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Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Al Sharpton
#1. In 1999, I was in St. Louis with Martin Luther King III as we led protests against the state's failure to hire minority contractors for highway construction projects. We went at dawn on a summer day with over a thousand people and performed acts of civil disobedience. #Quote by Al Sharpton
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by John Wayne Gacy
#2. No. Of all the people who worked for PDM since most of it was sub contracted work, they were all young tradesmen. This is what the state would like for you to believe. But we have very little use for inexperienced teenagers. So they were mostly used for summer..for fillers. It doesn't make sense to use a tradesman to do cleanup work on a job when your paying a tradesman $15 an hour and you can hire a young man or boy at say $7 or $8 an hour to sweep up after the contractors outta there. #Quote by John Wayne Gacy
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Douglas R. Oberhelman
#3. Why is Caterpillar bad if we create a new job in India or China to receive U.S. exports? It makes no sense to me. We want to drive all the exports we can from the United States. We want to concentrate on all those consumers, outside contractors, customers outside the United States that we possibly can. #Quote by Douglas R. Oberhelman
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Naomi Klein
#4. When it comes to paying contractors, the sky is the limit; when it comes to financing the basic functions of the state, the coffers are empty. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Walter Karp
#5. The military budget is simply an enormous pork barrel of special privilege, the privileges taking the form of windfall profits, of no-risk profits and, most importantly, of enormous outlays of capital supplied by the Pentagon to arms contractors. #Quote by Walter Karp
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Tamler Sommers
#6. As you evaluate my argument, resist that urge to come up with abstract hypothetical objections. Compare my examples of honor systems with actual alternatives, not idealized alternatives. Here's an analogy (one that hits a little too close to home for me). Imagine living in a house that badly needs repair. As you compare contractors, you should choose the one who can actually make the house better, not the one who can best imagine the blueprint of a perfect house. The same thinking applies to improving society. #Quote by Tamler Sommers
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Oliver Stone
#7. Each year, the The U.S. Army & its contractors SHOOT, STAB, MUTILATE, & KILL more than TEN THOUSAND live animals in cruel training exercises. #Quote by Oliver Stone
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Jill Shalvis
#8. She's drunk dialing contractors. Someone should stop her. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Bob Schieffer
#9. At the White House, everybody works for the same person. They're all part of the same company. But on Capitol Hill, they're all independent contractors. They all work for themselves. That's a formula for getting news. #Quote by Bob Schieffer
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Ray Stannard Baker
#10. The streets and alleys of the ward were notoriously filthy, and the contractors habitually neglected them, not failing, however, to draw their regular payments from the city treasury. #Quote by Ray Stannard Baker
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Steve Kroft
#11. Stretch of I-95 has already had one brush with disaster. In 2008 two contractors from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation stopped to get a sausage sandwich, and parked their cars under this bridge. And fortunately they wanted that sausage sandwich because they saw one of these piers with an eight foot gash in it about five inches wide. And oh, they knew automatically that this bridge was in deep trouble. #Quote by Steve Kroft
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Dennis Kucinich
#12. In 2001, the oil companies, the war contractors and the Neo-Con-Artists seized the economy and added $4 trillion of unproductive spending to the national debt. We now pay four times more for defence, three times more for gasoline and home-heating oil and twice what we payed for health-care. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, their homes, their health-care, their pensions; trillions of dollars for an unnecessary war payed for with borrowed money. Tens of billions of dollars in cash and weapons disappeared into thin air at the cost of the lives of our troops and innocent Iraqis, while all the President's oil men are maneuvering on Iraq's oil. Borrowed money to bomb bridges in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No money to rebuild bridges in America. Borrowed money to start a hot war with Iran, now we have another cold war with Russia and the American economy has become a game of Russian roulette. #Quote by Dennis Kucinich
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Naomi Klein
#13. (According to The New York Times, "the top 20 service contractors have spent nearly $300 million since 2000 on lobbying and have donated $23 million to political campaigns." The Bush administration, in turn, increased the amount spent on contractors by roughly $200 billion between 2000 and 2006.) #Quote by Naomi Klein
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Hassan Fathy
#14. Any housing solution that involves paying for industrially produced building materials and commercial building contractors is doomed to certain failure. If houses are to be built at all, in sufficient quantity, they must be built without money. We must go right outside the framework of the money system, bypass the factories, and ignore the contractors. #Quote by Hassan Fathy
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Colin A. Ross
#15. FMSF Advisory Board Members Dr Martin Orne and Dr Louis Jolyon West are CIA and military mind control contractors with TOP SECRET CIA clearance. Both received MKULTRA contracts to study dissociative disorders, implantation of false memories, and techniques for creation of Manchurian Candidates. The dissociative disorders, false memories, and the therapist-created multiple personality are the focus of the FMSF campaign. #Quote by Colin A. Ross
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#16. Paper money in time of war, the new notes will first go into the pockets of the war contractors. 'As a result, these persons' demands for certain articles will increase and so also the price and the sale of these articles, but especially in so far as they are luxury articles. Thus the position of the producers of these articles will be improved, their demand for other commodities will also increase, and thus the increase of prices and sales will go on, distributing itself over a constantly augmented number of articles, until at last it has reached them all. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#17. If you have a fantastic idea you're really passionate about and are making $100,000 in your job, if you can set aside some of that to invest in servers or contractors or other folks, that's actually the best way to start a business in my opinion. #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#18. From famous artists to building contractors, we all want to leave our signature. Our lasting effect. Your life after death. We all want to explain ourselves. Nobody wants to be forgotten. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Brynn Myers
#19. He leaned forward and kissed me like he did last night, no hesitation, just pure passion. I should've cared that we were in a room full of contractors but as I savored his lips, I didn't give a damn where we were.
"Are you hungry?"
"For dinner?" I grinned.
He exhaled a chuckle before he whispered in my ear. "Dinner first and then I'll have you for dessert. #Quote by Brynn Myers
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Umesh Hodeghatta Rao
#20. Awareness is the number one step in ensuring security, both physical security and information security. Awareness ensures that the chances or risks of vulnerability and threats to security are reduced considerably. Toward this end, it is essential to provide organizationwide security awareness programs to all employees (permanent or temporary), contractors, suppliers/vendors, customers, and all other relevant stakeholders who have access to the organization or its information. #Quote by Umesh Hodeghatta Rao
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Neal Stephenson
#21. In the old days a proposed system would have been given a three-letter acronym and bounced back and forth between different agencies and contractors for fifteen years before being launched into space. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Mary Roach
#22. Space agencies keep a firm grip on their public image, and it's less troublesome for employees and contractors to say no to someone like me than to take their chances and see what I write. Happily there are people involved in the human side of space exploration who see value in unconventional coverage(or are just plain too nice to say no). For their candor and wit - and the generosity with which they shared their time and know-how - super-galactic thanks. #Quote by Mary Roach
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Jeremy Scahill
#23. The same grant programs that paid for local law enforcement agencies across the country to buy armored personnel carriers and drones have paid for Stingrays," said the ALCU's Soghoian. "Like drones, license plate readers, and biometric scanners, the Stingrays are yet another surveillance technology created by defense contractors for the military, and after years of use in war zones, it eventually trickles down to local and state agencies, paid for with DOJ and DHS money. #Quote by Jeremy Scahill
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Tim Ferriss
#24. For the employee, the goal is to have full access to necessary information and as much independent decision-making ability as possible. For the entrepreneur, the goal is to grant as much information and independent decision-making ability to employees or contractors as possible. #Quote by Tim Ferriss
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by James Risen
#25. A 2011 study by the Pentagon found that during the ten years after 9/11, the Defense Department had given more than $400 billion to contractors who had previously been sanctioned in cases involving $1 million or more in fraud. #Quote by James Risen
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#26. I love to design and remodel houses, from working with the contractors to picking the colours, materials, kitchen and bathroom accessories to finally what furniture goes where. #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Naomi Klein
#27. Regardless of where the EPZs are located, the workers' stories have a certain mesmerizing sameness: the workday is long- fourteen hours in Sri Lanka, twelve hours in Indonesia, sixteen in Southern China, twelve in the Philippines. The vast majority of the workers are women, always young, always working for contractors or subcontractors from Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong. The contractors are usually filling orders for companies based in the U.S., Britain, Japan, Germany or Canada. The management is military-style, the supervisors often abusive, the wages below subsistence and the work low-skill and tedious. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Nick Turse
#28. The thing that really struck me was how many firms that we think of as strictly civilian had ties to the Pentagon. Companies like Apple, Starbucks, Oakley the sunglasses manufacturer. Even Google, and a lot of big corporations like PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive, and Nestle, that you don't normally think of as defense contractors. #Quote by Nick Turse
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by William Cobbett
#29. Having still in my recollection so many excellent men, to whose grandfathers, upon the same spots, my grandfather had yielded cheerful obedience and reverence, it is not without sincere sorrow that I have beheld many of the sons of these men driven from their fathers' mansions, or holding them as little better than tenants or stewards, while the swarms of Placemen, Pensioners, Contractors, and Nabobs ... have usurped a large part of the soil. #Quote by William Cobbett
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Julian Assange
#30. All over the world, the barriers between what is inside an organisation and outside an organisation are being smoothed out. In the military, the use of contractors means that what is the military and what is not the military is smoothed out. #Quote by Julian Assange
Mortelliti Contractors quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#31. The community certainly included black English professors, like my mother, as well as black doctors and dentists, black mechanics, janitors, and contractors, black cobblers, wedding planners, real estate agents, and undertakers, several black lawyers, and a handful of black Mary Kay salespeople. As a child, however, I knew so many African Americans working in science, math, and engineering that I thought that's just what black folks did. #Quote by Margot Lee Shetterly

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