours I'll never regain, but for the off-chance I was right just once, it was worth every second. #Quote by Kevin Focke
Nocturnal quotes by Nicci French
#42. She wanted to walk until her body and mind were exhausted. Her snug house felt like a distant goal, a place she had to achieve through enormous physical effort. #Quote by Nicci French
Nocturnal quotes by Maya Motayne
#43. People like me, we're ants, and rulers are just a big foot looming over us ready to squish us into the dirt. Doesn't matter whose body the foot is attached to, the purpose is still the same. #Quote by Maya Motayne
Nocturnal quotes by Chris Dee
#44. The collective ability of that pair to deny the most natural and laudable instincts a being may possess, and insist instead that nocturnal marauding makes them immune from the yearnings of ordinary unmasked humanity - some days, one is truly moved to throttle them. #Quote by Chris Dee
Nocturnal quotes by John Banville
#45. We writers are shy, nocturnal creatures. Push us into the light and the light blinds us. #Quote by John Banville
Nocturnal quotes by Mark Rice
#46. I lay in bed that night, a first-time drunkard at seven years of age, pondering the punishment I knew would arrive on callused palms. In the forest, as if sensing my plight, wolves howled nocturnal laments. The magnificent lunar lullabies of my lupine brethren wooed me into a deep and cleansing sleep. #Quote by Mark Rice
Nocturnal quotes by Henry Beston
#47. Our fantastic civilization has fallen out of touch with many aspects of nature, and with none more completely than with night. Primitive folk, gathered at a cave mouth round a fire, do not fear night; they fear, rather, the energies and creatures to whom night gives power; we of the age of the machines, having delivered ourselves of nocturnal enemies, now have a dislike of night itself. With lights and ever more lights, we drive the holiness and beauty of night back to the forests and the sea; the little villages, the crossroads even, will have none of it. Are modern folk, perhaps, afraid of night? Do they fear that vast serenity, the mystery of infinite space, the austerity of stars? Having made themselves at home in a civilization obsessed with power, which explains its whole world in terms of energy, do they fear at night for their dull acquiescence and the pattern of their beliefs? Be the answer what it will, to-day's civilization is full of people who have not the slightest notion of the character or the poetry of night, who have never even seen night. Yet to live thus, to know only artificial night, is as absurd and evil as to know only artificial day. #Quote by Henry Beston
Nocturnal quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#48. With their souls of patent leather, they come down the road. Hunched and nocturnal, where they breathe they impose, silence of dark rubber, and fear of fine sand. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Nocturnal quotes by Patrick Suskind
#49. So spoke Grenouille the Great and, while the peasantry of scent danced and celebrated beneath him, he glided with wide-stretched wings down from his golden clouds, across the nocturnal fields of his soul, and home to his heart. #Quote by Patrick Suskind
Nocturnal quotes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
#50. The jungle which is presided over by Kudu, the sun, is a very different jungle from that of Goro, the moon. The diurnal jungle has its own aspect
its own lights and shades, its own birds, its own blooms, its own beasts ... The lights and shades of the nocturnal jungle are as different as one might imagine the lights and shades of another world to differ from those of our world. #Quote by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Nocturnal quotes by Rampo Edogawa
#51. The living world is a dream. The nocturnal dream is reality. #Quote by Rampo Edogawa
Nocturnal quotes by Henry Beston
#52. We of the age of the machines, having delivered ourselves of nocturnal enemies, now have a dislike of night itself. With lights and ever more lights, we drive the holiness and beauty of night back to the forests and the sea. #Quote by Henry Beston
Nocturnal quotes by Brooklyn Hudson
#53. I am a chain-smoking, nocturnal, reality show junky. #Quote by Brooklyn Hudson
Nocturnal quotes by Pablo Neruda
#54. Carnal apple, Woman filled, burning moon,
dark smell of seaweed, crush of mud and light,
what secret knowledge is clasped between your pillars?
What primal night does Man touch with his senses?
Ay, Love is a journey through waters and stars,
through suffocating air, sharp tempests of grain:
Love is a war of lightning,
and two bodies ruined by a single sweetness.
Kiss by kiss I cover your tiny infinity,
your margins, your rivers, your diminutive villages,
and a genital fire, transformed by delight,
slips through the narrow channels of blood
to precipitate a nocturnal carnation,
to be, and be nothing but light in the dark. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Nocturnal quotes by Salina Khan
#55. Drift me away along with the dust traveling to infinity.
To another world where it feels more at home.
To another world where I don't feel alone.
Trapped in the angst of my soul.
Not being embraced as a whole.
A state of nothingness creeps upon me.
Disappearing in the darkness of the shadows.
How it has clocked my life.
Because that is the only place where I find peace.
I call it nyctophilia.
And what am I when the day turns into the night,
listening to the nocturnal and the howling wind?
My soul leaving my body,
To be at rest.
Tears strain down my cheeks,
Enough for my lungs to fight for air in the peaks.
The atmosphere seems to be held in place by a certain silence, waiting for a sign to move.
Even the earth forgot its behoove.
Taken over by this silence that I yet do not understand myself.
It seems that things don't have a meaning,
At least not anymore.
The demons and darkness have taken over.
Making me believe that it knows better.
These demons can't be seen,
But they're far from imaginary.
They live inside my mind.
Their evilness prevails,
About to end the fight.
Then I stop and think:
This is a melancholy I'll fight one more night. #Quote by Salina Khan
Nocturnal quotes by Harry Graf Kessler
#56. Berlin. November 18, 1917. Sunday. I think Grosz has something demonic in him. This new Berlin art in general, Grosz, Becher, Benn, Wieland Herzfelde, is most curious. Big city art, with a tense density of impressions that appears simultaneous, brutally realistic, and at the same time fairy-tale-like, just like the big city itself, illuminating things harshly and distortedly as with searchlights and then disappearing in the glow. A highly nervous, cerebral, illusionist art, and in this respect reminiscent of the music hall and also of film, or at least of a possible, still unrealized film. An art of flashing lights with a perfume of sin and perversity like every nocturnal street in the big city. The precursors are E.T.A. Hoffmann, Breughel, Mallarmé, Seurat, Lautrec, the futurists: but in the density and organization of the overwhelming abundance of sensation, the brutal reality, the Berliners seem new to me. Perhaps one could also include Stravinsky here (Petrushka). Piled-up ornamentation each of which expresses a trivial reality but which, in their sum and through their relations to each other, has a thoroughly un-trivial impact.

All round the world war rages and in the center is this nervous city in which so much presses and shoves, so many people and streets and lights and colors and interests: politics and music hall, business and yet also art, field gray, privy counselors, chansonettes, and right and left, and up and down, somewhere, very far away, the trenc #Quote by Harry Graf Kessler
Nocturnal quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#57. All architecture is great architecture after sunset; perhaps architecture is really a nocturnal art, like the art of fireworks. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Nocturnal quotes by Roman Payne
#58. We were hooked when we woke.
We had arms for each other.
But I yearned to resume
My dreams of another. #Quote by Roman Payne
Nocturnal quotes by Robert Karjel
#59. A grunting nocturnal animal, a machine of flesh and blood who wasn't ashamed of himself. But he never found redemption. #Quote by Robert Karjel
Nocturnal quotes by Michael Cunningham
#60. It was either the wind or the spirit of the house itself, briefly unsettled by our nocturnal absence but to old to be surprised by the errands born from the gap between what we can imagine and what we can in fact create. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Nocturnal quotes by B.V. Lawson
#61. Owls are nocturnal, swooping down silently, with the soft edges of their feathers muffling the sound of the wings, before pouncing and swallowing their prey whole. Death unseen, death unheard, death from above - the military drones of the animal kingdom #Quote by B.V. Lawson
Nocturnal quotes by Henry Gleitman
#62. A dream is a kind of nocturnal drama to which the only price of admission is falling asleep. #Quote by Henry Gleitman
Nocturnal quotes by Comte De Lautreamont
#63. The perturbations, anxieties, depravations, deaths, exceptions in the physical or moral order, spirit of negation, brutishness, hallucinations fostered by the will, torments, destruction, confusion, tears, insatiabilities, servitudes, delving imaginations, novels, the unexpected, the forbidden, the chemical singularities of the mysterious vulture which lies in wait for the carrion of some dead illusion, precocious & abortive experiences, the darkness of the mailed bug, the terrible monomania of pride, the inoculation of deep stupor, funeral orations, desires, betrayals, tyrannies, impieties, irritations, acrimonies, aggressive insults, madness, temper, reasoned terrors, strange inquietudes which the reader would prefer not to experience , cants, nervous disorders, bleeding ordeals that drive logic at bay, exaggerations, the absence of sincerity, bores, platitudes, the somber, the lugubrious, childbirths worse than murders, passions, romancers at the Courts of Assize, tragedies,-odes, melodramas, extremes forever presented, reason hissed at with impunity, odor of hens steeped in water, nausea, frogs, devilfish, sharks, simoon of the deserts, that which is somnambulistic, squint-eyed, nocturnal, somniferous, noctambulistic, viscous, equivocal, consumptive, spasmodic, aphrodisiac, anemic, one-eyed, hermaphroditic, bastard, albino, pederast, phenomena of the aquarium, & the bearded woman, hours surfeited with gloomy discouragement, fantasies, acrimonies, monsters, demoral #Quote by Comte De Lautreamont
Nocturnal quotes by Alan Sillitoe
#64. Walking the streets on winter nights kept him warm, despite the cold nocturnal passions of uprising winds. His footsteps led between trade-marked houses, two up and two down, with digital chimneys like pigs' tits on the rooftops sending up heat and smoke into the cold trough of a windy sky. Stars hid like snipers, taking aim now and again when clouds gave them a loophole. Winter was an easy time for him to hide his secrets, for each dark street patted his shoulder and became a friend, and the gaseous eye of each lamp glowed unwinking as he passed. #Quote by Alan Sillitoe
Nocturnal quotes by David Grossman
#65. She seems to be resuscitating me from far away as soon as I start to weaken. I close my eyes and see myself fleeing from the bed to the mattress on the floor, and from there to the couch, and the rug, and Melanie following me sleepily from one place to the next. I shout that I can't fall asleep within the magnetic field of another body, and she mumbles, half asleep, "Come on, try a little longer." And so for a few bleary-eyes, sleepwalking weeks - and as if having no knowledge of it the next morning - she gave me the nocturnal portion of a withdrawal treatment from the loneliness: one night we spent a whole hour together, the next night two hours, then a week of regression and crisis as I tried to adapt to the horrific idea of a shared blanket. Until suddenly, out of utter exhaustion, I discovered that our bodies had already reached an agreement - even mine, the illiterate one, must have caught on, because one night I woke up from a deep sleep and realized how beautifully we turned over together in bed, embraced. #Quote by David Grossman
Nocturnal quotes by Pierre Louis
#66. Mother inexhaustible and incorruptible, creatures, born the first, engendered by thyself and by thyself conceived, issue of thyself alone and seeking joy within thyself, Astarte! Oh! Perpetually fertilized, virgin and nurse of all that is, chaste and lascivious, pure and revelling, ineffable, nocturnal, sweet, breather of fire, foam of the sea! Thou who accordest grace in secret, thou who unites, thou who lovest, thou who seizes with furious desire the multiplied races of savage beasts and the couplets the sexes in the wood. Oh, irresistible Astarte! hear me, take me, possess me, oh, Moon! and thirteen times each year draw from my womb the sweet libation of my blood! #Quote by Pierre Louis
Nocturnal quotes by Carl Sagan
#67. Before we invented civilization our ancestors lived mainly in the open out under the sky. Before we devised artificial lights and atmospheric pollution and modern forms of nocturnal entertainment we watched the stars. There were practical calendar reasons of course but there was more to it than that. Even today the most jaded city dweller can be unexpectedly moved upon encountering a clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars. When it happens to me after all these years it still takes my breath away. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Nocturnal quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#68. Most of us accept that although we may believe our dreams to be real events, upon waking, we can tell the difference between nocturnal hallucinations and reality. #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Nocturnal quotes by Wallace Stevens
#69. The heavy trees,
The grunting, shuffling branches, the robust,
The nocturnal, the antique, the blue-green pines
Deepen the feelings to inhuman depths. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Nocturnal quotes by David Foster Wallace
#70. She was the kind of fatally pretty and nubile wraithlike figure who glides through the sweaty junior-high corridors of every nocturnal emitter's dreamscape. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Nocturnal quotes by Rosamund Lupton
#71. Ours was a relationship of small talk. We'd never stayed awake long into the night hoping to find in that nocturnal physical conversation a connection of minds. We hadn't stared into each others eyes because if eyes are the window to the soul it would be a little rude and embarrassing to look in. We'd created a ring-road relationship, circumventing raw emotions and complex feelings, so that our central selves were strangers. #Quote by Rosamund Lupton
Nocturnal quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#72. I can't sleep very well at night. It takes me a while to get to sleep. I could just be nocturnal. I have my nighttime witching hour where I hang out, listen to records or watch TV. #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Nocturnal quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#73. I think I have the courage to doubt everything; I think I have the courage to fight everything. But I do not have the courage to know anything, nor to possess, to own anything. Most people complain that the world is so prosaic, that life isn't like a romantic novel where opportunities are always so favorable. What I complain of is that life is not like a novel where there are hard-hearted fathers, and goblins and trolls to fight with, enchanted princesses to free. What are all such enemies taken together compared to the pallid, bloodless, glutinous nocturnal shapes with which I fight and to wich I myself give life and being. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Nocturnal quotes by Charles Darwin
#74. So great is the economy of Nature, that most flowers which are fertilized by crepuscular or nocturnal insects emit their odor chiefly or exculsively in the evening. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Nocturnal quotes by William Kennedy
#75. Billy's native arrogance might well have been a gift of miffed genes, then come to splendid definition through the tests to which a street like Broadway puts a young man on the make: tests designed to refine a breed, enforce a code, exclude all simps and gumps, and deliver into the city's life a man worthy of functioning in this age of nocturnal supremacy. Men like Billy Phelan, forged in the brass of Broadway, send, in the time of their splendor, telegraphic statements of mission: I, you bums, am a winner. And that message, however devoid of Christ-like other-cheekery, dooms the faint-hearted Scottys of the night, who must sludge along, never knowing how it feels to spill over with the small change of sassiness, how it feels to leave the spillover on the floor, more where that came from, pal. Leave it for the sweeper. #Quote by William Kennedy
Nocturnal quotes by Theophile Gautier
#76. (Decadent style) is ingenious, complicated, learned, full of shades of meaning and research, always pushing further the limits of language ... forcing itself to express in thought that which is most ineffable, and in form the vaguest and most fleeting contours; listening that it may translate them to the subtle confidences of the neuropath, to the avowals of aging and depraved passion, and to the singular hallucinations of the fixed idea verging on madness ... In opposition to the classic style, it admits of shading, and these shadows teem and swarm with the larvae of superstitions, the haggard phantoms of insomnia, nocturnal terrors, remorse which starts and turns back at the slightest noise, monstrous dreams stayed only by impotence, obscure phantasies at which daylight would stand amazed, and all that the soul conceals of the dark, the unformed, and the vaguely horrible, in its deepest and furthest recesses. #Quote by Theophile Gautier
Nocturnal quotes by Roberto Bolano
#77. And no one moans: there is no anguish. Only our nocturnal silence when we crawl on all fours toward the fires that someone has lit for us at a mysterious hour and with incomprehensible finality. We're guided by fate, though we've left nothing to chance. A writer must resemble a censor, our elders told us, and we've followed that marvelous thought to its penultimate consequence. A writer must resemble a newspaper columnist. A writer must resemble a dwarf and MUST survive. If we didn't have to read too, our work would be a point suspended in nothingness, a mandala pared down to a minimum of meaning, our silence, our certainty of standing with one foot dangling on the far side of death. Fantasies. Fantasies. In some lost fold of the past, we wanted to be lions and we're no more than castrated cats. Castrated cats wedded to cats with slit throats. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Nocturnal quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#78. As gas-light is found to be the best nocturnal police, so the universe protects itself by pitiless publicity. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nocturnal quotes by Aino Kallas
#79. Yet just as the day has two halves, one governed by the sun and the other by the moon, so there are many who are people of the day and who busy themselves with daytime deeds, whilst others are children of the night, their minds consumed with nocturnal notions; but yet there are some in whom the two merge like the rising of the sun and the moon in a day. #Quote by Aino Kallas
Nocturnal quotes by Bat For Lashes
#80. I've hidden behind my hair more than clothes. Sometimes having long hair with a fringe is very useful when you don't want to look at people. I used to have very short hair, but long hair is my thing - a black nocturnal shield. #Quote by Bat For Lashes
Nocturnal quotes by Graham Greene
#81. He said, One of the Fathers has told us that joy always depends on pain. Pain is part of joy. We are hungry and then think how we enjoy our food at last. We are thirsty...He stopped suddenly, with his eyes glancing away into the shadows, expecting the cruel laugh that did not come. He said, We deny ourselves so that we can enjoy. You have heard of rich men in the north who eat salted foods, so that they can be thirsty - for what they call the cocktail. Before the marriage, too, there is the long betrothal... Again he stopped. He felt his own unworthiness like a weight at the back of the tongue. There was a smell of hot wax from where a candle drooped in the nocturnal heat; people shifted on the hard floor in the shadows. The smell of unwashed human beings warred with the wax. He cried out stubbornly in a voice of authority, That is why I tell you that heaven is here: this is a part of heaven just as pain is a part of pleasure. He said, Pray that you will suffer more and more and more. Never get tired of suffering. The police watching you, the soldiers gathering taxes, the beating you always get from the jefe because you are too poor to pay, smallpox and fever, hunger...that is all part of heaven - the preparation. Perhaps without them, who can tell, you wouldn't enjoy heaven so much. Heaven would not be complete. And heaven. What is heaven? Literary phrases form what seemed now to be another life altogether - the strict quiet life of the seminary - became confused on his tong #Quote by Graham Greene
Nocturnal quotes by Albert Camus
#82. Then, already, it had brought to his mind the silence brooding over beds in which he had let men die. There as here it was the same solemn pause, the lull that follows battle; it was the silence of defeat. But the silence now enveloping his dead friend, so dense, so much akin to the nocturnal silence of the streets and of the town set free at last, made Rieux cruelly aware that this defeat was final, the last disastrous battle that ends a war and makes peace itself an ill beyond all remedy. The doctor could not tell if Tarrou had found peace, now that all was over, but for himself he had a feeling that no peace was possible to him henceforth, any more than there can an armistice for a mother bereaved of a son or for a man who buries his friend. #Quote by Albert Camus
Nocturnal quotes by Big Boi
#83. I'm nocturnal when it comes to recording - I'm just more creative at night. #Quote by Big Boi
Nocturnal quotes by Jean Genet
#84. Erotic play discloses a nameless world which is revealed by the nocturnal language of lovers. Such language is not written down. It is whispered into the ear at night in a hoarse voice. At dawn it is forgotten. #Quote by Jean Genet
Nocturnal quotes by Terry Pratchett
#85. There should be a word for that brief period just after waking when the mind is full of warm pink nothing. You lie there entirely empty of thought, except for a growing suspicion that heading towards you, like a sockful of damp sand in a nocturnal alleyway, are all the recollections you'd really rather do without, and which amount to the fact that the only mitigating factor in your horrible future is the certainty that it will be quite short. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Nocturnal quotes by Sean Price
#86. Back in the day, we sampled Portishead on Nocturnal, that song "Proud" we sampled Portishead. And we used to have the [Dummy] album, 'cause Da Beatminerz put me onto the album. I had the album, every time I played it, I had this dude like, "Yo man." He thought I was so ill 'cause I listened to Portishead. "You're different, man." #Quote by Sean Price
Nocturnal quotes by Nigel Dennis
#87. My first serious project was photographing badgers - very, very difficult as they are shy and nocturnal. #Quote by Nigel Dennis
Nocturnal quotes by Irwin Shaw
#88. Writing for the theater, you find yourself living a nocturnal life. #Quote by Irwin Shaw
Nocturnal quotes by Olivia Laing
#89. That autumn, I kept coming back to Hopper's images, drawn to them as if they were blueprints and I was a prisoner; as if they contained some vital clue about my state. Though I went with my eyes over dozens of rooms, I always returned to the same place: to the New York diner of Nighthawks, a painting that Joyce Carol Oates once described as "our most poignant, ceaselessly replicated romantic image of American loneliness" ...
Green shadows were falling in spikes and diamonds on the sidewalk. There is no colour in existence that so powerfully communicates urban alienation, the atomisation of human beings inside the edifices they create, as this noxious pallid green, which only came into being with the advent of electricity, and which is inextricably associated with the nocturnal city, the city of glass towers, of empty illuminated offices and neon signs. #Quote by Olivia Laing
Nocturnal quotes by Arnold Bennett
#90. The entire landscape was illuminated and transformed by these unique pyrotechnics of labour atoning for its grime, and dull, weird sounds, as of the breathings and sighings of gigantic nocturnal creatures, filled the enchanted air. #Quote by Arnold Bennett
Nocturnal quotes by Haruki Murakami
#91. Maybe I am just an empty, futile person, he thought. But it was precisely because there was nothing inside of me that these people could find, even if for a short time, a place where they belonged. Like a nocturnal bird seeks a safe place to rest during the day in a vacant attic. The birds like that empty, dim, silent place. If that were true, then maybe he should be happy he was hollow. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Nocturnal quotes by Luke Gracias
#92. It is the prerogative of night, when thoughts, like relentless waves, break on the impressionable sands of the mind. Questions, theories, and suppositions come crashing ashore, and just like waves, they disappear into the grains of the mind without a trace. In this sea of uncertainty, stormed by nocturnal nightmares, the mind slips in and out of consciousness. It is the melting pot where logic and fantasy combine until supposition becomes hypothesis and hypothesis morphs into unsubstantiated fact. #Quote by Luke Gracias
Nocturnal quotes by Elie Wiesel
#93. Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes. #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Nocturnal quotes by Kenneth Grant
#94. Atavistic resurgence, a primal urge towards union with the Divine by returning to the common source of all, is indicated by the backward symbolism peculiar to all Sabbath ceremonies, as also of many ideas connected with witchcraft, sorcery and magic. Whether it be the symbol of the moon presiding over nocturnal ecstasies; the words of power chanted backwards; the back-to-back dance performed in opposition to the sun's course; the devil's tail - are all instances of reversal and symbolic of Will and Desire turning within and down to subconscious regions, to the remote past, there to surprise the required atavistic energy for purposes of transformation, healing, initiation, construction or destruction. #Quote by Kenneth Grant
Nocturnal quotes by Pablo Neruda
#95. Oh invade me with your scalding mouth,
search me if you like, with your nocturnal eyes,
but allow me to sail and sleep upon your name. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Nocturnal quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#96. The lessons in measurement of cloacal forces. Time as a flow of sewage. The excrement of space, scatology of creation. The voiding of the self. The whole filthy integration of things and the nocturnal product . . . drowning in the pools of night. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Nocturnal quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#97. Letter to Bill Smith, 1921

Wish to hell I was going North when you men do. Doubt if I get up this summer-Jo Eezus (Jesus), sometimes I get to thinking about the Sturgeon and Black during the nocturnal and damn near go cuckoo. May have to give it up for something I want more but that does not keep me from loving it with everything I have. Dats de way tings are. Guy loves a couple of or three steams all his life and loves 'em better than anything in the world--falls in love with a girl and the goddamn streams can dry up for all he cares. Only the hell of it is that all that country has as bad a hold on me as ever--there's as much pull this spring as there ever was--and you know how it's always been--just don't think about it all daytime, but at night it comes and ruins me--and I can't go. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Nocturnal quotes by Alan Dean Foster
#98. It was a peaceful place, as was the case with most small communities situated on desert worlds. Despite the desolation that was apparent at first glance, it boasted its characteristic assortment of indigenous life-forms. Regardless of the absence of much in the way of visible vegetation, the distant isolated hoots and mewlings of nocturnal native animals indicated that life was present even where none could readily be seen. A single wind chime yodeling in the occasional breeze provided a tinkling counterpoint to the yelps of hidden sand-dwellers. #Quote by Alan Dean Foster
Nocturnal quotes by Jean Cocteau
#99. Enough of clouds, waves, aquariums, water-sprites and nocturnal scents; what we need is music of the earth, everyday one can live in like a house. #Quote by Jean Cocteau
Nocturnal quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#100. Every woman is like a time-zone. She is a nocturnal fragment of your journey. She brings you unflaggingly closer to the next night. #Quote by Jean Baudrillard
Nocturnal quotes by Kaskade
#101. I remember last time I played Nocturnal Wonderland I dropped that 'Move 4 First Aid' mashup and people ripping their hair out ... crazy night. #Quote by Kaskade
Nocturnal quotes by Alessandro Baricco
#102. The last light, in the last window, went out. Only the unstoppable machine of the sea still tears away at the silence with the cyclical explosion of nocturnal waves, distant memories of sleepwalking storms and the shipwrecks of dream. #Quote by Alessandro Baricco
Nocturnal quotes by Tom Robbins
#103. He was rowed down from the north in a leather skiff manned by a crew of trolls. His fur cape was caked with candle wax, his brow stained blue by wine - though the latter was seldom noticed due to the fox mask he wore at-all times. A quill in his teeth, a solitary teardrop a-squirm in his palm, he was the young poet prince of Montreal, handsome, immaculate, searching for sturdier doors to nail his poignant verses on.
In Manhattan, grit drifted into his ink bottle. In Vienna, his spice box exploded. On the Greek island of Hydra, Orpheus came to him at dawn astride a transparent donkey and restrung his cheap guitar. From that moment on, he shamelessly and willingly exposed himself to the contagion of music. To the secretly religious curiosity of the traveler was added the openly foolhardy dignity of the troubadour. By the time he returned to America, songs were working in him like bees in an attic. Connoisseurs developed cravings for his nocturnal honey, despite the fact that hearts were occasionally stung.

Now, thirty years later, as society staggers towards the millennium - nailing and screeching at the while, like an orangutan with a steak knife in its side - Leonard Cohen, his vision, his gift, his perseverance, are finally getting their due. It may be because he speaks to this wounded zeitgeist with particular eloquence and accuracy, it may be merely cultural time-lag, another example of the slow-to-catch-on many opening their ears belatedly to what the fe #Quote by Tom Robbins
Nocturnal quotes by Charles Dickens
Nocturnal quotes by Margaret Atwood
#105. That image - of a little child being suffocated, or almost suffocated, by others who thought the whole thing was a game - melded with the furtive nocturnal slugs, and my solitary pacing and singing, and the separate, claustrophobic stairway, and the charmless abstract painting, and the gold-framed mirror, and the slithery green satin bedspread, and became inseperable from them. It wasn't a cheerful composite. As a memory, it is more like a fog bank than a sunlit meadow.
Yet I think of that period as having been a happy time in my life.
Happy is the wrong word. Important. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Nocturnal quotes by Chris Mentillo
#106. Sometimes The World Doesn't Need Another Hero. Instead, Sometimes The World Needs A Powerful Nocturnal Creature To Save Us From Total Eternal Destruction. #Quote by Chris Mentillo
Nocturnal quotes by Victor Hugo
#107. Sometimes, if the two old women
were not asleep, they heard him pacing slowly along the walks at a very
advanced hour of the night. He was there alone, communing with himself,
peaceful, adoring, comparing the serenity of his heart with the
serenity of the ether, moved amid the darkness by the visible splendor of
the constellations and the invisible splendor of God, opening his heart to
the thoughts which fall from the Unknown. At such moments, while he
offered his heart at the hour when nocturnal flowers offer their perfume,
illuminated like a lamp amid the starry night, as he poured himself out
in ecstasy in the midst of the universal radiance of creation, he could not
have told himself, probably, what was passing in his spirit; he felt
something take its flight from him, and something descend into him.
Mysterious exchange of the abysses of the soul with the abysses of the
universe! #Quote by Victor Hugo
Nocturnal quotes by Chelsea M. Cameron
#108. It takes alot of energy to pretend you're fine when you're not. A bit like being in a play that never ends. I get an intermission, but I always have to go back on stage. #Quote by Chelsea M. Cameron
Nocturnal quotes by Munia Khan
#109. The twilight seems invidious.It simply can't let the sun hide away when darkness is just another name for night.. #Quote by Munia Khan
Nocturnal quotes by Steve Almond
#110. But here's a little secret, between you, me, and the rest of the mall: buying shit isn't enough. What we wish for in our secret hearts is self-expression, the chance to reveal ourselves and to be loved for this revelation, devoured by love. And thus, most of us go about our duties of commerce and leisure in a state of perpetual longing, with nocturnal excursions into the province of despair. #Quote by Steve Almond
Nocturnal quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#111. I was also supposed to quiz my various companions on a number of important matters such as nostalgia, fear of unknown animals, food fantasies, nocturnal emissions, hobbies, choice of radio program, changes in out look and so forth. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Nocturnal quotes by Julien Gracq
#112. A redoubtable alchemy was at work behind impenetrable veils as the forest prepared it's nocturnal mysteries. #Quote by Julien Gracq
Nocturnal quotes by Guy Hocquenghem
#113. Power is not something to be destroyed: that remains beyond our means. What we can do, however, is understand its mechanism and do everything possible to disrupt it. Whether we do this by overriding power instead of censuring it, by working towards the generalized confusion of powers, by driving the rules of the game over the edge, we must always remember that these activities will continue to be exercises of power, nocturnal perhaps, but not the desired emergence of weakness between all men. #Quote by Guy Hocquenghem
Nocturnal quotes by Fennel Hudson
#114. When left alone with nothing but one's emotions and inner thoughts for company, the nocturnal world can be completely overpowering. #Quote by Fennel Hudson
Nocturnal quotes by Elena Ferrante
#115. I had always considered sex an ultimate sticky reality, the least mediated contact possible with another body. Instead, after that experience, I was convinced that sex is an extreme product of the imagination. The greater the pleasure, the more the other is only a dream, a nocturnal reaction of belly, breasts, mouth, anus―of every isolated inch of skin―to the caresses and thrusts of a vague entity definable according to the necessities of the moment. #Quote by Elena Ferrante
Nocturnal quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#116. For the city, his city, stood unchanging on the edge of time: the same burning dry city of his nocturnal terrors and the solitary pleasures of puberty, where flowers rusted and salt corroded, where nothing had happened for four centuries except a slow aging among withered laurels and putrefying swamps. In winter sudden devastating downpours flooded the latrines and turned the streets into sickening bogs. In summer an invisible dust as harsh as red-hot chalk was blown into even the best-protected corners of the imagination by mad winds that took the roofs off the houses and carried away children through the air. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Nocturnal quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#117. You shall suffer for ever the influence of my kiss. You shall be beautiful in my fashion. You shall love that which I love and that which loves me: water, clouds, silence and the night; the immense green sea; the formless and multiform streams; the place where you shall not be; the lover whom you shall not know; flowers of monstrous shape; perfumes that cause delirium; cats that shudder, swoon and curl up on pianos and groan like women, with a voice that is hoarse and gentle! And you shall be loved by my lovers, courted by my courtiers. You shall be the queen of all men that have green eyes, whose necks also I have clasped in my nocturnal caresses; of those who love the sea, the sea that is immense, tumultuous and green, the formless and multiform streams, the place where they are not, the woman whom they do not know, sinister flowers that resemble the censers of a strange religion, perfumes that confound the will; and the savage and voluptuous animals which are the emblems of their dementia. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Nocturnal quotes by Miguel Hernandez
#118. kisses will blossom on the pillows,
and sheets will rise over bodies
entangled like vines
nocturnal and perfumed. #Quote by Miguel Hernandez
Nocturnal quotes by Nelly Sachs
#119. Chorus of Comforters

We are gardeners who have no flowers,
No herb may be transplanted
From yesterday to tomorrow.
The sage has faded in the cradles--
Rosemary lost its scent facing the new dead--
Even wormwood was only bitter yesterday.
The blossoms of comfort are too small
Not enough for the torment of a child's tear.

New seed may perhaps be gathered
In the heart of a nocturnal singer.
Which of us may comfort?
In the depth of the defile
Between yesterday and tomorrow
The cherub stands
Grinding the lightnings of sorrow with his wings
But his hands hold apart the rocks
Of yesterday and tomorrow
Like the edges of a wound

Which must remain open
That may not yet heal.

The lightnings of sorrow do not allow
The field of forgetting to fall asleep.

Which of us may comfort?

We are gardeners who have no flowers
And stand upon a shining star
And weep. #Quote by Nelly Sachs
Nocturnal quotes by Louis Aragon
#120. The carnal contact side by side, from heel to armpit, brings shudders that shake up nature like the flights of nocturnal birds. #Quote by Louis Aragon
Nocturnal quotes by W.G. Sebald
#121. In the warmer months of the year one or other of those nocturnal insects quite often strays indoors from the small garden behind my house. When I get up early in the morning, I find them clinging to the wall, motionless. I believe, said Austerlitz, they know they have lost their way, since if you do not put them out again carefully they will stay where they are, never moving, until the last breath is out of their bodies, and indeed they will remain in the place where they came to grief even after death, held fast by the tiny claws that stiffened in their last agony, until a draft of air detaches them and blows them into a dusty corner. Sometimes, seeing one of these moths that have met their end in my house, I wonder what kind of fear and pain they feel while they are lost. #Quote by W.G. Sebald
Nocturnal quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#122. You're not a morning person, are you? (Simone)
I'm a Dream-Hunter/demon. By my very nature I'm nocturnal. That big yellow ball in the sky offends me to the very core of my being. (Xypher) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Nocturnal quotes by Bill Viola
#123. Dawn and sunset are the times when Nature herself is unstable and in flux. The nocturnal world and the daytime world are meeting, and for a brief time coexisting. It's not a neat hard cut, but a blurred, irregular dissolve. These moments are the seams in existence through which we can get a glimpse of the deeper, fundamentally random, chance workings of a system in which we are only a small, insignificant player. #Quote by Bill Viola
Nocturnal quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#124. In shape they were like horrible toads, and moved in a succession of springs, but in size they were of an incredible bulk, larger than the largest elephant. We had never before seen them save at night, and indeed they are nocturnal animals save when disturbed in their lairs, as these had been. We now stood amazed at the sight, for their blotched and warty skins were of a curious fish-like iridescence, and the sunlight struck them with an ever-varying rainbow bloom as they moved. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Nocturnal quotes by Marley Jacobs
#125. Grief is one of those ideas you think you understand until you meet it face-to-face, gut-to-gut. After a sledgehammer of an introduction it insults you further by taking up residence deep inside your soul. It has the obnoxious melodrama of a teenage girl and the hormonal pulse of a bitter pregnant woman – not to mention the nocturnal stamina of a fucking vampire. #Quote by Marley Jacobs
Nocturnal quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#126. The dream remains overloaded with the badly lived passions of daytime life. Solitude in the nocturnal dream is always a hostility. It is strange. It isn't really our solitude. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard

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