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Navy quotes by Enrique Pena Nieto
#1. I will maintain the presence of a Mexican Army, and the Navy and police in the states of the Mexican Republic, where the problem of crime has increased. #Quote by Enrique Pena Nieto
Navy quotes by US Navy Motto
#2. Life, liberty and the pursuit of anyone who threatens it. #Quote by US Navy Motto
Navy quotes by Joseph J. Ellis
#3. The second is the military narrative of the battles on Long Island and Manhattan, where the British army and navy delivered a series of devastating defeats to an American army of amateurs, but missed whatever chance existed to end it all. The focal point of this story is the Continental Army, and the major actors are George Washington, Nathanael Greene, and the British brothers Richard and William Howe. #Quote by Joseph J. Ellis
Navy quotes by Barack Obama
#4. By the end of this decade, a majority of our Navy and Air Force fleets will be based out of the Pacific, because the United States is and always will be a Pacific power. #Quote by Barack Obama
Navy quotes by Marquis De Lafayette
#5. Whatever may be my feelings of personal gratitude to the Navy of the United States, I feel myself under still greater obligations to them for the honor they have done to the American name in every part of the globe. #Quote by Marquis De Lafayette
Navy quotes by Oscar Eccentric
#6. Who can blame the poor lad for not advertising his rather unique name? Especially when his mother's maiden name is Jewel Diamond Sunrise and his grandmother's is Dawn Moonbeam Sunrise. Dawn Sunrise, such a pretty name. And it is true that your mother was almost named Red Sky Sunrise, but your grandfather said he would divorce her mother if she didn't change it. He was in the navy and thought that it was a bad omen. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning, you know. And Max's grandmother didn't tell anyone that she considered calling her daughter Sunset Sunrise. Catchy isn't it? #Quote by Oscar Eccentric
Navy quotes by Steve Jobs
#7. I'd rather be a Pirate than join the Navy #Quote by Steve Jobs
Navy quotes by Greg Mortenson
#8. Down there in the dark was the most technologically sophisticated navy strike force in the world, launching fighters and cruise missiles into Afghanistan ... I had to admit that what the Taliban was doing was brillant. Without satellites, without an air force, with even their primitive radar knocked out, they were ingenious enough to use plain old commercial flights to keep track of the fifth fleets positions. I realized that if we were counting on our military technology alone to win the war on terror, we had a lot of lessons to learn. #Quote by Greg Mortenson
Navy quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#9. I would sooner read the catalogue of the Army and Navy Stores or Bradshaw's Guide than nothing at all, and indeed I have spent many delightful hours over both these works. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Navy quotes by Cat Johnson
#10. Are you superstitious?"
"I've been known to knock wood on occasion and I do firmly believe Karma is a bitch." She let out a short laugh. "Do you think less of me now?"
"Not at all, but I do think less of myself if I let you stand here in the hot sun and haven't even offered you something cold to drink. What's your pleasure?"
John wrangled his mind off the many pleasures they could share together if things were different. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Navy quotes by Elizabeth Banks
#11. I do this system called TRX. It was developed by a Navy SEAL and is basically a simple cord that you can wrap around something anywhere, anytime, and you use your body weight as resistance. We installed one in our home gym, but you can also attach it to a tree. It's very easy to travel with. #Quote by Elizabeth Banks
Navy quotes by Terry Spear
#12. What did he call them? Lupus garous? Fancy name for a horror-flick creature. #Quote by Terry Spear
Navy quotes by William Halsey
#13. I never trust a fighting man who doesnt smoke or drink. #Quote by William Halsey
Navy quotes by Kiesza
#14. In the Navy, the path is paved for you. Your job is to be a soldier and fit in. As long as you stick to your place, it's actually really easy. #Quote by Kiesza
Navy quotes by William A. Rusher
#15. Our Navy was very largely sunk. And we were at war in no time at all. I share, in retrospect, the distress we all share at the internment of the Japanese American citizens of the United States. It was not our finest hour. But the Supreme Court had it before it at the time, and justified it and upheld it. #Quote by William A. Rusher
Navy quotes by Neal Stephenson
#16. He walked straight out of college into the waiting arms of the Navy.

They gave him an intelligence test. The first question on the math part had to do with boats on a river: Port Smith is 100 miles upstream of Port Jones. The river flows at 5 miles per hour. The boat goes through water at 10 miles per hour. How long does it take to go from Port Smith to Port Jones? How long to come back?

Lawrence immediately saw that it was a trick question. You would have to be some kind of idiot to make the facile assumption that the current would add or subtract 5 miles per hour to or from the speed of the boat. Clearly, 5 miles per hour was nothing more than the average speed. The current would be faster in the middle of the river and slower at the banks. More complicated variations could be expected at bends in the river. Basically it was a question of hydrodynamics, which could be tackled using certain well-known systems of differential equations. Lawrence dove into the problem, rapidly (or so he thought) covering both sides of ten sheets of paper with calculations. Along the way, he realized that one of his assumptions, in combination with the simplified Navier Stokes equations, had led him into an exploration of a particularly interesting family of partial differential equations. Before he knew it, he had proved a new theorem. If that didn't prove his intelligence, what would?

Then the time bell rang and the papers were collected. Lawrence managed to #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Navy quotes by Terry Spear
#17. I need me some wolf loving. #Quote by Terry Spear
Navy quotes by John Ringo
#18. Faith's like a goddess to the Marines, and she's actually good at her job, especially given she'd just finished seventh grade. Which is an important job. She does really important shit.

"Right now, you're just getting your head together. Like the pamphlet says, maybe you decide to help out. We can use people who know how to get shit done. Not just as military. I only took the Lieutenancy they offered cause I have to work with the Navy and Marines to get my job done and it helps. But there's lots of ways a guy with your background and work ethic and general get-it-done attitude could help. Problem being, even if you wanted to, right now the only reason the Marines haven't gotten together to kick the crap out of you is that they're too busy. When they get less busy or, for example, this evening when they break from killing zombies, I would not want to be in your shoes."

"So what is this?" Zumwald said. "A military dictatorship? Beatings for free?"

"Yeah," Isham said, looking at him as if he was nuts. "We're on ships. And they are all officially US Navy vessels. Even most of the dinky little yachts. The commanders, including this one, are all Navy officers, even if the ink is still wet on the commissions. And even if they weren't, captains of vessels at sea have a lot of legal control in any circumstances. By the way, I talked Captain Graham, boss of this boat, out of pressing charges against you for assault. Because you don't get how badly you f #Quote by John Ringo
Navy quotes by John Michael Higgins
#19. I'm a Navy brat. You find that a lot of stage actors are Army or Navy brats, because they have the ability to make a big impression, make friends, and then leave just a few months later. #Quote by John Michael Higgins
Navy quotes by Ralph Gibson
#20. One night I was on my [Navy] ship ... on my first cruise crossing the North Atlantic in a horrible storm, chained to the rails so I wouldn't fall overboard. In this lightning and thunder and hail, in this misery, I shouted at the heavens with my little squeaky voice and said, Someday I'm going to be a photographer! It was as big an epiphany as any man ever had. #Quote by Ralph Gibson
Navy quotes by Anna Carey
#21. If The Islands South Ever Vanish, Even Further Into Navy Depths, My Eloise Could Appreciate Lovly Endless Blues. #Quote by Anna Carey
Navy quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#22. Don't talk to me about naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy, and the lash. #Quote by Winston S. Churchill
Navy quotes by Yogi Berra
#23. I'm glad I was in the Navy. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Navy quotes by Penny Reid
#24. No one expects an eighty-five-year-old Navy SEAL stripper. No one. And that was the beauty of George. #Quote by Penny Reid
Navy quotes by William H. McRaven
#25. Remember... start each day with a task completed. Find someone to help you through life. Respect everyone. Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often. But if you take some risks, step up when times are toughest, face down the bullies, life up the downtrodden, and never, ever give up - if you do these things, then you can change your life for the better... and maybe the world! #Quote by William H. McRaven
Navy quotes by Daniel Woodrell
#26. I had gone to enlist in the Navy, but they had a long waiting list and no need for high-school dropouts. #Quote by Daniel Woodrell
Navy quotes by Bernard Hill
#27. I grew up in Manchester, and we were very poor. My father was a miner who joined the Navy during the war and developed a lung disease and had to have a lung removed. #Quote by Bernard Hill
Navy quotes by Ken Follett
#28. Desperate men are dangerous. And I do know that the United States is not ready to go to war against Japan. Our navy isn't ready and our air force isn't ready. #Quote by Ken Follett
Navy quotes by Edmund Burke
#29. It is the love of the people; it is their attachment to their government, from the sense of the deep stake they have in such a glorious institution, which gives you your army 168 and your navy, and infuses into both that liberal obedience, without which your army would be a base rabble, and your navy nothing but rotten timber. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Navy quotes by Rebecca Deel
#30. Sweetheart, you have to get some sleep. The doctor said you needed to rest, that your body was still flushing that drug out of your system."
Eli said nothing for a moment. "You called me 'sweetheart.'"
"I did?"
"Did you mean it? Cause here's the thing, sugar. You turned my world upside down. I've never been so scared in my life as when I realized Scarlett Group had taken you. I was afraid I wouldn't have the chance to tell you how much I love you."
"Oh, Eli." Tears filled her eyes. Her handsome Navy SEAL loved her enough that he was laying his heart on the line without having a clue she felt the same way about him.. An act of courage from the man staring at her with a wary gaze.
"We haven't known each other long. If it's too soon for you to know how you feel about me, I'll wait. Just know you own my heart, Brenna. I want to marry you and someday watch you rock my children."
She laid her hand over his mouth, stemming the tidal wave of words. "Eli, you don't have to wait."
"I don't?"
"I'm a romance writer, my love. Happy endings are my stock in trade. Without you in my life, I wouldn't have a happy ending because I love you, too, Eli. And, yes, I will marry you." "Soon?"
"The sooner, the better. #Quote by Rebecca Deel
Navy quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#31. You do me proud, Captain. But, dear, I want to say one thing and then I'm done; for you don't need much advice of mine after my good man has spoken. I read somewhere that every inch of rope in the British Navy has a strand of red in it, so wherever a bit of it is found it is known. That is the text of my little sermon to you. Virtue, which means honour, honesty, courage, and all that makes character, is the red thread that marks a good man wherever he is. Keep that always and everywhere, so that even if wrecked by misfortune, that sign shall still be found and recognized. Yours is a rough life, and your mates not all we could wish, but you can be a gentleman in the true sense of the word; and no matter what happens to your body, keep your soul clean, your heart true to those who love you, and do your duty to the end. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Navy quotes by Jill Soloway
#32. I love the Army-Navy surplus store Surplus Value Center. They have really good long underwear and multicolored bandanas, cool camo jackets, and really, really scary-looking knives. If you're into that sort of thing. #Quote by Jill Soloway
Navy quotes by Stephen Harper
#33. The single most important duty of the federal government is to protect and defend our national sovereignty. There are new and disturbing reports of American nuclear submarines passing though Canadian waters without obtaining the permission of, or even notifying, the Canadian government. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Navy quotes by Anonymous
#34. Like all other self-respecting peoples, we have no intention of paying our debts. Or, to be more nearly accurate, the capitalists who expect to exploit us " for all time and eternity " have no intention of permitting us to pay our debts. They trump up new schemes to cause us to go more deeply into their debt. They intoxicate us with the strong fumes of "world power." They tell us how fine a thing it is to be reckoned among the great nations of the world. They cause us to maintain great military establishments and to build more and greater dreadnoughts. Thirty years ago we spent almost nothing on the navy and little more on the army. Now we are spending $300,000,000 a year on the army and navy. Almost a million dollars every week-day. Sixty-five cents of every dollar that is raised by the American government by taxation is spent for wars past or to come - for pensions, battleships or soldiers. #Quote by Anonymous
Navy quotes by Jimmy Carter
#35. I've been writing poems since I was in the Navy - to Rosalynn. I found I could say things in poems that I never could in prose. Deeper, more personal things. I could write a poem about my mother that I could never tell my mother. Or feelings about being on a submarine that I would have been too embarrassed to share with fellow submariners. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Navy quotes by Carl Bernstein
#36. During discussions in his office, Bradlee frequently picked up an undersize sponge-rubber basketball from the table and tossed it toward a hoop attached by suction cups to the picture window. The gesture was indicative both of the editor's short attention span and of a studied informality. There was an alluring combination of aristocrat and commoner about Bradlee: Boston Brahmin, Harvard, the World War II Navy, press attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, police-beat reporter, news-magazine political reporter and Washington bureau chief of Newsweek.

-- Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward #Quote by Carl Bernstein
Navy quotes by Kid Cudi
#37. There was a moment in time where I was really focused on the Navy and I followed through with it - I passed the test. I was happy with myself because I was accomplishing something and I was really working towards a goal. That was the first true thing I invested my energy in. #Quote by Kid Cudi
Navy quotes by Andy Hertzfeld
#38. Sayings from Chairman Jobs." 1. Real artists ship. 2. It's better to be a pirate than join the navy. 3. Mac in a book by 1986. #Quote by Andy Hertzfeld
Navy quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#39. There is a homely old adage which runs: "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." If the American nation will speak softly, and yet build and keep at a pitch of the highest training a thoroughly efficient navy, the Monroe Doctrine will go far. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Navy quotes by Anne Bartlett
#40. To make a lacy texture of holes and fills, turn around and purl. Pearl is also a kind of colour. Colours are all the colours of the rainbow and the colours between the rainbow colours between. I can never get indigo. Year after year, I wait for indigo, but even when the fashion is navy, you never get indigo, the glow, the long slow glow of indigo in the high night sky. #Quote by Anne Bartlett
Navy quotes by Ulysses S. Grant
#41. I believe that our Great Maker is preparing the world, in His own good time, to become one nation, speaking one language, and when armies and navies will be no longer required. #Quote by Ulysses S. Grant
Navy quotes by Bert J. Hubinger
#42. Huzzah! Free Trade and Sailors' Rights! But instead American ships are captured and sailors impressed by the thousands into the British Navy, becoming slaves to the lash, while the United States has virtually no navy to back them up. Baltimore native, Nathan Jeffries, son of an American hero, Captain William Jeffries, and his Quaker wife, Amy, is haunted by the memories of his fiancee, his best friend, his enemy's woman and his betrayal. Chesapeake Bay is no refuge aboard his father's brig Bucephalus;facing his worst fears, he is chased and captured by armed privateer schooner Scourge. In a violent world at war, Nathan must break his most solemn promise to his mother. For Nathan and the young United States, 1812 would severely challenge rights of passage. #Quote by Bert J. Hubinger
Navy quotes by Mickey Drexler
#43. Gap was essentially the American wardrobe that was well-priced, and it was attractive, and it was happy, and it had great color, and it has jeans, and I think we did the same with Old Navy. And I think we do the same with J.Crew at a much higher level, Madewell at another level. #Quote by Mickey Drexler
Navy quotes by Charles R. Drew
#44. I feel that the recent ruling of the United States Army and Navy regarding the refusal of colored blood donors is an indefensible one from any point of view. As you know, there is no scientific basis for the separation of the bloods of different races except on the basis of the individual blood types or groups. #Quote by Charles R. Drew
Navy quotes by Naomi Novik
#45. You are not wrong," Laurence said. He had assumed as much himself, after all, in his Navy days: had thought the Corps full of wild, devil-may-care libertines, disregarding law and authority as far as they dared, barely kept in check-- to be used for their control over the beasts, and not respected.

"But if we have more liberty than we ought," Laurence said, after a moment, struggling through, "it is because they have not enough: the dragons. They have no stake in victory but our happiness; their daily bread and nation would give them just to have peace and quiet. We are given licence so long as we do what we ought not; so long as we use their affections to keep them obedient and quiet, to ends which serve them not at all-- or which harm."

"How else do you make them care?" Granby said. "If we left off, the French would only run right over us, and take our eggs themselves."

"They care in China," Laurence said, "and in Africa, and they care all the more, that their rational sense is not imposed on, and their hearts put into opposition with their minds. If they cannot be woken to a natural affection for their country, such as we feel, it is our fault, and not theirs. #Quote by Naomi Novik
Navy quotes by Clyde Brion Davis
#46. I'll have you understand the United States has got the best navy in the world."
"Well, . . . why, then, do we need a bigger navy?"
"We've got to have a still bigger navy because we're the richest nation on earth. #Quote by Clyde Brion Davis
Navy quotes by Graham Elliot
#47. I think that for me, growing up, my dad was in the Navy; we went all over the world. I love things the weirder the better. The idea I could eat things like snails or frogs legs or things like that was mind-blowingly cool. #Quote by Graham Elliot
Navy quotes by David        Cook
#48. The defenders retreated, but in good order. A musket flamed and a ball shattered a marine's collar bone, spinning him around. The soldiers screamed terrible battle-cries as they began their grim job of clearing the defenders off the parapet with quick professional close-quarter work. Gamble trod on a fallen ramrod and his boots crunched on burnt wadding. The French reached steps and began descending into the bastion.
'Bayonets!' Powell bellowed. 'I want bayonets!'
'Charge the bastards!' Gamble screamed, blinking another man's blood from his eyes. There was no drum to beat the order, but the marines and seamen surged forward.
'Tirez!' The French had been waiting, and their muskets jerked a handful of attackers backwards. Their officer, dressed in a patched brown coat, was horrified to see the savage looking men advance unperturbed by the musketry. His men were mostly conscripts and they had fired too high. Now they had only steel bayonets with which to defend themselves.
'Get in close, boys!' Powell ordered. 'A Shawnee Indian named Blue Jacket once told me that a naked woman stirs a man's blood, but a naked blade stirs his soul. So go in with the steel. Lunge! Recover! Stance!'
'Charge!' Gamble turned the order into a long, guttural yell of defiance.
Those redcoats and seamen, with loaded weapons discharged them at the press of the defenders, and a man in the front rank went down with a dark hole in his forehead. Gamble saw the officer aim a pisto #Quote by David Cook
Navy quotes by Emma Goldman
#49. The contention that a standing army and navy is the best security of peace is about as logical as the claim that the most peaceful citizen is he who goes about heavily armed. The experience of every-day life fully proves that the armed individual is invariably anxious to try his strength. The same is historically true of governments. Really peaceful countries do not waste life and energy in war preparations, with the result that peace is maintained. #Quote by Emma Goldman
Navy quotes by Cindy Gueli
#50. Surveyors showed up unannounced at the twenty-acre campus of Mount Vernon Seminary and Junior College, a private girls' school on Ward Circle in Northwest Washington. The Navy announced it was taking immediate possession "in the interest of the war effort." It offered $800,000 for the property worth over $5 million, eventually agreeing to a $1.1 million purchase price. Over 5,000 codebreakers soon arrived to transform the school grounds into a Communications Annex. #Quote by Cindy Gueli
Navy quotes by Nicole Starosielski
#51. The U.S. Navy also continues to use undersea cables; but unlike the oil industry or scientific observatories, it keeps its systems (informally termed black fiber) secret and rarely opens them to the public. #Quote by Nicole Starosielski
Navy quotes by Henry Forster, 1st Baron Forster
#52. In view of the result of attained at the Washington Treaty which, my advisors believe, guarantee peace in the Pacific for some time to come, it is proposed to reduce the establishment of the navy and army, and postpone the expansion of the air force. #Quote by Henry Forster, 1st Baron Forster
Navy quotes by Tariq Ali
#53. When I arrived to study at Oxford in October 1963, the bohemian style was black plastic or leather jackets for women and black leather or navy donkey jackets for men. I stuck to cavalry twills and a duffle coat, at least for a few months. #Quote by Tariq Ali
Navy quotes by Oliver Sacks
#54. Dr. Sacks treats each of his subjects - the amnesic fifty-year-old man who believes himself to be a young sailor in the Navy, the "disembodied" woman whose limbs have become alien to her, and of course the famous man who mistook his wife for a hat - with a deep respect for the unique individual living beneath the disorder. These tales inspire awe and empathy, allowing the reader to enter the uncanny worlds of those with autism, Alzheimer's, Tourette's syndrome, and other unfathomable neurological conditions. "One of the great clinical writers of the 20th century" (The New York Times), Dr. Sacks brings to vivid life some of the most fundamental questions about identity and the human mind. #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Navy quotes by Barack Obama
#55. You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines. #Quote by Barack Obama
Navy quotes by Stacey Kade
#56. She shrugged and flipped her glossy hair behind her shoulders. "What else do you have to do with your time besides think about stuff like this? It's not like you're real heavy into extracurriculars. Besides, you're all, like, goth and into the dead, right?"
Alona Dare, queen of the insult-compliment. "Wow. Thanks. Anyone ever tell you you're good with people?"
She frowned. "No."
"Good. I'm not goth."
"Your hair is black, you have piercings, you wear black all the time and act all freaky-"
"My hair is naturally this color. I have three earings in one ear, that's it. This shirt" -I tugged at the fabric across my chest- "is navy blue, and if I act weird all the time, it's because of ghosts like you. #Quote by Stacey Kade
Navy quotes by Timothy Zahn
#57. But I would also warn against diverting too many of the Empire's resources from a flexible navy of capital ships and starfighters to massive projects that can bring the Imperial presence to only one system at a time. #Quote by Timothy Zahn
Navy quotes by Tommy Hilfiger
#58. A classic, navy blue blazer is my staple. It's a look that can take you from office meetings to dinner out with friends or family. #Quote by Tommy Hilfiger
Navy quotes by Jennifer Morrison
#59. I'm trying to incorporate colour into my life. Until recently, everything in my closet was black, white, grey, navy or olive. #Quote by Jennifer Morrison
Navy quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#60. I care a great deal about LGBT U.S. servicemen and women being able to serve openly and honestly. Since early in my career, I've included realistic LGBT characters in my books. The idea that a gay Navy SEAL had to hide who he was in order to serve was a terrible one - and I made sure my readers knew that! #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
Navy quotes by David Hagberg
#61. At two hundred fifty feet in length with a surfaced displacement of 2,200 tons, the Samisho was not a small boat. Built to the 0+2+ (1) Yuushio-class standards at Kawasaki's shipyards in Kobe, she'd begun service in 1992, and last year she'd been brought back to the yards for a retrofit.

Now she was state of the art, an engineering and electronics marvel even by U.S. naval standards. She was a diesel boat, but she was fast, capable of a top speed submerged of more than twenty-five knots and a published diving depth in excess of one thousand feet.

Her electronic detection systems and countermeasures by Hitachi were better than anything currently in use by any navy in the world, and her new Fuji electric motors and tunnel drive were as quiet as any nuclear submarine's propulsion system, and much simpler to operate. The Samisho could be safely operated, even on war footing, with fifty men and ten officers - less than half the crew needed to run the Los Angeles-class boats, and one-fourth the crew needed for a sub-hunting surface vessel #Quote by David Hagberg
Navy quotes by Herman Melville
#62. Standing navies, as well as standing armies, serve to keep alive the spirit of war even in the meek heart of peace. In its very embers and smoulderings, they nourish that fatal fire, and half-pay officers, as the priests of Mars, yet guard the temple, though no god be there. #Quote by Herman Melville
Navy quotes by Brenda Novak
#63. Rod had signed on the dotted line mostly because he'd been promised a free college education. But his commitment to the armed forces had quickly evolved into much more than that. In the navy, he'd found a home, friends who were more like brothers, purpose in what he did, some self-esteem. But it hadn't been an easy road. #Quote by Brenda Novak
Navy quotes by Michael Mullen
#64. I'm blessed to be in a command position in a Navy this good #Quote by Michael Mullen
Navy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#65. Samuel Vimes dreamed about Clues. He had a jaundiced view of Clues. He instinctively distrusted them. They got in the way. And he distrusted the kind of person who'd take one look at another man and say in a lordly voice to his companion, "Ah, my dear sir, I can tell you nothing except that he is a left-handed stonemason who has spent some years in the merchant navy and has recently fallen on hard times," and then unroll a lot of supercilious commentary about calluses and stance and the state of a man's boots, when exactly the same comments could apply to a man who was wearing his old clothes because he'd been doing a spot of home bricklaying for a new barbecue pit, and had been tattooed once when he was drunk and seventeen* and in fact got seasick on a wet pavement. What arrogance! What an insult to the rich and chaotic variety of the human experience! #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Navy quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#66. This was the argument put forward during the War when the expenditure on the army and navy had to be met; and this was the argument put forward in Germany and Austria after the War when a part of the population had to be provided with cheap food, the losses on the operation of the railways and other public undertakings met, and reparations payments made. The assistance of inflation is invoked whenever a government is unwilling to increase taxation or unable to raise a loan; that is the truth of the matter. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Navy quotes by John D. Long
#67. I went over to the Charlestown Navy Yard yesterday and saw some big men of war, one over 100 guns. #Quote by John D. Long
Navy quotes by Jolene Perry
#68. A thin, polished woman walks in. She sticks out immediately in her expensive looking navy dress, shiny bag and shoes that probably cost more than I make in a month. My breath leaves me when I see that her arm is draped around a younger version of herself. That hair, it's pulled back way too tight now, but I'd run my hands through it a thousand times before. That face, now in layer of makeup that makes her look older than I remember, I'd held it in my calloused hands and kissed those lips goodbye over a year ago. She said she'd never see me again and I learned to accept that. She destroyed me, and I'd moved on.
No. Not her. She's not from here anymore. I don't know who that person is anymore. #Quote by Jolene Perry
Navy quotes by William McKinley
#69. I have already transmitted to Congress the report of the naval court of inquiry on the destruction of the battleship Maine in the harbor of Havana during the night of the fifteenth of February. The destruction of that noble vessel has filled the national heart with inexpressible horror. Two hundred and fifty-eight brave sailors and marines and two officers of our Navy, reposing in the fancied security of a friendly harbor, have been hurled to death, grief and want brought to their homes and sorrow to the nation. #Quote by William McKinley
Navy quotes by Susan Casey
#70. UC Santa Cruz biologist had discovered elevated levels of radiation in fish swimming among some of the 47,500 barrels of nuclear waste that the navy had dumped in a 540-square-mile area around the Farallones between 1946 and 1970. #Quote by Susan Casey
Navy quotes by Frank B. Kellogg
#71. I do not hesitate to say that the limitation on naval craft between the great naval powers was too high. #Quote by Frank B. Kellogg
Navy quotes by Blake Crouch
#72. He reaches into his greatcoat, pulls out a tin of Star Navy #Quote by Blake Crouch
Navy quotes by Maggie Young
#73. I fell in love with a sniper - a man whose basic training instills psychopathic tendencies. I loved a professional dehumanizer. I loved a man who lived in a world where empathy was suicide. I loved a man who had to be ready to put a bullet through a toddler's skull if necessary. I loved a man highly skilled in burying his emotions, resurrecting them if and when he chose. I loved a man who saw me as his enemy. I loved a man I was disposable to. #Quote by Maggie Young
Navy quotes by Dana Marton
#74. She had the soft presence of a fish hook in the eye. #Quote by Dana Marton
Navy quotes by Robin Hayes
#75. Those who served, and those who continue to serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we can never forget the importance of their commitment to our Nation. #Quote by Robin Hayes
Navy quotes by Christopher   Clark
#76. For a time, the word Weltpolitik seemed to capture the mood of the German middle classes and the national-minded quality press. The word resonated because it bundled together so many contemporary aspirations. Weltpolitik meant the quest to expand foreign markets (at a time of declining export growth); it meant escaping from the constraints of the continental alliance system to operate on a broader world arena. It expressed the appetite for genuinely national projects that would help knit together the disparate regions of the German Empire and reflected the almost universal conviction that Germany, a late arrival at the imperial feast, would have to play catch-up if it wished to earn the respect of the other great powers. Yet, while it connoted all these things, Weltpolitik never acquired a stable or precise meaning. Even Bernhard von Bulow, widely credited with establishing Weltpolitik as the guiding principle of German foreign policy, never produced a definitive account of what it was. His contradictory utterances on the subject suggest that it was little more than the old policy of the "free hand" with a larger navy and more menacing mood music. "We are supposed to be pursuing Weltpolitik," the former chief of the General Staff General Alfred von Waldersee noted grumpily in his diary in January 1900. "If only I knew what that was supposed to be. #Quote by Christopher Clark
Navy quotes by Marcus Luttrell
#77. To break a Navy Seal, you have to kill us. That's why we can make it into our training. That's why we can call ourselves Seals because the only way your gonna break us is to kill us. #Quote by Marcus Luttrell
Navy quotes by Jack Adams
#78. I received my parents' permission and went into the Navy on June 3, 1941. #Quote by Jack Adams
Navy quotes by Liza Mundy
#79. There were discussions about minutiae like pockets, which Virginia Gildersleeve felt were essential for any working woman. But the designers felt pockets would spoil the lines of the suit. 'Utility was sacrificed to looks,' Gildersleeve noted with some disgust in her memoir. 'They certainly looked very attractive and no doubt won many recruits for the Navy; but I regretted those pockets. #Quote by Liza Mundy
Navy quotes by Mark Kirk
#80. I'm still a reservist. We have three drilling reservists in the Senate. Senator Graham serves in the Air Force, Senator Brown serves in the Army, and I serve in the Navy. #Quote by Mark Kirk
Navy quotes by Cat Johnson
#81. He took a step forward and laid one big hand on her shoulder. She felt the heat of him against her bare skin. That was one way to get her mind off her security.
"I'm sorry I freaked you out. This is a safe neighborhood. I really wouldn't worry."
Ally nodded, having trouble coming up with a coherent response while he touched her.
"You wanta stay for a little while?" It wasn't a hard question, but he hesitated long enough that she wondered what was going on inside his head. Finally, he let out a sigh.
"Yeah, I do want to stay which is why I'm going to go."
"I don't understand." She did, however take note that his hand had remained on her shoulder. For a man intent on going, he hadn't made a move to leave yet.
"I'm afraid if I stay, I won't want to leave."
Ally swallowed hard and leaned a bit closer to him. "Then, don't leave." She saw his chest rise and fall, watched his focus drop to her lips, before he brought it back up to her eyes.
"You don't do one-night stands."
"I said I hadn't in the past; not that I was opposed to having one... with you."
"This can't be anything more than tonight."
Pulse racing, Ally nodded. "I know. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Navy quotes by Mao Zedong
#82. Our national defense will be consolidated and no imperialist will be allowed to invade our territory again. Our People's armed forces must be maintained and developed with the brave and steeled People's Liberation Army as their foundation. We will have not only a powerful army but also a powerful air force and a powerful navy. #Quote by Mao Zedong
Navy quotes by Tom Hanks
#83. There's this misconception that the Navy is this cruise ship, and you get to go out and sail around, and every now and then, you have to swab the deck. But, no, it is a very impressive group of young people that live at sea, in this place that's very uncomfortable. They exude a pride that is well-deserved. #Quote by Tom Hanks
Navy quotes by Albert F. Pratt
#84. The Navy is much more than a job; much more than service to country. It is a way of life. It gets in your blood. #Quote by Albert F. Pratt
Navy quotes by Barack Obama
#85. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. #Quote by Barack Obama
Navy quotes by Mark Forsyth
#86. If you are to use Alexander Graham Bell's product, which is to say the blower, you should, in all courtesy, use it as he would have wished; and Dr Bell insisted that all phone calls should begin with the words 'Ahoy, ahoy'. Nobody knows why he insisted this – he had no connection to the navy – but insist he did and started every phone call that way. Nobody else did, and it was at the suggestion of his great rival Edison that people took to saying 'Hello'. This seems unfair. #Quote by Mark Forsyth
Navy quotes by U.S. Marine Corps
Navy quotes by Drew Waters
#88. In the Navy, I was introduced to the modeling world and something I never thought I would do in a million years. I never thought about doing it ... I was kind of against doing it for a while until he introduced me to an agent. I went down to this big event (and they wanted me as a model) So, I was getting out of the military and decided to take that opportunity. #Quote by Drew Waters
Navy quotes by Adam Driver
#89. My grandpa was in the Navy, but it wasn't something that was expected or planned for me to do. #Quote by Adam Driver
Navy quotes by Mark Owen
#90. There is no honor in sending men to die for something you won't even fight for yourself #Quote by Mark Owen
Navy quotes by Giorge Leedy
#91. As I'm smiling but fearing for the worse, he asks if I was in the Navy.
I don't know whether he wants me to apologize for impersonating a sailor, thank him for his service, or stop drooling as I melt into his eyes #Quote by Giorge Leedy
Navy quotes by Regis Philbin
#92. I missed so many opportunities along the way to do what I wanted to do because I didn't have the confidence to tell myself, much less anybody else, 'Yes, this is the business I wanted to be a part of, and not feeling that I had the talent ... and letting it go all the way through Notre Dame and then through two years of Navy service. #Quote by Regis Philbin
Navy quotes by Muse
#93. The Bane
... where coxswain's dirt
and seaman's shirts
brushed bawdily upon her chest ... #Quote by Muse
Navy quotes by Abbey Clancy
#94. Leather pants are my guilty fashion pleasure. I have at least 10 pairs in navy, red, white, dusty pink, grey, suede and black. #Quote by Abbey Clancy
Navy quotes by Steven Magee
#95. Protecting workers may get you illegally fired in the USA. #Quote by Steven Magee
Navy quotes by Patricia Schroeder
#96. One of the problems in the Navy is that tradition of being captain of the ship. And an awful lot of people can be retired in the Navy, get over it, get a life, and go on. But there's a lot who can't. And when they have to give up the ship, they got to be captain of something, every single day. #Quote by Patricia Schroeder
Navy quotes by Anonymous
#97. No. No. Not this. Not this, that had kept him aloof from his fellows through school. Not this, fear of seeing the sun on a cheekbone, filtered through someone's eyelashes, or the shadow of a jawline, and feeling ... this thing. The thing that poets spoke about, but not like this. Not for the girls at the dances with their shy smiles and sturdy prettiness but for the boys, milling about on the other side of the room in navy shirts and red ties, looking, by turns, bored and nervous and happy. #Quote by Anonymous
Navy quotes by George W. Bush
#98. The United States Navy carries the might and the mission of America to the farthest parts of the world. #Quote by George W. Bush
Navy quotes by J.K. Rowling
#99. Morning, Reg!" called another wizard in navy blue robes as he let himself into a cubicle by inserting his golden token into a slot in the door. "Blooming pain in the bum, this, eh? Forcing us all to get to work this way! Who are they expecting to turn up, Harry Potter?"
The wizard roared with laughter at his own wit. Ron gave a forced chuckle.
"Yeah," he said, "stupid, isn't it?"
And he and Harry let themselves into adjoining cubicles.
To Harry's left and right came the sound of flushing. He crouched down and peered through the gap at the bottom of the cubicle, just in time to see a pair of booted feet climbing into the toilet next door. He looked left and saw Ron blinking at him.
"We have to flush ourselves in?" he whispered.
"Looks like it," Harry whispered back; his voice came out deep and gravelly.
They both stood up. Feeling exceptionally foolish, Harry clambered into the toilet. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Navy quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
#100. In our town, the most popular way out was joining the service. So my three best friends joined the Navy to get out. I didn't. #Quote by Jon Bon Jovi
Navy quotes by Jeb Bush
#101. We now have a lack of readiness that is quite scary. We have planes that were - that Harry Truman inaugurated, the B-52. We have - the Navy has been gutted and decimated. The readiness of the Marines is way down. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Navy quotes by Bob Spitz
#102. Later, when the other Beatles arrived, the crowd in the street had swelled to an estimated twenty-thousand, some of whom were whipped up in a terrific heat. Others, many of them young girls who had been waiting since dawn, suffered from hunger and exhaustion. The police force, which had been monitoring the situation nervously, called in the army and navy to help maintain order, but it was short-lived. By late afternoon, with chants of "We want the Beatles!" ringing through the square, the shaken troops, now four-hundred strong, felt control slipping from their grasp. They didn't know where to look first: at the barricades being crushed, the girls fainting out of sight, the hooligans stomping on the roofs of cars or pushing through their lines. A fourteen-year-old "screamed so hard she burst a blood-vessel in her throat." It was "frightening, chaotic, and rather inhuman," according to a trooper on horseback. There most pressing concern was the hotels plate-glass windows bowing perilously against the violent crush of bodies. They threatened to explode in a cluster of razor-sharp shards at any moment. Ambulances screamed in the distance, preparing for the worst; a detachment of mounted infantry swung into position. #Quote by Bob Spitz
Navy quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#103. Basically, your fear is like a mall cop who thinks he's a Navy SEAL: He hasn't slept in days, he's all hopped up on Red Bull, and he's liable to shoot at his own shadow in an absurd effort to keep everyone safe. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Navy quotes by Katie Reus
#104. He could traverse any terrain on the planet, kill someone countless ways with his bare hands and can and had survived behind enemy lines with his team on more than one occasion. But the thought of Nora going out with someone else twisted him up #Quote by Katie Reus
Navy quotes by Cat Johnson
#105. A vicious circle, this thing with Zane. It was like she was living in two worlds' simultaneously; that of a teenage girl and that of a woman. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Navy quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#106. I had to hide. I couldn't let him take me to the police station, but I also couldn't dial 911 to get them help. Maybe if I waited it out, they'd get better on their own? I dashed toward the storage tubs on the other side of the garage, squeezing past the front of Mom's car. One, maybe two steps more, and I would have jumped inside the closest tub and buried myself under a pile of blankets. The garage door rolled open first.
Not all the way - just enough that I could see the snow on the driveway, and grass, and the bottom half of a dark uniform. I squinted, holding a hand up to the blinding blanket of white light that seemed to settle over my vision. My head started pounding, a thousand times worse than before.
The man in the dark uniform knelt down in the snow, his eyes hidden by sunglasses. I hadn't seen him before, but I certainly hadn't met all the police officers at my dad's station. This one looked older. Harder, I remembered thinking.
He waved me forward again, saying, "We're here to help you. Please come outside."
I took a tentative step, then another. This man is a police officer, I told myself. Mom and Dad are sick, and they need help. His navy uniform looked darker the closer I got, like it was drenched straight through with rain. "My parents…"
The officer didn't let me finish. "Come out here, honey. You're safe now."
It wasn't until my bare toes brushed up against the snow, and the man had wrapped my long hair around his fist and yanke #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Navy quotes by James Mercer
#107. My dad was a Navy munitions officer, and by the end of his career, he was a specialist in nuclear weapons. #Quote by James Mercer
Navy quotes by Jennifer Lane
#108. Grant glanced down at his khaki jacket. Since he'd slipped on the US Navy uniform in Agent Bounter's office, he'd felt a confident swagger possess him. His spine lengthened, and his shoulders retracted. He should've been wearing this every day, not the stupid dress shirt and slacks of a lounge singer. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Navy quotes by Dana Marton
#109. She wasn't entirely sure if she was being rescued or kidnapped. #Quote by Dana Marton
Navy quotes by Dana Marton
#110. Ah, you're warming up to me. You know what comes next."
"Bitter disappointment?" she deadpanned. #Quote by Dana Marton
Navy quotes by William Howard Taft
#111. The Government is able to afford a suitable army and a suitable navy. It may maintain them without the slightest danger to the Republic or the cause of free institutions, and fear of additional taxation ought not to change a proper policy in this regard. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Navy quotes by Emma Forrest
#112. Funny. The blazer, skirt and tie become automatically sexy the minute you leave school when you're eighteen or nineteen and pull it out for fancy-dress parties. But whilst you're still there, stewing through Math, unable to find anyone who'll let you sit next to them in the cafeteria, crying in the toilet stalls, you know what it represents and you can't bring yourself to make it look alluring. That would be traitorous and phoney. I knew I looked like shit and I was glad I did because that's how the twenty pounds of gray polyester and itchy navy wool made me feel. #Quote by Emma Forrest
Navy quotes by Cari Beauchamp
#113. Their task was to film the work of the Allied women. More than 20,000 American women served overseas during the war - 10,000 as nurses in the army and navy and a few thousand under the auspices of the Red Cross, the YMCA, and the Salvation Army. Several hundred women were telephone operators with the Army Signal Corps and still others served as doctors, entertainers, canteen workers, interpreters, dentists, therapists, decoders, and in a myriad of other roles. Most of the one thousand professional entertainers who joined the war effort were connected to either the Overseas Theater League or the YMCA and over half were women. #Quote by Cari Beauchamp
Navy quotes by Greg Rucka
#114. This is Commander Poe Dameron of the Republic Navy, #Quote by Greg Rucka
Navy quotes by William Shakespeare
#115. 'Tis the soldier's life to have their balmy slumbers waked with strife. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Navy quotes by Rand Beers
#116. The Navy has a custom-if a ship runs aground, the captain is relieved regardless of who is responsible. That's how Abu Ghraib should be handled. #Quote by Rand Beers
Navy quotes by Tony Williams
#117. Black seamen - or "Black Jacks" as African sailors were known - enjoyed a refreshing world of liberty and equality. Even if they were generally regulated to jobs such as cooks, servants, and muscians and endured thier fellow seamen's racism, they were still freemen in the Royal Navy. One famous black sailor wrote, "I liked this little ship very much. I now became the captian's steward, in which I was very happy; for I was extremely well treated by all on board, and I had the leisure to improve myself in reading and writing. #Quote by Tony Williams
Navy quotes by William Donaldson
#118. A large and ridiculous gunner told me that I looked like an out-of-work chorus boy. He was very startled when I told him that was exactly what I was, but that I found it easier to get work as a naval officer, a job requiring considerably less talent. #Quote by William Donaldson
Navy quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#119. Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan ... As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense ... With confidence in our armed forces - with the unbounded determination of our people - we will gain the inevitable triumph - so help us God.
-President F.D. Roosevelt - 8th December 1941 #Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Navy quotes by Kristen Ashley
#120. Semper fuckin' fi #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Navy quotes by Edward Gibbon
#121. The courage of a soldier is found to be the cheapest and most common quality of human nature. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Navy quotes by James W. Blinn
#122. You see a lot of jargon junkies in the navy. Usually means they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. The rallying cry is If you can't dazzle 'em with genius, baffle 'em with bullshit. #Quote by James W. Blinn
Navy quotes by Jane Smiley
#123. She could not have created this moment, these lovely faces, these candles flickering, the flash of the silverware, the fragrances of the food hanging over the table, the heads turning this way and that, the voices murmuring and laughing. She looked at Walter, who was so far away from her, all the way at the other end of the table, having a laugh with Andrea, who had a beautiful suit on, navy blue with a tiny waist and white collar and cuffs. As if on cue, Walter turned from Andrea and looked at Rosanna, and they agreed in that instant: something had created itself from nothing - a dumpy old house had been filled, if only for this moment, with twenty-three different worlds, each one of them rich and mysterious. #Quote by Jane Smiley
Navy quotes by John Edward Redmond
#124. We pay for the navy, and we have no commerce for the navy to protect; we pay for the army, and we loathe and execrate the work upon which it has been engaged. #Quote by John Edward Redmond
Navy quotes by Charles R. Morris
#125. Military power tends to be a function of economic power, and the British Navy was the essential capability for establishing the imperial sway - which was attuned to furnish the raw materials for the British manufacturing ascendance. So they were mutually reinforcing. #Quote by Charles R. Morris
Navy quotes by Saeb Erekat
#126. We are a people with no army, no navy, no air force, no arms. It's people, thousands of people, who are feeling, sensing the sense of urgency, fearing for the president of their life - the life of their president, trying to protect their democratic choice, because Arafat is the elected leader of the Palestinian people. #Quote by Saeb Erekat
Navy quotes by Mario Cuomo
#127. David Robinson chose to stay at Navy. He talked about commitment, loyalty and values. I wonder how many of us would choose these virtues rather than the chance of becoming a millionaire, especially if you were a college sophomore when you had to make that choice. #Quote by Mario Cuomo
Navy quotes by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
#128. Half my family was from the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the other half was U.S. Army, and I was raised on Army posts during my childhood, so I pretty much began my life with a split-brain sort of thing. #Quote by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Navy quotes by Cat Johnson
#129. Zane rolled his eyes, glad he had come alone. Hell of a negotiator John would be. He would have given the whole damn company away and they'd all have been working for his father, God help them.
"So, how long?" John asked.
"I hope soon. With any luck he 'll have something for me to sign tomorrow. I'm going to hang here tonight, unless we get called in." It wouldn't kill him to sleep under his father's roof for one night, probably. That would also give time for the required show of good faith: the date with Missy.
"So that will be it then, a signed contract and we're good to go?"
"That's it." A signed contract and Zane's bachelorhood, if his father had his way. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Navy quotes by Sarah Sundin
#130. Boston Navy Yard; Boston, Massachusetts Tuesday, March 18, 1941 On #Quote by Sarah Sundin
Navy quotes by Maggie Nelson
#131. For the fact is that neuroscientists who study memory remain unclear on the question of whether each time we remember something we are accessing a stable "memory fragment" - often called a "trace" or an "engram" - or whether each time we remember something we are literally creating a new "trace" to house the thought. And since no one has yet been able to discern the material of these traces, nor to locate them in the brain, how one thinks of them remains mostly a matter of metaphor: they could be "scribbles," "holograms," or "imprints"; they could live in "spirals," "rooms," or "storage units." Personally, when I imagine my mind in the act of remembering, I see Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, roving about in a milky, navy-blue galaxy shot through with twinkling cartoon stars. #Quote by Maggie Nelson
Navy quotes by William T. Vollmann
#132. It sure if terrific to be in the back seat of a car full of all the people in your affinity group, and as you zip down the center of the road the radio is going boodeley-boodeley-boo in some bluegrass heart song to open space, and, whoopee, you're hugging all the committed girls who love you just as the boys love you but even more so, maybe, because Bug never forgot that a Swiss army knife, for instance, does everything well and nothing excellently; and to do something excellently a good navy surplus kelp-slitting blade is far superior to a thousand sawtoothed frogman's specials; and a gun is worth a thousand knives; and a good friend is worth a thousand guns; and ten minutes' bored talk about the weather with any girl is worth a thousand friends at your back on the Great Trek of 1836, at least at that time in his life, perhaps because until he joined the affinity group none of his friends had ever been girls; but now everyone was his friend, especially the girls (but he only thought that; he didn't say it, didn't want anyone to claim that he was a sexist). #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Navy quotes by Jerry Pournelle
#133. Paradoxically, the few eras of peace were times when men of war had high influence. The Pax Romana was enforced by Caesar's Legions. The Pax Brittanica was enforced by the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Forces. #Quote by Jerry Pournelle
Navy quotes by Herman Wouk
#134. You can't assume a goddamned thing in this Navy. #Quote by Herman Wouk
Navy quotes by Frank Knox
#135. No matter what happens, the U.S. Navy is not going to be caught napping. #Quote by Frank Knox
Navy quotes by Theophilus London
#136. I collect different game hats, like Syracuse Women's Volleyball; I have a Navy Basketball hat. They're all vintage but in new condition. #Quote by Theophilus London
Navy quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#137. He who is ready to die for his country is a fool. For he didn't choose where he was born; and where he was born didn't choose him. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Navy quotes by Meg Cabot
#138. I can command the Royal Genovian Air Force," Grandmère supposedly replied. "As well as the Royal Genovian Navy. But the one thing in the world I have no control over, Helen, is your womb. Now come along. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Navy quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#139. For all its outwardly easy Latin charm, Buenos Aires was making me feel sick and upset, so I did take that trip to the great plains where the gaucho epics had been written, and I did manage to eat a couple of the famous asados: the Argentine barbecue fiesta (once summarized by Martin Amis's John Self as 'a sort of triple mixed grill swaddled in steaks') with its slavish propitiation of the sizzling gods of cholesterol. Yet even this was spoiled for me: my hosts did their own slaughtering and the smell of drying blood from the abattoir became too much for some reason (I actually went 'off' steak for a good few years after this trip). Then from the intrepid Robert Cox of the Buenos Aires Herald I learned another jaunty fascist colloquialism: before the South Atlantic dumping method was adopted, the secret cremation of maimed and tortured bodies at the Navy School had been called an asado. In my youth I was quite often accused, and perhaps not unfairly, of being too politicized and of trying to import politics into all discussions. I would reply that it wasn't my fault if politics kept on invading the private sphere and, in the case of Argentina at any rate, I think I was right. The miasma of the dictatorship pervaded absolutely everything, not excluding the aperitifs and the main course. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Navy quotes by Anthony Hulse
#140. On August 11th, 2010, NOAA gave permission for the US Navy to continue their training, which included mid and high-frequency sonar and the use of explosives, thus ignoring the devastating impact on marine life. They attempted to justify their actions by claiming sonar exposure is merely a matter of annoyance to whale and dolphins. #Quote by Anthony Hulse
Navy quotes by Gordon Bethune
#142. I was a mechanic in the Navy. And mechanics in the Navy are like mechanics in airlines. You may have more stripes than I do, but you don't know how to fix the airplane. #Quote by Gordon Bethune
Navy quotes by Joseph Abboud
#143. The most important thing that I think we've done this season is to show navy and gray in a very new way. Most men understand navy and gray as a navy blazer and a gray flannel trouser, but today, we're taking that very traditional color palette and putting it in a more modern shape. #Quote by Joseph Abboud
Navy quotes by Erik Larson
#144. German navy had its own tradition of assigning nicknames. One very tall commander was nicknamed Seestiefel, or sea boot. Another had a reputation for smelling bad and thus was nicknamed Hein Schniefelig, or stinky person. A third was said to be "very childish and good-natured" and was commonly called Das Kind, the child. #Quote by Erik Larson
Navy quotes by Marc Garneau
#145. I went to military college in Canada and graduated as an officer in the Navy but also as an engineer. #Quote by Marc Garneau
Navy quotes by Cat Johnson
#146. You're the kind of woman who could easily be a distraction if I let you. If I want to come home alive, I can't let you. #Quote by Cat Johnson
Navy quotes by H.G. Wells
#147. It is impossible now to estimate how much of the intellectual and physical energy of the world was wasted in military preparation and equipment, but it was an enormous proportion. Great Britain spent upon army and navy money and capacity, that directed into the channels of physical culture and education would have made the British the aristocracy of the world. Her rulers could have kept the whole population learning and exercising up to the age of eighteen and made a broad-chested and intelligent man of every Bert Smallways in the islands, had they given the resources they spent in war material to the making of men. Instead of which they waggled flags at him until he was fourteen, incited him to cheer, and then turned him out of school to begin that career of private enterprise we have compactly recorded. France achieved similar imbecilities; Germany was, if possible worse; Russia under the waste and stresses of militarism festered towards bankruptcy and decay. All Europe was producing big guns and countless swarms of little Smallways. #Quote by H.G. Wells
Navy quotes by James S.A. Corey
#148. I found a big crate with the letters MAP on the side. According to the manifest, it stands for 'Mobile Assault Package.' Apparently navy-speak for a big box of guns, #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Navy quotes by Robin Bielman
#149. Busted," she said. "You pretend to be all rough and tough, but on the inside you're a big softie."
"I guarantee you there is nothing soft
#Quote by Robin Bielman
Navy quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#150. Banning paper and plastic and making shoppers carry their groceries home in their mouths like dogs is just the thing to make a little tin humanist in the Obama West Wing think he's admiral of the Uzbek Navy. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Navy quotes by Marcus Luttrell
#151. With 300 Marines, you could probably take over Iraq if you wanted to and get rid of ISIS completely. Make no mistake about it, Marines are war fighters. I mean they are really good at what they do. The only time they are not good at what they do is when someone puts the shackles on them, #Quote by Marcus Luttrell
Navy quotes by Carlos Wallace
#152. When I was in the Navy, everyone fell under the purview of "navy gray". It is the military's way of reminding its enlisted personnel that they are all equal. Man or woman, black or white, young or old, everyone was navy gray. With God's grace I can proudly say a better understanding of this concept has helped me ameliorate disputes, mend fences that appeared hopeless and find light in the midst of darkness. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Navy quotes by Joseph Finder
#153. Burris answered with an obscenity, and suddenly he lunged at me. I saw him move a split second too late. He slammed me against the side of a building, cracking my head hard against the brick. With his right hand, he clamped my throat just below the Adam's apple and pincered hard. He was strong, even stronger than I expected, and he put his whole overdeveloped body into it. At the same time, he pinioned my left arm with his right shoulder and grabbed my right hand, just above the wrist, and jammed his right knee into the inside of my leg. Now I knew for sure he'd really been a Navy SEAL. He was doing everything by the book. Which was good, actually. #Quote by Joseph Finder
Navy quotes by George S. Patton Jr.
#154. The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one's country #Quote by George S. Patton Jr.
Navy quotes by Steve Jobs
#155. Why join the navy if you can be a pirate? #Quote by Steve Jobs
Navy quotes by David Weber
#156. All things considered, Her Grace's plan may not have been the single rashest, most foolhardy, do-or-die, all-or-nothing throw of the dice in the history of the Royal Manticoran - or Grayson - Navy. If it wasn't, however, I have so far failed to find the plan that was. #Quote by David Weber
Navy quotes by Hank Bracker
#157. Eight Bells: Robert J. Kane '55D died June 3, 2017, in Palm Harbor, Florida. He came to MMA by way of Boston College. Bob or "Killer," as he was affectionately known, was an independent and eccentric soul, enjoying the freedom of life. After a career at sea as an Officer in the U.S. Navy and in the Merchant Marine he retired to an adventurous single life living with his two dogs in a mobile home, which had originally been a "Yellow School Bus." He loved watching the races at Daytona, Florida, telling stories about his interesting deeds about flying groceries to exotic Caribbean Islands, and misdeeds with mysterious ladies he had known. For years he spent his summers touring Canada and his winters appreciating the more temperate weather at Fort De Soto in St. Petersburg, Florida…. Enjoying life in the shadow of the Sunshine Bridge, Bob had an artistic flare, a positive attitude and a quick sense of humor. Not having a family, few people were aware that he became crippled by a hip replacement operation gone bad at the Bay Pines VA Hospital. His condition became so bad that he could hardly get around, but he remained in good spirits until he suffered a totally debilitating stroke. For the past 6 years Bob spent his time at various Florida Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and Palliative Care Hospitals. His end came when he finally wound up as a terminal patient at the Hospice Facility in Palm Harbor, Florida. Bob was 86 years old when he passed. He will be missed…. #Quote by Hank Bracker
Navy quotes by Clark Zlotchew
#158. Currents of cigarette fumes wafted through what passed for air. Attractive young women in bright-hued gowns glided through the streams of smoke, like tropical fish in an aquarium. Detecting the white uniforms and leathery faces, they promptly approached the Navy men. Very pretty, Ed thought, but hungry, a school of piranha. Just what the doctor ordered: fun and games with no complications. Right: no complications. pg. 27. #Quote by Clark Zlotchew
Navy quotes by Barney Ross
#159. I was 20 years old at Pearl Harbor. I was in the Navy about a year and four months before the war. #Quote by Barney Ross
Navy quotes by Herman Wouk
#160. The Navy is a master plan designed by geniuses for execution by idiots. If you are not an idiot, but find yourself in the Navy, you can only operate well by pretending to be one. All the shortcuts and economies and common-sense changes that your native intelligence suggests to you are mistakes. Learn to quash them. Constantly ask yourself, "How would I do this if I were a fool?" Throttle down your mind to a crawl. Then you will never go wrong. #Quote by Herman Wouk
Navy quotes by Samuel Johnson
#161. No man will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into a jail; for being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned ... a man in a jail has more room, better food, and commonly better company. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Navy quotes by Arthur Nicholson
#162. The Royal Navy had not built its magnificent reputation over the centuries by avoiding battle. #Quote by Arthur Nicholson
Navy quotes by Mary Robertson
#163. I thought living in London, my favorite city, would be wonderful, but I worried about the impact the move would have on my career. I discussed my options with Bill Setterstrom of the bank's personnel department. Bill had been in the navy and viewed family separations as fairly normal. At first, he suggested that I stay at my job in New York. I pointed out that Pat was not being assigned to a battleship at sea where I could not follow. "In fact," I said, "this is London, Bill, and I want to go!"
In the end, he offered me six months' leave of absence "to enjoy your new baby and living in London. #Quote by Mary Robertson
Navy quotes by Scott Kelly
#164. I went to the University of Maryland for a year and was considering maybe, you know, being a medical doctor but decided my other interest was maybe flying airplanes in the Navy and just kind of changed my mind and changed schools and changed majors and decided to focus a hundred percent on that. #Quote by Scott Kelly
Navy quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#165. Now listen up, you Navy-loving son of a bitch! If my friend wants that bear, she's gonna get that bear. And neither hell nor you nor some big-haired, twenty-hour-sleeping king of the idiots is gonna stop me from making sure she gets that bear! #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Navy quotes by Frank B. Kellogg
#166. There are but few naval powers, but there are many land powers. #Quote by Frank B. Kellogg
Navy quotes by Steven G. Pratt
#167. Beans SIDEKICKS: All beans are included in this SuperFood category, though we'll discuss the most popular and readily available beans such as pinto, navy, Great Northern, lima, garbanzo (chickpeas), lentils, green beans, sugar snap peas, and green peas TRY TO EAT: at least four ½-cup servings per week Beans contain: Low-fat protein Fiber B vitamins Iron Folate Potassium Magnesium Phytonutrients #Quote by Steven G. Pratt
Navy quotes by Cassandra Clare
#168. Max himself was sitting on the rug, wearing a sailor suit with elaborate navy ribbons to match his hair, tightly embracing Chairman Meow.
"You are my meow friend," he told the Chairman solemnly, squeezing him.
"Meow," Chairman Meow protested. He'd lived a life of torment since Max learned to walk. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Navy quotes by James S.A. Corey
#169. Martian Congressional Republic Navy. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Navy quotes by John F. Kennedy
#170. I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Navy quotes by Vonnie Davis
#171. Boyd, could you report to the kitchen please? We have an uncooperative cook here, wearing navy stilettos, who needs your attention."
Within minutes, he sauntered toward her wearing untied boots and jeans with the first two buttons undone. He was like someone had set a block of chocolate with very big nuts in front of her. #Quote by Vonnie Davis
Navy quotes by Carol M. Tanzman
#172. I remember what he was wearing. A navy-blue coat and that Harry Potter scarf."
"What the heck's a Harry Potter scarf?" Jacy snorts, "Low-rent Invisibility Cloak? Only your neck disappears. #Quote by Carol M. Tanzman
Navy quotes by Don Rickles
#173. My style is my personality. It's always been that way. Being a wiseguy and having fun. It's always been that way for me, when I was in high school, and in the Navy. It's not something I rehearse. #Quote by Don Rickles
Navy quotes by Dana Marton
#174. I hope we'll be friends." His grin was pure sin....
She stuck with the truth. "I hope we won't be enemies. #Quote by Dana Marton
Navy quotes by Mark Owen
#175. [to Navy SEALs] Quite frankly, I didn't even want to use you guys, with your dip and velcro and all your gear bullshit. I wanted to drop a bomb. But people didn't believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb. So they're using you guys as canaries. And, in theory, if bin Laden isn't there, you can sneak away and no one will be the wiser. But bin Laden is there. And you're going to kill him for me. #Quote by Mark Owen
Navy quotes by Jeremiah Denton
#176. Although I had lived a far from perfect life, my heart and soul belonged to God, country, and family long before the Navy got hold of me. #Quote by Jeremiah Denton
Navy quotes by Herzel Frenkel
#177. Headquarters must never find out about this hellish embarrassment. We must do on our own, without any help from the navy. You and I, Grisha, we must stick together on this one. You're all I've got, Grisha, you're all I have." Grisha sat down slowly on the firm couch. He and the Captain had gone many, many miles together, since the early days of Soviet subs, through this cold war and a few hot ones. They were among the last remnants of the Second World War veterans left in the Soviet Navy. He was always sure they would serve together until the end. He had never envisioned such an end. I must not let it happen, he thought and looked up to his Captain. "Don't worry, Valerie," he said, calling the Captain by name, as he had always called him when they were by themselves with a bottle of Cognac. "We've seen much worse and lived to drink about it. We shall make it this time, too. We haven't lost this battle yet." His calm demeanor reassured #Quote by Herzel Frenkel
Navy quotes by Mike Quigley
#178. Scaling back the U.S. fleet of 14 nuclear-armed submarines to eight would maintain a robust deterrent at sea while generating billions in savings and easing pressure on the Navy's shipbuilding budget. #Quote by Mike Quigley
Navy quotes by Cassie Ventura
#179. I'm from Connecticut. My Mom is an army brat, and my Dad is a navy brat. My childhood was fun. My parents are still together. My childhood was pretty carefree. #Quote by Cassie Ventura
Navy quotes by Tim FitzHigham
#180. There's no Coastguard in France. They let the French Navy do it. They have to give them something to do. It's not good for national pride to have to disband it so they turned it into a Coastguard. I think it does a few other bits and bobs too. #Quote by Tim FitzHigham
Navy quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#181. You can't run, you can't hide, and the idea that you have no control at all just gets into your head and it sticks there. In my time in the Navy, I was never so scared in my life. Bombs and smoke everywhere, fires on the deck. Meanwhile, the guns are booming and the noise is like nothing you've ever heard. Thunder times ten, maybe, but that doesn't describe it. In the big battles, Japanese Zeros strafed the deck continually, the shots ricocheting all over the place. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Navy quotes by Michael Hastings
#182. The general's staff is a handpicked collection of killers, spies, geniuses, patriots, political operators and outright maniacs. There's a former head of British Special Forces, two Navy Seals, an Afghan Special Forces commando, a lawyer, two fighter pilots and at least two dozen combat veterans and counterinsurgency experts. They jokingly refer to themselves as Team America, taking the name from the South Park-esque sendup of military cluelessness, and they pride themselves on their can-do attitude and their disdain for authority. #Quote by Michael Hastings
Navy quotes by Naomi Novik
#183. No, my dear," he said at last, softly, knowing it was only the truth. "I would rather have you than any ship in the Navy. #Quote by Naomi Novik
Navy quotes by Adrienne Stoltz
#184. My face has good angles for catching light, and my eyes do a nice job of popping on-camera. They are icy blue pools contained by a navy perimeter. #Quote by Adrienne Stoltz
Navy quotes by Sean O'Casey
#185. The military mind is indeed a menace. Old-fashioned futurity that sees only men fighting and dying in smoke and fire; hears nothing more civilized than a cannonade; scents nothing but the stink of battle-wounds and blood. #Quote by Sean O'Casey
Navy quotes by Dana Marton
#186. She growled.
He gave her a considering look. "That's almost sexy. #Quote by Dana Marton
Navy quotes by Aaron Ciechanover
#187. I studied at the Hebrew University Medical Faculty, graduated, and was an Israel Defense Forces' combat physician on a Navy ship. #Quote by Aaron Ciechanover
Navy quotes by Alan Shepard
#188. Obviously I was challenged by becoming a Naval aviator, by landing aboard aircraft carriers and so on. #Quote by Alan Shepard
Navy quotes by Rob Thomas
#189. Thank goodness for the U.S. Navy. I can at least put off telling Logan. The last thing I need is for my boyfriend to pick a fight with an international crime syndicate. #Quote by Rob Thomas
Navy quotes by Henry Chancellor
#190. James Bond had very little to do with the navy at all: it was a convenient front. Bond was secret service from the start ... #Quote by Henry Chancellor
Navy quotes by P.T. Macias
#191. Oh dios mio, she makes me burn, she makes me need. She is etching herself into mi alma #Quote by P.T. Macias
Navy quotes by Michael Connelly
#192. Oxnard was the biggest city in Ventura County. Its unattractive name was that of a sugar beet farmer who built a processing plant in the settlement in the late nineteenth century. The city totally surrounded Port Hueneme, where there was a small U.S. Navy base. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Navy quotes by Dana Marton
#193. I can't find the words." She stared daggers at him.
"Don't hurt yourself trying. #Quote by Dana Marton
Navy quotes by L.A. Kragie
#194. Tom's Navy SEAL team nicknamed him 'Tailspin', especially after sustaining his knee injury, but Joe likes to call him his 'Lucky Charm' -- saved his tail too many times to count. #Quote by L.A. Kragie
Navy quotes by John Pilger
#195. When the invasion began, the British public was called upon to 'support' troops sent illegally and undemocratically to kill people with whom we had no quarrel. 'The ultimate test of our professionalism' is how Commander McKendrick describes an unprovoked attack on a nation with no submarines, no navy and no air force, and now with no clean water and no electricity and, in many hospitals, no anaesthetic with which to amputate small limbs shredded by shrapnel. I have seen elsewhere how this is done, with a gag in the patient's mouth. #Quote by John Pilger
Navy quotes by G. Ernest Smith
#196. A good book should make you laugh, cry or pee your pants. The best do all three! #Quote by G. Ernest Smith
Navy quotes by Erik Larson
#197. However, in a later interview, housed in the archives of the Imperial War Museum, London, Beesly was less judicious. "As an Englishman and a lover of the Royal Navy," he said, "I would prefer to attribute this failure to negligence, even gross negligence, rather [than] to a conspiracy deliberately to endanger the ship." But, he said, "on the basis of the considerable volume of information which is now available, I am reluctantly compelled to state that on balance, the most likely explanation is that there was indeed a plot, however imperfect, to endanger the Lusitania in order to involve the United States in the war." So much was done for the Orion and other warships, he wrote, but nothing for the Lusitania. He struggled with this. No matter how he arranged the evidence, he came back to conspiracy. He said, "If that's unacceptable, will someone tell me another explanation to these very very curious circumstances? #Quote by Erik Larson
Navy quotes by John L. Phillips
#198. I never made a career decision based solely on my desire to be an astronaut. I attended the Naval Academy because I wanted to be a Navy pilot. I majored in math because math had always come pretty easily to me and I liked it. #Quote by John L. Phillips
Navy quotes by Jane Cousins
#199. Some instantaneous connection had occurred between them. The very air in the room seemed to crackle with the awareness of it. A wave of heat suffused her body to centre between her legs, suddenly she felt breathless and hyper aware of him. There was no way this man could remain unaffected by the sheer magnitude of the invisible bonds that had just linked them irretrievably together. She wondered what he was thinking behind those beautiful navy blue eyes. Okay so she didn't really expect him to open his mouth and spout poetry or declare his undying love but she certainly wasn't prepared for his next words.
"You aren't going to throw up are you? This is one of my favourite suits. #Quote by Jane Cousins
Navy quotes by Edmund Burke
#200. Is it not the same virtue which does everything for us here in England? Do you imagine, then, that it is the Land Tax Act which raises your revenue? that it is the annual vote in the Committee of Supply which gives you your army? or that it is the Mutiny Bill which inspires it with bravery and discipline? No! surely no! It is the love of the people; it is their attachment to their government, from the sense of the deep stake they have in such a glorious institution, which gives you your army and your navy, and infuses into both that liberal obedience without which your army would be a base rabble, and your navy nothing but rotten timber.
All this, I know well enough, will sound wild and chimerical to the profane herd of those vulgar and mechanical politicians who have no place among us; a sort of people who think that nothing exists but what is gross and material, and who, therefore, far from being qualified to be directors of the great movement of empire, are not fit to turn a wheel in the machine. But to men truly initiated and rightly taught, these ruling and master principles which, in the opinion of such men as I have mentioned, have no substantial existence, are in truth everything, and all in all. Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom; and a great empire and little minds go ill together. #Quote by Edmund Burke

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