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New Adult quotes by Leslea Tash
#1. You're not a nuthatch, Laurie."
"Oh, but I am. I'm totally upside down. I'm a very backward kind of guy. #Quote by Leslea Tash
New Adult quotes by Laura Thalassa
#2. I came to conquer this land and its people, but instead, one of its people conquered me. #Quote by Laura Thalassa
New Adult quotes by Deirdre Riordan Hall
#3. Together, they at once dodged those parts of themselves and magnified them, making for enigmatic harmony and anarchy. #Quote by Deirdre Riordan Hall
New Adult quotes by Briana Pacheco
#4. You're like a newly discovered universe, and I plan on taking my time exploring everything about you. #Quote by Briana Pacheco
New Adult quotes by Nalini Singh
#5. This song is for my Molly, who is the best fucking thing that´s ever happened to me. Also, for those suicidal idiots sending her fan mail asking her to run away with them, I will hunt you down and rip off you nuts. #Quote by Nalini Singh
New Adult quotes by Cambria Hebert
#6. Romeo: You couldn't put a price on piece of mind. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
New Adult quotes by Tia Giacalone
#7. Can dimples wink? Because I felt like his just did. #Quote by Tia Giacalone
New Adult quotes by Ophelia London
#8. I'd wondered about it before, even felt a few pretty strong impulses, but this was the first time I really thought about kissing her, right this instant, like I could already taste her lips, breathe in her skin at the side of her neck, feel the curves of her body against mine as I eased her back onto the sand, my fingers tangling in her soft blond hair, sliding under her clothes ... #Quote by Ophelia London
New Adult quotes by Daniele Lanzarotta
#9. That should have been my first kiss and every kiss after that. #Quote by Daniele Lanzarotta
New Adult quotes by Colleen Hoover
#10. And when you love someone, seeing them sad also makes you sad. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
New Adult quotes by G.M.T. Schuilling
#11. And so, Anaya's story begins with her last thought. Would I have done this if I had any option but the grave? #Quote by G.M.T. Schuilling
New Adult quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#12. He stalked closer, his movements feline, those violet eyes turning subdued-lethal. "You're welcome, you know."
"For saving you when asked." I stiffened. " I didn't ask for anything. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
New Adult quotes by Briana Pacheco
#13. Looking at her is like looking up at a sky full of stars. You don't know what you'll see today, but you know it'll still be breathtaking. #Quote by Briana Pacheco
New Adult quotes by Faith Dismuke
#14. You used me. You made me feel special then threw me away when you were bored. You took my trust. You broke my trust. You turned people against me. You turned me against myself. #Quote by Faith Dismuke
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#15. Good evening, Lady Ruby," he answered. "What are you to dream of?" he asked again with a curious expression.
Ruby's cheeks turned red as she met his warm blue eyes. Her feet felt heavy as bricks, and she did not know if she could walk. She had thought she'd never see him again, but here he was now before her.
She thought of a crafty remark. "Not of you," she answered. But quickly she wondered if her protest made her sound like a silly, lovesick girl. She bit her lip.
"I see," he said. "Well, we will have to change that." He gave her a grin, a flash of dark sensuality that sent a bolt of excitement through her. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Allie Everhart
#16. I missed you like I've never missed anyone. I missed the future I was going to have with you. I missed the feeling of having you in my arms like this. I missed hearing your voice and seeing your face and sleeping next to you. I missed all of it because I was sure it was gone. #Quote by Allie Everhart
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#17. With you and me, I don't know what anything means. We're pushing each other away and yet I don't seem to be able to let you go. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Emma Hart
#18. The way to Braden's heart is through his dick. It's just wrapped up in latex and usually between some girl's legs. #Quote by Emma Hart
New Adult quotes by G.M.T. Schuilling
#19. She watched him from afar and gave him the time and space to travel the emotional rollercoaster, commencing at stunned, progressing to upset and lurking at angry. Then he brooded and grieved for the end of his life as he knew it. #Quote by G.M.T. Schuilling
New Adult quotes by Jenny Lynne
#20. I take small, shallow breaths, even though my lungs are begging for more air. I feel the heat of Ten's controlled breaths against my face. As we stand there, it feels as if an electric charge is growing between us, so powerful that it would shock us if we moved even a millimeter closer together. And yet I feel like I want to. #Quote by Jenny Lynne
New Adult quotes by Pella Grace
#21. Who loves you, Warren Valentine? She did. I want Lilla to know that kind of love. The kind of love that never leaves or abandons. #Quote by Pella Grace
New Adult quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#22. Quinton: I think if every person had a Nova Reed in this world, then life would be a little sunnier. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
New Adult quotes by Lia Riley
#23. If you burn away my bones, my love for him would remain, tattooed in the air. #Quote by Lia Riley
New Adult quotes by Whitney Barbetti
#24. This doesn't have to be anything more than what we want, Andra. We don't need to define this. You are warm, honest, beautiful, and full of wit. I appreciate how vibrant you are, and how you challenge me. I want to spend time with you simply because I enjoy being around you." I heard his sigh. "I don't want to suffocate you. No labels, no drama. Just fun. Maybe a kiss or two."
"Or three. Or four," I added. #Quote by Whitney Barbetti
New Adult quotes by Ninya Tippett
#25. I am no prince if not yours. -Brandon Maxfield #Quote by Ninya Tippett
New Adult quotes by Kate Bloomfield
#26. I want to kiss you so very badly, Rose. But I can't. And its killing me
-Mr. Stone #Quote by Kate Bloomfield
New Adult quotes by Nicole Reed
#27. I can tell you, Jay, nothing that happens in this life is worth killing yourself over. Time passes, and you can decide to change your future. You don't let what some assholes say or do, direct you. In this life, it only matters what you do with it. #Quote by Nicole Reed
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#28. I sort of figured we'd be dating. It makes things like sharing a room a little easier. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by D.R. Graham
#29. Every single minute of the day I want to kiss you. The fact that I've been able to mostly hold myself back is a miracle. You have no idea how hard I've had to work to resist you. And yeah, I've been making up excuses, but it's not because I'm scared to be with you. It's because I'm scared to fall for you and then lose you. #Quote by D.R. Graham
New Adult quotes by Penelope Douglas
#30. My eyes burn with tears, and I'm so tired. So tired of holding back everything I feel and want to say. So tired of being someone I'm not and making mistakes that I didn't have any fun making. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#31. If you want to hit me, scratch me, punch me, I'll take it. If you want to yank my hair, spit on me, kick me, I'll endure it. I deserve to be punished. Leave your mark on my body. Show me how much I hurt you, then show me again. Because I'm prepared to withstand anything in order to keep you by my side. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by S. Elle Cameron
#32. His smile is beautiful. It's the kind of smile that can take away all nervousness and tension in a room, no matter how big. I have no choice but to smile back. #Quote by S. Elle Cameron
New Adult quotes by Isobel Irons
#33. Bitch, please," Brady pursed his lips like a duck. "You know I'll be the belle of the cell block with my creamy smooth skin and my tight little ass. #Quote by Isobel Irons
New Adult quotes by Kristen Callihan
#34. GrayG: I feel like I can tell you anything.
IvyMac: You can. That's what friends do.
GrayG: I've never been friends with a girl before.
IvyMac: I'm honored to be your first. #Quote by Kristen Callihan
New Adult quotes by Karen-Anne Stewart
#35. Her heart is no longer hers, it belongs to him, in all its brokenness and vulnerability. She prays that he protects it and doesn't finish the job, completely destroying it. #Quote by Karen-Anne Stewart
New Adult quotes by Kristen Hope Mazzola
#36. Mags, I don't know how many more times I will have to say this, but here it goes. You're amazing, you deserve the best, and I want nothing more than to be whatever you need me to be. #Quote by Kristen Hope Mazzola
New Adult quotes by Megan Rivers
#37. That small exposure to a few measures of song threw my world of its axis. It punctured a tiny window that gave me a peek at feelings, emotions, and thoughts I never knew existed. Knowing there was more to my life I wasn't getting at this moment made me feel like a drug addict forced into rehab. #Quote by Megan Rivers
New Adult quotes by Molly McAdams
#38. Any you really need to work on faking it. You sound pathetic even from my bed. #Quote by Molly McAdams
New Adult quotes by Sara Fiorenzo
#39. I didn't want to play tonight. There hadn't been any music in me all week. Just a sadness within. #Quote by Sara Fiorenzo
New Adult quotes by Jamie McGuire
#40. Because even if we were struggling, we had goals. It didn't matter that we weren't there yet. What mattered is that we both experienced setbacks, and full-blown failures, but we got up, brushed ourselves off, and kept going-and were making the best of it. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
New Adult quotes by Kate Avelynn
#41. Two babies in little more than a year and a half. Knockout Jimmy was forced to give up boxing and take a job in the paper mill.
It broke him, and in turn, he broke us all. #Quote by Kate Avelynn
New Adult quotes by Colleen Hoover
#42. Whatever burden it was that she was carrying around, I wanted to carry it for her. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
New Adult quotes by Sarah Darlington
#43. Sweet as hell. Unexpected. Reassuring. It was as if he wanted me to know, in his own particular Noah way, that he hadn't forgotten about me. #Quote by Sarah Darlington
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#44. Because I'm even more determined to bring that light back to his eyes. And I know my love is strong enough to do it. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#45. I won't apologize for something I truly feel. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Becky Wicks
#46. Joshua smiles, runs his finger round the rim of the coconut. 'Some people are summer, and some people are winter,' he says softly after a moment, but I'm just looking at the ocean now, trying not to fall. #Quote by Becky Wicks
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#47. I'm not someone who offers advice. I don't believe people really want anything besides sympathy when they ask for advice. I know I don't. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by Katherine Owen
#48. My smell stays with you? I ruined you ... for what?"
"Your smell keeps me going all the time. I'm in a clutch game or at practice and it's full count? Your cloves and vanilla scent calms me down. I spray it on the front of my uniform and rub my right hand across like this." I demonstrate by rubbing my chest and she watches me in fascination like a starstruck teenager watches a rockstar play his bass. "I went to three different stores before I found the exact scent. Expensive. French perfume. Chamade by Guerlain."
She nods looking fascinated or charmed by me at least for a few seconds. "I got it in Paris when I was there a few years ago. I love it."
"I do too. So yes, you ruined me. For anyone else."
She's smiling but then it slowly disappears like a countdown does as it goes from ten to zero. "What are you doing to me, Elvis?" she asks, looking troubled. #Quote by Katherine Owen
New Adult quotes by Kellie Thacker
#49. I felt empowered by him, as if his very existence manipulated the balance of my nature from a shy little girl to wonder woman. #Quote by Kellie Thacker
New Adult quotes by Alex Rosa
#50. Two things compel me to move. First, the fear of being alone. I don't want to be alone here. Second, the aching need to beat Blake in any way. #Quote by Alex Rosa
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#51. He brought his forehead against mine and we breathed the same air, slowly to try and find our composure. But it was impossible for me as long as he's so close to me. "You're ruining me.'
"You ruined me. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Abbi Glines
#52. I had fallen too far. I was in love with Rush Finlay. #Quote by Abbi Glines
New Adult quotes by Sarah Darlington
#53. Part of me was slightly pissed off that this kiss with him hadn't happened sooner. As in years ago sooner. Because this one little kiss - it literally rocked my world. He was morphine and I was an instant addict. #Quote by Sarah Darlington
New Adult quotes by Ophelia London
#54. Abby was laughing and panting for breath, her eyes bright, her face beaming under the sun. She spilled across the shore at my feet, her blond hair tangled and wet, clothes stuck to her body. She was the sexiest mermaid I'd ever seen. #Quote by Ophelia London
New Adult quotes by Daniele Lanzarotta
#55. I've never been able to stand up for myself while growing up, but I will stand up for you against anyone who ever threatens to hurt you in any way. #Quote by Daniele Lanzarotta
New Adult quotes by Victoria H. Smith
#56. He stood there tall and dashing, peering down at her with a set of mesmerizing sapphire eyes. It wasn't the eyes that had her sex-drive squealing into overdrive; it was that ... hair. Now, Tarrah had never really been into redheads before, but damn, she sure as hell would be willing to convert. #Quote by Victoria H. Smith
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#57. Don't see me as a girl. See me as a buddy of yours or something."
He cast his eyes downward and didn't look back up to my face. I looked down and groaned. Such a guy.
"My buddies don't have boobs, as far as I know."
"Because you felt them up to be sure?" I chuckled, against my better judgement.
Once again, his mouth dropped open. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
#58. On occasion we stumble upon what seems to be a truth. Compared to the surrounding blackness, it sparkles and dazzles our eyes. But are these actually truths? Are our eyes really feasting upon light? Or just patches of grey? #Quote by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
New Adult quotes by Brooklyn Skye
#59. Why do you do that?" Torrin's voice echoes in the empty hall. His hand is holding my arm gently, not at all like Derek does. I can't have this. I can't. I shouldn't have ever come here with him.
I draw in a shaky breath and pull my arm away.
"Do what?"
"Walk away every time I ask you something personal?"
I stare hard at him. "Why do you do that?
He blinks. "Huh?"
"Ask so many questions."
His mouth drops open and closes and five long seconds pass before he says, "It's what people do, Quinn. When they're getting to know each other."
I shake my head and spin toward the door.
"You don't want to get to know me. #Quote by Brooklyn Skye
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#60. We are great friends, Fredrick, and I do not want to lose you. Marriage is something I am not ready for, even if it were with my best friend. Can we not continue to love each other the way we always have?"
His eyes scanned her face and his hands reunited with hers. "My dear lady, I love you more than that," Fredrick said tenderly. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Linda Morris
#61. You know what they say,' Suz had texted. 'Once you go geek, you never go back. #Quote by Linda Morris
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#62. No, we'll live. I promise you that." He'd said it in a way that she couldn't doubt, the same way he'd snapped his soldiers back into their rank on the helicopter. His words had been soft yet firm, and she wanted to believe in him as his men had, with confidence. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#63. You treat me like a child, but I know what I fucking know. You're scared. Love comes with responsibilities, and you've been hiding from them your whole life. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#64. There's only so much a man can survive and as fucking weak as it sounds, I reached my limits when Skye disappeared. - Duke #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#65. POPPY (on Christine and Jared's second chance): Mom couldn't stand up for what she needed, and he was a force of nature. They've found a balance now, but she needed to grow up before that could happen. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by Rebecca Berto
#66. You know there's this gaping space between us, and if I leaned forward I'd grab Dex's shirt without ever touching him. You know there's a three-inch-thick glass wall separating us.
Now we know, too. #Quote by Rebecca Berto
New Adult quotes by Jennifer Ann
#67. We've entered dangerous territory. You can't kiss someone with so much emotion if you're preparing to walk away. Alarms ring through my head, too loud and too obvious to be ignored. There are way too many complex emotions being passed between us. I already know he's going to shatter my heart. #Quote by Jennifer Ann
New Adult quotes by A.S. Green
#68. Kissing Bennet is like stepping into the lake. At first shocking, then slowly I acclimate until I'm sinking into the luxury of it. His hand wraps around my ribs, right below the swell of my breast, and I'm in way over my head, drowning in the sensations that overrun my body. No one has ever kissed me like this. Not even Andrew in all my wildest fantasies. Andrew. Andrew! Oh my gosh, what am I doing? #Quote by A.S. Green
New Adult quotes by Victoria L. James
#69. Just close your eyes and fall. Fall backwards in your mind and tell me who you see catching you. Is it him... or is it me? #Quote by Victoria L. James
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#70. I was falling back again and fast, or maybe I'd never stopped feeling something for him. And it was still hopeless, but at least, I could touch him a little bit. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Courtney Cole
#71. You think that you're a bad thing, but you're not. You protect the rest of us from bad things. You're badass and lethal and scary, and you're as far from weak as you can get. You're a protector, Gabe. My protector. #Quote by Courtney Cole
New Adult quotes by Briana Pacheco
#72. Phoenix wouldn't stop looking at me like he was looking through a telescope. It was unsettling, being stared at like I was the most beautiful thing in space. #Quote by Briana Pacheco
New Adult quotes by Lisa Desrochers
#73. I'm fairly certain I'm having my first truly religious experience, and it's probably a very bad thing that it's happening in a church, but it's over a sculpture. Mental note: Add idol worship to your list for confession. #Quote by Lisa Desrochers
New Adult quotes by Emme Rollins
#74. We were a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, creating a whole new world, as we crashed against each other on the soft surface of his mattress, a cloud in the darkness, our bodies finally falling together like rain. #Quote by Emme Rollins
New Adult quotes by Elyssa Patrick
#75. With you, there's always music. #Quote by Elyssa Patrick
New Adult quotes by Allie Everhart
#76. Even if we fight, don't you ever think I don't want this. I want this more than I've wanted anything. I want YOU more than anything. #Quote by Allie Everhart
New Adult quotes by Ann Marie Frohoff
#77. I've come to realize that love is tragic, somewhere down the line it's inevitable. Fight for it. #Quote by Ann Marie Frohoff
New Adult quotes by L.J. Shen
#78. Yes, Mel. That's exactly why I left without explaining. Because I think about you before I think about myself. Always remember that, Little Ballerina. Always. #Quote by L.J. Shen
New Adult quotes by Cambria Hebert
#79. ROMEO: Here's the thing: when you back a wounded dog into a corner, it's going to come out fighting. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
New Adult quotes by Cassie Mae
#80. He's totally caught me, and I'm never letting him toss me back. #Quote by Cassie Mae
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#81. Comb his Facebook page. See if he has a Twitter account. Follow up on every Google lead. I want to know what makes him tick, what makes him the man he is. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
#82. He now realized that right and wrong were intertwined notions. His arms could not differentiate between just and unjust causes. They only knew that they were empty. #Quote by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
New Adult quotes by M.A. George
#83. Fair enough ... No inhaling battery acid," I smirk. "We can't breathe battery
acid, can we? #Quote by M.A. George
New Adult quotes by Elle Kennedy
#84. I broke up with her to avoid getting into a serious relationship with her, and now it #Quote by Elle Kennedy
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#85. POPPY: I don't like him, Jared. I love him. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by A.J. Compton
#86. I'm a poet who has lost his words." He looks across the street, but not before I catch the dull glint of shame in his eyes.

"Where did you lose them?" I ask, gentling my tone.

He turns back to me. When he speaks, his voice is so small that I have to lean closer to hear it. "The same place I lost myself. #Quote by A.J. Compton
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#87. POPPY: Justice is so pathetic about her man. If her behavior weren't highly entertaining, we'd force her to stop. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by Cambria Hebert
#88. VALERIE: .....It isn't your fault. These things, these horrible things just happen. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
New Adult quotes by Lisa Desrochers
#89. You never seem to run out of ways to blow my mind, Lexie. You're my best friend, and you're the one woman I can imagine spending the rest of my life with. Do you know how lucky that makes me? #Quote by Lisa Desrochers
New Adult quotes by Casey McQuiston
#90. Henry is one talented bastard. A man of many hidden gifts, Alex muses half hysterically. A true prodigy. God save the queen. #Quote by Casey McQuiston
New Adult quotes by Rachael Wade
#91. I hoped Tia was different. Easier to manage for people like me, who didn't naturally jive with the little tykes. I'd only met her for a few seconds, so I had no idea what I was in for, here. All I knew was this wasn't my element, and her father had just compared me to a pregnant woman.
Wasn't there something wrong with this picture? #Quote by Rachael Wade
New Adult quotes by Emme Rollins
#92. We fell into each other's arms and kissed like we were coming up for air after being underwater for days. The melding of our mouths was sweeter than oxygen. We took huge, deep gulps of each other as we struggled with worldly constraints like clothing and gravity, seeking to transcend it all in our coming together. #Quote by Emme Rollins
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#93. What a fucking charade.
Happy. That shit isn't in our cards. - Duke #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Courtney Cole
#94. The good news is that fear is a choice. You can stand in front of it, punch it in the face and get on with life. - Gabe #Quote by Courtney Cole
New Adult quotes by Misty Daniel
#95. You are my star in this dark, dark world that we inhabit. #Quote by Misty Daniel
New Adult quotes by Cassie Mae
#96. My back slams against the oven door, and I cover my face and cry. I cry so hard I can't breathe. #Quote by Cassie Mae
New Adult quotes by Allie Everhart
#97. I know this may come as a shock, Jade, but I'm not perfect." He can't even say it without laughing. "And neither are you."
I sit up, trying not to laugh. "Hey, I'm totally perfect!"
"You're not." He lays me back down and drops a kiss on my lips. "Neither one of us is. But together we're kind of perfect. So it works. #Quote by Allie Everhart
New Adult quotes by Elisabeth Staab
#98. I can taste sunshine and hope on his tongue. I want this kiss, this taste, to last forever. #Quote by Elisabeth Staab
New Adult quotes by Jeana E. Mann
#99. He felt the quicksand of failure sucking at his feet, threatening to bury him, to drown him.
Jeana E. Mann. Intoxicated (Kindle Location 2125). #Quote by Jeana E. Mann
New Adult quotes by Cambria Hebert
#100. ROMEO: Fastest way to not hear what someone has to say? Hang up on them.

Did it make me an *sshole? Sure did. Did I give a rat's *ss? H*lls no. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#101. When you love someone, you're capable of more than you know. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Ann M. Noser From HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS
#102. Oh, Moon, upon me shine-
Give back his life, instead take mine.
Send back his heart, return his breath.
Please release him from his death.
Give back his eyes, bring back his voice.
I willingly have made this choice.
Hand back his plans, restore his mind,
I willingly grant you mine.
Oh, Moon, Oh, Stars, upon me glow-
Tell the river to let go. #Quote by Ann M. Noser From HOW TO DATE DEAD GUYS
New Adult quotes by Michelle A. Valentine
#103. Fuck the entire world. All that matters is what you think of me.--Noel #Quote by Michelle A. Valentine
New Adult quotes by Laura Marie Altom
#104. Ella was a perfect study in contradictions, and I'd somehow contracted her like a beautiful disease. #Quote by Laura Marie Altom
New Adult quotes by Victoria Denault
#105. She's been a barrel of bitchy monkeys since Jordan and I walked out of the Arrivals gate together earlier this afternoon. #Quote by Victoria Denault
New Adult quotes by Marion Croslydon
#106. Their eyes locked.
They could see into each other's souls. This was why she had been born. #Quote by Marion Croslydon
New Adult quotes by Sarah  Clay
#107. Bree: Meet me at Dukes, there's a heap of talent here ;)
Me: Just finishing up, talent... you mean eye candy with an attachable penis?
Bree: Well I'd hope it's not detachable... don't need that breaking off anywhere!! #Quote by Sarah Clay
New Adult quotes by Ashley Stoyanoff
#108. Hey,darling", I say quietly,my
voice gruff and low, thick with emotion.
"You get lost?"she blushes. #Quote by Ashley Stoyanoff
New Adult quotes by Isobel Irons
#109. When Grant Blue reaches me, he bends his head down close enough that I can smell the soap and promise on his skin. Clean living and popularity - It's quite the aftershave, let me tell you. If I'm being honest, the fact that he even has to bend to talk to me is making me want to swoon a little ... But just a little. #Quote by Isobel Irons
New Adult quotes by T.M. Frazier
#110. I fell asleep that night in the arms of a killer. I'd never slept better. #Quote by T.M. Frazier
New Adult quotes by Penelope Douglas
#111. He's a reminder of what I want to feel everyday, whether it's with him or on my own. He's taught me that who I am when I'm with him feels too good to sacrifice for the approval of everyone else. The way I dress, the guys I talk to, the games I play... it's all plastic, and when I'm with him, I'm gold. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
New Adult quotes by Mina V. Esguerra
#112. The world isn't kind to the ordinary anymore. #Quote by Mina V. Esguerra
New Adult quotes by Brittany Butler
#113. I rub my hand down my face, frustrated. This girl in front of me tests my patience like hell.
When she ran to me after her dad kicked her out, I thought she still had feelings for me. She needed a place to stay, and I needed her. I offered her a room, thinking if she was around me every day, she would remember she loves me. I was dead wrong. Somewhere along the way, we switched roles, I became the one who so desperately needed her and she became cold and closed off. She isn't my savior; she's my punishment. #Quote by Brittany Butler
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#114. POPPY (on high school cliques): I wasn't smart enough for the gifted kids or athletic enough for the jocks. I didn't want to s*ck a lot of c*ck, so I couldn't be a cheerleader or popular girl. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by Allie Everhart
#115. I knew I had to let you go, but I didn't know how. I could barely go a week without you, so how the hell could I go a lifetime without you? #Quote by Allie Everhart
New Adult quotes by Darwun St. James
#116. We hit every jazz and blues club on and off Bourbon Street, dancing and drinking until we girls were drunk enough to go with the boys to the strip clubs which outnumbered all other businesses in the French Quarter. Here is where my solution unfolded. #Quote by Darwun St. James
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#117. Things are different here. There will be rules and regulations that you are not used to. You will have to follow them. All of them. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#118. He tilted my head up with his index finger. Tingles spread on my skin. Pain, obstacles, betrayal and all shitty things that happen in life shape everyone, just as much as good things do. Don't regret anything if in the end you can say you're an amazing woman. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Elle Kennedy
#119. And all those things you listed right now, they're
things Garrett and I do together. Dude, you don't want me. You want me and
Garrett. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
New Adult quotes by Isobel Irons
#120. See, the thing is, I had a little misunderstanding with Trent Gibson in Pre-Calculus earlier. I dropped my textbook on his face - accidentally, while we were discussing some ... equations - and he thought I was trying to brain him. So of course, he narked to Shoemaker, and apparently accidents are grounds for disciplinary action these days. #Quote by Isobel Irons
New Adult quotes by Mila Gray
#121. I think you still love me,' he says, 'even though you don't want to.'
I glare at him, fury battling my instincts.
'Because that kind of love, Jessa,' Kit continues, 'doesn't just disappear. It doesn't just fade. I still love you. I'll always love you. And I think you feel the same way about me. And hell, I know I don't deserve it. I know all I deserve is your hatred. But if there's a chance, a single chance that you might still love me, then I'm not going to throw it away. Because I've been through hell and you're the only reason I'm still standing.' He pauses. 'So tell me the truth. Do you love him? #Quote by Mila Gray
New Adult quotes by Kate Avelynn
#122. He stabs his fingers through his drying hair and resumes his pacing. "You think I don't know this went really fast? I didn't plan for this to happen. Hell, I didn't even know if you'd let me talk to you, much less be with you. But then you did and we did and ... " He stops in the center of the room and stares at me, his shoulders sagging. "I figured out pretty quick that this is a forever thing for me. I think it has been from the very beginning. #Quote by Kate Avelynn
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#123. You're it for me, Katie. You're my world now. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Abria Mattina
#124. You have a certain charm, believe it or not. That, and you feed me. #Quote by Abria Mattina
New Adult quotes by Kellie Thacker
#125. All night, I thought about that walk. The touch of the forest tickled my skin long after, while the scent lingered in my nostrils. It was unlike anything back home. There was a feeling in the atmosphere I couldn't shake
something that was trying to draw me back. I felt alive in that forest.
His Name is Moonlight #Quote by Kellie Thacker
New Adult quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#126. Tamlin let out a low snarl of approval, and I bit my bottom lip as he removed his pants, along with his undergarments, revealing the proud, thick length of him. My mouth went dry, and I dragged my gaze up his muscled torso, over the panes of his chest, and then -
"Come here," he growled, so roughly the words were barely discernable.
I pushed back the blankets, revealing my already naked body, and he hissed. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#127. Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Reese Monroe
#128. Not having your man card for so long has clearly turned your brain to mush. ~Justin #Quote by Reese Monroe
New Adult quotes by Rebecca Berto
#129. I'm either with you forever, or I'm not. I'm not into games or fucking around. I've had enough experience to know what to hold onto when I get it. #Quote by Rebecca Berto
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#130. If you were ready to sleep with me we wouldn't be in this bar, but in my room not wasting any more time. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Kirstie Collins Brote
#131. It was a time before Facebook and Instagram and texting. I imagine it must be easier now, for college students. Home must not feel so far away anymore. But how do you cut the apron strings if the strings are virtual? #Quote by Kirstie Collins Brote
New Adult quotes by Magan Vernon
#132. It's in the past. I can't control what they did, only how I react to it. I'm not going to change who I am because of what some jack offs think of me. #Quote by Magan Vernon
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#133. Ruby's eyes shot open when she woke, for she felt a constraint around her wrists and ankles. Feeling with her fingers, she touched cold metal. Her small movement gave the chains a slight jingle. A sinking feeling washed over her at the realization that she was chained. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Ilsa Madden-Mills
#134. She licked her lips, and I ached to kiss her mouth. I wanted to lick it, nip it, suck on it; I wanted to own it. I wanted to give her a kiss she's never fucking forget. #Quote by Ilsa Madden-Mills
New Adult quotes by Laura Marie Altom
#135. My feelings for Liam couldn't be processed as a single thought. He'd become a symphony in my mind, composed of boundless crescendos that never reached a logical end. #Quote by Laura Marie Altom
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#136. Olivia responded with confidence, "You're the military. You're in charge. Why would I be scared? #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Magan Vernon
#138. I'm a fan of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Brunette and doesn't mind a guy that's an animal? Hell yeah. #Quote by Magan Vernon
New Adult quotes by Krista Ritchie
#139. I'm clawing at something that doesn't want me. And to say goodbye is like severing a part of me that I can't easily replace. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
New Adult quotes by Dahlia Adler
#140. This is the story of a woman who had done it all wrong. She couldn't do it over, but she could do it differently. #Quote by Dahlia Adler
New Adult quotes by Kailin Gow
#141. I looked down, unable to meet the intensity in Nat's eyes. Tonight, my crush for Nat had moved beyond a crush. The chemistry between us was undeniable, and the more we clashed, the more we wanted each other. - Summer, Perfect Summer #Quote by Kailin Gow
New Adult quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#142. I just want to know - are you rooting for me? Are you hoping I pull this off?"
Cath's eyes settled on his, tentatively, like they'd fly away if he moved.
She nodded her head.
The right side of his mouth pulled up.
"I'm rooting for you," she whispered. She wasn't even sure he could hear her from the bed.
Levi's smile broke free and devoured his whole face. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#143. If only he'd taken one look at her and seen that they were soul mates, swept her off her feet and taken her to Las Vegas to be married in the same little chapel where Britney Spears had been. She laughed to herself. It would probably have lasted just as long, once her mother found out. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
#144. There were many tomorrows to be lived through his children. He could only hope that they would face them more courageously than he had, that his mistakes would serve as warning signs rather than crutches to lean on. #Quote by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
New Adult quotes by Siobhan Davis
#145. A surge of emotion so strong washed over me like a tsunami wiping everything in its path. Everything I knew before was gone in an instant. And I knew the truth.
I knew I loved him dangerously. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
New Adult quotes by Jettie Necole
#146. His kiss was cold, and his tongue made her sick. She felt a sharp prick as he pulled her even closer. Her conflicting thoughts dissolved from her mind, every thought except surrendering to him. The heat returned and she desired more, more of what he had to offer, more of what he was doing. She could not deny him any longer. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders pulling him closer, holding on to his solid form. #Quote by Jettie Necole
New Adult quotes by Magan Vernon
#147. It's always been you and me, Red. Even before we were us. You've always had the control in this relationship. Some things may distract us, but I'll always come back to you #Quote by Magan Vernon
New Adult quotes by Susan Waterwyk
#148. Love can provide strength when intellect can find no reason for it. #Quote by Susan Waterwyk
New Adult quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#149. I freeze when I come face to face with a naked man's chest. Why does this keep happening to me? Trying to keep my eyes averted from his very naked lower regions, I look up. #Quote by Dannielle Wicks
New Adult quotes by Kelly Stevenson
#150. He's an idiot for letting you walk away in that dress tonight. #Quote by Kelly Stevenson
New Adult quotes by Ophelia London
#151. I leaned forward, but Todd lifted a hand to stop me. "There's one more thing I've been meaning to tell you all day."
"What is it?" I asked impatiently, not able to keep from staring at his mouth.
He took his time, drawing in a slow inhale and then letting it out just as slowly. "You," he finally whispered, running a finger across my chin, "absolutely take my breath away."
It was right then that I knew, down to my curling toes and thumping heart, that I had made the correct decision, maybe the most correct decision ever to be made in the history of decision-making. I reached for him, torn between wanting to stare into his incredible green eyes and an almost painful desire to kiss him.
Naturally, we kissed. And kissed. #Quote by Ophelia London
New Adult quotes by Apryl Baker
#152. Easy, dushka," he mumured. "You're safe. #Quote by Apryl Baker
New Adult quotes by Isobel Irons
#153. Around eighth grade Margot started getting really sensitive about her weight, even though she wasn't remotely fat - just a little round-faced. So Margot did what any normal fourteen-year-old girl would do. She started puking on purpose, every day after fifth period. Of course now, she does more than puke. But we don't talk about that. Because real friends don't judge each other for what they do to survive in hell. #Quote by Isobel Irons
New Adult quotes by Magan Vernon
#154. Well, honey, it is the south. These debutantes know how to verbally kick anyone's ass. They learned it from their mamas in the womb. #Quote by Magan Vernon
New Adult quotes by Sarah  Clay
#155. Daniels get your fucking hands off her." I look up at the sound of his deep voice and straight into his eyes, oh shit... Ryan's glaring at me. #Quote by Sarah Clay
New Adult quotes by Carla J. Hanna
#156. I push through physical pain. Life hurts. I enjoy the positives. #Quote by Carla J. Hanna
New Adult quotes by Abria Mattina
#157. I solved world hunger."

"Yeah, right."

"Oh, ye of little faith."

"You realize that solving world hunger would mean you'd be doing something good for a change?"

"Ah, but there's the kicker: I destroyed my solutions." He finally looks away from the window and gives me this cocky smirk. "Malevolence 101, Kirk. #Quote by Abria Mattina
New Adult quotes by Colleen Hoover
#158. And sometimes when I feel that much emotion, something inside of me just snaps. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
New Adult quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#159. You cannot thrive under the wrong stars, Kricket ... the stars here are in opposition to you ... can't you feel it? ... Let us take you home. #Quote by Amy A. Bartol
New Adult quotes by Lisa Desrochers
#160. I feel myself implode, and all I can think about is how much I miss him. I miss curling into his arms and telling him about my day. I miss knowing he'll always be mine - that no one will ever know me like he does. I miss his lips and his hands. I miss his heart and his soul. I miss every part of him.
I feel so empty.
Can a person die of emptiness? #Quote by Lisa Desrochers
New Adult quotes by T.M. Frazier
#161. For the first time in a long time a bit of something I was unfamiliar with crept up inside me.
If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought it was hope. #Quote by T.M. Frazier
New Adult quotes by Madeline Courtney
#162. How dare you make such suggestions when you have no idea what it is you're talking about. Of course you've always been this way; conceited, arrogant, rude to others around you when they don't match up to your ridiculously.." high standards... #Quote by Madeline Courtney
New Adult quotes by Kailin Gow
#163. It's one way or another, Summer. For me, it's black and white. You're either in the friend zone or the lover zone. And with you ... Gosh, Summer, you're in my danger zone. My rip-my-heart-out and change-me-forever zone. I have to tread lightly with you. Because if I don't, I may never be able to find my way back. #Quote by Kailin Gow
New Adult quotes by Sarah  Clay
#164. I was never good enough for my mum and she never let me forget it" I whisper out just as we make it to the entrance of their building "Ryan doesn't speak the words, but sometimes he makes me feel that way. #Quote by Sarah Clay
New Adult quotes by Deirdre Riordan Hall
#165. Who am I?" She whispered. Alex opened his mouth as if to correct her, but then he said, "You are my love. #Quote by Deirdre Riordan Hall
New Adult quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#166. These trials aren't about revenge. They're about justice. Don't you want justice, Rose Justice? #Quote by Elizabeth Wein
New Adult quotes by Isobel Irons
#167. I know what you're thinking. 'How the hell does this broke ass piece of trailer trash know words like caveat,' right? Well guess what? I've read every single book on the New York Times list of 'Top 100 Literary Classics,' not to mention every Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath or Bronte sisters' book ever written. And fuck you very much for judging me, by the way. #Quote by Isobel Irons
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#168. Your lips are the only stimulant I need. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Jeana E. Mann
#169. One night of sin with Jack. No commitment. No promises. Just hot, sweaty, headboard-banging sex.
Jeana E. Mann. Intoxicated (Kindle Locations 828-829). #Quote by Jeana E. Mann
New Adult quotes by Christina Marie Morales
#170. My shooting star wish would truthfully be to never leave your side. To be the one who will be there to encourage you in all your hopes and dreams. Be there if you fail so I can pick you back up and never let anything bad happen to you again. #Quote by Christina Marie Morales
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#171. EMMETT (on being a 'mama's boy'): Poppy teases me for being a mama's boy. She ain't wrong, but my ma's worth acting stupid over. She raised me in a rough world without losing her ability to be tender. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by Ophelia London
#172. His eyes were closed, waiting. I tilted my head, slowly taking in every detail of his face.
And suddenly, something remarkable happened, like a switch turned on deep inside my chest. Instead of wanting to make out, to have a summer fling ... I wanted to fall in love. #Quote by Ophelia London
New Adult quotes by Alex Rosa
#173. The truth is, I always want to kiss you. #Quote by Alex Rosa
New Adult quotes by Michelle A. Valentine
#174. Yes we do. If I don't have you soon, I'm going to implode. Can't you see that? I want you to be with me. I can't stand all these guys coming on to you. The fact that I'm not allowed to do a God damn thing about it because you're not mine is killing me."--Noel #Quote by Michelle A. Valentine
New Adult quotes by Jamie McGuire
#175. You realize people like you and Trav are going to fight, right?" America said, filing her nails as she chewed the huge wad of gum in her mouth.
I turned over on the bed. "You are officially fired. You are a terrible conscious. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#176. Chemistry's a tricky thing, and if I'm not feeling it, I'm not gonna pretend. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Karen Faris
#177. Lemons, lemonade! It all depends who's squeezing! #Quote by Karen Faris
New Adult quotes by A.J. Compton
#178. I try not to react, but I must fail because Gabriel turns to look at me. "The world needs both butterflies and lions. One is not better than the other. They're both beautiful and brave in their own ways."

His hand covers mine as it fiddles with the blades of grass. "Ava." I look up. "I do not wish you were a lion any more than I would have wished her to be a butterfly. #Quote by A.J. Compton
New Adult quotes by Zack Love
#179. Paradoxically, the more Michael kept me at a distance, the more I trusted him - perhaps because he was always willing to help me with tips and introductions even though he wanted absolutely nothing from me (and never reciprocated my nosiness with personal questions of his own with me). #Quote by Zack Love
New Adult quotes by Abbi Glines
#180. Blaire, even if all we do is kiss or just lay there and talk, I'm okay with that. I just wanted you up here. Close to me. #Quote by Abbi Glines
New Adult quotes by Kat Lieu
#181. My pulses quicken. The thunderous sound of my heart beating fills my eardrums. I'm jealous of a dead girl. Why? Because I think I'm in love with her boyfriend. #Quote by Kat Lieu
New Adult quotes by Christina Lee
#182. Two seeds destined to grow in concert, planted together in the field of love.'" She took in a lungful of air and continued. "'The sky cast wet buckets of dreams and desires, the roots took shape, and the leaves tangled as one. #Quote by Christina Lee
New Adult quotes by Danielle Jamie
#183. It isn't the perfect 'fairytale love story' I read about when I was a little girl. The ones with the perfect Prince Charming and the sweet and innocent princess. Instead, I fell in love with the Harley riding 'bad boy', and Lawson fell for the southern belle with a wild streak a mile wide. But if you ask me, I think eight-year-old me would love the way our happily ever after turned out. #Quote by Danielle Jamie
New Adult quotes by Jennifer Silverwood
#184. The wind and the sea and the storm were his domain and I wanted nothing to do with them any longer. I just wanted Cain. #Quote by Jennifer Silverwood
New Adult quotes by Penelope Douglas
#185. I bite my bottom lip, trying not to cry. I never cry in front of them. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
New Adult quotes by Larna Kleinschmidt
#186. If there's one thing I know, it's that after all the right and wrong things I've done, I'll be eternally grateful for the one thing I did right - giving my heart to you. And I'll be there for all the good and bad days for the rest of my life." Lexa moved down the bed, trying not to put any strain on her wound, so she could lie next to him.
"I'm glad that after everything, you haven't given up on me yet. I'm grateful for that," she whispered, looking over at him. Den rolled onto his side to face her, his free hand ran through her reddish-brown hair.
"Giving up on you is not, and never will be, an option. I know who you are, Lex. Why would I ever give up on you? You're my girl. That won't ever change." He silenced any further protest from her with a kiss. #Quote by Larna Kleinschmidt
New Adult quotes by Tish Thawer
#187. I love you Rose, I love you with everything that I am, which may not be much, but it's all yours. #Quote by Tish Thawer
New Adult quotes by Celeste Grande
#188. I'll be strong for you. Live me, baby. Live for me. Please. #Quote by Celeste Grande
New Adult quotes by Siobhan Davis
#189. I guess it takes one to know one, and two can play that game. #Quote by Siobhan Davis
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#190. I'd love to wake up next to you in this room, in this bed, every day. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Ruby Redhead
#191. Now it's like my whole body is suddenly in revolt. No more. Not one day more. Not one more hour. My body wants sex. #Quote by Ruby Redhead
New Adult quotes by Nikki Rae
#192. I want to tell him I love him; I try to say the words I feel in my gut and my heart and every inch of me. But nothing comes out. #Quote by Nikki Rae
New Adult quotes by Victoria Denault
#193. Sorry! I didn't mean to say that," I mumble into the pillow next to her head.


"No! I mean, I meant what I said. I just didn't mean to tell you. #Quote by Victoria Denault
New Adult quotes by Jen Naumann
#194. You know that feeling when everyone around you is happy and you feel like you're standing back to watch them from afar? Like you're in this crappy little theatre all by yourself, watching the lives of other people who are totally fabulous? Yeah, that's me. #Quote by Jen Naumann
New Adult quotes by Faith Sullivan
#195. If you're around someone who makes you feel good, you have to go for it. Don't hold back. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
New Adult quotes by Bijou Hunter
#196. This date. You're really giving me a chance, right? I need for you to be open to things and not just playing along because I said I would keep chasing. I need a real chance because you've got me all messed up inside."

Staring up at Cooper, I held his gaze and forced a smile. "I like you a lot. I don't think we make any sense, but I wish we did."

"We could though," he said, taking my hand. "You're scared of all the surface stuff. The tats and the way I mouth off, but that's surface. On the inside, I know you're special. It's why I need a chance."

"I'm going on the date."

Sighing, Cooper frowned. "Because I said I would basically stalk you until you said yes."

"I don't expect anything from tonight. Good or bad. I just want to see what happens. I'm giving you a chance. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
New Adult quotes by J.P. Barnaby
#197. So far he'd been there for three hours, hadn't gotten a thing done, was heading out for a free lunch, and was getting paid for it. Jobs were awesome. #Quote by J.P. Barnaby
New Adult quotes by Carrie Butler
#198. Well, why not just snap my damn olive branch and beat me with it? I was only trying to help. #Quote by Carrie Butler
New Adult quotes by Annie Hughes
#199. Once you're in the rumor mill, you never come out. You're stuck, constantly hearing the same half-truth stories about yourself. #Quote by Annie Hughes
New Adult quotes by Stephanie Witter
#200. Love doesn't conquer all; it's a powerful tool to overcome everything because it means you're not alone. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
New Adult quotes by Anuj
#201. Something that is said with the word "YOU" is truly heard by a very few and, that too, listened only of someone who leads a very simple life and regularly says the things refreshingly new because "You" has a tone and texture of an ADVICE, which everyone tries to give than take from others as almost all consider themselves to be WISE. #Quote by Anuj
New Adult quotes by Ralph Ellison
#202. New York!" he said. "That's not a place, it's a dream. #Quote by Ralph Ellison
New Adult quotes by Lights
#203. It's the coolest feeling signing your record. And it's great when people come to your shows and know the words to the new songs. #Quote by Lights
New Adult quotes by Red McCombs
#204. From the time I was a kid, I was always interested in any and all kinds of new business ideas. #Quote by Red McCombs
New Adult quotes by Aldous Huxley
#205. And it's frustrating because you've never been taught how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between your New Year's resolutions and your actual behaviour. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
New Adult quotes by Jarod Kintz
#206. If your TV is broken, don't get a new one - get a new hobby: reading. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
New Adult quotes by Louis Agassiz
#207. America, so far as her physical history is concerned, has been falsely denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the waters, hers the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth beside; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America already stretched an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the Far West. #Quote by Louis Agassiz
New Adult quotes by Elisabeth Pfeffer
#208. I remember the day you left. Tying rocks to your ankles, you said, "I'm going to find a new world, under the ocean." I guess you must be enjoying yourself, I haven't seen you since. #Quote by Elisabeth Pfeffer
New Adult quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#209. The visitor from outer space made a gift to Earth of a new Gospel. In it, Jesus really was a nobody, and a pain in the neck to a lot of people with better connections than he had. He still got to say all the lovely and puzzling things he said in the other Gospels.
So the people amused themselves one day by nailing him to a cross and planting the cross in the ground. There couldn't possibly be any repercussions, the lynchers thought.
The reader would have to think that, too, since the new Gospel hammered home again and again what a nobody Jesus was.
And then, just before the nobody died, the heavens opened up, and there was thunder and lightning. The voice of God came crashing down. He told the people that he was adopting the bum as his son giving him the full powers and privileges of The Son of the Creator of the Universe throughout all eternity. God said this From this moment on, He will punish horribly anybody who torments a bum who has no connections! #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
New Adult quotes by Langhorne Slim
#210. Before I had a record deal, I was living in New York and playing anywhere I could, from somebody's house to an open mic to coffeeshops. #Quote by Langhorne Slim
New Adult quotes by David Berkowitz
#211. The people and the news media used to call me 'The Son of Sam,' but God has given me a new name, 'The Son of Hope,' because now my life is about hope. #Quote by David Berkowitz
New Adult quotes by Kathy Lette
#212. When you've been around as long as me, Lucy, you'll know that there are three types of sex ... One - brand-new, kitchen-table sex. Two - bedroom sex. Then number three - hallway sex, when you pass each other in the hallway and say 'Fuck you.' - Lockie #Quote by Kathy Lette
New Adult quotes by Richard Feynman
#213. It was such a shock to me to see that a committee of men could present a whole lot of ideas, each one thinking of a new facet, while remembering what the other fella said, so that, at the end, the decision is made as to which idea was the best - summing it all up - without having to say it three times. These were very great men indeed. #Quote by Richard Feynman
New Adult quotes by Iliza Shlesinger
#214. I was in New York last Christmas - it's snowing; there's a guy in a t-shirt. I'm like, 'Dude, aren't you cold?' 'No, I'm from New York. I don't get cold.' Just 'cause you're from a cold place doesn't mean you're genetically predisposed to not feeling cold. You're not a penguin. I was like, 'In fact, sir, you're Puerto Rican, so if anything, you should be more cold. #Quote by Iliza Shlesinger
New Adult quotes by Taya Kyle
#215. Back home, Chris struggled to readjust, physically and mentally. He also faced another decision-reenlist, or leave the Navy and start a new life in the civilian world.
This time, he seemed to be leaning toward getting out-he'd been discussing other jobs and had already talked to people about what he might do next.
It was his decision, one way or another. But if I'd been resigned to his reenlistment last go-around, this time I was far more determined to let him know I thought he should get out.
There were two important reasons for him to leave-our children. They really needed to have him around as they grew. And I made that a big part of my argument.
But the most urgent reason was Chris himself. I saw what the war was doing to him physically. His body was breaking down with multiple injuries, big and small. There were rings under his eyes even when he had slept. His blood pressure was through the roof. He had to wall himself off more and more.
I didn't think he could survive another deployment.
"I'll support you whatever you decide," I told him. "I want to be married to you. But the only way I can keep making sense of this is…I need to do the best for the kids and me. If you have to keep doing what is best for you and those you serve, at some point I owe it to myself and those I serve to do the same. For me, that is moving to Oregon."
For me, that meant moving from San Diego to Oregon, where we could live near my folks. That would give our so #Quote by Taya Kyle
New Adult quotes by Kenneth Grant
#216. Spare's drawings were always inspired by the New Aesthetic, the New Sexuality. They amount almost to masturbation in line; the line coils and curls upon itself and mounts the steep incline of ecstasy as the amazing sigils are woven into a complex web of dream. To follow closely the line of some of his Sabbatic drawings is to leave earth and dive obliquely between those spaces that Lovecraft celebrated in his nightmare tales. Such drawings are themselves the gateway to the Sabbath; one is drawn into a vortex and whirled down the funnel of consciousness which explodes into unknown worlds. Spare would not reveal the magical graphs that unsealed the cells of these eldritch dimensions… #Quote by Kenneth Grant
New Adult quotes by Mahmood Mamdani
#217. So the history of the modern state can also be read as the history of race, bringing together the stories of two kinds of victims of European political modernity: the internal victims of state building and the external victims of imperial expansion. Hannah Arendt noted this in her monumental study on the Holocaust, which stands apart for one reason: rather than talk about the uniqueness of the Holocaust, Arendt sited it in the imperial history of genocide. The history she sketched was that of European settlers killing off native populations. Arendt understood the history of imperialism through the workings of racism and bureaucracy, institutions forged in the course of European expansion into the non-European world: "Of the two main political devices of imperialist rule, race was discovered in South Africa, and bureaucracy in Algeria, Egypt and India." Hannah Arendt's blind spot was the New World. Both racism and genocide had occurred in the American colonies earlier than in South Africa. The near decimation of Native Americans through a combination of slaughter, disease, and dislocation was, after all, the first recorded genocide in modern history. #Quote by Mahmood Mamdani
New Adult quotes by Jennifer Niven
#218. I skim through our notebook, thick with words, and then through our Facebook messages - so many now - and then I write a new one, quoting Virginia Woolf: Let us wander whirling to the gilt chairs. ... Are we not acceptable, moon? Are we not lovely sitting together here ... ? #Quote by Jennifer Niven
New Adult quotes by Hugh Dancy
#219. I've not as yet found one hobby that would absorb me completely when I'm not working, but I have just bought a new apartment and didn't quite bargain for the amount of effort and time and money that that absorbs. #Quote by Hugh Dancy
New Adult quotes by David Novak
#220. I first came to Jewish-Catholic relations in 1963, while studying for the rabbinate at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. #Quote by David Novak
New Adult quotes by Robert Jay Lifton
#221. When I was still in my psychiatric residency training in New York City, I was subjected to the doctor draft of that time, during the early fifties, at the time of the Korean War. #Quote by Robert Jay Lifton
New Adult quotes by Susan Jacoby
#222. I feel culturally Jewish because of the way that I have lived my adult life. #Quote by Susan Jacoby
New Adult quotes by Robert Lowell
#223. In the American Grain"
"Ninth grade, and bicycling the Jersey highways:
I am a writer. I was half-wasp already,
I changed my shirt and trousers twice a day.
My poems came back ... often rejected, though never
forgotten in New York, this Jewish state
with insomniac minorities.
I am sick of the enlightenment:
what Wall Street prints, the mafia distributes;
when talent starves in a garret, they buy the garret.
Bill Williams made less than Band-Aids on his writing,
he could never write the King's English of The New Yorker.
I am not William Carlos Williams. He
knew the germ on every flower, and saw
the snake is a petty, rather pathetic creature. #Quote by Robert Lowell
New Adult quotes by Godfrey Winn
#224. The dull routine of our daily job takes on a new significance, assumes a beauty and importance undreamt of before, if we consider it from the angle of service to God. #Quote by Godfrey Winn
New Adult quotes by Rodney Williams Jr.
#225. Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience some-thing and some-one new. Seize the opportunity. Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world. #Quote by Rodney Williams Jr.
New Adult quotes by A.R. Rahman
#226. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Thank you for sending me Christmas and New Year greetings yet again. Welcome back to India ... Would have loved to host you at my concert in Baroda on the 26th! #Quote by A.R. Rahman
New Adult quotes by Carlo Zen
#227. Those who can adapt to the sudden paradigm shift and new environment do. Obey the rules. Search for the loopholes. Sneer at the guidelines despite being bound by them. In the end, everyone learns that rules are necessary to make the system run smoothly. #Quote by Carlo Zen
New Adult quotes by John Crowley
#228. In those ancient rooms near the center of Belaire all our wisdom originates, born in the gossip's mind as she sits to watch the Filing System or think on the saints. Things come together, and the saint or the System reveals a new thing not thought before to be there, but which once born spirals out like Path along the cords, being changed by them as it goes. As I got older, the stories of the saints which Painted Red told absorbed me more and more; when one day I stayed after everyone else had gone, hoping to hear more, Painted Red said to me: 'Remember, Rush, there's no one who would not rather be happy than be a saint.' I nodded, but I didn't know what she meant. It seemed to me that anyone who was a saint would have to be happy. I wanted to be a saint, though I told no one, and the thought gave me nothing but joy. #Quote by John Crowley
New Adult quotes by Thomas Hager
#229. Where there were once several competing approaches to medicine, there is now only one that matters to most hospitals, insurers, and the vast majority of the public. One that has been shaped to a great degree by the successful development of potent cures that followed the discovery of sulfa drugs. Aspiring caregivers today are chosen as much (or more) for their scientific abilities, their talent for mastering these manifold technological and pharmaceutical advances as for their interpersonal skills. A century ago most physicians were careful, conservative observers who provided comfort to patients and their families. Today they act: They prescribe, they treat, they cure. They routinely perform what were once considered miracles. The result, in the view of some, has been a shift in the profession from caregiver to technician. The powerful new drugs changed how care was given as well as who gave it. #Quote by Thomas Hager
New Adult quotes by Jen Naumann
#230. No one will say it to my face, but it's so obvious they think I actually murdered Gavin. As if I would actually want to hurt the guy I was in love with. Still, I see it in their eyes, the way they avoid crossing my path as if I'll snap and go after them next. I hear it in their accusatory whispers that fill the hallways as I pass by. The signs that I'm generally considered guilty are everywhere. #Quote by Jen Naumann
New Adult quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
#231. Research from these new disciplines has revealed that trauma produces actual physiological changes, including a recalibration of the brain's alarm system, an increase in stress hormone activity, and alterations in the system that filters relevant information from irrelevant. We now know that trauma compromises the brain area that communicates the physical, embodied feeling of being alive. These changes explain why traumatized individuals become hypervigilant to threat at the expense of spontaneously engaging in their day-to-day lives. They also help us understand why traumatized people so often keep repeating the same problems and have such trouble learning from experience. We now know that their behaviors are not the result of moral failings or signs of lack of willpower or bad character - they are caused by actual changes in the brain. This #Quote by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
New Adult quotes by Jen Calonita
#232. Mila held out a dress so lovely that Snow gasped. She lovingly touched the blue bodice with the cap sleeves that had red accents woven throughout and the shining yellow satin. She hadn't had anything new to wear in a very long time. She almost hesitated to put the dress on- what if she ruined it in the woods? But when else would she have a chance to wear such a fine gown? She slipped into it with glee. #Quote by Jen Calonita
New Adult quotes by Monks Of New Skete
#233. ...spiritual dryness is not a problem. It only seems a problem because it's such a contrast with the good feelings of the honeymoon stage. ...this night will continue to go on, often getting worse, throughout our life. But if we persevere in our spiritual journey, we will be able to perceive in it positive meaning and learn to understand it. Then we can move beyond it to the freedom that places our feelings in proper perspective. #Quote by Monks Of New Skete
New Adult quotes by David Hallberg
#234. Ballet is certainly appreciated in New York, but it has been a part of the Russian culture, history and heritage for hundreds of years, so it's much more instilled in the Russian blood. #Quote by David Hallberg
New Adult quotes by Charles Dickens
#235. The pony preserved his character for independence and principle down to the last moment of his life; which was an unusually long one, and caused him to be looked upon, indeed, as the very Old Parr of ponies. He often went to and fro with the little phaeton between Mr. Garland's and his son's, and, as the old people and the young were frequently together, had a stable of his own at the new establishment, into which he would walk of himself with surprising dignity. He condescended to play with the children, as they grew old enough to cultivate his friendship, and would run up and down the little paddock with them like a dog; but though he relaxed so far, and allowed them such freedoms as caresses, or even to look at his shoes or hang on by his tail, he never permitted anyone among them to mount his back or drive him; thus showing that even their familiarity must have its limits, and that there were points between them far too serious for trifling.
He was not unsusceptible of warm attachments in his later life, for when the good Bachelor came to live with Mr. Garland upon the clergyman's decease, he conceived a great friendship for him, and amiably submitted to be driven by his hands without the least resistance. He did no work for two or three years before he died, but lived on clover; and his last act (like a choleric old gentleman) was to kick his doctor. #Quote by Charles Dickens
New Adult quotes by Alex Day
#236. If real, regular, normal, boring life, (when you're at home every day, seeing the same people, doing the same things) is like sitting at home on the floor surrounded by toys ... traveling feels to me like going to Toys R Us with your toy box and getting to trade stuff in and buy new things and explore whole new ideas. #Quote by Alex Day
New Adult quotes by Carl Paladino
#237. If you're a citizen of the State of New York, your kid has as much a right as another kid to an education, and the best education. The money should be distributed equally to all. #Quote by Carl Paladino
New Adult quotes by Ryu Si-won
#238. An age where you feel like you could love anyone, where you put everything on the line for the smallest of things. Eighteen. Adults say that it's an age where we laugh if a leaf tumbles by. But back then, we were more serious than any adult, more intense, and had our strength tested. 1997. That was how our eighteen was beginning. #Quote by Ryu Si-won
New Adult quotes by Diane Meier
#239. But for a long time, and probably far too long, I had a secret wish: the adolescently romantic idea that there was someone out there for me; someone I hadn't met yet who would ask me on a date and make sense of my life. I harbored the hope, I'm now embarrassed to admit, that like a girl in a Lifetime movie, I would look into someone's eyes and find a reflection of my inner life. But sometime between my teenage years and the first years in New York, that idea had pretty well evaporated. I'd grown up. #Quote by Diane Meier
New Adult quotes by Grace Lee Boggs
#240. With the end of empire, we are coming to an end of the epoch of rights. We have entered the epoch of responsibilities, which requires new, more socially-minded human beings and new, more participatory and place-based concepts of citizenship and democracy. #Quote by Grace Lee Boggs

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