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Musical Score quotes by Saul D. Alinsky
#1. Conflict is the essential core of a free and open society. If one were to project the democratic way of life in the form of a musical score, its major theme would be the harmony of dissonance. #Quote by Saul D. Alinsky
Musical Score quotes by Ellen F. Davis
#2. Scriptural interpretation is properly an ecclesial activity whose goal is to participate in the reality of which the text speaks by bending the knee to worship the God revealed in Jesus Christ. Through Scripture the church receives the good news of the inbreaking kingdom of God and, in turn, proclaims the message of reconciliation. Scripture is like a musical score that must be played or sung in order to be understood; therefore, the church interprets Scripture by forming communities of prayer, service, and faithful witness. #Quote by Ellen F. Davis
Musical Score quotes by Sue Grafton
#3. The problem with real life is there's no musical score. In movies, you know you're in danger because there's an ominous chord underlining the scene, #Quote by Sue Grafton
Musical Score quotes by Will Jelbert
#4. Just as music is a natural way to empathy, music can also be a way to open you to compassion. Have you ever felt your inner strings being tugged when a musical score is introduced at a critical point in a movie, depicting the suffering of someone else? Charities do well when they are able to shortcut to our compassion with the right music in their advertisements. They do well by getting you to resonate to their tune, and then ask you to own their problems with them. #Quote by Will Jelbert
Musical Score quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#5. We know, but cannot grasp, that above and below, beyond the limits of perception or imagination, thousands of millions of simultaneous transformations are at work, interlinked like a musical score by mathematical counterpoint ... a symphony ... but we lack the ears to hear it. #Quote by Stanislaw Lem
Musical Score quotes by James Wan
#6. For me, the sound design and the musical score is a big part of what makes scary movies work. #Quote by James Wan
Musical Score quotes by Anonymous
#7. The man has accumulated a repertoire of facial tics and blinks that demand nothing less than a complete musical score by Stravinsky. #Quote by Anonymous
Musical Score quotes by Anne Waldman
#8. The text for me is the musical score. I'm the instrument. My voice is the instrument. My voice is articulating the sounds which are coming through the imaginings and visitations in my head, and I'm making these sounds but I've selected them from an ocean of sound. #Quote by Anne Waldman
Musical Score quotes by Mario Livio
#9. An interesting question is whether symmetry with respect to translation, and indeed reflection and rotation too, is limited to the visual arts, or may be exhibited by other artistic forms, such as pieces of music. Evidently, if we refer to the sounds, rather than to the layout of the written musical score, we would have to define symmetry operations in terms other than purely geometrical, just as we did in the case of the palindromes. Once we do that, however, the answer to the question, Can we find translation-symmetric music? is a resounding yes. As Russian crystal physicist G. V. Wulff wrote in 1908: "The spirit of music is rhythm. It consists of the regular, periodic repetition of parts of the musical composition...the regular repetition of identical parts in the whole constitutes the essence of symmetry." Indeed, the recurring themes that are so common in musical composition are the temporal equivalents of Morris's designs and symmetry under translation. Even more generally, compositions are often based on a fundamental motif introduced at the beginning and then undergoing various metamorphoses. #Quote by Mario Livio
Musical Score quotes by Suzy Davies
#10. In the dusky blue of Autumn, I'll see your face, when fireworks are flying high, high above. The stars in the sky are notes to a musical score. I want to dance with you. There are a thousand colors in your voice #Quote by Suzy Davies
Musical Score quotes by Dean Koontz
#11. It is the nature of a nine-year-old mind to believe that each extreme experience signifies a lasting change in the quality of life henceforth. A bad day raises the expectation of a long chain of grim days through dismal decades, and a day of joy inspires an almost giddy certainty that the years thereafter will be marked by endless blessings. In fact, time teaches us that the musical score of life oscillates between that of Psycho and that of The Sound of Music, with by far the greatest number of our days lived to the strains of an innocuous and modestly budgeted picture, sometimes a romance sometimes a like comedy sometimes a little art film of puzzling purpose and elusive meeting. Yet I've known adults who live forever in that odd conviction of nine-year-olds. Because I am an optimist and always have been, the expectation of continued joy comes more easily to me than pessimism, which was especially true during that period of my childhood. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Musical Score quotes by Peter Riegert
#12. There is a temptation for an actor to editorialize what they're doing. And you can't do that with Pinter. It's almost like a musical score. His lines are so specific, but they can mean different things to different people, like an alternating current. #Quote by Peter Riegert
Musical Score quotes by Ethel Smyth
#13. The writer must resist this temptation [to quote] and do his best with his own tools. It would be most convenient for us musicians if, arrived at a given emotional crisis in our work, we could simply stick in a few bars of Brahms or Schubert. Indeed many composers have no hesitation in so doing. But I have never heard the practice defended; possibly because that hideous symbol of petty larceny, the inverted comma, cannot well be worked into a musical score. #Quote by Ethel Smyth
Musical Score quotes by Julie Klassen
#14. The schoolroom . . . Olivia had always adored its confines and endless horizons. The melodious purr of the teacher's voice rising up and down her lessons like a musical score. And the sight of book spines--black, blue, green--lined up side by side like London townhouses. Each leather rectangle a gift waiting to be opened and explored and savored. #Quote by Julie Klassen
Musical Score quotes by Robert Lax
#15. because yes – he likes to 'write' – but to 'do' – to do a particular thing – perhaps on paper (perhaps on canvas – perhaps in stone – perhaps, perhaps in a musical score) – a thing that will stand, a thing that will bear (that will sustain) repeated contemplation: a thing that will sustain long contemplation, and that will (in a 'deep' enough way) reward the beholder. #Quote by Robert Lax
Musical Score quotes by T. Jefferson Kline
#16. It was during this period of work that Varda began to conceive a more theoretical approach to her art. She says, "[My work] deals with this question, 'What is cinema?' through how I found specific cinematic ways of telling what I was telling. I could have told you the same things that are in the film by just talking to you for six hours. But instead I found shapes" (Warwick). To give a name to her very particular and personal search for a cinematic language, Varda coined the term cinécriture. As she explains to Jean Decock: "When you write a musical score, someone else can play it, it's a sign. When an architect draws up a detailed floor plan, anyone can build his house. But for me, there's no way I could write a scenario that someone else could shoot, since the scenario doesn't represent the writing of the film." Later she would clarify, "The cutting, the movement, the points-of-view, the rhythm of filming and editing have been felt and considered in the way a writer chooses the depth of meaning of sentences, the type of words, number of adverbs, paragraphs, asides, chapters which advance the story or break its flow, etc. In writing its called style. In the cinema, style is cinécriture." (Varda par Agnès [1994], 14). #Quote by T. Jefferson Kline
Musical Score quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#17. Love is like a musical score, sometimes very tuneful, creating a harmony of sounds, sometimes extremely harsh, striking a hell of false notes. ("Love lying fallow ") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Musical Score quotes by Ann Zwinger
#18. Unkar Delta at Mile 73
The layers of brick red sandstone, siltstone, and mudstone of the Dox formation deposited a billion years ago, erode easily, giving the landscape an open, rolling character very different that the narrow, limestone walled canyon upstream, both in lithology and color, fully fitting Van Dyke's description of "raspberry-red color, tempered with a what-not of mauve, heliotrope, and violet." Sediments flowing in from the west formed deltas, floodplains, and tidal flats, which indurated into these fine-grained sedimentary rocks thinly laid deposits of a restful sea, lined with shadows as precise as the staves of a musical score, ribboned layers, an elegant alteration of quiet siltings and delicious lappings, crinkled water compressed, solidified, lithified. #Quote by Ann Zwinger
Musical Score quotes by Haruki Murakami
#19. Our lives are like a complex musical score. Filled with all sorts of cryptic writing, sixteenth and thirty-second notes and other strange signs. It's next to impossible to correctly interpret these, and even if you could, and could then transpose them into the correct sounds, there's no guarantee that people would correctly understand, or appreciate, the meaning therein. No guarantee it would make people happy. Why must the workings of people's lives be so convoluted? #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Musical Score quotes by Bill Watterson
#20. I thought my life would seem more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Musical Score quotes by Stanisław Lem
#21. The human mind is only capable of absorbing a few things at a time. We see what is taking place in front of us in the here and now, and cannot envisage simultaneously a succession of processes, no matter how integrated and complementary. Our faculties of perception are consequently limited even as regards fairly simple phenomena. The fate of a single man can be rich with significance, that of a few hundred less so, but the history of thousands and millions of men does not mean anything at all, in any adequate sense of the word. The symmetriad is a million - a billion, rather - raised to the power of N: it is incomprehensible. We pass through vast halls, each with a capacity of ten Kronecker units, and creep like so many ants clinging to the folds of breathing vaults and craning to watch the flight of soaring girders, opalescent in the glare of searchlights, and elastic domes which criss-cross and balance each other unerringly, the perfection of a moment, since everything here passes and fades. The essence of this architecture is movement synchronized towards a precise objective. We observe a fraction of the process, like hearing the vibration of a single string in an orchestra of supergiants. We know, but cannot grasp, that above and below, beyond the limits of perception or imagination, thousands and millions of simultaneous transformations are at work, interlinked like a musical score by mathematical counterpoint. It has been described as a symphony in geometry, but we lack #Quote by Stanisław Lem
Musical Score quotes by Dean Koontz
#22. In fact, time teaches us that the musical score of life oscillates between that of Psycho and that of The Sound of Music, with by far the greatest number of our days lived to the strains of an innocuous and modestly budgeted picture, sometimes a romance, sometimes a light comedy, sometimes a little art film of puzzling purpose and elusive meaning. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Musical Score quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#23. The object we call a book is not the real book, but its potential, like a musical score or seed. It exists fully only in the act of being read; and its real home is in the head of the reader, where the symphony resounds, the seed germinates.A book is a heart that beats in the chest of another. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Musical Score quotes by N. T. Wright
#24. Our task is to implement Jesus' unique achievement. We are like the musicians called to play and sing the unique and once-only-written musical score. We don't have to write it again, but we have to play it. Or, in the image Paul uses in I Corinthians 3, we are now in the position of young architects discovering a wonderful foundation already laid by a master architect and having to work out what sort of building was intended. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Musical Score quotes by John Cage
#25. Which is more musical, a truck passing by a factory or a truck
passing by a music school?
Are the people inside the school musical and the ones outside unmusical?
What if the ones inside can't hear very well, would that change my question? #Quote by John Cage
Musical Score quotes by Sherman Alexie
#26. Here's the score. Once a thing tastes blood, it will come for more. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Musical Score quotes by Ric Ocasek
#27. Sometimes you want to run away, sometimes you think you do, but you never had a dream like this before and you don't want to ask for more, sometimes you leave a mark before you know the score. #Quote by Ric Ocasek
Musical Score quotes by Alejandro Amenabar
#28. Sometimes a piece of music in the score isn't effective. When a score is too well finished with too many elements, sometimes it's too much. #Quote by Alejandro Amenabar
Musical Score quotes by Wayne Rooney
#29. I want to score in every game and win things. That's the most important thing. #Quote by Wayne Rooney
Musical Score quotes by J.M. Coetzee
#30. A few days ago I heard a performance of the Sibelius fifth symphony. As the closing bars approached, I experienced exactly the large, swelling emotion that the music was written to elicit. What would it have been like, I wondered, to be a Finn in the audience at the first performance of the symphony in Helsinki nearly a century ago, and feel that swell overtake one? The answer: one would have felt proud, proud that one of us could put together such sounds, proud that out of nothing we human beings can make such stuff. Contrast with that one´s feelings of shame that we, our people, have made Guantanamo. Musical creation on the one hand, a machine for inflicting pain and humiliation on the other: the best and the worst that human beings are capable of. #Quote by J.M. Coetzee
Musical Score quotes by Charlie Higson
#31. He was a different person now, and not a better one, Oh, he could fight, he could swat sickos like flies; he was a bloody hero, wasn't he? He was Death himself. Riding a bike. But in the end, all he was doing was adding to the score of the dead. Was that all a hero was, then? A killing machine without a heart? #Quote by Charlie Higson
Musical Score quotes by Carli Lloyd
#32. I'm hearing in youth sports where you're not allowed to post scores of games online; everybody's gotta get a trophy. I mean, that's ridiculous. If you're a winner, you're a winner and you get a trophy. If you got second place, you don't get anything. #Quote by Carli Lloyd
Musical Score quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#33. My dad was a fairy," said Zach. "And by that I don't mean he dressed well and enjoyed musical theatre. #Quote by Ben Aaronovitch
Musical Score quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#34. There had been an uprising by the Bondelswaartz in 1922, and general turmoil in the country. His radio experiments interrupted, he sought refuge, along with a few score other whites, in the villa of a local landowner named Foppl. The place was a stronghold, cut off on all sides by deep ravines. After a few months of siege and debauchery, "haunted by a profound disgust for everything European," Mondaugen went out alone into the bush, ended up living with the Ovatjimba, the aardvark people, who are the poorest of the Hereros. They accepted him with no questions. He thought of himself, there and here, as a radio transmitter of some kind, and believed that whatever he was broadcasting at the time was at least no threat to them. In his electro-mysticism, the triode was as basic as the cross in Christianity. Think of the ego, the self that suffers a personal history bound to time, as the grid. The deeper and true Self is the flow between cathode and plate. The constant, pure flow. Signals - sense data, feeling, memories relocating - are put onto the grid, and modulate the flow. We live lives that are waveforms constantly changing with time, now positive, now negative. Only at moments of great serenity is it possible to find the pure, the informationless state of signal zero.

"In the name of the cathode, the anode, and the holy grid. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Musical Score quotes by Karl Barth
#35. With an ear open to your musical dialectic, one can be young and become old, can work and rest, be content and sad: in short, one can live. #Quote by Karl Barth
Musical Score quotes by Hugh Jackman
#36. I'm doing a new musical on Broadway, which opens in October called 'The Boy from Oz,' where I play Peter Allen. For those of you who don't know, he became first famous in America for marrying Liza Minelli. #Quote by Hugh Jackman
Musical Score quotes by Stewart Copeland
#37. That's the great thing about music. If you played it, it's correct. The worst musical train wreck hurts absolutely no one. It's all part of the show. In fact it's how we get to the great stuff. There is no penalty for skating on the edge or throwing ourselves off the cliff. So we do. #Quote by Stewart Copeland
Musical Score quotes by James Wallace
#38. Even as a child Gates had an obsessive personality and a compulsive need to be the best. "Any school assignment, be it playing a musical instrument or writing papers, whatever, he would do at any or all hours of the day". #Quote by James Wallace
Musical Score quotes by Bobby Marhamat
#40. Life is a game and there are many ways to keep score. Stick with your gut, reward your hard work with hard play, and you'll find yourself on top of the leaderboards. Building a brand is all about the vision and drive that goes into your day - both professionally and socially. #Quote by Bobby Marhamat
Musical Score quotes by Plato
#41. Education in music is most sovereign because more than anything else rhythm and harmony find their way to the innermost soul and take strongest hold upon it #Quote by Plato
Musical Score quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#42. I bet I've led a more virtuous life than you."
"First, darlin', that's not saying much. Second, getting to a higher spiritual level is like increasing your credit score. You get a lot more points for sinning and repenting than if you have no credit history at all."

-Ella & Jack #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Musical Score quotes by John Merrow
#43. You have to remember, we may be the only nation, the only one I know of, that uses test scores not to assess kids, but to assess teachers. I think we're unique in doing that. #Quote by John Merrow
Musical Score quotes by Ingeborg Bachmann
#44. I think of you, of the lake, of the city, of the burning days on the shore, in the sand, of the shadowy paths, of the musical breath of the air. The water is quiet, blue, I'd like to lie in a boat in the reeds, I don't want to speak, everything around me will tell you what I'm sensing. #Quote by Ingeborg Bachmann
Musical Score quotes by Brett Somers
#45. My musical director, Mark Cherry, is the most wonderful person who ever lived on God's good green Earth. He's my director, he does the arrangements. Really, he does everything - including certain janitorial chores! #Quote by Brett Somers
Musical Score quotes by Michael Redd
#46. I know the next level for me is to make my teammates better, to win a championship, and to where they have confidence that they can score 20 or 15 points a night and be consistent. #Quote by Michael Redd
Musical Score quotes by Rick Warren
#47. Life is not fair, but one day God's going to settle the score. He's going to right the wrongs. So, who can get better justice - you or God? #Quote by Rick Warren
Musical Score quotes by Alex Ferguson
#48. I was doing all the coaching schools so that I'd be able to stay in the game, and I gave myself a chance by doing that. I was only an average player, could score a goal or two, that sort of thing, but I wasn't a Bobby Charlton or a Messi, or Ronaldo. There are very, very few really great players who have become great coaches. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Musical Score quotes by Waylon Jennings
#49. Did ole Hank really do it this way? #Quote by Waylon Jennings
Musical Score quotes by E. Haldeman-Julius
#50. Fortunately, there are old terrors and powers that religion no longer can exercise so effectively as it did only a few score years ago. But the atmosphere and the attitude of bigotry remain. If religion cannot ordinarily invoke the armed force of law to punish heretics, it still plays upon the psychology of fear and predominantly its influence is to frighten men and distort their views and poison every process of their reasoning. #Quote by E. Haldeman-Julius
Musical Score quotes by Tod Machover
#51. I started thinking, my gosh, all this sophisticated software for measuring how Yo-Yo plays, and how he moves and this technique of the bow, I should be able to use similar techniques for measuring the way anybody moves, and so somebody who is not a professional or a trained musician, I should be able to make a musical environment for them. #Quote by Tod Machover
Musical Score quotes by Kate Hudson
#52. I sometimes feel like when you're talking to boys, they just hear certain keywords ... But if you had a bubble above their head, they'd be thinking about game scores, masturbation and food. #Quote by Kate Hudson
Musical Score quotes by Nick Blaemire
#53. In terms of theater itself, no story is too strange or method of telling it too impossible these days. In many ways, musical theater has caught up with straight theater in that it's allowed more surreality and breaking of form, and that's really exciting to me - the challenge is getting people to produce those shows. #Quote by Nick Blaemire
Musical Score quotes by Rachel Bloom
#54. Sometimes I write music, sometimes I don't. I think I'm just writing more what's close to my heart, and musical stuff is close to my heart, and it's fun to write, and when something's fun to write you don't think about what statement you're trying to make or what genre you're trying to hone in on. #Quote by Rachel Bloom
Musical Score quotes by Jonathan Groff
#55. Musical auditions are always the worst because you have to sing and act, and that's so stressful. #Quote by Jonathan Groff
Musical Score quotes by Cath Crowley
#56. We said it was for art's sake. we said the more people who knew, the more chance the cops'd pick us up. We said it was you and me, no crew.'
Are you I didn'nt say it was to score girls? #Quote by Cath Crowley
Musical Score quotes by Paul Weller
#57. Most people my age, their musical life ended in the '80s. They stick with what they know. But my tastes are much broader. And I don't want to stop learning. #Quote by Paul Weller
Musical Score quotes by John Blacking
#58. We must ask why apparently general musical abilities should be restricted to a chosen few in societies supposed to be culturally more advanced. Does cultural development represent a real advance in human sensitivity, or is it chiefly a diversion for elites and a weapon of class exploitation? #Quote by John Blacking
Musical Score quotes by JohnA Passaro
#59. Yesterday while I was on the side of the mat next to some wrestlers who were warming up for their next match, I found myself standing side by side next to an extraordinary wrestler.
He was warming up and he had that look of desperation on his face that wrestlers get when their match is about to start and their coach is across the gym coaching on another mat in a match that is already in progress.
"Hey do you have a coach." I asked him.

"He's not here right now." He quietly answered me ready to take on the task of wrestling his opponent alone.

"Would you mind if I coached you?"

His face tilted up at me with a slight smile and said. "That would be great."
Through the sounds of whistles and yelling fans I heard him ask me what my name was.

"My name is John." I replied.

"Hi John, I am Nishan" he said while extending his hand for a handshake.
He paused for a second and then he said to me: "John I am going to lose this match".

He said that as if he was preparing me so I wouldn't get hurt when my coaching skills didn't work magic with him today.

I just said, "Nishan - No score of a match will ever make you a winner. You are already a winner by stepping onto that mat."
With that he just smiled and slowly ran on to the mat, ready for battle, but half knowing what the probable outcome would be.
When you first see Nishan you will notice that his legs are frail - very frail. So f #Quote by JohnA Passaro
Musical Score quotes by Harold Prince
#60. One thing is certain: We can't go back. The musical will never be the same as it was. #Quote by Harold Prince
Musical Score quotes by Amy Plum
#61. Our lips brushed,and I felt like a chord had been struck inside me, and my body was humming with a pure musical note. #Quote by Amy Plum
Musical Score quotes by John Wooden
#62. The score will take care of itself when you take care of the effort that precedes the score. #Quote by John Wooden
Musical Score quotes by Jade Hassoune
#63. I play piano (bit of guitar) and I sing and I love to jam and harmonize with other musical people. #Quote by Jade Hassoune
Musical Score quotes by Ken Liu
#64. The Allatians believe that they have a writing system superior to all others. Unlike books written in alphabets, syllabaries, or logograms, an Allatian book captures not only words, but also the writer's tone, voice, inflection, emphasis, intonation, rhythm. It is simultaneously a score and a recording. A speech sounds like a speech, a lament a lament, and a story re-creates perfectly the teller's breathless excitement. For the Allatians, reading is literally hearing the voice of the past.

But there is a cost to the beauty of the Allatian book. Because the act of reading requires physical contact with the soft, malleable surface, each time a text is read, it is also damaged and some aspects of the original irretrievably lost. Copies made of more durable materials inevitably fail to capture all the subtleties of the writer's voice, and are thus shunned.

In order to preserve their literary heritage, the Allatians have to lock away their most precious manuscripts in forbidding libraries where few are granted access. Ironically, the most important and beautiful works of Allatian writers are rarely read, but are known only through interpretations made by scribes who attempt to reconstruct the original in new books after hearing the source read at special ceremonies. #Quote by Ken Liu
Musical Score quotes by Natalia Tena
#65. My love of music comes from as long as I remember. I begged my mum to learn piano for a year when I was 4; she wanted to make sure I was serious, and I wanted to be Chuck Berry when I grew up! We were a very musical family; my mum would play guitar, and her, my dad and aunt would sing and harmonize! #Quote by Natalia Tena

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