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Murder Mysteries quotes by Val McDermid
#2. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents in the school holidays, and the only books in the house were a copy of the Bible and Agatha Christie's 'Murder at the Vicarage.' I developed a taste for murder mysteries and then later discovered libraries, second-hand bookshops, and jumble sales. #Quote by Val McDermid
Murder Mysteries quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#3. Here's the truth, simply stated ... bookstores are suffering from a serious crisis of falling sales. Don't believe a single zero of all those editions claimed to be 100,000! 40,000! ... even 400 copies! just for the suckers! Alack! ... Alas! ... only love and romance ... and even then! ... manage to keep selling ... and a few murder mysteries ... #Quote by Louis Ferdinand Celine
Murder Mysteries quotes by Anthony Horowitz
#4. You'd have thought that after twenty years editing murder mysteries I'd have noticed when I found myself in the middle of one. #Quote by Anthony Horowitz
Murder Mysteries quotes by Robert Gottlieb
#5. You can approach 'The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death' in a variety or combination of ways: as a startlingly eccentric hobby; as a series of unresolved murder mysteries; as the manifestation of one woman's peculiar psychic life; as a lesson in forensics; as a metaphor for the fate of women; as a photographic study. #Quote by Robert Gottlieb
Murder Mysteries quotes by Mason Cooley
#6. Curiosity, easily frightened, takes refuge in puzzles, murder mysteries, and spectator sports. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Murder Mysteries quotes by Eleanor Catton
#7. I really wanted to write an adventure story, a murder-mystery that was set during the gold-rush years in New Zealand. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Murder Mysteries quotes by Alan Furst
#8. I had a publishing history of murder mysteries. #Quote by Alan Furst
Murder Mysteries quotes by Colum McCann
#9. Whenever summer rolls around I begin to realize that I'm a complete and utter book snob. In relation to reading, I have absolutely no guilty pleasures at all. No graphic novels. No murder mysteries. My summer read is really no different from my winter read. I know many bookshops and magazines would have me believe that our summer forays are different, but literature is literature, and unfortunately snobbery is snobbery. #Quote by Colum McCann
Murder Mysteries quotes by Alan Furst
#10. I started writing in my 20s. I just wanted to write, but I didn't have anything to write about, so in the beginning, I wrote entertainments - mainly murder mysteries. #Quote by Alan Furst
Murder Mysteries quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#11. She understood now why her friend Elizabeth, with her near-genius, analytical mind gave wide berth to murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, and horror stories, and read only romance novels. Because, by God, when a woman picked up one of those steamy books, she had a firm guarantee that there would be a Happily-Ever-After. That though the world outside those covers could bring such sorrow and disappointment and loneliness, between those covers, the world was a splendid place to be. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Murder Mysteries quotes by Donna Leon
#12. All through graduate school, instead of having a television I read murder mysteries: Hammett, Chandler, Ruth Rendell, P. D. James. #Quote by Donna Leon
Murder Mysteries quotes by Josh Lanyon
#13. Then, like a born and bred asshole, he added to the sheriff, He writes murder mysteries. #Quote by Josh Lanyon
Murder Mysteries quotes by Gilbert N. Lewis
#14. A detective with his murder mystery, a chemist seeking the structure of a new compound, use little of the formal and logical modes of reasoning. Through a series of intuitions, surmises, fancies, they stumble upon the right explanation, and have a knack of seizing it when it once comes within reach. #Quote by Gilbert N. Lewis
Murder Mysteries quotes by Ellen Glasgow
#15. In the nineteen-thirties ... the most casual reader of murder mysteries could infallibly detect the villain, as soon as there entered a character who had recently washed his neck and did not commit mayhem on the English language. #Quote by Ellen Glasgow
Murder Mysteries quotes by Walker Percy
#16. They all think any minute I'm going to commit suicide. What a joke. The truth of course is the exact opposite: suicide is the only thing that keeps me alive. Whenever everything else fails, all I have to do is consider suicide and in two seconds I'm as cheerful as a nitwit. But if I could not kill myself
ah then, I would. I can do without nembutal or murder mysteries but not without suicide. #Quote by Walker Percy
Murder Mysteries quotes by Jude Deveraux
#17. You'd think the very thought of a romance writer would bring a smile to people's lips. Ah, how nice. Love. Making love. Laughter. Kissing.
But no, the world is upside down as far as I can see, and romances and their writers are ridiculed, hisses and generally spat upon.
For what reason? One of my favorites is that women who read them might get mixed up about reality and imagine a man is going to rescue them from Life. According to this theory, women are so stupid that they can't tell a story from reality. Is anyone worried that the MEN who read spy thrillers are going to go after their neighbors with an automatic weapon? No, I don't remember anyone thinking that. Nor do I remember anyone worrying about murder mysteries or science fiction. It just seems to be dumb ol' women who might think some gorgeous, thoughtful, giving hunk is going to rescue them.
Honey, if any woman thought a gorgeous hunk was going to rescue her, romance novels wouldn't be forty percent of the publishing industry. #Quote by Jude Deveraux
Murder Mysteries quotes by Kathy Reichs
#18. Murder mysteries are puzzles that are fun to resolve. #Quote by Kathy Reichs
Murder Mysteries quotes by Denise Mina
#19. People are interested in crime fiction when they're quite distanced from crime. People in Darfur are not reading murder mysteries. #Quote by Denise Mina
Murder Mysteries quotes by Christopher Bollen
#20. My dad liked more macho adventure books like Shogun or spy novels. My mother reads murder mysteries. In fact, so does her mother, my grandma. That's where I trace the familial line of murder mystery obsession. #Quote by Christopher Bollen
Murder Mysteries quotes by P.D. James
#21. It had always been a part of his job which he found difficult, the total lack of privacy for the victim. Murder stripped away more than life itself. The body was parceled, labelled, dissected; address books, diaries, confidential letters, every part of the victim's life was sought out and scrutinized. Alien hands moved among the clothes, picked up and examined the small possessions, recorded and labelled for public view the sad detritus of sometimes pathetic lives. #Quote by P.D. James
Murder Mysteries quotes by Maureen Corrigan
#22. The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty is a farcical fictional meditation on female beauty structured as a mash-up of an old episode of Friends, a fairy tale and a murder mystery. #Quote by Maureen Corrigan
Murder Mysteries quotes by Neil Gaiman
#23. Perhaps it is true that all that happens is in accordance with Your will, and thus it is good. But sometimes You leave blood on Your instruments. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Murder Mysteries quotes by Lois Duncan
#24. Why are murder mysteries so popular? There's a 3-part "formula" (if you want to call it that) for a genre novel: (1) Someone the reader likes and relates to (2) overcomes increasingly difficult obstacles (3) to reach an important goal. The more important the goal, the stronger the novel. And the most important goal that any of us have is survival. That's why murder mysteries are more gripping than a story titled "Who Stole My TV Set. #Quote by Lois Duncan
Murder Mysteries quotes by Lily King
#25. You write the facts as you see them, and there isn't a lull with a lot of description. No wonder people like to write about murder mysteries and dead bodies! #Quote by Lily King
Murder Mysteries quotes by Lauren Willig
#26. People who would never sneer at sci-fi and murder mysteries have no trouble damning the whole romance genre without reading one. #Quote by Lauren Willig
Murder Mysteries quotes by Susan Wiggs
#27. Amaryllis in Blueberry is a rich, evocative story about an unusual family that will sweep readers away to another place and time. Amaryllis's voice is a spellbinding and unique blend of naivet and wisdom. A perfect melding of family saga, murder mystery and a meditation on faith, loyalty and love, this novel will both haunt and entertain you. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Murder Mysteries quotes by Grover Norquist
#28. I read murder mysteries. I exercise 40 minutes a day. I watch videotapes while I exercise. I listen to audiotapes when I am in my car. And I try to stay in three different centuries. #Quote by Grover Norquist
Murder Mysteries quotes by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
#29. Paperbacks weren't considered real books in the book trade. Up till then it was just murder mysteries, potboilers, 25-cent pocket books sold in newsstands. When the New York publishers started publishing quality paperbacks, there was no place to buy them. #Quote by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Murder Mysteries quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#30. Before we'd arrived, I'd asked my brother to stock our room with paperback classics and murder mysteries - Jamie Watson's poison, if you'll excuse the expression - and I hope that he'll be engrossed enough in Slaughterhouse 5 to not notice that, from time to time, I would slip out to do some work on my own. The fact that Milo ordered those books in German is an unfunny joke and hardly my fault. #Quote by Brittany Cavallaro
Murder Mysteries quotes by Catherine Hardwicke
#31. Sometimes, a scene goes on too long and, with this being a suspense story and murder mystery that you're trying to discover through her heightened paranoia, you don't want scenes that take you on a tangent. Sometimes, you love those scenes, but you know that it's better not to be in the overall film. So, I'm not sad that they're not in the main movie, but I do think it's fun for people to get to watch them, if they want to. #Quote by Catherine Hardwicke
Murder Mysteries quotes by Paul Haggis
#32. I like taking genres and subverting them. I did that with 'In the Valley of Elah.' I said, 'Okay, this is just a murder mystery. Relax.' And then, two thirds of the way through, I broke every convention of a murder mystery. #Quote by Paul Haggis
Murder Mysteries quotes by Steve McConnell
#33. It's OK to figure out murder mysteries, but you shouldn't need to figure out code. You should be able to read it. #Quote by Steve McConnell
Murder Mysteries quotes by Neil Gaiman
#34. People named Tinkerbell name their daughters Susan. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Murder Mysteries quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#35. ...and then a murder mystery will occur. #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Murder Mysteries quotes by Guillaume Apollinaire
#36. You alone in Europe are not ancient oh Christianity
The most modern European is you Pope Pius X
And you whom the windows observe shame keeps you
From entering a church and confessing this morning
You read the prospectuses the catalogues the billboards that sing aloud
That's the poetry this morning and for the prose there are the newspapers
There are the 25 centime serials full of murder mysteries
Portraits of great men and a thousand different headlines
("Zone") #Quote by Guillaume Apollinaire
Murder Mysteries quotes by S. S. Van Dine
#37. It has long been a source of wonder to me why the leading criminological writers
men like Edmund Lester Pearson, H. B. Irving, Filson Young, Canon Brookes, William Bolitho, and Harold Eaton
have not devoted more space to the Greene tragedy; for here, surely, is one of the outstanding murder mysteries of modern times
a case practically unique in the annals of latter-day crime. #Quote by S. S. Van Dine
Murder Mysteries quotes by Robert Jordan
#38. I don't know. They could put up a warning sign or something. Hello. Welcome to Hindstrap. We will murder you in the night and eat your bloody face if you stay past sunset. Try the pies. Martna Maily makes them fresh daily. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Murder Mysteries quotes by Dee Brown
#39. Participants in the massacre were later tried in Tucson and acquitted. To murder an Indian was considered no crime. #Quote by Dee Brown
Murder Mysteries quotes by Kathryn Le Veque
#40. His father raised him to be the way he is. The man showed him no love, no kindness, only death and destruction. But that is not all Jax is; it is simply all that he knows. He wants to learn about the things in life that bring more fulfillment than murder and devastation. He wants to learn about love and happiness. #Quote by Kathryn Le Veque
Murder Mysteries quotes by Rana Dasgupta
#41. When they brought in communism it was for the people, so they killed the people. Now they've brought in capitalism, which is for the rich, so they only kill the rich. This time you and I have nothing to worry about. #Quote by Rana Dasgupta
Murder Mysteries quotes by Melody Malone
#42. I am Melody Malone, with ice in my heart and a kiss on my lips. In the city that never sleeps and should never blink, mysteries are my business. #Quote by Melody Malone
Murder Mysteries quotes by Gurcharan Das
#43. beyond their right - and now they would be made to pay for it. Envy was being acted out, as never before.'62 It led to the murder of six million Jews in the Second World War. Today, I find envy laced through the statements of European and Indian intellectuals about America. Arundhati Roy's essay after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington is an example. Like many anti-American intellectuals writing in the days after the attack, Roy claimed that it was the direct result of American foreign policy - the implication being that America somehow deserved what had happened. There is widespread anti-American sentiment in the world which regards the United States as arrogant, indifferent to human suffering, consumerist, and contemptuous of international law. Much of this is probably correct, but I find that some of it is inspired by envy of America's success. #Quote by Gurcharan Das
Murder Mysteries quotes by Walker Evans
#44. When you say documentary, you have to have a sophisticated ear to receive that word. It should be documentary style, because documentary is police photography of a scene and a murder ... that's a real document. You see, art is really useless, and a document has use. And therefore, art is never a document, but it can adopt that style. I do it. I'm called a documentary photographer. But that presupposes a quite subtle knowledge of this distinction. #Quote by Walker Evans
Murder Mysteries quotes by Susie Hodge
#45. As with most of the legends surrounding the Templars, some of the conjecture about the fate of individuals seems logical, while other suggestions appear to be rather implausible and fabricated for an audience hungry for mysteries and conspiracy theories. #Quote by Susie Hodge
Murder Mysteries quotes by Merrie Haskell
#46. Saint Melor's father was Saint Meliau."
"Was everyone in Bertaèyn a saint, back in the day?"
"Everyone who didn't murder anyone, maybe," Perrotte said. #Quote by Merrie Haskell
Murder Mysteries quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#47. The most important feeling in the world is trust. The worse is betrayal. Without trust, there is no love. Without trust, there is betrayal. And betrayal is the ultimate consequence of selfishness and naiveness, both ramifications of egotism. Whenever you can't confront reality, you can't love and you can't protect yourself against the lack of it. Wisdom can help you, because wisdom consists in the ability to love oneself, confront reality and accept the mistakes of others. That requires courage, but courage without wisdom is foolishness in disguise. You must be wise to see through and remain calm. It is a never-ending goal, and as much as the intensity of the complexities you're faced with. More complexities require more wisdom. Peace can't be found without an action towards it, and solutions that justify it. An antagonistic solution would only present itself as one whenever wisdom has failed. An avatar must be immensely wise to live with himself but not ignorant enough to accept the masses when confronted with their ignorance. However, if you're just a mortal being struggling against endless challenges, pray to God for wisdom, for He will bring forth to your realm His most highly recommended masters and meaningful literature. If you find them, don't judge them by how they appear, look or are dressed. Don't judge them as well by when and where they appear to you. For the unwise does not have the right to judge the mysteries unveiling his own ignorance. And if you find a book #Quote by Robin Sacredfire
Murder Mysteries quotes by Jim Morrison
#48. When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It's a subtle kind of murder ... the most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces. #Quote by Jim Morrison
Murder Mysteries quotes by Noah Galloway
#49. Then Obama walked into frame and I, along with the rest of the world, heard him say the words we'd all been waiting ten years to hear.

"Tonight, I can report to the American people and to the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children."

I couldn't believe it. I felt joy, shock, excitement, and an overwhelming pride about being an American. The news cut to scenes of other Americans cheering in the streets. This was an awesome, fist-pump, proud-to-be-an-American moment.
My phone pinged with a text message from an old friend, Mandy Goff. She thanked me for my sacrifice, for all that I and all of the other veterans and soldiers had done that led to this moment. She told me that she loved and appreciated me. That text hit me hard. I think up to this point I still had a pretty high wall up around my emotions toward the war, including the reasons I was there and the reasons why I came home less whole than when I left. But Mandy's text tore a hole in that wall, and I completely broke down. I was sitting alone on the couch, nothing but the light of the television illuminating the room, and I was sobbing. Every emotion I felt that day and every day since just washed over me. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Murder Mysteries quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#50. For nearly two centuries the popular spirit of each succeeding generation has tended more and more to the view that the mysteries of life will eventually fall before the mind of man. Many modern novelists have been more concerned with the processes of consciousness than with the objective world outside the mind. In twentieth-century fiction it increasingly happens that a meaningless, absurd world impinges upon the sacred consciousness of author or character; author and character seldom now go out to explore and penetrate a world in which the sacred is reflected. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Murder Mysteries quotes by Prana Gogia
#51. To follow our bliss and dive deeply into the mysteries of fragrance, color, and taste; blend with the magnificent diversity of mother nature; and follow the inner signs to become aware of who we really are - is the Alchemy of Ayurvedic Cookery #Quote by Prana Gogia
Murder Mysteries quotes by Rumi
#52. Love alone can explain the mysteries of Love. #Quote by Rumi
Murder Mysteries quotes by Theodore Roethke
#53. Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries. #Quote by Theodore Roethke
Murder Mysteries quotes by Dan Wells
#54. More and more," said Heron, reaching a distance about ten feet away from him, and slowly circling to the side. "Kira, sweetie, I'm going to murder your dad. #Quote by Dan Wells
Murder Mysteries quotes by Tadeusz Borowski
#55. We are laying the foundation for some new, monstrous civilization. Only now do I realize what price was paid for building the ancient civilizations. The Egyptian pyramids, the temples and Greek statues - what a hideous crime they were! How much blood must have poured on to the Roman roads, the bulwarks, and the city walls. Antiquity - the tremendous concentration camp where the slave was branded on the forehead by his master, and crucified for trying to escape! Antiquity - the conspiracy of the free men against the slaves!
.... If the Germans win the war, what will the world know about us? They will erect huge buildings, highways, factories, soaring monuments. Our hands will be placed under every brick, and our backs will carry the steel rails and the slabs of concrete. They will kill off our families, our sick, our aged. They will murder our children.
And we shall be forgotten, drowned out by the voices of the poets, the jurists, the philosophers, the priests. They will produce their own beauty, virtue, and truth. They will produce religion. #Quote by Tadeusz Borowski
Murder Mysteries quotes by David Baldacci
#56. An SJH, in ballistics shorthand. It was a brutally efficient piece of ordnance. Not exactly a dum-dum, named after Dum-Dum, India, where a British army officer had invented a bullet that mushroomed out on impact and acted as a miniature wrecking ball inside the body. Innovation wasn't always good for you. The .45 SJH had blown right through the front of Cassie Decker's skull and ended up lodged deep in her brain. It had been dug out of her during the autopsy and the slug preserved as evidence in her murder investigation. It had retained enough of its shape #Quote by David Baldacci
Murder Mysteries quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#57. Nothing but the natural ignorance of the public, countenanced by the inoculated erroneousness of the ordinary general medical practitioners, makes such a barbarism as vaccination possible ... Recent developments have shown that an inoculation made in the usual general practitioner's light-hearted way, without previous highly skilled examination of the state of the patient's blood, is just as likely to be a simple manslaughter as a cure or preventive. But vaccination is nothing short of attempted murder. A skilled bacteriologist would just as soon think of cutting his child's arm and rubbing the contents of the dustpan into the wound, as vaccinating it in the same. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Murder Mysteries quotes by Mario Puzo
#58. He wanted the world to believe that he was a horse rider. So let him ride his horses at the bottom of the ocean. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Murder Mysteries quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#59. Really now: If you can't get me my newspaper on time, how can you expect me to refrain from killing people? #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Murder Mysteries quotes by Q.M. Sidd
#60. When you move on in life, you always leave behind some things- some myths and some mysteries, that cannot be fathomed by the heart, without going back to the past and visiting yourself again; in that time, at that place. You can only understand such things and solve such riddles if, in your imagination, you can live the life again and be in that place again, where you left a part of you. #Quote by Q.M. Sidd
Murder Mysteries quotes by Nicole Brossard
#61. More and more I love darkness for itself, it soothes me, makes me feel good, though I don't quite understand why. I also love it because I am trying to imagine language without light, as though I wanted to understand how things were before language, when, deep in the throat, syllables and vowels were not yet organized and it was necessary to tilt one's head back to allow sounds to fly through the open air, terrifying, guttural or strident. In the beginning, I thought the other language would enlighten me, clarify the mysteries of my inner life. I wanted to learn to read inside myself. Reading inside oneself may not be important. #Quote by Nicole Brossard
Murder Mysteries quotes by Peter Julian Eymard
#62. O Mary! teach us the life of adoration! Teach us to see, as thou didst, all the mysteries and all the graces in the Eucharist; to live over again the Gospel story and to read it in the light of the Eucharistic Life of Jesus. Remember, O our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, that thou art the Mother of all adorers of the Holy Eucharist #Quote by Peter Julian Eymard
Murder Mysteries quotes by William Shakespeare
#63. I yet beseech your majesty,
If for I want that glib and oily art,
To speak and purpose not; since what I well intend,
I'll do't before I speak,
that you make known
It is no vicious blot, murder, or foulness,
No unchaste action, or dishonour'd step,
That hath deprived me of your grace and favour;
But even for want of that for which I am richer,
A still-soliciting eye, and such a tongue
As I am glad I have not, though not to have it
Hath lost me in your liking. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Murder Mysteries quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#64. In the gates of Heaven, the war medals are nothing but the evidences of murder! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Murder Mysteries quotes by A.F. Stewart
#65. So, I poisoned his coffee this morning and watched him drink it. #Quote by A.F. Stewart
Murder Mysteries quotes by Niecy Nash
#66. I am deeply saddened to hear that the man who murdered my brother, Michael Ensley, has been charged with murder again. I grieve for every family who has been victimized by this heinous individual. My prayers and love go out to the family of Demetra Doyle Heard during this trying time. #Quote by Niecy Nash
Murder Mysteries quotes by Andrei Baltakmens
#67. Midnight has fallen on the darkened streets of Haught and Battens Hill, and the watchman saith, All is well. We have prospered by the day, set our lock and bolt, and tried the windows, and all is well. Want, murder, desperation, and despair still roam in the filthy alleys and tenements of The Steps and breed countless wrongs in their path, yet the watchman passing cries, All is well. The watchman clears away the hungry children who hunt for scraps behind the New Theatre while a nobleman's carriage rolls by, but decent folk turn, sighing in their sleep, and faintly hear the report: all is well. The prison gates are shut, and what is within is surely confined there, and touches us not; therefore, all is well. #Quote by Andrei Baltakmens
Murder Mysteries quotes by John Holland Rose
#68. his personality there is a complex blending of force and grace, of animal passion and mental clearness, of northern common sense with the promptings of an oriental imagination; and this union in his nature of seeming opposites explains many of the mysteries of his life. Fortunately for lovers of romance, genius cannot be wholly analyzed, #Quote by John Holland Rose
Murder Mysteries quotes by Frances Hardinge
#69. You stole my mother's Faces," whispered Neverfell. "You stole them, and you sold them, and you walked around wearing them, and using them to make people do what you wanted. You used my mother's Faces on me. And all the time you were her murderess or close enough. All that time you were trying to murder me. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Murder Mysteries quotes by Warren Ellis
#70. What Mogo did was to take ultimate action to improve his quality of life. This is at the root of murder. We kill people to make our own lives better. We kill them because they are obstacles to our desires, because they make us unhappy, because they burden us, or because they keep calling us fucking wizards. Murder increases happiness. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Murder Mysteries quotes by Chris Womersley
#71. After all, the girl actually had faith in something, which was more than most people had in these dark times. It was wrong to destroy it. #Quote by Chris Womersley
Murder Mysteries quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#72. They were relentless, brilliant scavengers with a keen sense of craftiness, and no human being could outwit them. The kind of cunning mischief and competition that a murder of crows possessed was unbeatable, and the war between farmer and fowl was a never-ending tale of woe which often led purely to bankruptcy. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Murder Mysteries quotes by Vincent H. O'Neil
#73. Actors are all about entrances, but writers are all about exits. #Quote by Vincent H. O'Neil

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