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Musical Chairs quotes by Louise Westerhout
#1. are important sources of emotional, creative and spiritual nourishment for me. It seems there is never enough space at our kitchen table; the children need a surface to draw on, between the flowers and fruit bowls, and sometimes it feels like a game of musical chairs to seat everyone #Quote by Louise Westerhout
Musical Chairs quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#2. If you truly loved someone and they couldn't be in your life you won't hurt them. You will pray for them. You will hope that they find their happiness and place in this world. You will want them to have the best life because love isn't about possession, fear or desperation. When you have a grasp on eternity you don't need to feel time is running out. Time is all you have. Love isn't a game of musical chairs--grab a partner and sit down. It is a search for the right fit for your soul and life purpose. In a life that never ends you will either find the one that sees you as much as you see them, 0r who knows? Maybe, if there are such things as soulmates, God will introduce you, but keep you far enough apart, until each of you fulfill something more important for your growth or God's plan. Regardless, when you can face eternity alone you will know what true love is and that letting go is not an insult to your soul. You can smile because the person you loved has your blessings of protection with them and God has your best interest also in mind. You will find that person to complete you because God wants you to, as much as you do. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Musical Chairs quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#3. Life is like playing musical chairs –– you never know when the music will stop." ~ #Quote by Frank Sonnenberg
Musical Chairs quotes by Neta Jackson
#4. Musical Chairs. Except I thought, when God's providing the music, everyone gets a chair. #Quote by Neta Jackson
Musical Chairs quotes by Haruki Murakami
#5. When the time comes, everybody's got to end up where they belong. Only me, I didn't have a place to call my own. It's like musical chairs. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Musical Chairs quotes by Jen Knox
#6. When the writing is good, a book becomes a mirror. The reader will see an uncanny familiarity and respond accordingly. #Quote by Jen Knox
Musical Chairs quotes by Justin Cronin
#7. It was as if I'd lost some cosmic game of musical chairs; the song had stopped, I was left standing, and there was simply nothing to be dine about it. #Quote by Justin Cronin
Musical Chairs quotes by Jarod Kintz
#8. Yeah, I enjoy musical chairs. My furniture is deaf, so it gets rather interesting. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Musical Chairs quotes by Daniel Suarez
#9. In the vast game of Darwinian musical chairs, whenever the music stopped there were large numbers of people without a seat - and some smartass had sold them guns. #Quote by Daniel Suarez
Musical Chairs quotes by Richard Corliss
#10. Musical chairs or Russian roulette? Sometimes there's as much tense drama in the casting of a Hollywood movie as there is in the finished product. #Quote by Richard Corliss
Musical Chairs quotes by Robin Sloan
#11. The whole economy suddenly felt like a game of musical chairs, and I was convinced I needed to grab a seat, any seat, as fast as I could. #Quote by Robin Sloan
Musical Chairs quotes by J.G. Ballard
#12. Tourism is the great soporific. It's a huge confidence trick, and gives people the dangerous idea that there's something interesting in their lives. It's musical chairs in reverse ... All the upgrades in existence lead to the same airports and resort hotels, the same pina colada bullshit. The tourists smile at their tans and their shiny teeth and think they're happy. But the suntans hide who they really are
salary slaves, with heads full of American rubbish. Travel is the last fantasy the 2oth Century left us, the delusion that going somewhere helps you reinvent yourself. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Musical Chairs quotes by Sherman Alexie
#13. I am always amused by those couples, lovers and spouses who perform and ask others to perform musical chairs whenever they, by random seat selection, are separated from each other.
"'Can you switch seats with me," a woman asks me, 'so I can sit with my husband?'
"'How dare you? How dare you ask me to change my life for you? How imperial. How colonial.'
"But, ah, here is the strange truth. Whenever I'm asked to trade seats for somebody else's love, I do. I always do. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Musical Chairs quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#14. Everybody in New York City knows there's way more cars than parking spaces. You see cars driving in New York all hours of the night. Its like musical chairs except everybody sat down around 1964. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Musical Chairs quotes by Kalyan Varadarajan
#15. Crush, Infatuation & Love are like Musical Chairs...we keep running around it until we realize that it was just one of those little feeling that kept us running around it!! #Quote by Kalyan Varadarajan
Musical Chairs quotes by Haruki Murakami
#16. Why'd you quit?"
"I guess I was fed up with the whole thing. But I gave it my best shot. Surprised myself, really. I learned to think about people other than me, but in the end I just got kicked around by a cop. The way I see it, sooner or later everyone returns to his post. Except yours truly. For me, it was a game of musical chairs -- there was no place I could call my own."
"So what'll you do now?"
The Rat toweled off his feet.
"I might write a novel," he said a moment later. "What do you think?"
"I think it's a great idea."
The Rat nodded.
"What kind of novel?"
"A good novel. From where I stand, anyway. I doubt I have any special talent for writing, but if I stick with it at least I can become more enlightened. Otherwise, what's the point, right?"
"So the novel will be for myself. Or maybe for the cicadas."
"The cicadas?"
"Yeah. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Musical Chairs quotes by Megan Abbott
#17. It's just nature," I point out, wiping my lab bench, the sweet smell of the ethanol solvent. "Put animals in a small, closed space, and the one with the sharpest nails, the pointiest teeth wins."
He gins. "Or maybe it's just like musical chairs?"
It's a luxury to view it so lightly. But I nod. It's best never to let them see your teeth. #Quote by Megan Abbott
Musical Chairs quotes by Meg Jay
#18. Dating for me in my twenties was like this musical-chairs thing. Everybody was running around and having fun. Then I hit thirty and it was like the music stopped and everybody started sitting down. I didn't want to be the only one left without a chair. Sometimes I think I married my husband just because he was the closest chair to me at thirty. Sometimes I think I should have just waited for someone who might be a better partner, and maybe I should have, but that seemed risky. What I really wish I'd done is thought more about marriage sooner. Like when I was in my twenties. #Quote by Meg Jay
Musical Chairs quotes by Jessica Savitch
#19. One reason I left local news was that I was tired of the constant musical chairs among news directors. #Quote by Jessica Savitch
Musical Chairs quotes by Holly Bourne
#20. Turning thirty is like playing musical chairs. The music stops and everyone just fucking marries whoever they happen to be sitting on. #Quote by Holly Bourne
Musical Chairs quotes by Julia Glass
#21. Everybody, will you please just sit for a minute?
Like children in a game of musical chairs, Tommy's three guests immediately reach for the nearest chair, pull it out from the table, and sit---even her brother. Well, says Tommy. Something in my life goes according to plan. #Quote by Julia Glass
Musical Chairs quotes by Lester Bangs
#22. Like almost all of Beefheart's recorded work, [Trout Mask Replica] was not even "ahead" of its time in 1969. Then and now, it stands outside time, trends, fads, hypes, the rise and fall of whole genres eclectic as walking Christmas trees, constituting a genre unto itself: truly, a musical Monolith if ever there was one. #Quote by Lester Bangs
Musical Chairs quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#23. one of the lounge chairs. Serena #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Musical Chairs quotes by Justin Timberlake
#24. The many sounds of Memphis shaped my early musical career and continue to be an inspiration to this day. #Quote by Justin Timberlake
Musical Chairs quotes by Tom Stoppard
#25. Once rehearsals are done the writer really doesn't have a function on the set. If the script is stabilized, then the writer becomes a celebrity tourist visiting the set, trying not to get in the way. It's very good for the ego, to go visit a film set if you are the writer, because they give you a special chair, and tell you where you can sit to watch the monitor. They make you feel special, but at the same time, they make it perfectly plain that you are irrelevant! #Quote by Tom Stoppard
Musical Chairs quotes by Franz Liszt
#26. For the virtuoso, musical works are in fact nothing but tragic and moving materializations of his emotions; he is called upon to make them speak, weep, sing and sigh, to recreate them in accordance with his own consciousness. In this way he, like the composer, is a creator, for he must have within himself those passions that he wishes to bring so intensely to life. #Quote by Franz Liszt
Musical Chairs quotes by Thelonious Monk
#27. Trying to explain music is like trying to dance architecture. #Quote by Thelonious Monk
Musical Chairs quotes by Alejandra Pizarnik
#28. Melancholia is, I believe, a musical problem: a dissonance, a change in rhythm. While on the outside everything happens with the vertiginous rhythm of a cataract, on the inside is the exhausted adagio of drops of water falling from time to tired time. For this reason the outside, seen from the melancholic inside, appears absurd and unreal, and constitutes 'the farce we all must play'. But for an instant – because of a wild music, or a drug, or the sexual act carried to its climax – the very slow rhythm of the melancholic soul does not only rise to that of the outside world: it overtakes it with an ineffably blissful exorbitance, and the soul then thrills animated by delirious new energies #Quote by Alejandra Pizarnik
Musical Chairs quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
#29. In the fifth grade I discovered something I could do better than the other kids. One day, the teacher set up a bunch of chairs, and she had everyone run to the chairs and back while she timed us. I had the fastest time in the whole school! #Quote by Caitlyn Jenner
Musical Chairs quotes by Martin Scorsese
#30. The most interesting of the classic movie genres to me are the indigenous ones: the Western, which was born on the Frontier, the Gangster Film, which originated in the East Coast cities, and the Musical, which was spawned by Broadway. They remind me of jazz: they allowed for endless, increasingly complex, sometimes perverse variations. When these variations were played by the masters, they reflected the changing times; they gave you fascinating insights into American culture and the American psyche. #Quote by Martin Scorsese
Musical Chairs quotes by Gangai Victor
#31. Our musical artistry and leadership of people need to work together to create an environment that welcomes participation instead of causing disengagement. #Quote by Gangai Victor
Musical Chairs quotes by Jeffrey Rosen
#32. Basically [Louise] Brandeis was a Jeffersonian. And you say the timing is great, and it is in a lot of senses, except not for [Tomas] Jefferson, because this is a Hamiltonian moment, and he's the rock star of the minute with a great musical. #Quote by Jeffrey Rosen
Musical Chairs quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#33. The pianoforte is the most important of all musical instruments; its invention was to music what the invention of printing was to poetry. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Musical Chairs quotes by John Cage
#34. Which is more musical, a truck passing by a factory or a truck
passing by a music school?
Are the people inside the school musical and the ones outside unmusical?
What if the ones inside can't hear very well, would that change my question? #Quote by John Cage
Musical Chairs quotes by Fela Kuti
#35. It would be inadmissible if I would vent my opinion publicly. Not only could I harm the artist concerned seriously because people have so much respect for me and believe in me because of my musical accomplishments. And I could also antagonize people against me, because everyone has his own taste. We all make music, people can choose from that what they like. Every musician likes his own music the best, man. I don't want to attack that. I don't mind criticism, I can handle it, but most people can't. #Quote by Fela Kuti
Musical Chairs quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#36. Things you can buy
with half a million dollars:

a car that looks more
like a space creature than a car.

A designer platinum purse
to carry a small dog. A small dog.

A performance by your favorite
musical artist for your birthday.

A diamond-encrusted
bottle of Dominican rum.

A mansion. A yacht. A hundred
acres of land. Houses, but not homes.

All four years of college
or beautician school & certificate.

Five hundred flights
to the Dominican Republic.

A half million Dollar Store chess sets,
with their accompanying boxes.

A hundred thousand copies
of Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Apparently a father. #Quote by Elizabeth Acevedo
Musical Chairs quotes by Lana Parrilla
#37. I loved 'White Christmas' for the music aspect. I was into musical theater. #Quote by Lana Parrilla
Musical Chairs quotes by Hugh Jackman
#38. I'm doing 'Les Miserables,' the movie. I've done a lot of musicals and a lot of movies, and I know there are not a lot of people in Hollywood who have been down those two paths so I've been like, 'Come on, let's do a movie/musical.' #Quote by Hugh Jackman
Musical Chairs quotes by Mildred S. Dresselhaus
#39. My older brother was a musical prodigy, and he got a scholarship to the Bronx House Music School. We moved to the Bronx when I was 4 to be close to his music school. Then I got a music scholarship myself, at the age of 6, but that was for a school down in Greenwich Village. I had to take the elevated train and then the subway to get there. #Quote by Mildred S. Dresselhaus
Musical Chairs quotes by Thomas Beecham
#40. Without question the most unpopular medium of musical sound in the world. #Quote by Thomas Beecham
Musical Chairs quotes by Lawrence Durrell
#41. I long to be musical in body and mind. I want style, consort. Not the little mental squirts as if through the ticker-tape of the mind. #Quote by Lawrence Durrell
Musical Chairs quotes by Massimo Vignelli
#42. Designers take care of everything around us. Everything that is around us, this table, this chair, this lamp, this pen has been designed. All of these things, everything has been designed by somebody. #Quote by Massimo Vignelli
Musical Chairs quotes by Elvis Presley
#43. I sure lost my musical direction in Hollywood. My songs were the same conveyer belt mass production, just like most of my movies were. #Quote by Elvis Presley
Musical Chairs quotes by Monica Dickens
#44. Christine had wanted to continue the conversation where she was, with the unappetising tray of dressings balanced on her hip. The most interesting things never cropped up when you were sitting comfortably in chairs. It was always in transient places like halls or staircases or bathroom doorways that the really important things started to be said and you had to discuss them then and there, because the mood was lost if you moved away to a more suitable place. #Quote by Monica Dickens
Musical Chairs quotes by John August
#45. With Corpse Bride, I saw a lot more of it during the process because we were changing things a lot. When I came onto Corpse Bride, it wasn't a musical. #Quote by John August
Musical Chairs quotes by Seth Andrews
#46. Theirs was the snot-nosed, sticky-fingered world of peanut butter sandwiches and cartoons, playgrounds and superhero pajamas, crayons and pop-up books, booster chairs and midday naps. Their world existed no farther than the reach of their tiny arms. They were new. Innocent. Vulnerable. Yet they were somehow able to take personal and public responsibility for a hard-wired sin nature, implored to pledge allegiance to an invisible overlord they could not see, and charged to prevent their own torture in a nasty, horrible place that the Vacation Bible School teachers called Hell. #Quote by Seth Andrews
Musical Chairs quotes by Nick Cave
#47. The band is a living, breathing thing. It grows in the same way we do as human beings and if it doesn't, it dies. It's important to feed the organism, and one way of doing that is to set musical challenges that keep it alive. #Quote by Nick Cave
Musical Chairs quotes by Mike Love
#48. Everybody has their own appreciation of the Beach Boys, depending on where they're coming from with their musical tastes, so we tried to be representative of all eras and of everybody in the band and their contributions. #Quote by Mike Love
Musical Chairs quotes by Charles Hazlewood
#49. I want people to hear really exciting music played by the best, but in a context where they can clap when they want to, chase their toddlers, drink beer, take photos, get lost in the music and generally be themselves. And because a field has no rules, it's the perfect place to create unlikely combinations of musical genres. #Quote by Charles Hazlewood
Musical Chairs quotes by Hellmut Wilhelm
#50. The first, clearer, type suggests the musical pattern of theme and variations. The chosen theme persists through the six stages, in various aspects. The second type is more difficult to analyze. A recurrent leitmotiv is lacking here; instead six differerent stages whose connection is usually an inner one are joined together in mosaic fashion. But on both types, the so-called judgment is the tenor which is maintained through all the changes. #Quote by Hellmut Wilhelm
Musical Chairs quotes by Tommy Smothers
#51. I heard there were two local guys in town doing songs and comedy so I thought I'd take a look ... they took my breath away ... with their music, comedy, and showmanship ... 'Dakaboom'.. is the genuine article! Two voices in perfect harmony, and with joyful abandon and humor, they take you on a magical, musical, modern day vaudeville tour!! Ben McLain and Paul Peglar are headed for stardom. They are unique, they are original, and they are known as 'Dakaboom.' Don't miss 'em 'cause you're in for a treat! #Quote by Tommy Smothers
Musical Chairs quotes by Joseph Conrad
#52. Two women, one fat and the other slim, sat on straw-bottomed chairs, knitting black wool. The slim one got up and walked straight at me - still knitting with downcast eyes - and only just as I began to think of getting out of her way, as you would for a somnambulist, stood still, and looked up. Her dress was as plain as an umbrella-cover, and she turned round without a word and preceded me into a waiting-room. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Musical Chairs quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#53. What a circus act we women perform every day of our lives. Look at us. We run a tightrope daily, balancing a pile of books on the head. Baby-carriage, parasol, kitchen chair, still under control. Steady now! This is not the life of simplicity but the life of multiplicity that the wise men warn us of. #Quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Musical Chairs quotes by Marcus Gray
#54. When it comes to people we admire, it is in our nature to be selective with information, to load with personal associations, to elevate and make heroic. That is especially true after their deaths, especially if those deaths have been in any way untimely and/or shocking. It is hard to hold onto the real people, the true story. When we think of the Clash, we tend to forget or overlook the embarrassing moments, the mistakes, the musical filler, the petty squabbles, the squalid escapades, the unfulfilled promises. Instead, we take only selected highlights from the archive-the best songs, the most flatteringly-posed photographs, the most passionate live footage, the most stirring video clips, the sexiest slogans, the snappiest soundbites, the warmest personal memories-and from them we construct a near-perfect rock 'n' roll band, a Hollywood version of the real thing. The Clash have provided us with not just a soundtrack, but also a stock of images from which to create a movie we can run in our own heads. The exact content of the movie might differ from person to person and country to country, but certain key elements will remain much the same; and it is those elements that will make up the Essential Clash of folk memory. This book might have set out to take the movie apart scene by scene to analyse how it was put together; but this book also believes the movie is a masterpiece, and has no intention of spoiling the ending. It's time to freeze the frame. At the very moment they step #Quote by Marcus Gray
Musical Chairs quotes by Groucho Marx
#55. Firefly: Now that you're Secretary of War, what kind of an army do you think we oughta have? Chicolini: Well, I tell you what I think. I think we should have a standing army. Firefly: Why should we have a standing army? Chicolini: Because then we save money on chairs. #Quote by Groucho Marx
Musical Chairs quotes by Gareth Gates
#56. I'm very driven, and I always have been. So I'd like to release a successful album, continue in musical theatre, and be more involved in business. #Quote by Gareth Gates

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