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Famous Quotes About Networking

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Networking quotes by Timothy M. Houston
#1. Networking is not a part-time or occasional exercise. Everywhere we go, we haven an opportunity to network with others. #Quote by Timothy M. Houston
Networking quotes by Greg Egan
#2. It was still the pre-eminent social networking site for the 0-3 age group #Quote by Greg Egan
Networking quotes by Timothy M. Houston
#3. When you are networking you are doing more than just marketing your business; you are marketing yourself. #Quote by Timothy M. Houston
Networking quotes by Sarah
#4. Googling is not spying. It's social networking. #Quote by Sarah
Networking quotes by Michele Jennae
#5. A COnNeCtworker is a networker that Considers Others' Needs Continually. #Quote by Michele Jennae
Networking quotes by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
#6. There is no growth strategy with networking and expansion. #Quote by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Networking quotes by Brian Basilico
#7. Social networking can also have a negative effect on relationships when you only treat people as potential sales. The responsibility to build a relationship lies with you and depends on how you choose to use social media. #Quote by Brian Basilico
Networking quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#8. Wearing a mask can thus be a strange thing: sometimes, more often than we tend to believe, there is more truth in the mask that in what we assume to be our "real self. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Networking quotes by Morag Barrett
#9. Forget "six degrees of separation" today it's "six degrees of CONNECTION. #Quote by Morag Barrett
Networking quotes by Perry Brass
#10. Start a conversation with someone with whom you have "nothing in common" and no possibility of scoring with, networking with, or even seeing again. In other words, a conversation just for the civilized hell of it. #Quote by Perry Brass
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#11. I make friends as easily as water freezes in an active volcano. Remember: handshakes feel more natural if you leave your rubber gloves at home. Unless you enjoy networking in public restrooms. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#12. People like people who are like them. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Andrea Lavinthal
#13. The only thing worse than a social networking junkie who breaks out in a cold sweat if she hasn't updated her page in the past ten seconds is the person (usually it's a guy) who proudly refuses to join Facebook. You know, that same d-bag who held out on getting a cell phone until, like, 2002. #Quote by Andrea Lavinthal
Networking quotes by Michael Bennet
#14. As we all become increasingly reliant on social networking websites and new technologies to stay connected, it's important to remain cognizant of how private personal information and data is handled. #Quote by Michael Bennet
Networking quotes by Marissa Mayer
#15. Will the social networking phenomenon lessen? I don't think so. #Quote by Marissa Mayer
Networking quotes by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
#16. Stay open to the possibility that a relationship may evolve over time. Have Patience. #Quote by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
Networking quotes by Sherry Turkle
#17. Networked, we are together, but so lessened are our expectations of each other that we can feel utterly alone. And there is the risk that we come to see others as objects to be accessed - and only for the parts we find useful, comforting, or amusing. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#18. Authenticity comes from being true to the moment, in the moment. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Heidi
#19. Relationship networking is about who you know and more importantly, who knows you. Building the right network can open new doors to future success in your business. #Quote by Heidi
Networking quotes by Richie Norton
#20. You have to dig a well before you can draw water from it. #Quote by Richie Norton
Networking quotes by Reid Hoffman
#21. The reason the social-networking phenomenon is something that I invested in early and massively - I led the Series A financing for Friendster; I founded a company called Socialnet in 1997; I founded LinkedIn; and I was part of the first round of financing in Facebook - it sounds trivial, but people matter. #Quote by Reid Hoffman
Networking quotes by Reid Hoffman
#22. One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it's making cold calls to strangers. Actually, it's the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you're dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you. #Quote by Reid Hoffman
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#23. Hard at work? I'll give you a hand - my right hand. It's a handshake, for networking and encouragement purposes. Keep it up! #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Christina Engela
#24. The Beetle's body, whether it be a '49 split or a '73 Jeans Bug, or an '03 Mexican, was originally conceived in the mid 1930's. This is evident in it's body styling which aside from it's rear engine layout and absence of front radiator (or radiator!) grille, is very similar to other cars of the same period. Believe it or not, in those days streamlining was a hot new concept, kind of like how wireless networking is today with computing.
The only problem was, in the beginning they didn't seem to realize that streamlining ought to be applied sideways as well as longitudinally! #Quote by Christina Engela
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#25. Thou shalt not think that thou be a leader, merely because thee be having more than 0 followers. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Sukant Ratnakar
#26. I don't buy or sell relationships, so let's talk business. #Quote by Sukant Ratnakar
Networking quotes by Jaron Lanier
#27. Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won't fit into the template available to you on a social networking site. #Quote by Jaron Lanier
Networking quotes by Jamie Johnson
#28. Personally, I can't see the appeal in trekking down to D.C. for a networking extravaganza, even if it is built around a special moment in American history. While I find the election of Barack Obama inspirational, I don't have a desire to memorialize it with overly effusive celebration. #Quote by Jamie Johnson
Networking quotes by Jaron Lanier
#29. As information technology becomes millions of times more powerful, any particular use of it becomes correspondingly cheaper. Thus, it has become commonplace to expect online services (not just news, but 21st century treats like search or social networking) to be given for free, or rather, in exchange for acquiescence to being spied on. #Quote by Jaron Lanier
Networking quotes by Melanie Pinola
#30. Your LinkedIn profile must include keywords for specific skills that match your desired job. #Quote by Melanie Pinola
Networking quotes by Steve Woodruff
#31. What we offer needs to be a clear and obvious fit for our customers. We need to help others envision exactly what they're buying - in concrete terms. #Quote by Steve Woodruff
Networking quotes by Adele Scheele
#32. Connecting expands possibilities - in work and in life - for ourselves as well as for others. #Quote by Adele Scheele
Networking quotes by Robert A. Schuller
#33. Don't let a temporal way to connect be a poor substitute for an eternal way. Without first being connected vertically to God, all the social networking contacts in the world won't be enough. #Quote by Robert A. Schuller
Networking quotes by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
#34. Tapping into likability doesn't mean you have to be constantly perky and bright. It's about productive and authentic energy. #Quote by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#35. I'm so shy I make Bigfoot look like a socialite. Networking's not a mystery to me - but I'm mythical to networking. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#36. Networking isn't synonymous with partying. If you're doing it right, partying seems libraryesque in comparison. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Jamie McGuire
#37. Shepley threw a french fry at his cousin. "Get your lips outta my girl's ear, Trav!" "Networking! I'm networking! #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Networking quotes by Mary Louise Kelly
#38. The future success of online social networking sites as an advertising medium depends on its acceptance as an advertising vehicle that can deliver a message to a micro-target in a manner that will be well received and that increases the likelihood of interaction. #Quote by Mary Louise Kelly
Networking quotes by Timothy M. Houston
#39. Referrals are the privilege of the opportunity given to you by someone else to potentially do business with someone who wants, needs or desires the products or services you offer #Quote by Timothy M. Houston
Networking quotes by Monroe Mann
#40. Traditional Networking: "Trying to get media attention."
Guerrilla Networking: "Doing such cool things that the media are vying for your attention. #Quote by Monroe Mann
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#41. We have learned about some people from their social media feeds way more than their families have learned from years of living with them. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#42. When we come from an authentic, genuine place in ourselves, our efforts to connect with people work to their fullest. Our relationships develop more easily and last longer, and we feel better about the people #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#43. People are more apt to remember how you made them feel than what you said. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Beth Ramsay
#44. For gosh sakes, it's not a horse race as to how many business cards you can fling out there! What a turn-off. #Quote by Beth Ramsay
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#45. Thou shalt not use the 140 characters limit as an excuse for bad grammar and/or incorrect spelling. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Julian Baggini
#46. On social networking sites, we may expose ourselves, but we choose to do so. We are in control and, often wrongly, we do not feel we are giving away tradable data. #Quote by Julian Baggini
Networking quotes by David Brooks
#47. Social networking technology allows us to spend our time engaged in a hypercompetitive struggle for attention, for victories in the currency of "likes." People are given more occasions to be self-promoters, to embrace the characteristics of celebrity, to manage their own image, to Snapchat out their selfies in ways that they hope will impress and please the world. This technology creates a culture in which people turn into little brand managers, using Facebook, Twitter, text messages, and Instagram to create a falsely upbeat, slightly overexuberant, external self that can be famous first in a small sphere and then, with luck, in a large one. The manager of this self measures success by the flow of responses it gets. The social media maven spends his or her time creating a self-caricature, a much happier and more photogenic version of real life. People subtly start comparing themselves to other people's highlight reels, and of course they feel inferior. #Quote by David Brooks
Networking quotes by Neal Stephenson
#48. with the perky vigor of a man who had sat through one too many free webinars about the importance of networking. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#49. When you project your authentic self, people will respond to and connect with it. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Meg Whitman
#50. You look at the tremendous success of Facebook. To my mind there is not a lot of commerce going on in these social networking sites. eBay is a community anchored in commerce. It is a commerce site that built a community around it. What has not been proven is if the reverse can happen and people will go to community sites to do commerce. #Quote by Meg Whitman
Networking quotes by Peace
#51. They will leave you alone with your thoughts, planting subtle hints and suggestions over social networking to encourage your paranoia. #Quote by Peace
Networking quotes by Tara Reid
#52. The [film] industry, from the franchise on, has dramatically changed, not just with us, but with social networking. The social working has changed dramatically, especially in the way you promote films. It's instant. #Quote by Tara Reid
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#53. With networking, some people build bridges, some people burn bridges, and some people, like myself, use a boat to cross the river that divides us from one another. Well, with all the animals I associate with, it's more of an ark than a boat. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Melanie Pinola
#54. Your LinkedIn profile should leave no room for doubt about the kind of job you're looking for and why you're the best person for that position. #Quote by Melanie Pinola
Networking quotes by Ryan Holmes
#55. While consumer social like Facebook and Twitter gets the headlines, perhaps the greatest untapped potential for social networking lies in business applications. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Networking quotes by Melanie Fiona
#56. The social networking sites are such good way to keep in touch with your fans, it's quick and simple and it keeps your fans interested in what you're doing. #Quote by Melanie Fiona
Networking quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#57. I really enjoy computer networking. #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Networking quotes by Anne  Eliot
#58. Yeah…uh, about Facebook…all that social networking. I don't have it. My parents check my sister's emails, Facebook, and texts like stalkers. In order to get our cell phones, Kika and I had to agree to the Jordan Household No Privacy Act. I do have a school email account. But Facebook and Twitter…if you're me…there's no point. You'd be my only 'friend' besides my family. #Quote by Anne Eliot
Networking quotes by Noah Fregger
#59. And then there was that stupid social networking system, how it had just seemed like the most convenient vessel for the average narcissist. How I'd despised those who couldn't eat a meal without prodding through their glowing portable Internet devices, searching for some tasty piece of gossip, or perhaps just something to complain about.
But that social network had become an overnight epidemic - I'd watched as the daily ways in which we'd lived our lives became molded to fit this shallow instrument. It was a vast change - whether it was social evolution or de- evolution, I wasn't quite sure; but before I knew it, by society's standards, it was I that had become the social leper. #Quote by Noah Fregger
Networking quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#60. In books, coaching sessions, and networking events aimed at the white-collar unemployed, the seeker soon encounters ideologies that are explicitly hostile to any larger, social understanding of his or her situation. The most blatant of these, in my experience, was the EST-like, victim-blaming ideology represented by Patrick Knowles and the books he recommended to his boot-camp participants. Recall that at the boot camp, the timid suggestion that there might be an outer world defined by the market or ruled by CEOs was immediately rebuked; there was only us, the job seekers. It was we who had to change. In a milder form, the constant injunction to maintain a winning attitude carries the same message: look inward, not outward; the world is entirely what you will it to be. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#61. The longer a person's twitter @username is, the harder it is to argue with them … on twitter. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Louise Burfitt-Dons
#62. Bullying behaviour can be communicated via text, mobile phones, internet, social networking sites, forums. But we can't limit it because these messages are then reinforced by television which glamorises yelling, swearing and vulgar behaviour as the way to walk the red carpet of acceptance. #Quote by Louise Burfitt-Dons
Networking quotes by Scottie Thompson
#63. I don't really go out and do too much like networking and Hollywood events kind of thing. But I do some writing, and I find it helps me as an actor in terms of giving yourself back the power and feeling a bit of strength in that respect. #Quote by Scottie Thompson
Networking quotes by Itzik Amiel
#64. Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows #Quote by Itzik Amiel
Networking quotes by Sherry Turkle
#65. Online life is practice to make the rest of life better, but it is also a pleasure in itself. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Networking quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#66. The social organization makes man dependent on one another. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Networking quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
#67. We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenues for the next Bob Dylan to be born on. #Quote by Jon Bon Jovi
Networking quotes by David Cheriton
#68. I must admit that I don't really understand social networking models that well, and I haven't tried to because I have just not been enthused about this whole thing. #Quote by David Cheriton
Networking quotes by Bob Burg
#69. The most successful network marketers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person's needs ahead of their own. #Quote by Bob Burg
Networking quotes by David Ulevitch
#70. I think anything which promotes heterogeneity on the Internet promotes stability. Diversity in services, service providers, and separating the layers of the networking stack are all important. #Quote by David Ulevitch
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#71. To make meaningful connections in an authentic way, you have to project the best parts of your true self. In other words, before you expect others to like you, you have to like you--that is the law of self-image. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Michael Anti
#72. So why is Chinese social networking booming despite the censorship? Part of the reason is the Chinese language. Posts on Twitter and Twitter clones such as Weibo are limited to 140 characters. In English that comes to about 20 words or a sentence with a short link - in effect, a headline. But in Chinese you can write a whole paragraph or tell a whole story in 140 characters. One Chinese tweet is equal to 3.5 English tweets. In some ways, Weibo (which means "microblog" in Chinese) is more like Facebook than Twitter. As far as the Chinese are concerned, if something is not on Weibo, it does not exist. #Quote by Michael Anti
Networking quotes by Simon Sinek
#73. The value of networking is not measured by the number of people we meet but by the number of people we introduce to others. #Quote by Simon Sinek
Networking quotes by Itzik Amiel
#74. It is not only business to business sake but human to human sake. #Quote by Itzik Amiel
Networking quotes by Kevin Mitnick
#75. New security loopholes are constantly popping up because of wireless networking. The cat-and-mouse game between hackers and system administrators is still in full swing. #Quote by Kevin Mitnick
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#76. Networking is more quality, and less quantity. It's better to form a solid connection with one new person, than a liquid connection with ten. You don't want people to think you drink too much. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
#77. What being among the 'right people' entails is the possession of human capital, rather than organizational capital: an individual reputation, portable skills, and network connections. Career responsibility is squarely in the hands of individuals, a function of their knowledge and networks. Transferable knowledge is more important to a career than firm-specific knowledge. #Quote by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Networking quotes by Joseph Fink
#78. LAUREN: We here at Strexcorp Synergists, Inc., are dedicated to the betterment of life through branding, social networking, and upbeat music.
KEVIN: And hard work.
LAUREN: I'm pretty sure it's implied that hard work is part of it, Kevin.
KEVIN: I'm pretty sure I didn't ask for your feedback. #Quote by Joseph Fink
Networking quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#79. I was also one of those people who hadn't caught up with the latest social networking site. Maura belonged to most of them. She passed most evenings befriending men who had tried to date-rape her in high school, but I was still stuck in the last virtual community, a sad place to be, like Europe, say, during the Black Death. Whenever I cruised this site, with its favorites lists and its paeans to somebody's cousin's gas station art gallery, I could not help but think of medieval corpses in the spring-thaw mud, buboes sprouted in every armpit and anus, black bile curling out of frozen mouths. Those of us still cursed with life wandered the blasted dales of this stricken network, wept and moaned and flogged ourselves with frayed AC adaptors, called out for God to strike us dead, or else let us find somebody who liked similar bands. #Quote by Sam Lipsyte
Networking quotes by Diane Helbig
#80. Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come. #Quote by Diane Helbig
Networking quotes by Nick Rynerson
#81. Have you ever read a wonderful quote that you want to post on your twitter/facebook/blog/whatever but you feel like it may come off as "not Christian enough" or just a little theologically lacking? #Quote by Nick Rynerson
Networking quotes by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
#82. Harness your curiosity to initiate conversations and open avenues of dialogue. #Quote by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
Networking quotes by Amit Kalantri
#83. In the information age, man and spider both live in a web. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Networking quotes by Joel Stein
#84. Being in New York and having worked at Time Out New York and then being at Time, living in New York for a long time has helped because I know everybody. And they're the people who call me and give me jobs. So that kind of real networking, which is just living in a place and having jobs where people around you are extremely successful, has helped me tremendously. #Quote by Joel Stein
Networking quotes by David Chiles
#85. Ignore errors in updates because you never know the context in real life, mobile or otherwise. #Quote by David Chiles
Networking quotes by David Chiles
#86. In real life, it's good Netiquette to limit yourself to a two drink maximum when social networking. #Quote by David Chiles
Networking quotes by Earl G. Graves, Sr.
#87. What makes networking work is that it sets up win-win situations in which all parties involved get to take something home. Networking is a sharing process. Until you understand that, you won't have much of a network. #Quote by Earl G. Graves, Sr.
Networking quotes by Seth Godin
#88. Social Networking that matters is helping people archive their goals. Doing it reliably and repeatability so that over time people have an interest in helping you achieve your goals. #Quote by Seth Godin
Networking quotes by Michele Jennae
#89. But to be a connectworker, one must have an overall positive influence on people, and Victor has really made the switch. #Quote by Michele Jennae
Networking quotes by Karen Quan
#90. I hate when I'm not done with my cup but my mom decides to put it in the dishwasher anyway and the cup isn't dishwasher safe. I keep telling my mom that my origami coffee mugs are hand wash ONLY. Handshakes are also hand wash only.
-Karen Quan and Jarod Kintz #Quote by Karen Quan
Networking quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#91. Time came. Or so I was later told. Sometimes, idealistic people are put off the whole business of networking as something tainted by flattery and the pursuit of selfish advantage. But virtue in obscurity is rewarded only in heaven. To succeed in this world, you have to be known to people. Nevertheless, #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Networking quotes by Brooke Hauser
#92. Facebook is the perfect place to try on different identities until she finds one that sticks. #Quote by Brooke Hauser
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#93. When I got a networking event, I don't see a crowd of strangers - I see an admiring audience waiting for me to perform so they can applaud me and throw me flowers and business. I always cry as I'm being escorted out, because people today just don't appreciate good art when they see it. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Adam Nevill
#94. It's like you said, it's all about P.R. these days. Brand management. Social networking. The corporatization of our own experience. We're all our very own communications directors. But what a load of bollocks it all is when you're faced by something like this. #Quote by Adam Nevill
Networking quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#95. A lot of people are on the internet searching for fifteen minutes of fame I've been on it so long and so often I'm looking for fifteen minutes of Freedom #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Networking quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#96. Vulnerability gives us freedom, power and connects us to a network of injured souls. It is through the art of being real that we can heal ourself and others. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Networking quotes by Robert Powell
#97. With the advent of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites, genuine privacy can only be found by renting a private villa for a holiday. #Quote by Robert Powell
Networking quotes by Joan Marques
#98. Social gatherings can serve three purposes: networking, gossip, or politics. Many care about the social, some about the gatherings, and a few about neither... #Quote by Joan Marques
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#99. Social networking platforms made it unnecessary to know people to know people. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Martijn Benders
#100. Movements in literature were not caricatures - in the sense that they actually functioned as an ideology in politics does. As now a monopolistic ideology in politics prevails in the literature as well a single movement prevails: that of networking as a literary quality. Quality = networking is the magic formula: take a Krijn Peter Hesselink, never managed to score a positive review but reviews are old news: it is only referential authority trickling down from that network pyramid that counts. Thus, nowadays its perfectly possible to be on top of the Pyramid without ever getting a positive review, or - even worse - I even see people rising in literary ranks that have never written any books at all. Ergo, your point that another ideology would make a 'caricature' of literary history is exactly the same reasoning used by neoliberals to deconstruct any political change: another ideology? Impossible, because they no longer exist, only we still exist.

In this way you get a pyramid shape you also see in popular music. It's still the bands from the 70's and 80's who earn the big money. New talent can't really play ball anymore. This of course embedded in a sauce of eternal talent shows, because the incumbent males have to just keep pretending they are everyone's benefactors. In the literature its the same: it is still Pfeijffer that gets the large sums of money from the Foundation of Literature, and it's still Samuel Vriezen pretending that that doesn't matter.

#Quote by Martijn Benders
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#101. Building relationships is not about transactions - it's about connections. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Edward Norton
#102. Instead of telling the world what you're eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that's meaningful. #Quote by Edward Norton
Networking quotes by Thorsten Heins
#103. A good browser, apps, good camera, and fast networking in your smartphone is just expected today. #Quote by Thorsten Heins
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#104. Thou shalt not follow someone, merely because they are following you. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Sylvia Ostry
#105. One must be wary of the view that these loose and diverse coalitions represent a new form of globalized participatory democracy. The dissent industry is largely a product of the Internet revolution. Inexpensive, borderless, real-time networking provides advocacy non-governmental organizations [NGOs] with economies of scale and also of scope by linking widely disparate groups with one common theme. #Quote by Sylvia Ostry
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#106. Our perceptions of others are our realities about them. This is the law of perception. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Nina Power
#107. If men and women are at all times supposed to be a kind of walking CV, constantly networking, constantly advertising themselves, then this 'body' is the prime locus for any understanding of the way in which the logic of employment overcodes our very comportment. #Quote by Nina Power
Networking quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#108. The kind of dreams you have determines the kind of people to get connected to. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Networking quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#109. Good team and network promotes amazing results. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Networking quotes by Timothy M. Houston
#110. Treat each event you attend and each person that you meet as if it were an appointment with your one of your best clients -- even if you are meeting that person for the very first time. #Quote by Timothy M. Houston
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#111. But continuing to initiate conversations and be curious about people is fundamental to building valuable relationships, because curiosity creates connections - that is the law of curiosity. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Lois Gibbs
#112. It will take a massive effort to move society from corporate domination, in which industry's rights to pollute and damage health and the environment supersede the public's right to live, work, and play in safety. This is a political fight. The science is already there, showing that people's health is at risk. To win, we will need to keep building the movement, networking with one another, planning, strategizing, and moving forward. Our children's futures, and those of their unborn children, are at stake. #Quote by Lois Gibbs
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#113. I went to a networking event once. I passed out before I passed out my business cards. My business was called Blacked Out, and I think it's more effective to show than tell. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#114. When you decide to meet - in person - someone that you met online, would you then be taking your relationship to the 'previous' level? #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#115. A follow-up letter is best when not written on the back of a suicide note. Remember this next time you're at a networking event, unless your new connection is a mortician. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Sallie Krawcheck
#116. Networking is the No. 1 unwritten rule of success in business. #Quote by Sallie Krawcheck
Networking quotes by Bill Gates
#117. This social-networking thing takes you to crazy places. #Quote by Bill Gates
Networking quotes by Dalia Grybauskaite
#118. The precondition of success and entry to the top politics is primarily one's will - that is, making one's own decisions, because it means having to leave your home or move your family, quit social networking and build new contacts, [since] central governments are seated in capitals. #Quote by Dalia Grybauskaite
Networking quotes by Harvey MacKay
#119. My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don't keep score. #Quote by Harvey MacKay
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#120. Too many abused beers have suffered in the name of networking. Let us find a better way to mix torture and business. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Lauren Carr
#121. These young writers nowadays. They spend more time networking to promote their writing careers than writing their books. Maybe that's why there are so few good ones anymore. #Quote by Lauren Carr
Networking quotes by Jay Samit
#122. Networking is all about connecting with people. But then again, isn't that what life is about? The more time you can find to get out of the office and build true friendships, the farther your startup will go. Entrepreneurs need to remember to spend as much time working on their business as they do in their business. #Quote by Jay Samit
Networking quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
#123. The more you enter, the more you become locked in. Your social-networking site becomes a central platform - a closed silo of content, and one that does not give you full control over your information in it. The more this kind of architecture gains widespread use, the more the Web becomes fragmented, and the less we enjoy a single, universal information space. #Quote by Tim Berners-Lee
Networking quotes by Ben Rattray
#124. Social networking technology didn't really exist until 2004-2005. I had the idea to use this technology to bridge this gap between a general interest in addressing social issues and the practical action. #Quote by Ben Rattray
Networking quotes by Susan C. Young
#125. Not everyone is always going to like you. What impresses one person may turn another away. To thine own self be true. #Quote by Susan C. Young
Networking quotes by David Sze
#126. I think that it will be the mobile technologies, both from the enterprise and the consumer side, where super unicorns will come from. I still believe that social networking in combination with mobile will create opportunities for super unicorns. #Quote by David Sze
Networking quotes by Alexa Von Tobel
#127. While I strongly encourage my readers to take advantage of the Internet and social networking platforms to gain a greater understanding of their personal finances, it is extremely important to be safe, smart, and responsible when it comes to sharing, discussing, and managing your finances online. #Quote by Alexa Von Tobel
Networking quotes by David Chiles
#128. Being comfortable with online contact is a central part of netiquette. Stay in your zone. #Quote by David Chiles
Networking quotes by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
#129. Before the Internet, before BBSes and Fidonet and Usenet and LiveJournal and blogs and Facebook and Twitter, before the World Wide Web and hot-and-cold-online-everything, science fiction fandom had a long-lived, robust, well-debugged technology of social networking and virtual community. #Quote by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#130. Last weekend I went out of my comfort zone to go hang out with people I'd only heard about, and I met one new person who turned out to be a very valuable contact. I should try networking at my family reunions more often, because that's how I finally met my dad. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#131. [Facebook] is shaping a broader web. If you look back for the past five or seven years, the story about social networking has really been about getting people connected ... But if you look forward for the next five years, I think that the story people are going to remember five years from now isn't how this one site was built; it is how every single service that you use is now going to be better with your friends. #Quote by Mark Zuckerberg
Networking quotes by Steve Woodruff
#132. Your audience is waiting for your stories. They have memory slots tailor-made to light up and remember you. #Quote by Steve Woodruff
Networking quotes by Alexa Chung
#133. Where will this all end up? Will we completely lose our ability to be private, respectful, subtle? Will romance die? Often I long for a simpler time when break ups weren't made a trillion times worse by photo tagging, and rather than spelling it out for people you could be irritated by something and not feel as though you had to voice your gripe with convenient hashtags such as #dogaccidents, #cake and #snow in case it becomes a trending topic. #Quote by Alexa Chung
Networking quotes by Beth Ramsay
#134. It's great to spend time at a networking event with someone you know and like. But that's not what you're there for. Your goal is to expand your network by meeting new people. #Quote by Beth Ramsay
Networking quotes by Michele Jennae
#135. We develop trust when we show that we are reliable, by doing what we say we are going to do to take care of that treasure, and then stepping it up by doing more, by anticipating problems and handling them before they even happen. #Quote by Michele Jennae
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#136. #Networking is people looking for people looking for people. As for me, I'm more of a birdwatcher. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#137. Wherever there's a gathering of people, there is networking going on. My favorite place to network is the cemetery. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Keith Ferrazzi
#138. real networking was about finding ways to make other people more successful. #Quote by Keith Ferrazzi
Networking quotes by Ivan Misner
#139. Networking is not about hunting. It is about farming. It's about cultivating relationships. Don't engage in 'premature solicitation'. You'll be a better networker if you remember that. #Quote by Ivan Misner
Networking quotes by Ryan Lilly
#140. Deciding which relationships to pursue can be difficult. Especially if you're trying to get hired by the Magic 8 Ball factory and that little triangle thing isn't floating right. #Quote by Ryan Lilly
Networking quotes by John Hawkes
#141. Some friends of mine bothered me for a long time about getting on the social networking pages. They were close friends that I liked to mess with, and I think that I kind of enjoyed for a while that it bothered them so much. Now they've just kind of given up. #Quote by John Hawkes
Networking quotes by Mike Davidson
#142. It's all about people. It's about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end it is people that are going to hire you. #Quote by Mike Davidson
Networking quotes by Richie Norton
#143. The most unprofessional people are the ones that try to be professional. #Quote by Richie Norton
Networking quotes by Larry Diamond
#144. the single ruling party remains in control while a wide range of conversations about the country's problems nonetheless occurs on websites and social-networking services. The government follows this online chatter, and sometimes people are able to use the Internet to call attention to social problems or injustices and even manage to have an impact on government policies. As a result, the average person with Internet or mobile access has a much greater sense of freedom - and may feel that he has the ability to speak and be heard - in ways that were not possible under classic authoritarianism. #Quote by Larry Diamond
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#145. Communicating what we appreciate by saying nice things has powerful results for ourselves and those around us. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Meg Jay
#146. It's the people we hardly know, and not our closest friends, who will improve our lives most dramatically #Quote by Meg Jay
Networking quotes by Steve Pavlina
#147. Network selectively. Nothing says "business newbie" like shotgun networking. "You never know when someone might say yes" is marketing for dummies. Take the time to build a profile of your ideal customers, and target your networking activities to reach them. Speak to those who are already predisposed to want what you offer. Almost any profile is better than "anyone with a pulse." #Quote by Steve Pavlina
Networking quotes by Syed Sharukh
#148. You Need To Gauge, To Engage. #Quote by Syed Sharukh
Networking quotes by James Altucher
#149. I call this "permission networking". My network is not the list of how many people I know. The strength of my network is how well everyone on the list of people I know, knows each other. Most people don't know this important principle. #Quote by James Altucher
Networking quotes by Aaron Zigman
#150. You try and nurture the relationship. This day and age we have to do a little more networking than we used to do. All that does is make sure you befriend the people you are working with on a project so you hopefully carry it over to the next one. #Quote by Aaron Zigman
Networking quotes by Kate White
#151. Everyone you meet should go into a people file (organized by categories) that you keep on your computer or phone. Include a few details about the person. Selected names should be placed on your "big-mouth" e-mail list. It should consist of former bosses, former coworkers whom you want to stay in touch with, anyone who has mentored you, people you've met who seem interested in your career. People on your big-mouth list then get sent an e-mail notification when you have important career news - for instance, you've switched jobs, been promoted, or started your own business. #Quote by Kate White
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#152. Man is solid, not liquid. But with the fluid nature of networking, my personal brand would grow faster if I would just go with the flow. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Ryan Lilly
#153. Never underestimate the collective strength of your weakest connections. #Quote by Ryan Lilly
Networking quotes by Danah Boyd
#154. Business culture operates differently in different cities around the world. But I don't think it's possible to design one system that incorporates all social norms for networking. Human beings are just too diverse. #Quote by Danah Boyd
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#155. The term 'networking' is simply another way to think about how to start a relationship. Our relationships are our network. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Ryan Holmes
#156. While social media skills were once a 'nice-to-have,' accreditation in the space is becoming a requirement for many of these job titles. Hiring managers and job seekers are realizing that printing stacks of resumes is turning passe, and social media is rising as the new way of generating real-time networking opportunities. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Networking quotes by J'son M. Lee
#157. Folk spend so much time trying to be connected to people because of who they are, what that relationship represents to them or what they think that person can do for them. Just give me people who I know in my heart know God personally. That's the greatest human connection I can have. That's REAL networking. #Quote by J'son M. Lee
Networking quotes by Denis Waitley
#158. If you're not networking, you're not networking. #Quote by Denis Waitley
Networking quotes by Steve Winwood
#159. Networking is rubbish; have friends instead. #Quote by Steve Winwood
Networking quotes by Alissa Nutting
#160. It was nice to hear someone familiar. 'How have you been?' Hazel cleared her throat. 'So I need to start networking a little, as they say. Do you have the phone number of anyone who might be looking to hire some help?'

'I don't have a phone,' Liver answered.

Hazel felt her pulse speed up.

'No phone? Of any kind?' Her voice was nearly cracking with excitement. 'So how do people get ahold of you? Your family? Your friends?'

'I've succumbed to neither affliction,' he answered.

'What about women?' she asked, admittedly changing her voice to be a little flirtatious. Hazel decided she'd misjudged him. Anyone getting through life without a phone had skills she wanted to acquire. Rare capabilities that attracted the new Hazel.

'I just meet women in this bar. Mainly they use me to help them reach bottom. I'm like a brick they grab onto midair. Sleeping with me helps them admit their lives have become unmanageable. They realize they want and deserve something more, and then their recovery process can begin. I get laid in the meantime. Win-win. #Quote by Alissa Nutting
Networking quotes by Michelle Tillis Lederman
#161. When we understand that energy is something we create, we can work on driving the energy rather than having it drive us. #Quote by Michelle Tillis Lederman
Networking quotes by Phil Dourado
#162. You can't dominate a network with old-style leadership.

But, you can emerge, with the network's consent, as one of its leaders, regardless of your formal position or job title. #Quote by Phil Dourado
Networking quotes by Tasha Turner
#163. Social networking is about building people up in your network NOT tearing them down #Quote by Tasha Turner
Networking quotes by Kathryn Le Veque
#164. You can be a member of all of the romance writers associations, take part in all of the networking available, or win the latest romance award ... but guess what? None of that makes a difference if you don't WRITE something people want to READ. The greatest editor in the world won't make your book a best seller if it isn't something people care about. So forget all of the fluff that clouds your purpose ... writing!! #Quote by Kathryn Le Veque
Networking quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#165. I really like Google+ it's much better than face book. The only game you can play on it is life. Which is a game that can only be played and never won. #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Networking quotes by Elise Icten
#166. Networking events often resembled a pandemonium of self-indulgence with the pleasures of flesh on display. #Quote by Elise Icten
Networking quotes by David Chiles
#167. Courtesy and kindness cultivate confidence with good Netiquette. Doing things right makes you feel good. #Quote by David Chiles
Networking quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#168. Don't wait until you desperately need a social network to begin developing one. #Quote by Frank Sonnenberg
Networking quotes by Sherry Turkle
#169. She had set it on the Internet, its own peculiar echo chamber. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Networking quotes by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
#170. Stay open to changing your perception of people as your connection with them grows. #Quote by Michelle Lederman, 11 Laws Of Likability
Networking quotes by Tyler Wagner
#171. Competition is simply an unestablished paternship. #Quote by Tyler Wagner
Networking quotes by Eva Marcille
#172. The business is about coming up with a business plan and using your relationships and networking and seeing your dreams come true. Everyone on this show has their own business. Fifteen minutes of fame is fleeting. It's about learning the business and creating a new business. #Quote by Eva Marcille
Networking quotes by Kate White
#173. If a job opens up that she could "sell" you for, tell her, "You've been such a valuable resource for me. I would really appreciate having your help on something. There's a terrific position open at Company A, and I'm hoping you would be able to advocate on my behalf." Don't be shy about also asking a sponsor, "Do you know anyone I could talk to? #Quote by Kate White
Networking quotes by Keith Ferrazzi
#174. Your network is your destiny, a reality backed up by many studies in the newly emergent fields of social networking and social contagion theory. We are the people we interact with. #Quote by Keith Ferrazzi
Networking quotes by Rachel Vincent
#175. You thought you could figure that out online? Somehow I don't think hellions are much into social networking. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Networking quotes by Tom Cox
#176. People have a habit, in the age of cameraphones and social networking, of being a bit too quick to turn all sorts of experiences into a 'memory'. #Quote by Tom Cox
Networking quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#177. Genuinely support people in ways you can. If you build great relationships and people get to like you for you, they will eventually promote what you do and would want to do business with you. The bottom line is that people love to do business with those they love and trust. Learn to understand people, your audience, their needs, and their real problem. If you are using a Facebook page or even your own profile, involve your friends in a fruitful discussion. Don't just make a post and leave to expect likes and comments. Take time to leave a note for a friend, ask about their business and what interests them. #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Networking quotes by Seth Godin
#178. How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?
- Seth Godin, #Quote by Seth Godin
Networking quotes by Mark Cuban
#179. I had been in the technology business for so long, I had seen the PC-bubble come and burst, I had seen the local area and wide area networking-bubble come and burst, it was no shock that the internet-bubble was going to burst. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Networking quotes by Anwar Fazal
#180. Little people doing little things in little places everywhere can change the world. #Quote by Anwar Fazal
Networking quotes by Nitya Prakash
#181. There is a thin line between capturing memories & capturing pictures. That thin line is not uploading them on every social networking sites. #Quote by Nitya Prakash
Networking quotes by Amit Kalantri
#182. For customers, a website is an 'always open' workplace of your business. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Networking quotes by Eric Greitens
#183. In the name of "force protection," the military often rolls up windows, builds walls, and points rifles at the outside world. The best force protection, however, is to be surrounded by friends and allies. #Quote by Eric Greitens
Networking quotes by Jim Banks
#184. Pubcon is always one of the first shows I put on my calendar. Content is excellent, social is excellent, networking opportunities are excellent. #Quote by Jim Banks
Networking quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#185. Some say Twitter is overrated.
Some love it, others hate it.
I guess it depends on what you've got,
If you have guts to write a funny plot! #Quote by Ana Claudia Antunes
Networking quotes by Mac Miller
#186. The blogs have been great and everything, but I think, for me, it's better to have a central place on the Internet for all my fans to go and show their friends my YouTube, Twitter, and social networking sites. To have that spread all on its own and have a central station to get everything Mac Miller. #Quote by Mac Miller
Networking quotes by Abhishek Ratna
#187. Sharing emotional experiences works wonders in connecting with people who are otherwise quite different. #Quote by Abhishek Ratna
Networking quotes by Audrey MacLean
#188. I started in time-sharing and networking with packet switching, which was the precursor to what became the Internet. Time-shared use on packet-switch networks, when you think about it, is the cloud. #Quote by Audrey MacLean
Networking quotes by Lisa A. Mininni
#189. Why is networking not working? My answer is simple. Many business owners don't have a system in place to leverage their networking. Their time, effort and money spirals down the drain because they lack follow up. Instead of returning to your office, checking the email, and losing that business card in a graveyard box of business cards, continue connecting with your new acquaintance. One basic tip: Connect on social media within two days of meeting them. Personalize your message to them reminding them where you met. When you add this step, watch as your network expands exponentially. #Quote by Lisa A. Mininni
Networking quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#190. With 'The Social Network,' I got into it at first because frankly I thought there was a cool courtroom drama to be had with the intellectual properties. And then what further drew me in was that the most extraordinary social networking device ever created was created by the world's most antisocial person. I liked that story. #Quote by Aaron Sorkin
Networking quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#191. The best networkers have learned that, as with anything in life, what goes around, comes around. #Quote by Frank Sonnenberg
Networking quotes by Jarod Kintz
#192. I'm acquiring handshakes left and right. I collect introductions, and the best place to procure them is at chamber of commerce networking events. When you meet me and see that I'm wearing yellow rubber gloves, just know it's because I want my handshakes to be in mint condition, and not because I think you're an infested germ sponge. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Networking quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#193. Most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Networking quotes by Anonymous
#194. With over a 10th of the users from the country, India is one of the biggest markets for WhatsApp, he said, adding connecting billions of people in markets like India and Brazil is the aim of the company. Arora, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi and ISB Hyderabad, said WhatsApp will continue to hold a distinct identity even after the takeover by Facebook and will not get merged with the social networking giant. He said WhatsApp, which has only 80 employees, will benefit through learnings from the social networking giant. Arora, who first heard of WhatsApp as a business development executive for the Internet search firm Google Inc. and later joined as its business head, said it took two years to stitch the $19 billion deal announced this April. #Quote by Anonymous
Networking quotes by Auliq Ice
#195. Love is an attachment which develops through human interaction. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Networking quotes by Tom Standage
#196. Is it any surprise that the current center of coffee culture, the city of Seattle, home to the Starbucks coffeehouse chain, is also where some of the world's largest software and Internet firms are based? Coffee's association with innovation, reason, and networking - plus a dash of revolutionary fervor - has a long pedigree. #Quote by Tom Standage
Networking quotes by Bob Muglia
#197. SDN is a major shift in the networking industry. At Juniper, we think the impact of SDN will be much broader than others have suggested. It will redefine networking and create new winners and losers. We're embracing SDN with clearly defined principles, a four-step roadmap to help customers adopt SDN within their business, and the networking industry's first comprehensive software-centric business model. We're incredibly excited about the value that SDN will deliver to our customers and are committed to leading the industry through this transition. #Quote by Bob Muglia
Networking quotes by Paul Achleitner
#198. Facebook and other social networking sites are bringing together spheres that used to be separate. People no longer have private and public lives; the line between the two is becoming blurred. #Quote by Paul Achleitner
Networking quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#199. Being on Facebook too much in a row is like playing chess in a black hole. You never know if the next move will lead you to a checkmate or a mate checked. #Quote by Ana Claudia Antunes
Networking quotes by Marco Tempest
#200. The tools of social networking: These are the digital campfires around which the audience gathers to hear our story. #Quote by Marco Tempest

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