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Famous Quotes About Mortgage Repayment

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Mortgage Repayment quotes by Sarah Beeny
#1. Don't stretch yourself too much with a mortgage. Buy within your means. It's not worth the sleepless nights. #Quote by Sarah Beeny
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Don Cheadle
#2. President Obama inherited a broken country mired in two wars, a financial crisis, a mortgage mess and more than we all probably even know about and has in my opinion brought us back from the brink. But I still see my friends in no better shape and the gap widening. #Quote by Don Cheadle
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Cary Siegel
#3. Home mortgage - If you pay one extra month's mortgage (write, "Principal only" on the check and send a note to the lender), you will take seven years off a thirty-year mortgage. #Quote by Cary Siegel
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Vanilla Ice
#4. I own a mortgage company and a real estate company funded by the music. Florida is a kinda gold mine. #Quote by Vanilla Ice
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Orrin Woodward
#5. Don't mortgage tomorrow's possibilities by settling for today's reality. #Quote by Orrin Woodward
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Zan Perrion
#6. Thoreau wrote, "the mass of men live lives of quiet desperation." This is as true today as it was back then. How many men stand on a balcony and wonder what happened?... He wanted adventure and he got two weeks' vacation. He wanted a mission and he got a lawn that needs mowing. He wanted purpose and he got a cubicle. He wanted a mighty steed and he got a minivan. He wanted a castle and he got a mortgage. He wanted a battle to fight and he got televised sports. He wanted wisdom and he got talking heads on TV. He wanted treasure and he got endless debt. He wanted every part of his life to be wonderful, and here he is... standing on a balcony, in bleak, ruminating hesitation. #Quote by Zan Perrion
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Sophie Okonedo
#7. Sometimes I really need the money, really need to go straight to work. But if I had the absolute choice - money no object, my mortgage paid off - I'd really just work once or twice a year - but wouldn't everybody! - or at least do a different job sometimes. #Quote by Sophie Okonedo
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#8. Bad debt is debt that makes you poorer. I count the mortgage on my home as bad debt, because I'm the one paying on it. Other forms of bad debt are car payments, credit card balances, or other consumer loans. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Denis Hayes
#9. He economy favors throughput over quality and craftsmanship, and economists are terrified because the American savings rate has crept upward from about zero to almost five percent. But the mortgage crisis and the burgeoning credit card crisis are causing Americans to become wary of irresponsible debt. #Quote by Denis Hayes
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Marie Kondo
#10. Some people save the boxes for electrical appliances because they think they can get more money for the appliances if they ever sell them. This, however, is a waste. If you consider the rent or mortgage you pay, turning your space into a storage shed for empty boxes costs you more than what you could earn selling an appliance in a box. You don't need to keep them for moving either. You can worry about finding suitable boxes when the time comes. It's a shame to let a boring box take up room in your house just because you might need it someday. #Quote by Marie Kondo
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Raymond Chandler
#11. The little one-story house was as neat as a fresh pinafore. The front lawn was cut lovingly and very green. The smooth composition driveway was free of grease spots from standing cars, and the hedge that bordered it looked as though the barber came every day.
The white door had a knocker with a tiger's head, a go-to-hell window and a dingus that let someone inside talk to someone outside without even opening the little window.
I'd have given a mortgage on my left leg to live in a house like that. I didn't think I ever would.
(The Pencil) #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Matt Taibbi
#12. The amount of new lending was mind-boggling: between 2003 and 2005, outstanding mortgage debt in America grew by $3.7 trillion, which was roughly equal to the entire value of all American real estate in the year 1990 ($3.8 trillion). In other words, Americans in just two years had borrowed the equivalent of two hundred years' worth of savings. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Ren Monterrey
#13. My hands begin to shake as I read the past due notice. The mortgage hasn't been paid in two months. I had no idea Doug hadn't been paying it. Add it to the long list of things my husband had been hiding from me. #Quote by Ren Monterrey
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Eddie Long
#14. We go to church buildings that still have a mortgage. Which means the bank owns God's house. Which means that we go and make love to God in a house that Satan owns! #Quote by Eddie Long
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Otto Von Bismarck
#15. Vanity is a mortgage that must be deducted from the value of a man. #Quote by Otto Von Bismarck
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Vera Tarman
#16. Today I say am an addict. A respectable addict, of course. Not like the desperate addicts who have cashed in their mortgage... After all, my drug is cheap, the cheapest of all drugs, and therefore the most pernicious... And my drug is everywhere I look: in the drive-through gas station's convenience store, in the supermarket, on the lusciously displayed menu of an exclusive restaurant. #Quote by Vera Tarman
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#17. A mortgage casts a shadow on the sunniest field. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Steve Fraser
#18. In a sense, the farmer was the looniest speculator in a nation overrun with them. He was wagering he would master this fathomlessly intricate global game, pay off his many debts, and come out with enough extra to play another round. On top of that, he was betting on the kindness of Mother Nature, always supremely risky. But the farmer had no choice if he hoped to sustain himself and a way of life, the family farm. Instead, he was drawn into a kind of social suicide. The family farm and the whole network of small-town life that it patronized were being washed away into the rivers of capital and credit that flowed toward the railroads, banks, and commodity exchanges, toward the granaries, wholesalers, and numerous other intermediaries that stood between the farmer and the world market. Disappearing into all the reservoirs of capital accumulation, the family farm increasingly remained a privileged way of life only in sentimental memory.

Perversely the dynamic Lincoln had described as the pathway out of dependency - spending a few years earning wages, saving up, buying a competency, and finally hiring others - now operated in reverse. Starting out as independent farmers, families then slipped inexorably downward, first mortgaging the homestead, then failing under intense pressure to support that mortgage (they called themselves "mortgage slaves") and falling into tenancy - or into sharecropping if in the South - and finally ending where Lincoln's story began, as dispos #Quote by Steve Fraser
Mortgage Repayment quotes by John Lanchester
#19. Mortgage The word literally means "dead pledge," and if it were called that maybe more people would think twice about getting one. It is a classic example of a financial entity that would scare people off if they thought more clearly about what it is: a highly leveraged form of long-term borrowing with regular demands for cash payment against an illiquid asset that is known to be even more illiquid in difficult times. #Quote by John Lanchester
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Saul Bellow
#20. I am moneys medium. It passes through me- taxes, insurance, mortgage, child support, rent, legal fees. All this dignified blundering costs plenty. #Quote by Saul Bellow
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Shane Battier
#21. I've always thought that pressure is trying to feed your family, trying to make a mortgage. We play a game ... And this is an amazing game. #Quote by Shane Battier
Mortgage Repayment quotes by John F. MacArthur Jr.
#22. When all our needs are met and all is well in our lives, we tend to take credit for what we have, to feel that we carry our own loads. We work hard to earn the money we need to buy food and clothes, pay our rent or mortgage. But even the hardest-working individual owes all he earns to God's provision. Moses reminded Israel that God "is giving you power to make wealth" (Deut. 8:18). #Quote by John F. MacArthur Jr.
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Calvin Trillin
#23. Among married couples the person who actually makes out the mortgage check is likely to be more cautious about spending money than the person who doesn't. There is something sobering about sending away that much money every month in the knowledge that, rain or shine, you'll have to come up with the same amount of money the next month and the month after that. #Quote by Calvin Trillin
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Mark Skousen
#24. Millions of Americans were duped by the federal government and the Federal Reserve into buying homes they could not afford and failed to count the cost. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, they could not keep up the monthly mortgage payments and defaulted. #Quote by Mark Skousen
Mortgage Repayment quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#25. No child should be brought up to suppose that its food and clothes come down from heaven or are miraculously conjured from empty space by papa. Loathsome as we have made the idea of duty (like the idea of work) we must habituate children to a sense of repayable obligation to the community for what they consume and enjoy, and inculcate the repayment as a point of honor. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Sherwood Smith
#26. Dear Mel:
I trust this finds you recovered. Why did you have to run off like that? But I figured you were safe arrived at home, and well, or Khesot would've sent to me here--since you wouldn't write.

And how was I to pay for sending a letter to Remalna-city? I thought indignantly, then sighed. Of course, I had managed to find enough coin to write to Ara's family, and to obtain through the father the name of a good bookseller. But the first was an obligation, I told myself. And as for the latter, it was merely the start of the education that Branaric had blabbed to the world that I lacked.

I'm here at Athanarel, finding it to my taste. It helps that Galdran's personal fortune has been turned over to us, as repayment for what happened to our family--you'll find the Letter of Intent in with this letter, to be kept somewhere safe. Henceforth, you send your creditors for drafts on Arclor House…

I looked up at the ceiling as the words slowly sank in. "Personal fortune"? How much was that? Whatever it was, it had to be a vast improvement over our present circumstances. I grinned, thinking how I had agonized over which book to choose from the bookseller's list. Now I could order them all. I could even hire my own scribe…
Shaking my head, I banished the dreams of avarice, and returned to the letter--not that much remained.

…so, outfit yourself in whatever you want, appoint someone responsible as steward, and join me here at Athana #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Anonymous
#27. You choose the wrong career, select the wrong mortgage or fail to save for retirement, markets do not correct those failings. In fact, quite the opposite often happens. It is much easier to make money by catering to consumers' biases than by trying to correct them. #Quote by Anonymous
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Edmund Burke
#28. No man can mortgage his injustice as a pawn for his fidelity. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Charles Duhigg
#29. Lawsuits against reverse mortgage companies, including the nation's largest, Financial Freedom Senior Funding, contend that those firms helped pressure older Americans into bad investments. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#30. I was raised on the struggle of elders - iron collars, severed feet, the rifle of dirty Harriet, and down through the years, the Muslims and regal Malcolm. But mostly what I saw around me was rank dishonor: cable and Atari plugged into every room, juvenile parenting, niggers sporting kicks with price tags that looked like mortgage bills. The Conscious among us knew the whole race was going down, that we'd freed ourselves from slavery and Jim Crow but not the great shackling of minds. The hoppers had no picture of the larger world. We thought all our battles were homegrown and personal, but, like an evil breeze at our back, we felt invisible hands at work, like someone else was still tugging at levers and pulling strings. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#31. As slaves we were this country's first windfall, the down payment on its freedom. After the ruin and liberation of the Civil War came Redemption for the unrepentant South and Reunion, and our bodies became this country's second mortgage. In the New Deal we were their guestroom, their finished basement. And today, with a sprawling prison system, which has turned the warehousing of black bodies into a jobs program for Dreamers and a lucrative investment for Dreamers; today, when 8 percent of the world's prisoners are black men, our bodies have refinanced the Dream of being white. Black life is cheap, but in America black bodies are a natural resource of incomparable value. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#32. My opinion is that we must lend ourselves to others and give ourselves only to ourselves. If my will happened to be prone to mortgage and attach itself, I would not last: I am too tender, both by nature and by practice. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Mark Zandi
#33. Potential home buyers have a two-step decision process. First, they determine whether they can afford to make a purchase - does their income safely cover their mortgage payment? Then they determine whether owning is a better financial choice than renting - are the costs of owning a home lower than the cost of renting it? #Quote by Mark Zandi
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Mary Kubica
#34. But there was something telling about that photograph, I thought; our protective glass frame shattered and now here we were, punctured with microscopic holes that might one day tear. Those holes all had names: mortgage, adolescent child, lack of communication, retirement savings, cancer. #Quote by Mary Kubica
Mortgage Repayment quotes by Sloan Wilson
#35. I don't have any contempt for the men who have to have jobs and have to commute and have to pay the mortgage and have to get their kids an education. To me, that's the backbone of America, to coin a phrase. #Quote by Sloan Wilson

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