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Naturally Me quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#1. He's afraid," Graber said.
"Yes, naturally. But he's a good dog."
"And a man-eater."
"We're all that."
"We are. And we think, just like that dog, that we are still good. And just like him we are looking for a bit of warmth and light and friendship. #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Naturally Me quotes by Amor Towles
#2. On the platform in the opposite corner of the bar, the jazz ensemble was playing a perky little tune. Admittedly, when the Count had first encountered jazz, he hadn't much of an affinity for it. He had been raised to appreciate music of sentiment and nuance, music that rewarded patience and attention with crescendos and diminuendos, allegros and adagios artfully arranged over four whole movements – not a fistful of notes crammed higgledy-piggledy into thirty measures.
And yet…
And yet, the art form had grown on him. Like the American correspondents, jazz seemed a naturally gregarious force – one that was a little unruly and prone to say the first thing that popped into its head, but generally of good humor and friendly intent. In addition, it seemed decidedly unconcerned with where it had been or where it was going – exhibiting somehow simultaneously the confidence of the master and the inexperience of the apprentice. Was there any wonder that such an art had failed to originate in Europe? #Quote by Amor Towles
Naturally Me quotes by Ingrid Newkirk
#3. We are opposed to all cruelty, so as advocates of non-violence, opponents of oppression, people who abhor the cruelty inherent in slaughtering we say the only ethical way to consume flesh is to pick up the carcass of an animal who has died naturally or been killed accidentally, say by being hit by a car, and eat that. #Quote by Ingrid Newkirk
Naturally Me quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#4. We perceive no charms that are not sharpened, puffed out, and inflated by artifice. Those which glide along naturally and simply easily escape a sight so gross as ours. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Naturally Me quotes by Charles Bukowski
#5. Naturally, we are all caught in
downmoods, it's a matter of
chemical imbalance
and an existence
which, at times,
seems to forbid
any real chance at
happiness. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Naturally Me quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#6. Don't worry about becoming successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
Naturally Me quotes by Taylor Mali
#7. By the time these students enter the workforce, many of the jobs they will apply for ill be in industries that don't even exist yet. That's a hard future to prepare someone for. Teachers have their sights set on the real goal: not to produce Ivy League graduates, but to encourage the development of naturally curious, confident, flexible, and happy learners who are ready for whatever the future has in store. #Quote by Taylor Mali
Naturally Me quotes by Jarod Kintz
#8. I have a nervous lips tick, so naturally I try to cover it up with lipstick. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Naturally Me quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#9. Women are also more reluctant to apply for promotions even when deserved, often believing that good job performance will naturally lead to rewards.8 #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Naturally Me quotes by Sebastian Junger
#10. What is and isn't justified by military necessity is, naturally, open to interpretation. One of the key concepts, though, is the law of proportionality. A military attack that results in civilian casualties - 'collateral damage' - is acceptable as long as the military benefits outweigh the price that is paid by humanity. #Quote by Sebastian Junger
Naturally Me quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#11. Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one's life with pomp and blare, like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one's side like an old friend through quiet ways; perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music, perhaps ... perhaps ... love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship, as a golden-hearted rose slipping from its green sheath. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Naturally Me quotes by Vladimir Kramnik
#12. When I speak of the beauty of a game of chess, then naturally this is subjective. Beauty can be found in a very technical, mathematical game for example. That is the beauty of clarity. #Quote by Vladimir Kramnik
Naturally Me quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#13. When you ate her tuna casserole, you didn't talk or flip through a National Geographic. Your eyes and ears stayed inside your mouth. Your whole world kept inside your mouth, feeling and careful for the little balled-up tinfoils Irene Casey would hide in the tuna parts. A side effect of eating slow was, you naturally, genuinely tasted, and the food tasted better. Could be other ladies were better cooks, but you'd never notice. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Naturally Me quotes by E.J. Patten
#14. A good
trap, like a good story, has to arise naturally from the environment.
It has to be seamless. If the prey suspects what's coming,
they'll bolt. #Quote by E.J. Patten
Naturally Me quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#15. If one has fear, there can be no initiative in the creative sense of the word. To have initiative in this sense is to do something original - to do it spontaneously, naturally, without being guided, forced, controlled. It is to do something which you love to do. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Naturally Me quotes by Joe Hill
#16. When he was on the road, or recording, he had become accustomed to rolling into bed at five in the morning and sleeping through most of the daylight hours, but staying up all night had never come naturally. On the road, he would wake at four in the afternoon, bad-tempered and headachy, confused about where the time had gone. Everyone he knew would seem to him clever imposters, unfeeling aliens wearing rubber skin and the faces of friends. It took a liberal quantity of alcohol to make them seem like themselves again. #Quote by Joe Hill
Naturally Me quotes by Keri Russell
#17. I'm naturally thin, so I don't have to work too hard at it. I love food, but I also love to work out. I think it makes everything work better. #Quote by Keri Russell
Naturally Me quotes by Derek Bok
#18. There are no tests similar to SATs to tell us how much undergraduates know. State legislators, who appropriate billions of dollars each year to higher education, are naturally interested in finding out what they are getting for their money. #Quote by Derek Bok
Naturally Me quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#19. Under such circumstances, I naturally gravitated to London, that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained. There #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Naturally Me quotes by Adrian Bejan
#20. The designs we see in nature are not the result of chance. They rise naturally, spontaneously, because they enhance access to flow ... #Quote by Adrian Bejan
Naturally Me quotes by Gay Talese
#21. Journalism is a voyeuristic vocation that attracts to its employment many people who are often naturally shy and insatiably curious, and each day they are assigned to view the world with a critical eye and a detached sense of intimacy. #Quote by Gay Talese
Naturally Me quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#22. Some people are naturally good, you know, and others are not. I'm one of the others. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Naturally Me quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
#23. When you know beyond all doubting that the same life flows through all that is, and you are that life, you will love all naturally and spontaneously. #Quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Naturally Me quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#24. Now, when I assert that Islam is not a religion of peace I do not mean that Islamic belief makes Muslims naturally violent. This is manifestly not the case: there are many millions of peaceful Muslims in the world. What I do say is that the call to violence and the justification for it are explicitly stated in the sacred texts of Islam. Moreover, this theologically sanctioned violence is there to be activated by any number of offenses, including but not limited to apostasy, adultery, blasphemy, and even something as vague as threats to family honor or to the honor of Islam itself. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Naturally Me quotes by Nelson Mandela
#25. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Naturally Me quotes by Albert Camus
#26. Question: how can one manage not to lose time? Answer: experience it at its full length. Means: spend days in the dentist's waiting room on an uncomfortable chair; live on one's balcony on a Sunday afternoon; listen to lectures in a language that one does not understand, choose the most roundabout and least convenient routes on the railway (and, naturally, travel standing up); queue at the box-office for theatres and so on and not take one's seat; etc. #Quote by Albert Camus
Naturally Me quotes by Jessye Norman
#27. The very best thing that could happen to a voice, if it shows any promise at all, is when it is very young to leave it alone and to let it develop quite naturally, and to let the person go on as long as possible with the sheer joy of singing. #Quote by Jessye Norman
Naturally Me quotes by Honore De Balzac
#28. Women themselves are so happy, and so beautiful, when they're strong, that they naturally choose powerful men, even if that power's so enermous there's a real risk it could shatter them. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Naturally Me quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#29. A thought occurred to her. "I don't have to remind you I'm with Gansey, right?"
"Naturally not. I'm Henrysexual, anyway. Can I take you home? #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Naturally Me quotes by Andrea Riseborough
#30. I don't read reviews, and it's not because I don't think I can learn something, I'm sure I could learn a lot. I just that I feel very passionately about the work and especially when you're doing theater, you really only need one director and when you read reviews, you feel like you have twelve, because you respond to them, naturally. #Quote by Andrea Riseborough
Naturally Me quotes by Joan Baez
#31. That was sheer luck that it [being immersed into folk scene] happened when my voice began to develop. I don't know exactly what would have happened if I hadn't been alive and well and really lively in the Cambridge scene. But (the folk scene) was, and I fell into it absolutely naturally in the little coffee shops, and pretty soon it was Newport and then it was an overwhelming response internationally, actually. #Quote by Joan Baez

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