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Myriads Of Angels quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#1. Every person is a creator. We create with our ideas and beliefs. Our daily labor creates a worldly cocoon that enfolds us. We mold out of a granite substance not yet hardened the tutelary angels whose ideological formation will guide our passageway through the jungle of life. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Rick Yancey
#2. I prefer not to call them demons. It demeans their nature.
"But isn't that what they are?"
"We should pity them more than fear them Alfred. They were angels once."
"Yea, but didn't you say they rebelled against God? They got what they deserved."
"Perhaps." He sighed. "Yet do we not all hope and pray that we ourselves escape that we truly deserve? None have fallen as far or as irrevocably as the outcasts of heaven. Did you not find them beautiful." " ... They have gazed upon the very face of God, the face they will see no more for all eternity-and so I pity them. Even as I envy them for having seen it. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Jordan Dane
#3. In the stillness of headstones,
Darkness is my blanket.
And forever is my song.
In the arms if stone angels, I'm not afraid.
Because finally and completely,
I belong. #Quote by Jordan Dane
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Alicia D'Aversa
#4. You are a woman, let them see your fire #Quote by Alicia D'Aversa
Myriads Of Angels quotes by J.R. Ward
#5. He swiveled his head towards Eddie. "Tell me how to get over to the Four Lads. Do I have to die again?"
If he did, he had a Beretta on him and he knew what kicking the bucket from a gunshot was like. Snore.
"Don't bother." Adrian cracked his knuckles. "They're not going to tell you anything. They can't."
What the fuck? "I thought I worked for them."
"You work for both sides, and they've given you all the help they can."
Jim looked back and forth between the two angels. Each of them had the tight expression of a guy with a shoestring noosing up his balls.
"Help?" he said. "Where's my goddamned help?"
"They gave you us, asshole," Adrian snapped. "And that's all they can do
I've already gone over and asked them who's supposed to be next. I figured it would help you, you ungrateful bastard. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Frederick William Robertson
#6. A heart renewed
a loving heart
a penitent and humble heart
a heart broken and contrite, purified by love
that and only that is the rest of men. Spotlessness may do for angels, repentance unto life is the highest that belongs to man. #Quote by Frederick William Robertson
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#7. The disciples found angels at the grave of Him they loved; and we should always find them too, but that our eyes are too full of tears for seeing. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#8. All things are recreated, and the flame Of consentaneous love inspires all life. The fertile bosom of the earth gives suck To myriads, who still grow beneath her care, Rewarding her with their pure perfectness; The balmy breathings of the wind inhale Her virtues and diffuse them all abroad; Health floats amid the gentle atmosphere, Glows in the fruits and mantles on the stream; No storms deform the beaming brow of heaven, Nor scatter in the freshness of its pride The foliage of the ever-verdant trees; But fruits are ever ripe, flowers ever fair, And autumn proudly bears her matron grace, Kindling a flush on the fair cheek of spring, Whose virgin bloom beneath the ruddy fruit Reflects its tint and blushes into love. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#9. Never underestimate a writer's vanity, especially that of a mediocre writer. (The Angel's Game) #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#10. As he shook off his servant's grip and staggered heavily to his feet, the sunlight streaming through the outside door struck him full in the face.

Samantha gasped.

A fresh scar, still red and angry, bisected the corner of his left eye and descended down his cheek in a jagged lightning bolt, drawing the skin around it taut. It had once been an angel's face with the sort of masculine beauty reserved only for princes and seraphim. #Quote by Teresa Medeiros
Myriads Of Angels quotes by George C. Lorimer
#11. Christ's divinity accounts for His exaltation to the right hand of God, justifies the worship of angels and the confidence of mankind. It makes clear His right to the throne of the universe, and enables the mind to understand why He is exalted in providence, in grace, and in judgment. It is the unifying truth that harmonizes all other teachings of Christianity, and renders the entire system symmetrical and complete. #Quote by George C. Lorimer
Myriads Of Angels quotes by A.O. Esther
#12. I was now blinded by a flood of light, but when I realised how many countless numbers of angels were imprisoned in Bardo's dismal prison, it took my breath away.
"Gabriel!" I shouted to my leader with all my might, but he gave no sign of hearing me.
"Gabriel!" I said, trying again, and it seemed that the handsome face reacted just a little.
At that moment, a band of goblins reached the hall with a terrible ruckus. I had to flee. I grabbed the chains binding Gabriel and cried one last time .
…the angel's emerald green eyes looked up. He gazed deep into my eyes, .
"Please forgive me," I whispered. My chest felt like it would burst with pain from the guilt burning inside me. "I swear I'll atone for my sin and get you out of here!" .
Gabriel gave no reply, but just looked at me sadly. I would have been less tortured if he had screamed at me or come at me, but he simply let me sink into my guilt. #Quote by A.O. Esther
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Cassandra Clare
#13. Not giants," said Christina. "Nephilim." ((There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when angels came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.)) #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#14. The Oakland chapter's "bondsman" is a handsome middle-aged woman with platinum-blond hair named Dorothy Connors. She has a pine-paneled office, drives a white Cadillac and treats the Angels gently, like wayward children. "These boys are the backbone of the bail-bond business," she says. "Ordinary customers come and go, but just like clockwork, the Angels come down to my office each week to make their payments. They really pay the overhead. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#15. Celebration belongs to God's Kingdom. God not only offers forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing, but wants to lift up these gifts as a source of joy for all who witness them. In all three of the parables which Jesus tells to explain why he eats with sinners, God rejoices and invites others to rejoice with him. "Rejoice with me," the shepherd says, "I have found my sheep that was lost." "Rejoice with me," the woman says, "I have found the drachma I lost." "Rejoice with me," the father says, "this son of mine was lost and is found." All these voices are the voices of God. God does not want to keep his joy to himself. He wants everyone to share in it. God's joy is the joy of his angels and his saints; it is the joy of all who belong to the Kingdom. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Myriads Of Angels quotes by George Eliot
#16. Two angels guide
The path of man, both aged and yet young.
As angels are, ripening through endless years,
On one he leans: some call her Memory,
And some Tradition; and her voice is sweet,
With deep mysterious accords: the other,
Floating above, holds down a lamp with streams
A light divine and searching on the earth,
Compelling eyes and footsteps. Memory yields,
Yet clings with loving check, and shines anew,
Reflecting all the rays of that bright lamp
Our angel Reason holds. We had not walked
But for Tradition; we walk evermore
To higher paths by brightening Reason's lamp. #Quote by George Eliot
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#17. Where are you taking me?" Andrew demanded, whirling on the Ferryman. His muscles tensed, hands curling in and out of fists.
"To my master." The voice was ghostly, whispers of black ash and death, words cold and detached.
He had an idea who that was but asked anyway: "And who is your master?"
No answer came.
Andrew's insatiable rage rose up and swallowed his grief like a yawning ocean mouth, the darkest depths surging to the surface to form a mighty tidal wave. He closed the distance and seized the Ferryman's gaunt wrist. There was no substance, no life beneath the cloak. The Ferryman slowly turned his hooded head, and Andrew found himself looking into the black hole of a self-contained night. The olfactory of decay was a punch in the face. Andrew released the Ferryman's wrist and hastily stepped back, rocking the boat as he put distance between him and the unnatural wind spilling from the gaping orifice. Andrew shivered, the tiny hairs on his neck saluting. The cloaked head faced forward again, and the wind died away. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Michael Shaara
#18. He was one of those, like Stuart, who looked on war as God's greatest game. #Quote by Michael Shaara
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#19. And don't try to make yourself an extended family out of ghosts on the Internet. Get yourself a Harley and join the Hell's Angels instead. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Tom Robbins
#20. Suppose neutral angels were able to talk, Yahweh and Lucifer – God and Satan, to use their popular titles – into settling out of court. What would be the terms of the compromise? Specifically, how would they divide the assets of their early kingdom?

Would God be satisfied the loaves and fishes and itty-bitty thimbles of Communion wine, while Satan to have the red-eye gravy, eighteen-ounce New York Stakes, and buckets of chilled champagne? Would God really accept twice-a-month lovemaking for procreative purposes and give Satan the all night, no-holds-barred, nasty "can't-get-enough-of-you" hot-as-hell-fucks?

Think about it. Would Satan get New Orleans, Bangkok, and the French Riviera and God get Salt Lake City? Satan get ice hockey, God get horseshoes? God get bingo, Satan get stud poker? Satan get LSD; God, Prozac? God get Neil Simon; Satan Oscar Wilde? #Quote by Tom Robbins
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#21. Now, looking for labels, it is hard to call the Hell's Angels anything but mutants. They are urban outlaws with a rural ethic and a new, improvised style of self-preservation. Their image of themselves derives mainly from Celluloid, from the Western movies and two-fisted TV shows that have taught them most of what they know about the society they live in. Very few read books, and in most cases their formal education ended at fifteen or sixteen. What little they know of history has come from the mass media, beginning with comics ... so if they see themselves in terms of the past, it's because they can't grasp the terms of the present, much less the future. They are the sons of poor men and drifters, losers and the sons of losers. Their backgrounds are overwhelmingly ordinary. As people, they are like millions of other people. But in their collective identity they have a peculiar fascination so obvious that even the press has recognized it, although not without cynicism. In its ritual flirtation with reality the press has viewed the Angels with a mixture of awe, humor and terror -- justified, as always, by a slavish dedication to the public appetite, which most journalists find so puzzling and contemptible that they have long since abandoned the task of understanding it to a handful of poll-takers and "experts. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Patti Smith
#22. How wonderful it would be to meet an angel, I mused, but then I immediately realised that I already had. Not an archangel like Saint Michael, but my human engel from Detroit, wearing an overcoat and no hat, with lank brown hair and eyes the coler of water. #Quote by Patti Smith
Myriads Of Angels quotes by L.A. Weatherly
#23. Willow nestled against him. He smoothed her long hair down the back of her T-shirt, feeling its softness. In a few moments she fell asleep again, her breathing warm and regular against his chest. Alex kissed her head, his arms tightening around her. As he drifted back to sleep himself, he saw a brief flash of the thousands of angels streaming in, but right then it seemed distant, almost unimportant. The only thing that mattered was that he was lying in a bed holding Willow, their bare legs entwined.
It was all he wanted to do for the rest of his life. #Quote by L.A. Weatherly
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Cassandra Clare
#24. You're a public menace. You shouldn't be allowed out on your own. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Frank Kermode
#25. The formerly absolute distinction between time and eternity in Christian thought--between nunc movens with its beginning and end, and nunc stans, the perfect possession of endless life--acquired a third intermediate order based on this peculiar betwixt-and-between position of angels. But like the Principle of Complementarity, this concord-fiction soon proved that it had uses outside its immediate context, angelology. Because it served as a means of talking about certain aspects of human experience, it was humanized. It helped one to think about the sense, men sometimes have of participating in some order of duration other than that of the nunc movens--of being able, as it were, to do all that angels can. Such are those moments which Augustine calls the moments of the soul's attentiveness; less grandly, they are moments of what psychologists call 'temporal integration.' When Augustine recited his psalm he found in it a figure for the integration of past, present, and future which defies successive time. He discovered what is now erroneously referred to as 'spatial form.' He was anticipating what we know of the relation between books and St. Thomas's third order of duration--for in the kind of time known by books a moment has endless perspectives of reality. We feel, in Thomas Mann's words, that 'in their beginning exists their middle and their end, their past invades the present, and even the most extreme attention to the present is invaded by concern for the future.' The conc #Quote by Frank Kermode
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Lise McClendon
#26. I am a book.

Sheaves pressed from the pulp of oaks and pines
a natural sawdust made dingy from purses, dusty
from shelves.
Steamy and anxious, abused and misused,
kissed and cried over,
smeared, yellowed, and torn,
loved, hated, scorned.

I am a book.

I am a book that remembers,
days when I stood proud in good company
When the children came, I leapt into their arms,
when the women came, they cradled me against their soft breasts,
when the men came, they held me like a lover,
and I smelled the sweet smell of cigars and brandy as we sat together in leather chairs,
next to pool tables, on porch swings, in rocking chairs,
my words hanging in the air like bright gems, dangling,
then forgotten, I crumbled,
dust to dust.

I am a tale of woe and secrets,
a book brand-new, sprung from the loins of ancient fathers clothed in tweed,
born of mothers in lands of heather and coal soot.
A family too close to see the blood on its hands,
too dear to suffering, to poison, to cold steel and revenge,
deaf to the screams of mortal wounding,
amused at decay and torment,
a family bred in the dankest swamp of human desires.

I am a tale of woe and secrets,
I am a mystery.

I am intrigue, anxiety, fear,
I tangle in the night with madmen, spend my days cloaked in black,
hiding from myself, from dark angels,
#Quote by Lise McClendon
Myriads Of Angels quotes by S.K.N. Hammerstone
#27. Death walks among us #Quote by S.K.N. Hammerstone
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Kevin Swanson
#28. In the mind of the kid in skinny jeans leading the worship band, there isn't a large enough gap between holiness and sinfulness, truth and error, demons and angels, or heaven and hell. #Quote by Kevin Swanson
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Human Angels
#29. When we surrender completely to our Higher Self and we remember that we are Divine Beings, that we are Human Angels, the illusion of having limits vanishes and everything, including miracles, becomes possible in the name of Love. #Quote by Human Angels
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#30. My well-beloved was stripped. Knowing my whim,
She wore her tinkling gems, but naught besides:
And showed such pride as, while her luck betides,
A sultan's favoured slave may show to him.

When it lets off its lively, crackling sound,
This blazing blend of metal crossed with stone,
Gives me an ecstasy I've only known
Where league of sound and luster can be found.

She let herself be loved: then, drowsy-eyed,
Smiled down from her high couch in languid ease.
My love was deep and gentle as the seas
And rose to her as to a cliff the tide.

My own approval of each dreamy pose,
Like a tamed tiger, cunningly she sighted:
And candour, with lubricity united,
Gave piquancy to every one she chose.

Her limbs and hips, burnished with changing lustres,
Before my eyes clairvoyant and serene,
Swanned themselves, undulating in their sheen;
Her breasts and belly, of my vine and clusters,

Like evil angels rose, my fancy twitting,
To kill the peace which over me she'd thrown,
And to disturb her from the crystal throne
Where, calm and solitary, she was sitting.

So swerved her pelvis that, in one design,
Antiope's white rump it seemed to graft
To a boy's torso, merging fore and aft.
The talc on her brown tan seemed half-divine.

The lamp resigned its dying flame. Within,
The hearth alone lit up the darkened air,
#Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Larissa Ione
#31. Reaver was about to go where angels feared to tread. He supposed that really did make him a -

"Fucking idiot."

Reaver stared at Eidolon. "I was going to go with 'fool.' Also, only a fucking idiot would call an angel a fucking idiot."

The demon doctor stared back, his dark eyes glittering with gold flecks. "A fool would merely consider entering hell without a plan. Only a fucking idiot would be serious about waltzing into the Prince of Evil's living room in the very center of hell to kidnap Satan's little girl. Without a plan."

"I have a plan," he muttered.

Eidolon parked a tray of surgical tools next to the exam table Reaver was sitting on. "And your plan is?"

"Ah…it mostly involves sneaking in and sneaking out. #Quote by Larissa Ione
Myriads Of Angels quotes by Cassandra Clare
#32. Simon-But werewolfs don't like our kind! Jordan-I do. It's his kind I don't like. They think they're better than everyone else. Jace-No, I think I'm better than everybody else. City of Fallen Angels- Jace, Simon, and Jordan. #Quote by Cassandra Clare

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