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New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#1. Knowledge is addictive. Keep it up. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#2. It's very hard to reach people in Greymouth with pottery or any form of art because they're allergic to it. Allergic to it ever since they began really because they've taken from the ground in the mining spirit without making or creating, and therefore anything that is creative they do not understand. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#3. Meanwhile the doctor in Kaitaia had made known to the Education Dept the behaviour patterns of the Rusts in Te Hapua. The Dept always interfered in the private lives of teachers. Break up in marriage was not to be tolerated and an intervention of this authority forced the Rusts to report to Parawera School in the Waikato. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#4. I realised that I had become too introverted. When you are the person everyone comes to in an isolated area, you have no-one to discuss things with. It's good up to a point but dreadful in a way. You simply have to have the corners rubbed off you and have criticism that's pretty cruel if you are to toe the line. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#5. The pa system has broken down. Society has broken down. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#6. In 1946 there was no money in art, no dealer galleries, no craft shops. After the war we started to teach art in every school for the first time. Our generation played a crucial role. We were the stepping stones towards today's galleries. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#7. Today they are teaching the subject of art as a frill in school, partly due to intellectual preciousness that has crept into art departments with the making of the History of Art. Intellectualising places art on a pedestal only for the few, causing New Zealanders to revert to the invented snobbery that tends to ignore anything arty as exotic, unattainable, not wholesome. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#8. Later in life the force of abstinence was to really be understood and my parent's problems became very clear. When will man appreciate his pleasures and respect them enough to indulge in moderation? #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Danielle Hawkins
#9. We didn't, after all, sing "Another One Bites The Dust" as the coffin was carried out; Hazel and the vicar had settled instead on the more traditional "How Great Thou Art". And Aunty Rose's old adversary the mayor was pressed into service as a coffin bearer to replace Matt.
Rose Adele Thornton, born in Bath, England, died in Waimanu, New Zealand, a mere fifty-three years later. Adept and compassionate nurse, fervent advocate of animal welfare, champion of correct diction and tireless crusader against the misuse of apostrophes. Experimental chef, peerless aunt, brave sufferer and true friend. She had the grace and courage to thoroughly enjoy a life which denied her everything she most wanted. The bravest woman I ever knew. #Quote by Danielle Hawkins
New Zealand Art History quotes by Lisa  Walker
#10. I need to make my work back in New Zealand again, I need to live there again. #Quote by Lisa Walker
New Zealand Art History quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#11. The art stream is filled with snags and has no volume so it has no support. If you finally choose art, no amount of reason or common sense can discourage you. You must selfishly carry on. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
New Zealand Art History quotes by Werner Herzog
#12. When you look at the paintings at Chauvet Cave, they're not primitive or like children's little scribbles, it bursts on the scene fully accomplished and when you look through the faces of cultural history, art history, it has never gotten any better. #Quote by Werner Herzog
New Zealand Art History quotes by Patricia Heaton
#13. From the beginning of church history, music, writing, literature, and the greatest works of art all came from the church. To change the culture and make it a force for good, you have to be in it and be a part of it. #Quote by Patricia Heaton
New Zealand Art History quotes by Alfred Lansing
#14. They thought of home, naturally, but there was no burning desire to be in civilization for its own sake. Worsley recorded: "Waking on a fine morning I feel a great longing for the smell of dewy wet grass and flowers of a Spring morning in New Zealand or England. One has very few other longings for civilization - good bread and butter, Munich beer, Coromandel rock oysters, apple pie and Devonshire cream are pleasant reminiscences rather than longings. #Quote by Alfred Lansing
New Zealand Art History quotes by Thomas Hoving
#15. There have been countless changes in the long history of art. The most significant have been brought about by the genius of a single artist. #Quote by Thomas Hoving
New Zealand Art History quotes by Ovid
#16. If the art is concealed, it succeeds. #Quote by Ovid
New Zealand Art History quotes by Laura Gilpin
#17. The romance of the old West vanished so fast and so few ever did anything with it. Does it make you realize the importance of Art and how the main knowledge of history is through Art alone? #Quote by Laura Gilpin
New Zealand Art History quotes by Douglas Adams
#18. Fiordland, a vast tract of mountainous terrain that occupies the south-west corner of South Island, New Zealand, is one of the most astounding pieces of land anywhere on God's earth, and one's first impulse, standing on a cliff top surveying it all, is simply to burst into spontaneous applause. #Quote by Douglas Adams
New Zealand Art History quotes by Debbie Allen
#19. As one who loves literature, art, music and history, I've been deeply rooted in the Harlem Renaissance for many years. #Quote by Debbie Allen
New Zealand Art History quotes by Edgard Varese
#20. In every domain of art, a work that corresponds to the need of its day carries a message of social and cultural value. It is the artist who crystallizes his age ... who fixes his time in history. #Quote by Edgard Varese
New Zealand Art History quotes by Lawrence Weiner
#21. Art history is fine. I mean, that's a discipline. Art history is art history, and you start from the beginning and you end up in artist in time. But art is a little bit different. Art is a conversation. And if there's no conversation, what the hell is it about? #Quote by Lawrence Weiner
New Zealand Art History quotes by Ali Banisadr
#22. When I was taking art history I was always angry that we would skip certain chapters because "it wasn't important." Like, "Let's skip over the Japanese. Let's just get to Giotto, because that's where everything begins." It's like, no. Everything is relevant to me. #Quote by Ali Banisadr
New Zealand Art History quotes by Igor Babailov
#23. As the spiral of modern art history continues to wind down, we can see the increasing demand for tradition in the visual arts. #Quote by Igor Babailov
New Zealand Art History quotes by Kazimir Malevich
#24. Art no longer cares to serve the state and religion, it no longer wishes to illustrate the history of manners, it wants to have nothing further to do with the object, as such, and believes that it can exist, in and for itself, without "things" (that is, the "time-tested well-spring of life"). #Quote by Kazimir Malevich
New Zealand Art History quotes by Lewis Carroll
#25. Antipathies, I think
' (she was rather glad there WAS no one listening, this time, as it didn't sound at all the right word) '
but I shall have to ask them what the name of the country is, you know. Please, Ma'am, is this New Zealand or Australia? #Quote by Lewis Carroll
New Zealand Art History quotes by Shari Lapena
#26. Whenever there was an opening for a new show, she would invite him; there would be champagne and hors d'oeuvres, women in smart dresses and men in well-cut suits. Anne would circulate around the room, stopping to talk with the people clustered in front of the paintings - wild, abstract splashes of color or more somber, tonal works. Marco didn't understand any of it. The most beautiful, the most arresting thing in the room, for him, would always be Anne. He would stay out of her way, stand over by the bar eating cheese, or off to the side, and watch her do her thing. She had been trained for it, getting her degree in art history and modern art, but more than that, she had an instinct for it, a passion. Marco had not grown up with art, but it was part of her life, and he loved her for it. #Quote by Shari Lapena
New Zealand Art History quotes by Tom Wolfe
#27. I wrote 'The Painted Word,' about modern art, and was denounced as reactionary. In fact, it is just a history, although a rather loaded one. #Quote by Tom Wolfe
New Zealand Art History quotes by Oscar Wilde
#28. For the great eras in the history of the development of all the arts have been eras not of increased feeling or enthusiasm in feeling for art, but of new technical improvements primarily and specially. The discovery of marble quarries in the purple ravines of Pentelicus and on the little low-lying hills of the island of Paros gave to the Greeks the opportunity for that intensified vitality of action, that more sensuous and simple humanism, to which the Egyptian sculptor working laboriously in the hard porphyry and rose-coloured granite of the desert could not attain. The splendour of the Venetian school began with the introduction of the new oil medium for painting. The progress in modern music has been due to the invention of new instruments entirely, and in no way to an increased consciousness on the part of the musician of any wider social aim. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
New Zealand Art History quotes by Sheila Heti
#29. I studied art history and philosophy and took economics and political science classes. I just took whatever I wanted and I didn't worry about grades and I read and learned a lot, and I didn't have much of a social life, so it was deeply absorbing. #Quote by Sheila Heti
New Zealand Art History quotes by Adolf Hitler
#30. To study history means to search for and discover the forces that are the causes of those results which appear before our eyes as historical events. The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
New Zealand Art History quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#31. What is the foundation of that interest all men feel in Greek history, letters, art, and poetry, in all its periods, from the Heroic or Homeric age down to the domestic life of the Athenians and Spartans, four or five centuries later? What but this, that every man passes personally through a Grecian period. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
New Zealand Art History quotes by Patricia Polacco
#32. My family always encouraged my drawing ability. Kids in school who teased me about my reading would get out of their seats and stand behind my desk as I worked and go, 'Wow, you can really draw.' Later, I earned a degree in Fine Art and got a Ph.D. in Art History. #Quote by Patricia Polacco
New Zealand Art History quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#33. Very little comes easily to our poor, benighted species (the first creature, after all, to experiment with the novel evolutionary inventions of self-conscious philosophy and art). Even the most "obvious," "accurate," and "natural" style of thinking or drawing must be regulated by history and won by struggle. Solutions must therefore arise within a social context and record the complex interactions of mind and environment that define the possibility of human improvement. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
New Zealand Art History quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#34. In the world's history certain inventions and discoveries occurred of peculiar value, on account of their great efficiency in facilitating all other inventions and discoveris. Of these were the art of writing and of printing, the discovery of America, and the introduction of patent laws. The date of the first ... is unknown; but it certainly was as much as fifteen hundred years before the Christian era; the second-printing-came in 1436, or nearly three thousand years after the first. The others followed more rapidly-the discovery of America in 1492, and the first patent laws in 1624. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
New Zealand Art History quotes by Frida Giannini
#35. I grew up in Rome, in actually what I would say was a liberal, open-minded family. My father was an architect and my mother was a teacher of art history, so it was sort of intellectual, and maybe a bit much for me when I was a child. #Quote by Frida Giannini
New Zealand Art History quotes by Jose Parla
#36. For me, the canvas is an abstract interpretation of a wall. It's a piece of art with its own history, one that alludes to the passage of time and to the theater of life. #Quote by Jose Parla
New Zealand Art History quotes by Anne Bishop
#37. Once, he'd been the Seducer, the Executioner, the High Priest of the Hourglass, the Prince of the Darkness, the High Lord of Hell.

Once, he'd been Consort to Cassandra, the great Black-Jeweled, Black Widow Queen, the last Witch to walk the Realms.

Once, he'd been the only Black-Jeweled Warlord Prince in the history of the Blood, feared for his temper and the power he wielded.

Once, he'd been the only male who was a Black Widow.

Once, he'd ruled the Dhemlan Territory in the Realm of Terreille and her sister Territory in Kaeleer, the Shadow Realm. He'd been the only male ever to rule without answering to a Queen and, except for Witch, the only member of the Blood to rule Territories in two Realms.

Once, he'd been married to Hekatah, an aristo Black Widow Priestess from one of Hayll's Hundred Families.

Once, he'd raised two sons, Mephis and Peyton. He'd played games with them, told them stories, read to them, healed their skinned knees and broken hearts, taught them Craft and Blood Law, showered them with his love of the land as well as music, art, and literature, encouraged them to look with eager eyes upon all that the Realms had to offer - not to conquer but to learn. He'd taught them to dance for a social occasion and to dance for the glory of Witch. He'd taught them how to be Blood.

But that was a long, long time ago. #Quote by Anne Bishop
New Zealand Art History quotes by Martin Scorsese
#38. My father took me to see this film in 1950, when I was eight years old. And I've never forgotten it. I wouldn't know how to begin to explain what this film has meant to me over the years. It's about the joy and exuberance of film-making itself. It's one of the true miracles of film history. What keeps nourishing me over the years is the spell the film casts, how it weaves the mystery of the obsession of creativity, of the creative drive. It all comes down to that wonderful exchange early in the film when Anton Walbrook confronts Moira Shearer at a cocktail party. 'Why do you want to dance?' he asks, and she answers, 'Why do you want to live?' The look on his face is extraordinary.' Over the years, I've thought a lot about that exchange. It expresses so much about the burning need for art – the mystery of the passion to create. It's not that you want to do it, it's that you have to do it. You have no choice. You have to live it and it comes with a price. But what a time paying it.

[on, The Red Shoes (1948)] #Quote by Martin Scorsese
New Zealand Art History quotes by Lindsey Vonn
#39. In the winter, I'm always in Europe. July and September are New Zealand and Chile camps. I'm always on the road. #Quote by Lindsey Vonn
New Zealand Art History quotes by Paul Gauguin
#40. The history of modern art is also the history of the progressive loss of art's audience. Art has increasingly become the concern of the artist and the bafflement of the public. #Quote by Paul Gauguin
New Zealand Art History quotes by Alexander Pope
#41. You eat, in dreams, the custard of the day. #Quote by Alexander Pope
New Zealand Art History quotes by Bret McKenzie
#42. I grew up watching the 'Muppets.' In New Zealand, the 'Muppets' were as big as anywhere else I think. It was a pretty global phenomenon. #Quote by Bret McKenzie
New Zealand Art History quotes by George Crumb
#43. If we look at music history closely, it is not difficult to isolate certain elements of great potency which were to nourish the art of music for decades, if not centuries. #Quote by George Crumb
New Zealand Art History quotes by Sverker Sorlin
#44. It is a story of utopian dreams and belief in the future, but also one that involves a critique of modernity. #Quote by Sverker Sorlin
New Zealand Art History quotes by Andy Bannister
#45. Science has answered many questions, has given us many technological advances, but nevertheless there are some questions it cannot answer and will never be able to answer. Now to admit that will provoke squeals of protest from some quarters, accusations that one is abandoning reason. By why should that be so? I'm simply arguing for "science and" - science and the humanities; science and philosophy; science and art; science and history; science and theology. Why must some atheists act like an agoraphobic toddler who is terrified of stepping outside the confines of the nursery into the garden, preferring to play with her building blocks and dollies inside where it's safe and familiar? Why can't we throw open the shutters, fling wide the doors, and embrace a world of knowledge that is vastly bigger and more glorious than just the physical sciences? #Quote by Andy Bannister
New Zealand Art History quotes by Don Spencer
#46. Ideally, brewers interpret history, and through science they create art. #Quote by Don Spencer

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