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Naboo The Enigma quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#1. Does God exist? That depends on which God you have in mind. The cosmic mystery or the worldly lawgiver? Sometimes when people talk about God, they talk about a grand and awesome enigma, about which we know absolutely nothing. We invoke this mysterious God to explain the deepest riddles of the cosmos. Why is there something rather than nothing? What shaped the fundamental laws of physics? What is consciousness, and where does it come from? We do not know the answers to these questions, and we give our ignorance the grand name of God. The most fundamental characteristic of this mysterious God is that we cannot say anything concrete about Him. This is the God of the philosophers; the God we talk about when we sit around a campfire late at night, and wonder what life is all about. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Philip Roth
#2. War with Canada was far less of an enigma to me than what Aunt Evelyn was going to use for a toilet during the night #Quote by Philip Roth
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Andrew Elfenbein
#3. While much recent historicist criticism has assumed early nineteenth-century readers attuned to subtle ideological nuances in poetry, actual responses from readers often come closer to clulessness ... It is no surprise that no one understood Blake, but other poets fared not much better ... Coleridge's 'Christabel' was 'the standing enigma which puzzles the curiosity of literary circles. What is it all about?', while another reviewer asked about Shelley, 'What, in the name of wonder on one side, and of common sense on the other, is the meaning of this metaphysical rhapsody about the unbinding of Prometheus?'. Even Keats was condemned for 'his frequent obscurity and confusion of language' and his 'unintelligible quaintness'. Byron, never to be outdone, boasted in 'Don Juan' that not only did he not understand many of his fellow poets, he did not understand himself either: 'I don't pretend that I quite understand / My own meaning when I would be very fine.' ... #Quote by Andrew Elfenbein
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Grace Willows
#4. Hayden McGregor glanced with contempt at the pitch-black road. "I do not fear the darkness. It fears me." He dismissed the approaching gloom with a narrowed stare. His steel gray eyes holding it back with a contemptuous regard. #Quote by Grace Willows
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Zubair Ahsan
#5. Darkness my beloved home, I return!
I return, not whole, but damaged.

Fatigued by quixotic tendencies,
The prodigal has come back famished.

An outer world, so hostile and strange
Filled immensely with ignorant natives

The land where all good is forgotten
Where hatred itself is life's matrix.

Though I've brought an odd mystery,
An enigma that requires my genius

A phenomenon, in foreign land;
A veiled embodiment of Venus.

Since, I've craved for my sanctuary,
I have returned to you, oh darkness!

Now I will restore my lost vigor to
Unravel demeanors of this goddess.


Why am I estranged to this darkness?
Maybe I've been away for too long,

But shouldn't home always feel home?
Why am I in dire need to belong?

As if this soul is deprived of life
As if this body is in swift decay

As if this mind screams for peace
As if this heart calls to be lured 'way

Unwise, to have brought the goddess,
When she is of a different realm

Unfortunate, to have fallen in love,
As she leaves to retain her helm

Perhaps, this home lies deep within
For everything is, but mere illusion

Hence, I'll reside her in my heart;
To feel her, even in seclusion. #Quote by Zubair Ahsan
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Charlie Chaplin
#6. The heart and the mind ... what an enigma. #Quote by Charlie Chaplin
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Stefan Zweig
#7. In so much firm, pleasure-loving flesh, we cannot find the merest trace of a moral nervous system. That explains the whole enigma of Casanova's subtle genius. Lucky man that he is, he has only sensuality, and lacks the first beginnings of a soul. Bound by no ties, having no fixed aim, restrained by no prudent considerations, he can move at a different tempo from his fellow mortals, who are burdened with moral scruples, who aim at an ethical goal, who are tied by notions of social responsibility. That is the secret of his unique impetus, of his incomparable energy. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#8. The darkness of the grotesque is an immortal enigma: in all legends of the dead, in all the tales of creatures of the night, in all the mythologies of mad gods and lucid demons, there remains a kind of mocking nonsense to the end, a thick and resonant voice which calls out from the heart of these stories and declares: 'Still I am here. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Robert Arthur
#9. The question mark," Jupiter said impressively, "is the universal symbol of something unknown. We are prepared to solve any puzzle, riddle, mystery, enigma or conundrum which may be brought to us. Hence the question mark will be our trade-mark. Three question marks will stand for The Three Investigators. #Quote by Robert Arthur
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Jenny Han
#10. My dad once told me that Winstone Churchill said that Russia was riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. According to my dad, Churchill had been talking about my mother. This was before the divorce, and he said it half-bitterly, half-respectfully. Because even when he hated her, he admired her.
I think he would have stayed with her forever, trying to figure out the mystery. He was a puzzle solver, the kind of person who likes theorems, theories. X always had to equal something. It couldn't just be X.
To me, my mother wasn't that mysterious. She was my mother. Always reasonable, always sure of herself. To me, she was about as mysterious as a glass fo water. She knew what she wanted; she knew what she didn't want. And that was to be married to my father. I wasn't sure if it was that she fell our of love or if it was that she just never was. in love, I mean. #Quote by Jenny Han
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Kanye West
#11. I'm a pop enigma. I live and breathe every element in life. I rock a bespoke suit and I go to Harold's for fried chicken. It's all these things at once, because, as a taste maker, I find the best of everything. #Quote by Kanye West
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Theodor Mommsen
#12. The battle of Varus is an enigma, not in a military but in a political point of view - not in its course, but in its consequences. #Quote by Theodor Mommsen
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Thomas De Quincey
#13. If in this world there is one misery having no relief, it is the pressure on the heart from the Incommunicable. And if another Sphinx should arise to propose another enigma to man–saying, what burden is that which only is insupportable by human fortitude? I should answer at once: It is the burden of the Incommunicable #Quote by Thomas De Quincey
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Peter Brooks
#14. Woman, especially her sexuality, provides the object of endless commentary , description, supposition. But the result of all the telling only deepens the enigma and makes woman's erotic force something that male storytelling can never quite explain or contain. #Quote by Peter Brooks
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Rene Girard
#15. The individual who "adjusts" has managed to relegate the two contradictory injunctions of the double bind - to imitate and not to imitate - to two different domains of application. That is, he divides reality in such a way as to neutralize the double bind. This is precisely the procedure of primitive cultures. At the origin of any individual or collective "adjustment" lies concealed a certain arbitrary violence. The well-adjusted person is thus one who conceals his violent impulses and condones the collective's concealment of them. The "maladjusted" individual cannot tolerate this concealment. "Mental illness" and rebellion, like the sacrificial crisis they resemble, commit the individual to falsehoods and to forms of violence that are certainly more damaging to him than the disguised violence channeled through sacrificial rites but that bring him closer to the heart of the enigma. Many psychic catastrophes misunderstood by the psychoanalyst result from an inchoate, obstinate reaction against the violence and falsehood found in any human society #Quote by Rene Girard
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#16. She was a riddle, who mysteriously possessed her own solution, a secret, and what are all diplomats' secrets compared with this, an enigma, and what in all the world is so beautiful as the word that solves it? #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#17. O ye, who see perplexities over your heads, beneath your feet, and to the right and left of you; you will be an eternal enigma unto yourselves until ye become humble and joyful as children. Then will ye find Me, and having found Me in yourselves, you will rule over worlds, and looking out from the great world within to the little world without, you will bless everything that is, and find all is well with time and with you. KRISHNA. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Kathleen Gasperini
#18. It always seemed that I learned more about myself the more I ventured into the forest or hiked along a beach or up a mountain. But for me, it was always the ocean that I found most attractive. Perhaps it's the enigma of waves that pull me to the sea whenever I feel lost. Unlike a mountain, they are a powerful force that's ever-changing--a piece of nature that defies analysis. And I was sick of being analyzed by a world of ancient beliefs. #Quote by Kathleen Gasperini
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Nalini Singh, Archangel's Enigma
#19. I have a warrior as a consort, scholar," Raphael said at her frozen response. "I recognize one when I see her, even if she chooses to wield the pen more often than the sword. #Quote by Nalini Singh, Archangel's Enigma
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Robert C. Harvey
#20. Comics ... are sometimes four-legged and sometimes two-legged and sometimes fly and sometimes don't ... to employ a metaphor as mixed as the medium itself, defining comics entails cutting a Gordian-knotted enigma wrapped in a mystery ... #Quote by Robert C. Harvey
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#21. He means to marry you?" "He tells me so." She surveyed my whole person: in her eyes I read that they had there found no charm powerful enough to solve the enigma. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Jerome Groopman
#22. The freedom of patient speech is necessary if the doctor is to get clues about the medical enigma before him. If the patient is inhibited, or cut off prematurely, or constrained into one path of discussion, then the doctor may not be told something vital. Observers have noted that, on average, physicians interrupt patients within eighteen seconds of when they begin telling their story. #Quote by Jerome Groopman
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Rosemary Sutcliff
#23. I have provided a possible explanation for Antiochus's insane foolhardiness when left in command of the Athenian Fleet, because Thucidides's bald account is so unbelievable (unless one assumes that both Antiochus and Alkibiades were mentally defective) that any explanation seems more likely than none.
Alkibiades himself is an enigma. Even allowing that no man is all black and all white, few men can ever have been more wildly and magnificently piebald. Like another strange and contradictory character Sir Walter Raleigh, he casts a glamour that comes clean down the centuries, a dazzle of personal magnetism that makes it hard to see the man behind it. I have tried to see. I have tried to fit the pieces into a coherent whole; I don't know whether I have been successful or not; but I do not think that I have anywhere falsified the portrait. #Quote by Rosemary Sutcliff
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Andre Aciman
#24. But no one can prepare for the worst. The worst doesn't only dash hopes; it tears through everything in ways that are almost meant to hurt, to punish, to shame. Despite my most sobering forecasts, life can still play the cruelest card and scuttle everything - and just when I thought we were sailing past the shoals. #Quote by Andre Aciman
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Bentley Little
#25. An enigma? That's not a bad persona to have. I should probably shut up and let the mystery continue! It's good for my career. #Quote by Bentley Little
Naboo The Enigma quotes by May Sarton
#26. Here life goes on, even and monotonous on the surface, full of lightning, of summits and of despair, in its depths. We have now arrived at a stage in life so rich in new perceptions that cannot be transmitted to those at another stage - one feels at the same time full of so much gentleness and so much despair - the enigma of this life grows, grows, drowns one and crushes one, then all of a sudden in a supreme moment of light one becomes aware of the sacred. #Quote by May Sarton
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Nicole Williams
#27. As I'd discovered this week, Jude was every kind of mystery that appealed to a woman and every kind she could never unveil. He was every enigma to which I wanted the answer to. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Naboo The Enigma quotes by H.L. Mencken
#28. Maugham's success, in fact, lies a good deal less in what he positively does than in what he discreetly leaves undone. He gets the colors of life into his Charles Strickland, not by playing a powerful beam of light upon him, but by leaving him a bit out of focus
by constantly insisting, in the midst of every discussion of him, upon his pervasive mystery
in brief, by craftily making him appear, not as a commonplace, simple and completely understandable man, but as the half comprehended enigma that every genuine man of genius seems to all of us when we meet him in real life. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Milan Kundera
#29. All novels ... are concerned with the enigma of the self. As soon as you create an imaginary being, a character, you are automatically confronted by the question: what is the self? How can it be grasped? #Quote by Milan Kundera
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Brent Spiner
#30. I like to think of myself as the Rutger Hauer of this show Star Trek: The Next Generation. But then I like to think of myself as Rutger Hauer in real life: strikingly handsome, irresistible to women, an intergalactic enigma. #Quote by Brent Spiner
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Richard Eberhart
#31. Life is stranger than any of us expected,
There is a somber, imponderable fate.
Enigma rules, and the heart has no certainty. #Quote by Richard Eberhart
Naboo The Enigma quotes by J. F. C. Fuller
#32. He won the Civil War for the North, and re-established the Union which today has grown into the vastest consolidated power since the fall of Rome. He fought some of the greatest campaigns in history; was never defeated, and after the war was twice chosen by his countrymen as their President. If there is not food for myth here, where shall we seek it? His story is as amazing as Napoleon's, and as startling as Lenin's; yet enigma he lived and enigma he died, and though occasion was propitious and circumstances were favorable, enigma he remains. #Quote by J. F. C. Fuller
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
#33. Since our philosophy has given us no better way to express that intemporal, that indestructible element in us which, says Freud, is the unconscious itself, perhaps we
should continue calling it the unconscious - so long as we do not forget that the word is the index of an enigma - because the term retains, like the algae or the stone that one drags up, something of the sea from which it was taken.

The accord of phenomenology and of psychoanalysis should not be understood to consist in phenomenology's saying clearly what psychoanalysis had said obscurely. On the contrary, it is by what phenomenology
implies or unveils as its limits - by its latent content or its unconscious - that it is in consonance with psychoanalysis. Thus the cross validation between the two doctrines is not exactly on the subject man; their agreements, rather, precisely in describing man as a timber yard, in order to discover, beyond the truth of immanence, that of the Ego and its acts, that of consciousness and its objects, of relations which a consciousness cannot sustain: man's relations to his origins and his relations to his models. Freud points his finger at the Id and the Superego. Husserl, in his last writings, speaks of historical life as of a Tiefenleben. Phenomenology and psychoanalysis are not parallel; much better, they are both aiming toward the same latency. #Quote by Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Laura Thalassa
#34. Your heart is largely an enigma to me. But we shall find out the truth of it soon enough. #Quote by Laura Thalassa
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Michael Stipe
#35. I'm tired of being this solemn poet of the masses, the enigma shrouded in a mystery. #Quote by Michael Stipe
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#36. A riddle wrapped up in an enigma, wrapped up in a giant pain in the ass. Well done, Kami. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Sara Furlong Burr
#37. We weren't born to suffer, we were born to make a difference. Our pain is just an unfortunate consequence of becoming the people we were destined to be #Quote by Sara Furlong Burr
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Clarence John Laughlin
#38. The mystery of light [and] the enigma of time form the twin pivots around which all my work revolves. In addition ... my work attempts to create a mythology for our contemporary world. #Quote by Clarence John Laughlin
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Marcia Moody
#39. Catherine Elizabeth MiddlEton, Kate, Waity Katie, Sizzler Sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, the High Street Duchess. The woman who has held all of these titles is fonder of some than of others, but it is important to remember that, over the years, each of these names has been bestowed on her by someone else. Because she is a naturally private person, others have often projected an image onto her, associated with one of these names, which is completely at odds with who she really is. Underneath, she has remained the same person throughout, and that person remains something of an enigma.
For over ten years she has been the person closest to the man who will one day be king, but she only slowly slipped into the public's consciousness, like the royal family's stealth missile. #Quote by Marcia Moody
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Laini Taylor
#40. There were two mysteries, actually: one old, one new. The old one opened his mind, but it was the new one that climbed inside, turned several circle, and settled in with a grunt--like a satisfied dragon in a new cozy lair. And there it would remain--the mystery, in his mind--exhaling enigma for years to come. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Naboo The Enigma quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#41. Gradually, the concrete enigma I labored at disturbed me less than the generic enigma of a sentence written by a god. What type of sentence (I asked myself) will an absolute mind construct? I considered that even in the human languages there is no proposition that does not imply the entire universe: to say "the tiger" is to say the tigers that begot it, the deer and turtles devoured by it, the grass on which the deer fed, the earth that was mother to the grass, the heaven that gave birth to the earth. I considered that in the language of a god every word would enunciate that infinite concatenation of facts, and not in an implicit but in an explicit manner, and not progressively but instantaneously. In time, the notion of a divine sentence seemed puerile or blasphemous. A god, I reflected, ought to utter only a single word and in that word absolute fullness. No word uttered by him can be inferior to the universe or less than the sum total of time. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Naboo The Enigma quotes by John Steinbeck
#42. Dora was having trouble with her income tax, for she was entangled in that curious enigma which said the business was illegal and then taxed her for it. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Naboo The Enigma quotes by John Green
#43. When she fucked up, all those years ago, just a little girl terrified into paralysis, she collapsed into the enigma of herself. And that could have happened to me, but I saw where it led for her. So I still believe in the Great Perhaps, and I can believe in it in spite of having lost her. #Quote by John Green

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