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Next Of Kin quotes by Sarah-Kate Lynch
#1. It was true. Sugar did treat her bees like next of kin but then again, they were.
Along with her manners, the accent she tried so hard to soften, a single china cup covered in blue daisies and a weathered box of essential oils, they were all she carried with her from her past. Her bees relied on her for shelter and food but she relied on them too. She made her living from their honey, not just the healthful liquid itself but from the salves and gels and tinctures and remedies she created and sold at farm stands or farmers' markets wherever she lived.
It was the most symbiotic of relationships. #Quote by Sarah-Kate Lynch
Next Of Kin quotes by Vladimir Putin
#2. Please, accept the most sincere words of sympathy over the natural disaster that affected the United States . I know that hurricane Katrina that hit the US south-western coast led to casualties, left homeless dozens of thousands of US citizens and inflicted a strong damage to the economy of this region. I ask you to convey my condolences to the next of kin of those killed,. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Next Of Kin quotes by The Prophet Of Life
#3. Now the boy was dead and Sergeant Barris knew he had to call his house to inform his parents. He doubted anyone other than relatives would grieve over a gang banger fresh out of camp but police protocol determined that he call and inform the next of kin, so that's what he did. Sergeant Barris hated the "touchy feely" activities utilized by the department when a homicide occurred but as Sergeant, he was required to perform them." From More than A Gangster #Quote by The Prophet Of Life
Next Of Kin quotes by Bill Buford
#4. Bahia is the Amazon's geographical next-of-kin: the same climate, forest canopy, diverse floor. But there is no wild cacao; the tree was introduced, most likely by a Frenchman, Louis Frederick Warneaux, who, in 1746, sowed seeds near one of Bahia's large rivers. #Quote by Bill Buford
Next Of Kin quotes by Joseph Duncan
#5. In a culture that worshipped its ancestors, to die without offspring was next of kin to damnation. #Quote by Joseph Duncan
Next Of Kin quotes by Anna Quindlen
#6. There is something so settled and stodgy about turning a great romance into next of kin on an emergency room form, and something so soothing and special, too. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Next Of Kin quotes by Mark McKay
#7. went straight back to lock mode. Some progress on next of kin at least, he thought. He'd still need to get at Simon's contact list though, so the next port of call was the IT department. They would have the software required to run a password crack on the mobile and they should also now have the CCTV footage of Nero's, circa 8.30 this morning. He was more than a little curious about the choice of venue for the killing. Anyone who thought they could cold-bloodedly commit a murder in the open spaces of the City of London without the event being caught on camera was either incredibly stupid, or just didn't care. Time to find out which it was. IT was located in the basement. #Quote by Mark McKay
Next Of Kin quotes by Drew Gilpin Faust
#8. Probably half the cases of Civil War dead were not identified. And so there was no way to let loved ones know, and there were no regularized processes in either Northern or Southern Army for notifying next of kin. #Quote by Drew Gilpin Faust
Next Of Kin quotes by Drew Gilpin Faust
#9. Before the Civil War, there were no national cemeteries, no processes for identifying the dead in the battle. There weren't any dog tags, and there was no next-of-kin notification. You didn't necessarily even hear what the fate of your loved ones had been. It was up to their comrades to write and inform you. #Quote by Drew Gilpin Faust
Next Of Kin quotes by Megan Rich
#10. The deeper I went into the valley, the greater the rewards. First, it was a clump of birches, the bottoms wrapped in thick fog, the uppermost branches clear now, nesting birds waking with bright-eyed songs. Next, I passed under the pines, browned needles underfoot, and was transported to the quiet moments of rapture under such branches throughout my life. The last, and worth all other gifts combined, was that moment when the valley inhaled, taking with it the fog. In its place, so close to where I was standing, there they were, the year's first flowers, the pure white snowdrops springing from the dark-green foliage under the elms. It was as if the clouds were swept in an instant from the sky leaving only the quiet delicacy of the stars. #Quote by Megan Rich
Next Of Kin quotes by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
#11. Our problem is not that we desire happiness. No, our problem is that we continue to foolishly believe that we can attain it apart from him. We think that if we just try hard enough, the next time we'll get it right (whatever it is) and we'll be happy. Instead of pushing through to the true source of all joy and happiness, we sinfully believe the false promises of lesser gods. #Quote by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick
Next Of Kin quotes by John C. Maxwell
#12. Developing and maintaining integrity require constant attention. John Weston, chairman and CEO of Automatic Data Processing, Inc., says, "I`ve always tried to live with the following simple rule: Don`t do what you wouldn`t feel comfortable reading about in the newspapers the next day." That`s a good standard all of us should keep. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Next Of Kin quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#13. I sighed. "Show me the damn ring, Edward."
He shook his head. "No."
I studied his expression for a long minute.
"Please?" I asked quietly, experimenting with my newly discovered weapon. I touched his face lightly with the tips of my fingers. "Please can I see it?"
His eyes narrowed. "You are the most dangerous creature I have ever met," he muttered. But he got up and moved with unconscious grace to kneel next to the small bedside table. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Next Of Kin quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#14. It was strange and amusing ... and, honestly, a bit embarrassing ... to realize how much being near Bella had softened me. It seemed like no one was afraid of me any more. If Emmett found out about this, he would be laughing for the next century. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Next Of Kin quotes by Catarine Hancock
#15. 11.there will be days where you look in the mirror and want to remold your body like clay, days where you may not even want to get out of bed. on those days, it's okay to cry, to want to be different. but the next morning, remind yourself; you will be okay, you will be okay, you will be okay. #Quote by Catarine Hancock
Next Of Kin quotes by James Redfield
#16. Each of us is the next step in evolution along the lineage created by our two parents. Our higher purpose on earth can be found by recognizing what our parents accomplished and where they left off. By reconciling what they gave us with what they left us to resolve, we can get a clear picture of who we are and what we are meant to do. #Quote by James Redfield
Next Of Kin quotes by Ray Bradbury
#17. Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally "bright", did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him. And wasn't it this bright boy you selected for beatings and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against. So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Next Of Kin quotes by Mike Schmidt
#18. Philadelphia is the only city, where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day. #Quote by Mike Schmidt
Next Of Kin quotes by Bono
#19. The great gifts of models are not that they're more beautiful than the next person, it's that they're able to be photographed and not be self-conscious. #Quote by Bono
Next Of Kin quotes by Benjamin Netanyahu
#20. In my office in Jerusalem, there's an ancient seal. It's a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there's a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu. #Quote by Benjamin Netanyahu
Next Of Kin quotes by Tom Clancy
#21. Sandra O'Toole walked back to the nurses' station, remembering what she alone had seen. Kelly's face turning so white that her first reaction to it was that he must be in shock, then the tumult behind her as she reached for her patient -- but then what?

It wasn't like the first time at all. Kelly's face has transformed itself. Only an instant, like opening a door into some other place, and she'd seen something she had never imagined. Something very old and feral and ugly. The eyes not wide, but focused on something she could not see. The pallor of his face not that of shock, but of rage. His hands balled briefly into fists of quivering stone. And then his face had changed again. There had been comprehension to replace the blind, killing rage, and what she'd seen next was the most dangerous sight she had ever beheld, though she knew not why. Then the door closed, Kelly's eyes shut, and when he opened them, his face was unnaturally serene. The complete sequence had not taken four seconds, she realized, all of it while Rosen and Douglas had been scuffling against the wall. He'd passed from horror to rage to understanding -- then to concealment, but what had come in between comprehension and disguise was the most frightening thing of all.

What had she seen in the face of this man? It took her a moment to answer the question. Death was what she'd seen. Controlled. Planned. Disciplined.

But it was still Death, living in the mind of a man. #Quote by Tom Clancy
Next Of Kin quotes by Volker Bertelmann
#22. During Christmas time, on German television they show films with three or four episodes, and I quite like the feeling of waiting for the next episode. #Quote by Volker Bertelmann
Next Of Kin quotes by Ted Harts
#23. If you put forth a small amount of effort, you just might find your next best friend for life is of a different race than your own. #Quote by Ted Harts
Next Of Kin quotes by Mark Twain
#24. [Patriotism] ... is a word which always commemorates a robbery. There isn't a foot of land in the world which doesn't represent the ousting and re-ousting of a longline of successive "owners" who each in turn, as "patriots" with proud swelling hearts defended it against the next gang of "robbers" who came to steal it and did
and became swelling-hearted patriots in their turn. #Quote by Mark Twain
Next Of Kin quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#25. In these considerations there may be an entire philosophy for someone with the strength to draw conclusions. It won't be me. Lucid vague thoughts and logical possibilities occur to me, but they all dim in the vision of a ray of sunlight that gilds a pile of dung like wetly squished dark straw, on the almost black soil next to a stone wall.

That's how I am. When I want to think, I look. When I want to descend into my soul, I suddenly freeze, oblivious, at the top of the long spiral staircase, looking through the upper-storey window at the sun that bathes the sprawling mass of rooftops in a tawny farewell. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Next Of Kin quotes by Charley Reese
#26. Unless they can pass the same test that immigrants must pass to become citizens, people shouldnt be allowed to vote. The idea that there is some public benefit in ignoramuses and morons pulling levers next to names on a ballot is one of the evil myths of post-modern America. The purpose of voting, in our country, is to select men and women with the competence and integrity to operate the mechanics of government fixed by our Constitution. For this process to have any public benefit requires that the choices be made on an intelligent, knowledgeable and reasoned basis. #Quote by Charley Reese
Next Of Kin quotes by Tracey Sinclair
#27. So, we've all seen Buffy, right? I mean, you didn't pick this up because the shop was out of Jane Austen and this looked like the next best thing. It's just that this story will go a whole lot faster if I don't have to spend too much time convincing you of the whole 'they walk among us' scenario, and we can all just accept it and move on. #Quote by Tracey Sinclair
Next Of Kin quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#28. Once - and this would have been in the mid 1950s - Weisberg took the train to New York to attend, on a whim,the Science Fiction Writers Convention, where she met a young writer by the name of Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke took a shine to Weisberg, and next time he was in Chicago he called her up. "He was at a pay phone," Weisberg recalls. "He said, is there anyone in Chicago I should meet. I told him to come over to my house." Weisberg has a low, raspy voice, baked hard by half a century of nicotine, and she pauses between sentences to give herself the opportunity for a quick puff. Even when she's not smoking, she pauses anyway, as if to keep in practice for those moments when she is. "I called Bob Hughes. Bob Hughes was one of the people who wrote for my paper." Pause. "I said, do you know anyone in Chicago interested in talking to Arthur Clarke. He said, yeah, Isaac Asimov is in town. And this guy Robert, Robert - Robert Heinlein. So they all came over and sat in my study." Pause. "Then they called over to me and they said, Lois...I can't remember the word they used. They had some word for me. It was something about how I was the kind of person who brings people together. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Next Of Kin quotes by Hannah Harrington
#29. Jake shuts the van's back doors and lies down next to me. He's really close, so close I can feel him breathing on the nape of my neck. I could put more space between us, but instead I scoot backward, leaning into him, my back pressed into the pleasant warmth of his front. Jake holds his breath for a moment, but he doesn't say anything. And he doesn't move away ... He moves so his mouth is right under my ear, brushing the skin there, and one of his hands slides up, resting on my rib cage. My whole body tingles as he starts to sing softly into my ear. #Quote by Hannah Harrington
Next Of Kin quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#30. And so then, keep on growing, My son. Keep on becoming. And keep on deciding what you want to become in the next highest version of your Self. Keep on working toward that. Keep on! Keep on! This is God Work we're up to, you and I. So keep on! #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Next Of Kin quotes by Taylor Swift
#31. I think when people make a record with a goal in mind - like taking it to the next level or making them seem more mature - that gets in the way of writing great songs. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Next Of Kin quotes by H.G.Wells
#32. He went into those little gardens beneath the over-hanging, brightly-lit masses of the Savoy Hotel and the Hotel Cecil. He sat down on a seat and became aware of the talk of the two people next to him. It was the talk of a young couple evidently on the eve of marriage. The man was congratulating himself on having regular employment at last; 'they like me,' he said, 'and I like the job. If I work up - in'r dozen years or so I ought to be gettin' somethin' pretty comfortable. That's the plain sense of it, Hetty. There ain't no reason whatsoever why we shouldn't get along very decently - very decently indeed. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Next Of Kin quotes by Sid Gillman
#33. I have a message for the youth of America. The next time somebody promises you a lifetime contract, say, 'Thank you. But would you mind putting that in writing?' #Quote by Sid Gillman
Next Of Kin quotes by Aivy Denisse Sto.Domingo
#34. Strive to always do what is right,not in the eyes of others,but in your own heart.Others thoughts are transitory-One moment they will love you,the next day they will not.Act on what is right in your own heart and there will be victory!! #Quote by Aivy Denisse Sto.Domingo
Next Of Kin quotes by Bruce Jenvey
#35. Little Marjorie was born an only child some forty years ago. She had lost her mother at a young age and her father never remarried. All her life she had been cursed with the need for her 'coke-bottle' glasses with the practical over-sized frames. And then there was the unfortunate appearance of her protruding front teeth. She had always been a slight child, but when children begin to grow into young men and women, slight becomes scrawny and her lack of fashion-sense and self-worth had sealed her social fate. Marjorie had never gone to Prom, nor any dance for that matter, and when the boys chose mates and began the next phase of the great circle of life…little Marjorie Morningstar had not been included. --From The Great Northern Coven #Quote by Bruce Jenvey
Next Of Kin quotes by James Patterson
#36. Because what if the three billion dollars were paid? What was to stop them from blowing up the cliff anyway? Or charging another three billion next week? Though it wasn't announced, the mayor had also decided that, deadline or no deadline, she wasn't going to give them a single penny of her or the city's money. Which, again, was exactly right, in my humble opinion. Terrorists needed to be dealt with head-on. Whoever was doing this to us needed to be found and stopped, not negotiated with. #Quote by James Patterson
Next Of Kin quotes by Danny Pudi
#37. I was actually really impressed by how many awkward stories we had, ranging from bad haircuts to one guy told us about being on the beach and he threw a Frisbee and it hit a lady in the head. His immediate reaction was to turn and he found a kid next to him and pointed to the kid, it's those kinds of moments. I was really impressed with the volume of fun stories we got to play with. No one was a loser in this game; they were all winners . #Quote by Danny Pudi
Next Of Kin quotes by Tom Hennen
#38. For some reason we want to see days pass, even though most of us claim we don't care to reach our last one for a long time. We examine each days before us with barely a glance and say, no, this isn't one I've been looking for, and wait in a bored sort of way for the next one, when, we are convinced, our lives will start for real. #Quote by Tom Hennen
Next Of Kin quotes by Sarah Ockler
#39. No matter what happens next, I'm not letting this turn into another two weeks of silence, the entire history of us summed up in a series of near misses and almosts just because neither of us had the snowballs to say anything. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
Next Of Kin quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#40. Then the bandit turned tail and broke for the open.

Greeley hit the sidewalk only seconds after him, big as he was and with a panic-stricken woman to detour around. A slice of hindmost heel was all he saw of the man. The store entrance adjoined a corner; that gave the fugitive a few added seconds of shelter, and as Greeley flashed around it in turn, again the breaks were the lawbreaker's.

There was a school midway up the street toward the next avenue. It was a couple of minutes past three now, and a torrent of young humanity came pouring out of the building by every staircase and exit, flooding the street. In through them the sprinting man plunged, knocking over right and left the ones that didn't get out of his way quickly enough. If it had been hazardous to take a shot at him in the store, it would have been criminal out here.

The kids parted, screaming in delighted excitement, as Greeley tore through them after the bandit with uptilted gun, but he couldn't just callously knock them flat like the man before him had. He sidestepped, got out of their way as often as they did his, and he began to fall behind the other, lose ground.

The kids weren't just on that one street - they had dispersed over the entire vicinity by now, for a radius of a block or more in every direction, in frisky, milling, homeward-bound groups. Through them the quarry zigzagged, pulling slowly but surely away. He kept going in a straight line, because it was #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Next Of Kin quotes by Siddharth Katragadda
#41. Even the humblest men have a strange reason behind greed. Every man thinks money solves problems - and every man thinks not just of himself, but his next three generations - there is a probability he will live to see those generations - and he wants to care for them in times of strife. #Quote by Siddharth Katragadda
Next Of Kin quotes by Alain De Botton
#42. Part of Wordsworth's complaint was directed towards the smoke, congestion, poverty and ugliness of cities, but clean-air bills and slum clearance would not, by themselves, have eradiated his critique. For it was the effect of cities on our souls, rather than on our health, that concerned him.
The poet accused the cities of fostering a family of life-destroying emotions: anxiety about our position in the social hierarchy, envy at the success of others, pride and desire to shine in the eyes of strangers. City dwellers had no perspective, he alleged, they were in thrall of what was spoken of in the street or at the dinner table. However well provided for, they had a relentless desire to new things, which they did not genuinely lack and on which happiness did not depend. And in this crowded, anxious sphere, it seemed harder that it did on an isolated homestead to begin sincere relationships with others. 'One thought baffled my understanding,' wrote Wordsworth of his residence in London: 'How men lived even next-door neighbors, as we say, yet still strangers, and knowing not each other's names. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Next Of Kin quotes by Erving Goffman
#43. The expressive coherence that is required in performances points out a crucial discrepancy between our all-too-human selves and our socialized selves. As human beings we are presumably creatures of variable impulse with moods and energies that change from one moment to the next. As characters put on for an audience, however, we must not be subjects to ups or downs. A certain bureaucratization of the spirit is expected so that we can be relied upon to give a perfectly homogenous performance at every appointed time. #Quote by Erving Goffman
Next Of Kin quotes by Henry Miller
#44. I will go directly to her home, ring the bell, and walk in. Here I am, take me-or stab me to death. Stab the heart, stab the brains, stab the lungs, the kidneys, the viscera, the eyes, the ears. If only one organ be left alive you are doomed-doomed to be mine, forever, in this world and the next and all the worlds to come. I'm a desperado of love, a scalper, a slayer. I'm insatiable. I eat hair, dirty wax, dry blood clots, anything and everything you call yours. Show me your father, with his kites, his race horses, his free passes for the opera: I will eat them all, swallow them alive. Where is the chair you sit in, where is your favorite comb, your toothbrush, your nail file? Trot them out that I may devour them at one gulp. You have a sister more beautiful than yourself, you say. Show her to me-I want to lick the flesh from her bones. #Quote by Henry Miller
Next Of Kin quotes by Shelley K. Wall
#45. From Chloe's Secret--coming soon

"What are you saying?"
"I'm saying I want to have a relationship with you. I want to love you."
"Is there a 'but' coming next?"
"But the funny thing is, when I didn't want to love you - it happened anyway."
He slipped his arms into my back pockets and hugged the breath out of me. I choked, my eyes stung. "I don't know what to say."
He smiled. "Say whatever you want to. Just because I said it, you don't have to."
He was right; I didn't have to. He wasn't asking anything of me. #Quote by Shelley K. Wall
Next Of Kin quotes by Peter Mullan
#46. I'm not a career filmmaker. I just like to do things that I still kind of believe in and because of that you just never know what's going to happen next. It doesn't matter if it's been a good year or a bad year: next year, there's no telling what it will be like. #Quote by Peter Mullan
Next Of Kin quotes by Aimee Bender
#47. The phone is about the same size as a cigarette pack. It's no surprise to me that the traditional cigarette lighter in many cars has turned into the space we use to recharge our phones. They are kin. The phone, like the cigarette, let's the texter/former smoker drop out of any social interaction for a second to get a break and make a little love to the beautiful object. We need something, people. We can't live propless. #Quote by Aimee Bender
Next Of Kin quotes by Mark Twain
#48. Well, that night we had our show; but there warn't only about twelve people there – just enough to pay expenses. And they laughed all the time, and that made the duke mad; and everybody left, anyway, before the show was over, but one boy which was asleep. So the duke said these Arkansaw lunkheads couldn't come up to Shakespeare; what they wanted was low comedy – and maybe something ruther worse than low comedy, he reckoned. He said he could size their style. So next morning he got some big sheets of wrapping paper and some black paint, and drawed off some handbills, and stuck them up all over the village. The bills said:

The World-Renowned Tragedians
Of the London and Continental Theatres,
In their Thrilling Tragedy of
Admission 50 cents.
Then at the bottom was the biggest line of all, which said:

"There," says he, "if that line don't fetch them, I don't know Arkansaw! #Quote by Mark Twain
Next Of Kin quotes by Chris Hedges
#49. They program you to have no emotion – like if somebody sitting next to you gets killed you just have to carry on doing your job and shut up,' Steve Annabell, a British veteran of the Falkan War … 'When you leave the service, when you come back from a situation like that, there's no button they can press to switch your emotions back on. So you walk around like a zombie. They don't deprogram you. If you become a problem they just sweep you under the carpet. #Quote by Chris Hedges
Next Of Kin quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#50. True listening is another way of bringing stillness into the relationship. When you truly listen to someone, the dimension of stillness arises and becomes an essential part of the relationship. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Next Of Kin quotes by Michael John Carley
#51. Far too many people on the spectrum spend most of their days with people who carry around memories of, and are often too overwhelmed by incidents of, prior misinterpretation. This is no fun. In travel you can start over, and reinvent yourself. If somehow a relationship gets weird, you can leave and go to the next town, the next block, or whatever the case may be, and try again. #Quote by Michael John Carley
Next Of Kin quotes by Gail Carriger
#52. The more Lord Maccon considered it, the more he grew to like the idea. Certainly his imagination was full of pictures of what he and Alexia might do together once he got her home in a properly wedded state, but now those lusty images were mixing with others: waking up next to her, seeing her across the dining table, discussing science and politics, having her advice on points of pack controversy and BUR difficulties. No doubt she would be useful in verbal frays and social machinations, as long as she was on his side. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Next Of Kin quotes by Edward W. Robertson
#53. Exactly. The most convincing argument doesn't come from pithy sayings or aphorisms, but through stories. A clear line of causality, from one event to the next, that seems to be leading to an inevitable conclusion." "We are fighting our guerrilla war battle by battle. #Quote by Edward W. Robertson
Next Of Kin quotes by Gao Xingjian
#54. When a man gets to middle age shouldn't he look for a peaceful and stable existence, find a not-too-demanding sort of a job, stay in a mediocre position, become a husband and a father, set up a comfortable home, put money in the bank and add to it every month so there'll be something for old age and a little left over for the next generation? #Quote by Gao Xingjian
Next Of Kin quotes by Amelia Warner
#55. I really like writing music. That's kind of like my little hobby. I like that because sometimes you don't really have any control when you're an actor, over what you're doing next, and everything is kind of decided by other people. You're always waiting to hear from people. #Quote by Amelia Warner
Next Of Kin quotes by Brandon Barr
#56. Though I go, I will be present. We are on the other side of everyplace, so that you are never unseen or unheard by us. The Faraway is closer than your next breath. That is where we live. And #Quote by Brandon Barr

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