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Nieco Tech quotes by Astra Taylor
#1. One thing that struck me about going to those tech conferences was all the enthusiasm for free culture, and remixing, and social media, but people's greatest ambition was to be sponsored by Chipotle or something equivalent to that. It was this weird mix of collaborative, utopian claims and this total acquiescence to commercial imperatives. #Quote by Astra Taylor
Nieco Tech quotes by Belinda Bauer
#2. There are worse things than dying."
"Really?" said Meg.
"Of course," said the tech. "Living badly. #Quote by Belinda Bauer
Nieco Tech quotes by Phil Robertson
#3. I'm a low-tech man in a high-tech world. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Nieco Tech quotes by Condola Rashad
#4. The directors were often really nice and I was well behaved, so I would just sit there in rehearsal. That allowed me to see the process - not just the result, the red carpet, all of the wonderful, fun things that happen afterwards - the nuts and bolts, the nitty-gritty, "Let's try to build this character from the page," tech rehearsals. #Quote by Condola Rashad
Nieco Tech quotes by Christine Quinn
#5. I've already begun to put pilot programs in place that give CUNY grads opportunities to get good tech jobs. We should expand on that so that New Yorkers are getting those jobs, because those jobs are probably one of the biggest 21st Century pathways into the middle class. #Quote by Christine Quinn
Nieco Tech quotes by Marco Tempest
#6. My products and magic are free, but on the commercial side of what I do, the big tech companies are impressed with somebody like me who can emotionalize a piece of technology. #Quote by Marco Tempest
Nieco Tech quotes by Marc Andreessen
#7. The transformation of Apple is probably the biggest tech story of the last 15 years. #Quote by Marc Andreessen
Nieco Tech quotes by Robert Scoble
#8. You see 6,000 times more tech companies in San Francisco than you see in Seattle. All the money is in San Francisco when you look at the venture fund maps. The PR is in San Francisco. The centricity of the industry is in San Francisco. #Quote by Robert Scoble
Nieco Tech quotes by George Carlin
#9. I'm a high-tech low-life. A cutting edge, state-of-the-art bi-coastal multi-tasker and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond! #Quote by George Carlin
Nieco Tech quotes by A.E. Via
#10. Steele's tongue was right there, pushing Tech's ass higher so he could lick that sweet hole. Tech went crazy on top of him, driving his ass down on his mouth while Steele fucked him with his fingers. "Ohhh. #Quote by A.E. Via
Nieco Tech quotes by Todd Rundgren
#11. When you come to a place like Kauai, you don't go for a high tech world. #Quote by Todd Rundgren
Nieco Tech quotes by Julie Schumacher
#12. Mr. Duffy Napp has just transmitted a nine-word e-mail asking that I immediately send a letter of reference to your firm on his behalf; his request has summoned from the basement of my heart a star-spangled constellation of joy, so eager am I to see Mr. Napp well established at Maladin IT.

As for the basis of our acquaintanceship: I am a professor in an English department whose members consult Tech Help - aka Mr. Napp - only in moments of desperation. For example, let us imagine that a computer screen, on the penultimate page of a lengthy document, winks coyly, twice, and before the "save" button can be deployed, adopts a Stygian façade. In such a circumstance one's only recourse - unpalatable though it may be - is to plead for assistance from a yawning adolescent who will roll his eyes at the prospect of one's limited capabilities and helpless despair. I often imagine that in olden days people like myself would crawl to the doorway of Tech Help on our knees, bearing baskets of food, offerings of the harvest, the inner organs of neighbors and friends - all in exchange for a tenuous promise from these careless and inattentive gods that the thoughts we entrusted to our computers will be restored unharmed.

Colleagues have warned me that the departure of Mr. Napp, our only remaining Tech Help employee, will leave us in darkness. I am ready. I have girded my loins and dispatched a secular prayer in the hope that, given the abysmal job market, a former maso #Quote by Julie Schumacher
Nieco Tech quotes by Tim Ryan
#13. We were told that all this new high technology, all these new high-tech jobs that we were going to be creating here in the United States of America would stay here, so our people would benefit with the jobs and health care and everything else. #Quote by Tim Ryan
Nieco Tech quotes by Meredith Broussard
#14. I heard people repeat the same promises about the bright technological future, but I saw the digital world replicate the inequalities of the "real" world #Quote by Meredith Broussard
Nieco Tech quotes by Ryan Boudinot
#15. The thing about Web companies is there's always something severely fucked-up. There is always an outage, always lost data, always compromised customer information, always a server going offline. You work with these clugey internal tools and patch together work-arounds to compensate for the half-assed, rushed development, and after a while the fucked-upness of the whole enterprise becomes the status quo. VPs insecure that they're not as in touch as they need to be with conditions on the ground insert themselves into projects midstream and you get serious scope creep. You present to the world this image that you're a buttoned-down tech company with everything in its right place but once you're on the other side of the firewall it looks like triage time in an emergency room, 24/7. Systems break down, laptops go into the blue screen of death, developers miskey a line of code, error messages appear that mean absolutely nothing. The instantaneousness with which you can fix stuff creates a culture that works by the seat of its pants. I swear the whole Web was built by virtue of developers fixing one mistake after another, constantly forced to compensate for the bugginess of their code. #Quote by Ryan Boudinot
Nieco Tech quotes by Paul Allen
#16. In a company where tech decisions were still ultracentralized, the repercussions of a distracted CEO had to be damaging. #Quote by Paul Allen
Nieco Tech quotes by Dan Lyons
#17. Training takes place in a tiny room, where for two weeks I sit shoulder to shoulder with twenty other new recruits, listening to pep talks that start to sound like the brainwashing you get when you join a cult. It's amazing, and hilarious. It's everything I ever imagined might take place inside a tech company, only even better. #Quote by Dan Lyons
Nieco Tech quotes by Mark Zupan
#18. I am a Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech. #Quote by Mark Zupan
Nieco Tech quotes by Ralph Cavanagh
#19. Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder have created a compelling vision for a Clean Tech Nation and a roadmap for creating it, even as they surprise and delight readers with a rich account of progress already achieved. I salute their unique combination of technical savvy, practical sense, and imperishable enthusiasm. #Quote by Ralph Cavanagh
Nieco Tech quotes by Stewart Butterfield
#20. It's hard to overestimate how much the perception of the quality of the V.C. firm you're with matters - the signal it sends to other V.C.s, to potential employees, to customers, to the tech press. It's like where you went to college. #Quote by Stewart Butterfield
Nieco Tech quotes by Robert Reich
#21. Our moral authority is as important, if not more important, than our troop strength or our high-tech weapons. We are rapidly losing that moral authority, not only in the Arab world but all over the world. #Quote by Robert Reich
Nieco Tech quotes by Jerry Costello
#22. Since 2000, we have lost 2.7 million manufacturing jobs, of which 500,000 jobs were in high-tech industries such as telecommunications and electronics. #Quote by Jerry Costello
Nieco Tech quotes by Kevin Kelly
#23. So I now see upgrading as a type of hygiene: You do it regularly to keep your tech healthy. #Quote by Kevin Kelly
Nieco Tech quotes by Laurie Anderson
#24. You can do great things with low-tech stuff. #Quote by Laurie Anderson
Nieco Tech quotes by Henry Blodget
#25. The tech folks have seen WiFi as the way to untether. And what better reason to untether than entertainment content? So there's nobody better positioned than the in-home Wi-Fi purveyor. #Quote by Henry Blodget
Nieco Tech quotes by Ariel Garten
#26. I started working with brain sensing tech in labs over a decade ago and was immediately fascinated by the potential to help people peer into the workings and behaviors of their own minds. #Quote by Ariel Garten
Nieco Tech quotes by John Petrucci
#27. We have a storage close by where I live, that's very organised. My guitar tech, Matty organised it all, labeled everything. #Quote by John Petrucci
Nieco Tech quotes by Henry Louis Gates
#28. I'm a tech geek. Whenever I read about something new, I think to myself, How can I take this and make it black? #Quote by Henry Louis Gates
Nieco Tech quotes by Ridley Scott
#29. Digital is a different world because you are sitting at home and a hi tech piece of equipment today is within reach of most people, so they are watching a pretty hi tech version of whatever you've done. #Quote by Ridley Scott
Nieco Tech quotes by Edward M. Lerner
#30. I'm a physicist and computer scientist by training. I worked in high tech for thirty years as everything from engineer to senior vice president - for many of those years, writing SF as a hobby - until, in 2004, I began writing full time. #Quote by Edward M. Lerner
Nieco Tech quotes by Ryan Holmes
#31. Everyone told me you can't build a major tech company in Canada. There just aren't enough investors or engineers or top-level managers. Each day, I'm driven to prove them wrong. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Nieco Tech quotes by Anna Wiener
#32. Was I trying too hard to make this mean something? I asked Leah. Was that just buying into the industry's own narratives about itself? I tried to summarize the frantic, self-important work culture in Silicon Valley, how everyone was optimizing their bodies for longer lives, which would then be spent productively; how it was frowned upon to acknowledge that a tech job was a transaction rather than a noble mission or a seat on a rocket ship. In this respect, it was not unlike book publishing: talking about doing work for money felt like screaming the safe word. While perhaps not unique to tech--it may even have been endemic to a generation--the expectation was overbearing.

Why did it feel so taboo, I asked, to approach work the way most people did, as a trade of my time and labor for money? Why did we have to pretend it was all so fun?

Leah nodded, curls bobbing. "That's real," she said. "but I wonder if you're forcing things. Your job can be in service of the rest of your life." She reached out to squeeze my wrist, then leaned her head against the window. "You're allowed to enjoy your life," she said. The city streaked past, the bridge cables flickering like a delay, or a glitch. #Quote by Anna Wiener
Nieco Tech quotes by Hasan M. Elahi
#33. We don't know what the next generation of art is going to look like. We're kind of making it up as we go along. Not unlike the tech industry. #Quote by Hasan M. Elahi
Nieco Tech quotes by Abby Sunderland
#34. All the ingenuity, all the high-tech gear, all the jury-rigging sometimes the sea would rip it all away until there was only you, the Creator, and His mercy. #Quote by Abby Sunderland
Nieco Tech quotes by Eric Betzig
#35. It takes a huge amount of effort to move from a successful high-tech prototype to broader adoption of an imaging technology. #Quote by Eric Betzig
Nieco Tech quotes by Barack Obama
#36. We need scientists to design new fuels. We need farmers to help grow them. We need engineers to invent new technologies. We need entrepreneurs to sell those technologies. We need workers to operate assembly lines that hum with high-tech, zero-carbon components. We need builders to hammer into place the foundations for a clean energy age. We need diplomats and businessmen and women, and Peace Corps volunteers to help developing nations skip past the dirty phase of development and transition to sustainable sources of energy. In other words, we need you. #Quote by Barack Obama
Nieco Tech quotes by Kenneth G. Wilson
#37. While at Cal Tech I talked a lot with Jon Mathews, then a junior faculty member; he taught me how to use the Institute's computer; we also went on hikes together. #Quote by Kenneth G. Wilson

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