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Na Romance quotes by Jennifer Ann
#1. We've entered dangerous territory. You can't kiss someone with so much emotion if you're preparing to walk away. Alarms ring through my head, too loud and too obvious to be ignored. There are way too many complex emotions being passed between us. I already know he's going to shatter my heart. #Quote by Jennifer Ann
Na Romance quotes by Karli Perrin
#2. I'm going to be honest with you. I don't want to sit here all night making small talk when all I want to do is kiss you. #Quote by Karli Perrin
Na Romance quotes by Dana Burkey
#3. I'm not that good of an actor to fake something like that. #Quote by Dana Burkey
Na Romance quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
#4. Death abides by no one's rules ... it takes what pleases it without consciousness to its decisions. It destroys what it will. It took the pieces of perfection I once knew and shattered them. Now what remains are shards of a dream, drawing blood with every step. #Quote by Cassandra Giovanni
Na Romance quotes by Karli Perrin
#5. The image of him frozen to the spot in the pouring rain would be etched into my memory forever. #Quote by Karli Perrin
Na Romance quotes by Nadege Richards
#6. I'm not sure I'll ever know the meaning of life or what comes for us after death, but I know it's more than the hysteria people make it out to be. It's about freeing your soul when no one else can; turning thirty and still feeling like you're seventeen. It's about taking chances on a whim, embracing the rain during the storm, and smiling so damn much that you start to cry. It's never regretting, never forgetting, and always being.
It's kissing underwater and touching in the dark. Loving even when you think it's emotionally impossible and surviving someway and somehow.
It's about living life with a full heart and an overflowing glass.
I live life on the edge. I dream, I care, and I belong.
I know there's a here and now.
I know that I want it. #Quote by Nadege Richards
Na Romance quotes by Dana Burkey
#7. What if just you and I hung out, like last summer?" Nick sat up and began twirling a lock of my wet hair around his finger. "Josh never needs to know. #Quote by Dana Burkey
Na Romance quotes by Isobel Irons
#8. So completely stunned by the force of that smile, Sam found himself helpless to do anything but watch as she quickly closed the gap between them. Her hands reached up to grasp his chin, and he bent down to her, not really knowing why he did it. It was like gravity, so natural that the compulsion was inescapable. Her heels helped.
she kissed him, every nerve ending in his body exploded into his awareness.
No girl had ever kissed him like that. Hell, no girl had ever kissed any guy like that, at least not that Sam had heard. #Quote by Isobel Irons
Na Romance quotes by T.J. Shaw
#9. My sweet lemming," he murmured, nuzzling her neck and sending glorious spirals of pleasure ping-ponging throughout her body. "You've been quiet and that worries me."
"Why?" she asked, trailing her hand down his banded forearm to entwine her fingers within his.
"Because that means you're thinking, and a thinking woman is usually something to fear. #Quote by T.J. Shaw
Na Romance quotes by Oswald Chambers
#10. The real meaning of eternal life is a life that can face anything is has to face without wavering. If we take this view, life becomes one great romance, a glorious opportunity for seeing marvelous things all the time.
God is disciplining us to get us into this central place of power. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Na Romance quotes by Arthur Nersesian
#11. Although I didn't write myself off as a complete failure, all illusion and romance was gone. I was no longer able to inflate myself; I had disappointed my own expectations and was genuinely worried about dying in the streets. #Quote by Arthur Nersesian
Na Romance quotes by Donna Grant
#12. He set his whisky tumbler on the table, but kept his fingers around it. "What do you see in my eyes?"...
"Tell me, lass," he urged softly.
She suddenly understood the term 'old soul,' because one sat before her now. And, as if opening a book, she caught a glimpse of Asher. The words then tumbled out of her mouth. "Endlessness. Sorrow. Agony. Distress. Rage. #Quote by Donna Grant
Na Romance quotes by Hailey Abbott
#13. Never let a boy know you're crazy about him. He'll lose interest, and then you'll be a loser. #Quote by Hailey Abbott
Na Romance quotes by Beverly Jones
#14. Romance, like the rabbit at the dog track, is the elusive, fake, and never attained reward which, for the benefit and amusement of our masters, keeps us running and thinking in safe circles. #Quote by Beverly Jones
Na Romance quotes by Ally Blue
#15. He kept one eye on Matt as he talked. He could tell Matt was close to orgasm by the way he title his head to the side and bit his lower lip.
"And what about your partner, Mr. Tucker?" Troy asked. Chris raised his eyebrows in surprise and Mr. Waters gave him a greasy, unpleasant smile. "Does your partner cook?"
Chris grinned as Matt came all over the red leather seat. "Actually, he makes a delicious white sauce. #Quote by Ally Blue
Na Romance quotes by Janet Elizabeth Henderson
#16. He cleared his throat. "You need to pick a safe word."
"What on earth is a safe word?"
He smothered a sigh. This was proving to be more work than he thought it'd be. "It's a word you use when you want things to stop."
"How about I use the word 'stop'?" She sounded sarcastic.
"That's not how it works. You need a word that you wouldn't normally use during sex."
"Fine. How about 'dumbass'?"
"I don't think you're getting into the spirit of this."
"Really? You think?"
"Fine. Dumbass it is." There was no dealing with her when she was in this mood. "If you use your safe word, everything stops."
"Good." She took a deep breath. "Dumbass," she shouted.
Andrew wasn't sure what to do next. This was not going the way it did in the books. #Quote by Janet Elizabeth Henderson
Na Romance quotes by Nicole Douglas
#17. The longer she was around him the harder it would be to let go when it finally came to an end. And with Kyle everything came to an end eventually. #Quote by Nicole Douglas
Na Romance quotes by Saiber
#18. Choose wisely
From those who start
A fire in your heart.

Some may burn you to shreds,
While you were looking for warmth. #Quote by Saiber
Na Romance quotes by Karina Bliss
#19. You're a sex symbol," she began.
"Thanks for noticing. #Quote by Karina Bliss
Na Romance quotes by Debra Holland
#20. You cannot go into labor," Caleb ordered, anxiety clenching his innards.
"The baby is coming!" She enunciated every word.
"The doctor is a long day's ride away in Sweetwater Springs, and there's no woman for miles. You'll just have to wait."
As the contraction eased, the tightness in her body relaxed, and she gave him a wan smile. "Does everyone always do what you say?"
'Is that levity in her voice? At a time like this?' "They comply if I know what best, and I usually do. #Quote by Debra Holland
Na Romance quotes by Jill Telford
#21. Understand something. Fall back from the old times and ways of doing things. Chemistry is deeper than the feels. #Quote by Jill Telford
Na Romance quotes by Lebo Grand
#22. Once you fully embrace your sensuality, life becomes an adventure. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Na Romance quotes by David W. Hall
#23. It is the custom in passing romance and journalism to talk of men suffering under old tyrannies. But, as a fact, men have almost always suffered under new tyrannies; under tyrannies that had been public liberties hardly twenty years before. #Quote by David W. Hall
Na Romance quotes by Kate Meader
#24. Everywhere Gage looked, his fingers itched to touch and his brain raced to keep up. A snake coiled beneath his right pec, an eagle took flight over his left. Stars, numbers, and Celtic symbols fought for real estate. Gage would need weeks to explore the storied terrain of Brady's body.
Better put in for some vacation time now. #Quote by Kate Meader
Na Romance quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#25. Rest," Logan said. "Both of you." His caressing gaze moved over his wife and infant daughter.
"I'll watch over you."
"Love me?" Madeline asked with a faint smile, and yawned again.
"It used to be love." He brushed his lips over her closed eyelids. "Now there's no word for it."
"You once told me that you thought love was a weakness."
"I was wrong," he whispered, kissing the corners of her mouth. "I've discovered it's my only
Madeline fell asleep with a smile still on her lips, her hand curled around his. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Na Romance quotes by Sherry J. Soule
#26. Quote from MOONLIGHT MAYHEM – pg 224 "Hero Intercedes":

His hands flickered upward, and before I knew it, they were cupping my face. So, damnably fast now. Demonic-like fast. Trent reeled me closer. Our foreheads joined. He held me, while I trembled in his arms. I was vaguely aware of Evans and Maxwell watching, although it didn't seem important. Nothing seemed important whenever he did this. It felt like we were enclosed in our own personal bubble made only for the two of us. Trent murmured something in my ear.

We stood like that until my shaky legs gradually regained strength. I shut my eyes and pretended my body wasn't sizzling with heat-lightning because Trent stood so close. My hormones always decided to rebel whenever he put his arms around me. And it wasn't totally awkward and uncomfortable.

No, it felt like the best thing I'd experienced since before Dad's death. And that's saying a lot. #Quote by Sherry J. Soule
Na Romance quotes by Roxanne Snopek
#27. No smiling!" said Melinda. "Look stern, everyone."...
He kissed her. "Our American Gothic."
"Sweet Montana Farms style." And she kissed him back. #Quote by Roxanne Snopek
Na Romance quotes by Saumya Balsari
#29. Summer isn't a season, it's a feeling. #Quote by Saumya Balsari
Na Romance quotes by Lenore Wolfe
#30. She was lucky if he stood behind her. Not so lucky if he came to crush her. And a woman might only learn the truth of it - when he walked out of her life.
Highlighted by 9 Kindle users #Quote by Lenore Wolfe
Na Romance quotes by Leona Windwalker
#31. His heart quickened and he fisted his hands.There was nothing for it. When he saw the tip of Seth's tongue lick his lips and felt a hardening beneath him that mirrored his own, movie and tree forgotten, he lunged, closing the distance between their mouths. #Quote by Leona Windwalker
Na Romance quotes by Aditi Bose
#32. Some memories just stay. They just refuse to give up on staying. Maybe it is good that they stay. It helps us stay rooted. It helps us to know who we really are. #Quote by Aditi Bose
Na Romance quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#33. He offered his love ... she could not bother,
She gives her love to the other! The other! #Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri
Na Romance quotes by Donna Grant
#34. Kyran stretched his legs out and crossed them at the ankles. "You're needed, River. It's not by accident that you know what you do about the Fae and were put in our path. You're destined to aid us in this."

When she didn't respond, he tried again. "Think of all the innocents, like your family and Jordyn's, who were killed. You have a chance to help us put an end to such things for everyone. The half-Fae will no longer need to fear for their lives. And I promise you I'll figure out who has hunted your family and end it."

Her resigned look cut through him. "You can't do that. You work for Death. I doubt you'll be given leave to help me."

"Let me deal with that. Whether you help me or not, I'm going to find out why the Dark are hunting your family. And then I'm going to make sure it never happens again."

River swung her gaze to him. She tucked a long length of hair behind her ear. "Do I have your word you'll stop whoever is after me?"

"Aye." Kyran held out his hand.

River stared at it a moment before she leaned up and took it. They shook, her small hand in his. "Then I'll help you. #Quote by Donna Grant
Na Romance quotes by Katie Reus
#35. Aiden whirled on the tall cowboy. "What the fuck's your problem? Teresa looks like sex on heels so pull that stick out of your ass. #Quote by Katie Reus
Na Romance quotes by Alexandra Ivy
#36. Sure she'd found males attractive. But wanting them? Needing to feel their skin? Taste their lips? Run her fingers through their hair as she growled and begged them for all things dirty?
Not until now.
Until Jean-Baptiste. #Quote by Alexandra Ivy
Na Romance quotes by Lee Bo-na
#37. The more you have, the more people want to use you and damage you. #Quote by Lee Bo-na
Na Romance quotes by Katey Hawthorne
#38. Maybe kids are the only ones capable of love. As good as it gets, before you get all fucked-up. #Quote by Katey Hawthorne
Na Romance quotes by Amanda Heger
#39. Felipe focused on the smattering of freckles across her bare left shoulder. For the next hour, he counted each of them out of the corner of his eye--an entire universe's worth. Lost in the constellations, he barely noticed the lurch of the small plane. #Quote by Amanda Heger

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