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New Zealand Painters quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#1. She was an autocrat, didn't really believe in democracy. The benefit of her approach was that, if you work with twenty people and ask everybody's opinion, you would never achieve what she did. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Painters quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#2. Meanwhile the doctor in Kaitaia had made known to the Education Dept the behaviour patterns of the Rusts in Te Hapua. The Dept always interfered in the private lives of teachers. Break up in marriage was not to be tolerated and an intervention of this authority forced the Rusts to report to Parawera School in the Waikato. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Painters quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#3. Doing brings happiness. T
oo much time for discussion - discord. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Painters quotes by Peter Jackson
#4. New Zealand is not a small country but a large village. #Quote by Peter Jackson
New Zealand Painters quotes by Tom Curren
#5. New Zealand is my favorite country to visit. #Quote by Tom Curren
New Zealand Painters quotes by Sofia Grey
#6. With his fingers, he followed the shape of her chin, her jaw, and learned her features, committing them to memory. Her face was small, her bones fragile. Exquisite. #Quote by Sofia Grey
New Zealand Painters quotes by Sanath Jayasuriya
#7. I am not very happy the way things are going out there in New Zealand, #Quote by Sanath Jayasuriya
New Zealand Painters quotes by Anthony Albanese
#8. The fact is Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore, Garuda, all of the three Chinese airlines, Air New Zealand - the fact is that international aviation relies very much upon agreements between nation-states, and it is not an area in which you have free market operations. #Quote by Anthony Albanese
New Zealand Painters quotes by Howard Zinn
#9. People of the United States have to really consider whether they want to be an empire. Sweden is not worried about terrorism. New Zealand is not worried about terrorism. Holland is not worried about terrorism. Why not be a modest little country without all of these enormous ambitions? #Quote by Howard Zinn
New Zealand Painters quotes by Eleanor Catton
#10. My father is an expatriate American; he fell in love with New Zealand in his youth and never went home. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
New Zealand Painters quotes by Helen Sharman
#11. From space, the earth appears predominantly blue; the clouds are brilliant white. Surprisingly, you don't see much green, although Ireland looks green, and so do Scandinavia and New Zealand. The deserts are brick red and really stand out. #Quote by Helen Sharman
New Zealand Painters quotes by Kodi Smit-McPhee
#12. 'Slow West' is a film that I did with Michael Fassbender in New Zealand and Scotland. The director was John McLean. It's a film set in the 1800s. I play a young Scottish boy brought up in the royal family. I fall in love with someone who works on our land. #Quote by Kodi Smit-McPhee
New Zealand Painters quotes by Helen Clark
#13. I think it's inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic and that would reflect the reality that New Zealand is a totally sovereign-independent 21st century nation 12,000 miles from the United Kingdom. #Quote by Helen Clark
New Zealand Painters quotes by Jacob M. Appel
#14. Know your load. That's rule numero uno in this business, which is why I make them count the penguins out in front of me one at a time. I'm not going to be the schmuck who shows up in Orlando two
birds short of a dinner party ... I know I'm pulling out of Houston with exactly forty-two Gentoo penguins, seventeen Jamaican land iguanas, four tuataras from New Zealand, and a pair of rare, civet-like mammals called linsangs. No more, no less. #Quote by Jacob M. Appel
New Zealand Painters quotes by Winston Peters
#15. We have now reached the point where you can wander down Queen Street in Auckland and wonder if you are still in New Zealand or some other country. #Quote by Winston Peters
New Zealand Painters quotes by David Lange
#16. We do not wish to have nuclear weapons on New Zealand soil or in our harbors. We do not ask, we do not expect, the United States to come to New Zealand's assistance with nuclear weapons or to present American nuclear capability as a deterrent to an attacker. #Quote by David Lange
New Zealand Painters quotes by C.S. Lewis
#17. To read - without military knowledge or good maps - accounts of fighting which were distorted before they reached the Divisional general and further distorted before they left him and then 'written up' out of all recognition by journalists, to strive to master what will be contradicted the next day, to fear and hope intensely on shaky evidence, is surely an ill use of the mind. Even in peacetime I think those are very wrong who say that schoolboys should be encouraged to read newspapers. Nearly all that a boy reads there in his teens will be known before he is twenty to have been false in emphasis and interpretation, if not in fact as well, and most of it will have lost all importance. Most of what he remembers he will therefore have to unlearn; and he will probably have acquired an incurable taste for vulgarity and sensationalism and the fatal habit of fluttering from paragraph to paragraph to learn how an actress has been divorced in California, a train derailed in France, and quadruplets born in new Zealand. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
New Zealand Painters quotes by John Key
#18. New Zealand as a whole needs to save more, spend less and reduce our reliance on foreign debt. #Quote by John Key
New Zealand Painters quotes by Zac Farro
#19. I love coffee, I love my family, I love being in New Zealand - that's honestly one of my top five favourite things - faith is important to me, and I hope to be married one day. I love that coffee was number one. #Quote by Zac Farro
New Zealand Painters quotes by John Oliver
#20. Welcome to The Daily Show, I'm John Oliver. Jon Stewart is still not here. He is currently living out a live-action Lord of the Rings role-playing experience deep in the New Zealand wilderness. #Quote by John Oliver
New Zealand Painters quotes by Richard Dawkins
#21. So deeply ingrained is the unconscious northern hemisphere chauvinism in those of us who live there, and even some who don't. 'Unconscious' is exactly right. That is where consciousness-raising comes in. It is for a deeper reason than gimmicky fun that, in Australia and New Zealand, you can buy maps of the world with the South Pole on top. What splendid consciousness-raisers those maps would be, pinned to the walls of our northern hemisphere classrooms. Day after day, the children would be reminded that 'north' is an arbitrary polarity which has no monopoly on 'up'. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
New Zealand Painters quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#22. Leading the way forward at great cost to herself, her magnificent energy was so intense that it tumbles down still through many lives. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Painters quotes by Chrystia Freeland
#23. A 2011 OECD report showed that, over the past three decades, in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Israel, and New Zealand
all countries that have chosen a version of capitalism less red in tooth and claw than the American model
inequality has grown as fast as or faster than in the United States. France, proud, as usual, of its exceptionalism, seemed to be the one major Western outlier, but recent studies have shown that over the past decade it, too, has fallen into line. #Quote by Chrystia Freeland
New Zealand Painters quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#24. I decided I had to find out if it was my scene or not. So I stepped in at the deep end. It leads you to survive or drown. Very often you survive. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Painters quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#25. In 1946 there was no money in art, no dealer galleries, no craft shops. After the war we started to teach art in every school for the first time. Our generation played a crucial role. We were the stepping stones towards today's galleries. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Painters quotes by Shehan Karunatilaka
#26. When a New Zealand journo, with a nose resembling the beak of his national bird, asked me why Lankans have long names, I told him I would rather have a long name than a long nose. He replied he'd rather have a long you-know-what. Such is the insightful cricketing analysis that goes on in the press box. #Quote by Shehan Karunatilaka
New Zealand Painters quotes by Amy Chua
#27. The Fourteenth Amendment was not only revolutionary in its own time. Birthright citizenship remains extremely rare even today. No Asian country grants it. No European country grants it. In fact, the United States is one of only a very few developed nations to recognize birthright citizenship (Canada is another). If anything, the trend is in the opposite direction. France eliminated birthright citizenship in 1993; Ireland, in 2005; New Zealand, in 2006. #Quote by Amy Chua
New Zealand Painters quotes by Stephen Pagliuca
#28. One place I haven't made it to - mainly because it's so far away - is Australia, so I'd love to go there. I've heard great things about Australia and New Zealand. #Quote by Stephen Pagliuca
New Zealand Painters quotes by Lisa  Walker
#29. I need to make my work back in New Zealand again, I need to live there again. #Quote by Lisa Walker
New Zealand Painters quotes by Arthur Kemp
#30. Unless legal and illegal immigration is halted and reversed, European First World nations across all of Europe from Spain to Russia, North America, Australia and New Zealand - will be destroyed and have their very culture and civilisation changed to that of the Third World. Immigration is now the single most important issue facing all First World nations, and will determine whether Western Civilisation continues to exist or not. #Quote by Arthur Kemp
New Zealand Painters quotes by Bailee Madison
#31. I was trying to get into the business from a young age, but I don't think I really realized how much I loved it until I booked my first movie and found myself in New Zealand for six months filming Bridge to Terabithia. #Quote by Bailee Madison
New Zealand Painters quotes by Tracey Alvarez
#32. You're like this frosting." She swiped another swirl of it on her finger, stood and leaned forward to touch it to his bottom lip. "Pretty, momentarily pleasurable, but with no real substance or sustenance. #Quote by Tracey Alvarez
New Zealand Painters quotes by Daniel Gillies
#33. I moved to New Zealand from Winnipeg when I was almost five. I hated it. It was to a city in the south of New Zealand called Invercargill and there was constant rain. There was a depressing sensation in the air. #Quote by Daniel Gillies
New Zealand Painters quotes by Pietra Brettkelly
#34. As a filmmaker coming from one of the youngest lands in the world, New Zealand - safe, green and democratic - I was intrigued by Afghanistan, with its literature and poetry, its old land and its deep history. #Quote by Pietra Brettkelly
New Zealand Painters quotes by John Key
#35. We are a small, open economy, highly dependent on global flows. It is inevitably a demand that dramatically alters and that is reflected in what we feel here in New Zealand. So there is at its most basic level a limit to what we can do and that is true everywhere. #Quote by John Key
New Zealand Painters quotes by Rhys Darby
#36. I know as far as things like the Thunderbirds, there's a New Zealand connection. X-Files, my connection there ... I mean, it could be zeitgeist. I mean, I'm into the paranormal. I have a podcast about cryptozoology. So it's out there that I'm into weird stuff. #Quote by Rhys Darby

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