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Night Eyes 2 quotes by Sarah Brazytis
#1. A girl like that does not deserve to be married to a man she does not love!"
The doctor stared for a moment, and then burst into quite inexplicable laughter. "Are we still speaking of Helen?" he wheezed after a moment.
"Yes," snapped the matron, glaring at him.
"Dear me," said the doctor, removing his glasses and dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief. "Such a circumstance would be very unfortunate – very, very."
The matron huffed. "The poor child is trapped in a loveless marriage – trust me. I'm a woman."
"The not-at-all-to-be-pitied girl is married to a man she adores," the doctor said, smiling. "Trust me. I'm a man, with a wife and three daughters."
"Adores my eye!"
The doctor replaced his spectacles and spoke very patiently: "Miss Bingham, only a woman who loves remembers what kind of aircraft her man flies. #Quote by Sarah Brazytis
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Karl Iagnemma
#2. I made a quick calculation: a 180-pound man, falling thirty feet under an acceleration of 32.2 feet per second square - I drew the shade and turned away from the window and closed my eyes. #Quote by Karl Iagnemma
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Anonymous
#3. 32:1 So these three men ceased answering Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes. 2 Then the wrath of Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, was aroused against Job; his wrath was aroused because he justified himself rather than God. 3 Also against his three friends his wrath was aroused, because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned Job. #Quote by Anonymous
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Airicka Phoenix
#4. I didn't ask to be born!"
"No, but I asked." He was breathing hard. His eyes hard and glinting with a fire that burned straight through me. "I asked for you every day of my life! #Quote by Airicka Phoenix
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Cassandra Clare
#5. Shapes began to appear in the mist as it thickened. Clary saw herself and Simon as children, holding hands, crossing a street in Brooklyn,; she had barrettes in her hair and Simon was adorably rumpled, his glasses sliding off his nose. There they were again, throwing snowballs in Prospect Park; and at Luke's farmhouse, tanned from summer, hanging upside down from tree branches. She saw them in Java Jones, listening to Eric's terrible poetry, and on the back of a flying motorcycle as it crashed into a parking lot, with Jace there, looking at them, his eyes squinted against the sun. And there was Simon with Isabelle, his hands curved around her face, kissing her, and she could see Isabelle as Simon saw her: fragile and strong, and so, so beautiful. And there was Valentine's ship, Simon kneeling on Jace, blood on his mouth and shirt, and blood at Jace's throat, and there was the cell in Idris, and Hodge's weathered face, and Simon and Clary again, Clary etching the Mark of Cain onto his forehead. Maureen, and her blood on the floor, and her little pink hat, and the rooftop in Manhattan where Lilith had raised Sebastian, and Clary was passing him a gold ring across a table, and an Angel was rising out of a lake before him and he was kissing Isabelle... #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Anne Eliot
#6. I think I'm losing control all over again. This is because I've registered two things above and beyond his hypnotic green eyes and rock star hot voice.
1. His perfectly square chin has one of those little divots dead center.
2. He's taller, and wider across the shoulders than I'd thought.
My heart ramps into some sort of a private hailstorm.
My list won't stop.
3. His hair is still shower damp. It's made up of little inky-black curls - an amazing amount of them.
4. The dumb eyes aren't simply green. They're like an exploded rainbow of greens and gold and browns. On closer inspection, he's ... he's simply overall amazing and ... I'll just say it again:
HOLY. HOLY. WOW. #Quote by Anne Eliot
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#7. The Devil is powerful, but he's also predictable. We are told in 1 John 2:16 the exact three ways he's going to come after us. "For everything in the world - the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does - comes not from the Father, but from the world. #Quote by Lysa TerKeurst
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Sandi Lynn
#8. Go grab one of those little baskets over there," I said to Connor as I pointed by the door.

"You aren't seriously buying that much, are you?"

"Ok Mr. Black, if you must know the truth, it's my PMS time."

He took a step back and put his hands up, "Whoa, enough said."

I grinned as I picked up a bag of Fritos, Cheetos, a Hersey bar(king size), a Twix bar, a small pack of chocolate donuts, 3 cans of coke, a bag of tiny twist pretzels and a jar of Nutella. Connor looked in the basket and then at me with a horrified look on his face.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to take me on this road trip. I'm just trying to keep the peace because without these foods for a woman at that time of the month," I waved my hand. "Well, you don't really want to know."

I put the basket on the counter. The cashier overheard our conversation, she looked at Connor and said, "Trust her; we girls are two sheets short of psycho when it comes to our special little time."

He just stood there and looked at both of us, speechless, as she rang up the food. She gave me the total, and I looked at Connor.

He looked at me in confusion, "Really? You want me to pay for this crap?"

The cashier leaned over the counter and looked him straight in the eyes, "Remember, 2 sheets short of psycho."

He pulled out his wallet and paid as he was mumbling under his breath. He took the bag and headed out. I looked at the cas #Quote by Sandi Lynn
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Quinn Loftis
#9. He walked over to Jacque, whose head was bowed and turned so that her neck was bared. It was like she knew instinctively to submit so as to not provoke the dominant wolf and hopefully she would subdue him in her surrender. Fane's wolf must have been the one in control of the wheel because he leaned down over Jacque and growled low. He placed his face against her neck, breathing deep, and his voice was guttural when he spoke. "Mine."
Jacque turned her head slightly and did what no other would ever be able to do when this Alpha was at this point, she looked him in the eyes. "Yes, I am yours." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Fane pulled his power in and all of a sudden it was like a weight had been lifted and they could breathe again.
Loftis, Quinn (2011-11-18). Blood Rites: Book 2 Grey Wolves Series (The Grey Wolves Series) (p. 95). Kindle Edition. #Quote by Quinn Loftis
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Justin Bienvenue
#10. A man sat down by a tree every day for 2 weeks. It was a beautiful Wisteria tree with purple flowers. Every day, around the same time, he would come to the park and sit by this tree. On the fourteenth day, he came to the park and approached the tree and as he sat down, he closed his eyes as he always did. Only this time when he opened them, the tree withered and died before him. The man then looked around and before he knew it, he had found that he never came to the tree at all, but was in an asylum the whole time. #Quote by Justin Bienvenue
Night Eyes 2 quotes by James Villas
#11. And yeah, put out as I can be with Mama 'bout a lotta things, I gotta admit she gets all the credit for getting me interested in cooking when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper. Gladys never seemed to give a damn about it when we were kids, which I guess is why she and that family of hers nourish themselves today mainly on KFC and Whoppers and junk like that. But me, I couldn't keep my eyes off Mama when she'd fix a mess of short ribs, or cut out perfect rounds of buttermilk biscuit dough with a juice glass, or spread a thick, real shiny caramel icing over her 1-2-3-4 cakes. And I can remember like it was yesterday (must have been about 4 years old at the time) when she first let me help her bake cookies, especially the same jelly treats I still make today and could eat by the dozen if I didn't now have better control.
"Honey, start opening those jars on the counter," she said while she creamed butter and sugar with her Sunbeam electric hand mixer in the same wide, chipped bowl she used to make for biscuit dough. Strawberry, peach, and mint- the flavors never varied for Mama's jelly treats, and just the idea of making these cookies with anything but jelly and jam she'd put up herself the year before would have been inconceivable to Mama. #Quote by James Villas
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#12. Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha (2 Kings 6:16-17).
In the gospel of Jesus Christ you have help from both sides of the veil, and you must never forget that. When disappointment and discouragement strike
and they will
you remember and never forget that if our eyes could be opened we would see horses and chariots of fire as far as the eye can see riding at reckless speed to come to our protection. They will always be there, these armies of heaven, in defense of Abraham's seed. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Holland
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#13. I wasn't sure if i was embarrassed or just irritated. Cursing, I held the packet to my chest and stomped off. I turned around to send him one last seething glare and ran smack dab into a tree. Or at least it felt like a tree. But trees weren't warm. And they didn't have 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Good Lord, 8? Eight pack? And dear God i was counting. I had touched each muscle. And great my hand was firmly places against the guys stomach.
I jerked my hand back and closed my eyes.
"Were tyou just counting my abs?" His voice sounded amused. It also sounded like a movie star voice, the type that makes you want to jump into the TV screen. It was deep, strong and had a slight accent I couldn't place. British? Scottish? #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Night Eyes 2 quotes by A.  Kirk
#14. With no clean clothes in the bathroom, my only option was to wrap the towel around myself, take a deep breath, and open the door.
There was a scream.
From Logan.


"Is anyone else naked?" Logan was sitting on the floor, back against my bed, shading his eyes with one hand and rubbing his forehead with the other.
"Is naked a thing now that a girl's on the team?"

A & E Kirk (2014-05-26). Drop Dead Demons: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book 2 (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series) (pp. 168-169). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. #Quote by A. Kirk
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Markus Zusak
#15. **** A 2 A.M. CONVERSATION****
"Is this yours?"
"Yes, Papa."
"Do you want to read it?"
Again, "Yes,Papa."
A tired smile.
Metallic eyes, melting.
"Well, we'd better read it, then. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
#16. 1. The cheerful horrors of inner reality amaze to the depths of the soul with the shock humor of evil. It's as if they are beating a shocker from whom you are laughing.
2. Laughter is an orgasm of awareness.
3. Science and art is a toy store. Created in order to occupy a person with something.
6. Loneliness is a catcher of erotic dreams.
7. Aphorism as a tattoo sticker in the mind.
8. You take off the mask of hypocrisy, and there are hundreds of billions of laughing monsters of monsters. They laugh in a smile of hatred; an ordinary person simply cannot stand so much awareness.
9. The idea appeared in a mirror maze and it is reflected in all the mirrors, that is, the opinion that the source cannot be found because it is hidden from your eyes. You see that opinion is a sect.
10. Laziness as an attraction a child's rocking machine is an illusion of movement. #Quote by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Jarod Kintz
#17. I am excited to report that I may have gotten a job as an elevator attendant. It's a three-flight elevator, and my primary objective is to push one of three buttons, 1,2, or 3. I know, it seems complicated, but I am sure I am intellectually mature enough to handle it. I feel confident that I have this job because the owner of the elevator operating company, Mr. Pushkin, of Pushkin Push-button Services, shook my hand, winked at me, examined my index finger for button-pushing capabilities and then licked my armpit. It was very flattering. Since he is obviously a man who is continually rising in the elevator world, I asked him for some life advice. And do you know what he told me? He leaned in close so that his blue eyes were about two inches from my face, and then he leaned around to my ear and whispered, "Some men never leave the ground floor, and some men rise to the top. Still other men, like myself, enable these penthouse executives to reach the pinnacle of their company. But I never carry on conversation in an elevator, or at a urinal, and I'd never install a urinal on an elevator, for fear that men would be more inclined to converse freely as they traveled and emptied their bladder." And without hesitation I replied, "Mr. Pushkin, I never shake a man's hand after he just got done pissing, or shake my penis more than three times after pissing, but I am certain that I could operate an elevator equipped with a urinal. I know how to keep both my mouth and my pants zipped shut #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Jim Manney
#18. 1. Ask God for light.
I want to look at my day with God's eyes, not merely my own.
2. Give thanks.
The day I have just lived is a gift from God. Be grateful for it.
3. Review the day.
I carefully look back on the day just completed, being guided by the Holy Spirit.
4. Face your shortcomings.
I face up to what is wrong-in my life and in me.
5. Look toward the day to come.
I ask where I need God in the day to #Quote by Jim Manney
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Anonymous
#19. Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: what manner of house will ye build unto me? and what place shall be my rest? ISA66.2 For all these things hath my hand made, and so all these things came to be, saith Jehovah: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and that trembleth at my word. ISA66.3 He that killeth an ox is as he that slayeth a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as he that breaketh a dog's neck; he that offereth an oblation, as he that offereth swine's blood; he that burneth frankincense, as he that blesseth an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations: ISA66.4 I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did that which was evil in mine eyes, and chose that wherein I delighted not. #Quote by Anonymous
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Patience Johnson
#20. God doesn't expect us to be oblivious to the challenges life brings. But as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus the waves couldn't take him under. So look to God, stand on His Word, and recall His goodness. The Bible says, 'We must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it' (Hebrews 2:1 NASB). Do whatever it takes to keep your eyes on the Lord. #Quote by Patience Johnson
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Ravi Singh
#21. Do not store dreams in ur eyes, they may roll down with ur tears.. Store them in ur heart that each heart beat will inspire u 2 fullfill them ...... #Quote by Ravi Singh
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Robert Perry
#22. He always perceives this world as outside himself, for this is crucial to his adjustment. He does not realize that he makes this world, for there is no world outside of him. Everything you perceive as the outside world is merely your attempt to maintain your ego identification. from: A Course In Miracles 12.III. 6.6 and 7.4
"Forgiveness is an earthly form of love" (W-pI.186.14:1). A Course In Miracles
"Remember always that you cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God." ACIM Chap 9.VIII.5.3

ACIM Chapter 2, Section V
"The Function of the Miracle Worker"
Paragraphs 8-18
Commentary by Robert Perry
"The only solution lies in being willing to look within, upon our own defiled altar. There is a place in our mind that was created to be totally devoted to God, but we have defiled this place with other devotions. We need to be willing to walk into the church of our mind and witness the desecrations on this altar. Only then will we really see "the unequivocal fact that healing is necessary" (8:1). Are we willing to look on the unequivocal fact that we need healing? Only then will we open up "the real vision" (8:4), which will allow us to see past what our physical eyes see and gaze on the light of purity beyond. #Quote by Robert Perry
Night Eyes 2 quotes by L.J. Kentowski
#23. I focused on his eyes and really locked onto them. I could feel myself falling into a world of blue that wiped the chills from my body and filled my heart with warmth. The depths I could see in his eyes were far more than any hallucination could create. I recognized them as the eyes I gave my heart and soul to. They were the same ones that gave me Hunter's whole being and never looked back. There was no doubt in my mind this was the man I fell in love with. I was doing it all over again in that very moment. #Quote by L.J. Kentowski
Night Eyes 2 quotes by L.J. Kentowski
#24. So ... what? You want me to sign my name in blood or something?"
"Hmmm," he said, tapping his finger against his cheek as he looked at the ceiling - the epitome of an overly dramatic thinker.
I rolled my eyes.
"Why don't we just seal it with a kiss?" he suggested, as if the thought of it didn't gnaw at my intestines.
"Is there a Door Number Two?"
"Well, I could stay at your side every second until Nergal is dead," he answered. "And before you ask, there is no Door Number Three. #Quote by L.J. Kentowski
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Portia Nelson
#25. 1) I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I fall in.
I am lost...
I am hopeless.
It isn't my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

2) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don't see it.
I fall in again.
I can't believe I'm in the same place.
But it isn't my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

3) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall's a habit
My eyes are open; I know where I am;
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.

4) I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

5) I walk down another street. #Quote by Portia Nelson
Night Eyes 2 quotes by A.G. Howard
#26. I learned something about you today."
That wins his full attention. He draws me into the fathomless depths of his eyes. "What would that be?"
"Every time you try to do the right thing, you get screwed."
My observation is met with silence. He scoops up my other necklace, closing the key, heart, and ring within his fist.
I take a shallow breath, heartbeat stumbling as I try to read him.
"So it's a battle to make that choice, yeah?"
-Unhinged, pg 351-2 #Quote by A.G. Howard
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Margaret Haddix
#27. Generally I finish a first draft in 2-6 months, then I set it aside for a while so that when I come back to it I can read it with fresh eyes and figure out how to improve it. #Quote by Margaret Haddix
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Christina Engela
#28. What the hell was that?" he asked no-one in particular. "Did they ram us?"
"Uh – negative, sir." Marnetti offered, reading an instrumental assessment from his display, "It seems we were hit by some kind of pulse wave generated by their jump."
"Their jump? – You mean by arriving they nearly killed us?"
Marnetti nodded, continuing, "Range 0.5 kilometers, Captain. Holding steady. No recognized weapons activity."
"Damage report." He ordered, feeling his way back into his seat, eyes glued to the viewscreen.
"Shield 2 down, 1 is buckling." Pluddeman choked.
"Power stable, all systems holding steady," Marnetti added, now rubbing some bruises.
"Any communications?"
"Nothing, sir. Static on all frequencies."
"What are they doing?"
"Nothing, sir. Waiting maybe."
"Waiting, my ass!" Dayne barked. "They must be sizing us up! #Quote by Christina Engela
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Eoin Colfer
#29. Punching - 2 shillings
Both eyes blacked - 4 shillings
Nose and jaw broke - 10 shillings
Jacked out (knocked out with a blackjack) - 15 shillings
Ear chewed off - same as previous
Leg or arm broke - 19 shillings
Shot in leg - 25 shillings
Stab - same as previous
Doing the Big Job - 3 pounds and up #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#30. How could you do that to me?" I repeat. I don´t have to itemize. He knows what I speak of.
Eventually N produces three answers, in this order:

1. "Because I am a complete rotter." I silently agree, but it´s a cop-out: I have maggots, therefore I am dead.
2. "I was stressed at work and unhappy and we were always fighting...and you know I was just crazy..."

I cut him off, saying, "You don´t get to be crazy. You did exactly what you chose to do."
Which is true, he did. It is what he has always done. He therefore seems slightly puzzled at the need for further diagnosis, which may explain his third response:

3. "I don´t know."

This, I feel instinctively, is the correct answer. How can I stay angry with him for being what he is? I was, after all, his wife, and I chose him. No coincidences, that´s what Freud said. None. Ever.
I wipe my eyes on my sleeve and walk toward the truck, saying to his general direction, "Fine. At least now I know: You don´t know."
I stop and turn around and fire one more question: a bullet demanding attention in the moment it enters the skin and spreads outward, an important bullet that must be acknowledged.
"What did you feel?"
After a lengthy pause, he answers. "I felt nothing."
And that, I realize too late, was not the whole truth, but was a valid part of the truth.
Oh, and welcome to the Serengeti. That too. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Anonymous
#31. PSALM 121 I v lift up my eyes to w the hills. From where does my help come? 2 x My help comes from the LORD, who y made heaven and earth. #Quote by Anonymous
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Audie Murphy
#32. Now comes the picture of mass defeat, the most awesome spectacle of the war. It is in the bent bodies of old women who poke among ruins seeking some miserable object that will link their lives with the old days. It is in the shamed darting eyes of the defeated. It is in the faces of the little boys who regard our triumphant columns with fear and fascination. And above all it is in the thousands of beaten, dusty soldiers who stream along the roads towards the stockades. Their feet clump wearily, mechanically, hopelessly on the still endless road of war. They move as haggard, gray masses, in which the individual had neither life nor meaning. It is impossible to see in these men the quality that made them stand up and fight like demons out of hell a few shorts months ago. #Quote by Audie Murphy
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Anton Chekhov
#33. Civilized people must, I believe, satisfy the following criteria:

1) They respect human beings as individuals and are therefore always tolerant, gentle, courteous and amenable ... They do not create scenes over a hammer or a mislaid eraser; they do not make you feel they are conferring a great benefit on you when they live with you, and they don't make a scandal when they leave. (...)

2) They have compassion for other people besides beggars and cats. Their hearts suffer the pain of what is hidden to the naked eye. (...)

3) They respect other people's property, and therefore pay their debts.

4) They are not devious, and they fear lies as they fear fire. They don't tell lies even in the most trivial matters. To lie to someone is to insult them, and the liar is diminished in the eyes of the person he lies to. Civilized people don't put on airs; they behave in the street as they would at home, they don't show off to impress their juniors. (...)

5) They don't run themselves down in order to provoke the sympathy of others. They don't play on other people's heartstrings to be sighed over and cosseted ... that sort of thing is just cheap striving for effects, it's vulgar, old hat and false. (...)

6) They are not vain. They don't waste time with the fake jewellery of hobnobbing with celebrities, being permitted to shake the hand of a drunken [judicial orator], the exaggerated bonhomie of the first person they meet at th #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#34. There are guys bleeding to death who don't know it, they're smiling, they're talking, they don't feel pain because they're in shock, they ask you for some water and then they're dead. On D-day I ran past a guy lying on his spilled guts with his eyes closed and his thumb in his mouth. Eisenhower's speech had been read to us over the loudspeaker by our commander when we crossed the channel that morning. What valor and inspiration were in his words- all about how we were embarked on a great crusade, that the hopes and prayers of a liberty loving people were going with us ... I got gooseflesh when he asked for the blessing of almighty god on this great and noble undertaking. But how to reconcile that with spilled guts on a beach and flies in the eyes of some dead nineteen year old kid who traded his life for some words on paper? #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Justin Southwick
#35. In life in general we get back what we put out, if we ever were to find ourselves in a situation where we get back less or even the opposite of what we put out, then we need to get out, take ourselves out of that situation, for it is futile to try to go against the grain of feelings, emotions, life... it is not only going to lead to nowhere but pain, it is also going to lead to loneliness, bitterness, sadness, despair and heartbreak. so for those of you who are going through this currently, brush that crap off of your plate and move on. Those of you that have not experienced this yet, keep your eyes and your ears open, because in most cases it takes a while to see what has been right in front of you hitting you with baseball bats. BE AWARE OF WHAT IS. be aware of what that other person is giving to you. ask yourselves a few questions, 1) am I getting back the love that I am putting out? 2) Do I always have to initiate the conversation? 3) When I do initiate the conversation, do I get a response? 4) if so, is it on par with what I put forth. 5) in most cases of conversation does it seem like I am being ignored? 6) If I reach out to hold his/her hand does it get held back? or am I doing all the holding? ~~ The more of these simple yet profound questions you can answer negatively too. the bigger the chance that you are in a hopeless, futureless, hated by the other person relationship. So, keep your eyes and your ears open, ask yourselves questions and always and I do mean always #Quote by Justin Southwick
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Erin Miller
#36. Modern society has never been about finding contentment in the basics; modern society is founded on the principle that happiness lies in having more. We are bred to keep up with the Jones' because he who dies with the most toys wins. If I only work a little bit harder, a little bit longer, I'll be able to afford that boat and then I'll finally be happy. The illusive concept of finding happiness in things is the gerbil wheel that perpetually powers capitalism. I had hiked 2,283 miles and now my eyes were too wide opened to want to get on the wheel. But what was the alternative? Being homeless? #Quote by Erin Miller
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Amy Harmon
#37. But the actual mail was delivered to the little brick post office on the main drag and distributed to the keyed, ornate boxes inside. My family had one of the lower numbers because we'd inherited our box as it was passed down through the Shepherd line.
"So your family is Levan royalty, then?" Moses had teased.
"Yes. We Shepherds rule this town," I replied.
"Who has PO Box number 1?" he inquired immediately.
"God," I said, not missing a beat.
"And box number 2?" He was laughing as he asked.
"Pam Jackman."
"From down the street?"
"Yes. She's like one of the Kennedys."
"She drives the bus, right?" he asked.
"Yes. Bus driver is a highly lauded position in our community." I didn't even crack a smile.
"So boxes 3 and 4?"
"They are empty now. They are waiting for the heirs to come of age before they inherit their mailboxes. My son will someday inherit PO Box #5. It will be a proud day for all Shepherds."
"Your son? What if you have a daughter?" His eyes got that flinty look that made my stomach feel swishy. Talking about having children made me think about making babies. With Moses.
"She's going to be the first female bull-rider who wins the national title. She won't be living in Levan most of the time. Her brothers will have to look after the family name and the Shepherd line . . . and our post office box," I said, trying not to think about how much I would enjoy making little bull-riders with Moses. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Joyce Meyer
#38. Clean Up Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. HEBREWS 12:1- 2 NIV Have you ever gone on a cleaning rampage to straighten up your home or office? Did you enjoy pitching junk, straightening objects, and organizing materials so that you could find them when you need them? You may need to get on a Holy Ghost rampage and do the same thing with your life. Say, I've had enough bondage. I've had enough negative thoughts. I've had enough of the lies of the devil. I am not going to have any more bad days. I am not going to be discouraged, depressed, or despondent. I am going to enjoy my life! #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Chris Ahrens
#39. Even after rowing in all these pieces, it's often hard to determine who will be selected because the decisive factor in seat racing is speed not margin. Boat X beats boat Y by two lengths over 1000 meters in a time of 2:54. After exchanging "Dave" from X to Y for "Scott," Boat X beats boat Y by one length in a time of 2:51. From the rower's perspective, the result is that Dave beats Scott by a length. But in Mike's eyes, Scott beats Dave because on the second piece, X was three seconds faster-even though it only beat Y by a length. #Quote by Chris Ahrens
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Diriye Osman
#40. The God of Imagination lived in fairytales. And the best fairytales made you fall in love. It was while flicking through "Sleeping Beauty" that I met my first love, Ivar. He was a six-year-old bello ragazzo with blond hair and eyebrows. He had bomb-blue eyes and his two front teeth were missing.
The road to Happily Ever After, however, was paved with political barbed wire. Three things stood in my way.
1. The object of my affection didn't know he was the object of my affection.
2. The object of my affection preferred Action Man to Princess Aurora.
3. The object of my affection was a boy and I wasn't allowed to love a boy. #Quote by Diriye Osman
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Payne Hawthorne
#41. Teaser from the soon to be released: Redemption of Fire; My Demon Master Book 2. (with Reference to the character, Cain, from Dormant Desires, Book 4; CAIN.

In the oddest, surreal moment, I look out and see one lone face. It's Cain, the chimera by curse and not birth. He's been welcomed into Demon-kind as one of them. Almost a treasured being for all his uniqueness. In all reality, he is the most divine among us. The product of an angel and a Neanderthal. A very son of the first Eve. It is he alone who is not prostrate before me. Our eyes lock and my vision goes wonky. I can see details and colors and etched outlines like I never imagined. I see Cain's magnificent aura as it embraces him like a full-body halo. He is watching the spectacle that is me with detached interest. It's as if he has truly seen everything there is too see and this is nothing more than a repeat of some long forgotten original episode. He is unafraid. I can feel how calm he is. Before he drops his eyes, surrendering to the dominance of my dragon, he gives me a slightly amused expression and a small nod of encouragement. #Quote by Payne Hawthorne
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#42. Then may he be truly poor and naked in spirit, and be able to say with the Prophet, As for me, I am poor and needy.(2) Nevertheless, no man is richer than he, no man stronger, no man freer. For he knoweth both how to give up himself and all things, and how to be lowly in his own eyes. (1) Luke xvii. 10. (2) Psalm xxv. 16. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Night Eyes 2 quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#43. My eyes are 2 windows cracked open by the chaos in this world. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi

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