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Navajo Religion quotes by John Holiday
#1. People say Jesus Christ is a god, and they pray to him. Likewise, the Navajos have a god. He is an everlasting god who never dies, and we pray to him for everything. We were created from white shell in a sacred, holy way. Part of the white shell was taken and put in our bodies, but no one can see it. White Shell is a god. We pray to her "to give us the invisible white shell shoes, white shell socks, clothing, feathers," and so on. This god is female and is out there, but we cannot see her. #Quote by John Holiday
Navajo Religion quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#2. Government schooling made people dumber, not brighter; made families weaker; ruined formal religion with its hard-sell exclusion of God; set the class structure in stone by dividing children into classes and setting them against one another; and has been midwife to an alarming concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a fraction of the national community. #Quote by John Taylor Gatto
Navajo Religion quotes by Petra Hermans
#3. To understand the whole story,
is to be interested : in The Whole Story!
P.C.M. Hermans
Religion Of Blue Circle
October 24, 2016 #Quote by Petra Hermans
Navajo Religion quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#4. Many a man has been dined out of his religion, and his politics, and his manhood, almost. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Navajo Religion quotes by Katha Pollitt
#5. I'm anticlerical, not antireligion. If somebody believes there is God, I'm not interested in trying to persuade that person there is no intelligent design to the universe. Where I become interested and wake up is about the temporal power of religion, things like prayer in schools, or Catholic-secular hospital mergers. #Quote by Katha Pollitt
Navajo Religion quotes by Petra Hermans
#6. A song, a beautiful song sings in my soul and heart.
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle #Quote by Petra Hermans
Navajo Religion quotes by Robert Neelly Bellah
#7. The academic world is one of the few places where prejudice is supposed to be totally banned, and we're politically correct on everything, but it's still a place where you can attack religion out of utter, complete, bottomless ignorance and not be considered to have done anything wrong. #Quote by Robert Neelly Bellah
Navajo Religion quotes by Michael Crichton
#8. Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism.
Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists. #Quote by Michael Crichton
Navajo Religion quotes by Jenna Miscavige Hill
#9. Of course, the tricky thing about these little questions was that, once I started asking them, it was hard to stop. #Quote by Jenna Miscavige Hill
Navajo Religion quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#10. I am a Hindu because it is Hinduism which makes the world worth living. I am a Hindu hence I Love not only human beings, but all living beings. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Navajo Religion quotes by Leviak B. Kelly
#11. Talking about religion becomes irrelevant when your partner is being raped or your child is dying from a disease you can cure. The old phrase applies that if we are to prove ourselves good then we must not do nothing. We must not let illness prosper when we can cure it. We must not allow abuse when we can stop it and we must not give in to a disease that may be mind numbing and leads to violence.
This is an advocacy not of reason alone but faith in each other, hope for our future, and love in accomplishing these goals without sacrificing self, but rather growing self and calling ourselves to self-giving, not self-sacrifice. #Quote by Leviak B. Kelly
Navajo Religion quotes by Dennis Lehane
#12. I believe in God. Maybe not the Catholic God or even the Christian one because I have a hard time seeing any God as elitist. I also have a hard time believing that anything that created rain forests and oceans and an infinite universe would, in the same process, create something as unnatural as humanity in its own image. I believe in God, but not as a he or she or an it, but as something that defines my ability to conceptualize within the rather paltry frames of reference I have on hand. #Quote by Dennis Lehane
Navajo Religion quotes by Chapman Cohen
#13. All my life I have made it a rule never to permit a religious man or woman take for granted that his or her religious beliefs deserved more consideration than non-religious beliefs or anti-religious ones. I never agree with that foolish statement that I ought to respect the views of others when I believe them to be wrong. #Quote by Chapman Cohen
Navajo Religion quotes by Idries Shah
#14. Saying of the Prophet.
Lies, promises, trust
He is not of mine who lies, breaks a promise or fails in his trust. #Quote by Idries Shah
Navajo Religion quotes by Martin Seligman
#15. In human history, we are going from knowledge to omniscience, from potence to omnipotence, from ethics and religion to righteousness. So, in my view, God comes at the end of this long process. This may not happen in our lifetimes or even in the lifetime of our species. #Quote by Martin Seligman
Navajo Religion quotes by Rutherford B. Hayes
#17. The best religion the world has ever known is the religion of the Bible. It builds up all that is good. #Quote by Rutherford B. Hayes
Navajo Religion quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#18. The spiritual world exists as a cosmos in itself. A cosmos containing worlds. And there is synergy and harmony amongst these worlds. What humam beings have done to their interpretation of this cosmos, is merely only that-- a human interpretation. The way things are here, you'd have me believing that there is some kind of great big race to win people over to this God or to that God; to that religion or to this religion. People see separation when in fact there is no separation that exists in the spiritual world. The unseen (heaven, God, angels, etc.) do not exist the way that we exist. We are the ones turning God against God and angel against angel. With our writings and our churches and our teachers and our pews. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Navajo Religion quotes by Larry Harvey
#19. We take people to the threshold of religion. Our aim is to induce immediate experience that is beyond the odd, beyond the strange, and beyond the weird. It verges on the wholly other. #Quote by Larry Harvey
Navajo Religion quotes by Albert Camus
#20. Divine
transcendence, up to 1789, served to justify the arbitrary actions of the king. After the French Revolution,
the transcendence of the formal principles of reason or justice serves to justify a rule that is neither just
nor reasonable. This transcendence is therefore a mask that must be torn off. God is dead, but as Stirner
predicted, the morality of principles in which the memory of God is still preserved must also be killed.
The hatred of formal virtue - degraded witness to divinity and false witness in the service of injustice -
has remained one of the principal themes of history today. Nothing is pure: that is the cry which
convulses our period. Impurity, the equivalent of history, is going to become the rule, and the
abandoned earth will be delivered to naked force, which will decide whether or not man is divine. Thus
lies and violence are adopted in the same spirit in which a religion is adopted and on the same
heartrending impulse. #Quote by Albert Camus
Navajo Religion quotes by Aminah Mae Safi
#21. There were so few times in Lulu's life, so few moments, that the scared reached out and touched her. Sitting here, she felt it in her bones. It didn't matter that this was two old customs married together in a strange, new thing that only belonged to her family. That was what made it so special to her in the first place. #Quote by Aminah Mae Safi
Navajo Religion quotes by Edward Gibbon
#22. The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Navajo Religion quotes by Hattie Gerst
#23. Science is the slow revelation of God's blueprint." (Bioshock Infinite, "God's Blueprint," Level: Fink Manufacturing, Date: April the 19th, 1908) #Quote by Hattie Gerst
Navajo Religion quotes by Karl Kraus
#24. It is a mystery to me how a theologian can be praised for having brought himself to disbelieve dogmas. I've always thought that those who have brought themselves to believe in dogmas merit the true recognition owing a heroic deed. #Quote by Karl Kraus
Navajo Religion quotes by Henri Michaux
#25. He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels #Quote by Henri Michaux
Navajo Religion quotes by Paul Graham
#26. You can't distinguish your group by doing things that are rational and believing things that are true. If you want to set yourself apart from other people you have to do things that are arbitrary and believe things that are false. #Quote by Paul Graham
Navajo Religion quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#27. To claim that the supernatural and irrational form the basic characteristics of religion is much the same as noticing only the rotten apples and then claiming that the basic features of the fruit named apple are a flaccid bitterness and a harmful effect produced in the stomach. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Navajo Religion quotes by Soroosh Shahrivar
#28. They were nothing more than modern day pagan worshippers. Congregants of a religion built on greed and hedonism. The trading floor served as their shrine; the phones as their Holy Grail; and the clients as the prophets who would entitle them to choose between putting the next down payment on a Lamborghini or a Mercedes #Quote by Soroosh Shahrivar
Navajo Religion quotes by Lucretius
#29. The nature of the universe has by no means been made through divine power, seeing how great are the faults that mar it. #Quote by Lucretius
Navajo Religion quotes by John Andreas Widtsoe
#30. A life without an objective is much like a ship at sea with no port in mind. It drifts with the waves or storms, or with the whim of the captain. They are tempted to ask, amidst the battles of life, "Is the struggle worth-while?" That attitude lessens the joy of living. They who say that there is no purpose in life are not unhappy, but become dangerous to themselves and others, for they have no safe guide for their actions. Indeed, life has not objective save physical satisfactions, it is empty and valueless. #Quote by John Andreas Widtsoe
Navajo Religion quotes by Navonne Johns
#31. A persons character is shown through their actions in life NOT where they sit on Sunday. #Quote by Navonne Johns

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