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My Soul quotes by April Genevieve Tucholke
#1. Sunshine, if I ever disappear, please tell people that I ran after the Devil, trying to get my soul back. #Quote by April Genevieve Tucholke
My Soul quotes by Ludwig Van Beethoven
#2. In whatsoever manner it be, let me turn to God and become fruitful in good works. Nothing higher exists than to approach God more than other people and from that to extend His glory among humanity.I will place all my confidence in your eternal goodness, O God! My soul shall rejoice in Thee, immutable Being. Be my rock, my light, forever my trust. #Quote by Ludwig Van Beethoven
My Soul quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#3. In deep suffering, I got to know divinity within my soul. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
My Soul quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#4. I should know better than to lie. But a lie is what they need to carry on, and if my deceit saves even one of them, it is worth the cost to my soul. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
My Soul quotes by Toni Aleo
#5. Through this process, I've learned to not only love myself, but to love God, to trust in Him that I can do this. That I will beat this because I am strong and I have His light in my soul. #Quote by Toni Aleo
My Soul quotes by San Juan De La Cruz
#6. O how gently and how lovingly dost thou lie awake in the depth and centre of my soul, where thou in secret and in silence alone, as its sole Lord, abidest, not only as in Thine own house or in Thine own chamber, but also as within my own bosom, in close and intimate union. #Quote by San Juan De La Cruz
My Soul quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#7. My soul always reverts to the Old Testament and to Shakespeare. There at least one feels that it's human beings talking. There people hate, people love, people murder their enemy and curse his descendants through all generations, there people sin. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
My Soul quotes by Ismaaciil C. Ubax
#8. Can you not set fire in my soul with those eyes #Quote by Ismaaciil C. Ubax
My Soul quotes by Elvis Presley
#9. When I first saw you with your smile so tender, my heart was captured, my soul surrendered. #Quote by Elvis Presley
My Soul quotes by Herman Melville
#10. The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails whereon my soul is grooved to run #Quote by Herman Melville
My Soul quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#11. For me, creativity is essentially a spiritual experience, a conversation between my soul and me. #Quote by Sue Monk Kidd
My Soul quotes by Joey W. Hill
#12. I'll endure anything for you, angel. Anything. #Quote by Joey W. Hill
My Soul quotes by Rumi
#13. If I hold you in my heart, you'll wither;
Become a thorn if I hold you in my eyes.
No, I'll make a place for you within my soul instead
So you'll be my love in lives beyond this life. #Quote by Rumi
My Soul quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#14. Ah, Lord God, thou holy lover of my soul, when thou comest into my heart, all that is within me shall rejoice. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
My Soul quotes by Lani Woodland
#15. Something horrible had happened here, and had left it's residue behind. It seemed to rise from the bottom of the tiled pool and leak from the ceiling, clinging to the walls and binding itself like some parasite into any host it could ensnare. I imagined it's cold fingers rooting inside me, spreading throughout, and leaving traces of itself embedded in my soul. #Quote by Lani Woodland
My Soul quotes by Kathleen Baldwin
#16. Adieu the clang of war's alarms! To other deeds my soul is strung, And sweeter notes shall now be sung; My harp shall all its powers reveal, To tell the tale my heart must feel; Love, Love alone, my lyre shall claim, In songs of bliss and sighs of flame. #Quote by Kathleen Baldwin
My Soul quotes by Arthur Rimbaud
#17. I found I could extinguish all human hope from my soul. #Quote by Arthur Rimbaud
My Soul quotes by Brigitte Bardot
#18. My soul is not my own any more. I cannot live like I want to. I am going to give up films. #Quote by Brigitte Bardot
My Soul quotes by Edmond Rostand
#19. My soul, be satisfied with flowers,
With fruit, with weeds even; but gather them
In the one garden you may call your own. #Quote by Edmond Rostand
My Soul quotes by Jo Walton
#20. Our souls know harmony and proportion before we are born, so although I had never seen anything like it, my soul resonated at once to the beauty of the city. Immediately #Quote by Jo Walton
My Soul quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#21. Somewhere I lost myself.
I lost the beat of my heart as my own drum.
I have a sense that it was the same time I lost Medicine Woman.
One day my soul slipped out of my body.
Or maybe it was pulled too hard. Or shocked away. I don't know.
But I know that I lost Her.
And have been sick ever since.
An orphaned child
In a world that does not feel like home. #Quote by Lucy H. Pearce
My Soul quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#22. My soul insists that I mourn not a man but a child. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
My Soul quotes by Garth Stein
#23. My soul has learned what it came to learn, and all the other things are just things. We can't have everything we want. Sometimes, we simply have to believe. #Quote by Garth Stein
My Soul quotes by Mercedes McCambridge
#24. My only true harmony lies deep within my soul, wherever that is. I know that somehow I am in tune with the universe. #Quote by Mercedes McCambridge
My Soul quotes by Melissa Etheridge
#25. I've sold my soul for freedom. It's lonely but it's sweet. #Quote by Melissa Etheridge
My Soul quotes by Andre Aciman
#26. Oh, Oliver, I said to myself on my way to the kitchen for a quick bite to eat, I'll do anything for you. I'll ride up the hill with you, and I'll race you up the road to town, and won't point out the sea when we reach the berm, and I'll wait at the bar in the piazzetta while you meet with your translator, and I'll touch the memorial to the unknown soldier who died on the Piave, and I won't utter a word, I'll show you the way to the bookstore, and we'll park our bikes outside the shop and go in together and leave together, and I promise, I promise, I promise, there'll be no hint of Shelley, or Monet, nor will I ever stoop to tell you that two nights ago you added an annual ring to my soul. #Quote by Andre Aciman
My Soul quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#27. The world has kissed my Soul with its pain, asking for its return in Songs. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
My Soul quotes by Nathan Feuerstein (NF)
#28. When I die, put my ashes in the trash bag
I don't care where they go
Don't waste your money on my gravestone
I'm more concerned about my soul
Everybody's gon' die
Don't everybody live though #Quote by Nathan Feuerstein (NF)
My Soul quotes by Mike Litman
#29. There will be a tomorrow that exists without me.
And I know that.
When that day arrives, I want this world to have seen greater beauty because I existed.
I want my life to have meant something.
I want this world to be brighter. I want this world to be happier.
I want people to have smiled more and to have laughed more because I've spent time here.
I want others to have seen and felt the uniqueness of my spirit.
And if I accomplish that, when my soul does move on and
my gift stays here and makes just one ripple;
I will look down and I will smile.
I will smile wide. #Quote by Mike Litman
My Soul quotes by Laura Jarratt
#30. Can i see something you've written?
Can you see my soul you mean? That was like asking me to cut my self open and lay everything inside me bare. #Quote by Laura Jarratt
My Soul quotes by A.C. Pontone
#31. Plato in the Symposium used to say that, at the beginning of time, human beings had four arms, four legs, and two heads. In time, they began to be insolent toward the gods, who, as punishment, separated them into two parts with a thunderbolt, creating from each primordial human being two new divided beings. As a consequence, every man tries to find his initial wholeness looking for his lost half.
He was right, more or less. I believed that even my soul was born differently. With ten arms, ten legs, and five heads. Creepy if I imagined it, but I thought it would make the idea better. #Quote by A.C. Pontone
My Soul quotes by Tim Dorsey
#32. These rare gray afternoons evoke a sweet, childhood melancholy in my soul, like when it rained in kindergarten and we had to stay inside and do crafts with library paste and pipe cleaners and buttons, and I made the best project in the whole class, an ultra-powerful rubber-band zip gun, but the teacher gave me a zero because I got her in the eye with a button. #Quote by Tim Dorsey
My Soul quotes by Franco Santoro
#33. Acceptance leads to the direct experience of true love. It confronts us with the awareness that love has nothing to do with what is advertised in consensus reality, that there is a deeper love shunned by the outer world. This love becomes our task to explore, even if this means doing so alone.

A most significant experience on the way to acceptance is to acknowledge aloneness.

Aloneness (all-oneness) is our authentic nature. We are always alone. We came into this planet alone and we will leave alone. And also during our whole staying in this world, no matter how we engage in relationships, we continue to be alone, although we may forget about it or pretend it is not the case.

True love have nothing to do with the idea that someone is the other half of my soul and that I need him or her in order to be whole and feel complete. Love is not being half of an entirety with another, love is being both a whole, is accepting to be alone, and only when you can be alone with someone there is true love regardless of whether this aloneness is accepted by the other or not. #Quote by Franco Santoro
My Soul quotes by Mariska Hargitay
#34. Losing my mother at such an early age is the scar of my soul. But I feel like it ultimately made me into the person I am today; I understand the journey of life. I had to go through what I did to be here. #Quote by Mariska Hargitay
My Soul quotes by Annie Scarlotte
#35. I suck their blood, robbing them of life. But each time I do so, it robs me of my soul. #Quote by Annie Scarlotte
My Soul quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#36. Hey, I am sorry that I am not like other people... I don't say things like, "let's let go of each other now and if we are meant to be, we will be in the end" and things like "if god leads us to it, he will lead us through it." If that's the kind of person you're looking for... well that's not me. I don't love that way. If I loved someone living in the pits of hell, I would go into those pits of hell and I would embrace that person right there in hell. That is how I love. And I would try to bring him out of hell, but first I would burn with him in it. So that is why saying something nice to me like, "let's love one day when it's proper to love" just isn't going to cut it. It doesn't reach me in my soul, because the way my soul loves is different. I don't love like people love. If one day you are burning in hell, I wouldn't say, "look at that bad man in hell!" but I would say "how do I get in there?" So you see... I am very different. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
My Soul quotes by Pablo Neruda
#37. The birds of night peck at the first stars
that flash like my soul when I love you. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
My Soul quotes by Giorge Leedy

Looking out the window,
I see you looking in.
You are the sunshine,
That fills my soul. #Quote by Giorge Leedy
My Soul quotes by Tom Meighan
#39. My soul, you can have it. I'd sell it to the devil for another hit. I hear voices. #Quote by Tom Meighan
My Soul quotes by Amos Oz
#40. Everything, every speck of dust, every drop of water continue to exist eternally, albeit in different forms, except for my soul? #Quote by Amos Oz
My Soul quotes by Helen Keller
#41. They took away what should have been my eyes (but I remembered Milton's Paradise). They took away what should have been my ears, (Beethoven came and wiped away my tears) They took away what should have been my tongue, (but I had talked with god when I was young) He would not let them take away my soul, possessing that I still possess the whole. #Quote by Helen Keller
My Soul quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#42. Tipping my head back, I screamed.
Unlocked from the depths of my soul, it kept coming and coming. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't comprehend what I'd become - the things I had done. And when I stopped, it was only because my throat was raw. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My Soul quotes by Charles Dickens
#43. I clutched the leg of the table again immediately, and pressed it to my bosom as if it had been the companion of my youth and friend of my soul. I foresaw what was coming, and I felt that this time I really was gone. #Quote by Charles Dickens
My Soul quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#44. Narrow is the mansion of my soul; enlarge Thou it, that Thou mayest enter in. It is ruinous; repair Thou it. It has that within which must offend Thine eyes; I confess and know it. But who shall cleanse it? or to whom should I cry, save Thee? Lord, cleanse me from my secret faults, and spare Thy servant from the power of the enemy. I believe, and therefore do I speak. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
My Soul quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#45. Patch's eyes grazed me with silent heat. My reflection swirled in them, red hair and lips aflame. I was connected to him by a force I couldn't control, a tiny thread that tethered my soul to his. With the moon at his back, shadows painted the faint hollows beneath his eyes and cheekbones, making him look breathtakingly handsome and equally diabolical. His hands steadied my face, holding me still before him. The wind tangled my hair around his wrists, twining us together. His thumbs moved across my cheekbones in a slow, intimate caress. Despite the cold, a steady burn coiled up inside me, vulnerable to his touch. His fingers traced lower, lower, leaving behind a hot, delicious ache. I closed my eyes, my joints melting. He lit me up like a flame, light and heat burning at a depth I'd never fathomed. His thumb stroked my lip, a soft, seductive tease. I gave a sharp sigh of pleasure.

"Kiss you now?" he asked.

I couldn't speak; a wilted no was my reply.

His mouth, hot and daring, met mine. All play had left him, and he kissed me with his own black fire, deep and possessive, consuming my body, my soul, and laying waste to all past notions of what it meant to be kissed. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
My Soul quotes by Payne Hawthorne
#46. My past was nothing, my future was nothing, and I was nothing other than a quivering pile of useless flesh. He animated my corpse, cleansed my soul, and offered me forgiveness when I hadn't yet apologized. He took and took and took as he slid himself deeper and deeper into my body, penetrating my soul. When he finally left me, spent and waning, he'd taken away all of my hurt and despair and had replaced it with a longing to please and serve, love and worship, fuck and suck, cook and clean, whatever he wanted, I craved to be. This man was now so deeply inside me I had no idea where he ended and I began, and I knew this transformation was for eternity. I was finally complete. ~Payne Hawthorne #Quote by Payne Hawthorne
My Soul quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#47. I feel like everyone who sees me knows what I am. As if it is written on my forehead in bold black ink. Perhaps it is written on my soul, now, and they can see it in my eyes, those windows to my soul. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
My Soul quotes by Georges Brassens
#48. It is for you this song
You, the stranger who, without fuss,
Though downtrodden yourself still smiled at me,
When the policemen took me off.

You who didn't join the applause when
The upper crust women and men
All the people with good intentions
Laughed to see me being led away.

It was merely a touch of honey
But it warmed my body through
And in my soul it burns on still
As the bright sun would do...

You, the stranger, when you will die
When the mortician bears you off
May he take you across the sky,
To the Father Eternal. #Quote by Georges Brassens
My Soul quotes by Andrew Murray
#49. Our private and public prayer are our chief expression of our relation to God: it is in them chiefly that our waiting upon God must be exercised. If our waiting begin by quieting the activities of nature, and being still before God; if it bows and seeks to see God in His universal and almighty operation, alone able and always ready to work all good; if it yields itself to Him in the assurance that He is working and will work in us; if it maintains the place of humility and stillness, and surrenders until God's Spirit has quickened the faith that He will perfect His work: it will indeed become the strength and the joy of the soul. Life will become one deep blessed cry: "I have waited for Thy salvation, O Lord." "My soul, wait thou only upon God #Quote by Andrew Murray
My Soul quotes by Grace Willows
#50. You are my fantasy on a cold dark night, my muse during the light of day and the one wish my soul would make #Quote by Grace Willows
My Soul quotes by Selena Kitt
#51. I made a deal with the devil.
I sold my soul for vengeance. #Quote by Selena Kitt
My Soul quotes by John Keats
#52. To Hope
When by my solitary hearth I sit,
And hateful thoughts enwrap my soul in gloom;
When no fair dreams before my 'mind's eye' flit,
And the bare heath of life presents no bloom;
Sweet Hope, ethereal balm upon me shed,
And wave thy silver pinions o'er my head. #Quote by John Keats
My Soul quotes by Ted Hughes

The bright mirror I braved: the devil in it
Loved me like my soul, my soul:
Now that I seek myself in a serpent
My smile is fatal.

Nile moves in me; my thighs splay
Into the squalled Mediterranean;
My brain hides in that Abyssinia
Lost armies foundered towards.

Desert and river unwrinkle again.
Seeming to bring them the waters that make drunk
Caesar, Pompey, Antony I drank.
Now let the snake reign.

A half-deity out of Capricorn,
This rigid Augustus mounts
With his sword virginal indeed; and has shorn
Summarily the moon-horned river

From my bed. May the moon
Ruin him with virginity! Drink me, now, whole
With coiled Egypt's past; then from my delta
Swim like a fish toward Rome. #Quote by Ted Hughes
My Soul quotes by Edmond Rostand
#54. CYRANO:
Thy name is in my heart as in a sheep-bell,
And as I ever tremble, thinking of thee,
Ever the bell shakes, ever thy name ringeth!
All things of thine I mind, for I love all things;
I know that last year on the twelfth of May-month,
To walk abroad, one day you changed your hair-plaits!
I am so used to take your hair for daylight
That,--like as when the eye stares on the sun's disk,
One sees long after a red blot on all things--
So, when I quit thy beams, my dazzled vision
Sees upon all things a blonde stain imprinted.

ROXANE (agitated):
Why, this is love indeed!. . .

Ay, true, the feeling
Which fills me, terrible and jealous, truly
Love,--which is ever sad amid its transports!
Love,--and yet, strangely, not a selfish passion!
I for your joy would gladly lay mine own down,
--E'en though you never were to know it,--never!
--If but at times I might--far off and lonely,--
Hear some gay echo of the joy I bought you!
Each glance of thine awakes in me a virtue,--
A novel, unknown valor. Dost begin, sweet,
To understand? So late, dost understand me?
Feel'st thou my soul, here, through the darkness mounting?
Too fair the night! Too fair, too fair the moment!
That I should speak thus, and that you should hearken!
Too fair! In moments when my hopes rose proudest,
I never hoped such guerdon. Naught is left me
#Quote by Edmond Rostand
My Soul quotes by John Ortberg
#55. The paradox of soul-satisfaction is this: When I die to myself, my soul comes alive. God says the wrong approach to soul thirst is through human achievement and material wealth. So soul-satisfaction is not about acquiring the right things but about acquiring the right soul. It is not something you buy, but something you receive freely from God. Hear these great words of the prophet Isaiah: "Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and [your soul] will delight in the richest of fare." And it will be satisfied. #Quote by John Ortberg
My Soul quotes by Horace Walpole
#56. My soul abhors a falsehood #Quote by Horace Walpole
My Soul quotes by Gina Greenlee
#57. Turn off the radio, TV, DVD, iPod, computer and cell phone. Then, listen. #Quote by Gina Greenlee
My Soul quotes by J. Oswald Sanders
#58. I have seen the face of Jesus, Tell me not of aught beside, I have heard the voice of Jesus, All my soul is satisfied. All around is earthly splendour Earthly scenes lie fair and bright. But mine eyes no longer see them, For the glory of that light. Light that knows no cloud, no waning, Light wherein I see His face, All His love's uncounted treasures, All the riches of His grace. #Quote by J. Oswald Sanders
My Soul quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
#59. He was my husband, my apartment mate, my soul mate, the father of the little plant in my confused soil, the lover who had made me adore his body without inhibition after my years of relative solitude, the person for whom I'd given up my old self. #Quote by Elizabeth Kostova
My Soul quotes by Markus Zusak
#60. My soul needs yours #Quote by Markus Zusak
My Soul quotes by Tsh Oxenreider
#61. I know, in my soul, that a love for travel is a gift and not a hindrance. It feels like a burden when the bucket list is bigger than the bank account, but a thirst for more of the world is not something to apologize for. Denying its presence feels like denying something good in me, something God put there. Wanderlust has a reputation as the epitome of unrequited love, something the young and naive chase after because they don't yet realize it's as futile as a dog chasing its tail. Turns out, ever-burning wanderlust is a good thing. #Quote by Tsh Oxenreider
My Soul quotes by Stacey Jay
#62. She wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me in tight, and I swear I feel my soul brush against hers. I expand beyond the boundaries of Dylan's body, out until I am the waves crashing on the beach, the sun shining in her hair, the wind that sweeps over our skin. I am everything and nothing and exist only because this girl presses her heart to mine. #Quote by Stacey Jay
My Soul quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#63. Instinctively, my eyes clasped on Amar's. He was shocked, his face pale. He grabbed me; his hands entangled in my hair even as my fingers were wrapped around the hilt that destroyed him.
"I love you, jaani. My soul could never forget you. It would retrace every step until it found you." He looked at me, his dark eyes dulling, as if all the love that had once lit them to black mirrors was slowly disappearing. "Save me."
The glow of the candles cast pools of light onto the ground, illuminating his profile. I knew, now, why Nritti begged me not to look at him. His gaze unlocked something in me. It was both visceral and ephemeral, like heavy light. The eyes of death revealed every recess of the soul and every locked-away memory of my past and present life converged into one gaze…
I was weightless, my vison unfocused and hazy until the memory of the woman in the glass garden engulfed me. Slowly, the woman turned and a wave of shock shot through me--I was staring at myself. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
My Soul quotes by Zia
#64. My soul will finds yours..! #Quote by Zia
My Soul quotes by William Blake
#65. My mother bore me in the southern wild, And I am black, but O! my soul is white; White as an angel is the English child, But I am black as if bereaved of light. #Quote by William Blake
My Soul quotes by Nessie Q.
#66. Don't fall in love with me. I hold within me a hundred prayers. My soul sings the lament of the damned. I am my own purgatory. I design my own hell. #Quote by Nessie Q.
My Soul quotes by Lucian Blaga
#67. There is so much silence all around
that I think I can hear
moonlight crashing against the

A foreign voice
awakes inside my breast,
singing a longing which is not my

They say that ancestors, who died
before their time,
with young blood in their veins,
with great passions in their blood,
with living sun in passions,
return to live
inside us
their unspent lives.

There is so much silence all around
that I think I can hear
moonlight crashing against the

Oh, who knows, my soul -in whose
breast you too will sing, in centur-
ies to come,
on sweet strings of silence
on a harp of darkness,
your smothered longing and your
broken joy of life? Who knows?
Who knows? #Quote by Lucian Blaga
My Soul quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#68. My soul ties with you had me stuck mentally. As I think about it, after our souls were mentally intertwined is when my happiness and freedom were snatched away from me."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
My Soul quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#69. How can I keep my soul in me, so that it doesn't touch your soul? How can I raise it high enough, past you, to other things? #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
My Soul quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#70. It was one of those moments - which sometimes occur only at the interval of years - when a man's moral aspect is faithfully revealed to his mind's eye. Not improbably, he had never before viewed himself as he did now. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
My Soul quotes by Sapana Bhandari
#71. I find myself somehow different
My eyes running in his presence
His walk as if he was drunk
Neither day nor night, the moments were somewhere tonight
Still unknown where his soul was
Just thinking about him today onwards

My soul says he needs me
In my absence he cries behind me
My presence makes him peaceful
As if I remain in his soul

Till my heart the love is tied
His eyes unfolding every lies
Say my friends are we made for life?! #Quote by Sapana Bhandari
My Soul quotes by Nikki Rowe
#72. Breathe life into my soul before laying your bare hands on my skin and I promise you, my heart won't have a choice. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
My Soul quotes by Frank C. Laubach
#73. I have tasted a thrill in fellowship with God which has made anything discordant with God disgusting. This afternoon the possession of God has caught me up with such sheer joy that I thought I never had known anything like it. God was so close and so amazingly lovely that I felt like melting all over with a strange blissful contentment. Having had this experience, which comes to me now several times a week, the thrill of filth repels me, for I know its power to drag me from God. And after an hour of close friendship with God my soul feels as clean as new-fallen snow. #Quote by Frank C. Laubach
My Soul quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#74. I seek to sensitize and clarify the essential elements of my soul. I will leave striving for the flags of fame and fortune behind and go where the soul beckons without fearing the decisive outcome. I will travel in a world without boundaries and embrace danger and awe. I will stand as a witness to comedy, beauty, and tragedy and apply the principles of artistic and ascetic forms of awareness to overcome the inherent frustration of enduring a fundamentally painful human existence. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
My Soul quotes by Akinwale Musa Oluseun
#75. My mind secures as long as my soul is awaken. #Quote by Akinwale Musa Oluseun
My Soul quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#76. Don't ignore your dreams, in them your soul is awake and you are your true self. #Quote by Bangambiki Habyarimana
My Soul quotes by Mandi Lynn
#77. Keep my soul safe. Phantom Lagoon is my home; my safe harbor. I no longer belong to a family; I am a loner. I feel no pain here, because it does not exist; nor will I let it exist. My soul is concealed in this stone; it is my life. I must let go, forget, and never look back. The blame shall be none but my own, for I was born of only half, to be reunited later in life. I am an Essence. #Quote by Mandi Lynn
My Soul quotes by Samiha Totanji
#78. Here I am once again
Holding my pen while it's going all dry
With no stories there to write
Nor remarkable dates for me to scratch
And it scares the hell out of me the way my soul became so numb
That all my papers turn into blanks … #Quote by Samiha Totanji
My Soul quotes by Katy Evans
#79. Have you ever been anyone's?" I ask, a feathery whisper in the quiet bedroom. He lifts his head to mine, and I want him so bad I feel consumed inside, like he's already possessed my soul, and now my soul aches for him to possess my body. A powerful emotion tightens his features as he reaches out to cradle my cheek in his big hand, and there's an unexpected fierceness in his eyes, in his touch, as he cups me. "No. And you?" The calluses in his palm rasp on my skin, and I find myself tucking my cheek deeper into them. "I've never wanted to." "Neither have I." The moment is intimate. #Quote by Katy Evans
My Soul quotes by Balroop Singh
#80. You cannot even touch my soul.
So I have emerged stronger,
Kinder, perceptive, forgiving
To embrace you with all the humility. #Quote by Balroop Singh
My Soul quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#81. He's staring at me like he's never seen me before. I want to wash my soul in the bottomless blue of his eyes. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
My Soul quotes by Ellie Williams
#82. My purpose in life. (Her Son)
You are the making, the centre and the skin of my life. I couldn't adore anyone more.
No one in this World can say that they educated me, changed me, yield me, broke me down, rebuilt me and strengthen me the way you can and have: and did it with love.
You're the only one I can say I've had the pleasure of crying over, getting my heart stamped on by, living through the pain and recovering after it.
Everything we've been through we will and have always come out on top: it's you and me kid.
You are my Muse, my Heart, my Life and my Soul, and no matter the changes in life,
my love, my dedication, my heart and my soul will never.
Thank you for the ups and downs, thank you for my crazy smile and lets continue to face the World as we always have ... together. #Quote by Ellie Williams
My Soul quotes by Heinrich Himmler
#83. You men of the einsatzgruppen are called upon to fulfill a repulsive duty. But you are soldiers who have to carry out every order unconditionally. You have a responsibility before God and Hitler for everything that is happening. I myself hate this bloody business and I have been moved to the depths of my soul. But I am obeying the highest law by doing my duty. Man must defend himself against bedbugs and rats, against vermin. #Quote by Heinrich Himmler
My Soul quotes by Kimelene Carr
#84. you look away
to bar my gloom,
my inner dementia
from your sight,
the galaxy has given you
this to ponder:
it is the darkness of my soul
that has gifted you
this beautiful night #Quote by Kimelene Carr
My Soul quotes by Aly Martinez
#85. You made me see that friendship is a farce and trusting anyone other than myself is the biggest mistake I could make. It was a lesson I had been learning my whole life up until that point. But you tattooed it on my soul in a way I could never forget. #Quote by Aly Martinez
My Soul quotes by Erin Davie
#86. I have a constant kind of soundtrack going on at all times. I almost always have a song in my head. I'm very musically inclined. It feeds my soul. It definitely helps me get into a mood or get out of a mood. Or inspires a mood. Honestly, it is one of my therapists - cheaper and always available. #Quote by Erin Davie
My Soul quotes by Paulo Coelho
#87. It feels like my soul is slowly leaving my body and heading off to an unknown place, some "safe" place where it doesn't have to put up with me and my night terrors. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
My Soul quotes by Anna Akhmatova
#88. Today I have so much to do: I must kill memory once and for all, I must turn my soul to stone, I must learn to live again Unless ... Summer's ardent rustling Is like a festival outside my window. #Quote by Anna Akhmatova
My Soul quotes by Jay Asher
#89. Take away
this mask of flesh and bone
see me
for my soul
alone #Quote by Jay Asher
My Soul quotes by Evgeniya Tur
#90. Even now, talking about those days, tears well up in my eyes, my indefatigable heart pounds rebelliously and still suffers, and my former, stormy passion bursts into my soul with these remembrances! Tedious, profound, burning recollections oppress me. I don't love him any longer: love for my first friend died and grew cold long since, but even now, when I start talking about him, it's as if I begin to love him all over again! The human heart feels deeply - its innermost depths are immeasurable, dark, and strange; and that which is lost in it often comes to the surface unexpectedly and fills the whole being with long-lost, lifeless feeling. #Quote by Evgeniya Tur
My Soul quotes by Maria M.
#91. That final look into those glinting crimson eyes – so many that all I saw were numerous flashes as they swiftly approached the prey, never one in the same place – confirmed my true fear; I was a goner to the world. My life slowly descended out of me when one of the vampires reached forward with an arm, stripping me of my soul. With just one snap of his wrist, my mind went blank. #Quote by Maria M.
My Soul quotes by Stormie O'martian
#92. Thank You, God, that You never forget me. You always remember me and my situation, and You never ignore my cries to You when I am in need. I praise You in the middle of the struggles I face, knowing that worshiping You is my greatest weapon against the enemy of my soul. Help me to not just survive the attacks of the enemy, but to push the enemy back and crush him. #Quote by Stormie O'martian
My Soul quotes by Atul Purohit
#93. I know that in every age, in every place, love is certain to be present, anonymous to be found and concrete to be held onto, so there is no reason to tremble because life on earth is nothing but one brief moment, a moment truly worth living for, which becomes even wealthier when it is for someone like you. I have found that out by being with you. Having you in my life has brought me more happiness than a lifetime could bring. You've touched my life and my soul, so deeply in your own way that you've helped me laugh and become my true self. I feel like I've searched my whole life and I have finally found the one meant for me and even though our time together was short, it will not be forgotten but remembered forever and ever. I pray to the almighty that everything in future comes out perfect for us. #Quote by Atul Purohit
My Soul quotes by David Brainerd
#94. Thirsting desires and longings possessed my soul after perfect holiness. God was so precious to my soul that the world with all its enjoyments appeared vile. I had no more value for the favor of men than for pebbles. #Quote by David Brainerd
My Soul quotes by Frederick Douglass
#95. These dear souls came not to Sabbath school because it was popular to do so, nor did I teach them because it was reputable to be thus engaged. Every moment they spent in that school, they were liable to be taken up, and given thirty-nine lashes. They came because they wished to learn. Their minds had been starved by their cruel masters. They had been shut up in mental darkness. I taught them, because it was the delight of my soul to be doing something that looked like the bettering the condition of my race #Quote by Frederick Douglass
My Soul quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#96. I would like just a little of her sunshine to soak into my soul. I would like that a lot. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
My Soul quotes by Ann Aguirre
#97. I should've realized I needed to go all the way to hell to find my soul. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
My Soul quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#98. There might have been prettier women in the room but, when she turned those babies on, fluttered her eyelashes, I was hers. It had taken me nearly fifteen years to extinguish their light. Now, when she looks at me, it's a vacuum. I had drained so much from her over the course of our marriage that every glance rips a little bit of my soul away to fill the void I had whittled within her. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
My Soul quotes by Natasha N. Saunders
#99. I had the craving to feed my soul what it had been without all along... What is your soul craving? And how do you want to feed your soul that also feeds the world? That, I feel, is your true purpose... #Quote by Natasha N. Saunders
My Soul quotes by Nancy E. Turner
#100. We move on like stone statues. I feel like my legs are made of wooden branches and my heart is a hard rock inside. For days I do not even tie up my hair and it flows around me like an Indian's. I can't find my bonnet and my traveling clothes are ragged and so is my soul. #Quote by Nancy E. Turner
My Soul quotes by Sophronius Of Jerusalem
#101. Have you heard of Job who was made holy on a dunghill, O my soul? #Quote by Sophronius Of Jerusalem
My Soul quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#102. If my friend asks me to sit in a temple belonging to a God that I do not know, because he needs a friend to sit with him, I will be happy to sit there in the foreign temple. Because the temple itself is an outer container only. What is the true religion? What is the inner oil contained by that outer container? The inner oil is the friendship I share with my friend. The true religion is being there to sit beside my friend. If I cannot do this for my friend, then how am I worthy to sit in any temple, whether belonging to a God that I know or to a God that I don't know? If there is no inner oil within my soul, I do not deserve to sit in any temple. Religion is the friendship within the heart, not the place where we sit on a holy day. Religion is the oil within the lamp, not the metal container we see as the lamp. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
My Soul quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#103. Your face is my heart, Sassenach," he said softly, "and love of you is my soul. But you're right; ye canna be my conscience. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
My Soul quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#104. I gesture with the jacket. "Do you want me to leave this somewhere?" I only ask it because it's polite. I don't want him to say yes. I don't know what exactly it is I want him to say, only for it to be something that gives me an excuse to stay here watching him for a few more minutes. Admitting this to myself is a sharp blow to my pride, as, with the exception of my six-year-old self's desire to marry Dr. Halsal, I'd always thought I was above being fascinated by anyone but myself.

On the other side of the stall door, Sean looks up and down the aisle, as if he's scouting for a place for me to hang the jacket, but then he frowns at me as if that wasn't what he was looking for at all. "I'm nearly done. Can you wait?"

I try not to stare at where his hand rests on the red stallion's neck. It's a warning, the way his fingers lean into his skin, telling Corr to keep his distance, but it's a comfort as well, the way that I would touch Dove to remind her just that I'm there. The difference, though, is that Corr killed a man yesterday morning.

I say, "I suppose I have one minute or two to put together."

Sean does the sweep of his eyes that he does, the one that goes from my head to my toes and back again and makes me feel that he's scanning the depths of my soul and teasing out my motivations and sins. It's worse than confession with Father Mooneyham. At the end of it, he says, "If you help, this will go faster."

There is a little #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
My Soul quotes by Stephen Boss
#105. Dancing is so physical and so athletic. I think it rings to the boy that is in my soul because you get to run and jump and climb and act as aggressively as you'd like. #Quote by Stephen Boss
My Soul quotes by Simone Elkeles
#106. Brit: What's your major?
Alex: Chemistry. And yours?
Brit: Chemistry. Kiss me so we can see if we still have it. 'Cause you own my heart, my soul, and everything else in between. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
My Soul quotes by Nora Roberts
#107. Seduce my mind and you can have my body, Find my soul and I'm yours forever. - ANONYMOUS #Quote by Nora Roberts
My Soul quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#108. Alone, alone, all, all alone,
Alone on a wide wide sea!
And never a saint took pity on
My soul in agony. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
My Soul quotes by Andrew Bonar
#109. Awake, my soul! Why should I give hours and days any longer to the vain world, when there is such a world of misery at my very door? Lord, put thine own strength in me; confirm every good resolution; forgive my past long life of uselessness and folly. #Quote by Andrew Bonar
My Soul quotes by Anne Rice
#110. Had I ever loved anyone more than I loved him? Had I ever revealed more of my soul to anyone than I had revealed to him? If my tears spilled now, he would see them. If I trembled now, he would know. #Quote by Anne Rice
My Soul quotes by Rai Aren
#111. When I look into the eyes of our animal friends, I feel as if it's the universe itself looking back at me, a profoundly beautiful, deep, and knowing presence. I sense this universal spirit is waiting to see how I will treat them, judging my worthiness of the gift of their companionship. I feel their beauty and purity in the very depths of my soul, and in the process of caring for them and trying to protect them from harm, my heart fills with a love that feels infinite… #Quote by Rai Aren
My Soul quotes by Ian Gardner
#112. My Body, My Soul and I.

My body is mine, but my body is not me,
My body is an expression of my soul.
My soul is mine, but my soul is not me,
My soul is an expression of me -
for I am. #Quote by Ian Gardner
My Soul quotes by Alaska Angelini
#113. Marko was nothing more than a dealer, serving me false emotions with ecstasy-doused injections. Poison to my heart. Addiction for my soul. And I was eating it up with all the desperation of a junkie. #Quote by Alaska Angelini
My Soul quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#114. He claimed my lips as if he were laying claim to my body, to my soul, and every part of me. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My Soul quotes by Oscar Wilde
#115. I will not bare my soul to their shallow prying eyes. My heart shall never be put under their microscope. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
My Soul quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#116. I'm something that I used to be. I'm never where I feel I am, and if I seek myself, I don't know who's seeking me. My boredom with everything has numbed me. I feel banished from my soul. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
My Soul quotes by Pablo Neruda
#117. Clenched Soul
We have lost even this twilight.
No one saw us this evening hand in hand.
While the blue night dropped on the world.
I have seen from my window
the fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops.
Sometimes a piece of sun
burned like a coin in my hand.
I remembered you with my soul clenched
in the sadness of mine that you know.
Where we you then?
Who else was there?
Saying what?
Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly
when I am sad and feel you are far away?
The book fell that always closed at twilight
and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at my feet.
Always, always you recede through the evenings
towards the twilight erasing statues. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
My Soul quotes by Heather Rose Jones
#118. Barbara took her accustomed place by the door but as the singing began Margerit beckoned her over to her side. "I haven't been following much except that it's all ancient Greeks and battles and such. What's happening now?"
Barbara knelt beside her and leaned close to whisper so as not to disturb the rest of the party. A brief synopsis of what had gone before took up the time while the chorus escorted the principles to the centre of the stage. "I haven't seen this performance before," Barbara added, "but I imagine this will be the grand love duet." As the soprano began, she concentrated on the stage to follow the opening phrases. The chorus had abandoned the field to the principles who faced each other against a backdrop of fluted columns.
"O! What strange fate is mine!" Barbara paused as the signature line was repeated several times. "I loved you in the guise of Mars, but now I am betrayed by Venus. The iron in your glance turns soft beneath my touch. I am undone. O Venus, you are cruel to mock me so." It continued on in the same vein until it was the mezzo's turn. Her lyrics ran much parallel with the soprano's. With less concentration required, Barbara ventured a glance to see Margerit's reaction. Margerit turned at the same moment and their eyes met as Barbara whispered Ifis's lines.
"O! What a strange fate is mine! In the guise of Mars I love you but now as Venus I'm betrayed. The Iron in my soul turns soft beneath your touch." Unconsciously, Margerit pl #Quote by Heather Rose Jones
My Soul quotes by Craig Ferguson
#119. I hated the summer jobs I had when I was a teenager. They were so mundane and repetitious, they deadened my soul. On the bright side, it was good training for this job. #Quote by Craig Ferguson
My Soul quotes by Madeline Miller
#120. He is half my soul, as the poets say. #Quote by Madeline Miller
My Soul quotes by Felix Arvers.
#121. My soul nurtures a secret,my heart a mystery
A lasting love I conceived in a brief moment
I bare without a word it's hopeless pain's torment
And the one who caused it will know of it hardly....

Alas,I would walk near her,but be unnoticed,
Always at her side and always will be lonely.
Thus I will pass my time on this earth so weary
Daring to ask for nothing,nothing to receive...

She whom has been made,so sweet and tender,
Goes her absent minded way,hearing nothing
Of this murmur of love raised in her steps...

Piously dutiful,unswervingly faithful,
She will say, reading these verses,so filled with her,
"Who is this woman?",and will never understand! #Quote by Felix Arvers.
My Soul quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#122. So now it's space and time," he said. "You ever watch Doctor Who on PBS?"
"All the time," she said dryly, "on the BBC. And don't think I wouldn't sell my soul for a TARDIS. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
My Soul quotes by Thomas Boston
#123. What an honourable thing is it to be fishers of men! How great an honour shouldst thou esteem it, to be a catcher of souls! We are workers together with God, says the apostle. If God has ever so honoured thee, O that thou knewest it, that thou mightst bless his holy name, that ever made such a poor fool as thee to be a co-worker with him. God has owned thee to do good to those who were before caught. O my soul, bless thou the Lord. Lord, what am I, or what is my father's house, that thou hast brought me to this? #Quote by Thomas Boston
My Soul quotes by Ovid
#124. My soul would sing of metamorphoses.
But since, o gods, you were the source of these
bodies becoming other bodies, breathe
your breath into my book of changes: may
the song I sing be seamless as its way
weaves from the world's beginning to our day. #Quote by Ovid
My Soul quotes by Jad Alhadad
#125. The Days tried to put inside me " weakness ... " .. But my soul will always beat " strength". #Quote by Jad Alhadad
My Soul quotes by Bob Berman [The Sun's Heartbeat]
#126. I have just been to the home of my soul. (woman after the seeing a total eclipse of the Sun) #Quote by Bob Berman [The Sun's Heartbeat]
My Soul quotes by Paulo Coelho
#127. When we both experienced the love that consumes, we shared in the Absolute. The Absolute shows each of us who we really are; it is an enormous web of cause and effect, where every small gesture made by one person affects the life of someone else. This morning, that slice of the Absolute was still very much alive in my soul. I was seeing not only you but everything there is in the world, unlimited by space or time. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
My Soul quotes by Andy Griffith
#128. I sang 'A Closer Walk with Thee' along with blues singer Brownie McGhee, ... Then there was a show where Carol Houston, an actress on 'Matlock' sang 'It Is Well With My Soul' accompanied by a choir. Boy, that was powerful. #Quote by Andy Griffith
My Soul quotes by L.J.Smith
#129. It would have been like losing me, like losing my own soul, Rob said, but it wasn't really like him saying it to her, it was as if he were simply realizing these things himself. And now it's like finding my soul again. The other half of me.
Kaitlyn felt it again, the universe around her hushed and waiting, enclosing the two of them. This time, though, there was a trembling joy to the hush, a certainty. They weren't on the threshold anymore. They were passing through. Everything being said between them, without spoken words or even words of the mind. It was simply as if their souls were mingling, joining in an embrace that wasn't quite the web and wasn't quite Rob's healing power, although it had elements of both.
It was beyond all that. It was a union, a togetherness, that Kaitlyn had never dreamed of.
I'm with you. I belong to you.
I'm a part of you. I will be forever. #Quote by L.J.Smith
My Soul quotes by Pablo Neruda
#130. My soul is an empty carousel at sunset. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
My Soul quotes by Piper Davenport
#131. What I do know, is that Alex is my protector, my lover, my soul mate, and my one true love, but most importantly, he is my awakening. #Quote by Piper Davenport
My Soul quotes by Shannon Mayer
#132. I closed my eyes, grief spilling up through me. You'd think that after all these years of hurting, of saying goodbye to her over and over in my head, that this moment would be easier. Yet it wasn't. Because for a few brief weeks, I'd thought I'd be able to have my little sister back. That I could heal up some of the gaping wounds in my soul I'd pasted over with brash words and a hard exterior. #Quote by Shannon Mayer
My Soul quotes by Caisey Quinn
#133. That's the funny thing about music. Part of the magic, I quess. Sometimes it replenishes me, like I'm feeding off its energy and it fills me. And other times, it pulls at my pain, weaves its way through the strands of my soul and wrecks it. #Quote by Caisey Quinn
My Soul quotes by Kyra Jackson
#134. Now I know I'm not broken,
For the stars within my soul,
Have just built constellations,
To keep me feeling whole. #Quote by Kyra Jackson
My Soul quotes by Laura Bell Bundy
#135. I'm definitely inspired by music; I feel like I can express a part of myself, a part of my heart and my soul, that I can't express just acting by writing music or singing music. It takes the emotions to another level. I feel really connected to something else, you know. #Quote by Laura Bell Bundy
My Soul quotes by Arzum Uzun
#136. Don't feed your ego with my soul. #Quote by Arzum Uzun
My Soul quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#137. That was the exact moment my heart threaded with hers. It was as if someone reached down with a sewing needle and stitched my soul to hers. How could one woman be so sharp and so vulnerable at the same time? Whatever would happen to her would happen to me. Whatever pain she would feel, I would feel it too. I wanted it - that was the surprising part. Selfish, self centered Caleb Drake loved a girl so much he could already feel himself changing to accommodate her needs.
I fell.
For the rest of this life and probably the next.
I wanted her - every last inch of her stubborn, combative, catty heart. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
My Soul quotes by Ijeoma Umebinyuo
#138. this is how his love like music
makes my soul dance. #Quote by Ijeoma Umebinyuo
My Soul quotes by Dave Mustaine
#139. I went there anyway-knowingly, willingly-because I wanted a number one hit. I wanted what Metallica had, even if it meant selling a piece of my soul to the devil. #Quote by Dave Mustaine
My Soul quotes by Nikki Sixx
#140. Selling my soul would be a lot easier if I could just find it. #Quote by Nikki Sixx
My Soul quotes by Don McLean
#141. Starry Starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on the snowy linen land. #Quote by Don McLean
My Soul quotes by James Russell Lowell
#142. My soul is not a palace of the past ... #Quote by James Russell Lowell
My Soul quotes by Maureen O'Hara
#143. Above all else, deep in my soul, I'm a tough Irishwoman. #Quote by Maureen O'Hara
My Soul quotes by Tracey Bond
#144. Life is worth living when God throws His Divine dice in your favor. HE has slow-stirred my life with Wisdom and discernment about all manners of people; which is no secret agent in my soul sauce, it brings flavor to the taste buds of God's blessings in my life with extra side orders of favor. #Quote by Tracey Bond
My Soul quotes by Paullina Simons
#145. Soldier! Let me cradle your head and caress your face, let me kiss your dear sweet lips and cry across the seas and whisper through the icy Russian grass how I feel for you ... Luga, Ladoga, Leningrad, Lazarevo ... Alexander, once you carried me, and now I carry you. Into my eternity, now I carry you.
Through Finland, through Sweden, to America, hand outstretched, I stand and limp forward, the galloping steed black and riderless in my wake. Your heart, your rifle, they will comfort me, they'll be my cradle and my grave.
Lazarevo drips you into my soul, dawn drop by moonlight drop from the river Kama. When you look for me, look for me there, because that's where I will be all the days of my life. (Tatiana) #Quote by Paullina Simons
My Soul quotes by Krista Ritchie
#146. She fuels the fire in my soul, the embers slowly dying, and she tries feverishly to awaken me. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
My Soul quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#147. He who for us is life itself descended here and endured our death and slew it by the abundance of his life. In a thunderous voice he called us to return to him, at that secret place where he came forth to us. First he came into the Virgin's womb where the human creation was married to him, so that mortal flesh should not for ever be mortal. Coming forth from thence 'as a bridegroom from his marriage bed, he bounded like a giant to run his course' (Ps 18:6). He did not delay, but ran crying out loud by his words, deeds, death, life, descent, and ascent - calling us to return to him. And he has gone from our sight that we should 'return to our heart' (Isa 46:8) and find him there. He went away and behold, here he is. He did not wish to remain long with us, yet he did not abandon us. He has gone to that place which he never left, 'for the world was made by him' (John 1:10); and he was in the world, and 'came into this world to save sinners' (1 Tim. 1:15). To him my soul is making confession, and 'he is healing it, because it was against him that it sinned' (Ps.40:5). #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
My Soul quotes by Harpreet Singh Nanda
#148. The ashes of my fathers, wrote me a destiny, but my existence in pothers, that destiny questions my identity, lost in an ocean of significant others, my mind's plagued with perplexity, and though life has my soul caught up in smothers, judgment of this age must be left to posterity. #Quote by Harpreet Singh Nanda
My Soul quotes by Ella Frank
#149. Moaning, delirious with my own pleasure. I know that I'm selling my soul to him at this very moment. #Quote by Ella Frank
My Soul quotes by Debatrayee Banerjee
#150. I'll tell you what I miss.
I miss that throbbing heart telling me to take a leap when the sky looks too dark.
I miss the walk that I took in the narrow cobblestoned pathways that fumed of history and undying stories of love and loss.
I miss the coffee that scented like mist in a frozen dream in a land of strange beauty.
I miss the afternoon tea that followed my pen to hours of happy melancholy.
I miss the muse I saw dance in a foreign land of near heart.
I miss the stranger smiling at me from a corner and teaching me his language to smile at my twinkled happiness.
I miss that symphony of mad evenings ending in a sky full of stars to fill my soul with an unknown ecstasy.
I miss that hand of an old woman trying to tell me her story.
I miss that child running up to me in a crowd of unknown faces to hand me her candy.
I miss that night where I lay back on a distant balcony gazing at the solitary moon for hours knowing that it is shining at my homeland just as bright.
I miss that stranger listening to my heart and telling me how beautiful it is.
I miss a wandering soul, who went on filling her breath with life of eternal love in the wings of Life.
And I'll tell you now when I look back I see how wonderful Time has treated me and how grateful I am to have lived in moments that roar of a beautiful Life lived with a heart throbbing to take a leap once again in that ocean of Life's beguiling journey. #Quote by Debatrayee Banerjee
My Soul quotes by Emily Dickinson
#151. Soul, wilt thou toss again?
By just such a hazard
Hundreds have lost, indeed,
But tens have won all.
Angels' breathless ballot
Lingers to record thee;
Imps in eager caucus
Raffle for my soul. #Quote by Emily Dickinson
My Soul quotes by Dario Argento
#152. In each of my characters there is a little of me. Not strictly autobiographical but a little piece of my soul. #Quote by Dario Argento
My Soul quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#153. What I allow into my head finds its way to my heart, which is a porthole to my soul. Therefore, I might be wise to consider the state of my soul, and then walk this process backwards. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
My Soul quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#154. Faith standeth in God's power, and is robed in God's majesty; it weareth the royal apparel, and rideth on the King's horse, for it is the grace which the King delighteth to honor. Girding itself with the glorious might of the all-working Spirit, it becomes, in the omnipotence of God, mighty to do, to dare, and to suffer. All things, without limit, are possible to him that believeth. My soul, canst thou believe thy Lord tonight? #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
My Soul quotes by Angela Of Foligno
#155. O my soul, how can you refrain from plunging yourself ever deeper and deeper into the love of Christ, who did not forget you in life or in death, but who willed to give Himself wholly to you, and to unite you to Himself forever? #Quote by Angela Of Foligno
My Soul quotes by Anonymous
#156. Be the Helper of my soul, O God, for I walk among many snares. Deliver me from them, O Good One, and save me, for Thou lovest mankind. #Quote by Anonymous
My Soul quotes by Jay Grewal
#157. He broke me down past the flesh, past the muscle, past the bone, down to my soul and in a loud provocation, he asked, "What are you made of?"
After I gathered the broken bits and pieces of my life together, I shouted at the top of my lungs, "HOPE! Unbreakable, undeniable, irrevocable hope! #Quote by Jay Grewal
My Soul quotes by Sara Teasdale
#158. My soul is a dark ploughed field In the cold rain; My soul is a broken field Ploughed by pain. #Quote by Sara Teasdale
My Soul quotes by Thomas Kibble Hervey
#159. I know thou art gone to the home of thy rest
Then why should my soul be so sad?
I know thou art gone where the weary are blest,
And the mourner looks up, and is glad;
I know thou hast drank of the Lethe that flows
In a land where they do not forget,
That sheds over memory only repose,
And takes from it only regret. #Quote by Thomas Kibble Hervey
My Soul quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#160. When we draw from the deepest fissures inside us, we become a fresh breeze that lifts the souls of other people. You are the restorative wind in my soul. Late at night, in the underwater current of dreams, I hear your voice whispering to me, a voice of kindness and wisdom beseeching me to become the fullest expression of who I am capable of being. My goal is to become like you: a synthesis of all the good in the world, a person who encircles the rocky strewn bank of human existence and embraces it with a loving and a gentle heart, a person who recognizes the value of living free from anxiety and want, who lives gracefully without desire and attachment. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
My Soul quotes by Paula Heller Garland
#161. I'm amazed how my soul is served the messages I need to be fed at exactly the time I'm in need. When I'm open. #Quote by Paula Heller Garland
My Soul quotes by Madonna Kolbenschlag
#162. Much testing, much reflecting, much living must intervene before we can say, 'My soul is my own. #Quote by Madonna Kolbenschlag
My Soul quotes by Tillie Cole
#163. My body recognizes you as something that's good for me. My mind recognizes you as someone who's right for me, and my soul recognizes you as someone who is meant for me. #Quote by Tillie Cole
My Soul quotes by Jessica Sorensen
#164. The electricity devours my soul, fractures it open, and leaves it vulnerable and exposed. #Quote by Jessica Sorensen
My Soul quotes by Jo Beverley
#165. There's a magical energy and power from the ocean. I was born in a room overlooking the sea, in the middle of a storm. Perhaps, then, it's not surprising that shores touch my soul. Science might disagree, but I think there's a difference in the air on a coast - the positive ions, perhaps. #Quote by Jo Beverley
My Soul quotes by Debasish Mridha
#167. Your eyes reflect the beauty which no one can see except that special person whose soul is lost in your love. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
My Soul quotes by Adam Mickiewicz
#168. I am the master! I stretch forth my hands, even to the skies! I lay my hands upon the stars, as on the crystal wheels of the harmonica. Now fast, now slow, as my soul wills, I turn the stars. I weave them into rainbows, harmonies. I feel immortality! I create immortality! #Quote by Adam Mickiewicz
My Soul quotes by Ilse V. Rensburg
#169. My soul has been severed in two, like Yin and Yang, these parts interlace. Only, both are beasts. #Quote by Ilse V. Rensburg
My Soul quotes by Peter Gabriel
#170. The rhythm is below me, the rhythm of the heat. The rhythm is around me, the rhythm has control. The rhythm is inside me, the rhythm has my soul. #Quote by Peter Gabriel
My Soul quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#171. When you can't reach the standards of another's heart you must ask yourself,
What value do I put on my soul that I would subject myself to such rejection? #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
My Soul quotes by Michelangelo
#172. I give my soul to God, my body to the earth, and my worldly possessions to my nearest of kin, charging them to remember the sufferings of Jesus Christ. #Quote by Michelangelo
My Soul quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#173. O Lord my God, tell me what you are to me. Say to my soul, I am your salvation. Say it so that I can hear it. My heart is listening, Lord; open the ears of my heard and say to my soul, I am your salvation. Let me run toward this voice and seize hold of you. Do not hide your face from me: let me die so that I may see it, for not to see it would be death to me indeed. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
My Soul quotes by Richelle Mead
#174. She simply stared at me, her dark gaze practically piercing my soul. A tangle of emotions tightened in my chest. #Quote by Richelle Mead
My Soul quotes by Joseph Alleine
#175. Let me see you, O Light of my eyes. Come, O Joy of my spirit; let me behold you, O Gladness of my heart. Let me love you, O Life of my soul. Appear unto me, O my great delight, my sweet comfort, O my God, my life, and the whole glory of my soul. Let me find you, O Desire of my heart; let me hold you, O Love of my soul. Let me embrace you, O Heavenly Bridegroom. Let me possess you. #Quote by Joseph Alleine
My Soul quotes by Samiha Totanji
#176. Too tired of living under the same sky with their old faces.
So sick of being in the same room with their echoing voices.
They made my soul heavy, as much as they corrupted my mind.
They forced me to see my world in their colors as if I were a colorblind.
A walking dead is what they made of me, but I cannot take this anymore.
I'll find my way back home to the old me;
To the beautiful dreamy little girl I've been before… #Quote by Samiha Totanji
My Soul quotes by James Boswell
#177. O charitable philosopher, I beg you to help me. My mind is weak but my soul is strong. Kindle that soul, and the sacred fire shall never be extinguished. #Quote by James Boswell
My Soul quotes by Walter De La Mare
#178. Lear, Macbeth. Mercutio – they live on their own as it were. The newspapers are full of them, if we were only the Shakespeares to see it. Have you ever been in a Police Court? Have you ever watched tradesmen behind their counters? My soul, the secrets walking in the streets! You jostle them at every corner. There's a Polonius in every first-class railway carriage, and as many Juliets as there are boarding-schools. ... How inexhaustibly rich everything is, if you only stick to life. #Quote by Walter De La Mare
My Soul quotes by Garth Stein
#179. What can I do but force myself to remember? Try to imprint what I know on my soul, a thing that has no surface, no sides, no pages, no form of any kind. Carry it so deeply in the pockets of my existence that when I open my eyes and look down at my new hands with their thumbs that are able to close tightly around their fingers, I will already know. I will already see. #Quote by Garth Stein
My Soul quotes by Soman Chainani
#180. Don't you get it? My soul is broken! I'm messed up, sick in the head, rotten to the core! I'm damaged. I'll never find the kind of love you did because I'll never be happy inside. All #Quote by Soman Chainani
My Soul quotes by Lou Doillon
#181. 'Blanche' opened a new door for me without really making me more famous. 'Blanche' was a risk, but that is the only thing that excites me in this profession. The knowledge that I am an actress who takes risks lifts my soul. #Quote by Lou Doillon
My Soul quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#182. Do you remember the sight we saw, my soul,
that soft summer morning
round a turning in the path,
the disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones,
its legs in the air like a woman in need
burning its wedding poisons
like a fountain with its rhythmic sobs,
I could hear it clearly flowing with a long murmuring sound,
but I touch my body in vain to find the wound.
I am the vampire of my own heart,
one of the great outcasts condemned to eternal laughter
who can no longer smile.
Am I dead?
I must be dead. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
My Soul quotes by Christopher Zzenn Loren
#183. As an artist, I delved deep into both good and evil ... I trampled into the forest, fears and all, with the looming threat that I might lose my soul ... and I found that no matter what I did ... the sun still shined upon me without judgement and the rain still trickled upon my face ... and I smiled ... I knew then that all these fears were shadows.
I woke up ... #Quote by Christopher Zzenn Loren
My Soul quotes by Khalil Gibran
#184. In the depth of my soul there is a wordless song. #Quote by Khalil Gibran
My Soul quotes by John Hiatt
#185. I've been circling the wagons down at Times Square, trying to fill up this hole in my soul but nothing fits in there. #Quote by John Hiatt
My Soul quotes by Andrew Of Crete
#186. Arise my soul, and review your deeds which have preceeded from you. Scrutinize them closely, and shed the rain of your tears, declaring openly to Christ your thoughts and deeds, so that you may be justified. #Quote by Andrew Of Crete
My Soul quotes by Fanny Burney
#187. I revere you. I esteem and admire you above all human beings. You are the friend to whom my soul is attached as to its better half. You are the most amiable, the most perfect of women. And you are dearer to me than language has the power of telling ... You are now all my own ... How will my soul find room for its happiness? It seems already bursting! #Quote by Fanny Burney
My Soul quotes by Andrea Gibson
#188. I'd cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. I'd write love poems to the parts of yourself you can't stand. I'd stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I'm not afraid of your dark. #Quote by Andrea Gibson
My Soul quotes by Keri Arthur
#189. You are my body, my soul, the energy by which I live, and the song in my heart. #Quote by Keri Arthur
My Soul quotes by Samiha Totanji
#190. This is for all those devils that disturbed my soul.
This is for the darkness that dimmed my mornings.
This is for all those twisted hearts that killed the flowers used to bloom in my chest.
Thank you!
Because of you I could see the light once again, recognize the good things when I got my eyes on it, and appreciate the right ones when they finally arrived... #Quote by Samiha Totanji
My Soul quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#191. The modern philosopher had told me again and again that I was in the right place, and I still felt depressed even in acquiescence. But I had heard that I was in the wrong place, and my soul sang for joy like a bird in spring. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
My Soul quotes by Anonymous
#192. Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? b Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God. #Quote by Anonymous
My Soul quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#193. My soul is my great asset and my great misfortune. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
My Soul quotes by Lisa Lopes
#194. I see the invisible spirits, where demons still find it livable. I need a hug to hold my soul inside my body. #Quote by Lisa Lopes
My Soul quotes by Robert Masello
#195. A corpse was merely an empty vessel for the spirit it had housed. "The soul," he'd said one night by a campfire in the Valley of the Kings, "is like a falcon. Despite its loyalty to the falconer, it longs to fly free. When my time comes, let my soul soar into the wind and the sky. Wherever its natural home is meant to be, that's where it will go. #Quote by Robert Masello
My Soul quotes by Liu Wen
#196. Romantic music really stirs my soul. And, of course, I love Chinese music; it makes me feel closer to home. #Quote by Liu Wen
My Soul quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#197. I was just telling Claire about a guy I met in bread class. I hate him, but he could be my soul mate. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
My Soul quotes by Nikki Rowe
#198. There's something about you,
Your eyes speak a story in a language only known to my soul. The kind of communication we as humans dream about, the one that reaches into the core of who you are and loves you for it.
It doesn't appear often or by accident & when it happens you just know " There's something about you ". #Quote by Nikki Rowe
My Soul quotes by Ann Aguirre
#199. I resolved, then, deep in my soul never to let him go. I'd be the one never to leave him. I'd prove to him that some things could be for always- that we could be. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
My Soul quotes by Samuel Richardson
#200. By my soul, I can neither eat, drink, nor sleep; nor, what's still worse, love any woman in the world but her. #Quote by Samuel Richardson
My Soul quotes by Max Blumenthal
#201. I haven't seen American Sniper, but correct me if I'm wrong: An occupier mows down faceless Iraqis but the real victim is his anguished soul. #Quote by Max Blumenthal
My Soul quotes by Jay McInerney
#202. You have friends who actually care about you and speak the language of the inner self. You have avoided them of late. Your soul is as disheveled as your apartment, and until you can clean it up a little you don't want to invite anyone inside. #Quote by Jay McInerney
My Soul quotes by Victor Hugo
#203. It had been written with one foot in the grave and a finger in heaven. These lines, falling one by one onto the paper, were what could be called soul drops. Who could these pages come from? Who could have written them? Cosette did not hesitate for a second. There was only one man it could have come from. Him! #Quote by Victor Hugo
My Soul quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#204. It is easy for us to lose ourselves in details in endeavoring to grasp and comprehend the real condition of a mass of human beings. We often forget that each unit in the mass is a throbbing human soul. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
My Soul quotes by San Juan De La Cruz
#205. 9. Never give up prayer, and should you find dryness and difficulty, persevere in it for this very reason. God often desires to see what love your soul has, and love is not tried by ease and satisfaction. #Quote by San Juan De La Cruz
My Soul quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#206. The poet is the man made to solve the riddle of the universe who brings the whole soul of man into activity. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
My Soul quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#207. Love is for the soul and sex is for the body. Both cry out for satisfaction #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
My Soul quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#208. Adversity is the test of strength in every soul. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
My Soul quotes by Richard Sibbes
#209. When we grow careless of keeping our souls, then God recovers our taste of good things again by sharp crosses. #Quote by Richard Sibbes
My Soul quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#210. Love is the heartbeat of the sacred soul. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
My Soul quotes by Adrienne Rich
#211. When those who have the power to name and to socially construct reality choose not to see you or hear you ... when someone with the authority of a teacher, say, describes the world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked in the mirror and saw nothing. It takes some strength of soul
and not just individual strength, but collective understanding
to resist this void, this non-being, into which you are thrust, and to stand up, demanding to be seen and heard. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
My Soul quotes by John Wilkes Booth
#212. I have too great a soul to die like a criminal. #Quote by John Wilkes Booth
My Soul quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#213. Darkness may hide the trees
and the flowers from the eyes
but it cannot hide
love from the soul. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
My Soul quotes by Erin Fall Haskell
#214. Spiritual awakening is an identity shift. You are God! #Quote by Erin Fall Haskell
My Soul quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#215. Make yourself do unpleasant things so as to gain the upper hand of your soul. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
My Soul quotes by Joan D. Chittister
#216. Blind obedience is itself an abuse of human morality. It is a misuse of the human soul in the name of religious commitment. It is a sin against individual conscience. It makes moral children of the adults from whom moral agency is required. It makes a vow, which is meant to require religious figures to listen always to the law of God, beholden first to the laws of very human organizations in the person of very human authorities. It is a law that isn't even working in the military and can never substitute for personal morality. #Quote by Joan D. Chittister
My Soul quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#217. This self-respect and sense of self-worth, the innermost armament of the soul, lies at the heart of humanness; to be deprived of it is to be dehumanized, to be cleaved from, and cast below, mankind. Men subjected to dehumanizing treatment experience profound wretchedness and loneliness and find that hope is almost impossible to retain. Without dignity, identity is erased. In its absence, men are defined not by themselves, but by their captors and the circumstances in which they are forced to live. #Quote by Laura Hillenbrand
My Soul quotes by Avijeet Das
#218. Your eyes are like windows to your soul. They shine and bedazzle as the stars do in the sky! They are like diamonds that mesmerize the person looking at them. When I look into your eyes, I keep on looking at them. I can't ever stop looking at them. Your eyes speak volumes to me in unsaid word... #Quote by Avijeet Das
My Soul quotes by Lebo Grand
#219. Sensuality is a by-product of self awareness. #Quote by Lebo Grand
My Soul quotes by Audur Ava Olafsdottir
#220. We say no more on the matter and she asks me to help her find a word, an adjective to qualify something that falls on mankind, although not necessarily something of a meteorological nature, like rain, but a word associated with the apocalypse of the human soul and heart, but not in any direct way, more indirectly, like rain in the soul and nature oozing tears, she explains to me. Something like the smell of a birch tree in the rain, just one word. The obstetrician claims that no word could encompass that much, no single word could ever be that big. #Quote by Audur Ava Olafsdottir
My Soul quotes by Helena Blavatsky
#221. But the first differentiation of its reflection in the manifested World is purely Spiritual, and the Beings generated in it are not endowed with a consciousness that has any relation to the one we conceive of. #Quote by Helena Blavatsky
My Soul quotes by Tristan Jones
#222. A small craft in the ocean is, or should be, a benevolent dictatorship. The skipper's brain is the vessel's brain and he must give up his soul to her, regardless of his own feelings or inclinations. #Quote by Tristan Jones
My Soul quotes by Idries Shah
#223. Before garden, vine or grape was in the world," writes one, "our soul was drunken with immortal wine. #Quote by Idries Shah
My Soul quotes by Giorgos Seferis
#224. I want nothing more than to speak simply, to be granted that grace.
Because we've loaded even our song with so much music that it's slowly sinking
and we've decorated our art so much that its features have been eaten away by gold
and it's time to say our few words because tomorrow our soul sets sail. #Quote by Giorgos Seferis
My Soul quotes by Wayne Dyer
#225. Van Gogh never made a penny in his entire lifetime. He painted because it was his soul, his excitement. It was what aligned him with his Source of being. It's the same with me and writing. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
My Soul quotes by Anonymous
#226. When the sun shall be folded up; and when the stars shall fall; and when the mountains shall be made to pass away; and when the camels ten months gone with young shall be neglected; and when the seas shall boil; and when the souls shall be joined again to their bodies; and when the girl who hath been buried alive shall be asked for what crime she was put to death; and when the books shall be laid open; and when the heavens shall be removed; and when hell shall burn fiercely; and when paradise shall be brought near: every soul shall know what it hath wrought. #Quote by Anonymous
My Soul quotes by Dan Groat
#227. You can be spiritual all by yourself. Everybody has a soul. But to be religious, it seems like you need other people, and then sometimes it becomes more about the people than the soul. #Quote by Dan Groat
My Soul quotes by Nikoloz Baratashvili
#228. A Soul-Furlurn
Let none bewail the bitterness of orphancy,
Nor weep if destitute of friend or kin is he,
But pity him whose soul's bereaved by ruthless fate;
Once lost-'tis hard to find again a worthy mate.

Deprived of kin and friend the heart seems lone and dead
Yet soon it finds another one to love instead;
But if the soul does lose its mate, then it must bear
The curse of yielding all its hopes to black despair.

His faith is lost, he trusts no more this world of woe;
Distraught and wild, he shuns mankind, and does not know
To whom to trust the secrets of his troubled breast,
Afraid to feel again the faith it once possessed.

'Tis hard to bear the anguish of a soul forlorn,
To shun all worldly joys and smiles or pleasures scorn;
The lonely soul forever mourns its friend and mate,
And heavy sighs bring calm to him thus doomed by fate. #Quote by Nikoloz Baratashvili
My Soul quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#229. Be confident in spirit and courageous in soul. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
My Soul quotes by Eleesha
#230. Embrace all you do not just want - but, all you truly deserve. #Quote by Eleesha
My Soul quotes by Oscar Wilde
#231. He was conscious - and the thought brought a gleam of pleasure into his brown agate eyes - that it was through certain words of his, musical words said with musical utterance, that Dorian Gray's soul had turned to this white girl and bowed in worship before her. To a large extent the lad was his own creation. He had made him premature. That was something. Ordinary people waited till life disclosed to them its secrets, but to the few, to the elect, the mysteries of life were revealed before the veil was drawn away. Sometimes this was the effect of art, and chiefly of the art of literature, which dealt immediately with the passions and the intellect. But now and then a complex personality took the place and assumed the office of art, was indeed, in its way, a real work of art, life having its elaborate masterpieces, just as poetry has, or sculpture, or painting. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
My Soul quotes by Kim Chestney
#232. The soul itself is the center of all that we have come to call 'psychic.' The word itself translates literally to mean "of the soul." When we embrace our psychic potential, we embrace our soul's potential. #Quote by Kim Chestney
My Soul quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#233. There is divinity within every soul. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
My Soul quotes by Alyson Noel
#234. Each soul, each person, has to find their own way - learn their own lessons ... It's all those rough bits that make us stronger. #Quote by Alyson Noel
My Soul quotes by George Eliot
#235. To know intense joy without a strong bodily frame, one must have an enthusiastic soul. #Quote by George Eliot
My Soul quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#236. When people treat you ill, blame your conduct,
or report anything to your disadvantage, enter into
the very soul of them ; examine their understandings,
and see of what nature they are. You will be fully
convinced that the opinion of such mortals is not
worth one troublesome thought. However, you must
be kind to them, for nature has made them your
relations. Besides, the gods give them all sort of
countenance, warn them by dreams and prophecy,
and help them to those things they have a mind. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
My Soul quotes by Charles Bukowski
#237. Her one drink had Cecelia giggling and talking and she was explaining that animals had souls too. Nobody challenged her opinion. It was possible, we knew. What we weren't sure of was if we had any. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
My Soul quotes by C.S. Lewis
#238. Long since on Mars and more strongly since he came to Perelandra, Ransom had been perceiving that the triple distinction of truth from myth and both from fact was purely terrestrial-was part and parcel of that unhappy distinction between soul and body which resulted from the fall. Even on earth the sacraments existed as a permanent reminder that the division was neither wholesome nor final. The Incarnation had been the beginning of its disappearance. In Perelandra it would have no meaning at all. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
My Soul quotes by Philippa Gregory
#239. Before God, I love you and cherish you more than anything in the world. Of course I want to marry you. I love you heart and soul. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
My Soul quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#240. One is a choice, and one is not. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
My Soul quotes by Fay Weldon
#241. Absolutely,' she said. 'The more you pay attention to the body, the less attention you've got left to pay the soul. I really do understand that. #Quote by Fay Weldon
My Soul quotes by Abhishek Kumar
#242. Have mountain moving faith in yourself & the universe!

Don't talk about the problem, TALK TO THE PROBLEM! Command it to go away & IT WILL GO!

When you believe from your heart & soul you can achieve any goal! #Quote by Abhishek Kumar
My Soul quotes by David Brooks
#243. We are all fundamentally equal souls, and if you make a zillion dollars, you're not any better than anybody else spiritually. You're still an equal soul. #Quote by David Brooks
My Soul quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#244. Thank god I'm free from all that now", he thought. And yet even as he said it he was not quit sure whether he spoke sincerely. When he was under the influence of passion he had felt a singualr vigour, and his mind has worked with unwonted force. He was more alive, there was an excitement of sheer being, an eager vehemence of soul, which made life now a little dull. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
My Soul quotes by Isabel Allende
#245. That is the best part of writing: finding the hidden treasures, giving sparkle to worn out events, invigorating the tired soul with imagination, creating some kind of truth with many lies. #Quote by Isabel Allende
My Soul quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#246. Tame the mind. Master the heart. Harness the body. Conquer the soul. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo

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