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Mutual Understanding quotes by Xi Jinping
#1. Friends from the press, China needs to learn more about the world, and the world also needs to learn more about China. I hope you will continue to make more efforts and contributions to deepening the mutual understanding between China and the countries of the world. #Quote by Xi Jinping
Mutual Understanding quotes by James E. Grunig
#2. We believe PR should be practiced to serve the public interest, to develop mutual understanding between organizations and their publics. #Quote by James E. Grunig
Mutual Understanding quotes by Dan Simmons
#3. Finally, Weintraub had dealt with refusing all sacrifice, refusing any relationship with God except one of mutual respect and honest attempts at mutual understanding. He wrote about the multiple deaths of God and the need for a divine resurrection now that humankind had constructed its own gods and released them on the universe. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Mutual Understanding quotes by Ashim Shanker
#4. Let us, thusly, embrace the assumption that to each advocate of a respective paradigm within his respective bubble, the phenomenological gaps between himself and those in neighboring bubbles are insurmountable. The resident of a given bubble has become so inured to the echoes of his own 'truth' as to abandon all terms of commonality with the 'truths' of others outside his bubble. The internal terms, concepts, definitions and assumptions underlying each paradigm are different and incommensurate with those of their external counterparts. And so, to debate them would be tantamount to speaking through one another without much mutual understanding. In their communities, they speak different words, abide by different sets of logic, axioms and propositions from those of other communities; they, thusly, do not understand the terminology upholding other paradigms beside their own, and many attempts at translation have become lost in circular discourse for there exists no equivalency of terms. Thus, any gaps between bubbles of paradigm are beyond traversal; all arguments between them remain perplexing and irreconcilable. There, then, evolves, among them, a strong tendency to seek out information that only serves to confirm their own biases, and, in the process, to otherize any alien paradigms as hotbeds of disinformation. #Quote by Ashim Shanker
Mutual Understanding quotes by Ashish Bhardwaj
#5. Somehow I end up making a bud in all my trips. I make an instant connection and it always turns out to be mutual unlike with humans. We don't need a language to speak. I can read his eyes and he can read my expressions and we speak for hours. We have this special mutual understanding, I always miss with humans. ~ #whisperingtrail #Quote by Ashish Bhardwaj
Mutual Understanding quotes by Queen Noor Of Jordan
#6. I founded the King Hussein Foundation after my husband's death in 1999, to build on his humanitarian vision and legacy in the country and abroad, through programs promoting education and leadership, economic empowerment, tolerance, cross-cultural dialogue, and media that enhances mutual understanding and respect among different cultures across conflict lines. #Quote by Queen Noor Of Jordan
Mutual Understanding quotes by Ken Wilber
#7. Saving the biosphere depends first and foremost on human beings reaching mutual understanding and unforced agreement as to common ends. And that intersubjective accord occurs only in the noosphere. Anything short of that noospheric accord will continue to destroy the biosphere. #Quote by Ken Wilber
Mutual Understanding quotes by Debasish Mridha
#8. For a peaceful world, the golden rules to live by are mutual understanding, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, and love. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Mutual Understanding quotes by Pope Francis
#9. May each family rediscover family prayer, which helps to bring about mutual understanding and forgiveness. #Quote by Pope Francis
Mutual Understanding quotes by Nhat Hanh
#10. Words can travel thousands of miles. May my words create mutual understanding and love. May they be as beautiful as gems, as lovely as flowers. #Quote by Nhat Hanh
Mutual Understanding quotes by Kare Anderson
#11. Quiet the chattering mind promotes directed action. We can't know which interactions will deepen into richer relationships, yet we can keep the faith that our mutuality mindset affirms them. Mutuality most demonstrates our humanity and, in the end, that may be what most matters in our lives. #Quote by Kare Anderson
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jacqueline Winspear
#12. Their love was thus seeded in the rich soil of mutual understanding. #Quote by Jacqueline Winspear
Mutual Understanding quotes by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
#13. I can hardly believe what these 12 caricatures [about Prophet Muhammad] have caused in the world. We Danes feel like we have been placed in a scene in the wrong movie. But I don't see the fight as a clash of civilizations. Rather, we must focus on avoiding exactly this type of conflict. We have to return to dialogue, to mutual understanding and to an acknowledgement of freedom of opinion. #Quote by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Mutual Understanding quotes by Haruki Murakami
#14. Mutual understanding is of critical importance. There are those who say that 'understanding' is merely the sum total of our misunderstandings #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Mutual Understanding quotes by C. G. Jung
#15. Funnily enough, "self-criticism" is an idea much in vogue in Marxist countries, but there it is subordinated to ideological considerations and must serve the State, and not truth and justice in men's dealing with one another. The mass State has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man; it strives, rather, for atomization, for the psychic isolation of the individual. The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes, and vice versa. #Quote by C. G. Jung
Mutual Understanding quotes by Sam Harris
#16. Sincerity, authenticity, integrity, mutual understanding - these and other sources of moral wealth are destroyed the moment we deliberately misrepresent our beliefs, whether or not our lies are ever discovered. #Quote by Sam Harris
Mutual Understanding quotes by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
#17. It is well known that Pentecost reverses Babel. The people who built the tower of Babel sought to make a name, and a unity, for themselves. At Pentecost, God builds his temple, uniting people in Christ. Unity – interpretive agreement and mutual understanding – is, it would appear, something that only God can accomplish. And accomplish it he does, but not in the way we might have expected. Although onlookers thought that the believers who received the Spirit at Pentecost were babbling (Acts 2:13), in fact they were speaking intelligibly in several languages (Acts 2:8-11). Note well: they were all saying the same thing (testifying about Jesus) in different languages. It takes a thousand tongues to say and sing our great Redeemer's praise.

Protestant evangelicalism evidences a Pentecostal plurality: the various Protestant streams testify to Jesus in their own vocabularies, and it takes many languages (i.e. interpretive traditions) to minister the meaning of God's Word and the fullness of Christ. As the body is made up of many members, so many interpretations may be needed to do justice to the body of the biblical text. Why else are there four Gospels, but that the one story of Jesus was too rich to be told from one perspective only? Could it be that the various Protestant traditions function similarly as witnesses who testify to the same Jesus from different situations and perspectives? #Quote by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Mutual Understanding quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#18. The masses live their lives as defined by terms given by society. For example: this is what it means to be married, this is what it means to be in a relationship, this is what it means to be dating, this is what it means to have a mutual understanding, sighs, this is what it means to be serious, this is what it means to be casual, this is what it means to be complicated, this is what it means to be Facebook official. These are all terms given by society. These are all invisible (and not so invisible) lines, drawn by society. These are are not God-lines. These are not borders created by highly enlightened individuals. These are not terms defined by you during moments of highly elevated consciousness. No. These are only shits. A pure soul, completely whole and void of constriction, will look out into the world with untainted eyes and say: "Where is the one whom my soul recognizes?" And you look for the one whom your soul is sired to, whom your soul recognizes, whom your soul loves. There are no laws, there are no lines, there are no borders. There is no shit. You are committed to the call of your soul, to the power that calls you beyond all the cloaks and the traps and the smallness created by small hands. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Mutual Understanding quotes by Samuel Noah Kramer
#19. Personal God To judge from the covenant between God and Abraham-note, too, the reference to a "god of Nahor" in Genesis 31:53-the ancient Hebrews were familiar with the idea of a personal god. The belief in the existence of a personal god was evolved by the Sumerians at least as early as the middle of the third millennium B.c. According to Sumerian teachers and sages, every adult male and family head had his "personal god," or a kind of good angel whom he looked upon as his divine father. This personal god was in all probability adopted by the Sumerian paterfamilias as the result of an oracle or a dream or a vision involving a mutual understanding or agreement #Quote by Samuel Noah Kramer
Mutual Understanding quotes by Irving Copi
#20. Language is the principal tool with which we communicate; but when words are used carelessly or mistakenly, what was intended to advance mutual understanding may in fact hinder it; our instrument becomes our burden #Quote by Irving Copi
Mutual Understanding quotes by Nick Lampson
#21. Such an arrangement would provide Taiwan and China with a forum for dialogue whereby they may forge closer ties based on mutual understanding and respect, leading to permanent peace in the Taiwan Strait. #Quote by Nick Lampson
Mutual Understanding quotes by Dominique Pire
#22. Let us not speak of tolerance. This negative word implies grudging concessions by smug consciences. Rather, let us speak of mutual understanding and mutual respect. #Quote by Dominique Pire
Mutual Understanding quotes by Kirsten Beyer
#23. Peace is born of mutual understanding #Quote by Kirsten Beyer
Mutual Understanding quotes by Daniel G.  Campos
#24. As for me, I certainly have not suffered like Du Bois, his black predecessors and contemporaries, or most of my immigrant predecessors or contemporaries. Still I feel that I have not been able to convey to most of my friends, colleagues, or acquaintances this process of immigrating as I have lived, experienced, and witnessed it. I have seen through the Veil into their world, but they have not seen into mine. And I feel that now, more than ever, we are in need of sympathy and mutual understanding. #Quote by Daniel G. Campos
Mutual Understanding quotes by Sammy Toora
#25. The friendships and love are mutual understanding, Once misunderstood, it is never got restore. #Quote by Sammy Toora
Mutual Understanding quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#26. The twentieth century had dispensed with the formal declaration of war and introduced the fifth column, sabotage, cold war, and war by proxy, but that was only the begining. Summit meetings for disarmament pursued mutual understanding and a balance of power but were also held to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. The world of the war-or-peace alternative became a world in which war was peace and peace war. #Quote by Stanislaw Lem
Mutual Understanding quotes by Olympic Charter
#27. The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. #Quote by Olympic Charter
Mutual Understanding quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#28. Silence is the demon's trap, and the more one is silenced, the more terrible the demon; but silence is also the divinity's mutual understanding with the single individual. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Mutual Understanding quotes by Rick Larsen
#29. Our ability to effectively engage China and the Arab world rests on shared economic and political interests and mutual understanding. #Quote by Rick Larsen
Mutual Understanding quotes by Charles Kennedy
#30. Democracy demands trust. It demands that sense of mutual understanding. And - it's a two way street. You've got to give - as much as you take. #Quote by Charles Kennedy
Mutual Understanding quotes by Frank L. DeSilva
#31. In Poems of Love and Light: The Light of The Sun…Our Breath as One, the tenor seems to have changed slightly, as the progression of Love and lovers is, in many cases (if not all) quixotic, dependent upon mutual understanding, the conditions of the moment, the awareness of the future, as well as the mundane life, in which we all must exist, embracing real life, as is the natural state, which sentient individuals traverse – illusion may help those in the 'moment', but does nothing for the long-term, except misdirect it.

Poetry has always been a way to leave something for those who come after, a legacy of inspiration, methodology, spirit, love, emotion, historical sense and utility, depending upon the subject matter, intentions of the bard, and the situations, which frame the creation of that sense of experience, with which the Poet receives his Muse.

Poems of Love and Light: In The Light of the Sun, Our Breath as One #Quote by Frank L. DeSilva
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jerry Coyne
#32. This is a woman who didn't want her viewpoints challenged, nor to see the views of the half of the world that comprises men. Her assumption is that all male authors are sexist and that their books distort the views of women....that's bigoted and despicable: the form of feminism that sees men as the enemy from the outset, and seeks to reinforce that prejudice by reading only books that keep her in her safe space.....The future, in both life and books, is men and women together, with a mutual understanding that can come only from learning about each other's thoughts. [About Caitlin Moran's sexist statement that girls shouldn't read any books written by men.] #Quote by Jerry Coyne
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jakaya Kikwete
#33. There are no demands - undue demands ... There are many questions we get? why China? why now and the answer is why not? ... There is no any hidden agenda in our cooperation with China, it is a relationship based on mutual understanding and equality; they understand our situation. #Quote by Jakaya Kikwete
Mutual Understanding quotes by Rene Guenon
#34. So long as western people imagine that there only exists a single type of humanity, that there is only one 'civilization', at different stages of development, no mutual understanding will be possible. #Quote by Rene Guenon
Mutual Understanding quotes by Eric Schlosser
#35. Support for a first strike extended far beyond the upper ranks of the U.S. military. Bertrand Russell - the British philosopher and pacifist, imprisoned for his opposition to the First World War - urged the western democracies to attack the Soviet Union before it got an atomic bomb. Russell acknowledged that a nuclear strike on the Soviets would be horrible, but "anything is better than submission." Winston Churchill agreed, proposing that the Soviets be given an ultimatum: withdraw your troops from Germany, or see your cities destroyed. Even Hamilton Holt, lover of peace, crusader for world government, lifelong advocate of settling disputes through mediation and diplomacy and mutual understanding, no longer believed that sort of approach would work. Nuclear weapons had changed everything, and the Soviet Union couldn't be trusted. Any nation that rejected U.N. control of atomic energy, Holt said, "should be wiped off the face of the earth with atomic bombs. #Quote by Eric Schlosser
Mutual Understanding quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#36. Culture is an elevated expression of the inner voice which the different peoples of the Earth have heard in the depths of their being, a voice which conveys the vibrant compassion and wisdom of the cosmic life. For different cultures to engage in interaction is to catalyze each other's souls and foster mutual understanding. #Quote by Daisaku Ikeda
Mutual Understanding quotes by Linda Holiday
#37. In Aikido training, we learn from everyone. We learn from the most experience people, but we also learn from new students. Everyone is connected through the heart and develops a mutual understanding. It is important to create a place where that can happen. #Quote by Linda Holiday
Mutual Understanding quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
#38. I feel strong in my belief, based on my widely traveled collaborations, that a one-to-one contact through art contains potent peaceful powers, and is the most non-elitist way to share information, hopefully seducing us into creating mutual understandings for the benefit of all. #Quote by Robert Rauschenberg
Mutual Understanding quotes by Hjalmar Branting
#39. We here in the North have for many years had a natural tendency to feel that when our representatives come together at an international meeting, we embark on the quest of mutual understanding and support. #Quote by Hjalmar Branting
Mutual Understanding quotes by Alexandra Horowitz
#40. Few celebrate a dog who jumps at people as they approach
but start with the premise that it is we who keep ourselves (and our faces) unbearably far away, and we can come to a mutual understanding. #Quote by Alexandra Horowitz
Mutual Understanding quotes by Richard Russo
#41. One of the nice things about our marriage, at least to my way of thinking, is that my wife and I no longer have to argue every thing through. We each know what the other will say, and so the saying becomes an unnecessary formality. No doubt some marriage counselor would explain to us that our problem is a failure to communicate, but to my way of thinking we've worked long and hard to achieve this silence, Lily's and mine, so fraught with mutual understanding. #Quote by Richard Russo
Mutual Understanding quotes by Cally Taylor
#42. We just sat there on the sofa and looked at each other, a kind of unspoken mutual understanding filling the silence. #Quote by Cally Taylor
Mutual Understanding quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#43. Mutual understanding and help are the foundation of a strong team. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Mutual Understanding quotes by Andrea Gardner
#44. By slowing down your inner and outer speech, you can begin to choose your words more wisely. Each one will take on more power, compassion, and meaning, and the process will begin to stimulate inspirational thoughts in the listener's brain. In fact, the other person's brain will begin to mirror what you're feeling. It's a process we call 'neural resonance' and it's the most effective way to build mutual understanding and trust. You can even use silence to increase the #Quote by Andrea Gardner
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jurgen Habermas
#45. The task of universal pragmatics is to identify and reconstruct universal conditions of possible mutual understanding. #Quote by Jurgen Habermas
Mutual Understanding quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#46. In a relationship, people may be inhabited by discordant personalities. For that reason, it might be convenient for partners if one of both could sometimes be a little hard of hearing, or the other a bit shortsighted. ("Mutual understanding") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jacques Rogge
#47. Please, compete in the spirit of fair play, mutual understanding and respect. And above all, please compete cleanly by refusing doping. #Quote by Jacques Rogge
Mutual Understanding quotes by Edith Wharton
#48. Here were two people who had penetrated farther than she into the labyrinth of the wedded state, and struggled through some of its thorniest passages; and yet both, one consciously, the other half-unaware, testified to the mysterious fact which was already dawning on her: that the influence of a marriage begun in mutual understanding is too deep not to reassert itself even in the moment of flight and denial. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Mutual Understanding quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#49. Because love - real love - didn't mean always holding the same beliefs. It didn't mean we had to see eye to eye on every subject. Yet what it did mean, what real love stood for was a mutual understanding. A respect for one another's dreams and hopes and wishes and fears. #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
Mutual Understanding quotes by M.L. Rio
#50. How could we explain that standing on a stage and speaking someone else's words as if they are your own is less an act of bravery than a desperate lunge at mutual understanding? #Quote by M.L. Rio
Mutual Understanding quotes by Daniel G.  Campos
#51. What emerged for me as purpose was the search for and cultivation of possibilities for experiencing meaningful human transactions in different languages and across cultural differences through play, sports, travel, food, literature, and conversation. I sought to establish relations of mutual understanding and love with people no matter what their culture or place of origin in the world - relations based on philia, eros, and agape, according to context and persons. I perhaps sensed instinctively that such relations were the key to being equally at home everywhere, even in la Yunai. More than an immigrant, at that time I still felt myself to be a sojourner in this country, but I wanted my sojourn to be imbued with the meaning found in earnest, sincere connections with the people and places that life brought to my experience. #Quote by Daniel G. Campos
Mutual Understanding quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#52. The essential qualities of a true Pan Americanism must be the same as those which constitute a good neighbor; namely, mutual understanding, and through such understanding, a sympathetic appeciation of the other's point of view. It is only in this manner that we can hope to build up a system of which confidence, friendship, and good will are the cornerstones ... #Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Mutual Understanding quotes by Alan Guth
#53. …an understanding of the infinite tree of universes
seems to be needed in order to make statistical predictions
about the properties of our own universe, which
is assumed to be a typical "branch" on the tree. #Quote by Alan Guth
Mutual Understanding quotes by Ben Edlund
#54. Simon: You're in a dangerous line of work, Jayne. Odds are you'll be under my knife again, often. So I want you to understand one thing very clearly: No matter what you do or say or plot, no matter how you come down on us, I will never, ever harm you. You're on this table, you're safe ... 'cause I'm your medic. And however little we may like or trust each other, we're on the same crew. Got the same troubles, same enemies, and more than enough of both. Now, we could circle each other and growl, sleep with one eye open, but that thought wearies me. I don't care what you've done, I don't know what you're planning on doing, but I'm trusting you. I think you should do the same. 'Cause I don't see this working any other way.
River: Also, I can kill you with my brain. #Quote by Ben Edlund
Mutual Understanding quotes by Robert Macfarlane
#55. To be in the Burren is to be reminded that physical matter is simultaneously indestructible and entirely transmutable: that it can swap states drastically, from vegetable to mineral or from liquid to solid. To attempt to hold these to contradictory ideas, of permanence and mutability, in the brain at the same time is usefully difficult, for it makes the individual feel at once valuable and superfluous. You become aware of yourself as constituted of nothing more than endlessly convertible matter - but also of always being perpetuated in some form. Such knowledge grants us comfortless immortality: an understanding that our bodies belong to a limitless cycle of dispersal and reconstruction. #Quote by Robert Macfarlane
Mutual Understanding quotes by Richard J. Foster
#56. Confession is a difficult Discipline for us because we all too often view the believing community as a fellowship of saints before we see it as a fellowship of sinners. We feel that everyone else has advanced so far into holiness that we are isolated and alone in our sin. We cannot bear to reveal our failures and shortcomings to others. We imagine that we are the only ones who have not stepped onto the high road to heaven. Therefore, we hide ourselves from one another and live in veiled lies and hypocrisy.
But if we know that the people of God are first a fellowship of sinners, we are freed to hear the unconditional call of God's love and to confess our needs openly before our brothers and sisters. We know we are not alone in our sin. The fear and pride that cling to us like barnacles cling to others also. We are sinners together. In acts of mutual confession we release the power that heals. Our humanity is no longer denied, but transformed. #Quote by Richard J. Foster
Mutual Understanding quotes by Colin Wilson
#57. Modern man has the possibility of understanding the mechanism of consciousness, and marching directly towards his objective, with the will flexed to its maximum efficiency. #Quote by Colin Wilson
Mutual Understanding quotes by Sadako Ogata
#58. Japan should get more involved in mediating disputes between countries and seek to play the role of a peace broker. To make this possible, we must train people so they have a solid understanding of international politics and great negotiation skills. #Quote by Sadako Ogata
Mutual Understanding quotes by Toni Jerrman
#59. The editor needs to put his own life on hold for the better of the magazine, the crew, and the readers. And to have a bigger vision of the magazine's style and an understanding that every [issue] should be well-balanced and hopefully surprising. To have a pink wall with a door of perception where he can bang his head on. #Quote by Toni Jerrman
Mutual Understanding quotes by Christopher Michael Cillizza
#60. If you have ever sat in a focus group in a swing state, you are 100% certain that most soft partisans make up their minds on who to vote for based on things that are totally outside of an understanding of issues. #Quote by Christopher Michael Cillizza
Mutual Understanding quotes by Barnaby Legg
#61. I guess at some point we fell in love, whatever that means. What the fuck is love anyway? Is it mutual dependance; two bipolar opposites bringing their failings together, making a comprehensive hole? Is it needing someone around all the time, just to feel like yourself? Is it a form of madness - all those cells & neurons giggling like moon-happy coyotes? Is it missing someone, feeling a physical craving for them, even when they are lying right next to you? Yes, I guess we fell in love. #Quote by Barnaby Legg
Mutual Understanding quotes by Maya Tiwari
#62. When people come to me, they come usually for spiritual blessings, they come for the heart to be opened, because if it's not, we're not going to be able to channel our way through the course, and I think that most people know that there is that understanding that something has to open within us before we begin to resolve our problems, and so it is at all levels that they come. #Quote by Maya Tiwari
Mutual Understanding quotes by Cassandra Clare
#63. You think of me that way because you look at me and at what I do through the lens of your mundane understanding of the world. Mundane humans create distinctions between themselves, distinctions that seem ridiculous to any Shadowhunter. Their distinctions are based on race, religion, nation identity, any of a dozen more irrelevant markers, To mundanes they seem logical, for though mundanes connote see, understand, or acknowledge the demon worlds, still somewhere found buried in their ancient memories, they know that there are those that walk this earth and are other. That do not belong, that mean only harm and destruction. Since the demon threat is invisible to mundanes, they must assign the threat to others of their own kind. They place the face of their enemy onto the face of their neighbor, and thus are generations of misery assured. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Mutual Understanding quotes by Thomas Chalmers
#64. The human mind feels restless and dissatisfied under the anxieties of ignorance. It longs for the repose of conviction; and to gain this repose it will often rather precipitate its conclusions than wait for the tardy lights of observation and experiment. There is such a thing, too, as the love of simplicity and system,
a prejudice of the understanding which disposes it to include all the phenomena of nature under a few sweeping generalities,
an indolence which loves to repose on the beauties of a theory rather than encounter the fatiguing detail of its evidences. #Quote by Thomas Chalmers
Mutual Understanding quotes by Drew Endy
#65. Biological engineering is not necessarily understanding systems but rather, I want to be able to design and build biological systems to perform particular applications. #Quote by Drew Endy
Mutual Understanding quotes by Brenda Walker
#66. Empathy, the way that we can place ourselves, imaginatively, in the position of another person, is at the heart of what we do as readers, as people striving for a generous understanding of one another. #Quote by Brenda Walker
Mutual Understanding quotes by Italo Calvino
#67. In the lives of emperors there is a moment which follows pride in the boundless extension of the territories we have conquered, and the melancholy and relief of knowing we shall soon give up any thought of knowing and understanding them. There is a sense of emptiness that comes over us at evening, with the odor of the elephants after the rain and the sandalwood ashes growing cold in the braziers, a dizziness that makes rivers and mountains tremble on the fallow curves of the planispheres where they are portrayed, and rolls up, one after the other, the despatches announcing to us the collapse of the last enemy troops, from defeat to defeat, and flakes the wax of seals of obscure kings who beseech our armies' protection, offering in exchange annual tributes of precious metals, tanned hides, and tortoise shell. It is the desperate moment when we discover that this empire, which had seemed to us the sum of all wonders, is an endless, formless ruin, that corruption's gangrene has spread too far to be healed by our scepter, that the triumph over enemy sovereigns has made us the heirs of their long undoing. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#68. Is it not very important, while we are young, to be loved and to love? It seems to me that most of us neither love nor are loved. And I think it is essential, while we are young, to understand this problem very seriously because it may be that while we are young, we can be sensitive enough to feel it, to know its quality, to know its perfume and perhaps, when we grow older, it will not be entirely destroyed. So, let us consider the question - that is, not that you should not be loved, but that you should love. What does it mean? Is it an ideal? Is it something far away, unattainable? Or is it something that can be felt by each one at odd moments of the day?

To feel it, to be aware, to know the quality of sympathy, the quality of understanding, to help naturally, to aid another without any motive, to be kind, to be generous, to have sympathy, to care for something, to care for a dog, to be sympathetic to the villager, to be generous to your friend, to be forgiving, is that what we mean by love? Or is love something in which there is no sense of resentment, something which is everlasting forgiveness?

And is it not possible while we are young, to feel it? Most of us, while we are young, do feel it - a sense of outward agony, sympathy to the villager, to the dog, to those who are little. And should it not be constantly tended? Should you not always have some part of the day when you are helping another or tending a tree or garden or helping in the house or #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Mutual Understanding quotes by Donald A. Norman
#69. Too many companies believe that all they must do is provide a 'neat' technology or some 'cool' product or, sometimes, just good, solid engineering. Nope. All of those are desirable (and solid engineering is a must), but there is much more to a successful product than that: understanding how the product is to be used, design, engineering, positioning, marketing, branding-all matter. It requires designing the Total User Experience. #Quote by Donald A. Norman
Mutual Understanding quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#70. Experience having long taught me the reasonableness of mutual sacrifices of opinion among those who are to act together for any common object, and the expediency of doing what good we can; when we cannot do all we would wish. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Mutual Understanding quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#71. Would I fortify myself against the fear of death, it must be at the expense of Seneca: would I extract consolation for myself or my friend, I must borrow it from Cicero. I might have found it in myself, had I been trained to make use of my own reason. I do not like this relative and mendicant understanding; for though we could become learned by other men's learning, a man can never be wise but by his own wisdom. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Mutual Understanding quotes by Joss Whedon
#72. Especially, I think, living in any fantasy or science fiction world means really understanding what you're seeing and reading really densely on a level that a lot of people don't bother to read. #Quote by Joss Whedon
Mutual Understanding quotes by Edward W. Said
#73. The secular world is the world of history as made by human beings. Human agency is subject to investigation and analysis, which it is the mission of understanding to apprehend, criticize, influence, and judge. Above all, critical thought does not submit to state power or to commands to join in the ranks marching against one or another approved enemy. Rather than the manufactured clash of civilizations, we need to concentrate on the slow working together of cultures that overlap, borrow from each other, and live together in far more interesting ways than any abridged or inauthentic mode of understanding can allow. But for that kind of wider perception we need time and patient and skeptical inquiry, supported by faith in communities of interpretation that are difficult to sustain in a world demanding instant action and reaction. #Quote by Edward W. Said
Mutual Understanding quotes by Gary Becker
#74. I am saying that the economic approach provides a valuable unified framework for understanding all human behaviour #Quote by Gary Becker
Mutual Understanding quotes by Kiera Van Gelder
#75. So at family gatherings ... I try to stick to the acceptable script. Indeed, I discover that the less I say, the happier everyone seems to be with me. I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't have been better off as a paraplegic or afflicted by some tragic form of cancer. The invisibility and periodicity of my disorder, along with how often I border on normalcy, allows them to evade my need for their understanding. And because our most enduring family heirloom is avoidance and denial of pain and suffering, I don't need much prompting to shut myself down in their presence. #Quote by Kiera Van Gelder
Mutual Understanding quotes by Upton Sinclair
#76. It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it. #Quote by Upton Sinclair
Mutual Understanding quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#77. It might sound contrary to the wisdom of the world to suggest that one who is burdened with sorrow should give thanks to God. But those who set aside the bottle of bitterness and lift instead the goblet of gratitude can find a purifying drink of healing, peace, and understanding. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Mutual Understanding quotes by Cordelia Fine
#78. In the statistical gargon used in psychology, p refers to the probability that the difference you see between two groups (of introverts and extroverts, say, or males and females) could have occurred by chance. As a general rule, psychologists report a difference between two groups as 'significant' if the probability that it could have occurred by chance is 1 in 20, or less. The possibility of getting significant results by chance is a problem in any area of research, but it's particularly acute for sex differences research. Supppose, for example, you're a neuroscientist interested in what parts of the brain are involved in mind reading. You get fifteen participants into a scanner and ask them to guess the emotion of people in photographs. Since you have both males and females in your group, you rin a quick check to ensure that the two groups' brains respond in the same way. They do. What do you do next? Most likely, you publish your results without mentioning gender at all in your report (except to note the number of male and female participants). What you don't do is publish your findings with the title "No Sex Differences in Neural Circuitry Involved in Understanding Others' Minds." This is perfectly reasonable. After all, you weren't looking for gender difference and there were only small numbers of each sex in your study. But remember that even if males and females, overall, respond the same way on a task, five percent of studies investigating this question will throw up #Quote by Cordelia Fine
Mutual Understanding quotes by Lionel Trilling
#79. We live, understandably enough, with the sense of urgency; our clock, like Baudelaire's, has had the hands removed and bears the legend, "It is later than you think." But with us it is always a little too late for mind, yet never too late for honest stupidity; always a little too late for understanding, never too late for righteous, bewildered wrath; always too late for thought, never too late for naïve moralizing. We seem to like to condemn our finest but not our worst qualities by pitting them against the exigency of time. #Quote by Lionel Trilling
Mutual Understanding quotes by John Gorrie
#80. The wonderful structure of the animal system will probably never permit us to look upon it as a merely physical apparatus, yet the demands of science require that the evidently magnified principles of vitality should be reduced to their natural spheres, or if truth requires, wholly subverted in favor of those more cognizable by the human understanding. The spirit of the age will not tolerate in the devotee of science a quiet indifference ... #Quote by John Gorrie
Mutual Understanding quotes by David Blunkett
#81. Speaking for the nation as a whole entails understanding and feeling the pain, as well as understanding the aspiration of the different cultural, social and political make-up of the nation. #Quote by David Blunkett
Mutual Understanding quotes by Mala Naidoo
#82. Colonialism had its way with making us believe we were inadequate, if we mimicked the lifestyle and values it upheld, we were embraced with open arms. - "Vindication Across Time #Quote by Mala Naidoo
Mutual Understanding quotes by Thomas Armstrong
#83. From the standpoint of education, genius means essentially 'giving birth to the joy in learning.' I'd like to suggest that this is the central task of all educators. It is the genius of the student that is the driving force behind all learning. Before educators take on any of the other important issues in learning, they must first have a thorough understanding of what lies at the core of each student's intrinsic motivation to learn, and that motivation originates in each student's genius. #Quote by Thomas Armstrong
Mutual Understanding quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
#84. If you want to understand the inner workings of the human mind, read good fiction. #Quote by Bangambiki Habyarimana
Mutual Understanding quotes by Rod McKuen
#85. To understand others you should get behind their eyes and walk down their spines. #Quote by Rod McKuen
Mutual Understanding quotes by Colleen Coble
#86. Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. - Isaiah 40:28 #Quote by Colleen Coble
Mutual Understanding quotes by Jonathan Goldman
#87. Knowing how you want to use music is extremely important, as is understanding the potential psychological and physiological effects that are inherent in the music. Slow pulsed New Age music is excellent, of course, for relaxation but it's not ideal for dancing. Yet, if dancing (and the extraordinary energy release found by dancing) is desired, slow New Age music is not ideal. What is your purpose for using a specific piece of music? Is it for meditation, guided imagery, dance, deep recollection, or for emotional release?

Realizing that every type of music has the ability to resonate with us on many different levels, it is possible that any type of music can have positive results. We should be open-minded about all music and the possible transformative and therapeutic results that can occur from it. #Quote by Jonathan Goldman
Mutual Understanding quotes by Brianna Wiest
#88. Today may be your last chance to be you, someone you forgot to completely immerse yourself in because you were too worried about the details. The details that, no matter how many times you thought them through, brought you no closer to understanding. They just tied up your mind and prevented you from really letting in the things you love. Your demon that is standing before the beautiful floodgate and is keeping you in a dehydrated nothingness.
Give him permission to walk away. He is not your keeper. You are his. #Quote by Brianna Wiest
Mutual Understanding quotes by Johan Santana
#89. I used to be hyper, throw crazy and not think about what I wanted to do with each pitch. Now I have a better understanding of what it is to be a major league pitcher. #Quote by Johan Santana
Mutual Understanding quotes by Isadore Sharp
#90. Great companies first build a culture of discipline . . . and create a business model that fits squarely in the intersection of three circles: what they can be best in the world at, a deep understanding of their economic engine, and the core values they hold with deep passion. #Quote by Isadore Sharp
Mutual Understanding quotes by John Cage
#91. We are involved in a life that passes understanding and our highest business is our daily life. #Quote by John Cage
Mutual Understanding quotes by Gichin Funakoshi
#92. The correct understanding of Karate and its proper use is Karate-do. One who truly trains in this do [way] and actually understands Karate-do is never easily drawn into a fight. #Quote by Gichin Funakoshi
Mutual Understanding quotes by Terry Fallis
#93. A life without challenge, a life without hardship, a life without purpose, seems pale and pointless. With challenge come perseverance and gumption. With hardship come resilience and resolve. With purpose come strength and understanding. #Quote by Terry Fallis
Mutual Understanding quotes by Abbas Kiarostami
#94. People have curiosity, they have intelligence, they have interest in understanding their peers. But producers and directors of cinema have decided that the seats in the theaters have been made to transform people's minds to lazy minds. #Quote by Abbas Kiarostami
Mutual Understanding quotes by Prem Jagyasi
#95. Having a better knowledge of yourself should make you more tolerant and understanding. You should learn to communicate in such a way that your values never come into conflict with those of the people around you. #Quote by Prem Jagyasi
Mutual Understanding quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#96. Dear God, help him and help the mother . . . help all mothers everywhere. We need so much help, with the little sensitive, loving hearts and minds that look to us for guidance and love and understanding. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery

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