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Myriads Retail quotes by Diego Della Valle
#1. I bought into Saks as a personal investment because, when I was a young man and went to America for the first time, it seemed to me that Saks was like a cathedral of retail. I never dreamt that I could one day be a part of it. And now I am. #Quote by Diego Della Valle
Myriads Retail quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#2. My poor Eunice looked so tired when she huffed off the bus with her many bags that I nearly tackled her in a rejuvenating embrace, but I was careful not to make a scene, waving my roses and champagne at the armed men to prove that I had enough Credit to afford Retail, and then kissed her passionately on one cheek (she smelled of flight and moisturizer), then on the straight, thin, oddly non-Asian nose, then the other cheek, then back to the nose, then once more the first cheek, following the curve of freckles backward and forward, marking her nose like a bridge to be crossed twice. The champagne bottle fell out of my hands, but, whatever futuristic garbage it was made of, it didn't break. #Quote by Gary Shteyngart
Myriads Retail quotes by Stefan Zweig
#3. We live through myriads of seconds, yet it is always one, just one, that casts our entire inner world into turmoil, the second when (as Stendhal has described it) the internal inflorescence, already steeped in every kind of fluid, condenses and crystallizes - a magical second, like the moment of generation, and like that moment concealed in the warm interior of the individual life, invisible, untouchable, beyond the reach of feeling, a secret experienced alone. No algebra of the mind can calculate it, no alchemy of premonition divine it, and it can seldom perceive itself. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Myriads Retail quotes by Earl Campbell
#4. Our company sells about five to six million pounds of sausage a year. We sell it retail and to restaurants. We've got all kinds of products. #Quote by Earl Campbell
Myriads Retail quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#5. Astronomers have built telescopes which can show myriads of stars unseen before; but when a man looks through a tear in his own eye, that is a lens which opens reaches into the unknown, and reveals orbs which no telescope, however skilfully constructed, could do. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Myriads Retail quotes by Bill Vaughan
#6. In today's retail environment, competition comes from every conceivable retail format. To succeed, we have to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively against players at all levels of the retail demographic. There is no question that this is a bold and exciting move, and one I believe will have a positive impact on competitive retailing for American consumers in the longer term. #Quote by Bill Vaughan
Myriads Retail quotes by Noam Chomsky
#7. Among the many symbols used to frighten and manipulate the populace of the democratic states, few have been more important than "terror" and "terrorism." These terms have generally been confined to the use of violence by individuals and marginal groups. Official violence, which is far more extensive in both scale and destructiveness, is placed in a different category altogether. This usage has nothing to do with justice, causal sequence, or numbers abused. Whatever the actual sequence of cause and effect, official violence is described as responsive or provoked ("retaliation," "protective reaction," etc.), not as the active and initiating source of abuse. Similarly, the massive long-term violence inherent in the oppressive social structures that U.S. power has supported or imposed is typically disregarded. The numbers tormented and killed by official violence-wholesale as opposed to retail terror-during recent decades have exceeded those of unofficial terrorists by a factor running into the thousands. But this is not "terror," [...] "security forces" only retaliate and engage in "police action."

These terminological devices serve important functions. They help to justify the far more extensive violence of (friendly) state authorities by interpreting them as "reactive" and they implicitly sanction the suppression of information on the methods and scale of official violence by removing it from the category of "terrorism." [...] Thus the language is well-designed for #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Myriads Retail quotes by Ramesh Selvarajoo
#8. 10/20/30 Rule in my book can level the playing field for a retail forex trader to trade alongside big banks and hedge funds. #Quote by Ramesh Selvarajoo
Myriads Retail quotes by Isaac Jourden
#9. The worst thing about working retail is that your friends get chosen for you by management. It's the scariest thing about working in the service industry: your coworkers reflect your own failure. #Quote by Isaac Jourden
Myriads Retail quotes by Anne T. Donahue
#10. Being jealous does nothing. It turns you into a person who's unable to feel genuine happiness, and tarnishes every accomplishment when it's used to measure your sense of worth on a made-up scale. You hear about a friend's promotion (in an industry that probably isn't yours) and feel like you will never venture past your existing achievements. You hear someone from high school is getting married and assume that you never will. You discover the guy you worked retail with in 2006 has a new apartment, and you sit wherever you happen to live and actively resent the space you loved five minutes ago. And feelings like will always come up; it's just up to you to say "fuck off."

So, while I'd like to say you should just decide not to be jealous, and that we're all in this together so let's remember that and be best friends, I know that isn't realistic because jealousy is immune to reason and logic…If I feel myself slipping into a jealousy wormhole when I see someone else shining, I remember that to gauge my self-worth based on someone else's accomplishments is a one-way ticket to bitterness. #Quote by Anne T. Donahue
Myriads Retail quotes by Peter Drucker
#11. Value added is a meaningless concept for a retail business , for a bank, for a life insurance company, and for any other business which is not primarily engaged in manufacturing. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Myriads Retail quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#12. To make a bestseller, there are more customers than just your customers: Selling to the end-user is just one piece of the puzzle. In my case, I needed to first sell myself to the publisher to get marketing support and national retail distribution. #Quote by Timothy Ferriss
Myriads Retail quotes by Erasmus Darwin
#13. Each pregnant Oak ten thousand acorns forms
Profusely scatter'd by autumnal storms;
Ten thousand seeds each pregnant poppy sheds
Profusely scatter'd from its waving heads;
The countless Aphides, prolific tribe,
With greedy trunks the honey'd sap imbibe;
Swarm on each leaf with eggs or embryons big,
And pendent nations tenant every twig ...
- All these, increasing by successive birth,
Would each o'erpeople ocean, air, and earth.
So human progenies, if unrestrain'd,
By climate friended, and by food sustain'd,
O'er seas and soils, prolific hordes! would spread
Erelong, and deluge their terraqueous bed;
But war, and pestilence, disease, and dearth,
Sweep the superfluous myriads from the earth ...
The births and deaths contend with equal strife,
And every pore of Nature teems with Life;
Which buds or breathes from Indus to the Poles,
And Earth's vast surface kindles, as it rolls! #Quote by Erasmus Darwin
Myriads Retail quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#14. All things are recreated, and the flame Of consentaneous love inspires all life. The fertile bosom of the earth gives suck To myriads, who still grow beneath her care, Rewarding her with their pure perfectness; The balmy breathings of the wind inhale Her virtues and diffuse them all abroad; Health floats amid the gentle atmosphere, Glows in the fruits and mantles on the stream; No storms deform the beaming brow of heaven, Nor scatter in the freshness of its pride The foliage of the ever-verdant trees; But fruits are ever ripe, flowers ever fair, And autumn proudly bears her matron grace, Kindling a flush on the fair cheek of spring, Whose virgin bloom beneath the ruddy fruit Reflects its tint and blushes into love. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Myriads Retail quotes by DJ Shadow
#15. In certain cases I don't want to sell tracks individually; I want to only sell the whole album. With simple things like that I just don't get any response [from iTunes]. I don't want to kill iTunes - I just want to offer my own retail experience in my own tiny corner of the Internet. #Quote by DJ Shadow
Myriads Retail quotes by Meg Cabot
#16. As if all of that hadn't been enough, I had foolishly chosen to wear a brand-new pair of Jimmy Choo mules to school, purchased at a fraction of their normal retail cost at an outlet over the summer. They were gorgeous, and they went perfectly with the Calvin Klein black denim skirt I had paired with a hot pink scoop-neck top.
But of course they were killing me. I already had raw, painful blisters around the bases of all my toes, and the Band-Aids the nurse had given me to cover them so that I could at least hobble between classes were not exactly doing the job. My feet felt like they were about to fall off. If I'd known where Jimmy Choo lived, I would have hobbled right up to his front door and popped him one in the eye. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Myriads Retail quotes by William Symmes
#17. All past governments degenerated and abused the powers given to them: Why would the proposed Congress be better than "myriads of publick bodies who have gone before them? It would be safer to give congress a more limited grant of revenue "adequate to all necessary purposes," and no more. "As the poverty of individuals prevents luxury," Symmes said, "so the poverty of publick bodies … prevents tyranny. A nation cannot, perhaps, do a more politick thing, than to supply the purse of its sovereign with that parsimony, which results from a sense of the labor it costs"

William Symmes, 1787
From Pauline Maier's book Ratification #Quote by William Symmes
Myriads Retail quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
#18. The commerce of intellect loves distant shores. The small retail dealer trades only with his neighbor; when the great merchant trades he links the four quarters of the globe. #Quote by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Myriads Retail quotes by Henry Rollins
#19. Some people see Black Friday as a much-needed break for their wallet. I see it as retail outlets showing the customers the full weight of their contempt. The frenzy to buy cheap crap from China, the human downgrade of people fighting with each other over items they can probably live without, to me, is an insult. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Myriads Retail quotes by David Rakoff
#20. If psychoanalysis was late-19th-century secular Judaism's way of constructing spiritual meaning in a post-religious world and retail is the late 20th century's way of constructing meaning in a postreligious world, what does it mean that I'm impersonating the father of psychoanalysis in a store window to commemorate a religious holiday? #Quote by David Rakoff
Myriads Retail quotes by J.D. Robb
#21. It's lunacy out there. Christmas makes people insane. And that bit about goodwill toward men? It sure as hell doesn't apply to retail. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Myriads Retail quotes by Jason Epstein
#22. A civilization without retail bookstores is unimaginable. Like shrines and other sacred meeting places, bookstores are essential artifacts of human nature. The feel of a book taken from the shelf and held in the hand is a magical experience, linking writer to reader. #Quote by Jason Epstein
Myriads Retail quotes by Chris Anderson
#23. With the evolution of online retail, however, has come the revelation that being able to recategorize and rearrange products on the fly unlocks their real value. #Quote by Chris Anderson
Myriads Retail quotes by Jo Ann Emerson
#24. With a strong domestic economy, low national unemployment at 5 percent, and increasing retail sales, the picture should look rosy. But one look at the trade deficit changes all of that. #Quote by Jo Ann Emerson
Myriads Retail quotes by Grant McCracken
#25. We need [retail] shelf space to serve as our deep space. We are going to put things there and invite the consumer to give it a try....Most consumers engage in variety seeking, in any case. Why not invite them to pursue it within a purchase instead of across purchases? #Quote by Grant McCracken
Myriads Retail quotes by Stewart Rahr
#26. Joining forces with Cardinal Health supports Kinray's mission to help retail independent pharmacies serve as an integral provider of care for our evolving health care system. #Quote by Stewart Rahr
Myriads Retail quotes by R.C. Sproul
#27. I've often wondered where Jesus would apply His hastily made whip if He were to visit our culture. My guess is that it would not be money-changing tables in the temple that would feel His wrath, but the display racks in Christian bookstores. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Myriads Retail quotes by Ratan Tata
#28. After I retired, it seemed to me that there was a whole new world out there, which was a digital world driven by a marketplace, basically, which had a huge potential driven by handheld devices, which would one day become the virtual retail store of India. #Quote by Ratan Tata
Myriads Retail quotes by J. Paul Getty
#29. The #1 guideline to success is you must be in business for yourself. When you work for someone else, you sell your time at wholesale to your employer, who then re-sells it at retail to the customer. #Quote by J. Paul Getty
Myriads Retail quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#30. A free-enterprise economy depends only on markets, and according to the most advanced mathematical macroeconomic theory, markets depend only on moods: specifically, the mood of the men in the pinstripes, also known as the Boys on the Street. When the Boys are in a good mood, the market thrives; when they get scared or sullen, it is time for each one of us to look into the retail apple business. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Myriads Retail quotes by Neil Cavuto
#31. The rich pay more in total taxes now than ever before - ever. It's true. Just like it's true that when the rich are convinced they're going to be taxed more, they spend less. And when the top few percenters don't spend, there goes all your spending, because they account for half of all retail spending. #Quote by Neil Cavuto
Myriads Retail quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#32. Mama," Bubba said as he came out of the back. "I can't beat up everyone in the world for being stupid. Have you seen how many of them are out there? I work retail. Trust me. The world's eat up with it. And aren't you the one that's always saying, 'you can't fix stupid, son so don't try?' Besides, I got better things to do with my time than fight every idiot I come into contat with. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Myriads Retail quotes by Edward FitzGerald
#33. Strange, is it not? That of the myriads who Before us pass'd the door of Darkness through, Not one returns to tell us of the Road Which to discover we must travel too. #Quote by Edward FitzGerald
Myriads Retail quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#34. He'd expected that at the very least he'd be able to slip into a decent social scene, but the problem with dropping out of the world is that that world moves on without you, and between the time spent on an all-consuming substance and the time spent working soul-crushing retail jobs while he tried not to think about the substance and the time spent in hospitals and rehab facilities, Paul was twenty-three years old and looked older. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Myriads Retail quotes by Tate Taylor
#35. In the South, we tell stories. We tell stories if you're in a sales position, if you're in a retail position, you lure your customer by telling a story. You just do. #Quote by Tate Taylor
Myriads Retail quotes by Jan Chipchase
#36. Many retail stores have consumer trackers that study how long your eyes linger on one product, whether you follow it through by touch, and things that you buy. You can redesign things on a shelf, all by tracking such information. #Quote by Jan Chipchase
Myriads Retail quotes by Beryl Dov
#37. Poetic Justice in Retail and Real Life [10w]
My opening my business made your business go out of business. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Myriads Retail quotes by Ira Glass
#38. At some point, all comics have to go out and be retail salesmen doing door-to-door. And this idea of somebody who totally knows their craft having to get up for free in front of a crowd to work out some stuff they're thinking in their head, still, after as much success as you can get, is really interesting. #Quote by Ira Glass
Myriads Retail quotes by Helen Hunt Jackson
#39. There had been no crises of incident, or marked movements of experience such as in Felipe's imaginations of love were essential to the fulness of its growth. This is a common mistake on the part of those who have never felt love's true bonds. Once in those chains, one perceives that they are not of the sort full forged in a day. They are made as the great iron cables are made, on which bridges are swung across the widest water-channels,
not of single huge rods, or bars, which would be stronger, perhaps, to look at; but myriads of the finest wires, each one by itself so fine, so frail, it would barely hold a child's kite in the wind: by hundreds, hundreds of thousands of such, twisted, re-twisted together, are made the mighty cables, which do not any more swerve from their place in the air, under the weight and jar of the ceaseless traffic and tread of two cities, than the solid earth swerves under the same ceaseless weight and jar. Such cables do not break. #Quote by Helen Hunt Jackson
Myriads Retail quotes by Al Ries
#40. Successful brands get into the mind slowly. A blurb in a magazine. A mention in a newspaper. A comment from a friend. A display in a retail store. After a slow buildup, people become convinced that they have known about the brand forever. #Quote by Al Ries
Myriads Retail quotes by Manly P. Hall
#41. Pythagoras said that the universal Creator had formed two things in His own image: The first was the cosmic system with its myriads of suns, moons, and planets; the second was man, in whose nature the entire universe existed in miniature. #Quote by Manly P. Hall
Myriads Retail quotes by William Gibson
#42. The ecological impact of book manufacture and traditional book marketing - I think that should really be considered. We have this industry in which we cut down trees to make the paper that we then use enormous amounts of electricity to turn into books that weigh a great deal and are then shipped enormous distances to point-of-sale retail. #Quote by William Gibson
Myriads Retail quotes by Wayne Dyer
#43. In the retail business, many people are too consumed with the bottom line. How much am I going to be selling? Am I going to be able to do all the things I need to get done? Instead, if they are at peace and feeling good about themselves - if they are treating customers with love and acting as statesmen and stateswomen and people who are connected to God in a spiritual sense - then every day for them is a real joy. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Myriads Retail quotes by Garth Brooks
#44. Retail should never ever tell the copyright owner how their stuff is sold. #Quote by Garth Brooks
Myriads Retail quotes by Jon Stewart
#45. Yon Kippur. Greatest Jewish holiday ever. The Jewish day of attonement. You don't ear for one day, all your sins for the year are wiped clean. Beat that with your little Lent. What is Lent? Forty days of absolution. Forty days to one day. Even in sin you're paying retail. #Quote by Jon Stewart

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