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Nerdrum Museum quotes by Ben Lerner
#1. So much of the most important personal news I'd received in the last several years had come to me by smartphone while I was abroad in the city that I could plot on a map, could represent spatially the events, such as they were, of my early thirties. Place a thumbtack on the wall or drop a flag on Google Maps at Lincoln Center, where, beside the fountain, I took a call from Jon informing me that, for whatever complex of reasons, a friend had shot himself; mark the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, where I read the message ("Apologies for the mass e-mail...") a close cousin sent out describing the dire condition of her newborn; waiting in line at the post office on Atlantic, the adhan issuing from the adjacent mosque, I received your wedding announcement and was shocked to be shocked, crushed, and started a frightening multi week descent, worse for being so embarrassingly cliched; while in the bathroom at the SoHo Crate and Barrel--the finest semipublic restroom in lower Manhattan--I learned I'd been awarded a grant that would take me overseas for a summer, and so came to associate the corner of Broadway and Houston with all that transpired in Morocco; at Zucotti Park I heard my then-girlfriend was not--as she'd been convinced--pregnant; while buying discounted dress socks at the Century 21 department store across from Ground Zero, I was informed by text that a friend in Oakland had been hospitalized after the police had broken his ribs. And so on: each of these experiences o #Quote by Ben Lerner
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Ondra Lysohorsky
#2. Advice to a Young Poet
Don't spend yourself in the small copper coins
of complaint and accusation.
Don't answer those in authority, those who fancy
themselves all-powerful,
with grubby, fingered words
for which you'll be picked up at three in the morning.
Answer with pictures that no one has ever painted,
answer with thoughts which no one has ever thought,
answer with verses which no one has ever fashioned,
answer with a language which no one has ever uttered.
Not with the sword, poet, will you sly tyranny
but with the freshness of spring and autumn's maturity.
Beaten and blood-stained, strike your gold coins,
heavy with the destiny of your age,
heavy with your own destiny,
golden coins bearing your own likeness,
reflecting mankind's suffering
against the background
of man's two million years upon our planet.
Such coins
shall stay in circulation even after ten thousand years,
valid like life's rebellious spring,
like life repeating itself, ever-youthful -
while the coins
with the theatrical, proud and imperial gestures -
the measure of pride reflecting stupidity -
will long have lain dead in the museum show-cases
under artificial light,
shunning the sun,
dead for a thousand years. #Quote by Ondra Lysohorsky
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Hans Christian Andersen
#3. [ ... ] and the pea was put in the museum, where it can still be seen, if no one has stolen it. #Quote by Hans Christian Andersen
Nerdrum Museum quotes by May Kendall
#4. I abide in a goodly Museum, Frequented by sages profound: 'Tis a kind of strange mausoleum, Where the beasts that have vanished abound. There's a bird of the ages Triassic, With his antediluvian beak, And many a reptile Jurassic, And many a monster antique. #Quote by May Kendall
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Eva Zeisel
#5. I think with my hands. I design things to be touched-not for a museum. A piece is ready when it has the shape of something to cherish. #Quote by Eva Zeisel
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Julianna Baggott
#6. Sometimes Partridge imagines that this isn't real, that, instead, it's just some elaborate reenactment of destruction, not the actual destruction itself. He remembers once being in a museum on a class trip. There were miniature displays with live actors in various wings, talking about what things were like before the Return of Civility. Each display was dedicated to a theme: before the impressive prison system was built, before difficult children were properly medicated, when feminism didn't encourage femininity, when the media was hostile to government instead of working toward a greater good, before people with dangerous ideas were properly identified, back when government had to ask permission to protect its good citizens from the evils of the world and from the evils among us, before the gates had gone up around neighborhoods with buzzer systems and friendly men at gatehouses who knew everyone by name.

In the heat of the day, there were battle reenactments on the museum's wide lawn that showed the uprisings waged in certain cities against the Return of Civility and its legislation. With the military behind the government, the uprisings - usually political demonstrations that became violent - were easily tamped down. The government's domestic militia, the Righteous Red Wave, came to save the day. The recorded sounds were deafening, Uzis and attack sirens pouring from speakers. The kids in his class bought bullhorns, very realistic hand grenades, and Righteous R #Quote by Julianna Baggott
Nerdrum Museum quotes by C.C. Conrad
#7. We must determine where our collective existence will be found: in a museum, or in the stars. #Quote by C.C. Conrad
Nerdrum Museum quotes by George Pendle
#8. Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), whose Egyptian museum in San Jose took up an entire city block. It stressed the virtues of reason and science while also suggesting that ancient Egyptian wisdom would allow its followers to re-lease the hidden powers inherent in man. #Quote by George Pendle
Nerdrum Museum quotes by T. Torrest
#9. It should be illegal to look this good in public. He should be confined to a museum and never let out in real life. His looks are distracting. They could cause an accident one day. #Quote by T. Torrest
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Pascal Mercier
#10. After a while, he understood that he was experiencing a great liberation; the liberation from his self-imposed limitation, from a slowness and heaviness expressed in his name and had been expressed in the slow measured steps of his father walking ponderously from one room of the museum to another; liberation from an image of himself in which, even when he wasn't reading, he was someone bending myopically over dusty books; an image he hadn't drawn systematically, but that had grown slowly and imperceptibly; the image of Mundus, which bore not only his own handwriting, but also the handwriting of many others who had found it pleasant and convenient to be able to hold on to this silent museum-like figure and rest in it. #Quote by Pascal Mercier
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Andy Warhol
#11. I've never made the separation between, say, the museum and the hardware store. I mean, I enjoy both of them, and I want to combine the two. #Quote by Andy Warhol
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Kirsty Eagar
#12. Oh, stop it, I tell myself. Stop looking for links and meaning and explanations. What did De Chirico say? The world is a museum of strangeness. #Quote by Kirsty Eagar
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Audrey Hepburn
#13. Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering - because you can't take it in all at once. #Quote by Audrey Hepburn
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Thomas Hoving
#14. If you don't work yourself up into a fever of greed and covetousness in an art museum, you're just not doing the job. #Quote by Thomas Hoving
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Martin Filler
#15. Picasso's superhuman gift for draftsmanship might have made him lazy about pursuing the full potential of color. It was not unusual for him to build a composition by first outlining figures and objects in black and then filling the interstices in a perfunctory manner that can put one in mind of a museum-shop coloring book. #Quote by Martin Filler
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Bonnie Dee
#16. The little group before her finally moved on and Sarah took its place, standing before Tom like he was a painting in a museum.
And then his vacant eyes dropped from that point somewhere above her head and he looked at her - looked into her eyes and registered her presence. His eyes widened and his mouth opened wordlessly.
For the space of six heartbeats they stared at one another and then Sarah simply said, "Come home." She held her hand out to him.
He gazed at it for a moment.
"Come with me," she said softly.
Slowly he rose from his chair and walked toward her. He slipped his hand into hers and his palm was warm and callused.
She stepped back and pulled him along with her. Suddenly his arms went around her, hugging her tight, his head dropped to her shoulder and his mouth pressed into her hair as he whispered, "I can't believe you're here."
Her hands slipped up the smooth, supple skin of his back to hook over his shoulders. She buried her face against his chest, breathing him in, forgetting time and place and circumstance and just holding him. #Quote by Bonnie Dee
Nerdrum Museum quotes by David Rockefeller
#17. A museum has to renew its collection to be alive, but that does not mean we give on important old works. #Quote by David Rockefeller
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Robert D. Richardson
#18. Enmerson's interest is in the workshop phase, the birthing stage of art, not the museum moment, the embalming phase. Poetry mimics Creation and is therefore sacred. More precisely, just as God may indeed be a verb (as Mary Daly insists), poetry is the act of creating. The process of poetry also mimics the process of nature. 'This expression or naming is not art, but a second nature, grown out of the first, as a leaf out of a tree. What we call nature is a certain self-regulated motion or change.' Another aspect of nature is genius, which, as Emerson observes, 'is the activity which repairs the decays of things. #Quote by Robert D. Richardson
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Oliver Lodge
#19. If the 'Principle of Relativity' in an extreme sense establishes itself, it seems as if even Time would become discontinuous and be supplied in atoms, as money is doled out in pence or centimes instead of continuously;-in which case our customary existence will turn out to be no more really continuous than the events on a kinematograph screen;-while that great agent of continuity, the Ether of Space, will be relegated to the museum of historical curiosities. #Quote by Oliver Lodge
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Rick Riordan
#20. then things got even stranger.
Mr. Brunner, who'd been out in front of the museum a minute before, wheeled his chair into the doorway of the gallery, holding a pen in his hand.
"What ho, Percy!" he shouted, and tossed the pen through the air.
Mrs. Dodds lunged at me.
With a yelp, I dodged and felt talons slash the air next to my ear. I snatched the ballpoint pen out of the air, but when it hit my hand, it wasn't a pen anymore. It was a sword-Mr. Brunner's bronze sword, which he always used on tourement day.
Mrs. Dodds spun toward me with a murderous look in her eyes.
My knees were jelly. My hands were shaking so bad I almost dropped the sword.
She snarled, "Die, honey!"
And she flew straight at me.
Absolute terror ran through my body. I did the only thing that came naturally:I swung the sword.
The metal blade hit her shoulder and passed through her body as if she were made made of water. Hisss!
Mrs. Dodds was a sand castle in a power fan. She exploded into yellow powder, vaporized on the spot, leaving nothing but the smell of sulfur and a dying screech and a chill of evil in the air, as if those two glowing red eyes were still watching me. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Alfred H. Barr, Jr.
#21. The historical museum has to be very conservative and careful in its choices. The modern museum, on the other hand, has to be audacious, to take chances. It has to consider the probability that it would be wrong in a good many cases and take the consequences later. #Quote by Alfred H. Barr, Jr.
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Tod Goldberg
#22. You don't see Los Angeles erecting a museum dedicated to the birth place of the Crips and the Bloods and the Mexican Mafia, with a special guided bus tour highlighting the rise of the crack trade, yet you can hop on a bus in Chicago tomorrow to see the famous locales of murders. I have to imagine there's some wonderful academic book on the sociology of this out there. #Quote by Tod Goldberg
Nerdrum Museum quotes by W. Eugene Smith
#23. I can't stand these damn shows on museum walls with neat little frames, where you look at the images as if they were pieces of art. I want them to be pieces of life! #Quote by W. Eugene Smith
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Jonathan Kellerman
#24. Then, the stunningly white cubes that make up the Getty Museum. It's an architectural masterpiece funded by a venal billionaire's trust, housing third-rate art. Pure L.A.: might makes right and packaging is all. Traffic #Quote by Jonathan Kellerman
Nerdrum Museum quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#25. After that I went to Sydney and talked profitlessly with seamen and members of the vice-admiralty court. I saw the Alert, now sold and in commercial use, at Circular Quay in Sydney Cove, but gained nothing from its non-committal bulk. The crouching image with its cuttlefish head, dragon body, scaly wings, and hieroglyphed pedestal, was preserved in the Museum at Hyde Park; and I studied it long and well, finding it a thing of balefully exquisite workmanship, and with the same utter mystery, terrible antiquity, and unearthly strangeness of material which I had noted in Legrasse's smaller specimen. Geologists, #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Nicholas Lea
#26. We went to the British Museum, and I was looking up my family in the books - pages and pages on it. #Quote by Nicholas Lea
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Sarah Kay
#27. When they bombed Hiroshima, the explosion formed a mini-supernova, so every living animal, human or plant that received direct contact with the rays from that sun was instantly turned to ash.

And what was left of the city soon followed. The long-lasting damage of nuclear radiation caused an entire city and its population to turn into powder.

When I was born, my mom says I looked around the whole hospital room with a stare that said, "This? I've done this before." She says I have old eyes.

When my Grandpa Genji died, I was only five years old, but I took my mom by the hand and told her, "Don't worry, he'll come back as a baby."

And yet, for someone who's apparently done this already, I still haven't figured anything out yet.

My knees still buckle every time I get on a stage. My self-confidence can be measured out in teaspoons mixed into my poetry, and it still always tastes funny in my mouth.

But in Hiroshima, some people were wiped clean away, leaving only a wristwatch or a diary page. So no matter that I have inhibitions to fill all my pockets, I keep trying, hoping that one day I'll write a poem I can be proud to let sit in a museum exhibit as the only proof I existed.

My parents named me Sarah, which is a biblical name. In the original story God told Sarah she could do something impossible and she laughed, because the first Sarah, she didn't know what to do with impossible.

And m #Quote by Sarah Kay
Nerdrum Museum quotes by C.S. Forester
#28. When I die there may be a paragraph or two in the newspapers. My name will linger in the British Museum Reading Room catalogue for a space at the head of a long list of books for which no one will ever ask. #Quote by C.S. Forester
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Chuck Close
#29. Painting is the most magical of mediums. The transcendence is truly amazing to me every time I go to a museum and I see how somebody figured another way to rub colored dirt on a flat surface and make space where there is no space or make you think of a life experience. #Quote by Chuck Close
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Elizabeth Jennings
#30. She opened up the glass jar she kept spare buttons in and began sorting through them. It was like handling bits and pieces of the past - buttons from loved ones' dresses and suits and coats carefully gathered up and saved for future use. She had inherited many of the buttons from her mother and grandmother, even her Great Aunt Maggie. Each woman adding to the collection, like curators of a family museum. Now what would happen to them? #Quote by Elizabeth Jennings
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Roland Barthes
#31. Photography transformed subject into object, and even, one might say, into a museum object: in order to take the first portraits the subject had to assume long poses under a glass roof in bright sunlight; to become an object made one suffer as much as surgical operation; then a device was invented, a kind of prosthesis invisible to the lens, which supported and maintained the body in its passage to immobility: this headrest was the pedestal of the statue I would become, the corset of my imaginary essence. #Quote by Roland Barthes
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Anonymous
#32. The museum claims Ebenezer the Allosaurus - the centrepiece of their new exhibit - 'met his end during Noah's Flood about 4,300 years ago #Quote by Anonymous
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Anonymous
#33. Maneker says the AAMD's guidelines are reasonable under normal circumstances, but not if a museum is in dire straits. #Quote by Anonymous
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#34. Lying on a soft bed of moss viewing the cobalt blue sky painted with thick impastoed layers of clouds framed sumptuously with swaying trees and dancing leaves is the best way to view nature's museum. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Susan Sontag
#35. The Western memory museum is now mostly a visual one. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Ba Jin
#36. Nobody would say the cowshed was heaven and nobody would say the inhuman torture of so many victims be called a revolution of the proletariat ... A museum should be established to remind China of the follies and disasters that had fallen from 1966 to 1976. We cannot forget what had happened and history should not repeat itself. #Quote by Ba Jin
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Eric Drooker
#37. Having your work in a museum is something we as artists aspire to, but I don't think that's something we need to worry about while we're alive. #Quote by Eric Drooker
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Erika Janik
#38. Florence Dempsey, played by Torchy Blane actress Glenda Farrell, goes so far as to memorably declare to her friend Charlotte in The Mystery of the Wax Museum, "You raise the kids; I'll raise the roof! #Quote by Erika Janik
Nerdrum Museum quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
#39. Everything I do is because of writing. If I go for a walk, it's because I'm thinking of writing. I go look at flowers, I go look at the garden, I go look at a museum, but it's all coming back to writing. #Quote by Jamaica Kincaid

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