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Nefertari Vivi quotes by Vivi Greene
#1. Sometimes, life gives you all kinds of stuff at once, and you have to make choices. Sometimes what you want and what you need will be two different things. Sometimes life won't make sense, and things will be complicated, and it won't be easy. The choices won't be easy. But you're going to be okay. We're going to be okay. #Quote by Vivi Greene
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Sarah MacLean
#2. She'll be ruined if she's not careful," Ella said. "Nonsense. He'd wed her in a heartbeat if he thought she'd have him," Vivi replied. "Quite." A #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Rebecca Wells
#3. As Sidda joined Vivi in staring out into the darkness of the fields, where hundreds of sunflowers grew, she thought: I will never fully know my mother, any more than I will ever know my father or Connor, or myself. I have been missing the point. The point is not knowing another person, or learning to love another person. The point is simply this: how tender can we bear to be? What good manners can we show as we welcome ourselves and others into our hearts? #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Rebecca Wells
#4. Connor: [about Sidda and Connor's wedding] Vivi, it's taken years to nail down a date. She's always said, "What's the rush, when things are so good?" I don't know what the hell she's so afraid of - it's like she's always waiting for the bottom to drop out. Vivi: You know why she thinks that, don't ya, honey? Because it did. It always did. #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Cheryl Sterling
#5. The door to Jakes' office slammed against the wall, and Vivi barreled through the opening. "Turn this ship around right now. #Quote by Cheryl Sterling
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Holly Black
#6. Vivi is right; it cost me something to be the way I am. But I do not know what. And I don't know if I can get it back. I don't even know if I want it. #Quote by Holly Black
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Sarah MacLean
#7. Taking in the scene, Ella wrinkled her nose. "Drat. We missed the excitement!" "It appears we did," Vivi agreed, disappointment in her tone. "Ah, well. Next time!" Ella brightened. Alex #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Jude Watson
#8. Just then a word floated out through the buzz saw of Zapata-speak: Nefertari. Dan tuned back in.
"...the most beautiful tomb in Egypt," Ms. Zapata was saying. "You probably know the queen because there's a famous bust of her."
A photo flashed on the screen.
Dan raised his hand. "That's Nefertiti," he said. "Different queen."
Ms. Zapata frowned. She looked at her notes. "You could be right, Dan. Uh...let's move on."
Another slide flashed on-screen. "Now, this is the inner chamber of the tomb, where she was laid to rest."
Dan's hand rose again. Ms. Zapata closed her eyes.
"Actually? That's the side chamber."
"Really." Ms. Zapata's lips pressed together. "And how do you know this, Dan?"
"Because..." Dan hesitated. Because I was there. Because I was locked inside the tomb with an ex-KGB spy, so I got to know it pretty well.
"Especially since the tomb is closed for conservation," Ms. Zapata said.
Yeah. But we had this connection to an Egyptologist? Except he turned out to be a thief and a liar, so we captured him. I came this close to smashing him with a lamp... #Quote by Jude Watson
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Debbie Mason
#9. Vivi held up the front page of the New York Times, pointing out the headline: 'The Grinch Who Killed Christmas.'
"Way to go, Grinch, #Quote by Debbie Mason
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Ella Fox
#10. Vivi likes you so it's not like I had to beg her to help. She's got an angelic face and she melts hearts with her smile - which means that she's pretty much the most badass sidekick of all time. #Quote by Ella Fox
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Holly Black
#11. Vivi blows a noisemaker. "Here," she says, passing out paper crowns for us to wear.

"This is ridiculous," I complain, but put mine on.

Cardan looks at his reflection in the door of the microwave and adjusts his crown so it's at an angle.

I roll my eyes, and he gives me a quick grin. #Quote by Holly Black
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Holly Black
#12. Sometimes it's easier to be mad at the people close to us," Vivi said, "than to be mad at the people who deserve it. #Quote by Holly Black
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Vivi Andrews
#13. You play it safe and all you end up with is a lifetime of should-have-beens. #Quote by Vivi Andrews
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Rebecca Wells
#14. What does my smile look like now? Vivi wondered. Can you reclaim that free-girl smile, or is it like virginity- once you loose it, that's it? #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Rebecca Wells
#15. The notes danced through the June air; Vivi could feel them dust her hair and shoulders. She could feel the notes enter her and settle deep into her bones. #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Cheryl Sterling
#16. Vivi stood and crumpled the report. "Who's the CEO at Slakerian?"
"Jakes Echabarne," her assistant said, not glancing at any notes.
"Arrange a meeting." No one messed around with Hunting4TrueLove, whether she held the reins or not. #Quote by Cheryl Sterling
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Vivi Barnes
#17. Our hearts connect with others all the time, the electricity zipping and zapping all over the place. We can't even sense it most of the time, but then we meet The One, and that's when the beat changes ever so slightly to match theirs. That's what they call a match – when the music inside your chest beats in synchronization with the one you're meant to be with. #Quote by Vivi Barnes
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Sarah MacLean
#18. Thank goodness! We've been worried to death!" "And curious to death," Ella added. Vivi looked at Ella oddly. "That's not even a phrase." Returning her attention to Alex, she continued, "We were just wondering whether we should call in the cavalry." Ella drawled, "By that, she means her father." "As angry as he would have been that we let Alex storm off into the night," Vivi pointed out, "I think 'cavalry' is a perfectly acceptable description." The #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Vivi Andrews
#19. Easy as cake."
"Yeah. I can't make pie. My cousin got all the baking genes, but if it comes out of a box and has very detailed instructions, I can make an edible cake. Cake is easy. Pie's a bitch. #Quote by Vivi Andrews
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Sarah MacLean
#20. How do we get into Blackmoor's study? Did you climb in?"
"No, he lifted me in."
"Hmm. Right, then. Vivi will have to give us a boost up."
"She will, will she?" from the booster in question.
"Well, how else do we sneak in?"
"I rather thought that we could knock on the front door and have Bingham let us in," Alex said matter-of-factly, referencing Blackmoor's ancient butler, as she led the trio around the corner of the house and toward the main entrance.
"What? We can't do that!" Ella stopped, indignant.
"Whyever not?" Vivi asked, following Alex. "It seems a perfectly acceptable way to enter. In fact, I believe I've been entering houses that way for my entire life. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Holly Black
#21. I raise a plastic glass. "To family."
"And Faerieland," says Taryn, raising hers.
"And pizza," says Oak.
"And stories," says Heather.
"And new beginnings," says Vivi.
Cardan smiles, his gaze on me. "And scheming great schemes."
To family and Faerieland and pizza and stories and new beginnings and scheming great schemes. I can toast to that. #Quote by Holly Black
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Holly Black
#22. It's ridiculous the way everyone acts like killing a king is going to make someone better at being one," Vivi says. "Imagine if, in the mortal world, a lawyer passed the bar by killing another lawyer. #Quote by Holly Black
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Sarah MacLean
#23. I still don't understand why we have to be punished for Alex's ills," Will said. Alex looked her eldest brother square in the eye, saying tartly, "I assure you it's my punishment as well, Will. There is little I want to do less than be trapped in the country with you lot." "Exactly why I'm guessing Mother is forcing all of us to attend," Nick pointed out. "Why not just suffer through the ball?" Alex smiled sweetly. "Why, to make your collective lives more difficult, of course!" Three sets of male eyes narrowed as Ella went into a coughing fit and Vivi smiled into her teacup. The #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Avery Flynn
#24. Bianca swallowed past the biter chunks of broken heart clogging her throat. "I'm not going to kill him."
From her listening post, Vivi shot her a wicked grin. "Would have been my first plan of action."
"Whacking someone is always your first idea," Lexie said, her laptop screen giving her green highlights an otherworldly glow.
"True." Vivi shrugged her deceptively small shoulders, a snarky grin curling her blood-red lips. "That's what makes me so damn charming. #Quote by Avery Flynn
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Eiichiro Oda
#25. Never Forget. A country is it's people.- King Nefertari Cobra #Quote by Eiichiro Oda
Nefertari Vivi quotes by Vivi Monroe Congress
#26. Love is how you live, not how you feel. #Quote by Vivi Monroe Congress

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