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Music Nietzsche quotes by Wesley Willis
#1. Rock music pays off. Rock music takes me on a joyride. Rock music keeps me off the hell city bus. Rock music will always look out for me. But I will not let my torture profanity demon shoot it down. #Quote by Wesley Willis
Music Nietzsche quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#2. He has only heard what I felt. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Music Nietzsche quotes by Fred Armisen
#3. I lived in Chicago, but the music I was inspired by was from D. C. #Quote by Fred Armisen
Music Nietzsche quotes by The Lumineers
#4. I was not born to drown #Quote by The Lumineers
Music Nietzsche quotes by Carlos Castaneda
#5. Nestor said to me. "A
row of Hussars on horseback will come to take me. What will it be for you?"
I remembered don Juan telling me once that death might be behind anything imaginable, even
behind a dot on my writing pad. He gave me then the definitive metaphor of my death.
I had told him that once while walking on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles I had heard
the sound of a trumpet playing an old, idiotic popular tune. The music was coming from a
record shop across the street.
Never had I heard a more beautiful sound. I became enraptured by it. I had to sit down on the
curb. The limpid brass sound of that trumpet was going directly to my brain. I felt it just
above my right temple. It soothed me until I was drunk with it.
When it concluded, I knew that there would be no way of ever repeating that experience, and I
had enough detachment not to rush into the store and buy the record and a stereo set to play it
Don Juan said that it had been a sign given to me by the powers that rule the destiny of men.
When the time comes for me to leave the world, in whatever form, I will hear the same sound
of that trumpet, the same idiotic tune, the same peerless trumpeter. #Quote by Carlos Castaneda
Music Nietzsche quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#6. Happy soul;begin and end your day with music. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Music Nietzsche quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#7. Some are made modest by great praise, others insolent. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Music Nietzsche quotes by King Krule
#8. I've got rid of a lot of cynicism and anger. I feel positive about my development, and I just want to carry on making music and building myself as a person. #Quote by King Krule
Music Nietzsche quotes by Connor Franta
#9. The work I've done through my Common Culture Music series has enabled me not only to share my joy of music at scale but also promote the artists I love. #Quote by Connor Franta
Music Nietzsche quotes by Janet Fitch
#10. I wanted to tell her not to entertain despair like this. Despaire wasn't a guest, you didn't play its favorite music, find it a comfortable chair. Despair was the enemy.
-white oleander #Quote by Janet Fitch
Music Nietzsche quotes by Tony Randall
#11. And it's a crime because the great plays of history, going all the way back to the Greeks, are part of everybody's heritage. It's just like in music, Beethoven or Mozart, that's everybody's heritage. #Quote by Tony Randall
Music Nietzsche quotes by Mencius
#12. The fruit of humanity is devotion to one's parents. The fruit of righteousness is to respect one's elders. The fruit of wisdom is to understand these two and not to betray them. The fruit of propriety is to regulate and polish them. The fruit of music is the joy that comes from rejoicing in them. When one rejoices in them, they grow. When they grow, how can they be stopped? And when they cannot be stopped, unconsciously one's feet begin to dance and one's arms begin to wave. #Quote by Mencius
Music Nietzsche quotes by Beau Biden
#13. No music can fill the gaping void ... at least in my experience only faith. Only faith. #Quote by Beau Biden
Music Nietzsche quotes by Minzy
#14. I'd just play the music and dance. When I'm dancing, I don't even notice how I'm doing it. #Quote by Minzy
Music Nietzsche quotes by Ahmet Ertegun
#15. I first heard Laura Branigan sing live in my brother Nesuhi's apartment, where we had gone because he had a very good piano. I immediately realized that she had a great pop voice, in the classical sense. Laura had an instinctive feel for music and melody, and her delivery was sensational. Everybody at Atlantic knew that we had a winner in this young lady, and she came through with great hits that will be remembered for many years to come. I consider Laura to be one of my best signings, and I am proud to have had such a great singer in my career in the record business. We miss her dearly. #Quote by Ahmet Ertegun
Music Nietzsche quotes by John Ruskin
#16. Our large trading cities bear to me very nearly the aspect of monastic establishments in which the roar of the mill-wheel and the crane takes the place of other devotional music, and in which the worship of Mammon and Moloch is conducted with a tender reverence and an exact propriety; the merchant rising to his Mammon matins, with the self-denial of an anchorite, and expiating the frivolities into which he maybe beguiled in the course of the day by late attendance at Mammon vespers. #Quote by John Ruskin
Music Nietzsche quotes by Bob Marley
#17. We JAH people can make it work. #Quote by Bob Marley
Music Nietzsche quotes by Gary Sinise
#18. I go into military communities and do fundraisers and that kind of thing with the band, because I know that the music can help do a lot of things. It can bring communities together, it can raise awareness ... and it entertains. #Quote by Gary Sinise
Music Nietzsche quotes by Nikki Sixx
#19. I do believe that when I'm writing music, I get addicted to the music of the concept of what the outcome of the song is, or the passion behind the lyrics. #Quote by Nikki Sixx
Music Nietzsche quotes by Plato
#20. Yes, I said; and men of this stamp will be covetous of money, like those who live in oligarchies; they will have, a fierce secret longing after gold and silver, which they will hoard in dark places, having magazines and treasuries of their own for the deposit and concealment of them; also castles which are just nests for their eggs, and in which they will spend large sums on their wives, or on any others whom they please. That is most true, he said. And they are miserly because they have no means of openly acquiring the money which they prize; they will spend that which is another man's on the gratification of their desires, stealing their pleasures and running away like children from the law, their father: they have been schooled not by gentle influences but by force, for they have neglected her who is the true Muse, the companion of reason and philosophy, and have honoured gymnastic more than music. Undoubtedly, #Quote by Plato
Music Nietzsche quotes by Jerry Reed
#21. I mean, it's pretty hard to fight and hate and be angry when you're making music, isn't it? #Quote by Jerry Reed
Music Nietzsche quotes by John Fante
#22. IT'S MORNING, TIME to get up, so get up, Arturo, and look for a job. Get out there and look for what you'll never find. You're a thief and you're a crab-killer and a lover of women in clothes closets. You'll never find a job!
Every morning I got up feeling like that. Now I've got to find a job, damn it to hell. I ate breakfast, put a book under my arm, pencils in my pocket, and started out. Down the stairs I went, down the street, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, sometimes foggy and sometimes clear. It never mattered, with a book under my arm, looking for a job.
What job, Arturo? Ho ho! A job for you? Think of what you are, my boy! A crab-killer. A thief. You look at naked women in clothes closets. And you expect to get a job! How funny! But there he goes, the idiot, with a big book. Where the devil are you going, Arturo? Why do you go up this street and not that? Why go east - why not go west? Answer me, you thief! Who'll give you a job, you swine - who? But there's a park across town, Arturo. It's called Banning Park. There are a lot of beautiful eucalyptus trees in it, and green lawns. What a place to read! Go there, Arturo. Read Nietzsche. Read Schopenhauer. Get into the company of the mighty. A job? fooey! Go sit under a eucalyptus tree reading a book looking for a job. #Quote by John Fante
Music Nietzsche quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#23. The Good Person of today is incapable of approaching anything except in a dishonest way–but with innocence, a true blue-eyed virtuously mendacious way. These Good People are ruined: they cannot stand a single truth about Man. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Music Nietzsche quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#24. Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what's inside you, to make your soul grow. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Music Nietzsche quotes by Katja Millay
#25. I spent every lunch period practicing in the music room and that was the only place I wanted to be. #Quote by Katja Millay
Music Nietzsche quotes by Neneh Cherry
#26. I don't think I would have made 'Blank Project; if I hadn't made 'Cherry Thing.' I think that was a real rebirth in a way, and a remembrance of how I like to make music best, the most. Like being in a more chaotic place, maybe. Like a place of making and being creative where the mistakes can be left in. #Quote by Neneh Cherry
Music Nietzsche quotes by Skitch Henderson
#27. That was probably the stamp that went into my mind, because I worked in television for many years, doing that kind of music, so that really was my strong forte. #Quote by Skitch Henderson
Music Nietzsche quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#28. Profundity of thought belongs to youth, clarity of thought to old age. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Music Nietzsche quotes by Eliot Lewis
#29. My record, Evolution, is really about me evolving as an artist and trying a few new things. There's a song called, Road Worn, which is about spending so much time on the road and is a lot more jazzy sounding than most of my other music. #Quote by Eliot Lewis
Music Nietzsche quotes by Andrea Bocelli
#30. Losing my sight had nothing to do with my focus on music. My passion for music was already there, so it would be a mistake to give too much significance to my blindness. #Quote by Andrea Bocelli
Music Nietzsche quotes by Tanya Fischer
#31. I love dive bars, old movie theaters, live music and good food. The simplest things in life for me are the most important. #Quote by Tanya Fischer
Music Nietzsche quotes by Dave Grohl
#32. Because you have things like 'American Idol' and you've got radio stations that play music made entirely by computers, it's easy to forget there are bands with actual people playing actual instruments that rock. #Quote by Dave Grohl
Music Nietzsche quotes by Katy Perry
#33. After a hurricane comes a rainbow. #Quote by Katy Perry
Music Nietzsche quotes by Paul Anka
#34. If you're in pop music, you've got to deal with the changing of the guard every few years. By the time the '70s arrived, I was well aware of the cyclical nature of the game. Pop music is a creature of the moment; it thrives on the mood of its time. Either you hook into that or you're not going to be part of it. #Quote by Paul Anka
Music Nietzsche quotes by Shakira
#35. The music teacher thought I sang like a goat. It was kind of devastating. A few months after that, I participated in a music contest and won. I took my little trophy to school and rubbed it in his nose. I said to him, "What do you say now?" #Quote by Shakira
Music Nietzsche quotes by Jeff Buckley
#36. I don't really need to be remembered. I hope the music's remembered. #Quote by Jeff Buckley
Music Nietzsche quotes by Rob Sheffield
#37. Both of my books, 'Love Is a Mix Tape' and 'Talking to Girls About Duran Duran,' are about how music gets tangled up with all our other emotional memories. Since I'm an obsessive music fan, I'm always seeking out new sonic thrills. #Quote by Rob Sheffield
Music Nietzsche quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#38. Wouldn't thinking have put over on us the biggest hoax yet? #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Music Nietzsche quotes by Michelle Tea
#39. Why were we tortured? We were in love and life was a fast current swarming around our ankles, threatening to topple us into the wet part of the planet. It was intense, that's why we were tortured. It was enormous and exploding like palm tree. Iris was my Yuri-G, my Delilah, my Stella Marie. Strong dark women you had to love with a strong dark heart that throbbed in gorgeous pain because love is terrible. I mean, ultimately. It would go away like a needle lifting from the vinyl at the end of the song, we knew this. The music would cease, one of us would die or else we'd just break up, and this drove us to drink from each other like two twelve-year-olds sneaking vodka from the liquor cabinet, trying to get it all down, trying to get as fucked up as possible before we got caught. #Quote by Michelle Tea
Music Nietzsche quotes by Ayshay
#40. I still think you people need to be curious [in order to absorb the culture]. You need to search Uzbekistani pop music. #Quote by Ayshay
Music Nietzsche quotes by Robyn
#41. The music industry is such a huge machine. There are still a lot of good people in it, but the character of the industry and the culture of the industry is very fast. #Quote by Robyn
Music Nietzsche quotes by Richard Wagner
#42. I know absolutely nothing about music. #Quote by Richard Wagner

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