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My Goalie quotes by Dennis Bergkamp
#1. When I played in Holland, I always tried to lob the goalkeeper. People used to say, 'Oh, you're always only trying to make a nice goal'. But I said, 'Listen, if the goalie is a little bit off his line, how much space do you have on his left or right?' It's not a lot. 'And how much space do you have above him?' #Quote by Dennis Bergkamp
My Goalie quotes by Neil Strauss
#2. You don't shower or shave for a month, until you smell like a sewer. Then you walk around for two weeks wearing a dress and a goalie mask with a dildo strapped to the front. That's what I did. And I will never be afraid of public humiliation again. #Quote by Neil Strauss
My Goalie quotes by Jillian Dodd
#3. Just because there's a goalie, doesn't mean you can't score. #Quote by Jillian Dodd
My Goalie quotes by Kirk McLean
#4. It is pretty tough for a goalie when you look at it. You're always the last line of defense. If you let a goal in, you can't go to the bench and hide between the guys or anything #Quote by Kirk McLean
My Goalie quotes by Toni Aleo
#5. Why are you so nervous?" Tate looked up to see Lucas giving him a dirty look. "This is easier that the regular season, we go out and have fun."
"No, you get to have fun, I need t be super ninja goalie against every great forward in the league. #Quote by Toni Aleo
My Goalie quotes by Henrik Lundqvist
#6. I always want to push myself as far as possible; I always want to be up there and recognised as a good goalie and have people appreciate what you do. #Quote by Henrik Lundqvist
My Goalie quotes by Conan O'Brien
#7. Over the weekend, Vladimir Putin scored eight goals during a hockey game. It happened just after he had the goalie executed. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
My Goalie quotes by Peter Farrelly
#8. They're happy to be Siamese twins. They feel blessed. But the rest of us have to go through the world alone. And they don't. And because they have this great attitude, they have a lot of friends. They were the kings of the prom. You know, they were in the state championship hockey team. You know, they're the goalie. And it's just they're a couple of winners who happen to be Siamese twins. #Quote by Peter Farrelly
My Goalie quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#9. I was crazy about goal keeping. In Russia and the Latin countries, that gallant art had been always surrounded with a halo of singular glamour. Aloof, solitary, impassive, the crack goalie is followed in the streets by entranced small boys. He vies with the matador and the flying ace as an object of thrilled adulation. His sweater, his peaked cap, his kneeguards, the gloves protruding from the hip pocket of his shorts, set him apart from the rest of the team. He is the lone eagle, the man of mystery, the last defender. Photographers, reverently bending one knee, snap him in the act of making a spectacular dive across the goal mouth to deflect with his fingertips a low, lightning-like shot, and the stadium roars in approval as he remains for a moment or two lying full length where he fell, his goal still intact. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
My Goalie quotes by Kyle Kinane
#10. I'm not on this earth to be a goalie. I'm not here to stop somebody from accomplishing their goals. If you're not hurting anybody, I'm here to either assist or get out of the way #Quote by Kyle Kinane
My Goalie quotes by Henrik Lundqvist
#11. You get to the rink, stretch for 10-15 minutes, go on the ice 20 minutes before practice starts and do goalie drills, practice for an hour, then stay on the ice for about 10-15 minutes to do extra shooting. #Quote by Henrik Lundqvist
My Goalie quotes by Ed Belfour
#12. I'm not a pretty goalie and I don't ever want to be called one, to tell you the truth. #Quote by Ed Belfour
My Goalie quotes by Roberto Luongo
#13. Doing a good impression of a backup goalie the last few weeks. #Quote by Roberto Luongo
My Goalie quotes by Sidney Crosby
#14. Challenging someone is good. You need to do it. Sometimes they don't even realize you're doing it, like when you joke with a goalie, 'What's wrong today? You losing it?' #Quote by Sidney Crosby
My Goalie quotes by Elle Kennedy
#15. In hockey, nearly everyone plays with a partner. The offense forward line is made up of a left wing, a center, and a right wing. The defense skates in pairs. Only the goalie is alone and he's always weird. Always.

Kenny Simms, who graduated last year, was one of the greatest goalies at Briar and probably the reason we won three Frozen Fours in a row, but that guy had the strangest fucking habits. He talked to himself more than he talked to anyone else, sat in the back of the bus, preferred to eat alone. On the rare occasion that he came out with us, he'd argue the entire time. I once got into it with him over whether there was too much technology available to children. We argued about that topic for the entire three hours we were knocking back beers at the bar.

Sabrina reminds me of Simms. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
My Goalie quotes by Steven Wright
#16. Why doesn't the fattest man in the world become a hockey goalie? #Quote by Steven Wright
My Goalie quotes by Ilya Bryzgalov
#17. OK, they fire the puck from the blue line. Chief usually yelling 'block the shot' at the defensemen. They doesn't have the goalie gear, but they have to block the shot. So who is more crazy, me or the defensemen? Who is more weird? #Quote by Ilya Bryzgalov
My Goalie quotes by Becky Albertalli
#18. I'm not trying to overthink things. I'm trying to be less careful. But you have to be your heart's own goalie. #Quote by Becky Albertalli
My Goalie quotes by Steve Hamilton
#19. Leon, no offense, but you don't exactly look like a hockey player."
"I told 'em I was a goalie. That's where they put the guy who can't skate, right? Just like in baseball when they put the worst player at catcher. #Quote by Steve Hamilton
My Goalie quotes by Chris Osgood
#20. I don't doubt myself ever, but people that don't know me do. I've been playing for 15 years, and have the most playoffs wins in Wings history for a reason, and not because I'm a bad goalie. #Quote by Chris Osgood
My Goalie quotes by Brett Hull
#21. I'm not dumb enough to be a goalie. #Quote by Brett Hull
My Goalie quotes by Dennis Vickers
#22. She smoked like wet underwear on fire, swore like a slow hockey goalie, caroused like a cheerleader on spring break in Cancun, and experienced the people she chose to experience fully, men or women. #Quote by Dennis Vickers
My Goalie quotes by Ken Dryden
#23. Because the demands on the goalie are mostly mental, it means that for a goalie the biggest enemy is himself. Not a puck, not a opponent, not a quirk of size or style. The stress and anxiety he feels when he plays, the fear of failing, the fear of being embarrassed, the fear of being physically hurt, all symptoms of his position, in constant ebb and flow, but never disappearing. The successful goalie understands these neuroses, accept them, and put them under control. The unsuccessful goalie is distracted by them, his mind in knots. His body quickly follows. #Quote by Ken Dryden
My Goalie quotes by Gerad Adams
#24. Each team has a net liner, a goalie, and five attackers. We have two defenders on the ice and three forwards. Our forwards are left winger, centre man and a right winger. We work as units of five. In ice hockey you go out and you go as hard as you can for 35 to 45 seconds, then we change. #Quote by Gerad Adams
My Goalie quotes by Jacques Plante
#25. Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through. #Quote by Jacques Plante

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