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Naafi Jobs quotes by Timothy Leary
#1. My advice to myself and to everyone else, particularly young people, is to turn on, tune in and drop out. By drop out, I mean to detach yourself from involvement in secular, external social games. But the dropping out has to occur internally before it can occur externally. I'm not telling kids just to quit school; I'm not telling people to quit their jobs. That is an inevitable development of the process of turning on and tuning in. #Quote by Timothy Leary
Naafi Jobs quotes by Shereen El Feki
#2. In Egypt, where my research is focused, I have seen plenty of trouble in and out of the citadel. There are legions of young men who can't afford to get married, because marriage has become a very expensive proposition. They are expected to bear the burden of costs in married life, but they can't find jobs. #Quote by Shereen El Feki
Naafi Jobs quotes by John F. Kennedy
#3. I see no magic in tax dollars which are sent to Washington and then returned. I abhor the waste and incompetence of large-scale federal bureaucracies in this administration as well as in others. I do not favor state compulsion when voluntary individual effort can do the job and do it well. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Naafi Jobs quotes by Zig Ziglar
#4. Many companies have long contended that stress in the home causes productivity loss in the market place.. and it does. But research now reveals that stress on the job causes stress at home. In other words, they feed off each other #Quote by Zig Ziglar
Naafi Jobs quotes by Byron Katie
#5. Our job is unconditional love. The job of everyone else in our life is to push our buttons. #Quote by Byron Katie
Naafi Jobs quotes by Barack Obama
#6. If we [American nation] are only thinking about tomorrow or the next day and not thinking about 10 years from now, we're not going to control our own economic future, because China, Germany - they're making these [clean energy] investments. And I'm not going to cede those jobs of the future to those countries. I expect those new energy sources to be built right here in the United States. #Quote by Barack Obama
Naafi Jobs quotes by Marc Maron
#7. They are not testing comics for drugs. If our job is dependent on that, there would be three working comics in the country, and two of them would have puppets. #Quote by Marc Maron
Naafi Jobs quotes by Jeff Sessions
#8. I remain deeply concerned about falling wages and the lack of good jobs for Americans. Too many of our citizens are either stuck in place or falling behind, and too often their needs are forgotten. #Quote by Jeff Sessions
Naafi Jobs quotes by Andrew P. Harris
#9. Maryland needs someone in Congress who will fight to create jobs, stop out-of-control government spending and defend small businesses. #Quote by Andrew P. Harris
Naafi Jobs quotes by Bill Raftery
#10. Keep your head down. Mind your business and do the best job you can. #Quote by Bill Raftery
Naafi Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#11. Get your mind around it. You can do it #Quote by Steve Jobs
Naafi Jobs quotes by Arthur Miller
#12. I think the job of the artist is to remind people of what they have chosen to forget. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Naafi Jobs quotes by Robert Watson
#13. People work harder, longer, and more creatively if they are motivated by the intrinsic pleasure of their work. Managers must do everything they can to make the value of jobs obvious and the joy in them accessible. #Quote by Robert Watson
Naafi Jobs quotes by Don DeLillo
#14. I quit my job just to quit. I didn't quit my job to write fiction. I just didn't want to work anymore. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Naafi Jobs quotes by Harriet Lerner
#15. Your children are not little mirrors reflecting back the good or bad job you've done. #Quote by Harriet Lerner
Naafi Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#16. Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Naafi Jobs quotes by Wayne Watson
#17. My dad died in May of '97. The effects of his death immediately were not all that hard, but a year or two later it hit, when my job as Dad was sort of done and I was sending my kids to college. And somehow, the emotional intensity of that event mixed with the loss of my own dad, was kind of upsetting. #Quote by Wayne Watson
Naafi Jobs quotes by Erin Heatherton
#18. All my makeup tricks are from modeling jobs! It's my favorite part of the job - learning new tricks! #Quote by Erin Heatherton
Naafi Jobs quotes by Joe  Keenan
#19. Get your feet off my desk, get out of here, you stink, and we're not going to buy your product."
-- Atari President Joe Keenan, responding to Steve Jobs' offer to sell him rights
to the new personal computer he and Steve Wozniak developed (1976) #Quote by Joe Keenan
Naafi Jobs quotes by Josh Alan Friedman
#20. I want my list of works to be lean and mean and everything was urgent and had to be done. Nothing to play the market. My family's had to suffer for that, that I haven't done commercial jobs just to bring home the bacon. #Quote by Josh Alan Friedman
Naafi Jobs quotes by Ulrich Beck
#21. You need education. You need subsistence protection. We need jobs and social security. These are preconditions under which it will perhaps be possible to deal with these complex circumstances. #Quote by Ulrich Beck
Naafi Jobs quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#22. In the aftermath of the recent wave action in the Indian Ocean, even the archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williamson [sic], proved himself a latter-day Voltairean by whimpering that he could see how this might shake belief in a friendly creator. Williamson is of course a notorious fool, who does an almost perfect imitation of a bleating and frightened sheep, but even so, one is forced to rub one's eyes in astonishment. Is it possible that a grown man could live so long and still have his personal composure, not to mention his lifetime job description, upset by a large ripple of seawater? #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Naafi Jobs quotes by Tony Campolo
#23. Sadly, we do a much better job of making people feel guilty than we do of delivering them from the guilt we create. We need to confess this and change our ways. #Quote by Tony Campolo
Naafi Jobs quotes by Rob Kardashian
#24. My job is - I make socks. That's all I do. I don't necessarily care about the show. I would rather film this - me doing what I do - than being around my family. #Quote by Rob Kardashian
Naafi Jobs quotes by Diane Ackerman
#25. Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas, and often meet to gossip or share ideas. On the other hand, we bossed ourselves around, set impossible goals, and demanded longer hours than office jobs usually entail. It was the ultimate "flextime," in that it depended on how flexible we felt each day, given deadlines, distractions, and workaholic crescendos. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Naafi Jobs quotes by Michael Bivona
#26. If you start working in your twenties and retire at age sixty you may spend as many years in retirement as you did working. #Quote by Michael Bivona
Naafi Jobs quotes by Marlo Thomas
#27. The rejection that we all take and the sadness and the aggravation and the loss of jobs and all of the things that we live through in our lives, without a sense of humor, I don't know how people make it. #Quote by Marlo Thomas
Naafi Jobs quotes by Judy Greer
#28. I was lucky, and once I moved to L.A., I didn't have to get another job besides acting. But I wouldn't trade my previous jobs for anything. #Quote by Judy Greer
Naafi Jobs quotes by Tom Everett Scott
#29. One of my first jobs ever as an actor was working with Julie White on a sitcom called 'Grace Under Fire.' #Quote by Tom Everett Scott
Naafi Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#30. I am saddened, not by Microsoft's success - I have no problem with their success. They've earned their success, for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Naafi Jobs quotes by Auliq Ice
#31. Each job requires a conscious choice of career path, and a different plan of development. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Naafi Jobs quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#32. I feel very angry when I think of brilliant, or even interesting, women whose minds are wasted on a home. Better have an affair. It isn't permanent and you keep your job. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Naafi Jobs quotes by Carl Paladino
#33. All Democrats are not entitlement people. These are the people who are going to suffer the cost of Obama health care. These are the people who are suffering because there're no jobs. #Quote by Carl Paladino
Naafi Jobs quotes by Gail Carson Levine
#34. I don't wait for inspiration. Writing is my job. #Quote by Gail Carson Levine
Naafi Jobs quotes by Dominic Monaghan
#35. I'm in this position where I can afford to wait, I'm lucky enough to be financially secure to not have to do anything that's thrown at me. You know the next couple of jobs are going to be pretty crucial in terms of how you're perceived by people. So I'm just waiting. #Quote by Dominic Monaghan
Naafi Jobs quotes by Bernie Sanders
#36. The main problem of America is that you're seeing people working all over this country two jobs, they're working three jobs, and they're getting nowhere in a hurry. They're working hard. They can't afford to send their kids to college in many instances. They can't afford child care for their little babies. They're worried to death about retirement. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Naafi Jobs quotes by Norm Coleman
#37. The quickest way to kill jobs is to have this ordinance pass. It is dumb and dangerous. #Quote by Norm Coleman
Naafi Jobs quotes by Alan Ball
#38. As a writer, it's fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it's a really great job, but that's what it is - a job. #Quote by Alan Ball
Naafi Jobs quotes by Ted Nugent
#39. I have a job to pay attention. It is my number one duty as a human being - to earn an experiment in self-government every day by spotlighting cockroaches who violate their oath to the US constitution and wipe their ass with the US Constitution #Quote by Ted Nugent
Naafi Jobs quotes by Nolan Bushnell
#40. Atari showed that young people could start big companies. Without that example it would have been harder for Jobs and Bill Gates, and people who came after them, to do what they did. #Quote by Nolan Bushnell
Naafi Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#41. If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today? #Quote by Steve Jobs
Naafi Jobs quotes by Jill Konrath
#42. Sales is an experiment - there's no right or wrong, just varying degrees of effectiveness. Our job is to constantly seek ways we can increase our effectiveness. #Quote by Jill Konrath
Naafi Jobs quotes by T.L.  Smith
#43. I see the man that directs me to what jobs I have for the night. You see, I do the jobs that no others want to do. I clean up the mess that murderers, rapists, degenerates, and the scum of the earth make. Men that are high and mighty that can get away with their crimes so easily, because they have the money to make their problems disappear. But what most of them don't expect... is me. #Quote by T.L. Smith
Naafi Jobs quotes by Ben Parr
#44. Starting a company is a cause, not a job. Once it becomes a job, that's when you lose #Quote by Ben Parr
Naafi Jobs quotes by Geoffrey Canada
#45. I graduated from Bowdoin College and went to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Then I left and took a job teaching really poor inner-city white kids in Boston. It was interesting to me because I'd never been around poor whites before. #Quote by Geoffrey Canada
Naafi Jobs quotes by George W. Bush
#46. My relationship with God through Christ has given me meaning and direction. My faith has made a big difference in my personal life, and my public life as well. I make personal decisions every day. Some are easy, and some aren't so easy. I have worries just like you do. And I pray. I pray for guidance. I pray for patience. I firmly believe in the power of intercessory prayer; and I know that I could not do my job without it. #Quote by George W. Bush
Naafi Jobs quotes by Micah Lexier
#47. Doing a job well is the thing. It's its own thing. #Quote by Micah Lexier
Naafi Jobs quotes by Emmy Rossum
#48. I think acting is a job where you're always unemployed. You're always looking for the next job, so I assume that it's like other jobs that are with that same kind of setup. #Quote by Emmy Rossum

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