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Nadell Murder quotes by James Frey
#1. I close my eyes and I let my body shut itself down and I let my mind wander. It wanders to a familiar place. A place I don't talk about or acknowledge exists. A place where there is only me. A place that I hate. I am alone. Alone here and alone in the world. Alone in my heart and alone in my mind. Alone everywhere, all the time, for as long as I can remember. Alone with my Family, alone with my friends, alone in a Room full of People. Alone when I wake, alone through each awful day, alone when I finally meet the blackness. I am alone in my horror. Alone in my horror. I don't want to be alone. I have never wanted to be alone. I fucking hate it. I hate that I have no one to talk to, I hate that I have no one to call, I hate that I have no one to hold my hand, hug me, tell me everything is going to be all right. I hate that I have no one to share my hopes and dreams with, I hate that I no longer have any hopes or dreams, I hate that I have no one to tell me to hold on, that I can find them again. I hate that when I scream, and I scream bloody murder, that I am screaming into emptiness. I hate that there is no one to hear my scream and that there is no one to help me learn how to stop screaming. . . More than anything, all I have ever wanted is to be close to someone. More than anything, all I have ever wanted is to feel as if I wasn't alone. #Quote by James Frey
Nadell Murder quotes by Andre Breton
#2. ... I know that if I were mad, after several days of confinement I should take advantage of any lapses in my madness to murder anyone, preferably a doctor, who came near me. At least this would permit me, like the violent, to be confined in solitary. Perhaps they'd leave me alone. #Quote by Andre Breton
Nadell Murder quotes by Richard Thaler
#3. When should we nudge and when should we shove, I think, it's a political judgment. Obviously in some situations we need shoves, we need laws. Fraud is against the law, murder is against the law, drunk-driving is against the law. We don't need just nudges. #Quote by Richard Thaler
Nadell Murder quotes by Terry Pratchett
#4. Our dollars are not pure gold, though, are they?" "Aha, yes. Gold-colored, Mr. Lipwig," said Bent. "Less gold than seawater. Gold-ish. We adulterated our own currency! Infamy! There can be no greater crime!" His eye twitched again. "Er ... murder?" Moist ventured. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Nadell Murder quotes by Andrew Coster
#5. He reasoned, even as a young man, that traditions may linger as he walked though the oracles of time. In later years he thought his mind may one day blur, should he survive to an old age, but as he spread ink on paper, transmitted and shared with those who came after him his experiences, his own grHe reasoned, even as a young man, that traditions may linger as he walked though the oracles of time. In later years he thought his mind may one day blur, should he survive to an old age, but as he spread ink on paper, transmitted and shared with those who came after him his experiences, his own great adventures, he believed perhaps they, like he, would give way to pause to reflect on how...hard it always was to open his eyes to begin a new day. eat adventures, he believed perhaps they, like he, would give way to pause to reflect on how goddamned hard it always was to open his eyes to begin a new day. #Quote by Andrew Coster
Nadell Murder quotes by Tj O'Connor
#6. Dying is overrated. Murder is not. #Quote by Tj O'Connor
Nadell Murder quotes by Vincent De Paul
#7. It's a pity you think that the world can be righted through murder. Isn't there enough death in the world already from hunger, starvation, calamities, and the stupid wars you stupid humans wage against each other? #Quote by Vincent De Paul
Nadell Murder quotes by Jack Paar
#8. Personally, I like those mystery shows. Ever since I was a kid I've been crazy about blood and detectives and murder. Maybe I was born with a silver knife in my back. #Quote by Jack Paar
Nadell Murder quotes by Adam Duritz
#9. I can remember being eight years old and having infinite possibilities. But life ends up being so much less that we thought it would be when we were kids, with relationships that are so empty and stupid and brutal. If you don't find a way to break the chain and change in some way, then you wind up, as the rhyme goes: a murder of one, for sorrow. #Quote by Adam Duritz
Nadell Murder quotes by Thomas More
#10. But if one shall say, that by that law we are only forbid to kill any except when the laws of the land allow of it, upon the same grounds, laws may be made, in some cases, to allow of adultery and perjury: for God having taken from us the right of disposing either of our own or of other people's lives, if it is pretended that the mutual consent of men in making laws can authorise man-slaughter in cases in which God has given us no example, that it frees people from the obligation of the divine law, and so makes murder a lawful action, what is this, but to give a preference to human laws before the divine? #Quote by Thomas More
Nadell Murder quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#11. I'm telling you right now I could make him pop an aneurysm and no one would know. (Nero)
Doesn't that kind of murder bother you at all? (Alix)
Given everything people have done to me in my life, little girl, especially in my childhood when I was helpless against them, humanity is lucky I'm not on a perpetual killing spree. As for the Merjacks ... I owe them a debt that no amount of violence on my part will settle. So, no. Nothing about killing him would bother me. (Nero) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Nadell Murder quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#12. One might murder and steal and yet be happy #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Nadell Murder quotes by Gerry Mulligan
#13. Life on the road is murder. It's as though life begins and ends when you have your horn in your mouth. #Quote by Gerry Mulligan
Nadell Murder quotes by Blake Nelson
#14. But what were you supposed to do with that weight? Once it was on you? Just be a man? Just suck it up? Maybe you were. Maybe that was the real test. Maybe that is exactly the thing that made you a man: the ability to function with the worst possible secrets in your brain. Which was why so many grown-up men seemed so ridiculous. They never felt that responsibility. They were untested, unproven; they were boys in grown-up clothes. #Quote by Blake Nelson
Nadell Murder quotes by Jupiter Hammon
#15. You know that murder is wicked. If you saw your master kill a man, do you suppose this would be any excuse for you, if you should commit the same crime? #Quote by Jupiter Hammon
Nadell Murder quotes by Mark Billingham
#16. As a writer, you're making a pact with the reader; you're saying, 'Look, I know and you know that if this book was really a murder investigation, it would be a thousand pages long and would be very dull, and you would be very unhappy with the ending.' #Quote by Mark Billingham
Nadell Murder quotes by Keigo Higashino
#17. Murder isn't the most logical way to escape a difficult situation. It only leads to a different difficult situation. #Quote by Keigo Higashino
Nadell Murder quotes by Jimmy Carter
#18. There is no other even moderately equal abuse than the murder of little baby girls - nothing else compares with that, in horror. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Nadell Murder quotes by Ted Cruz
#19. There are millions of peaceful Muslims across the world, in countries like India, where there is not the problems we are seeing in nations that are controlled - have territory controlled by Al Qaida or ISIS, and we should direct at the problem, focus on the problem, and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. It's not a war on a faith; it's a war on a political and theocratic ideology that seeks to murder us. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Nadell Murder quotes by Eric Voegelin
#20. The nature of a thing cannot be changed; whoever tries to "alter" its nature destroys the thing. Man cannot transform himself into a superman; the attempt to create a superman is an attempt to murder man. Historically, the murder of God is not followed by the superman, but by the murder of man: the deicide of the gnostic theoreticians is followed by the homicide of the revolutionary practitioners. #Quote by Eric Voegelin
Nadell Murder quotes by Jason Aaron
#21. 'Original Sin' is, for me, a murder mystery with a huge cast that plays out on a grand stage. #Quote by Jason Aaron
Nadell Murder quotes by Dana Gould
#22. 59% of all suicides are actually botched murder-suicides performed by dyslexics. #Quote by Dana Gould
Nadell Murder quotes by Egon Schiele
#23. To restrict the artist is a crime. It is to murder germinating life. #Quote by Egon Schiele
Nadell Murder quotes by Vera Brittain
#24. It is quite impossible to understand,' I commented afterwards, 'how we can be such strong individualists, so insistent on the rights and claims of every human soul, and yet at the same time countenance (and if we are English, even take quite calmly) this wholesale murder, which if it were applied to animals or birds or indeed anything except men would fill us with a sickness and repulsion greater than we could endure. #Quote by Vera Brittain
Nadell Murder quotes by Elizabeth Hardwick
#25. A murder is a challenge, an embarrassment, to the inner life of the dead one, almost a dishonor, like other violent events that may come upon you without warning. It is not certain that you may not have in some careless or driven way chosen to put yourself in the path of a murderer. #Quote by Elizabeth Hardwick
Nadell Murder quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#26. True war isn't philosophical."
"All war is philosophical. That's why we call it war. Strip it of its paint and it's nothing more than murder. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Nadell Murder quotes by H.L. Mencken
#27. All the great villainies of history, from the murder of Abel onward, have been perpetrated by sober men, chiefly by Teetotalers. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Nadell Murder quotes by C.C. Hunter
#28. Holiday leaned her elbows on her desk. "You can't find one thing that points to his guilt."
"He slept with your sister!" Burnett roared.
"Guilty of murder, not of being a piece of shit. #Quote by C.C. Hunter
Nadell Murder quotes by Agatha Christie
#29. I like a good detective story," he said. "But, you know, they begin in the wrong place! They begin with the murder. But the murder is the end. The story begins long before that - years before sometimes with all the causes and events that bring certain people to a certain place at a certain time on a certain day. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Nadell Murder quotes by Laura Hall
#30. There is a big difference between manslaughter and first-degree murder. #Quote by Laura Hall
Nadell Murder quotes by Cheryl Holt
#31. Did you have to murder him?
Yes, as a matter of fact I did.
Well, the deed's done. No use complaining. #Quote by Cheryl Holt
Nadell Murder quotes by Karen M. McManus
#32. I stand and hold out my hand. She gives me a skeptical look, but takes it and lets me pull her to her feet. I put my other hand in the air. 'Bronwyn Rojas, I solemnly swear not to murder you today or at any point in the future. Deal?'
'You're ridiculous,' she mutters, going even redder.
'It concerns me you're avoiding a promise not to murder me. #Quote by Karen M. McManus
Nadell Murder quotes by Troy Denning
#33. The hoverlanes were murder. #Quote by Troy Denning
Nadell Murder quotes by Oscar Wilde
#34. A method of procuring sensations? Do you think then, that a man who has once committed a murder could possibly do the same crime again? Don't tell me that." says Dorian.
"Oh! anything becomes a pleasure if one does it too often," says Lord Henry #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Nadell Murder quotes by George Sand
#35. The masses are still ungrateful or ignorant. They prefer murder, poisonings, and crimes generally to a literature possessed of style and feeling. #Quote by George Sand
Nadell Murder quotes by Julia Fine
#36. There is no better show of human power than to be a proud purveyor of death, to attempt slaughter. To kill for sport, for indulgence, speaks to the infinite depths of human desire, an innate need to demonstrate the irreversible, to have lasting effect. #Quote by Julia Fine
Nadell Murder quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#37. I didn't want murder. It's all gone wrong. #Quote by Stanley Kubrick
Nadell Murder quotes by Bryan Stevenson
#38. Sometimes the facts of the crime are so distracting - there's been some tragic murder or horrific incident, and people aren't required to think as carefully and thoughtfully, and directly, about this legacy of racial inequality and structural poverty. And what it's contributing to these wrongful convictions. #Quote by Bryan Stevenson
Nadell Murder quotes by Chris Christie
#39. This is part of the president's problem. Where's Barack Obama been when the crime rate and the murder rate in Chicago has gone up in 18 percent? Where has he been when the murder rate in New York is up 11 percent? Instead he and liberals like Bill de Blasio and Rahm Emanuel and others, what they're doing is not supporting the police departments, not making sure that they're being supported, and they're letting them do their jobs. And so we have criminals who have easy access to guns. #Quote by Chris Christie
Nadell Murder quotes by Anthony Doerr
#40. All twelve children sit riveted. In the play, the invaders pose as hook-nosed department-store owners, crooked jewelers, dishonorable bankers; they sell glittering trash; they drive established village businessmen out of work. Soon they plot to murder German children in their beds. Eventually a vigilant and humble neighbor catches on. Police are called: big handsome-sounding policemen with splendid voices. They break down the doors. They drag the invaders away. A patriotic march plays. Everyone is happy again. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Nadell Murder quotes by Carl Panzram
#41. I have no desire whatever to reform myself. My only desire is to reform people who try to reform me. And I believe that the only way to reform people is to kill 'em. #Quote by Carl Panzram
Nadell Murder quotes by Albert Camus
#42. Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders. #Quote by Albert Camus

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