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Nicest quotes by Tim Burton
#1. I've found that the people who play villains are the nicest people in the world and people who play heroes are jerks. #Quote by Tim Burton
Nicest quotes by Liz Grace Davis
#2. I need a friend and you seemed nicest. I think you and I can have more fun than those fake people on the other side. #Quote by Liz Grace Davis
Nicest quotes by Paul Rust
#3. My mom was my English teacher in high school. So to be able to bend the rules and be the class clown and get to take on my religion, my mom, and my town all at the same time was glorious. I think the desire to be funny was a mixture of wanting to be liked but also wanting to throw your elbows a bit. If you're cracking a joke in school, it's sort of anti-authority, but it's in the nicest, "Please like me!" way. #Quote by Paul Rust
Nicest quotes by Andrew Southwood
#4. Some of the nicest people I've never met live inside my computer. #Quote by Andrew Southwood
Nicest quotes by Dwight Gooden
#5. One of the nicest satisfactions you can have is to be able to give something back to your parents when they've given so much to you. #Quote by Dwight Gooden
Nicest quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#6. He had always had a great tolerance which seemed the nicest thing about him if it were not the most sinister. All #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Nicest quotes by Nitya Prakash
#7. Even the nicest people have their limits. It's called Crying. Once done crying, they get back to being nice and ready to be violated again. #Quote by Nitya Prakash
Nicest quotes by Lucy Maud Montgomery
#8. Why is it that the nicest things never are healthy? #Quote by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Nicest quotes by Chad Coleman
#9. Andrew Lincoln has to be the nicest, ego-less lead actor that I've ever met in my life. His energy and temperament just falls over everyone. #Quote by Chad Coleman
Nicest quotes by Sachin Tendulkar
#10. I really like Iceland. One of the nicest things about it is that I hardly ever had to reach for my credit card. There's practically nothing there to go shopping for. #Quote by Sachin Tendulkar
Nicest quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#11. Oh, Meg, you are a moron," Calvin said. "Don't you know you're the nicest thing that's happened to me in a long time? #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Nicest quotes by Apryl Baker
#12. Meg sighs. "That sounded really bitchy, huh?" She's one of the nicest people I've ever known, but when she's drunk, the girl can get a little mean. #Quote by Apryl Baker
Nicest quotes by Rachel Caine
#13. Silver nitrate and water in a super soaker," he told her. "My own invention. Ought to be good at twenty feet, kind of like wasp spray."
Oh. "You get me the nicest things."
"Anybody can get jewelry. Posers #Quote by Rachel Caine
Nicest quotes by Pope Paul VI
#14. In America, you are not required to offer food to the hungry or shelter the homeless. There is no ordinance forcing you to visit the lonely, or comfort the infirmed. No where in the Constitution does it say you have to provide clothing to the poor. In fact, one of the nicest things about living here in America, is that you really don't have to do anything for anybody. But when you do, you give meaning and provide soul to the concept of community ... and develop a sense of purpose to something greater than one's self ... #Quote by Pope Paul VI
Nicest quotes by Shahrukh Khan
#15. As a person, I am still very middle class. People don't realise these things. Most of the black suits that I wear are the same. All the designer clothes I have are actually from my films. I don't dream of Rolls Royce and things like that ... People are kind enough to me to give me the nicest things in life, but it doesn't mean that I'm used to them. #Quote by Shahrukh Khan
Nicest quotes by Jenna Morasca
#16. My father is undoubtedly one of the nicest, kindest, smartest, and warm-hearted people I know. He is truly a light that shines on this earth, and to know him is to love him. He is also the eternal optimist. #Quote by Jenna Morasca
Nicest quotes by Paris Hilton
#17. I'm the nicest, most loyal person in the world when it comes to my friends. #Quote by Paris Hilton
Nicest quotes by Davey Havok
#18. The people who send us fan mail written in blood say the nicest things, so it doesn't freak us out too much. #Quote by Davey Havok
Nicest quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#19. Martin's one of the nicest fellows you could meet, as long as you don't do it too often. #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Nicest quotes by Danny Boyle
#20. Brian Cox is the nicest guy, but he's so arrogant. #Quote by Danny Boyle
Nicest quotes by Mia Kirshner
#21. It?s not me to sleep with loads of men, but I do believe in having different experiences. At the end of the day, the nicest thing is the old-fashioned one-on-one. #Quote by Mia Kirshner
Nicest quotes by A.A. Milne
#22. There are some people who begin the Zoo at the beginning, called WAYIN, and walk as quickly as they can past every cage until they get to the one called WAYOUT, but the nicest people go
straight to the animal they love the most, and stay there. #Quote by A.A. Milne
Nicest quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#23. I think that's possibly the nicest thing you have said to me. Ever."
I laughed. "No it's not. I've said nice things to you before."
"Like what?"
There had to be another situation when I'd said something nice. "Like ... when ... " I couldn't think of anything. Jeez, I was a bitch. "Okay. That is the first nice thing I've said to you."
"I think I need a moment to recognize and cherish this. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Nicest quotes by Manuel Puig
#24. The nicest thing about feeling happy is that you think you'll never be unhappy again.
#Quote by Manuel Puig
Nicest quotes by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
#25. It wasn't cool of Dad to keep that secret. A secret with Valerie. Secret from me. But it's not like I'm going to cry about it. When the crier finally catches her breath, she says, "How come Naomi gets a twin and I don't?" Which makes no sense at all. "We're not twins," I say in maybe not my nicest voice. "We just have the same name!" I walk over to the couch where she's sprawled. "What's your name?" She sits up and wipes her nose with the back of her hand. Ew. "Brianna." "Didn't you ever meet another Brianna?" The other Naomi walks over to us, like maybe I should back off her sister or something even though I'm only trying to help. "Remember in your dance class? #Quote by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
Nicest quotes by David Bailey
#26. Rockers are the nicest people to photograph. They have no inhibitions. #Quote by David Bailey
Nicest quotes by James Taylor
#27. I know there are people who don't like their audience or like the experience of being recognized or celebrated, but my audience has been very good - they don't bother me and when they do contact me it's usually on the nicest possible terms. #Quote by James Taylor
Nicest quotes by Nick Harkaway
#28. In the distant past, in what might be described as the Golden Days of War, the business of wreaking havoc on your neighbours (these being the only people you could logistically expect to wreak havoc upon) was uncomplicated. You - the King - pointed at the next-door country and said, "I want me one of those!" Your vassals - stalwart fellows selected for heft and musculature rather than brain - said, "Yes, my liege," or sometimes, "What's in it for me?" but broadly speaking they rode off and burned, pillaged, slaughtered and hacked until either you were richer by a few hundred square miles of forest and farmland, or you were rudely arrested by heathens from the other side who wanted a word in your shell-like ear about cross-border aggression. It was a personal thing, and there was little doubt about who was responsible for kicking it off, because that person was to be found in the nicest room of a big stone house wearing a very expensive hat. #Quote by Nick Harkaway
Nicest quotes by Suzanne Wright
#29. Because you're trouble. You might look harmless enough, but I know crazy when I see it." He tapped her nose. "You, little raven, are far from sane." She smiled. "I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Nicest quotes by Jessie Cave
#30. Having done film, TV and theatre, the nicest final bit of the jigsaw is to do live comedy, because you can talk to the audience. It feels really natural to be able to laugh with them, but at the same time still be within the framework of a play. #Quote by Jessie Cave
Nicest quotes by Noam Chomsky
#31. When you look at a corporation, just like when you look at a slave owner, you want to distinguish between the institution and the individual. So slavery, for example, or other forms of tyranny, are inherently monstrous. The individuals participating in them may be the nicest guys you can imagine. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Nicest quotes by Chris Evans
#32. The Internet is a big place where a lot of people can voice their opinions, and my mother chooses to pick fights with random people from all over the world who don't have the nicest things to say about me. #Quote by Chris Evans
Nicest quotes by Johnny Depp
#33. My kids, they're my energy, my soul, and my nicest friend. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Nicest quotes by Terence Winter
#34. One of the nicest things I ever read about our show was that a critic felt 'Boardwalk Empire' could be the beginning of the blur between television and cinema, because the production values are so high and the storytelling is so compelling. #Quote by Terence Winter
Nicest quotes by Doris Lessing
#35. I find myself increasingly shocked at the unthinking and automatic rubbishing of men which is now so part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed.

Great things have been achieved through feminism. We now have pretty much equality at least on the pay and opportunities front, though almost nothing has been done on child care, the real liberation.

We have many wonderful, clever, powerful women everywhere, but what is happening to men? Why did this have to be at the cost of men?

I was in a class of nine- and ten-year-olds, girls and boys, and this young woman was telling these kids that the reason for wars was the innately violent nature of men.

You could see the little girls, fat with complacency and conceit while the little boys sat there crumpled, apologising for their existence, thinking this was going to be the pattern of their lives. The teacher tried to catch my eye, thinking I would approve of this rubbish. This kind of thing is happening in schools all over the place and no one says a thing.

It has become a kind of religion that you can't criticise because then you become a traitor to the great cause, which I am not.

It is time we began to ask who are these women who continually rubbish men. The most stupid, ill-educated and nasty woman can rubbish the nicest, kindest and most intelligent man and no one protests.

Men seem to be so cowed that they can't fight back, and it is time they did. #Quote by Doris Lessing
Nicest quotes by Jennifer Niven
#36. She puts one leg in the car and says, "I guess now you know you're not the only freak." It's the nicest thing she's ever said to me. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Nicest quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#37. She's the nicest person I know." Zila chewed on her lower lip. "Well, the second nicest. Avry's the first. #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Nicest quotes by Dave Barry
#38. The nicest Father's Day surprise of all for Dad would be if you handed him a box, and he unwrapped it, and there, inside, sitting on a bed of folded tissue, was the pair of his undershorts that somebody threw away six months ago (without asking Dad) because they had reached the stage where they were 3 percent undershorts and 97 percent holes. Dad misses those undershorts. They were his Faithful Undershorts Companion. #Quote by Dave Barry
Nicest quotes by Anne Frank
#39. The nicest part is being able to write down all my thoughts and feeling; otherwise, I might suffocate. #Quote by Anne Frank
Nicest quotes by Himmilicious
#40. You behave like an unknown stranger to the loved ones and to the outer world, you portray to be the nicest-bestest-calmest-well-behaved-EST , This-EST and That-EST..
Yes, You're earning the appreciation of others but how much your near and dear ones hate you.. you cannot count,my dear! #Quote by Himmilicious
Nicest quotes by Brandon Flowers
#41. For the most part, the first thing people I meet that aren't Mormon say is, 'I grew up with a Mormon family. They're the nicest people I know.' So when I see these statistics that it's the most hated religion, I don't know where they're getting that from. #Quote by Brandon Flowers
Nicest quotes by Zac Efron
#42. Jesse McCartney is one of the nicest people around. I hate when I hear bad things about him, because anyone who knows him would agree that he's a good guy and really humble. #Quote by Zac Efron
Nicest quotes by Rachel Hill
#43. Yes, boys are a little like shoes. Why? Well ... They can be useful. But mainly ... They are nice to look at. Getting the right one can be a lovely accessory to an outfit. There are times when you couldn't do without them. And there are times when you'd rather do without them. Get the wrong ones and they can hurt. There are many types and often the ones that look the nicest are completely unpractical. #Quote by Rachel Hill
Nicest quotes by Sasha Grey
#44. As a woman, and as somebody in the public eye, we always have to be ready for the red carpet and have the nicest outfit, work with the best makeup artist. While all that's nice, we're also human beings. #Quote by Sasha Grey
Nicest quotes by J.D. Vance
#45. I've never heard anyone else called "the nicest person in the world." For Gail, it's an entirely deserved title. #Quote by J.D. Vance
Nicest quotes by Rachel Caine
#46. Glad it was you and not me," Shane said, and offered Myrin a hand up. "Any brain damage?"
"Since the bullet actually passed through his brain, then yes, idiot boy, there's certainly brain damage," Oliver said. "It will pass. His brain's the least fragile thing about him."
"You say the nicest things," Myrin said. He was slurring his words, and he threw an arm around Oliver's neck. "Marry me. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Nicest quotes by Paullina Simons
#47. What a prison you have set up for me with your first love."
She put her arms tighter around him and said teasingly, "Oh, so the first love part you believe, but the first kiss part you have a problem with? What kind of girl do you think I am?"
"The nicest girl," he whispered. #Quote by Paullina Simons
Nicest quotes by Nikki Giovanni
#48. I think one of the nicest things that we created as a generation was just the fact that we could say, 'Hey, I don't like white people.' #Quote by Nikki Giovanni
Nicest quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#49. You have the nicest window, you know? None of the others can even compete. It´s not flashy like the others, or bleary – your window gives of this nice, quiet light. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Nicest quotes by Catherine Deneuve
#50. I'm not always the nicest person to meet, because I forget very easily that I'm an actress when I'm not working. #Quote by Catherine Deneuve
Nicest quotes by Maurice Chevalier
#51. Like a genial hotelier, Rolex has introduced me to some of the nicest people. I ask about their Rolex and they ask about mine. It's as marvelous a conversation piece as it is a timepiece. #Quote by Maurice Chevalier
Nicest quotes by Jean Kerr
#52. Being on a ship is something like being pregnant. You can sit there and do absolutely nothing but stare at the water and have the nicest sense that you are accomplishing something. #Quote by Jean Kerr
Nicest quotes by Malcolm Forbes
#53. The top people of the biggest companies are, surprisingly, often the nicest ones in their company I'm not sure, though, if they got there because they were good guys or that they're now good guys because they can afford to be. #Quote by Malcolm Forbes
Nicest quotes by Flora Thompson
#54. Afterwards, they always had tea in the kitchen, much the nicest room in the house. #Quote by Flora Thompson
Nicest quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#55. I-I don't think you're stupid. "That might be the nicest thing you ever said to me. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Nicest quotes by Arthur Bradley
#56. was thinking - um, maybe you should let me do the talking." He glanced over at her. "What are you saying? That I'm scary?" "You're the scariest person I've ever met." "Thank you," he said with a wicked smile. "That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time." "No, really. You're scarier than Frankenstein." He chuckled. "You're so scary that a great white shark would put on tennis shoes and run up the beach to get away from you." His chuckle turned into a laugh. "I mean it," she said, getting into the spirit of it. "If the boogey man was in your closet, he'd stay there until you left for work." "Okay, okay," he said, holding up one hand while trying to stop laughing. "I got it. When we find the girl, you can do the talking." She nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. #Quote by Arthur Bradley
Nicest quotes by Gena Showalter
#57. My husband is actually the nicest guy in the world. He's my sweetheart and best friend, and one of the things I love best about him is that no matter how terrible I look - and believe me, it can get bad - he makes me feel pretty. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Nicest quotes by A.A. Milne
#58. The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually. #Quote by A.A. Milne
Nicest quotes by Eleanor Powell
#59. I was married to Glenn Ford. But now I feel as though I'm married to God, and in the nicest, purest sense. #Quote by Eleanor Powell
Nicest quotes by Bill Gates
#60. My parents are very successful, and I went to the nicest private school in the Seattle area. I was lucky. But I never had any trust funds of any kind, though my dad did pay my tuition at Harvard, which was quite expensive. #Quote by Bill Gates
Nicest quotes by Peter Dinklage
#61. 'Game of Thrones' fans are the nicest people ever, but a thousand nice people coming at me gives me claustrophobia. #Quote by Peter Dinklage
Nicest quotes by Rachel Caine
#62. Booyah, I will summon the ninja. Oh, and take a lunch break while we burgle."
"You're going, too?"
"Am I not ninja enough? Are you saying that I lack ninja?"
"No, I was just thinking you're a little, uh, recognizable, maybe?"
Eve batted her thick eyelashes. "Why, thank you, sweetie. That's the nicest insult I've had today, not counting the jock who said he'd date me but he had a restraining order out for necrophelia. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Nicest quotes by Taya Kyle
#63. Looking back, I feel as if God had to break me, in a way: He had to let me feel the results of my stubbornness so that I could understand the beauty and potential of life. I had to be convinced that I wasn't destined to be a loner, that I needed to walk through this life with a partner.
"It doesn't matter what he looks like," I said. My prayers have always been very personal and specific. "It doesn't matter what he does for a living. Just please, God, send me someone nice."
If I had to have someone in my life, let him be good.
A few weeks later, I met Chris. And he was the nicest person I ever met. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Nicest quotes by T. Harv Eker
#64. I have found that the richest people I know are also the nicest. #Quote by T. Harv Eker
Nicest quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#65. The nicest thing about being lost is that you get rid of the fear of losing your path! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Nicest quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#66. And isna Sybilla a wee love o' a bitch?'

'You say the nicest things about my mother,' said Lymond. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Nicest quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#67. Still ... I was glad for her naïveté. That was always the nicest thing about having a newborn god around. They were willing to try things the rest of us were too jaded to even consider. #Quote by N.K. Jemisin
Nicest quotes by Max Minghella
#68. It's surreal working with people you admire. I don't think it ever goes away, no matter how human people are; there's always that moment of 'Oh wow, that's still George Clooney!' But I find that the most talented people tend to be the nicest. #Quote by Max Minghella
Nicest quotes by Robert Pattinson
#69. Christoph Waltz is stunning, an insanely nice guy. He is not only a ridiculously good actor, he's also funny, helpful & a good colleague. I like his work ethic. I mean, the guy has won an Oscar and despite that he is receptive, open-minded & not the least bit snooty. Reese Witherspoon is the same. It may be the nicest cast that I have worked with yet. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Nicest quotes by Gabriel Iglesias
#70. If I'm drinking I can either be the nicest guy ever or I'm the guy you should leave alone. #Quote by Gabriel Iglesias
Nicest quotes by Luciano Pavarotti
#71. One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. #Quote by Luciano Pavarotti
Nicest quotes by Georgia O'Keeffe
#72. You are one of my nicest thoughts. #Quote by Georgia O'Keeffe
Nicest quotes by Janette Oke
#73. Showing kindness to others is one of the nicest things we can do for ourselves. #Quote by Janette Oke
Nicest quotes by Drake
#74. No I'm not saying I'm the nicest I just life like it. #Quote by Drake
Nicest quotes by Lynette Ferreira
#75. Always know that I love you, and one day when you think back, I hope you will only have the nicest memories of me. #Quote by Lynette Ferreira
Nicest quotes by Meghan Cox Gurdon
#76. Reading every day with children can't guarantee perfect outcomes for any family - not in grades, not in happiness, not in relationships. But it is as close to a miracle product as we can buy, and it doesn't cost a nickel. As a flawed, fallible person with an imperfect temper, I know that reading every night is not just the nicest thing I've done with my children but represents, without question, the best I have been able to give them as their mother. #Quote by Meghan Cox Gurdon
Nicest quotes by Brian Setzer
#77. Robert Plant is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, never mind rock star. He's so down to earth. #Quote by Brian Setzer
Nicest quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#78. Where are you going?"
"My God, you're like the plague."
"A masterfully crafted, powerfully understated, and epic parable of timeless moral resonance? Why, thank you. That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me," he said.
"The disease, Noah. Not the book."
"I'm ignoring that qualification. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Nicest quotes by Lynda Field
#79. Motivated people are passionate! They love what they do and they are full of themselves (in the nicest possible way). Their enthusiasm and excitement are catching and they attract other people's interest and attention. #Quote by Lynda Field
Nicest quotes by Simon Rex
#80. It was a lot of fun doing 'Felicity.' She had just won the Golden Globe, and she was huge at the time, but she was like the nicest girl ever. As a guest star on a show, you get on the set and you feel out of place, but she was so nice to me and really cool. #Quote by Simon Rex
Nicest quotes by Walker Percy
#81. Americans are the nicest, most generous, and sentimental people on earth. Yet Americans have killed more unborn children than any nation in history. #Quote by Walker Percy
Nicest quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#82. The nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Nicest quotes by Finn Wittrock
#83. The best villains are the nicest guys in person. #Quote by Finn Wittrock
Nicest quotes by Etgar Keret
#84. Most of them were murderers. But when I went there to talk, they were the nicest people. I did a reading. I said, "Thank you," and then they said to me, "Could you talk some more?" And I said, "Why?" and they answered, "Most of us are in solitary confinement, so the moment you finish talking, they take us back to our cells. We like hanging out here together." #Quote by Etgar Keret
Nicest quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#85. You married me for my brains? I can't believe it."
He grinned. "Well, among other things."
"My charming personality?"
He chuckled. "Not exactly. You have the nicest looking legs ever."
"Hey! I can't help it. I guess I'm just a leg man. Personality comes in second. Brains are third."
"Brains are third?" she said in mock disappointment.
"So why did you marry me?"
"Hmmm." Amelia tapped his lips. "Your sweet kisses were the main reason. The rest of you came as a package deal."
"The rest of me?" he said incredulously. "Well, at least I'm a good kisser. I can live with that. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
Nicest quotes by Susan Cain
#86. When people are skilled at adopting free traits, it can be hard to believe that they're acting out of character. Professor Little's students are usually incredulous when he claims to be an introvert. But Little is far from unique; many people, especially those in leadership roles, engage in a certain level of pretend-extroversion. Consider, for example, my friend Alex, the socially adept head of a financial services company, who agreed to give a candid interview on the condition of sealed-in-blood anonymity. Alex told me that pretend-extroversion was something he taught himself in the seventh grade, when he decided that other kids were taking advantage of him. "I was the nicest person you'd ever want to know," Alex recalls, "but the world wasn't that way. The problem was that if you were just a nice person, you'd get crushed. I refused to live a life where people could do that stuff to me. I was like, OK, what's the policy prescription here? ... #Quote by Susan Cain
Nicest quotes by Larry Correia
#87. She was about the single nicest human being he'd ever met, but she'd kill anybody she considered a bad man faster than a farmwife would wring the neck of a chicken. With Faye, once you crossed a certain line, your life was worth nothing. #Quote by Larry Correia
Nicest quotes by Ellen Bass
#88. Healing was a terrifying and painful experience and my life was as full of struggle and heartache as it had always been. Several years after I started therapy, I began to feel happy. I was stunned. I hadn't realized that the point of all this work on myself was to feel good. I thought it was just one more struggle in a long line of struggles. It took a while before I got used to the idea that my life had changed, that I felt happy, that I was actually content. Learning to tolerate feeling good is one of the nicest parts of healing. #Quote by Ellen Bass
Nicest quotes by William Eggleston
#89. I don't think about what camera I should use that much. I just pick up the one that looks nicest on the day. #Quote by William Eggleston
Nicest quotes by Muhammad Ali
#90. Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you'd want to know. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Nicest quotes by V.C. Andrews
#91. What if I am a curse?" "Then you're the prettiest and nicest curse I know. #Quote by V.C. Andrews
Nicest quotes by Brad Barkley
#92. Eliot, huh?" she says. The thin fabric of her long T-shirt brushes my arm. "Is everyone in your family named for a famous symbolist poet?"
No, I'm named for someone who was supposed to be in the Bible but isn't."
No? What happened to him?"
I glance over at her, the way the corner of her mouth turns up, half-smirk, half-smile. Her hair moves as she walks.
He was called to be a disciple, but he had, you know, stuff to do."
Stuff, like...polishing his sandals? Making lunch?"
We keep walking, over the bridge across the lake, past the swings and the playground equipment, just walking.
Exactly. And what about you, everyone in your family named after a...what is it? A keyboard? An organ?"
It's a steam-powered piano. It's also the name of the Greek goddess of poetry. You should read stuff other than chemistry; you'd know these things." Her smirky smile again, her sleeve touching my arm.
I feel like my skin has been removed, every nerve exposed. I open my mouth, and this comes out: "I think you are more goddess than piano." Stupid, stupid.
But she laughs. "You know, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me today."
You don't see too many calliopes," I tell her.
I'm Cal, actually. I mean, that's what I prefer."
I meant the steam don't see too many." She stops and looks at me, full-on, and right away I put it on the list of the best moments in my life.
Until you said that, Eliot, I wasn't #Quote by Brad Barkley
Nicest quotes by Stephen Lang
#93. I get a lot of people coming up to me and saying, 'I really hate you.' And they say it in the nicest possible way, and I accept it. It's the people who come up to you and say, 'I really liked your character. Man, he was right!' Those are the ones you worry about. #Quote by Stephen Lang
Nicest quotes by Peter Alliss
#94. It would be very easy to drool with sentimentality over the Ryder Cup. But, at the end of the day, it is simply two teams trying to knock seven bells out of each other, in the nicest possible way. #Quote by Peter Alliss
Nicest quotes by Suzanne Selfors
#95. Elizabeth was one of those perfectly proportioned plump people, like an hourglass. I'm one of those perfectly proportioned skinny people, like a flagpole. Flagpoles are patriotic. That's about the nicest thing I can say about flagpoles. #Quote by Suzanne Selfors
Nicest quotes by Donna Augustine
#96. I stepped out and the sun was shining. And the birds were chirping. It was the nicest day we'd had in ages. A couple of bunnies scampering about. It could have been the start of a Disney flick. #Quote by Donna Augustine
Nicest quotes by Kate Flannery
#97. I felt like Jerry Lewis in France! Let the cast of Heroes go to France! The Office cast loves Scranton! The nicest people on earth are in Scranton. Thank you, Scranton for an experience we will take with us for the rest of our lives. #Quote by Kate Flannery
Nicest quotes by Robert Harling
#98. Louie brought his new girlfriend over, and the nicest thing I can say about her is all her tattoos are spelled correctly. #Quote by Robert Harling
Nicest quotes by John Paul Jones
#99. It is by no means enough that an officer should be capable ... He should be as well a gentleman of liberal education, refined manners, punctilious courtesy, and the nicest sense of personal honor ... No meritorious act of a subordinate should escape his attention, even if the reward be only one word of approval. Conversely, he should not be blind to a single fault in any subordinate. #Quote by John Paul Jones
Nicest quotes by Cara McKenna
#100. The most honest man I bet I've ever known, I and met him in prison."
"The nicest woman I ever knew, and she took up with a convict. #Quote by Cara McKenna
Nicest quotes by Lucy Rinaldi
#101. Scott was the brother I was in love with from the age of eleven, he's the nicest man in the world, but I met Elijah and fell in love with him. #Quote by Lucy Rinaldi
Nicest quotes by Gerard Butler
#102. I think it's one of the nicest privileges as an actor is to know that you can move people in one moment, make them think about their lives, or make them laugh or make them cry or make them understand something. Or just make them feel something because I think so many of us, including myself, spend too much time not feeling enough, you know? #Quote by Gerard Butler
Nicest quotes by Frances Ivy
#103. Sometimes the nicest people are the ones who've been hurt the most #Quote by Frances Ivy
Nicest quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#104. The trouble with you, Anne, is that you're thinking too much about yourself. You should just think of Mrs. Allan and what would be nicest and most agreeable to her, said Marilla, hitting for once in her life on a very sound and pithy piece of advice. Anne instantly realized this. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Nicest quotes by Bruce Forsyth
#105. Probably more than anybody else, I loved Nat 'King' Cole as a performer - not only his singing but his piano playing. Whenever he had a new record come out, I'd get it and try to learn how he was playing. And he was one of the nicest people I'd ever met. #Quote by Bruce Forsyth
Nicest quotes by Shabazz Muhammad
#106. I'm not cocky at all. You ask anybody, I'm one of the nicest guys. I try to be as humble as I can, but if you work hard, sometimes you know that you earned more respect. #Quote by Shabazz Muhammad
Nicest quotes by Allison Raskin
#107. I hate that I am my worst self around the two people who are the nicest to me. I'm unable to keep my barriers up when I'm around my parents, so all the ugly comes out. Even when I'm mad, I can feel the guilt spreading through my body, but the mad overrides it. #Quote by Allison Raskin
Nicest quotes by Douglas Pagels
#108. A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. #Quote by Douglas Pagels
Nicest quotes by Helen Ellis
#109. Is this too dressy?" is Southern Lady code for: I look fabulous and it would be in your best interest to tell me so.
"I'm not crazy about it" is code for: I hate that more than sugar-free
"What do you think about her?" is code for: I don't like her.
"She's always been lovely to me" is code for: I don't like her either.
"She has a big personality" means she's loud as a T. rex.
"She's the nicest person" means she's boring as pound cake.
"She has beautiful skin" means she's white as a tampon.
"She's old" means she's racist as Sandy Duncan in Roots.
"You are so bad!" is Southern Lady code for: That is the tackiest thing I've ever heard and I am delighted that you shared it with me.
"No, you're so bad!" is code for: Let's snitch and bitch.
"She's a character" means drunk.
"She has a good time means slut.
"She's sweet" means Asperger's.
"She's outdoorsy" means lesbian.
"Hmm" is Southern Lady code for: I don't agree with you but am polite enough not to rub your nose in your ignorance.
"Nice talking with you" is code for: Party's over, now scoot. #Quote by Helen Ellis
Nicest quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#110. The nicest characters in 'A Week in December' are, in fact, Muslims - and their religious devotion is one of the things that defines them. #Quote by Sebastian Faulks
Nicest quotes by Chris Sharma
#111. The strongest climbers aren't always the happiest or nicest to be around; neither are some of them coming from the purest motivation. Climbing another V17 is not going to save the world! This activity of 'rock climbing' is merely one of many ways to exist, pass the time, and evolve and grow from one moment to the next. That's all. #Quote by Chris Sharma
Nicest quotes by Simone Martel
#112. Stu stops munching, looks up at me from under his shaggy hair.
"So, can you read?" He slides a section toward me.
I cock my head toward the paper. The letters are small, blurry drawings. The alphabet might as well be Chinese or Arabic. Strange that I can't read or speak, though I still have language inside my head. Words are a consolation, but not a tool.
"Guess not. You want me to read stuff out loud to you?"
I would, but not right now. If I wanted to show interest in the newspaper I could cross the table and rub against his shoulder. Instead I gaze at him over the bowl of milk.
"It's so weird," he says in a hesitant voice. "You don't look like a cat. When you stare at me, you look like Eliza."
That's the nicest thing he could have said. With a happy lightness to my step I move between the bowls, over his napkin ring and spoon, until I stand on the edge of the table and nip at his prickly chin. This is my way of saying: Hi, there. I like you. #Quote by Simone Martel
Nicest quotes by Greg Prato
#113. KURT DANIELSON: [Kurt Cobain] was the most gifted and cursed. And also the most ferocious, innocent, and nicest. A bundle of extremes and opposites. #Quote by Greg Prato
Nicest quotes by Martha Stewart
#114. I have sometimes, probably, forgotten - and I know I have - to pat the back of someone or said thank you enough times or maybe even once sometimes I wish I were perfect. I wish I were just the nicest, nicest, nicest person on Earth. But I am a business person.If I were a man no one would ever say that I was arrogant. #Quote by Martha Stewart
Nicest quotes by Susan Cain
#115. I was the nicest person you'd ever want to know," Alex recalls, "but the world wasn't that way. The problem was that if you were just a nice person, you'd get crushed. I refused to live a life where people could do that stuff to me. #Quote by Susan Cain
Nicest quotes by Jane Austen
#116. Not very good, I am afraid. But now really, do not you think Udolpho the nicest book in the world?"
"The nicest - by which I suppose you mean the neatest. That must depend upon the binding. #Quote by Jane Austen
Nicest quotes by Claudia Gray
#117. When someone tells you who they are, believe them." If a guy tells you, I have trouble trusting women, you don't assume he's just had bad experiences and you can fix things by being the nicest, best woman of all time. You go, Thanks for the warning. Good luck with that. Nice knowing you. Then you walk away without ever looking back. And if someone says they're going to hurt you? Don't stick around and wait for them to prove it. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Nicest quotes by Kiersten White
#118. I could feel the threads from that world, threatening to pull me in, and I'd take whatever anchor I could get. Even if he was a blond nightmare.
I lifted my head to look at him "How did you find me?"
"Just lucky." The answer was smooth, but it felt like he blurted it out a litle too easily. I narrowd my eyes,but he continued."Why did you lie about the trolls?"
"I didn't." We sat there looking at each other, two seasoned liars,until i couldn't take it anymore."Jack?"
"Thanks." My voice cracked a little. "If you hadn't shown up ... "
"If I hadn't shown up,you would have been fine.No need to get sappy on me when I've decided you mmight be some decent fun after all.Now,you happen to be wearing my nicest coat. I'll like very much to get it back, so let's take you home,shall we? #Quote by Kiersten White
Nicest quotes by Elon Musk
#119. There's nothing - I've bought everything I want. I don't like yachts or anything; you know, I'm not a yacht person, and I've got pretty much the nicest plane I'd want to have. #Quote by Elon Musk
Nicest quotes by Jim Cleaveland
#120. Paul grasped humor only imperfectly, but supposed he could see the absurdity of it from a human perspective. "Yes, and you are a very charming bipedal bladder of fluid," he said. "Nicest thing anyone's said to me all day! #Quote by Jim Cleaveland
Nicest quotes by Amy Harmon
#121. Your song ... that is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Nicest quotes by Truman Capote
#122. Annabel played and sang it; she was the oldest of the sisters and the loveliest, though it was a chore to pick among them, for they were like quadruplets of unequal height. One thought of apples, compact and flavorful, sweet but cider-tart; their hair, loosely plaited, had the blue luster of a well-groomed ebony racehorse, and certain features, eyebrows, noses, lips when smiling, tilted in an original style that added humor to their charms. The nicest thing was that they were a bit plump: "pleasingly plump" describes it precisely. #Quote by Truman Capote
Nicest quotes by Belle Aurora
#123. Nat's face softens, her lips tilt at the corner and she speaks full of awe, "Wow."
Still chuckling, I ask, "What?"
She shifts from one foot to the other, looks to the ground and says softly, "That's the first time I've heard you laugh." She nervously plays with a ring on her finger. "That's one of the nicest sounds I've ever heard, Ghost. You should do it more often. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Nicest quotes by Carlos P. Romulo
#124. I knew nothing at all of the art of diplomacy, which I have since diagnosed as the ability to make the nastiest possible comment in the nicest possible way. #Quote by Carlos P. Romulo
Nicest quotes by Florence King
#125. Misanthropes have some admirable - if paradoxical - virtues. It is no exaggeration to say that we are among the nicest people you are likely to meet. Because good manners build sturdy walls, our distaste for intimacy makes us exceedingly cordial. "ships that pass in the night." As long as you remain a stranger we will be your friend forever. #Quote by Florence King
Nicest quotes by Molly Friedenfeld
#126. One of the nicest things you can do is to speak kind words about someone behind his or her back. #Quote by Molly Friedenfeld
Nicest quotes by Alan Beck
#127. Little girls are the nicest things that can happen to people. They are born with a bit of angel-shine about them, and though it wears thin sometimes, there is always enough left to lasso your heart - even when they are sitting in the mud, or crying temperamental tears, or parading up the street in Mother's best clothes.

A little girl can be sweeter (and badder) oftener than anyone else in the world. She can jitter around, and stomp, and make funny noises that frazzle your nerves, yet just when you open your mouth, she stands there demure with that special look in her eyes. A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, Beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.

God borrows from many creatures to make a little girl. He uses the song of a bird, the squeal of a pig, the stubbornness of a mule, the antics of a monkey, the spryness of a grasshopper, the curiosity of a cat, the speed of a gazelle, the slyness of a fox, the softness of a kitten, and to top it all off He adds the mysterious mind of a woman.

A little girl likes new shoes, party dresses, small animals, first grade, noisemakers, the girl next door, dolls, make-believe, dancing lessons, ice cream, kitchens, coloring books, make-up, cans of water, going visiting, tea parties, and one boy. She doesn't care so much for visitors, boys in general, large dogs, hand-me-downs, straight chairs, vegetables, snowsuits, or staying in the front yard.

She is loudest wh #Quote by Alan Beck
Nicest quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#128. Also, he had always had a great tolerance which seemed the nicest thing about him if it were not the most sinister. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Nicest quotes by Ralph Moody
#129. We argued most of the way home. I thought it would be nicest for Hal to take his two dollars in to Mother first, bu Muriel didn't think so. She always wanted to do things as if it were a play. "That wouldn't be any good," she said. "If Hal goes in first and gives her the money, she'll start crying right away. But if you give her yours first, she'll just say we were smart children to make so much money. And then I'll give her mine, and she'll say, 'Why, why ... where in the world did you get so much money?' And then Phillip can give her his, and she'll look like she thought maybe we'd robbed a bank. And then when Hal gives her his, we'll all want to cry."
It worked just the way she thought it would. #Quote by Ralph Moody
Nicest quotes by Molly Friedenfeld
#130. One of the nicest things you can do to kick-start your children's day is to tell them honestly they look nice as they head out the door. This easy, five-second exchange says to your child: I see you; I notice you; I love you. #Quote by Molly Friedenfeld
Nicest quotes by The Nicest Guy
#131. All you need i love then you can go anywhere and do anything... But i don't have that...
I need somebody to love... but i can't find that...
I never fealt true love... but i want to have someone to talk to and hug, to kiss and to love... But i can probably never find someone like that... If i had someone like this i would never feel sick i would never feel down and i would never need to cry and to doubt... If i found this person then surerly they'd be... My savior from hatreed and misery....

That is what i am searching for... But something i would never find... Even if one like that was out there, we would never collide...

Nice guys finish last, thats what they say right? That must mean i'm the nicest guy in the world...

I don't care much for sex, for freedom or for rights ... All i want is love even if you are in are in doubt, a man like this exist, and he is searching for a love that he'll most likely never find. #Quote by The Nicest Guy
Nicest quotes by Robert Kazinsky
#132. I would have liked to have had more to do with Kristin Bauer van Straten. She's the nicest human being that I think I've ever met. #Quote by Robert Kazinsky
Nicest quotes by Alan Dale
#133. I came to the United States to see what would happen in 2000 after working for 20 years in Australia and asked my agent to look out for the nasty roles because I'd become famous for playing the nicest man in Australia. So I wanted to play bad guys. #Quote by Alan Dale
Nicest quotes by Max Brooks
#134. I'm addicted to murder, and that's about the nicest way I can put it. You might say that's not technically true, that since they're already dead I'm not really killing. Horseshit; it's murder, and it's a rush like nothing else. Sure, #Quote by Max Brooks
Nicest quotes by Cecily White
#135. As my laughter faded, he shot me an amused glance. "You should laugh more often. It's far less nauseating than your speaking voice."
"That may be the nicest thing you've ever said to me."
"Don't let it go to your head. #Quote by Cecily White
Nicest quotes by Jill Scott
#136. Common is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and to describe him as a vile rapper because he has an opinion ... just says a lot about the state of America. You are allowed to have an opinion in the United States - he's never harmed anybody, he just has an opinion about a president that wasn't good for our country. #Quote by Jill Scott
Nicest quotes by K.A. Tucker
#137. Up here it's about having enough food to eat, and enough heat to stay alive through the winter. It's about survival, and enjoying the company of the people that surround us. It's not about whose house is the biggest, or who has the nicest clothes, or the most money. We support each other because we're all in this together. And people either like that way of life or they don't... #Quote by K.A. Tucker
Nicest quotes by Margery Allingham
#138. The nicest people fall in love indiscriminately ... while under the influence of that pre-eminently selfish lunacy they may make the most outrageous demands upon their friends with no other excuse than their painful need. #Quote by Margery Allingham
Nicest quotes by John Lee Mahin
#139. Oh, I've got the prettiest mother. I've got the nicest mother. That's what I tell everybody. I say I've got the sweetest mother in the world. #Quote by John Lee Mahin
Nicest quotes by Susan Ee
#140. If I were I human, I'd plow the nicest farm for you. #Quote by Susan Ee
Nicest quotes by Pipilotti Rist
#141. I want to try to come away from that one directional, clear rectangular form. It's not used because it's the most beautiful form; it's just the practical thing. That's why our TVs are rectangles. Even in modern architecture, they want us to believe, "That's the nicest, most beautiful thing." I love modern architecture, but actually it's that they cannot afford amorphous shapes or ornaments. #Quote by Pipilotti Rist
Nicest quotes by Stephen Richards
#142. Back then I had muscles on my muscles, I was tattooed and tanned, wore the tightest of jeans to accentuate my snakelike waist and the whitest of tight vests to accentuate my muscle packed torso. To top it all off, I had the nicest piece of eye-candy on my arm in the form of a stunning, long-legged, mini skirted blonde. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Nicest quotes by Harry Shearer
#143. As a kid, I really did want to hang out with the grownups, so it was hanging out with the hippest grownups in the world. This was the nicest bunch of people I've worked with in show business, with the exception of the people around A Mighty Wind. It really was a wonderful eight years. #Quote by Harry Shearer
Nicest quotes by Terry Pratchett
Nicest quotes by Do Won Chang
#145. I noticed the people who drove the nicest cars were all in the garment business. #Quote by Do Won Chang
Nicest quotes by Douglas Pagels
#146. Love is a wonderful gift. It's a present so precious words can barely begin to describe it. Love is a feeling, the deepest and sweetest of all. It's incredibly strong and amazingly gentle at the very same time. It is a blessing that should be counted every day. It is nourishment for the soul. It is devotion, constantly letting each person know how supportive it's certainty can be. Love is a heart filled with affection for the most important person in your life. Love is looking at the special someone who makes your world go around and absolutely loving what you see. Love gives meaning to one's world and magic to a million hopes and dreams. It makes the morning shine more brightly and each season seem like it's the nicest one anyone ever had. Love is an invaluable bond that enriches every good thing in life. It gives each hug a tenderness, each heart a happiness, each spirit a steady lift. Love is an invisible connection that is exquisitely felt by those who know the joy, feel the warmth, share the sweetness, and celebrate the gift! #Quote by Douglas Pagels
Nicest quotes by Francine Howarth
#147. She was a mystery package to be unravelled in the nicest possible way. #Quote by Francine Howarth
Nicest quotes by Alain De Botton
#148. There is only one person to whom we can expose our catalogue of grievances, one person who can be the recipient of all our accumulated rage at the injustices and imperfections of our lives. It is of course the height of absurdity to blame them. But this is to misunderstand the rules under which love operates. It is because we cannot scream at the forces who are really responsible that we get angry with those we are sure will best tolerate us for blaming them. We take it out on the very nicest, most sympathetic, most loyal people in the vicinity, the ones least likely to have harmed us, but the ones most likely to stick around while we pitilessly rant at them. The #Quote by Alain De Botton
Nicest quotes by Thomas Reid
#149. The finest productions of human art are immensely short of the meanest work of Nature. The nicest artist cannot make a feather or the leaf of a tree. #Quote by Thomas Reid
Nicest quotes by Lindsey Vonn
#150. Roger Federer and my boyfriend, Tiger Woods, inspire me. It's incredible what they've done in their respective sports, especially Roger. He is the nicest and humblest guy. You would never know that he's the best tennis player of all time. And Tiger is so mentally tough. He can block everything completely out and stay in the moment. #Quote by Lindsey Vonn
Nicest quotes by Priscilla Glenn
#151. She tilted her head, looking back down at Del's notes as she absently tore the crust off her pizza.
And then she reached across the table and handed it to him as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
He glanced down at the crust and then back at her; her eyes were still on his notebook as she flipped a page and began reading again, and he felt something settle in his chest. It was pathetic, but that was probably the nicest thing anyone had done for him in a long time. #Quote by Priscilla Glenn
Nicest quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#152. How come you're in such a good mood? You couldn't have gotten much more sleep than I did last night. Are you a morning person?" I ask in mock horror."A mornin' person, well maybe, but let's just say I got to experience the nicest parts of hell last night," he says quietly,taking the shirt I offer him. As he rises out of thebed, I can't help looking over his perfect abdomen and chest before he shrugs into his shirt."I'm sorry, the nicest parts of hell? What does that mean?" I ask."Red, yer not a guy, so there's no point explainin', #Quote by Amy A. Bartol
Nicest quotes by Marcel Proust
#153. -"But you are our equal, if not our superior," the Guermantes seemed, in all their actions, to be saying; and they said it in the nicest way imaginable, in order to be loved and admired, but not to be believed; that one should discern the fictitious character of this affability was what they called being well-bred; to suppose it to be genuine, a sign of ill-breeding. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Nicest quotes by Janet McTeer
#154. New Yorkers are either the nicest or the rudest. #Quote by Janet McTeer
Nicest quotes by Heather Hepler
#155. Exactly. And what about you, everyone in your family named after a...what is it? A keyboard? An organ?"
It's a steam-powered piano. It's also the name of the Greek goddess of poetry. You should read stuff other than chemistry; you'd know these things." Her smirky smile again, her sleeve touching my arm.
I feel like my skin has been removed, every nerve exposed. I open my mouth, and this is what comes out: "I think you are more goddess than piano." Stupid, stupid.
But she laughs. "You know, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me today."
You don't see too many calliopes," I tell her
I'm Cal, actually. I mean, that's what I prefer."
I meant the steam don't see too many." She stops and looks at me, full-on, and right away I put it on the list of the best moments in my life.
Until you said that, Eliot, I wasn't fully aware of the demise of the steam piano, so thank you. Really."
I smirk at her and we both fight not to smile. "Okay, smart-ass," I say.
Callipe and Eliot-Scrambeled Eggs at Midnight #Quote by Heather Hepler
Nicest quotes by Christian Cameron
#156. I do not remember much of that illness, except that I woke to find my head in Emile's lap. She looked into my eyes.
'You are a fool,' she said. It was the nicest thing she'd said to me in two years. #Quote by Christian Cameron
Nicest quotes by Rachel Caine
#157. They came out in a dim, damp basement - a generic sort of place, full of moulding boxes. 'You take me to the nicest places,' Claire said, and sneezed. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Nicest quotes by Thom Yorke
#158. Sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar is just look at it. #Quote by Thom Yorke
Nicest quotes by James Caan
#159. I won't mention names, but in my career, the most talented people invariably are the easiest and nicest to get along with. #Quote by James Caan
Nicest quotes by Peter Jacobson
#160. I know I'm going to sound like an idiot, because I actually think that everybody's the nicest guy ever, but I'm telling you: George Clooney, Roland Emmerich, Sidney Lumet - these are literally the nicest people. #Quote by Peter Jacobson
Nicest quotes by Connie Suttle
#161. I understand that," he nodded. "I wanted to see you - tell you that I'm available if you need anything, or to run interference if somebody upsets you." He smiled at that - he was offering to act as a father figure if I needed it, to intercede on my behalf with what looked to be a gathering herd of potential mates.

"That may be the nicest thing anybody has offered to do for me, ever." I smiled at him, but my lower lip trembled slightly. Nobody had ever asked to be my parent before. I had someone stepping up now. #Quote by Connie Suttle
Nicest quotes by Sophie Hannah
#162. Cambridge is heaven, I am convinced it is the nicest place in the world to live. As you walk round, most people look incredibly bright, as if they are probably off to win a Nobel prize. #Quote by Sophie Hannah
Nicest quotes by Marshall Thornton
#163. I once worked with the nicest young hairdresser and one afternoon when we had nothing to do he explained how to give a blowjob from a man's perspective, and I tell you it changed everything. After that, every man I went with called me 'a goddess', 'a revelation sent from God' and 'an oral-copulating genius'". #Quote by Marshall Thornton
Nicest quotes by Tim Gunn
#164. I try to phrase criticism in the nicest possible way, but I also never lie. If people ask, I assume it's because they want to know. People are not dumb about these things; they can tell when a compliment isn't sincere. #Quote by Tim Gunn
Nicest quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#165. For all the talk about the need to be a likable "team player," many people work in a fairly cutthroat environment that would seem to be especially challenging to those who possess the recommended traits. Cheerfulness, upbeatness, and compliance: these are the qualities of subordinates
of servants rather than masters, women (traditionally, anyway) rather than men. After advising his readers to overcome the bitterness and negativity engendered by frequent job loss and to achieve a perpetually sunny outlook, management guru Harvey Mackay notes cryptically that "the nicest, most loyal, and most submissive employees are often the easiest people to fire." Given the turmoil in the corporate world, the prescriptions of niceness ring of lambs-to-the-slaughter. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Nicest quotes by Chris Rock
#166. The advantage that my children have is that my children are encountering the nicest white people that America has ever produced. Let's hope America keeps producing nicer white people. #Quote by Chris Rock
Nicest quotes by Alexander Pope
#167. The nicest constitutions of government are often like the finest pieces of clock-work, which, depending on so many motions, are therefore more subject to be out of order. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Nicest quotes by Al McGuire
#168. The nicest thing about coaching is that one day you feel like you can play handball against a curb, and on other days you feel like you can fly to the moon. #Quote by Al McGuire
Nicest quotes by John Irving
#169. She say to tell you you was the nicest," Muddy told the boy. "She say to tell your dad he a hero, and that you was the nicest. #Quote by John Irving
Nicest quotes by Jason Isaacs
#170. I get some of the nicest fan mail you could imagine. Also when I'm up for an award, my fans all vote online and then they'll boast to each other about how many thousands of times they've clicked my name. Their thumbs must be bleeding! #Quote by Jason Isaacs
Nicest quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#171. The English people on the whole are surely the nicest people in the world, and everybody makes everything so easy for everyone else, that there is almost nothing to resist at all. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Nicest quotes by Coluche
#172. Out of every one of those who have nothing to say, the nicest are those who keep it for themselves. #Quote by Coluche
Nicest quotes by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
#173. I find actors who play nasty guys in movies are the nicest guys in real life, and the opposite then goes for heroes. #Quote by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Nicest quotes by K.F. Breene
#174. Well, it's a sad day when I'm the nicest person you know."

-Jonas #Quote by K.F. Breene
Nicest quotes by Hermione Gingold
#175. One of the nicest things about living in America is the fact that sooner or later you are practically bound to get an award of some sort or other. #Quote by Hermione Gingold
Nicest quotes by Kelly Keaton
#176. I don't want blood to rule my life like it does some. Once you take it, it's like a drug." He stared out the window to the masked revelers in the courtyard. "Warm, rich, never enough."
I nodded, fidgeting with my mask. "Kind of like chocolate." I tried to hold in my grin. Casey always said I had a weird sense of humour that came at the oddest times.

He blinked before bursting into laughter. He had the nicest laugh and the most incredible smile I'd ever seen. It lit his grey eyes and sliced attractive little dimples into his cheeks. "Yeah. I guess it is like chocolate. #Quote by Kelly Keaton
Nicest quotes by R. J. Anderson
#177. I looked up, into the muddy hazel eyes of the nicest man I would ever learn to hate. #Quote by R. J. Anderson
Nicest quotes by Isaac Goldberg
#178. Diplomacy is to do and say, the nastiest things in the nicest way. #Quote by Isaac Goldberg
Nicest quotes by Siobhan Fahey
#179. I've tended to avoid meeting my heroes. They aren't necessarily the nicest people anyway. The exception was George Harrison, one of the loveliest men I've ever met. He lent me his home studio to make Hormonally Yours. #Quote by Siobhan Fahey
Nicest quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#180. The nicest veterans in Schenectady, I thought, the kindest and funniest ones, the ones who hated war the most, were the ones who'd really fought. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Nicest quotes by Sol Goode
#181. I like strangers, they say the nicest things #Quote by Sol Goode
Nicest quotes by Aleksey Igudesman
#182. I was able to turn to classical music many people, who saw my programs live and on YouTube, and this is one of the nicest achievements I can have. #Quote by Aleksey Igudesman
Nicest quotes by Ray Liotta
#183. People have all these preconceptions about me. Whereas if you look at the roles, Henry Hill was the nicest guy in 'Goodfellas!' I was a nice guy too in the comedy 'Heartbreakers.' And I was a really sweet father to Johnny Depp in 'Blow!' #Quote by Ray Liotta
Nicest quotes by Derek The Ghost
#184. Ms. Fang is the nicest, sweetest teacher at Scary School. She only ate twelve kids last year. #Quote by Derek The Ghost
Nicest quotes by Jasmine Warga
#185. There is an Arabic proverb that says:
She makes you feel
like a loaf of freshly baked bread.

It is said about
the nicest
The type of people
who help you
rise. #Quote by Jasmine Warga
Nicest quotes by Kate Nash
#186. All I know is that your the nicest thing I've ever seen, I wish we could see if we could be something ... #Quote by Kate Nash
Nicest quotes by Susan Ee
#187. If I were human, I'd plow the nicest farm for you.' He sounds completely sincere. 'Better than anyone else's. It would have golden pineapples, the juiciest grapes, and the most flavorful radishes in the entire world.'
I just stare at him, trying to figure out if he's joking. I think he's serious. 'You haven't been to a lot of farms, have you, Raffe? Most of us aren't farmers anymore anyway.'
'That wouldn't diminish my little human commitment to you. #Quote by Susan Ee
Nicest quotes by John Green
#188. So here's how it went in God's heart: The six or seven or ten of us walked/wheeled in, grazed at a decrepit selection of cookies and lemonade, sat down in the Circle of Trust, and listened to Patrick recount for the thousandth time his depressingly miserable life story-how he had cancer in his balls and they thought he was going to die but he didn't die and now here he is, a full-grown adult in a church basement in the 137th nicest city in America, divorced, addicted to video games, mostly friendless, eking out a meager living by exploiting his cancertastic past, slowly working his way toward a master's degree that will not improve his career prospects, waiting, as we all do, for the sword of Damocles to give him the relief that he escaped lo those many years ago when cancer took both of his nuts but spared what only the most generous soul would call his life.
Nicest quotes by Victoria Clark
#189. Here's the deal with Matty Morrison: He is the most unassuming, nicest, most humble guy, who also happens to be extremely talented. #Quote by Victoria Clark
Nicest quotes by Joshua Mcnutt
#190. The thing about a marine is that they can be the nicest men and women you will ever meet, but when it comes to their duty there are none fiercer. #Quote by Joshua Mcnutt
Nicest quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#191. And Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni was at that moment on the verge of an exceptionally important thought, even though its final shape had yet to reveal itself. How much easier it was for Mma Ramotswe - she put things so well, so succinctly, so profoundly, and appeared to do this with such little effort. It was very different if one was a mechanic, and therefore not used to telling people - in the nicest possible way, of course - how to run their lives. Then one had to think quite hard to find just the right words that would make people sit up and say, "But that is very true, Rra!" Or, especially if you were Mma Ramotswe, "But surely that is well known! #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Nicest quotes by Hazel Dixon-Cooper
#192. The good news is that she is one of the nicest people in the universe. The bad news is, that's because she always does exactly what she pleases. An Aquarius female is rebellious, headstrong, and contrary. She can be selfishly independent and exasperating, especially when she is running through the house screaming, "freedom! #Quote by Hazel Dixon-Cooper
Nicest quotes by Oscar Wilde
#193. The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously-and have somebody find out. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Nicest quotes by Bill Bryson
#194. Now this little gal isn't much of a singer," she would say. "She learned singing by a correspondence course, and she missed a coupla lessons, but she's the nicest little gal in the whole show, so I want ya to give her a big hand. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Nicest quotes by Mila Kunis
#195. People have interpretations of what you're supposed to be like. If you're unattractive and overweight, you must have a great personality. If you're attractive, then you must not be the nicest person. People are always taken aback that I'm easygoing but not necessarily stupid. #Quote by Mila Kunis
Nicest quotes by Eddie Huang
#196. That's not how you eat hot pot! That's some new-age Taiwanese thing. In Beijing, you don't mis the sauces."
"Son, I'll say this the nicest way I can. I'm Chinese and you're an idiot."(247)
My entire life, the single most interesting thing to me is race in America. how something so stupid as skin or eyes or stinky Chinese lunch as such an impact on a person's identity, their mental state, and the possibility of their happiness. It was race. It was race. Apologies to Frank Sinatra, but I've been called a "[email protected]," a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a pawn, think the idea of America is cool, but at the end of the day wish the world had no lines. (249)
You have tattoos and others have piercings, but for me, there's nothing that says more about me than the food I choose to carry every single day. As a kid trying to maintain my identity in America, my Chinese was passable, my history was shaky, but I could taste something one time and make it myself at home. When everything else fell apart and I didn't know who I was, food brought me back and here I was again. (250)
Ironically enough, the one place that America allows Chinese people to do their thing is the kitchen. Just like Jewish people became bankers because that was the only thing Christians let them do, a lot of Chinese people ended up in laundries, delis, and kitchens because that's what was available...get in where you fit in, fool. (250) #Quote by Eddie Huang
Nicest quotes by James Caan
#197. The most talented people are always the nicest. #Quote by James Caan
Nicest quotes by Lemon Andersen
#198. I live by the code 'Kill them with kindness, blood everywhere;' for me, it's always about being the nicest kind of guy. #Quote by Lemon Andersen
Nicest quotes by Alexis  Hall
#199. It's still the second nicest fing anyone has evva done for me"
"The second nicest? What's the first?"
He kissed my arm, right over the worst of the scarring, where his name began "Well, there was this boy who was like just a boy and he stood in front of me, asking me to love 'im #Quote by Alexis Hall
Nicest quotes by Christopher Morley
#200. The enemies of the future are always the very nicest people. #Quote by Christopher Morley

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