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Mounters Gears quotes by Jay Kay
#1. Getting an award on Top Gear is better than getting a Grammy. #Quote by Jay Kay
Mounters Gears quotes by Anne Tyler
#2. He had stood there looking around him, hunting someone, and had not found whoever it was and turned to go; but in turning, he caught sight of Emily and paused and looked at her again, and then frowned and went on out. She had not actually been introduced to him for another week. But now it seemed to her that at his entrance
swinging through the library door, carrying a single book in his hand (his fingers fine-textured and brown, his shirtcuffs so perfectly white)
her life had suddenly bee set in motion. Everything had started up, as if complicated wheels and gears had finally connected, and had raced along in a blur from then on. It was only now, in this slowed-down room, that she had a chance to examine what had happened #Quote by Anne Tyler
Mounters Gears quotes by Shaun White
#3. A weird thing happens when you're taken out of your normal clothing and put into USA gear. #Quote by Shaun White
Mounters Gears quotes by Jessica Fellowes
#4. Laura Carmichael is Edith: During the war, Edith learns to drive the family car. "I haven't got a driving license, so I think production were a bit nervous! But in some ways it was an advantage that driving isn't second nature to me because I wasn't so surprised about where the things were. My heart was in my mouth - the car is one of the last of its kind and worth half a million pounds. The gears are all in a straight line and neutral is a tiny point in between, you have to do double declutching - so I just kept it in first. On the second take I thought I was thought o kill the cameraman! We were filming in Bampton so all the locals were watching, just to add to the pressure... #Quote by Jessica Fellowes
Mounters Gears quotes by Philip Appleman

You keep on asking me that –
"Which day was the hardest?"
Blockheads! They were all hard –
And of course, since I'm omnipotent,
they were all easy.
It was Chaos, to begin with. Can you imagine
Primeval Chaos? Of course you can't.
How long had it been swirling around out there?
How long had I been there?
Longer than that.
It was a mess, that's what it was. Chaos is
Rocky. Fuzzy. Slippery. Prickly.
As scraggly and obstreperous as the endless behind
of an infinite jackass. Shove on it anywhere,
it gives, then slips in behind you,
like smog, like lava, like slag.
I'm telling you, chaos is – chaotic.
You see what I was up against. Who
could make a world out of that muck?
I could, that's who – land
from water, light from dark, and so on.
It might seem like a piece of cake
now that it's done, but
back then, without a blueprint,
without a set of instructions, without a committee,
could you have created a firmament?

Of course there were bugs in the process,
grit in the gears, blips, bloopers –
bringing forth grass and trees on Day Three
and not making sunlight until Day Four, that,
I must say, wasn't my best move.
And making the animals and vegetables before
there was any rain whatsoever – well,
anyone can have a bad day.
Even Adam, as it turned out, wasn't suc #Quote by Philip Appleman
Mounters Gears quotes by Zubin Mehta
#6. One learns how to change gears within a concert repertoire. #Quote by Zubin Mehta
Mounters Gears quotes by Jeremy Clarkson
#7. I mean its a weekly occurrence that somebody will complain that Top Gear was on last night - and you just sit back and wait for the complaints. But if you start to pay attention to everyones concerns, you end up with something bland and boring. So you sort of have to ignore everybody in order to do the show how we want to do it. #Quote by Jeremy Clarkson
Mounters Gears quotes by Ryan Kavanaugh
#8. When you look at every studio in the '20s or '30s, from Louis B. Mayer to Jack Warner, you see people who started with one plan and quickly shifted gears to adapt to a changing world. One of my favorite stories is that Walt Disney mortgaged his house to make 'Snow White.' He saw there was a real opportunity to change the world. #Quote by Ryan Kavanaugh
Mounters Gears quotes by Eric Koston
#9. The year was 1996, Guy Mariano and I had no clothing sponsors, and at that point in our lives we had purchased enough Polo, Hilfiger and Nautica gear to think, hey, maybe we should start a clothing company. #Quote by Eric Koston
Mounters Gears quotes by Rick Riordan
#10. Annabeth hadn't seen much of Buford during the trip. He mostly stayed in the engine room. (Leo insisted that Buford had a secret crush on the engine.) He was a three-legged table with a mahogany top. His bronze base had several drawers, spinning gears, and a set of steam vents. Buford was toting a bag like a mail sack tied to one of his legs. He clattered to the helm and made a sound like a train whistle. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Mounters Gears quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#11. The Sinsar Dubh popped up on my radar, and it was moving straight toward us.
At an extremely high rate of speed.
I whipped the Viper around, tires smoking on the pavement. There was nothing else I could do.
Barrons looked at me sharply. "What? Do you sense it?"
Oh, how ironic, he thought I'd turned us toward it. "No," I lied, "I just realized I forgot my spear tonight. I left it back at the bookstore. Can you believe it? I never forget my spear. I can't imagine what I was thinking. I guess I wasn't. I was talking to my dad while I was getting dressed and I totally spaced it." I worked the pedals, ripping through the gears.
He didn't even try to pat me down. He just said, "Liar."
I sped up, pasting a blushing, uncomfortable look on my face. "All right, Barrons. You got me. But I do need to go back to the bookstore. It's . . . well . . . it's personal." The bloody, stupid Sinsar Dubh was gaining on me. I was being chased by the thing I was supposed to be chasing. There was something very wrong with that. "It's . . . a woman thing . . . you know."
"No, I don't know, Ms. Lane. Why don't you enlighten me?"
A stream of pubs whizzed by. I was grateful it was too cold for much pedestrian traffic. If I had to slow down, the Book would gain on me, and I already had a headache the size of Texas that was threatening to absorb New Mexico and Oklahoma. "It's that time. You know. Of the month." I swallowed a moan of pain.
"That time?" he echoed s #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Mounters Gears quotes by Tatyana Tolstoya
#12. Under the horizon, under the bowl of the earth, giant wheels have started turning, monstrous conveyer belts are winding, toothed gears are pulling the sun down and the moon up. The day is tired, it has folded its white wings, flies west-ward, big, in loose clothes, it waves a sleeve, releases stars, blesses the people walking on the chilling earth: good-bye, good-bye, I'll come again tomorrow. #Quote by Tatyana Tolstoya
Mounters Gears quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#13. When Cynthia smiles," said young Bingo, "the skies are blue; the world takes on a roseate hue; birds in the garden trill and sing, and Joy is king of everything, when Cynthia smiles." He coughed, changing gears. "When Cynthia frowns - "
"What the devil are you talking about?"
"I'm reading you my poem. The one I wrote to Cynthia last night. I'll go on, shall I?"
"No. I haven't had my tea. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Mounters Gears quotes by Marion Coutts
#14. Maintaining the thinnest facade of a functioning family that tries to act as others do - plan ahead, drive somewhere, go on holiday, relax - is beyond us. We are smashed. Insecurity jams the gears on every action. Each time we are toppled. I feel a fool over and over again for trying. #Quote by Marion Coutts
Mounters Gears quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#15. I finally tracked down Derek. He was alone in the library, thumbing through a book.
"Found you." I said on a sigh of relief.
He turned. His lips curved in a quarter smile, gaze softening in a way that did something to my insides, made me pull up short, momentarily forgetting why I was there.
"I-Is Simon around?"
He blinked, then turned back to the shelf.
"He's upstairs. He's really pissed about Andrew so that's probably that safest place for him until we're ready to go, or he'll say something to him we don't want said. You need him?"
"Actually, m-maybe I should show you first."
He glanced over his shoulder, frowning.
"We found something."
" Oh." He paused, like he was mentally shifting gears, then nodded and followed me out. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Mounters Gears quotes by Philip Wylie
#16. Common man has at long last got himself so far out of gear with nature and his environment that he is beginning to see the shape of extinction, whether he recognizes it as such or not. #Quote by Philip Wylie
Mounters Gears quotes by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
#17. Humankind is now caught up, as though in a train of gears, at the heart of a continually accelerating vortex of self-totalization. #Quote by Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
Mounters Gears quotes by Morgan Freeman
#18. I grew up in the South but I started dancing in my twenties when I got out of the Air Force, and studying dance, you're surrounded by gay guys all the time. You get to know them and you have to shift gears! #Quote by Morgan Freeman
Mounters Gears quotes by Rupert Giles
#19. I just think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby. #Quote by Rupert Giles
Mounters Gears quotes by Rob Brown
#20. You can get the oldest drum machine out and whack out four sounds like a kick, snare, and two types of high-hat, and try and come up with the freshest thing on the spot. The gear can guide you - you can choose one bit of gear and it's obviously got its restrictions and its limitations, but at the same time, you've got to exploit what it's capable of and what it's best used for. #Quote by Rob Brown
Mounters Gears quotes by Jonathan Meiburg
#21. I get more excited about like, "How nice is the piano?" or "How does the room sound?" I don't really see the gear so much anymore. #Quote by Jonathan Meiburg
Mounters Gears quotes by Charlaine Harris
#22. Glass shattered, vampires roared, humans screamed. The noise battered at me, just as the tidal wave of scores of brains at high gear washed over me. When it began to taper off, I looked up into Eric's eyes. Incredibly, he was excited. He smiled at me. "I knew I'd get on top of you somehow," he said.
Are you trying to make me mad so I'll forget how scared I am?"
No, I'm just opportunistic."
I wiggled, trying to get out from under him, and he said, "Oh, do that again. It felt great. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Mounters Gears quotes by Carla Power
#23. Having lost the presence of your loved one in daily life, you've only had them as ghostly presence to begin with. Visits home and phone calls can bring them to life, but only temporarily. So after the call with the news comes, the long-distance griever has to resummon the love object in her mind, then lose the beloved again. The gears of imagination grind through a painful game of found-and-lost, lost-and-found. #Quote by Carla Power
Mounters Gears quotes by Yael Zofi
#24. To master the virtual equation and make all the elements work together, you have to become the connector. In fact, your greatest role as a virtual manager is to link the various parts of his/her team to accomplish the goals that lead to its formation in the first place. You may need to shift gears, perform ream tune-ups, realign, and refuel your team's energy along the way. #Quote by Yael Zofi
Mounters Gears quotes by Richard Schmid
#25. Be prepared! All of your gear should be in a state of readiness so you can concentrate on painting. Choose your brushes as you would choose weapons before battle. #Quote by Richard Schmid
Mounters Gears quotes by Alex Goot
#26. I didn't realize what I was even doing when I started to record music. I was just doing it for fun. I picked up whatever recording gear I could get my hands on and I'd sit there day-in and day-out ... experimenting with different sounds and trying to write songs. #Quote by Alex Goot
Mounters Gears quotes by Joe Hill
#27. Reality had briefly slid aside one of its black, opaque panels, to give him a glimpse of the gears that ticked behind it. Saunders had discovered a universal constant, like gravity or the quantum nature of light. No matter where you went - no matter how ancient the traditions, no matter how grand the history, no matter how awe-inspiring the landscape - there was always a market for a cheap Happy Meal. #Quote by Joe Hill
Mounters Gears quotes by Jennifer Silverwood
#28. There are moments in time when the axis of the universe shifts, when life as you knew it is irrevocably altered. When the hiss and grind of the gears fell silent, some deeply rooted instinctive part of me knew this was one of those moments. #Quote by Jennifer Silverwood
Mounters Gears quotes by Keith Fullerton Whitman
#29. I've got a bunch of circuit-bent boxes and things that are controlled by my Mac through a big breakout box. I want to create this total environment where I can bring all this gear to the show but maybe just use one or two elements, if that's what's called for. #Quote by Keith Fullerton Whitman
Mounters Gears quotes by Fiona Apple
#30. If I were to imagine myself as an idler wheel inside some big mix of gears, then I would be connected to everything. It's not like there's just me and then nothing. #Quote by Fiona Apple
Mounters Gears quotes by Doug Aitken
#31. I don't really care about interruptions. I accept technology, and I don't turn things off. I've found a peace with fragmentation and a harmony with switching gears quickly to other things. #Quote by Doug Aitken
Mounters Gears quotes by Steve Martin
#32. Mirabelle is not sparkling tonight, because she works only in gears, and tonight she is in the wrong gear. Third gear is her scholarly, perspicacious, witty self; second gear is her happy, giddy, childish self; and first gear is her complaining, helpless, unmotivated self. Tonight she is somewhere midshift, between helpless and childish. #Quote by Steve Martin
Mounters Gears quotes by Kathryn Schulz
#33. The brevity of our lives breeds a kind of temporal parochialism - an ignorance of or an indifference to those planetary gears which turn more slowly than our own. #Quote by Kathryn Schulz
Mounters Gears quotes by Rick Riordan
#34. This is the Valdezinator, of course!' He puffed out his chest. 'It works by, um, translating your feelings into music as you manipulate the gears. It's really meant for me, a child of Hephaestus, to use, though. I don't know if you could –'

'I am the god of music!' Apollo cried. 'I can certainly master the Valdezinator. I must! It is my duty! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Mounters Gears quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#35. She shifted gears as they left Worth Avenue, hurtling them along the beach at just sublight speed. "Jesus, Addison, you are so blind," she finally exploded. "She comes in playing the damsel in distress, and you buy all of it."
"She did n - "
"'Oh, Richard, I need your help,'" she mimicked, doing a startlingly good impression of Patricia's soft, cultured Brit - especially since the two women had barely spoken a total of five words to one another. "'I've left Peter, and I so badly want to make a new start, but I just don't know how to do it on my own. You're so big and strong and successful, can't you see it in your heart to help me?'" Samantha canted her eyes at him. "Did it go a little like that?"
Christ. "Maybe," he hedged. "But - "
"See? She wants you back."
"Well, she can't have me. I'm taken. But she asked for my help, and I'm partially the reason she's in this position."
"No, she put herself on her back and then you put her in the next position."
"Even so - "
"You can't resist putting on your shining armor, can you?" she said more calmly, blowing out her breath. "And if I know it, then she knows it, too."

"Honestly, Samantha, I think it's more a matter of Patricia actually being helpless than her acting that way to gain my assistance. I doubt she could find a grocery store on her own, much less the toothpaste aisle."
"But she's not after toothpaste."

As they stopped at a light, Richard leaned over and gra #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Mounters Gears quotes by Haruki Murakami
#36. He was no Hitchcockian protagonist, embroiled in a conspiracy before he knew what was happening. He had embroiled himself, knowing full well that it contained an element of risk. The machine was already in motion, gaining too much forward momentum for him to stop it. Tengo himself was one of its gears - and an important one at that. He could hear the machine's low groaning, and feel its implacable motion. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Mounters Gears quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#37. My timing is perfect, and I wind up in a traffic jam. The cars around me are driven by fat cows and bellowing bulls. We roll along, six mph. I can run faster than this. We brake. They chew their cud and moo into their phones until the herd shifts gears and rolls forward again. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Mounters Gears quotes by Courtney Milan
#38. She made her shoulder blades into steel, willing them to stay rigid against his onslaught. She was a thing of gears and metal, strong like clockwork, and she wouldn't melt down into tears. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Mounters Gears quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#39. The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within, not from without. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Mounters Gears quotes by Lindsey Vonn
#40. I enjoy just showing people other sides of me, especially everyone always sees me in my helmet and ski suit. It's nice to just show everyone me, just me in my everyday clothes or just me in high heels or just me not in my ski gear, basically. #Quote by Lindsey Vonn
Mounters Gears quotes by Penelope Douglas
#41. The perk about being the quiet girl was not many people really got to know you, which left you the advantage of surprise if you ever decided to switch gears in situations just like this. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
Mounters Gears quotes by A-Trak
#42. There's a lot of producers that are much more technical or gear-skilled than I am. But I have a pure idea of what I like and where I want to go and I follow that. #Quote by A-Trak
Mounters Gears quotes by Adam Silvera
#43. Too bad life doesn't allow us to turn its gears, like a clock, when we need more time. #Quote by Adam Silvera
Mounters Gears quotes by Steven Seagal
#44. I'm very into the military and police stuff. Gear and technical gear is something that's changing every day and every day you're trying to be on the cutting edge and improve your stuff more and more because your life depends on it. And so, the guns and the gears are changing constantly. #Quote by Steven Seagal
Mounters Gears quotes by Neil M. Hanson
#45. A tailwind, on the other hand, is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have on a bike. There's no wind in my ears, so I hear everything around me. The chain purrs sweetly as it pulls the gears under the coaxing of my legs. The soft hiss of my tires on the smooth hard pavement, the sound of little critters scurrying in the desert around me as I pass. Smells aren't as big a deal out here in the dry desert, but even the smells are more accessible in a tailwind, since I'm moving through air at a slower relative speed, and the smells linger around my face long enough to register and enjoy them.
Relative progress, speed, sights, smells, sounds. It all goes together to create a gestalt for the ride that's pure sweetness, and I never want it to end.
Hozho. #Quote by Neil M. Hanson
Mounters Gears quotes by Denise Duhamel
#46. I just didn't get it -
even with the teacher holding an orange (the earth) in one hand
and a lemon (the moon) in the other,
her favorite student (the sun) standing behind her with a flashlight.
I just couldn't grasp it -
this whole citrus universe, these bumpy planets revolving so slowly
no one could even see themselves moving.
I used to think if I could only concentrate hard enough
I could be the one person to feel what no one else could,
sense a small tug from the ground, a sky shift, the earth changing gears.
Even though I was only one mini-speck on a speck,
even though I was merely a pinprick in one goosebump on the orange,
I was sure then I was the most specially perceptive, perceptively sensitive.
I was sure then my mother was the only mother to snap,
"The world doesn't revolve around you!"
The earth was fragile and mostly water,
just the way the orange was mostly water if you peeled it,
just the way I was mostly water if you peeled me.
Looking back on that third grade science demonstration,
I can understand why some people gave up on fame or religion or cures -
especially people who have an understanding
of the excruciating crawl of the world,
who have a well-developed sense of spatial reasoning
and the tininess that it is to be one of us.
But not me - even now I wouldn't mind being god, the force
who spins the planets the way I spin a globe, #Quote by Denise Duhamel
Mounters Gears quotes by Seymour Papert
#47. What the gears cannot do the computer might. The computer is the Proteus of machines. Its essence is its universality, its power to simulate #Quote by Seymour Papert
Mounters Gears quotes by Philip Appleman
#48. How Evolution Came to Indiana

In Indianapolis they drive
five hundred miles and end up
where they started: survival
of the fittest. In the swamps
of Auburn and Elkhart,
in the jungles of South Bend,
one-cylinder chain-driven runabouts fall
to air-cooled V-4's, a-speed gearboxes,
16-horse flat-twin midships engines -
carcasses left behind
by monobloc motors, electric starters,
3-speed gears, six cylinders, 2-chain drive,
overhead cams, supercharged
to 88 miles an hour in second gear, the age
of Leviathan ...
There is grandeur in this view of life,
as endless forms
most beautiful and wonderful
are being evolved.
And then
the drying up, the panic,
the monsters dying: Elcar, Cord,
Auburn, Duesenberg, Stutz - somewhere
out there, the chassis of Studebakers,
Marmons, Lafayettes, Bendixes, all
rusting in high-octane smog,
ashes to ashes, they
end up where they started. #Quote by Philip Appleman
Mounters Gears quotes by John Sherman
#49. Sometimes the best gear for a climb is a good excuse. #Quote by John Sherman

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