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Nameless Queen quotes by Rebecca  McLaughlin
#1. When you tell the truth, don't ever look down. Don't be ashamed and don't be afraid. The truth isn't something you control. It's something you live with, and if you want to let it make you stronger, it has to be something you own. #Quote by Rebecca McLaughlin
Nameless Queen quotes by Jack Prelutsky
#2. She comes by night, in fearsome flight, in garments black as pitch, the queen of doom upon her broom, the wild and wicked witch. #Quote by Jack Prelutsky
Nameless Queen quotes by Leah Johnson
#3. Did you know you have the chance to be the first black queen in Campbell history?"

I swallow. I did know that. Of course I know that. But I don't like it being held against me. I don't like the implication in her tone.

You could make history if you just follow our rules.

You could be a real credit to your people if you just straighten up and fly right.

You could actually be worth something if you would shut up and take what we give you. #Quote by Leah Johnson
Nameless Queen quotes by Queen Noor Of Jordan
#4. I work out on almost a daily basis wherever I am, but yoga brings into that equation something that is ideal for me to maintain a physical and emotional and mental kind of balance, and to stay healthy - I see it as a way of investing in my future. #Quote by Queen Noor Of Jordan
Nameless Queen quotes by Chris Buck And Jennifer Lee
#5. A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen. #Quote by Chris Buck And Jennifer Lee
Nameless Queen quotes by Philippa Gregory
#6. We all had parts to play, we all had costumes to wear, we all had to be as merry as we could be, for the King was always laughing this winter and the Queen never stopped smiling. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Nameless Queen quotes by Jill Scott
#7. To be a queen of a household is a powerful thing. #Quote by Jill Scott
Nameless Queen quotes by David Foster Wallace
#8. The depressed person shared that she could remember, all too clearly, how at her third boarding school, she had once watched her roommate talk to some boy on their room's telephone as she (i.e., the roommate) made faces and gestures of entrapped repulsion and boredom with the call, this popular, attractive, and self-assured roommate finally directing at the depressed person an exaggerated pantomime of someone knocking on a door until the depressed person understood that she was to open their room's door and step outside and knock loudly on it so as to give the roommate an excuse to end the call. The depressed person had shared this traumatic memory with members of her Support System and had tried to articulate how bottomlessly horrible she had felt it would have been to have been that nameless pathetic boy on the phone and how now, as a legacy of that experience, she dreaded, more than almost anything, the thought of ever being someone you had to appeal silently to someone nearby to help you contrive an excuse to get off the phone with. The depressed person would implore each supportive friend to tell her the very moment she (i.e., the friend) was getting bored or frustrated or repelled or felt she (i.e., the friend) had other more urgent or interesting things to attend to, to please for God's sake be utterly candid and frank and not spend one moment longer on the phone than she was absolutely glad to spend. The depressed person knew perfectly well, of course, she assured the #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Nameless Queen quotes by Karen Tate
#9. We're allowed to have the Great Mother in our spiritual paradigm if she is docile and tame like Mary, or as the Goddess that saves women in childbirth or men from bombs and typhoons. But would patriarchy have us reclaim the full meaning of the Queen Mother of Compassion, or any Goddess, if it meant embodying her might bring our world into balance and emulating her caused women to no longer serve the status quo? I think looking more deeply at Goddesses like Kwan Yin/Kannon might make the patriarchy very nervous. #Quote by Karen Tate
Nameless Queen quotes by Donna Grant
#10. The excitement that filled Usaeil could barely be contained. She knew it wouldn't take Taraeth long to corner Rhi.

As she walked past a mirror on her way to the movie set, she paused and looked at herself. Perfection. There was no way Con would refuse her. He was making a show of it, but she knew he'd cave.

It didn't matter how long it took, the King of Kings would be hers.

That was something else she'd tell Rhi right before the pesky meddler breathed her last. The need to have Rhi wiped from existence consumed her.

Usaeil wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else until Rhi was gone. Forever. No one would stand between the Queen of the Light and what she wanted. Especially not someone like Rhi. #Quote by Donna Grant
Nameless Queen quotes by Alexander Pope
#11. Music resembles poetry, in each
Are nameless graces which no methods teach,
And which a master hand alone can reach. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Nameless Queen quotes by Queen Latifah
#12. When it came time to be a professional rapper, I wouldn't sign anything without reading it. There was no way I was going to have people make decisions for me or wake up one day and find that I was broke because I never bothered to read a contract. #Quote by Queen Latifah
Nameless Queen quotes by Stacey Jay
#13. Its pointless. Hopeless. Even if she weren't afraid of me, we'll always be enemies at the core. She rules a wicked, selfish city, and my tribe suffers for her peoples comfort. Shes a queen; I'm her prisoner. I resent her and she fears me, and there are times when I fear her, too. I am her monster, and she is mine. But right now none of it matters. #Quote by Stacey Jay
Nameless Queen quotes by Tara Estacaan
That real person
inside of you--
will you tell her,
that She is Queen
of the hat parade
for all the roles
she played? #Quote by Tara Estacaan
Nameless Queen quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#15. They also keep a horned cow
as proud as any queen;
But music turns her head like ale,
And makes her wave her tufted tail
and dance upon the green.
So the cat on his fiddle played hey-diddle-diddle,
a jig that would wake the dead:
He squeaked and sawed and quickened the tune,
While the landlord shook the Man of the Moon:
'It's after three' he said.

They rolled the Man slowly up the hill
and bundled him into the Moon,
While his horses galloped up in rear,
And the cow came capering like a deer,
and a dish ran up with the spoon.

Now quicker the fiddle went deedle-dum-diddle;
the dog began to roar,
The cow and the horses stood on their heads;
The guests all bounded from their beds
and danced upon the floor.

With a ping and a pong the fiddle-strings broke!
the cow jumped over the Moon,
And the little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the Saturday dish went off at a run
with the silver Sunday spoon.

The round Moon rolled behind the hill,
as the Sun raised up her head.
She hardly believed her fiery eyes;
For though it was day, to her surprise
they all went back to bed! #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Nameless Queen quotes by Panayotis Cacoyannis
#16. Its half a dozen legs, divided into segments – either four or five, it was difficult to count them - had an elegance of movement that Lily found enthralling. As though choreographed to a beat mimicking the thumping in her breast, the precise spasmodic jerks of their several bends made her think of Madonna dancing to Vogue. They had the faultless coordination of intertwining cutlery in the hands of a hungry magician – or of the Queen eating dinner alone. This rush of ridiculous analogies caused Lily to laugh with delight, loudly, now without the slightest fear that the fly might be disturbed, because this fly was unlike other flies, and Lily knew that it would know not to feel under threat. #Quote by Panayotis Cacoyannis
Nameless Queen quotes by Karen Hawkins
#17. Buchan had discovered a wealth of small tidbits. He now knew her first name - Tatiana. Like Shakespeare's fairy queen. Be she but little, she is fierce. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Nameless Queen quotes by Cassandra Clare
#18. Funny isn't it?" said Sebastian. "The lies good people tell. He'll probably make you eggs every day for the rest of your life now, and you'll choke them down because you can't tell him you don't like them."
Clary thought of the Seelie Queen. "Love makes liars of us all? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Nameless Queen quotes by Kyle Adams
#19. Day drag." Ashley answered simply. "The sun turns vampires into dust and drag queens into this." He motioned with his hand down his body. #Quote by Kyle Adams
Nameless Queen quotes by Queen Noor Of Jordan
#20. In the poorest countries ... it is women who are the key to breaking out of poverty ... and preparing another generation for ... leading their countries into real security. #Quote by Queen Noor Of Jordan
Nameless Queen quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#21. [speaking of a friend named Lavendar Lewis] 'I think her parents gave her the only right and fitting name that could possibly be given her,' said Anne. 'If they had been so blind as to name her Elizabeth or Nellie or Muriel she must have been called Lavendar just the same, I think. It's so suggestive of sweetness and old-fashioned graces and "silk attire." Now, my name just smacks of bread and butter, patchwork and chores.'

'Oh, I don't think so,' said Diana. 'Anne seems to me real stately and like a queen. But I'd like Kerenhappuch if it happened to be your name. I think people make their names nice or ugly just by what they are themselves. I can't bear Josie or Gertie for names now but before I knew the Pye girls I thought them real pretty.'

'That's a lovely idea, Diana,' said Anne enthusiastically. 'Living so that you beautify your name, even if it wasn't beautiful to begin with...making it stand in people's thoughts for something so lovely and pleasant that they never think of it by itself. Thank you, Diana. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Nameless Queen quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#22. I don't recognize Cal's voice anymore. I've turned him into a monster. I forced his hand. I made him choose. I was eager, I was stupid. I let myself hope.
I am a fool.
- Mare Barrow #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Nameless Queen quotes by Laini Taylor
#23. She was a girl and she was a queen and back in the mists she was a woman who had seized the moon from the sky and drunk its light so that she would never die. And she never had. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Nameless Queen quotes by Lana Del Rey
#24. No matter how many people give me advice, I am going to do what my heart tells me to do #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Nameless Queen quotes by Simon R. Green
#25. Eddie Drood: Is this why we become agents? To play games, to chase after secrets that are rarely worth all the blood spilled on their behalf ... To end up stabbed in the back, just when you thought you'd won, bleeding out in some nameless backstreet ... With most people never even knowing who you were, or what you did, or why it mattered? #Quote by Simon R. Green
Nameless Queen quotes by Andrew Morton
#26. Meeting the Prince of Wales

I've known her [the Queen] since I was tiny so it was no big deal. No interest in Andrew and Edward--never thought about Andrew. I kept thinking, 'Look at the life they have, how awful' so I remember him coming to Althorp to stay, my husband, and the first impact was 'God, what a sad man.' He came with his Labrador. My sister was all over him like a bad rash and I thought, 'God, he must really hate that.' I kept out of the way. I remember being a fat, podgy, no make-up, unsmart lady but I made a lot of noise and he liked that and he came up to me after dinner and we had a big dance and he said: 'Will you show me the gallery?' and I was just about to show him the gallery and my sister Sarah comes up and tells me to push off and I said 'At least, let me tell you where the switches are to the gallery because you won't know where they are,' and I disappeared. And he was charm himself and when I stood next to him the next day, a 16-year old, for someone like that to show you any attention--I was just so sort of amazed. 'Why would anyone like him be interested in me?' and it was interest. That was it for about two years. Saw him off and on with Sarah and Sarah got frightfully excited about the whole thing, then she saw something different happening which I hadn't twigged on to, i.e. when he had his 30th birthday dance I was asked too.
'Why is Diana coming as well?' [my] sister asked. I said: 'Well, I don't know but I'd like to come.' 'Oh, #Quote by Andrew Morton
Nameless Queen quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#27. Well you're definitely gay. A straight guy wouldn't be such a drama queen. #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Nameless Queen quotes by Amanda Hocking
#28. I thought for once that acting decent ought to be rewarded. That's why I let you go, and that's why I didn't bring you back to the King."
"If it's so horrible there,why don't you stay with us?" I asked without thinking.
"No." He shook his head and lowered his eyes. "Tempting though the offer may be, your people wouldn't allow it, and my people...well,let's just say they wouldn't react well if I didn't come home. And wether I like or not, it is my home."
"I know that feeling all too well." I sighed. Though Forening was starting to feel more like home, I wasn't sure that it ever would completely.
"See?I told you,Princess." Loki's smile returned more easily. "You and I aren't all that different."
"You say that like it means something."
"Doesn't it?"
"No,not really. You're leaving today, going home to my enemies." I let out a deep breath, feeling an ache inside my chest. "If I'm lucky,I'll never see you again. Because if I do,that means we're at war,and I'd have to hurt you."
"Oh,Wendy,that's perhaps the saddest thing I've ever heard," Loki said, and he looked like he meant it. "But life doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. Don't you ever see the silver lining?"
"Not today." I shook my head. I heard garrett summon me from down the hall, which meant that lunch was over and the meetings were about to start up. "I have to get back.I'll see you when we make the exchange with the Vittra Queen."
"Good luck." Loki nodded.
I turned #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Nameless Queen quotes by Richard Preston
#29. C.J. had spoken longingly of finding the African termite queen, the glistening white sac that was half a foot long and as thick as a bratwurst, bursting with eggs and creamy insect fat, the queen you ate alive and whole, and she was said to twitch as she went down your throat. (188) #Quote by Richard Preston
Nameless Queen quotes by Miyuki Miyabe
#30. But the boy was there, and he was looking at her. That was when Yorda understood what was drawing out her memories of the castle into the boy. It was him. He wanted to know its dark past. He wanted to know everything. No one could stop this. Not even the queen. #Quote by Miyuki Miyabe
Nameless Queen quotes by Sammy Kershaw
#31. I made her the queen of my double wide trailer with the polyester curtains and redwood deck. #Quote by Sammy Kershaw
Nameless Queen quotes by Cassandra Clare
#32. Stop it." Isabelle tapped a booted foot in the shallow water at the lake's edge. "Both of you. In fact, all three of you. If we don't stick together in the Seelie Court, we're dead."
"But I haven't-," Clary started.
"Maybe you haven't, but the way you let those two act ... " Isabelle indicated the boys with a disdainful wave of her hand.
"I can't tell them what to do!"
"Why not?" the other girl demanded. "Honestly, Clary, if you don't start utilizing a bit of your natural feminine superiority, I just don't know what I'll do with you. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Nameless Queen quotes by Queen Elizabeth II
#33. The upward course of a nation's history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women. #Quote by Queen Elizabeth II
Nameless Queen quotes by Queen Rania Of Jordan
#34. Today, I join King Abdullah in Paris to stand in solidarity with the people of France in their darkest hour ... To stand in unity against extremism in all its forms and to stand up for our cherished faith, Islam. And so that the lasting image of these terrible events is an unprecedented outpouring of sympathy and support between people of all faiths and cultures. #Quote by Queen Rania Of Jordan
Nameless Queen quotes by C.S. Lewis
#35. To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant. To the great western woods, King Edmund the Just. To the radiant southern sun, Queen Susan the Gentle. And to the clear northern skies, I give you King Peter the Magnificent. Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Nameless Queen quotes by Kiersten White
#36. I looked at Reth hopefully. "You?"
"Must we really waste more time? Not all of us here are immortal, and I'd think you and Jack would more carefully guard what little you have. We should go immediately to my queen."
"Can you get us in or not?"
He looked at the ceiling, his features dripping with disdain for the entire operation. "I suppose if you were to stand immediately outside her door I could use my sense of where you are to navigate into her room and open the door from the inside."
"That's my pretty faerie boy!"
"If you ever address me like that again, I will make that abomination on your head permanent."
I put my fingers up to the brunette wig, horrified. "You wouldn't."
"I suggest you do not attempt to find out. #Quote by Kiersten White
Nameless Queen quotes by Heather Valencia And Rolly Kent
#37. If you are a dreaming woman you are at the beginning of the web of creation. This web is extremely elastic, like a spider web. The old stories describe the web like this: When Cloud-Dreaming Woman's daughter Spider Woman created this earth, it was left to her daughters to carry on the endless dream weaving. But Spider Woman started things. She dreamed and spun out the things of this world. She did not know she was dream weaving; only that she was dreaming ... something. So she gave birth to the ugly right along with the beautiful, the sweet natured and the misanthrope, the frog and the smooth-cheeked prince, atomic bombs and telephones along with every plant ad chemical to cure or kill.
If you are a dreaming woman, however, you know you and your sisters are together making this world.
- Queen of Dreams The Story of A Yaqui Dreaming Woman #Quote by Heather Valencia And Rolly Kent
Nameless Queen quotes by Jonathan Dunne
#38. And before you make any judgments, that time you were trying out your king-size with the sales assistant doesn't count as getting a man into bed. #Quote by Jonathan Dunne
Nameless Queen quotes by Libba Bray
#39. You know what else is hot?" said a nameless blonde as she put her arm around the one black girl.
"Totally. Well, not like real bisexuals who are just sort of your everyday people, but, like, the kind of bisexuals you see in magazines wearing nothing but body paint and kissing both boys and girls to promote a new single."
"Totally, totally hot. #Quote by Libba Bray
Nameless Queen quotes by Donna Augustine
#40. She's the queen of the herd."
"May I touch her?"
"If she'll let you. She doesn't take to strangers well."
I took a hesitant step forward and reached out my hand. Terror approached me with confidence, then ducked her muzzle beneath my palm. Once she came closer, for a moment, I feared she was going to trample me. But then she brushed gently against my side.
"She wants you to ride her." Jockey looked at me. "This is an honor."
All thoughts of bailing out quietly went to hell with that statement. Why not? How often did you get a chance to ride a Night Mare? #Quote by Donna Augustine
Nameless Queen quotes by Katie Jennings
#41. When empires fall, what becomes of the Queen? Everything will burn, and so will she. #Quote by Katie Jennings
Nameless Queen quotes by Ellen Barkin
#42. It's no stretch to picture me standing next to Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Those are ethnic New York men. I'm an ethnic New York girl. Everybody has their limitations. I mean, I should never be cast as Queen Elizabeth. #Quote by Ellen Barkin
Nameless Queen quotes by George R R Martin
#43. Some say knowledge is power. Some tell us that all power comes from the gods. Others say it derives from law. Yet that day on the steps of Baelor's Sept, our godly High Septon and the lawful Queen Regent and your ever-so-knowledgeable servant were as powerless as any cobbler or cooper in the crowd. Who truly killed Eddard Stark, do you think? Joffrey, who gave the command? Ser Ilyn Payne, who swung the sword? Or ... another?"
Tyrion cocked his head sideways. "Did you mean to answer your damned riddle, or only to make my head ache worse?"
Varys smiled. "Here, then. Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less."
"So power is a mummer's trick?"
"A shadow on the wall," Varys murmured, "yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow."
Tyrion smiled. "Lord Varyls, I am growing strangely fond of you. I may kill you yet, but I think I'd feel sad about it. #Quote by George R R Martin
Nameless Queen quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#44. As you enter, you pray to leave. As you leave, you pray to never return. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard

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